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(483.51 KB 600x450 1557876963212.png)

(109.59 KB 600x446 i4oYqFy.jpg)

/pol/'s News Thread Anonymous 08/02/2021 (Mon) 01:53:30 Id: 000000 No. 10568
This thread is for sharing news of all kinds that /pol/ users find relevant. The purpose of this is to encourage activity on the board by creating a source of constant topics that can be discussed and new threads created if they are "big" enough, as well as serving as a place where less "important" news can be shared without fear of "wasting" a thread on them. As with the rest of the board, it is a requirement to include an archive of the news article in question. Social media screenshots of "literal who" are discouraged unless they are a part of a major event. It is recommended that topics that have generated a lot of discussion in the thread have separate threads, in order to avoid derailing this thread.
>>10568 Fuck off, Jew.
>>10573 I originally made this thread because there were some complaints on /v/ about lots of non-vidya threads being posted and sometimes deleted there (mostly on their GG thread), and thought that making this thread would alleviate their problem and offer them a better place to discuss the multiple off-topic news that are posted there (like random COVID articles and Biden's latest fuck up).
(558.17 KB 620x340 ClipboardImage.png)

Woke Olympics are trying to justify their ratings view crash as a case of bad luck and not because of people getting sick of their politics. https://archive.fo/OIxZO
(30.09 KB 470x240 2032476.jpg)

I didn't imagine things would go this way.
>>10582 Get woke, go broke. Letard politics are being reject all over the world. There is no future for leftards. >>10598 t. cuckchanner.
(672.30 KB 698x884 ClipboardImage.png)

>>10568 >>10620 I didn't know about this . Whatever she is a walking talking parasite . So much so that she gets lung cancer without ever smoking . That's when you really know your a piece of shit. When your own body starts to kill itself with no rhyme or reason. Take the hint Kathy .
>>10568 https://archive.md/uRjm5 Elections Expert Seth Keshel Releases National Fraud Numbers: Finds 8.1 Million Excess Votes in US Election, Affirms Trump Won PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA and MN >Incoming civil war >All C&D shills will be burned alive inside their homes.
>>10620 how irresponsible. doesn't she know there's a pandemic? and she's tying up medical resources just because she wants surgery. monster.
>>10620 I hope she recovers well and realize what she had done so that she don't think harm for anyone anymore ;)
>>10590 Sorry it took my so damn long to fix it, the site update really screwed things up in regards to moderating boards.
Non-welcome touching. Most lewd. Nothing better than #MeToo shit happening to the dumb shits who foster it.
>>10641 2 problems here: the thing speaking is 1, nigger 2, female A: needs a slap
>>10582 fuck if i were there i would have to lean in for the swastika pose
(13.09 MB 1280x720 1423377033661407236.mp4)

https://archive.ph/wip/WgHoI https://www.centerformedicalprogress.org/2021/08/breaking-university-of-pittsburgh-admits-hearts-beating-while-harvesting-aborted-infants-kidneys/ >BREAKING: University of Pittsburgh ADMITS Hearts Beating While Harvesting Aborted Infants’ Kidneys >“Ischemia time, he said “refers to the time after the tissue collection procedure” Vid from some 2 years ago.
>>10620 Am I dense or did she actually make some sort of link between lung cancer and the covid vax? Someone explain it to me please.
(264.52 KB 541x406 ClipboardImage.png)

>>11036 Now Afghanistan becomes Russians headache.
(374.96 KB 870x489 sky goose.png)

A moment of silence for all the sky kings made by this administration.
>>11068 fuuuuck maan. Is it true or fake? How can he fly there!? Temperature, pressure, O2? Fuuuuck. It seems Taliban is very based and super redpilled ah?
(407.83 KB 624x724 ClipboardImage.png)

(12.22 KB 255x252 d325.png)

>>11075 Taliniggers just keep getting more and more based.
(48.22 KB 696x383 E9JKmI6VEAIGnrv.jpg)

(289.04 KB 320x320 FZr5cQqqNrfh-Km-.mp4)

(7.75 MB 1280x720 unhUuL3EFItQeu_w.mp4)

