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(475.92 KB 1366x2092 pmq2.jpg)

Explain this Anonymous 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:07:17 No. 1238
>12 year old woman cannot consent >male infant can consent to circumcision Explain this.
For men who have to get circumcised later in life for medical reasons (phimosis), on a scale of 1 to 10 on how much pleasure they feel with 10 being uncircumcised they usually rate it as a 3. Don't cut your kid's dick. Your penis head rubs against your underwear for a lifetime and gets dry and lightly calloused before you teenage years even end which results in a great loss of pleasure. Also a cause for erectile dysfunction with the loss of feelings over the years.
>>1239 >Your penis head rubs against your underwear for a lifetime and gets dry and lightly calloused before you teenage years even end which results in a great loss of pleasure. Also a cause for erectile dysfunction with the loss of feelings over the years. Good thing I remedied this by putting body lotion and moisturizer on my cock. However, after months of doing this, it's now healed to the point that it looks like a recovered burn victim.
(488.62 KB 500x370 uh_uh_UHH.gif)

>>1240 Doesn't that hurt when walking now?
>>1241 No. The only thing that "hurts" in my neither regions is between my legs after going on a two hour hike with only shorts on and forgetting about putting lotion there after getting out of the shower the previous night. As for my cock, it feels extremely smooth and jacking off is much more pleasurable.
Threadly reminder that you can massage your benis to have skin protection again in most cases, leading to more pleasurable sensations after your 1/2 inch callus heals in your glans. Takes daily effort for a few months tho
>>1251 Foreskin restoration is bs. It's just stretching what little skin is left beyond what it was meant for. What's worked for me is a silicone penis head protector, I just call it synthetic foreskin. They sell them on amazon and the like. Usually made by china. I got the idea after watching a documentary about tribesman who wear no clothes except a penis cap which they wash multiple times a day to keep clean. I said EUREKA! And have since been covering my mutilated penis head. I take it off and wash it when I have to use the bathroom then put it back on when I'm done. It has made my penis head soft, and moist. No negative effects (itching, swelling, abrasions, rashes) and I've been doing this for several years now. My sensitivity has increased and I can cum in a fleshlight now. I used to have to use my rough hand or I couldn't cum, even from sex. Protect your penises boys, that way you can get women pregnant and defy the anti-birthers.
(50.19 KB 605x558 jewpire.jpeg)

>>1260 It's not BS. I've done it, but not enough to get over the initial hump over the glans. I did get plenty of new skin though and it stayed even after I stopped last year. However, it's not feasible for a working man since I'm not going to do stretches every hour at work. Plus it really cramps my hands. Anyways, I tried an o-ring as a retainer, but I don't wear it at night so I didn't really see any difference after a few months. Anons, just don't snip your kids if by some miracle you happen to stick your dick in a vagina.
>>1238 >Explain this. Jews, naturally. Except fuck off, pedo.
>>1239 It's not about pleasure or whatever. It's fucking EVIL to mutilate a baby, you retard.
telomere degeneration. it's dysgenic to not take full advantage of a female's fertility window. repeal the 19th. age of consent laws are subversive.
(105.66 KB 400x400 1453461185834.jpg)

>>1292 no shit dumbass. good contribution to the thread
All proponents of circumcision should be brutally killed.
(197.56 KB 900x675 abstractCancer.jpg)

>>1317 It's honestly sad to see what loops cut fags go through to justify their dicks. Like a woman really wants to see a dried, calloused head that has no slide action. You can't change what happened to you but that doesn't mean you need to go about defending it in case some other retard see it and decides to get his kid's dick cut
(80.69 KB 640x905 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion.jpg)

>>1326 Not the guy you're responding to but I don't know, I've literally been circumcised all my life and haven't felt anything else and it's still pleasurable regardless, probably same amount as someone who isn't circumcised because subjective experience. Although, both pale in comparison to the pleasure you'd feel from anal masturbation or just having a pussy anyways so not like it matters.
(41.67 KB 278x136 32153262431.png)

>>1330 >tranny chink shit(tm) im gonna have to put you down
What is this kike pedo shit? Delete.
>>1317 >Id: d743d0 >Women and Gay men like looking at erect penis. >Circumcision makes the penis look erect at all times. >>1344 >Id:d743d0 >8 years is too old. >age of consent should be set to 5 years. >children should learn to cope. >>1345 >Id:d743d0 >Just delete this thread mods, I reported it along ago why is this pedoshit still up? >The solution is banning circumcision, not lowering or abolishing ages. You are pathetic, weak, cucked.
>>1345 >The solution is banning circumcision, not lowering or abolishing ages. The solution is both. If you support age of consent and fucking old whores, you are feminist bluepilled cuck goy brainwashed by jews. >Flag: Canada
>>1341 >kike pedo shit >directly opposes circumcision Oh look, another projecting agecuck.
(85.08 KB 736x1040 madastolfo.jpg)

