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/pol/ board concepts that should exist Anonymous 12/08/2020 (Tue) 23:29:51 Id: ac1419 No. 5334
1. /notleftypol/ (/rightypol) - a board for all political persuasions that aren't on the left (nazis, libertarians, monarchists, etc.) all under the same roof united by their common enemy, the left and the political establishment, to discuss how best to defeat and destroy them WITHIN THE BOUNDS OF THE LAW. 2. /bizpol/ (politically incorrect business and finance) - money is power and politics is all about power, basically a place for /polacks/ of all non-left political persuasions to discuss how to best practice LEGAL forms of economic warfare against the establishment and the left. Or to create economic support for anons who need it, and also as a foundation for pushback due to losing dependence upon the enemy. 3. /opspol/ (politically incorrect operations) - this board is politically i correct but without discussion, instead the focus of all threads is on doing things outside of the confines of the board, LEGAL STUFF ONLY, whether making a plan for working alone, or getting a team together for a group effort, every thread is dedicated to some project that affects the world outside the imageboard in some way (online or offline), this is a board for doers and not idle talk. 4. /spypol/ (among us IRL: /pol/ edition) - a place for entering into anti-pol/anti-white areas and playing pretend while you help out your true brothers from behind enemy lines, infiltration, earning trust and influence, engaging in espionage, sabotage, destabilization, division, subversion, diversion, radicalization, demoralization, conversion, coup, etc. Do every Jewy/Muslim/Gypsy type of thing you can in the name of the White Aryan Gentile Race(s), also a place for scouting out enemy territory that has yet to be infiltrated, and working together on how to maintain your cover and make good use of it as well. Again, this is all only within the bounds of the law, so NO ILLEGAL SHIT. 5. /outpol/ (innawoods IRL) - a place for going off grid and leaving the establishment behind, covering your tracks so that you cannot be found, forming whole communities in uninhabited or abandoned areas, and more. Most of the users will be there to look for ways to disappear and prep themselves. LEGAL CONTENT ONLY 6. /trvpol/ (start again) - this is a place for those who are more committed to something like white nationalism or political exodus than to some particular country or land, basically a board to discuss leaving to somewhere else for political reasons, and for assuming political control over your destination. Either you do the "Galt's Gulch" thing or the "New Europeans" thing, just going off and either starting your own nation, or taking over an existing one in some legal fashion. ONLY LEGAL ACTIONS WILL BE DISCUSSED. /vpol/ (virgin pol) - a place for politically incorrect vidya and tabletop gaming discussion, gaming, role-playing, model figure/set building, even analog games involving things like cards or dice, or party/children's games etc. This is a place for the thinking man's entertainment and the least jewed type of media or leisure out there (I know that's not saying much). Because we need a place where we can find ways to have fun and unwind without having to deal with the establishment's propaganda. GamerGater, Anime/Manga, and E-Girl/VTuber stuff also goes here. I hope this will be a chill comfy board, it's just for fun, but knowing tat every there has a common anti-establishment political mindset. /mediapol/ (politically incorrect propaganda production) - here is where we discuss the media landscape and how to take some part of it over from the ZOG. Be it /pol/acks just making media (and owning/running media companies) in general, whether or not they produce anything political (and thus seizing some share of the market landscape for themselves), to /pol/acks making propaganda media for the masses under the veil of non-political entertainment (and thus having some subversive influence over the minds of their audience's unguarded minds). Basically, anything to do with our media production projects goes here. Since getting discovered is a problem, people will have the right to be unspecific and only share what they are comfortable with sharing about what they are up to. /Invasions/ (weaponized retardation) - a board that harkens back to the good old/b/ glory days, were raids were epic and trolling was a art, we simply do the old school 4chan activities that made the site legendary, but this time, we direct this completely at the left and the establishment, we find whatever spaces they occupy and we make them uninhabitable for them. We ruin lives, groups, events, websites, and the like with what could appear as apolitical "pranking" to the news media in the 90's had it been focused on other targets, but today this is pure disruption and destruction with political motivation and comedic effect. The first rule is that the left and the establishment are the largest lolcows out there, and fun at their expense is rule number 1 "lulz conquers all". The aim is to not only engage in psychological warfare by bullying the powerful, but also to undermine the respect they command from everyone else (especially normies) by making them the target of laughter at their expense. This is obviously a place for dumbassed degeneracy in the name of a greater good. Even the cruelest of comedy is a shield against being feared, and so is the perfect counter to a regime that uses fear-mongering as a weapon, we are going to be bullying the people who can and will find ways to fuck us up, but they would do so anyway, and we might as well have some fun with them before they get their chance. We show off how serious they take themselves, and how unserious we take them, this can garner a surprising amount of sympathy. /sociopsychology/ - this place is for the discussion of psychology and sociology, studying the human mind and how it works, and how to use this knowledge to our political advantage. Behaviorism is studied here, here we become the mind-bender Jews, to undo and counter the job they had done on the minds of most people, to shake them out of apathy and conformity, and into zealous anti-establishment fighters for out cause (be they knowing of it or just useful idiots of ours, for example, pitting dykes against trannies was a genius idea that worked out well, even though both sides hated us and had no clue they were acting in our interests). Post more ideas ITT.
Not sure about the name but what about a board for discussing marriage, family, intimate relationships etc, what should be their ideals and what we should strive for. Topics such as dating and how to find a proper wife and how to raise children would fall in here. Goals: Increase white birth rates, keep the family unit strong, and keep us motivated and devoted to our political ideals through helping us to fulfill one of our fundamental evolutionary drives. For example discussions of something like the ideal marriage age (e.g. >>>/pol/5276, which I for the most part agree with) would also fall in there, but that is just one of many topics.
(3.34 MB 2784x1858 alunya crew 2.jpg)

>words words words found the commie
Yes, let's take a board that already has low activity and split it up into many different boards!
>>5348 Wasn't just talking about this site. Also the idea is to have different boards for different functions, subjects, operations, etc. Like specialized sub-divisions. not just for this /pol/ but for all the /pol/ boards on the internet, working together as a team (except maybe those we know are compromised, like 4chan).
>>5404 Dividing isn't a good strategy unless you want to be conquered. If the board had a lot of traffic this might be a different story.
(430.59 KB 1039x988 every board on 8chan.png)

>all these faggot ideas How about we bring "all boards are /pol/" back? I also hate how Mark deletes all political discussion. It was better on old 8chan where moderation had to behave or their boards were taken. We could move video games to https://prolikewoah(Please use archive.today)/geimu/ but for that we need everyone to move together and without integration of Markchan into the webring it would be hard to even garner awareness.
Old 8chan was very good at radicalising young white men and the ideas of /pol/ were present in everyone on all boards. That's why they killed the site. Most threads on /pol/ have never been that good. However the connection to boards of interest for young white men (anime/video games/shocking things) made it the strongest board of all with most posters. We have to establish a new monolith somehow.
Anyone got some ideas?
>>5417 lol, I also remember that there were a lot of pedo boards, and even the pedophiles were /pol/acks.
>>5425 My idea is wait until we have such a glut of posting that we NEED to make alt or focused boards rather than trying to divide ourselves paper thin.
the majority of /pol/ went to nienchan but the tor link died so I can't post there. There was more traffic there than here.
>>5334 Sex used to be on the "psychological" section of maslow's hierarchy of needs, but due to poliitcal correctness it got removed.

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