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MICK WEST ON ANOTHER FAKE Anonymous 11/28/2021 (Sun) 14:31:54 Id: 000000 No. 13079 [Reply]
Mick West on Havana Syndrome: https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=xrQs-ZX-wv0 TFTRH #56 - Robert Bartholomew: Havana Syndrome and Mass Psychogenic Illness In short, yet another CIA disinformation theory: Russians have some super-duper-alien-technology and they irradiate CIA staff and US officials around the world, INCLUDING WASHINGTON - several ppl reported (!!!) which leads to headache, morphological changes in the brain and... cancer even. It happened in many countries, even in US Washington (yeah, the capital). But first incidents were in Havana, so the shit is called "Havana syndrome".
>>13079 tfw no access to microwave weapons to make glowies bleed out of their ears
They call it 'havana syndrome' because they don't wanna spill the beans on the targeted individual gangstalking program. That's all it is, the same tech.
>>13079 >ANOTHER FAKE No, this one seems real. Although the "Russia did it" line is likely fake https://www.american.edu/sis/centers/security-technology/havana-syndrome.cfm https://inteltoday(Please use archive.today)/2019/08/01/havana-syndrome-new-mri-study-shows-intriguing-findings/ <Brain scans show “significant neuroimaging differences” in 40 U.S. embassy employees affected by mysterious neurological symptoms in Cuba in late 2016, according to a study released on July 23 2019

Disney misrepresents the Civil War timeline to Gen Z in The Ghost and Molly McGee Anonymous 10/25/2021 (Mon) 01:04:16 Id: 464283 No. 12319 [Reply]
Molly McGee fakes History Lyrics of song the heroine of this show sang in the 5th episode which came out earlier this month: >Mister Abraham Lincoln stood six foot-four, he kept us united through the Civil War, >'cause he believed every person had the right to be unchained, liberated, completely free! >So he rocked the nation, with a proclamation, the document advanced in emancipation!" >But the states in the south didn't like him messin' >so they said, 'Peace out!' hashtag secession. This makes it sound to kids like Lincoln putting forth the Emancipation Proclamation is what caused the other states to secede, yet that came out in 1962 while the states seceded from 1960 to 1961. This is some pretty blatant fake news propaganda, will anyone take a stand against it? I doubt /co/ will help.
5 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>12904 >And southern secession was perfectly legal. Read South Carolina's declaration of independence for some good insight on this This was the states rights aspect of the war
>>12904 >The American Civil war was not fought over slavery, it was fought over a tariff that was going to be placed against imported industrial goods, which would have destroyed the southern economy. The seceding states all published declarations of causes of secession, and they were all primarily about slavery and the belief that the North was going to try to take it away from them (which was somewhat unlikely until the war made it politically useful), and because they were mad about things what they felt was a lack of enforcement of fugitive slave laws among the northern states. Only like two states even mentioned anything other than slavery, and those mentions were like one sentence each. Still, they did not declare war. They just tried to exercise their right to leave. That is where the argument about "states' rights" comes in. But their stated motivations for wanting to leave were almost entirely about slavery. If you want to go further in the argument that it wasn't about that, you could mention how the average soldier did not fight for the reasons the political elites stated in their declarations, but rather they fought because their homeland asked them to, and they felt they were defending their families and countrymen. The average soldier, of course, never owned slaves, and was very far from the type of subculture that did. But the ones that did made clear that their love of slavery was the primary reason they wanted to secede, and thus, perhaps slightly indirectly, was the primary reason they got all those poor, non-slave owning people to fight and die against northern forces.
>>12930 >The seceding states all published declarations of causes of secession, This was very educational, thanks for the tip. I read all of these declarations, and I see your point. I also noticed the repeated complaint of the Federal government both overstepping their bounds and not fulfilling their duty. It seems like we are still fighting this same fight today.

