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(51.68 KB 1079x742 324020350439.jpg)

(18.94 MB 640x360 N o n _ T i m e t e.mp4)

FRANCE'S LAST CRUSADE Anonymous 05/21/2021 (Fri) 19:58:57 Id: 000000 No. 9308
FRANCE NOT FOREVER CUCKED???? This news is alredy a week old, but I couldn't post until now (and provide da OC) since time is limited and stuff. I got really, really happy seeing how the "Church's oldest daughter" actually isn't giga-cucked (actually it is extremely giga-cucked, but I'm talking about cucked beyond repair) What is going on in France? I genuinely don't understand at all how can this country be so messed up in so many ways and still show something vital signs like this. It isn't like Macron is a chad or anything like that. He is just completely schizo at this point and basic does mess in purpose just so people can forget the yellow vests and the possibility of real civil war In the end, I would just like to know from a frenchie: how is the situation down there? Why are you so weird? Why the cuckness never ends? Why no one does nothing about the savages against civilization that are the muslims coming in? (((Why?))) In the end, as anon have said, if there wasn't hope, there would be no need for propaganda, no need for persecution, no need for their obvious dispair. So pray; repent; and ask for God's mercy immediately. There is still time. There is some people and some things worth saving. The happening hasn't happened yet. Godspeed lads! BASIC SAUCES: 1) https://www.christianpost(Please use archive.today)/news/france-bans-gender-neutral-wording-in-schools-warns-of-harms-to-french-language.html 2) https://www.the-sun(Please use archive.today)/news/2864531/france-civil-war-macron-surrendering-islamic-extremists-soldiers/ 3)https://www.catholicworldreport(Please use archive.today)/2020/09/08/attacks-on-french-churches-back-to-normal-level-after-lockdown-say-young-catholics/
>>9310 dilate
>>9314 It's that gay kike again. Go back to Asia, faggot.
>>9308 realistically speaking now, this wasn't done because christianity is on the rise or because france is finally "uncucking" itself, it was done to appease the muslim minority that have their children in public schools now and will stab people if you push that gay shit on them too hard or try to draw muhammad. so don't pat yourself on the back too hard, you're still going extinct and getting replaced by 85 iq brown people.
(684.04 KB 424x304 get the fuck outta here.mp4)

>>9310 >I pray to many gods. There are dozens of them. There is not one single god.
(142.88 KB 210x240 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9310 >>9366 kill them all, kid. every single one of them.
>>9352 mohammed making france not gay, all the more reason they importing them
>>9433 By the time they're done ungaying france, france won't be france.
>>9308 you can't talk about immigrants as the sole cause of anything. christcucks (and this is to every other reader) NEVER talk about whites who are scum (becouse christcucks like op know they are scum)
You know our world is completely fucked when the news of a country banning mentally ill cults to avoid people spreading them irl is considered SOMETHING SERIOUS AND ALARMING. Is there any hope left, anons? All I see is defeatism, our enemies winning day by day.
>>9497 >stop helping antis out then. start being propedo in a limited way.
>>9308 >>9433 bruh muslims are gay lots of gay orgies in northern africa
>>9309 archive refers to archive.is or .fi etc. web.archive is cucked and they can remove links at any time.
French here, what the fuck. We don't even have gender-neutral words.
(152.18 KB 1366x1024 mk1.jpg)

(99.43 KB 1023x742 mk2.jpg)

(180.45 KB 1536x1024 mk3.jpg)

(153.68 KB 1389x1024 mk4.jpg)

>>9665 what's wrong with gays?!
What's wrong with French Women ?
>>12406 check the map. Europe always was a part of Africa, Berbers DNA is found even in East Europe (Khazarian asshole).
(1.07 MB 640x1029 colonial_powers.png)

>>12406 The same thing that was always wrong with the French.
The frogs have been chucked by the superior Anglo for 1000 years
>>13001 England is just a failed French colony tbh Also wtf is that thread it's completely false, our words all have genres
Frenchie here tbh France just get sold by our politicals to the larges global companies and every french cucks accepted this on the ground that it might make them happy....
So, what's this I hear about France have their own "Trump" running for office? Some TV personality turned politician.
>>9308 Why do you american cucks have to do with france
>>13215 It's a Jew.
>>13274 Seems like it takes a jew to defeat the Muslims
>>13283 the hardass zionists who believe the East Bank is their land recognize that they are under attack the finance kikes are happily funding Hamas because they can take bribes from Qatar which makes their bank accounts go up a shekel it takes a while for team #1 to recognize that team #2 exists, is a problem, is their problem, and every institution that they trusted to protect them has turned against them but they can tell that something is wrong, and that the terrorist organizations that they had outlawed are now running their governments including Israel while (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me)s don't pay attention, they know that hamas is a problem
>>1931 >assuming that Macron is just incompetent and not a (((sinarchist))) who gladly observes this panoram from a safe distance You sir are in need or several redpills about politics and history
>>1931 Merged
>>13272 want french gf
>>13283 who brought the muslims to begin with ?
(78.33 KB 1200x630 MLP.jpg)

Vive La Résistance! https://mlafrance.fr
Sacre bleu!

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