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(416.25 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)

BIG HABBEN Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 23:46:13 Id: 8e155c No. 1858
THIS IS NOT A DRILL 8KUN COMPLETELY FUCKING WIPED, IT'S ALL GONE OH FUCK https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=TkA7xQb6uPk
>>1860 >The gimp got Jim deported from Flipland, maybe that has something to do with it. Wait, for real?
>>1866 Too bad that federal honeypot won't stay down.
>>1858 Do you actually go to boomer chan?
(60.37 KB 576x1024 greta hit or miss.jpg)

>>1860 >The gimp got Jim deported from Flipland You try to feed a guy to pigs ONCE and the little fucker never lets it go.
(53.03 KB 735x414 oh god.jpg)

>>1858 Ouch. Jesus H Christ! Look at the size of that fucking mushroom cloud! It's kind of infinity shaped... Ouch again. 8kun ded. F for respect.
(408.18 KB 1920x1080 3rdkinds.jpg)

8Kun appears to be back for now, but it goes to show how the establishment hates chans. Watch the skies, brothers and sisters. If there are any sisters here.
>>9274 I can be yer sister if you'd like, eheheh.
>>9274 fuck off jewish cuck
(87.34 KB 1000x733 aliens.jpg)

>>9285 I'm not jewish, Ahmed. But I do watch the skies. >>9275 We are all space brothers and space sisters to each other.

(191.56 KB 1946x660 8Kunt dead lmao.jpg)

>>1858 >8KUN COMPLETELY FUCKING WIPED Good riddance, never trust autistic greedy honey pot operating ZOG worshiping Pinoys. Glad we've got our true infinity Chan back and ditched the sellout crippled on the way here too. Also pics related, you can't make this shit up. >>1859 Tell us something we don't already know.
>>11023 > Glad we've got our true infinity Chan back Where would that be?
>>11030 You are looking at it.
(14.79 KB 255x159 099fc.jpg)

>>11032 Butthurt pedo detected.
(777.11 KB 1309x856 1499509606883.png)

>>11033 >/pol/ - 0 PPH - 20 Users K E K Nothing like the original infinity
>>11041 Why do you fuck roos?
>>11045 Says the man with his cock lodged up a kangaroos ass.
(56.41 KB 600x400 rept1.jpg)

(82.76 KB 612x765 rept2.jpg)

(75.04 KB 560x430 rept3.jpg)

>>9298 absolutely. We are Space Brothers, my honey
>>11041 If by antipedo you meant to say antisemitic, then yes.
(404.19 KB 607x609 2020-02-15 19_40_59-Window.png)

The state of /pol/ here is depressing, it's even worse on cuckchan.
>>11665 It's truly depressing. All the chans are going to shit.
>>1858 It hasn't gottened wiped but it may as well be. With all the missing pics in boards like /pnd/ and the disclaimers all over the site, it looks abandoned and dead. Almost everyone is gone off 8kun except for the qanons. Surprised they are still congregating in their board despite how much of a mess 8kun is. Every other board besides /qresearch/ is dead. My guess as to where /pnd/ went is probably 4chan's /pol/. The rest are scattered across all the other alt-chans, largely 8chan.moe. Speaking of 4chan, I hear Hiroyuki, the current owner of 4chan, has been called on by Congress to testify and to keep "communication records" for use in the Capital Riot Probe. https://archive.is/jltoo >The companies that received the letters include social media giants Facebook, Twitter and TikTok; telecommunications companies such as AT&T and Verizon; and the conservative and far-right platforms Parler, 4chan and theDonald.win. Either way 4chan's /pol/ in my opinion is a honeypot. Afterall 4chan has a history of allowing the FBI to monitor boards like /b/ would not be legit surprised if /pol/ is monitored as well.
>>11671 It's also hosted directly on DoD servers, so you'd have to be mentally defective to go there.
(721.98 KB 233x200 nigger.gif)

>>11035 The original started off with the same amount, and exploded when moot started banning people over Gamergate. Pre GG it was like 5 posts per hour.
>>11749 >Either way 4chan's /pol/ in my opinion is a honeypot >something FBI blahblah man, today everything in the Web is honeypot. Man, ALL mazafaka messengers are just spying 24/7 devices, all forums collect your everything (do u remember how FB turned on anons cams?), OSes and smartphones are remote desktops to FBI, NSA, CIA, FSB, Mossad and MI-everything. Man, no more Internet as u can remember it from 90s. Absolutely. No more. Everywhere. Everything spies on you. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Telegram, Kaspersky, Samsung, Western Digital, Yandex, and so on. They have all ur history, who are you, the diameter of ur asshole, are you pregnant, are you a Muslim or BLM, maybe a gay - everything.
>>11758 >Telegram Evidence or are you just assuming because it's Russian? https://www.rt(Please use archive.today)/news/515549-israel-telegram-vaccine-disinformation/
>>11759 >evidence wew lad https://www.reuters(Please use archive.today)/technology/italian-police-bust-fake-health-pass-scheme-telegram-app-2021-08-09/ https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2021/09/coronavirus-italian-anti-vaccine-activists-accused-of-planning-attacks-on-telegram-arrested.html https://www.defenseone(Please use archive.today)/technology/2018/05/telegram-secure-french-terror-arrest-raises-new-questions-about-messaging-app/148328/
>>11759 1. Russian special service geo-located IP of a Belarus oppositionist via Telegram. 2. Russians located several Ukrainian persons via Telegram (they are Ukrainian propagandists and 2 of them pretended to be Russians. One of them has links with Ukrainian special service) 3. Kadyrov used Telegram (and some Russian official depts as well) during the "blocking" of Telegram) 4. Telegram was used to locate and fine one very famous Japanese pedo (he produced CP for donations) 5. Russians police very often depts use Telegram to locate different criminals like drugs dealers. 6. All Russians propagandists began to use Telegram first and they promote it very aggressively as an alternative to American services. They all have Telegram canals. 7. There are many Telegram canals linked with Russian police, special services, and very often you can find there new and hot information including unique video from crime scene, detention of criminals and Russian media use Telegram canals video. But the reality in Russia is that anybody will be jailed easy and quickly for such leaks. It does not happen because no any "leaks" actually 8. Pavel Durov works for FSB, he is there agent and he has a contract with them. There are a lot of proofs of this, investigation of it, just google them 9. The father of Durov worked in KGB. 10. Telegram is supported by Russian govt with money, ad, promotion everywhere
>>11760 None of these are convincing, how do you know the feds didn't just infiltrate the groups, hacked it via the phone rather than the app, or used some other method? >>11762 >No links provided I tried to research 8 and 9 but couldn't find anything. Anyway, what are the best alternatives then? And don't say Signal.
>>11758 >>11759 Stop trusting things running on other people's computers. Tox or Retroshare, run over I2P, is plenty safe and easy to use. Just never run either on the clearnet since P2P. Now that I'm thinking of it, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to make a Retroshare ID sharing thread just in case this site goes tits up at some point.
>>1858 This place also needs to be reset, delete all the boards, or at least all the threads on the boards, and start the site up again, so much cancer on here that should get cleaned up.

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