CHILEAN ELECTIONS – AN ALLY IN DANGER TO FALL UNDER COMMUNISM Anonymous 12/02/2021 (Thu) 21:18:04 Id: 000000 No. 13175 [Reply]
WE MUST stop the Communism in the west hemisphere!! This is a joke and a shame, things like this is what the bastards like AOC want, we don't! In 3 weeks, there will be an election that will decide who will be president in Chile for the next 4 years, the candidates are J.A. Kast (pic related) and G. Boric. Boric is a communist under cover, he is a lie and there must be a way to stop him become president. Kast on the other side is a based conservative and his party (the chilean republican party) is just trying to save the country from what the communist are trying to do. Here we will discuss what we can do to help J. Kast win the elections, we cannot allow this liberal globalist shit to spread throughout the Western Hemisphere even further.
1 post omitted.
>>13184 Muslim tactics get results.
>>13175 you could try to commit voter fraud but if you get caught you burn for it
>>13175 You're a faggot

(8.04 MB 854x480 rightwingdeathsquads.mp4)

Moonman general Anonymous 11/28/2021 (Sun) 10:21:32 Id: 1073ba No. 13076 [Reply]
This board needs more moonman.
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Moon Man - Cheer Up
(4.78 MB 640x360 Jew Pizza.webm)

(128.37 KB 640x622 O PSLBS W - Copy.jpg)

(811.17 KB 640x622 PSBLS edit Copy.png)

Anonymous 01/18/2021 (Mon) 17:33:56 Id: 000000 No. 7078 [Reply]
I saw this picture in an image result while looking for something unrelated. I decided to fix it a bit, I disapproved of the bad politics and wrong message of the original image, and even moreso i hate to see such disagreeable expressions on the faces of young pickaninny girls, or indeed, young ladies of most any sort. Lately I've been drawing etc a lot more than usual due mostly to the increased of certain medicines, but I am by no means much of an artist. Still, i think it's at least an improvement, with more cheerful faces and attitudes, a better sense of friendship and whimsy, and a more sensible and relatable advocacy. I'm gonna email my edit to the original artist and see what he thinks.
21 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>7078 The people who are the driving force of BLM are marxists who want to destroy free society, while everyone else who is involved have been deceived and are being used by them to further these goals. BLM does not represent all black people. I personally know black people who are decent people and they are opposed to BLM.
>>13200 >free society what?! What country do you mean? Obviously, not USA, yes?
(3.99 MB 560x381 them.gif)

(344.35 KB 900x612 meanwhile-in-russia_o_2380263.jpg)

>>13201 >What country do you mean? Obviously, not USA, I was using the term in a general sense to describe "western" nations who had some form of freedom either at their founding or at some time throughout the 20th century. Obviously most of that freedom is gone now. When I referred to the marxist goal of destroying free society, I was not meaning to imply that this was a new goal that was in its early phases. I feel that we are nearing the completion of that goal.

(2.67 KB 492x762 15.02.2020.png)

(15.71 KB 1920x1443 2.png)

(17.09 KB 1035x773 22.png)

(12.34 KB 900x1050 15.11.2020-3.png)

(10.57 KB 760x1360 19.03.2020-2.png)