(941.61 KB 320x474 429m5mduAufPsMSU.mp4)

(366.44 KB 320x560 BGhS--cIQgT9oDct.mp4)

>>11219 You know, this whole debacle made me think if all this isn't all planned. After some report of american still stuck in Afghanistan, Pelosi basically said "Everything is fine, let's continue" One reason for this is they know they can't get away during mid-term/next election, so might as well burn what's left of the US and probably flee to China (it will probably not work as they want over here)
>>11234 >ha ha lol they can’t get away with it lol ha ha wow they’ll get theirs next time ha ha just vote harder >ignore that no one was ever punished over any voter fraud anywhere >ignore that absolutely nothing changed except now even more voting machines owned by the same company are being used in more locations >ignore that even fewer voter ID laws exist now than did in the last fake election >ignore that absolutely no one is fighting back anywhere >HA HA JUST FUCKING VOTE HARDER GOYIM THAT’LL SHOW EM Commit suicide. You’re not even human.
https://archive.vn/WMcDG Nonwhites Gang Up Against Whites On CBS Program "Big Brother" >The mainstream media has long been guilty of fueling and delivering an extreme anti-white narrative. This happens on all levels of programming ranging from those geared towards entertainment, such as sitcoms and dramas, to the more reality-based programs, such as the daily news. Whites are often portrayed as ignorant, unfair, mean, and dangerous in comparison to their nonwhite counterparts who are often portrayed as just, vulnerable, and hard-working. For this reason, many racially conscious whites have abandoned television and sought refuge in other forms of entertainment. Yet for those whites who are indifferent towards or unaware of the anti-white narrative, regularly watching racially biased television programs that favour nonwhites has become a mainstay in their daily lives fueling their open or implicit support of this anti-white narrative. To an observer, the power of the mainstream media to shape and control the minds of whites to the point they find programs aimed at their own dispossession as entertaining may seem omnipotent. >A case in point is the highly rated reality television program Big Brother, which airs on the CBS network Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The premise of the show is a contest between houseguests who are isolated from the outside world and who live together on set and are in full view of the television and live streaming audiences. The object of the game is to form alliances with other people and conspire to turn the majority of the household against one person, who is then evicted at the end of the week via a majority vote. The contestants compete in games to determine who will control nominations and those nominated for eviction are given the opportunity to remove themselves from the chopping block by competing in a veto competition. However, if unsuccessful at obtaining the power of veto, the nominated contestants must work to persuade the rest of the household guests to keep them, usually by offering to protect them from future nominations should they receive the head of household power. At the end of the series, contestants who were previously evicted will cast votes between the two remaining houseguests and elect the winner via majority decision. >In past seasons, contestants have largely been white with a small contingent of nonwhites, lesbians, and homosexual men. The white houseguests have typically been young, attractive, and athletic and romances, referred to as "showmances" on the program between a handsome, physically fit young white male and a beautiful young white female have been a popular staple. Moreover, the biggest threats to win have, up until this season, been the athletic white male or the intelligent white woman, because the games on the show are geared towards people with physical strength and people with good memories who can think quickly. >However, the cast of Big Brother has been noticeably different this season. Instead of attractive white males and females making up the majority of the houseguests, the number of nonwhites has dramatically increased, and the white contestants are noticeably less attractive looking than they have been in the past. However, the most salient and important change this year is that Big Brother has become a race-based contest between the nonwhites and the whites, and the nonwhites are winning. The strategy chosen by the nonwhites has been to form a secret alliance against the whites and to stick together no matter the circumstances to ensure a person of colour wins the contest this year. Equally apparent is the seemingly obliviousness of the white houseguests in knowing what their non-white counterparts are up to. >For those who watch the program on television, each episode is highly edited and appears as a mix of live and taped scenes. Right from the early episodes of this season, the producers presented clips showing that the nonwhites had immediately formed an alliance against the whites to whom they were openly resentful for their past successes on the program and for not having lived the non-white experience in America. Whites have inherited white privilege. In contrast, the white houseguests have been portrayed as consistently playing the game using the past tried and true strategies of forming partnerships with others, preparing for contests, and promising to keep their word. Yet the numbers have been against them and one by one white contestants have been voted off the show while the nonwhites openly celebrate and discuss the effectiveness of their strategy. In one scene this past week, an Asian contestant openly asked if the whites were aware that they were losing numbers, after which producers showed pictures of each white person who had been voted out, flaunting the futility of the whites who tried to play using traditional strategies in a game rigged against them from the very start. >In another scene, two black contestants also openly wondered if the white houseguests knew they were being racially targeted and the other stated that it did not matter because even if they did, they will not voice their opposition. He then indicated that only when they are in jury, the place where houseguests are sequestered when they are voted out of the game until the final vote, will the whites realize what has happened to them and then he raised both his arms over his head in a show of victory. >One need not have to think very hard to imagine what might happen if the situation was reversed and instead of nonwhites openly resenting whites and banding together to remove them, the whites employed the same strategy and set out to deliberately conspire against nonwhites to ensure a white person wins the game. It is hard to conceive the producers of Big Brother would allow whites to show such solidarity among themselves unless of course they wished to demonize them for being racially conscious. >Nevertheless, Big Brother shows the extent of the racial double standard that exists in America and Canada today in that it can air a reality program in which the goal is the displacement of whites by a group of racially conscious nonwhites in the face of zero opposition while simultaneously marketing it as a form of entertainment to whites. Whites would never be allowed to do the same thing to nonwhites. However, the good news in all of this is that those whites who have chosen to believe that multiculturalism and the loss of white influence poses no existential threat to whites as a group, now have an easily accessible example of a reality-based television program showing just how acceptable and easy white displacement can take place when the numbers are against them. >With any luck, the success of this season’s Big Brother may be the start of a serious trend of reality television shows that inadvertently help raise white racial consciousness by showing the extent that average nonwhites are dedicated to promoting and protecting their racial interests above all else, especially at the expense of whites, something whites in general do not seem to know or understand.
U.S. rocket strike killed 9 people including six children who were mistaken for ISIS - K! https://archive.fo/viNwC
>>11269 I made a similar observation of the show. It is sickening how badly whites are discriminated against in the US and indeed the world.
(362.23 KB 2048x1154 ClipboardImage.jpg)