>>1337 >tranny No. If you're talking about >just having a pussy anyways I mean an actual one and not the butchered piece of skin that trannies call a pussy. That's just going off accounts of what people (females) say in regards to sexual pleasure.
>>1387 Of course the babydick mutilator is also an anti. "Gotts chop therm dicks up gud, makes em squeel like a piggy!!! No more good sex feelins fer you little fella HUE HUE HUE HUE THIS IS BASED AND CAUCASIAN WHOTE PRODE!!!"
(156.61 KB 658x583 1525440882127pedosvschimps.jpg)

>>1390 It's because agecuckoldry (much like the rest of feminism) is fundamentally a kike plot that is intended to inhibit the White man's dominion over his own females in the first place. When feminists initially came about, what was their first goal? Women's suffrage? Ending domestic corporal punishment for women? Nope... It was raising the age of consent. Agecucks can't explain how feminists "magically" did one "good" and "based" thing as their very first (and thus most important to them) act before immediately turning toward destroying gender relations in Western society, especially since, again, we all know that feminism itself was a Jewish plot in the first place (with many if not most early feminists being Jews). Men preferring younger female partners, even pre-pubertal ones in many cases (so that they can have already formed a stable romantic partnership with them by the time they become fertile) is an evolutionary strategy to create stronger pair bonds, ones where the age disparity involved enhances the naturally beneficial power disparity between the male and female partner that ensures that the man leads and the woman follows. A girl who is courted early, around 8 years old or so, will respect her husband like almost a second father for life due to him imprinting his masculine presence on her mind so early. Most importantly, his worldview will fundamentally shape hers forever, and she will never have an opportunity to "rebel" against it as her husband is her life partner that she never leaves or grows away from as she gets older, unlike her father. And that's why feminists and kikes worked to raise the age of consent as their very first act. They knew that without eliminating this arrangement they could not properly propagandize women into turning against men as feminism exhorts them to. If women go from happy relationships with their fathers in early childhood directly to happy relationships with husbands from a young age as well, there is no opportunity to brainwash them into hating men. They needed to create a liminal period wherein women were growing older and more apart from their fathers but still had no husband to guide them in life as an alternative, a period in which they would become "blank slates" capable of being filled with and taught anything the kikes desired, and that's exactly what raising the age of consent/marriage achieved. That's why lolis are often not already complete disgusting dogbrained whores but women are. The evolutionary strategy of men seeking out female partners that are as young as is feasible (to invest in their future, as any proper White man does, instead of simply fucking the "bitch with the fattest ass" at the moment) is what separates up from the chimps, but we know turning the proud White man into animalistic cattle (just like their pet niggers) is exactly what the kikes want. And agecucks are more than happy to help so long as it allows them to virtue signal about saving muh children (even though their ideology actually hurts all of us, including kids) to their qtard friends on Faceboomer.
>>1390 >an anti I don't like what you're trying here and everyone who uses "anti" as a standalone word should be banned. Not that anti in a word is much better but at least it's still some form of language.
Circumcision creates a nation of idiots and cowards
(129.51 KB 434x1291 Circumcision is cuckoldry.png)