Pixel artist looking for a coder to create a NS game Vasily 11/21/2020 (Sat) 08:10:01 Id: 000000 No. 4885 [Reply] [Last]
Heil Hitler, friends! My name is Vasily Kukushkin, I'm a Russian pixel artist and consider NS as my worldview for many years. You may know me, I posted on 4chan and 8kun about creating a NS game called "Der Sieg" about a year ago. It's a pixel art, top-down action rpg about the British Gestapo detective in the year of 1944, who fights against communist terrorists. The story takes place in London, which is occupied by Germany, since Reich is winning the war in game universe. Story revolves around investigation of an antifa terrorism in the city and slow progression of the main hero's values from just English patriotism to the White racialism, which should redpill the player. There is also some humour, a bit of romance and tragedy mixed in. The gameplay in idea should be something like a somewhat simplified fallout 1-2 game, with turn based combat, different weapons, which can be upgraded, a lot of redpills in the form of collectibles like alternative universe NS posters, musical records, newspapers and so on. Der Sieg page on the Gab: gab dot com/Der_Sieg I honestly tried to create the game in Gamemaker engine, several times with different approaches but since I have no programming skills, I failed. I've got to the point of having a working version with different enemies, working movement, weapons, music, menu, sounds and some settings, but basically all of it was done through video tutorials, so then I weren't able to move on. The year passed. Now I'm working on improving my drawing skills in order to draw "Der Sieg" in a form of a pixel art comic story, but the idea of a game still lives in me. It unironically would be faster to create a game, than to draw a comic in pixel art (and it would have a much better redpilling effect). I have a complete story, a bunch of finished textures, ideas of game mechanics, thousands of sound effects, alternative universe ranging from 1940's to 1990's etc everything you need to create a game (or even a game series, because I have several stories set in different decades and in different countries). I am asking for help. It's surely won't be very easy. But it's possible to do. I'll provide everything except for the code. If anyone want's to co-operate with me and create a NS game which will set a new level for this genre - please, contact me via e-mail: Der_Sieg@protonmail dot com Also, if you have any questions regarding "Der Sieg" - please, feel free to ask them via e-mail or this thread.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

35 posts and 9 images omitted.
So the Gab is down for me, so I did some digging. The madman never gave up, and this past april on our beloved Adolf Hitlers birthday he released chapter 1. https://helicoptarianconstitocracy(dot org)/der_sieg/ DL now so can't say how good it is, but it looks bloody fantastic.
So it runs, and is actually a fuck load of fun. Good music, art, and okay if very old school navigation and combat. What surprised me the most however was the story. It's not only good, but well written. Thoroughly reccomend.
Huh, and here i thought ruskies with their 9th of may and similar holidays wouldn't make such a game. Glad i guessed wrong, though i would rather you made it full 2d, but i'll take what i can get

(73.53 KB 1200x725 index.png)

Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 00:11:08 Id: 80e605 No. 6746 [Reply] [Last]
A reminder to everybody If you haven't already, go to torproject(Please use archive.today) and download and install the most recent release of the Tor browser. I'd recommend downloading and backing it up for multiple operating systems as well. Shit's getting crazy, who knows what will happen. And don't forget to bookmark the onion for this site.
63 posts and 12 images omitted.
i had an interesting thought about irc through tor user docker instances and linking those servers to eachother spin up a separate irc server/onion per contact like id have my own onion adress for my client if one server gets spammy or botty just kill it handing out new onions to trusted people could track down who leaked or shared and is shitting things up and drop their onion without disturbing service as a whole
>>11940 IRC service is built into I2P dark web software. You just run I2P and then point your IRC client at localhost:6668 Best to use an IRC client that does NOT support DCC, as DCC can reveal your IP to adversaries.
>>11977 >Best to use an IRC client that does NOT support DCC, as DCC can reveal your IP to adversaries. How would this happen if you're connected to TOR or I2P? Would the IRC client use DCC to connect via the clearnet?

just some schizoposting Anonymous 11/28/2021 (Sun) 02:54:51 Id: 7e6d1c No. 13068 [Reply]
in ancient times, men had noble causes to die for -- for their lord, for their loved ones indeed for God too now, it seems there are no more noble causes, nothing virtuous, as the state has supplanted the need for noble causes with "modern dignity" there is no future for modern man.. he has rendered himself obsolete by creating this future we live in. Until Man can reclaim his barbaric nature, and the world is restored to its natural medium, our spirits will collectively dwindle away until we are nothing more than empty husks. in other words, all men universally feel happier when they are free, in the wild, enjoying themselves however and wherever they like. man burdens himself with responsibility because he is told he has to. how proposterous! if only he could realize that his potential is in himself, not in the things he does -- he must understand, no, REALIZE that he is the god of his own universe.
3 posts omitted.
>>13078 Good take. But according to Oswald Spengler, that could come any time within the next 500 years.
>>13080 I don't know who that is, but I would venture a guess that you are referencing something written before the racism and sexism against straight white men became so bad that women and minorities became dominant in the workforce. I wouldn't mind reading whatever you are referencing though.
>>13081 Yeah! Oswald Spengler was a great author from the 20th century, he wrote a bunch of really awesome takes about the evolution of civilizations and the cultures within them. I strongly recommend you read "The Decline of the West" first, since that's what I'm most familiar with. https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=FsaieZt5vjk&t=104s