>>11996 >>>/v/430928 >>>/v/430926 >>>/v/430925 >>>/v/430922 >just $0 increase as part of THIS plan That's not how it works. Biden's plan relies upon money coming from "wealthy" people. The problem is, those same wealthy people ALREADY pay for 95% of the taxes, with the lower-class and below paying a NEGATIVE percentage on taxes from all the welfare programs they receive. So, when boiled down, they're basically demanding that the same people, who fund their budget, to pay even more money than they're already demanding. On paper, that either results in those same wealthy people either leaving the country or being reduced to a lower class of life-style. In either case, where is the money going to continue coming from? On top of that, there's the issue of how the tax system is setup. The way American tax-law is designed, it's purpose is to benefit people who operate a business (Which, under the law, can be practically anything, and these laws can be used by anyone and everyone). So, depending on how your file your IRS forms, you will result in having to pay even less funds. That's also beside the fact that people who trade in investments (Stocks, arts, real estate, etc.) only have to pay in taxes whenever they sell those investments, so there's really no way to control how much they pay. When you look at the law from that perspective, it begins to arise the question of who's going to pay for all of this. If the wealthy are legally allowed to pay less, or nothing at all until some unknown date in the future, then where is all the tax money going to come from in order to pay for this stimulus plan? They are going to put it on a tab. The government's hedging their bet that they're going to be able to pay for this $3.5 TRILLION dollar plan sometime in the future with money that they do not have yet. They're, possibly, crunching the numbers and coming to the conclusion that, if they wealthy paid the raw sum of all these taxes we imposed, and they did it all within five years times, and there is no disruption in the economy, and there's no delays or issues with implementing this plan, and there is no sudden need to divert government resources to other fields, and the full moon happens only on Saturdays for the next decade, and the planets come into alignment 32 years from now, and Hell decides to freeze over, THEN AND ONLY THEN will there be no increase in the debt. I got a big exaggerative, but you get the point. They're mindset is based on the concept that all of this will break even..."eventually", someday, maybe, if their perfectly little plan works perfectly. But, that's also excluding another issue. Say companies decide to be 100% compliant and paid everything that is demanded of them. Well, the people working in those companies don't want to see a hit taken to their wallet. So, they pass those changes along down the line by increasing their prices. And, who does this end up effecting? The people. The same people who are bitching and moaning about how "unfair" life already is, and elected this jackass into office. And, they think something is going to change by having the always ambiguous "wealthy" paying out more and more money.
>>11441 These things happen but it's infuriating to watch Biden and the Pentagon lie or dismiss it instead of owning it as a mistake.
>>11997 Also, that's excluding the little hilarious note that there's actually a little box on each IRS form that allows people to even donate EXTRA money to the IRS on top of what you're suppose pay.
>>11997 >and elected this jackass into office we don't live in a timeline, we live in a punchline.
>>11997 The most retarded quote in regard to this was "It doesn't cost anything, because we'll make more money". Yeah, by the same logic, your car is free because it allows you to work at a better job than in your local village. France already tried to tax rich people a 75% income tax. Russia had its greatest one-day increase in wealthy residents as a result. Taxing rich people is a retarded idea, because they can pack up their toys and leave, and they're the only ones who can do so. There's not a single country on earth that will deny someone residency and even citizenship if they have 10 million in the bank and are willing to invest it in the country. Getting megacorps to cough up money would probably be more successful, since most of them have a large percentage of their income from the US, they can't just pack up and leave like their owners. But that's not going to happen, because the megacorps pay politicians quite well to keep tax loopholes open on the one hand, and on the other, they can still move headquarters and as many branches as possible.
>>11997 From what I can guess America's economy's gonna crash with no survivors?
>>11997 >The same people who are bitching and moaning about how "unfair" life already is, and elected this jackass into office. Nobody elected him. Especially not poor people. they had to go to extreme lengths to stop people from watching them count the vote, among plenty of other strategies used to steal the election, as you and everyone else knows.
>>12009 >Taxing rich people is a retarded idea These guys agree with you
What's this I hear about Rambo running around Norway?
(2.01 MB 1600x800 ClipboardImage.png)