Daily reminder
>>1463 The real problem is that you can't un-cut yourself, so protect your children (and have some you virgin).
>>1464 It's not me you need to tell that to considering the fact that I don't live in a country where 70% of the population is circumcised.
>>1260 >Foreskin restoration is bs. It's just stretching what little skin is left beyond what it was meant for There's some truth to this, but keep in mind that the more you have to work with the more effective it is. That's why at one point they increased it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brit_milah#Uncovering,_priah the Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, states that many Hellenistic Jews attempted to restore their foreskins, and that similar action was taken during the Hadrianic persecution, a period in which a prohibition against circumcision was issued. Thus, the writers of the dictionary hypothesize that the more severe method practiced today was probably begun in order to prevent the possibility of restoring the foreskin after circumcision, and therefore the rabbis added the requirement of cutting the foreskin in periah
>>1471 Correct. I've studied Jewish customs at length (at first to learn about "the enemy" but once I realized they were just a group of abused serfs ruled by a ruling class of Jews, like us, I stopped hating them and could see clearly.) and circumcision was originally nothing more than a tonail-clipping sized sliver of skin removed from the tip of the foreskin. The ritual was only to make blood from the penis, it had nothing to do with exposing the glans head permanently.
Did you share OP's image in other places than this? >>1464 >The real problem is that you can't un-cut yourself, so protect your children (and have some you virgin). But you can remove people who promote and perform circumcision, destroy places where this happen.
>>1348 >18 year olds are "old whores" I'm ok with more re-negotiating age limitations, but abolishing them altogether is just not going to end well. >>1347 the sooner this pedophile thread dies the better. I reported it, but know that if it's openly pedo the mods will delete it sooner than if you keep it cryptopedo. Acceleration works in clearing these cancerous threads, so fuck you. Also, the fuck you say about Canadians? We are the most active country in terms of "far-right" online activity, it's Europeans, Oceanians, and US Americans who need to get on OUR level, not the other way around. I'm tired of dealing with anons using these shitty unfounded stereotypes to dismiss everything I say.
>>1519 >trying to get threads deleted because people like things you don't like You are exactly the stereotype of Canadians, you cuck.
Antipedos are faggot kikes that need to die.
>>1544 the whole antipedo thing is a remnant of christianity's restraint over sex. from the very early days of christianity its all been about restricting sex to marriage and constantly making you feel bad about it, so that you have a sin that you need to be christian to be forgiven for, its all just bullshit predatory tales that prey on the minds of the weak to make them be afraid of magic and submit to the religion. its the last thread of control that christian morality has over the people and the state, and i for one can't wait to see it gone.
>>1580 >its all been about restricting sex to marriage And, what's wrong with that?
>>1581 Nothing as long as it's legal to marry a harem of 8 year olds.
>>1582 When Christopher Columbus came to the new world he described his crews favorite age of girl to fuck as being around "9". And yet this is never brought up, only that he was a racist. Ignoring the ethical and moral implications of advanced foriegners coercing and raping less advanced aliens, it illustrates none the less an average deckhands (which can be assumed to be an average man) preferences in copulatory partner, in this time period. I'd say men haven't changed much at all in the years, and they only keep their mouths shut about what they like out of fear instilled by social conditioning. This closeting of desires is arguably not healthy, and I reason investigation into the matter would result in this secreting away of feelings being named as one of the main culprits of our current societal unease and failure.
>>1583 > When Christopher Columbus came to the new world he described his crews favorite age of girl to fuck as being around "9". Source?
>>1585 https://archive.org/stream/christophercolu02thacgoog#page/n451/mode/2up/search/castellanos Page 435 first paragraph. He doesn't say his crew likes them the most, but again if his crew is average, and this is the age he claims is most "in demand" it stands to reason his crew was into it. He talks about it as a way to make money, he speaks matter of factly and it can be inferred that he and his crew love raping with their dirty syphilitic penises.
Obvious glowpost trying to associate pedophilia with awareness of jews. Kill yourself.
>>1586 The passage you're talking about isn't in reference to his men at all, much more them having sex with children. He's talking about the natives selling young girls. Later passages expand on the subject and talk about several other times they were gifted other underage girls, and they (The Spaniards) proceeded to send them back to the natives.
>>1588 Jeez, I've been kiked again if that's the case. I was having a hard time finding the source so that's never a good sign. I kept getting articles about spainards raping natives to death with swords and roasting them alive and shit.
>>1587 This.
>>1587 Mutt mad, pedophilia is based and redpilled in the extreme. UMA DELICIA
>>1593 tbh I suspect that anyone that can't find enjoyment in lolis has just probably never seen one
Lolis = 2D;
It's not illegal when (((they))) do it. Haven't you gotten the memo?
>>1796 >>marry close family members If they want low IQ children, let them
>>1238 What is there to explain? The answer is Jewish supremacy nya~
>>1587 >Obvious glowpost trying to associate pedophilia with awareness of jews. Kill yourself. If pedophilia was bad why jews outlaw it for goys like you while practicing it themselves.
>>1238 >Implying the baby gets a choice
Fuck Jews. My penis healed wrong, my mother either didn't notice or didn't care, and by the time I was old enough to realize that my god damned dick was deformed, the statute of limitations on medical malpractice had long since passed. >>1260 >What's worked for me is a silicone penis head protector Stopped reading here. Gave me too much of a giggle. >>1402 >I don't like what you're trying here and everyone who uses "anti" as a standalone word should be banned. It's a pedo. >>1777 Image.
>>7018 >implying jews are the standard for what is good They outlaw it because the goyim would notice something is rotten if they didn't. By outlawing it, they can say "see? we hate it too! we're good moral people just like you" while still secretly engaging in it using their criminal connections.
>>1238 Jews. Kill them, and everything goes back to normal.
(103.07 KB 580x326 pb1.jpg)