(2.59 MB 240x180 8chan race war.mp4)

/his/ Discussion Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 02:49:52 Id: b5a19f No. 992 [Reply] [Last]
Basically, a thread to discuss hysterical historical topics. To start the discussion, could someone explain to me why it was that England started evacuating children the DAY of Germany invading Poland (Before the Bongistan even declared war), meanwhile there was no such evacuation during WWI?
36 posts and 2 images omitted.
Quick question: Was Athenian Expedition into Sicily during the Peloponnesian War equivalent to the U.S. going into Afghanistan?
>>8097 >bongs thought Hitler was going to fly zeppelins over London I guess I shouldn't be surprised they were thinking about zeppelins considering the bongs made one of their own islands completely uninhabitable because they wanted to try out dropping anthrax-infected sheep using hot air balloons.
For the /his/ Anons, I remember being told that murder mysteries have been a thing since the Roman Empire, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any "collection" of old world mystery stories. As in, stories that were actually told and written back then, not modern writers making stuff up.

Thanks, anon. How about a race realism thread on >>>/polarchive/ ?
>>12966 You do know you can make threads as well, right? I'll just sticky and anchor it like the rest as long as it isn't shit. In the OP just make a brief but information-dense post containing keywords relevant to the subject matter. Ideally like a human would type it and not just a random list of words, although you may do that as well if it's understandable what the subject matter is.
>>12968 >threads as well Threads on /polarchive/ as well, that is. It would be nice to start seeing people make threads themselves there since so far there is only a singular thread that isn't made by me. Which is the climate fraud thread.

Give me a quick redpill on the vax Anonymous 08/04/2021 (Wed) 15:00:38 Id: 000000 No. 10659 [Reply] [Last]
I am redpilled about the jews and all that but I don't see the problem with the jab. Pandemics happen like the spanish flu and the way to end them is through vaccination. Some pharmaceutical will sure try to (((profit))) but that's it. Am I missing something? Or it just paranoia from the right? Also why is it such a pain to make a fucking thread here?
206 posts and 175 images omitted.
(293.36 KB 1684x1077 5636760.jpg)

Put simply, the vaccine - amongst most things that kikes pull - is a ploy for extra cash. The goals of the vaccine are as follows: >1. Create large amounts of wealth for jewish-controlled pharmaceutical companies through mandatory vaccination. >2. Divide the goyim through making a hardline set-in-stone "Us Vs. Them" mentality. This is inherent to the vaccination, as it uses MRNA gene sequencing, which means the vaccinated are genetically mutated. >3. Test potential gene editing technology. The implications of this are - as per usual when you deal with jewish people - fucking horrifying. The idea that it's "population control" or whatever is straight from the glownigger's mouth. You see that guy on facebook saying it's population control? Yeah, he's calling the media saying "EVERYONE WHO THINKS THE VACCINE IS BAD IS A SCHIZO AND THINKS THAT ALIEN REPTILIANS CONTROL THE WORLD!" So if you believe that clearly false statement, which makes no fucking sense because that means the vaccine is killing the most loyal servants of the NWO/jews/Whateverthefuck, then you're helping to contribute this culture where any ideas that don't fit the jewish narrative is a "wild wacky schizophrenic!"
(10.49 MB 1280x720 1462138753691144192.mp4)

>>12388 You're the retard, flu has the same IFR as covid, 0.15%, run your calculation again and come back to use, moron.