As reported by Hannah Nightingale from The Post Millennial >BREAKING: Investigation underway after Kentucky high school hosts drag pageant featuring male teens in lingerie giving lap dances to staff >An investigation is underway after photos surfaced on social media depicting a homecoming event at a Kentucky high school where male students partook in a "man pageant." >The male students seen in photos taken at Hazard High School's homecoming week festivities on Tuesday wore scant clothing, including women's lingerie, and gave staff members lap dances in the gymnasium, according to The Courier Journal. (https://www.courier-journal(Please use archive.today)/story/news/education/2021/10/27/kentucky-high-schools-man-pageant-lap-dances-being-investigated/8566052002/ | https://archive.md/7EC45) >The photos also showed the students giving a lap dance to Hazard High School Principal Donald "Happy" Mobelini. Mobelini is also mayor of the city. From https://thepostmillennial(Please use archive.today)/breaking-investigation-kentucky-high-school-hosts-drag-pageant?utm_campaign=64470 | https://archive.md/5Pzzf
(74.38 KB 636x560 Screenshot.png)

https://archive.fo/I5P6O Joe Biden's approval ratings have hit an even greater decline. 39.2% Among Independents, 61.2% for Democrats, and 11.1% for the GOP.
>>12355 Has it ever risen at all? Or is just nonstop free fall.
>>12369 It just keeps getting worse.
(10.06 MB 640x360 video_2021-11-01_09-20-26.mp4)

Orban recently gave out this speech
(65.51 KB 590x350 lionel blair jabbed.jpg)

