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Anonymous 08/18/2021 (Wed) 10:35:40 Id: 000000 No. 11092
5 years after the populist wave in the West and the height of the Trump movement, where are we? What is our situation? Has it all gone to the wind? I see threads based on talking and debating. People talk about all sorts of stuff while the globohomo trannies are still pushing their shit and nobody's organizing to do anything about it. After Trump jetpacked out the US simply got Bidened by "the establishment". It's like it never happened. Like a bad thought. In the meantime it's all about BS vaccine crap and Talibans and this or that. Are we really at this level of sloth? Are we really nothing more than basement dwelling NEETs? What are we actually doing? What have you done today? Where are we winning? What the fuck?
i am waiting for inertia. once shit pops though im ready to rock out with my rifle cocked out and exterminate the kikes.
>>11105 ... Keep waiting?
>>11107 how will we know when it is time..... i have not met many people irl that recieve talk about kikes and jew stuff well. even in rural missouri most people seem upset if i ever mentioned how jews are our masters but those same rednecks sit around yapping on about niggers.
>>11107 You first, mein glownigger
I think people here, being young, anti-social, childless adults, miss a few important factors that keep redpilling normalfags. Many of those normalfags are too scared to be loud about it, but they still act in quiet ways, such as not buying or otherwise actively supporting SJW shit. And as more get redpilled, more get mad enough to be loud about it, which is why SJWs have significantly ramped up their censorship efforts. Everyone knows the US election was stolen. Even the minority of people who actually voted for Biden know it. The people who care are too busy taking care of their families to riot over it, but they will never again trust the establishment, and they will now try harder to avoid things that would support it. But really, a bigger factor is probably not even politics, but entertainment. Major companies are losing money hand over fist, because of the simple fact that nobody wants to watch the propaganda they are making instead of entertainment. Calling someone a bigot will never make them watch your movie. It will make them avoid your movie and all your other movies. This is exacerbated by everyone being locked up by their own governments, which only breeds resentment, and the fact that they aren't allowed to talk about it, and silenced when they try, only breeds even more resentment. And on top of that, a very major factor that I think people here really overlook is the fact that parents are finally seeing what their kids are being taught at schools, since the schools are now online. And this is coinciding with the schools doubling down on the propaganda, which is only hurting them further. Those parents will react much more strongly to this than they would to entertainment or politics. Now they SJWs are going to have to rig not just major elections, but tiny local elections, for things like school boards. And not just school boards, because those parents might be going to vote specifically for the school board, but while they're at it they'll vote for the rest of the positions too, positions that people usually don't give a shit about because they're tiny local positions. Even most mayoral elections get very few votes. It doesn't take much to make a significant difference there. Nobody cares about local politics despite its more direct effects on the individual. But more and more people are caring, because it's the local politicians that are trying to molest their children while also calling them racist for being born the wrong race. You don't mess with people's children. At the same time, parents are realizing how useless school is in the first place, and moving kids to home school in record numbers, which is a good long term move for the next generation. They're doing it specifically to avoid SJWs, and even when they do a community "learning pod" or something, it's specifically for that reason. And it's not that the teacher is going to be dropping redpills all day, it's that the teacher can finally teach reality, which will naturally make them see how insane SJWs are, while also providing them with better skills to succeed, since they're actually being educated and not just molested and indoctrinated all day, which will help them have a bigger impact long term. But I don't think things turning around is even a particularly long term issue. Things change faster than people realize. The ramping up of SJW shit is their death throes as they see more and more people waking up and paying attention to what they're doing, and thus trying to stop them. And those death throes are only killing them faster. They're trying harder and harder to demoralize people by hiding the truth, and they admit they're doing it, they admit they're censoring, they admit they won't even actually argue their points are either correct or popular, they admit they won't even argue that they didn't steal the election. That only means that they know they are extremely unpopular, and though they are trying harder than ever to hold on to power despite that unpopularity, they can't do it forever. OP says 5 years ago was the height of the populist wave and the Trump movement. I disagree with his premise. 5 years ago was just when they started censoring those people. He's falling for it, and thinking he's really alone, but he isn't. If anything, the number of people who agree with him has increased dramatically, they're just being silenced. But they still exist, and they still have impact, even if each of them is acting independently.
>>11110 As Op I read it all, just so you know.

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