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Banner Thread 10/01/2020 (Thu) 14:33:00 Id: d34bdf No. 1723
Let's spruce this place up. Here's a dump of some old banners, just to get things started.
>>9651 I don't care personally. Flags are cool but unimportant really. IDs however i strongly encourage. Samefagging should be rooted out.
>>9654 Then go to literally any other site on the internet. If you want to discuss people rather than ideas, then there are plenty of other places for that. I don't care if someone samefags. A thousand people saying something (or one guy pretending to be a thousand people) won't convince me it's right. The thing actually making sense will convince me it's right. And if you didn't have IDs, it wouldn't look like many people anyway, since people would be more aware of samefagging. As is, samefagging is still trivially easy, so all you have is a false sense of security that also ruins discussion as people are more incentivized to talk about identities rather than ideas.
>>9657 Considering this board has IDs and flags, and many others in fact do not. Then by your own logic you should fucking leave. Or we could just not autistically screech at each other to leave considering we're like the only two fucking people here. So what even is your issue? IDs scare away people? Nigger you just did exactly fucking that. Goddamn leafs.
>>9659 I'm not actually telling you to leave, I'm pointing out to you that identification is a significant part of the reason all those sites you hate are awful. Anonymity was the reason 2chan, 4chan, and later successors had any worth in the first place. Removing anonymity is removing a very significant part of the point of why the site (or previous iterations that this is really only attempting to relive the glory days of) was ever good. >So what even is your issue? IDs scare away people? Nigger you just did exactly fucking that. Goddamn leafs. I thought my point was quite clear. IDs make discussion less about ideas and more about the identity of the speaker. It leads to dumber discussion. And yes, there is also a chilling effect, now that you bring it up, but that was not what I was talking about before.
>>9704 Oh sorry then I misunderstood. I'm not convinced but I believe you to be genuine. You could be correct even. I don't know. But yeah why not. Its unimportant to me. Im stuck here no matter what. For what its worth I would back your push for no IDs.
>>9708 Does anyone really think things were worse before IDs were invented? They were an awful idea from the start. Or are we just so full of newfags that don't even remember before 4chan had IDs?
>>9711 Idk. Hey you should buy a gun. Its not super hard in Soupland and then you could post on /k/ and it wouldnt just be me samefagging.
>>9711 Theres no flags or IDs on the k board and also no users. I am bored. Im rangebanned from all other chans and im bored anon. Plz post.
>>9728 Are you implying that the lack of IDs is responsible for the lack of users? I hope that's not what you're implying, because it would be ridiculous. My autism extends into many domains, but not guns. Gun autists seem to know all sorts of shit that just bores the hell out of me, the same way I probably bore the hell out of people when I talk about the things I'm autistic for.
>>9729 >>9729 Its true. Most people get glassy eyed when I start talking about guns. Yeah its secretly a super nerdy hobby. And no I wasn't implying that. I was just badly trying to tempt you there. Cause its just me. In other news in the course of fixing that board I became its owner. And now ironically the question of IDs and flags is no longer hypothetical. Its a real question I need an answer to. I like em both, but if what you are saying is correct they would be a hurdle to growing and attracting users. I don't know. Currently IDs on and flags off. Its a compromise that doesnt make me happy. I should just commit and do you what your saying. I have no real personal opinion.
>>9732 I'm not as concerned about attracting users as I would be about attracting good users and fostering good discussion. Quality over quantity. However, I would argue identification is actually bad for both, but especially quality. If people want to talk about things on a website that isn't anonymous, there are plenty of sites for that. There are plenty of sites where people can talk about things, but they have to worry about impacting their identity, which necessarily leads to a different kind of discussion, where people are more incentivized to just go with the majority opinion. A more limited form of identification still does that, even if to a lesser degree.
>>9736 Ah yes I see. Thats very well said. Don't know why I was having trouble understanding that. Okay yeah that makes a lot of sense thank you anon. Im gonna take off the IDs.
>>9744 >>9736 Samefags driving conversation by hopping between US and Canada.
>>10165 tf are you guys doing in South Africa, why aren't you shooting in the head with your shotguns?
>>10166 QRD?
(732.96 KB 1600x1131 1493993226750.jpg)

>>10239 >Slippery slope fallacy Why is something that happens often in real life considered a logical fallacy?
>>10350 Because it's not always accurate. It's similar to how one shouldn't equate correlation with causation. Correlation could help you find later that it was actually causation, but not all the time, so you shouldn't equate the two. Sometimes something can lead to a slippery slope, but not always, so you'll need some evidence that the particular case you're talking about is leading in the direction you indicate.
>>10394 >not always lol, the sum total of human history says otherwise
>>10916 No, there is always a crest of a wave. There is always a highest or lowest point before things start moving in a different direction. History isn't a straight line in one direction. History is much more complicated than that.
>>11131 >No, there is always a crest of a wave. Not even remotely relevant to what we're discussing. Nothing gets better. Everything gets worse. The slippery slope is an axiom, not a fallacy. No one ever defends anything ideologically. That's why no ideology survives except jews'.
ihate niggers
The only thing White supremacists are based af about is the fact that the Jews, namely the Israel government, is a fucking leech on this world. Israel needs to go.
>>12267 >URL shorteners
>>12275 >URL lengtheners
>>13214 >>13214 >using URLs >not pinging IP addresses to get where you want
>>4871 Damn. I made that Goebbels one back in the day. That brings back memories.
>>1723 cheers
Seeing this brings good memories
nice banners.
i sharted my pants
(36.28 KB 300x100 polbanner_3.png)

(37.67 KB 300x100 polbanner_4.png)

Made these years ago, just found them on an old drive.
>>14370 Now that's a classy banner
>>1724 Nice one
If anyone wants to add a banner for /polarchive/, I can put it up.

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