Another One. Just say no to the Globalist insane mass poisoning suicide cult! F for respect. https://web.archive(Please use archive.today)/web/20211105095117/https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/16639549/lionel-blair-death-cause-dead-wife-susan-piers-morgan/ https://web.archive(Please use archive.today)/web/20211105191924/https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/leisure/fun4kids/showbiz/18993452.i-want-thank-scientists-lionel-blair-second-dose-vaccine/ > "I want to thank the scientists" ...
>>12535 >https://web.archive(Please use archive.today) The irony. Seriously though, the wordfilter is incredibly obnoxious.
>>12537 Lionel would have laughed at the archive today irony.
(434.86 KB 595x545 Screenshot.png)

>>12575 Russia banned ppl from public transport without vaccination qr code.
>>12535 Merged
>>10620 Trump should release a pic of him holding up a bloody lung. Like she did with his head. Get fucked bitch.
(414.51 KB 616x671 yousayyouwantarevolution.png)

Dems threaten revolution if court case doesn't go there way >spend a year bitching about jan 6 Hypocrites gonna hypocrite Personally I think abortions should be outlawed for whites only. Let the niggers and jews kill their children.
>>13118 They already own everyone on the court. It's not like this matters.
>>13131 They love a pretext anon, they always stage an event to get a mass of brainless sheep behind them. It is rare for them to act unilaterally, they fear justifying their actions. So they create events, the media hypes them up, and then when there is mass braying for them to do something, they act. By catching these trigger events it is possible to foresee future events as they unfold. Now is being one step ahead really very useful? Eh. But noticing is what we do.
>>13132 Never acting, never fighting, never defending, never attacking, just noticing. I have only eyes, and I must die.
>>13141 It took 18 hours to come up with that lazy criticism? Fine. By act you mean what? Go shoot up a synagogue? Cause that helps anyone. Be realistic anon, there no acting until a critical mass of sheeple understand and are also prepared to act. Otherwise your just another Brenton Tarrant. Or worse that asshole from el paso that got cloudflare to drop us. So what is the best course of action? To get the truth out and unsettle the masses until action becomes easier than inaction. So think through your ideas all the way before criticizing. And finally I notice your ass ain't doing shit either. So stock up, train, be fit and healthy, and get the masses aware. We are reaching criticality and in order to survive what comes we must be ready.
!>>13142 >there no acting until a critical mass of sheeple understand and are also prepared to act. >So stock up, train, be fit and healthy, and get the masses aware. We are reaching criticality and in order to survive what comes we must be ready. This
(3.89 MB 640x440 maxwell.mp4)

