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(116.33 KB 1600x1067 Flag-European-Union.jpg)

Is common european identity possible? Anonymous 10/12/2021 (Tue) 22:33:20 Id: e2fe8f No. 12157
What will be the future of European Union in upcoming century?
Corruption will keep growing to the breaking point and the continent will return to the default of warring states.
>>12157 >the future of European Union in upcoming century? Will be dissolved by 2050 as everyone loathes it, and the only real advantage of it is a near endless supply of money that they hand out like candy.
>>12160 >hand out You mean the pocket change they hand out after stashing the majority of what they steal from taxpayers into offshore accounts.
Yes, OP, it's possible. Islam recognizes only one nation - ISLAM NATION. All races are equal in Islam, culture is common, everyone follows to one general Shari. So, yes - common European identity is possible
>>12157 It's going to be dissolved and that won't need a century either. If it had stayed a customs union/free trade zone, it'd have survived everything because every member benefits, though not equally. Since it's hellbent on becoming a US of Europe, it'll inevitably fail as most member states are subject to rules the people don't want or need. Currently you see Poland questioning this and there is much oy veying about that, and that'll continue happening. The Euro was the final nail in its coffin. There is no circumstance where Greece and Germany both benefit from having the same monetary policy.
>>12157 >what will the future of the EU be? the American present it's all about the white population numbers. As that declines, things will get worse.
Commies already tried that, didn't work well. Homo sovieticus was a cultural cripple, not even a mutt of various cultures, more like an abomination with a shallow, materialistic identity and slave's mentality. Forced common european identity is a bad idea.
>>12157 Hopefully it won't exist soon.
>>12180 USSR failed only because KGB wanted to seize power from the party and become oligarchs.
(301.39 KB 960x409 United States of Europe.png)

You can't force unity. A common foe might seem like it can but it really doesn't, a common foe simply gives the illusion of it. If people wish to join together, they will do it anyway without a union. And if they do not wish to join together, pushing them together will only make them hate each other more. A union that cannot impose its will on its constituents is useless and a union that can impose it will be oppressive, neither of which are desirable outcomes. So to the question I say the future of the European Union is hopefully that of dissolution in the best case scenario and collapse in the worst. >>12227 USSR failed because the logical conclusion of any communist state is to cause suffering to those under it and inevitably fail spectacularly.
>>12268 Europe in 2100 will be an islamic one. It won't be functioning enough to have even socialism.
>>12273 Equality and quality of life don't come from a bunch of bureaucrats getting paid to show up at a round table to engage in a circlejerk. When is the last time you thought to yourself "oh boy I sure am glad the UN passed that resolution, I've never been equal in my entire life, I wish they would continue making me equaller"? The only time bureaucrats doing something results in those things is when it simply undoes the damage past bureaucrats have done.
>>12244 The USSR dissolved because Yeltsin lead an illegal coup against the Union to dissolve it despite the majority of the union voting to remain as a united socialist entity
good luck convincing that to ireland vs the uk or the whole of yugoslavia
The problem of a United Europe is or cultural,historical and political differences. >Language for political offices and military Esperanto would be the wisest pick >Uniting Europe If Europe would be United and in order for it to survive long term it would have to be a decentralised confederation. Even tho I am a nationalist I believe in a United Europe.
>>12157 Kill yourself
>>13633 The only way you can unite such a large amount of different people with different languages, different cultures is under a religion. But of course thats not going to happen these days, the decline of religion is the biggest factor that disunifies countries. This has happened in Europe for a while now, people prioritise individualism and only care about themselves.

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