Absolute degenerate insanity and mass psychosis cannot be easily explained, anon.
>>1238 You are right. Jew psyop to stop white birthrates
>>7108 >every society around the world through all of history was jewish until the last few decades
>>7108 >Pedophilia is Jewish Perhaps, but at the same time we all know that what Americans consider pedophilia is a 19 year old guy kissing a 17 year old girl. Only a non-thinking cuck would takes that word seriously anymore. It has lost all meaning.
i have a better one OP >12 year olds? EWW DISGUSTING YOU SICKO but also >billion dollar industry dedicated to making 30+ year old deadeggers look, smell, and feel like 12 year olds is perfectly ok. >perfumes, makeup, surgery, expensive treatments, diets, skin products, accessories, all created in a laboratory to make old eggless hags get as close to the natural look of a 12 year old for as long as possible
It's funny how delusionally draconian some people pretend to be on this subject once they're an oldfag and especially when they have a young daughter, once that kicks in, they get all spiky about anyone EVER finding a young girl attractive and it ripples into their social circle and their posturing murder fantasy boner comes out and the 'EWW GROSS SHE'S 16 (or older) YOU SICKO!' kind of absolute horseshit hyperbole gets adopted by their faggot friends who don't want to die on that hill or have their old ass wives catch wind of the FACT that their husbands would much rather be out cracking fresh slits than not getting fucked by some frosty harridan/worn out baby machine. Very simply put if some old cunt is complaining about a young girl being/dressing/acting 'too sexy' for her age it's PUREST JEALOUSY and the whiner needs to get the fuck under a rock forever because they're fucking old as fuck and ugly as sin and no-one wants that on their dick, even if you love an old bag you still want a harem of young ass. You might not want to talk to them much though.
>>7176 >even if you love an old bag you still want a harem of young ass lmao, that is so true.
What do you think about posting this image to normalfags and record their reactions?
>>1238 posted this on FB hold on someone knocking at the door brb
Dick choppers and antipedos are the scum of the Earth.
Reminder: Nonces should be killed for their lying bullshit and need for attention alone, let alone their abhorrent beliefs and the danger they pose. If you ever allow a single nonce into your community, you have tainted your image and must exterminate them like the weeds they are. Take note, they attempt to lie about history, about concepts like consent and put the cart before the horse to justify their beliefs. Nonces are the primary cause of promiscuous behaviour in adults - this is why they were hanged and killed in every stable society. Just look at how much a Paki girl will fuck the second you make eye contact - nonces are animals who use the long term effects of sexual abuse as justification for it. It isn't propaganda, it isn't media or some shit - it's nonces gone rampant due to the decline in punishment over the last 50 years. Nonces should be killed a la the HRE, gutted and publicly torn to pieces by the community to accustom them to extreme violence while destroying those who would cause severe mental illness in their victims.
>>7296 >british pakis are having sex with your relatives right now and you are unaware because you're posting on a shitty imageboard. How does it feel to know that you're cucked even from breeding with your own shitty british genetic inbred family. Brits should be killed for being so cucked and acting so arrogant
>>7171 >billion dollar industry dedicated to making 30+ year old deadeggers look, smell, and feel like 12 year olds is perfectly ok. >perfumes, makeup, surgery, expensive treatments, diets, skin products, accessories, all created in a laboratory to make old eggless hags get as close to the natural look of a 12 year old for as long as possible The jews ban 12 year old girls because they are beautiful and sexy without any toxic expensive jewish products. They want beauty to be bought from them. Capitalism is a jewish system and has to be destroyed.
>>1239 FYI, there IS NO MEDICAL REASON for circumcision. Ever. There are no less than five treatments that can help in cases of phimosis, the most dramatic of which is removal of SOME of the foreskin. There is never a reason to remove all of it. Not even in cases of necrosis or cancer, because that would be a medical procedure called "excision of everything that is necrotic or cancerous", which may or may not include the entire foreskin or other tissues of the penis as the case may be. The entire problem is that circumcision has a name, and therefore it SEEMS like a legitimate medical procedure when it's not. Imagine I invent a procedure that I'll call "defingering", which means to cut all the skin off someone's pinky finger. Now try to imagine a medical reason, ANY REASON, that would specifically call for "defingering", instead of something else. It's impossible, because that procedure is completely ridiculous and makes no sense whatsoever. This is no different. So call it what it is: genital mutilation. And if someone argues with you, say it louder, or beat them over the head with a baseball bat, whatever. Bonus: Press the Red Button, everyone on Earth that has part of their natural dick missing dies. All the Jews and Muslims and Mormons, and most of the Americans over the age of 50 instantly die, and this sort of nonsense never happens again to another baby boy. You can't convince me this wouldn't be better for the world.
