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(20.95 KB 343x458 received_324297168474916.jpeg)

The Sons Of Jefferson Make A Radiant Ressurection! Anonymous 12/30/2020 (Wed) 01:50:54 Id: 9821f9 No. 5916
Ladies and gentlemen, as of Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 at 8:24 PM, the infamous terrorist organization of 4Chan known as The Sons Of Jefferson have ressurected in a devastating turn of events! The leader and co-founder of the agitator cell known as, "Stanley Jr.", is currently connected in a phone call with an African-American suicide hotline operator by the name of "Anita", whom is currently discussing and negotiating in regards to Stanley's alleged terror plot to murder several innocent civilians in Los Angeles, and then himself; all of which is deeply fueled by his hatred of his disloyal ex-girlfriend and former best friend Veronica, and his agony caused by his daughter Camomile, who went missing twice after a car crash earlier in the year. Stanley, (currently under the influence of acid), has locked his parents under the floorboards of his home, is currently loading a shotgun, and proclaimed that his intentions are to give Camomile his savings, neutralize Veronica with aformentioned firearm, and end his life in a suicide. He continues to compare himself to both Adolf Hitler and Julius Caesar, among other suicidal icons, with multiple confirmed statements being conveyed such as, and I quote, "You're not gonna be able to stop me, okay? This is like me confessing my final sins before I end it. I just need someone to talk to before I do. I'm not a pussy, I'm not a pussy, I'M NOT! I gotta do this.", "I raised her, that's why it's so upsetting she woke up in a nigger's house on Christmas day", "You know what anime is? It's like little anime girls, I have a folder of them, Veronica found it and she thought, 'this in inappropriate', she called me a pedophile and told all of my family on social media. Then she took Camomile and went to Tyrone's house.". The story behind what could very well be the hypothetical future is quite tragic and dark, and although the citizens of Los Angeles should remain under full-lockdown, fear not readers. We will continue to report on The Sons Of Jeffersons' latest escapades till the very end, so stay tuned for further information!
Bro are you white?
>>5916 Hello I'm white btw
Fuck off I'm not reading all of that
The future is bright. Lam, bright 2024. White power.
Hi I am a Seal :3
>>5916 The jews did 9/11
@ezra @mboz Post ass
(3.15 MB 360x370 cirnodance.gif)

(14.59 KB 128x99 uh.png)

>>5921 lol penis
>>5916 Sneed's seed and feed (formerly chuck's)
>>5916 unblock me faggot
support their cause on discord: .gg/ZGWrj4mRH3
>>5927 >a waffle Wtf who is this
i smell poop gimme a bump of that poop mboz I NEED POOOOOOP
>>5916 In what part of Los Angeles is this supposedly happening anyways? LA is a big city.
(115.31 KB 392x495 4gCroq8.jpg)

>>5916 BREAKING: As of 9:44 PM, the infamous leader of The Sons Of Jefferson known as Stanley Jefferson has begun masturbating to the Los Angeles' Suicide Hotline operator by the name of "Anita"! After repeatedly asking Miss Anita for her social networking accounts such as MSN Messenger, Facebook, and Snapchat, Stanley Jr. began referring to her as a, and I quote, "nigress", and ejaculated all over his bed. He is now violently shouting his hatred of, and I quote, "black niggers". Upon hearing this as of right now, the operator Anita has told Stanley that she is planning to disconnect the call, believing that he has been cured of both suicidal and homicidal thoughts, despite spending a recorded 2 hours of discussing terroristic plots! This has caused Stanley to threaten her with rape, which has ended the call once and for all! Well, that's that crisis quelled! Stay tuned for the future, ladies and gentlemen, as The Sons Of Jefferson are far from finished!
>>5921 Hello there, black nigger
Is it safe to Nep?
>>5929 listen bitch, i'm a discord moderator

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