Where's the full list?
>>13142 We already have enough people to violently overthrow the system with force. Academics who study the success rates of revolution state that you'd need 10% of the population to do it, and we easily crack that number. What you need, which the likes of Tarrant lacked, was organization, others who believe as you do, who are able and willing to back you up when the time comes so you could act as a group. It's not about how many people are feeling rebellious, and not about how many people are engaging in rebellious behavior, it's about how many people are engaging in rebellious behavior together. It's never some lone hero who overthrows a corrupt system, it's always a band of people, who first prove themselves by holding their own in the face of the establishment's attempts to squash them, which makes other malcontents, who are unsure of whether supporting them is suicide or not, be more willing to join them, knowing it's not a flash in the pan, but an enduring resistance that has a chance of succeeding with their involvement. It's not about people being aware or sufficiently dissatisfied, it's about getting these people together, where they recognize the others as allies, where they can make plans and execute them as a team. A lot of people would later join them, but only once they survived the siege for a while, then they will feel comfortable lending their hand to the cause as recruits. There's something else, a lot of people will know what we stand against, but not what we stand for, and that makes them uneasy, as bad as this system is in their perception, they at the very least know what it is and have an idea of where it could be going. You, on the other hand, offer no vision of what they are going to get with your kind in charge, you can be lazy as point to something in the past and say "that", but this does nothing for them unless you describe exactly what you think "that" was in detail. This is because when it comes to regimes that idolize past eras, they often either have a flawed knowledge of what that era was like, or are dishonest about that matter. For reasons of both of these possibilities, they want to hear you, yourself, describe the details of what will happen after you or your allies take power. Not platitudes, policies, that's what they need to hear, what exactly will change after you win, and how will it change? Presenting a vision like this goes very far in getting people together, it also boost morale and willingness to fight, because it shows them a future they think is worth fighting for. You will fail if you simply define yourself by what you oppose, if you want to gather up multiple alternatives to what exists now as allies in taking it down, since they all share a common enemy, then what you do is present a future where all of them get a share of the spoils as payment for their involvement, for example, proposing that the nation that's been overthrown be split up among these various parties who will govern themselves as separate (but allied) nations. This goes beyond "Uniting the Far Right", by promising the Nationalist Socialists of the Top-Right Corner and the Anarchist Capitalists of the Bottom-Right Corner their own lands when it is over. Even those who call themselves our enemies can be swayed to fight beside us instead of against us, so long as they are just as discontented with the current state of affairs as we are, never forget that a lot of the rank and file among the far-left genuinely believe in opposing the system that exists right now, and would be pleased with getting a piece of land of their own once the fighting is over (that they will use as a launching point for an attack on us, but which will be far easier dealt with by us at that point than the establishment we fight against today). Making these types go rogue to fight with us in a war-truce is a god way to gank the middle from the radical parts of the political spectrum. In this way, White "Supremacists" and Black "Supremacists" can fight alongside one another, knowing that each of them is going to get what it is that they most desire out of a victory. This is wonderful, in that you will have multiple allied rebel forces, attacking the same enemy, with an agreement not to fight against each other, the establishment is fighting multiple different groups with many different things to learn about them, and . it's all about gathering enough people together in order to launch a coordinated attack followed by a defense that can withstand the counterattacks the regime will launch in response, after that point, others can be recruited in, territory can be gained, internal order can be imposed, and eventually the whole of the country is divided into territories held by rebels and loyalists. Upon having a territory, people will look to you to provide for their needs in a way that can satisfy them, to enforce matters of justice in a fair and impartial manner, to give people hope and keep their minds occupied, and to generally win over the hearts and minds of the people within your zone, especially those who are initially opposed to you and your cause. This is every bit as important as winning fights and holding land, if not more, do a good job of giving the people a taste of what future you offer them, and they will prefer you to the regime, at that point, even if the claimed land is taken back by the establishment, you will have people within the territory of the loyalists, who are on your side. Doing everything from feeding you information, engaging in sabotage, smuggling valuable resources out to you, or, best of all, advocating for your side's victory from within, thus sowing internal division and running down morale as their side paralyzes itself with internal witch hunts suspecting traitors. Keep in min that most of the initial fighting will be by guerilla tactics and various dishonest and dirty methods of warfare, you will fight like cowards, because you are cornered rats, and this is how an asymmetrical battle is fought, for david to slay goliath, he has to cheat. I really don't have much else to say on the topic, just note that all this is just opinion and being shared only for academic purposes.
Why do people keep talking about the Chinese report on the "democracy crisis in the U.S.", when it's clear that it is all bullshit?
Looks like the jews have some serious competition! Gypsies enter the USA through Mexico.
>>13309 Merged
>>13309 Haha
>>13309 I want to be able to see Gypsy mansions here in the US. That sounds like the kind of cultural enrichment that Austin could use.
(400.52 KB 720x1280 1.mp4)

(1.23 MB 478x848 2.mp4)

(7.61 MB 264x480 3.mp4)

(1.40 MB 464x848 4.mp4)

Former parliament building in Australia caught fire. An abo ceremony at the site was not to blame.
(6.74 MB 3252x1816 ClipboardImage.png)