(193.19 KB 1140x798 CTY-LOVEFEST15.JPG)

(183.26 KB 1200x800 1544217108524.jpg)

(719.68 KB 1078x1167 Screenshot_20210120-153723.jpg)

(4.66 MB 1463x1170 1609100937116.png)

(513.53 KB 516x600 EpNhdO1XMAArm16.png)

Redpilling Images Anonymous 02/14/2021 (Sun) 18:27:08 Id: be23ae No. 7983 [Reply]
Post images that will redpill people or that make them have react viscerally.
8 posts and 21 images omitted.
(504.11 KB 575x767 1451381651904-3.png)

>>12760 Its outstanding how many people forgot about this so quickly
(799.71 KB 598x763 obama bataclan.png)

One-Time Time Travel バステト 11/12/2020 (Thu) 20:04:22 Id: 65adf2 No. 4602 [Reply]
If you were offered the chance to 'time travel' back to any date in 1938, anywhere in the world, where/when would you go? What would you do? Would you even accept the offer? You would be spending the rest of your life in that era nya~
17 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>7684 This assumes way too much. Like that anyone in charge is going to listen to a random civilian when he warns of something. Or that, if he were proven correct, they wouldn't think he must only have known that if he were a foreign spy or double-agent. 90% chance nobody listens as you're Chicken Little saying the sky is falling. 9% chance they listen but then throw you into Guantanamo (or whatever the equivalent was in the 1950's) where they torture you for the other sensitive information you must know. 1% chance they listen and nobody actually knows or believes it was you. 0% chance you're a "hero". >>7697 Basically this. Oh sure, Pearl Harbor galvanized the US public into support for the war, but that doesn't matter. It wasn't until Vietnam that anyone gave a fuck about what the civilian population thought of wars, and let it influence top-level military decisions.
I would just hang out somewhere for a few years, then get myself a Japanese wife in 1946. Would probably also do the sports almanac thing like in Back to the Future

umi ill 11/03/2021 (Wed) 11:36:31 Id: 000000 No. 12487 [Reply]
I might sound like a retard to you, but i´m trying to find something about illuminati. Is there a way to proceed if you want to join it, or do you need somekind of referee?
>>12487 Find your local freemasonic lodge and join, then degree-hunt your way up the ranks. They only take married individuals over 30-50 with a steady income and good reputation though. And the easiest way to establish a good reputation is to be recommended by members.

(62.43 KB 597x674 index.png)

(77.24 KB 3508x4931 template.png)

(37.32 KB 480x480 quietfast.jpg)

It's Okay To Be White - IOTBW Anonymous 10/31/2021 (Sun) 16:50:20 Id: a64842 No. 12421 [Reply]
It's time.
7 posts and 8 images omitted.
jew here. let me lay it down for you simpletons. ahem, IT IS 100% NOT i repeat for you chuds NOT NOT OKAY NOT OKAAAAY

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(1.64 MB 3024x4032 1635742633230.jpg)

(1.97 MB 4032x2268 1635742847076.jpg)

(2.53 MB 4032x2268 1635743561405.jpg)

>>12435 >my fellow whites! you were never a jew, you were never "God's chosen", you were never Abraham's people. you've lied and stolen so much throughout the centuries. your time is coming sooner than you think, kike.

(1.84 MB 2484x2072 1542440742246.png)

Anonymous 06/25/2021 (Fri) 20:51:42 Id: 219fe5 No. 9667 [Reply]
do you lot know about the discord trannies and that whole thing on 4chan? (or at least it htink its only 4chan). dont know much but thought it would be fun to infil blackops style take em out anyway im drunk so if isem schiz alsoget back to me
21 posts and 59 images omitted.
(253.67 KB 1893x926 1401576410000.jpg)

>>9667 That's not a raid. This is a raid!
>>9696 Found the discord tranny
I was friends with Aero, they were drunk and wanted me to be a chubby housewife, this is not a shitpost, he was named "Proxima64" however and I found about it through kiwifarms that he is quite the cow, what a shame he was nice up until he'd get drunk and force his fetishes upon me

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