>>7316 >So call it what it is: genital mutilation. And if someone argues with you, say it louder, or beat them over the head with a baseball bat, whatever. The jews and media are actually using the term "genital mutilation" but only for "female genital mutilation", because it's being done on females, not males, because jews don't profit from it, because it's done by muslims, not jews.
>>7318 Victory requires sacrifices anon. 99% of the time in America, men who were mutilated will do the same to their sons when pressured by their doctor, because "well, shit, I turned out okay!" Maybe you won't be one of those, but chances are you will, especially if your wife also says it should be done, seeing how all the men in her family also had it done. Funny thing. If you look at statistics, rates of male genital mutilation are declining in America since the 80's or so. But that has nothing to do with beliefs, but rather increasing immigration. Mexicans don't do it, Europeans don't do it, and except for South Koreans which are cucked American fanboys/girls, Asians really don't either. Whites which have been here for more than a couple generations are still doing it at about the same rate they always have. And often for literally no reason than they are told to, and because it's always been done. >>7348 It's also disingenuous because there are several different types of FGM, but most everyone only focuses on the rarest and most drastic type, which is removal of the clitoris and labia. The grand majority of the time it's analogous to what they do to males - removal of the clitoral prepuce. This is not only less tissue in general, but less of an effect. Yet most people assume it's somehow worse.
>>7358 I like the cut of your jib, g, but reality doesn't bear it out. Most men cow to their wives because she controls the access to pussy, which is the primary motivation of most men. When you're in that state of lust, it is LITERAL insanity. You can't use your morals, beliefs, or logic to override it. Sorry, that's just the truth. You might regret it later, but probably not. Cognitive dissonance is a thing. It's much more likely that you'll just change your beliefs rather than accepting you made a mistake.
>>7375 You can't know what you're going to do until you get to that situation. And since you've obviously never had pussy, I guarantee the first time one presents itself, you're going to bend over backwards to get it. Every time. It's a slow slide. You'll justify it as chivalry, but rationalize you're still dominant. You'll let her get her way with some things, but think that it's part of your plan and secretly you're still in charge. You'll let her be in charge half of the time because that's fair, and it's okay because you have the final say as the man of the relationship. Then when she says your newborn son should be mutilated, with a happy smile filled with love that he should "look just like his daddy who is the best daddy in the world" your heart will swell with pride and your logic will shut down and it'll be done. Every. Fucking. Time. Do you think people actually WANT to mutilate their own children, like they enjoy it or some shit? Of course not; they're tricked into it, usually gradually. Same will happen to you, probably.
>>7297 The Rotherham rape gang was effectively what we see among all countries, regularly - infact it's called "Coalburning" when a white American girl is kidnapped, beaten, drugged and raped by niggers.
>>7656 The truth of the matter is that "coal burning" is consensual, and so is the Rotherham "rape" gang. Sluts are sluts.
if Jews want to fight against the pedoniggers and inflict excruciating pain upon them for being deranged faggots then I am projew now.
>>7700 Say that to my face and I will put melting hot metal bar into your anus.
>>7297 >>7656 >>7672 A LOT of those girls were 14+ year old slags who were bored and wanted vodka and weed on a weekend and those mudshits rolled around hanging out of their cars with shitty music playing to draw them in. That the girls had no sense of self preservation and discrimination is down to them and their parents being garbage people who need to be deleted as much as the mud does. No-one worth saving lets their kids fall into that and no kid worth saving does it, they're as much a net negative as willing race traitors in Murrika are.
>>7809 I'd be willing to bet good money that you neither own a metal bar, nor have the tools or know-how to heat it to proper anus-burning levels. The fact that you think a thing can simultaneously be bar-shaped and melting only confirms this. >>7819 They're too old anyway.
>>1238 I'm just waiting for Foregen.
>>7892 You make the bar and then heat only one end so just one end starts to melt. The heat will spread quickly, but there will be a time when only the end is melting but the object overall still remains bar shaped.
>>7700 >if Jews want to fight against the pedoniggers and inflict excruciating pain upon them for being deranged faggots then I am projew now. Real redpilled people are pedopilled. Who is against marriage with children is a jewish soldier working for jewish interest and has to be exterminated. Jews don't want child marriage for goys because such wife will listen to her husband and obey him. Goy women are supposed to listen to jews and their propaganda, not husbands. So women are first brainwashed, then such crap shit women are married to goys.
User was banned for being a TORPEDO
>>8521 The new brainwash that destroys families is called feminism and also fuck you.
(107.98 KB 856x677 1613047065888.jpg)