Union Pacific: Train Robberies Up 356% https://archive.ph/oaMaE >LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Medical equipment, designer handbags, luggage, throw pillows, airline parts, children’s artwork, even a new wine fridge – all those items and more have been found stolen off Union Pacific trains and discarded alongside the tracks in East LA. >Images of thousands of stolen and discarded packages alongside the Union Pacific train tracks near Union Station have people around the world asking – how does this happen? Apparently, it’s a near perfect storm of an ongoing train robbery problem, the pandemic, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s policy of no-cash bail arrests. >“I have been with Union Pacific for 16 years, and I have never, ever seen this situation to this degree,” said Lupe Valdez, the company’s senior director of public affairs. >Valdez says, on average, 90 of their containers are compromised each day. But between October 2020 and October 2021, train robberies have picked up exponentially by a whopping 356%. Union Pacific has increased its enforcement and patrols, and has put drones to work, but now they are looking into diverting trains so they don’t pass through Los Angeles County at all. >“We are making arrests, but what our officers are seeing on the ground is that people are basically being arrested, there is no bail, they come out the next day and come back to rob our trains,” Valdez said.
https://archive.is/KQxfA >Teacher threatened and accused of racism for using rapper Soprano's image in class >"Immediately, I said to myself: 'my life is over'". A teacher from Trappes (Yvelines) found herself targeted by a "digital fatwa", according to the prosecutor, for having used the picture of the singer Soprano in a SVT class. >The case has its roots more than a year ago, in December 2020. On a timeline dealing with the evolution of Man, the teacher had put a photo of the singer Soprano to illustrate the homo-sapiens, reports Le Parisien. This choice of a black person had been made after remarks of students, wishing to see more diversity in the courses. >Tragically, the message was not understood by everyone. The father of a student thought it was a racist act, comparing the singer to a monkey. He then published the photo on social networks. "Ya nothing that shocks you (...) National education of shit. Make turn we must not accept," he wrote in particular. >The beginning of a "digital fatwa", according to the prosecutor of Yvelines, which led to many threats against the teacher. Since then, she has admitted to being "afraid to die". >The episode is very reminiscent of the case of Samuel Paty, a history-geography teacher who was beheaded on October 16, 2020 at the exit of his college in Yvelines, after videos published on social networks by a parent and an Islamist militant, following the use of cartoons of Muhammad in a course. >Trappes was also the place where a philosophy professor Didier Lemaire was placed under police protection for remarks about Islam.
(273.98 KB 634x349 5456767869.png)

From https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10409449/LA-DA-doesnt-want-send-transgender-woman-26-sexually-assaulted-girl-10-adult-jail.html (Archived at https://archive.is/aIQWm) As reported by Harriet Alexander of the Daily Mail, initially reported on January 17th, 2022. >A mentally disturbed transgender woman who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl could be allowed to serve her sentence under house arrest, after the Los Angeles County district attorney refused to prosecute the 26-year-old as an adult for the crime committed shortly before their 18th birthday. >Hannah Tubbs's case has sparked anger and confusion in Los Angeles, and raised uncomfortable questions for the famously liberal DA, George Gascon, about how he deals with transgender criminals and young offenders. >He followed the girl into the bathroom, held her by the throat and forced his hand down the girl's pants. He only stopped when someone came into the restroom, and then ran away before he could be stopped. He was two weeks off his 18th birthday at the time - with Gascon refusing to sentence Tubbs as an adult because the defendant was 17 when the attack took place. >Gascon told the outlet he was concerned Tubbs could be victimized in an adult facility as a trans woman and said a probation report recommended she be sentenced to home confinement. >Kathryn Barger, on the board of supervisors for Los Angeles County's Fifth District, said the family of the young girl attacked by Tubbs deserved justice. >'It's useless to catch criminals like Hannah Tubbs if we don't follow through and seek justice for victims such as the 10-year-old girl she sexually assaulted,' said Barger.
What's going on with the trucker revolt in Canada and the U.S.?
>>13737 I haven't heard anything about a revolt over here, but I think the trucker revolt in America petered out months ago.
maximum larp
(701.00 KB 887x2554 can.jpg)

>>13737 Here's what's happened: https://archive.fo/ckUgk >Empty Shelves Have Consequences, Canadian Multinational Business Groups ask Government to Quickly Reverse Trucker Vaccine Mandate
(143.18 KB 800x848 ayyyy.jpg)

>>13780 The globalists are sending in starving African children, but the Poles want to keep them out so they militarize the area to get the press to fuck off.
>>10693 what episode is that from?
What are some good news sources besides stormer5v52vjsw66jmds7ndeecudq444woadhzr2plxlaayexnh6eqd ?

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