>>1238 Top: White genocide program. Bottom: ritual saturn cult marking of a slave.
(112.64 KB 1024x704 1592110145972m.jpg)

>>8521 <to ban happy feminist mod Anon isn't wrong. The whole point is to have a young man in his 15-25 in an apprenticeship job able to start a family young enough so a girl entering puberty will actually pairbond with him and together they will develop a single identity in which man and woman are basically inseparable. The issue isn't old guys fucking kids, they will do that when they are rich and join the "club". The issue is that families are being decimated because we have listened to the jewish psyop feminist movement that everyone has the right to fuck everyone anytime once they hit a magical age. If you want strong healthy families, you need to let nature have some proper growth, and simply maintain it like crops. All you are doing is letting weeds screw up society because you let jewish ideology on gentiles infect your thinking so it's no longer logical and natural and now just a giant shit show. Just look at OPs image, if they were honest with you, there would be no wild discrepancy.
>>1388 >Astolfo You're posting tranny chink shit, you dumb nigger
(23.22 KB 550x400 so goyim.png)

We don't have your foreskin, goyim What are you going to do?
(31.55 KB 630x630 foreskin.png)

Has anybody posted this thread on cuckchan pol or 8ken?
>>7939 >I'm just waiting for Foregen. Hey goy we have exterminated and holocausted your foreskin and we have sold it for profit, now you are going to pay us again to restore it.
>>1238 >ruining a 12 year old is the same thing as removing some skin just say you wanna fuck kids. At least you'll be an honest degenerate instead of a total retard
(219.23 KB 1821x1120 Studies_on_fucking_children.png)

>>8874 >ruining
>>8874 >removing some skin Yeah, and carving out chunks of someone's brain is just removing some fat.
(1.93 MB 500x379 batman nutpunch.gif)

>>1238 >12 year old woman OP, kill yourself.
>>8877 in your case? Without a doubt
>>8874 Having sex with someone isn't ruining them, but mutilating their genitals so that they cannot have sex as effectively IS ruining them.
>>8885 Uh, that would be in everyone's case numb nuts. Or perhaps I should say "numb dick" because you probably have to stroke it as hard as you can with a gallon of lube to feel anything after most of the sensitive parts were hacked off in service of the Magical Sky Fairy.
>>8886 >Having sex with someone isn't ruining them, but mutilating their genitals so that they cannot have sex as effectively IS ruining them. We have to fucking destroy the government, jews and antipedos, we have to murder, we need explosions
>pedophilia is ok liberals pls go.
>>1238 I've never met a 12 year old girl who would marry me. Not that I've proposed to a 12 year old girl or anything like that ever, heh.
>>9299 >I've never met a 12 year old girl who would marry me. How do you know that? 12 year old girls are romantic, not degenerate like adult whores who demand wealth to marry you and will never love you. All adult women are prostitutes, their marriage is transaction-al.
>>7281 >Id:000000 how?
User was banned for failing to lurk for 10 years
>>9318 marriage has always been transactional. the difference is that back then there was a method by which we culturally ensured that both parties would keep their end of the transaction, but now women are not obliged to keep their end while men are forced with the entire weight of the law to keep theirs. the female end of the deal is optional. and this is why western civilization is over. birthrates will continue to decline as the "inferiors" keep breeding on your dime until there's no one to keep the infrastructure functioning and the west devolves into the mad-max post-apoc future. if you're married in 2021 you're a fucking retard playing russian roulette, and i wish the best to all of you, but statistically many of you are going to get the loaded chamber. >>9295 >>9299 age of consent is a ploy to artificially boost the sexual marketplace value of used up and infertile women. modern women are ugly and masculine, the only femininity left in this civilization is on children and teenagers so they have to make it illegal. and of course, the cucks and the simps who just want to be part of the "social group" will defend it with rage and irrational appeals to majority.
>>1796 What's the source for the video?
>>9563 How dare this person be new. God I hope he gets humiliated and treated horribly and never comes back.
>>10263 It's not about being new, it's about being too stupid to lurk moar. A good user will never feel new because they'll be smart enough to lurk enough.
>>1238 Males are just that much smarter.
there is no such thing as a 12 year old "woman". That is a child
>>10343 think about when this starts sounding ridiculous: >there is no such thing as a 13 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 14 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 15 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 16 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 17 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as an 18 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 19 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 20 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 21 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 22 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 23 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 24 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 25 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 30 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 40 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 50 year old "woman". >there is no such thing as a 60 year old "woman".
Die pedophile fucking faggot
Society is hypocritical. Shocker.
(70.92 KB 640x428 OppositeDay.jpg)

>>10343 >torniggers are now the anti pedos
Why the hell would you bring up 12 year old girls specifically? Bro circumcision is fucked up and should not be done to babies either. You're taking the wrong side of the consistency argument. Instead of being against circumcision, you are for raping minors? Like wtf dude your brain is rotting. Get help.
>>10517 but, it shows that any society could accept anything. you would think if rape was normal in your society, you'd stand up. but you don't do shyt all about baby sexual torturers & mutilators (circucisers). you don't feel bad being around people who are okay with the practice.
>>10538 You will be surprised by what people can condition themselves to accept is good and just. So long as the authorities running the society is telling them that it's all OK, they will just conform and focus on meeting a minimum standard of personal comfort and security, which can be raised or lowered through gradations by the ruling class. It's a mass psychosis that is by about by totalitarian through the application of stress and fear. Foremost of which being the stress of social conformity and the fear that cones with losing the acceptance of what they perceive to be the majority of their society's populations.
>>8622 No point, it will probably got deleted, plus we all know what will be the replies
>>10517 statutory rape is retarded and you know it. if the girl feels comfortable, then no problem
>>7106 This. Jews are evil.
(39.08 KB 291x219 putjew4.jpg)

>>10918 Shalom. We are not evil. Our leaders rule the world. Because we have a soul. What about you?
>>10926 The statements 'we are not evil' and 'our leaders rule the world' are mutually exclusive. The group that rules the world is therefore responsible for every bad thing that happens in the world. They would also be responsible for any good things that happen, but that's immaterial because good things don't fucking happen.
>>10926 kike retard
>>1459 This is terrifying stuff. Has the game been rigged from the start just because I was circumsized??
The best society works like this: >White (Christo-Gentile, West-European, Indo-Aryan, and Caucasoid-Europoid) Males (Genetically possessed of at least one Male Chromosome) are citizens and East-Asian Males are civilians. >Only these two categories of humans beings are legally considered people, living beings, or even as sentient, sapient, conscious or animate entities in the government's official capacity, this means that only they have any freedoms, rights, or protections in the eyes of the state and law, however, this also means that they are the only two categories of humans who have any legal accountability. >Citizens are different from civilians in that the citizens are able to serve in law enforcement or national defense, which is a requirement for eligibility to participate in the political processes or be employed by the government. >The status these two categories share, personhood, grants another power, the power to claim ownership of anyone or anything who does not hold the status of "person" if they are the first to possess them (meaning they are not owned by any other "persons"). >This includes all of those who are not White or East-Asian, and all of those who are Female, it also includes anything that is not alive (such as corpses), not human (such as animals), or not biological (such as pretty much anything else, with the sole exception of the entirety of the Earth, celestial objects, satellites, or other such cosmic phenomena). >This means that, among others, all females are slaves or pets, or property that just happens to be alive for a time, they are protected to a degree by the property rights of the person(s) who have ownership of them, in that as the property of another, any physical interaction directed towards them is illegal unless their owner consents to it, and even then only within the limits of what their owner consented to, and the owner can withdraw their consent to the action at any time. Naturally, if their owner consents to anything to be done with (or to) them they have no protections under the law from that, and of course, this also means that they have no protection from their master(s) whatsoever. >While this sounds terrible, it's not actually that bad, as most masters treat their property with respect so long as their property reciprocates, not only because the White and Yellow races are noble enough to do so, but also for more practical reasons. >Mistreatment of one's property is a disadvantage for the owner who does it, and whatever short lived cheap thrills they get from this does not make up for the long lived consequences of doing it, reproductive failure weeds out the genetic traits that produce such a psychology, social stigma ruins the lives of the abusive masters, resources are wasted and destroyed for a gain that doesn't justify the expenses, etc. >Even ignoring that, there is yet another more dire reason not to wantonly abuse one's property, and that is that slaves are not completely powerless against their masters, remember when I said that people are accountable for their actions? this means that slaves are not, but then, if a slave commits a crime, who suffers the punishment for that crime? the answer is that their masters do, and this means that a master assumes responsibility for whatever their slave is convicted of doing, and is punished for their actions in the place of their slave as a consequence. It is this risk that puts a lot of persons off from taking slaves (or pets, as all the rules that apply to slaves also apply to all other forms of animate and/or living varieties of property). >The life of a typical girl is thus quite simple, at birth, she is owned by her father, who raises her with the intent of giving ownership of her away to her husband once he finishes up his compulsory term of service to his country in enforcing the law and defending the nation, who was likely arranged for her when she was born by the fathers of her and her husband, when she has a daughter, that daughter will be the property of her husband, the whole life of the girl and her daughter will be lived under the protection and direction of her father and husband, most of it will be spent in the home, but a good deal of it will be spent out and about on tasks such as shopping, a good bit of influence for her will be in commanding the other slaves of her household, as she has power over them due to her higher status in the house, and in the fact that it is she who is in charge of her children's education and upbringing.It's pretty much going to resemble the arrangement of the middle ages. >Just as there could be fathers with many daughters, there could be husbands with many wives, same rules apply, but with a hierarchy, such as one that places wives of the same race as the husband over those of the other race, or the wives who came before over those who came after. >Under this system, evolution will take place, in both women and men, men will become better husbands and masters, while women became better wives and slaves. >Slaves of unperson races, and their descendants will be marked, such that their ancestry is always apparent, the mark will represent the unperson race to which they belong, jews get a six-point star with one point directed upwards, arabs get the same star, but smaller and over a crescent laying on it's back, and so on, over the generations, when all their racial traits have been mixed out, the mark will remain to tell them apart from purebred peoples, it will be said repeatedly that the jewish women will be the lowest of the human slaves, with only robots/ai, beasts, and the deceased below them, directly above her is the jewish man, and with the arabs above them both in the second place, and establishing a whole hierarchy of races based on how much of a pain in the ass that they were to Whites in the recent years before the new empire was founded. Here are the arguments: - Holy Bible has nothing against pedophilia or polygamy, like it does against all other sorts of activities, and besides it's a Christian tradition to ignore the Bible or to be ignorant of the Bible in the process of deciding what their idea of what is a Christian or Unchristian practice, for example, incest is prohibited but was practiced by Christians for a long time, including during it's most devout periods, wearing or worshiping a cross is both worshipping at the base of an idol and a graven image of the lord and his servants, not to mention all the times the lord's name is spoken in the process. - Both practices were a tradition that spanned the majority of European history, both Christisan and Pre-Christian. - The jews want to keep it illegal and hated, but also want to engage in it themselves as well as leave it as a special privilege for their pets to partake in, as a means of incentivizing them and controlling them, the only time they start advocating acceptance is when they want to take the heat off of someone they need to protect for their own purposes at the time. Like with nationalism, and imperialism, this must mean that it's something they know is good to have, and so wish to maintain exclusive control over this.
>>10343 4 year old teens exist though. Precocious puberty's a bitch. https://www.thecut(Please use archive.today)/2019/01/precocious-puberty-patrick-burleigh.html
>>11677 >Kikes pushing pedo propaganda is real life Fuck off
>>11682 If jews supported pedophilia in general rather than just for themselves and their shabbos goyim, it would be legal right now, there's nothing to stop them from making it legal, or from preventing those who engage in it from suffering consequences. But none of that has happened, why? because it's more useful to them to make it illegal and keep it that way, te culture they create has treated this stuff like the worst crime ever, and the only time they've broke from this was when their shabbos goys got exposed for making use of their jew-given kiddy-fiddling priviledges, also in hastening the indoctrination of children into homosexuality and transgenderism by simulating the traumatizing abuse most homos and trannies have gone through (the goal here is not acceptance of pedophilia as much as it is the promotion of anti-nataist behaviors like homophilia and becoming sterile). For most of human history, there was no such thing as "age of consent", even where rape was a crime, for most of that history age never factored into it, it's an age old European tradition to take a wife, concubine, or lover as young as possible, with age never arising as a question into the legitimacy of the pairing (nationality, religion, breeding, and class would be questioned, but never age). The prohibition of "pedophilia" is a very recent occurrence, and the concept of "pedophilia" as being some sort of defect (instead of natural human sexuality) is only slightly less recent. It's a trait justified by evolution. - by taking a partner as young as possible, a strong bond is formed by the younger to the older, resulting in a more loyal and stable relationship, which is good for ensuring your children are yours and not someone else's, and that the partner is invested in caring for your offspring, - furthermore, you will be the first to mate with them when they reach the age of fertility, and can max out the length of their fertile period for as many offspring as you can bear together, each child is a carrier of the genes of you and your partner, so more children means more chances for you to have grandchildren. - also, being in a relationship at a young age has a benefit before fertility hits, in that the younger has a chance to learn how to be a partner in a relationship before they produce children, and the act of sex is not something new to them by the time it becomes procreative, meaning they will be less put off by it at the time when it starts making babies. - look at the cultures that produce large families, they tend to have very permissive attitudes towards prepubescent children having sex, and little issue with taking multiple sexual partners for yourself. If there is a key component to the revival of a dying race, this would be it. If it were up to me the type of society I'd want would be the type I recently described in this thread, White (and Yellow) Males owning everything and everyone else, including White (and Yellow) Females, being able to do whatever they please with their property. It'd remove laws on the things that I do consider to be degenerate acts of mental sickness as well, such as incest, bestiality, and homophilia, but that's alright, because that's truly going to be just between the masters and their slaves. This would be a world conquered by White Males, meaning no other countries of humans to deal with, and the government will adopt a night-watchman minarchist state, but modified such that the NAP only applies to certain people (White and Yellow Males), and political power is only given to a subset of that population (White Males), the government only exists to enforce the law and defend the nation, just the bare necessities of government to do the bare minimum of government functions. Which means that the rest of the population will be free to live their lives truly unaffected by their actions, as there'd be no government intervention making it their problem, there'd be no government laws forcing them to associate with them or preventing them from disassociating from them (you won't have to bake the cake, and you wont need any justification as to who works for you or who you serve with your own goddamn business, because it's literally your own goddamn business, also you wont have to live around them, and can say whatever you like about them, such as calling the sick fuckers what they are - sick fuckers), no government schools forcing the children to learn about the degenerates and why they should be accepted as if they were just as good (if not better) than the mentally healthy, no taxes being given to pay for the consequences of degeneracy (meaning degenerates have to suffer the full brunt of the consequences themselves, perhaps serving as an incentive to not be such sick fucks), etc. I would make a law that homophilia is prohibited between persons (White Males and Yellow Males), but with one twist, if one of those involved in the activity reports it before it;s discovered by anyone else, they are treated as if they weren't involved and only the other involved parties are punished. Only acts that could transmit sexual diseases between the parties are counted as crimes. Also there'd be an age of consent for White and Yellow Males, the age being 25, and there is a harsher sentence for those who are above this age if they do acts of homophilia with those who are below it (oldfags get BTFO).
>>11692 > For most of human history, there was no such thing as "age of consent" That's because you were considered an adult with responsibilities by the age of 10, and very few people lived beyond their 40's (Unless they were at the highest of heights of society).

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