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Anonymous 01/06/2021 (Wed) 19:31:23 Id: f1e8b5 No. 6144
HAPPENING THREAD https://archive.vn/iryZh The Capitol is being besieged by Trump protesters. The building has just been breached. Discuss here and share livestream links. https://dlive.tv/austinzone is the only one I've seen so far.
(2.08 MB 1302x735 ClipboardImage.png)

here's a stream from some random asshole https://dlive.tv/austinzone
So will anything come of this in the long run?
>>6150 Either Trump or Civil War. Those are the only two options.
So far: - Side door opened, some people got in - Front door still locked where most of the people are - Senate and House in recess - EC count stopped - VP and some other members locked away - I've heard of some members evacuating using the secret tunnels, but I don't know.
Ah, front door opened
(519.97 KB 828x467 Madam President.png)

I know it's >(Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/) but I found another stream. They're real deep inside the building and there is a huge amount of interference in the stream. I suspect jamming. https://(Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/)/mNJKNpAOs5k
>>6159 I am ashamed
See? Cops are bad.
>>6162 Communists: >Workers should rise up and seize control <NOoooo! Not like that! >ACAB! <Please police! Restore order!
- Request for National Guard sent - Pentagon said Nope
>>6170 >- Request for National Guard sent >- Pentagon said Nope And that, my friends, is why Tump made all those last minute Defense Department assignments and removals last two months
(10.55 MB 720x1280 tB18lsGC4jGHuXjO.mp4)

>>6174 Is it finally happening anons?
>>6150 Besides entertainment? No. They can't and won't breach the inner chambers. Even if they held up the verification, they'd reconvene later with more security, or just do it online. If they cannot certify the next President then a Democrat, likely Nancy Pelosi, will become acting President until it can be done, and she'd have the authority to mobilize the military to protect the process. It would be the first time in the nation's history this fallback would actually be used.
(247.73 KB 1280x720 really happening.webm)

(3.59 MB 960x540 DTC9AZV-CAuhLNLt.mp4)

(1.51 MB 1209x674 ClipboardImage.png)

>cops are defending a building that has already been taken over
>>6177 It's fucking happening! https://invidious.snopyta(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=PYn6tHF9M5Q
>>6181 I wonder what the little piggies would do if protestors started streaming out of the building and trapping the cops between two lines of pissed off protestors.
>>6183 >Archiving a proxy (Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/) >This still hasn't been fixed https://invidious. snopyta (Please use archive.today)/ watch?v=PYn6tHF9M5Q
Seems GA State Capitol is also occupied, unconfirmed
(5.21 MB 1280x720 V4xT8jO21igmmCvk.mp4)

This is the woman who was wheeled out on a stretcher.
>>6192 I'm not sure, but that doesn't look like a neck shot, is she's bleeding from her nose?
>>6180 Woah, what the fuck happened to her?
(1.71 MB 1218x683 ClipboardImage.png)

This will look like a BLACKED edit soon.
>>6195 capitol cop shot her
(2.82 MB 1280x720 1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN!.mp4)

(7.34 MB 640x360 Shadilay - PEPE.mp4)

(31.64 KB 598x180 mst.png)

>>6203 OH SHIT
>>6203 Tienanmen Square burger edition.
(81.01 KB 1242x875 media_ErE5MIvUYAI5i1G.jpg)

Dunno if true, and hopefully not by foreign agent.
>>6203 Lets see where this goes, hope you burgers don't disappoint
its happening
>>6206 I hope it is true. I hope our politicians are dumb enough to leave incriminating shit out in the open. These inept and corrupt fuckers need to get what they deserve.
Protesters are not leaving. >woman shot dead >another woman shouting pepe merrily This is surreal. What else does this day have in store?
>>6206 it BETTER be true
>>6203 Now there's two options: a)Trump has decided to cross the Rubicon and crown himself Emperor. b)Trump has decided to tiananmen his own supporter base in the hope the democrats won't arrest him, take all his property, and then have him epstein'd Let's see what happens, though I have little expectations of the boomer in chief.
>>6210 I'm hoping for normalfags to just have enough of the bullshit being shoved down their throats and just fucking shit up. >>6212 He'd have to be mentally retarded to choose option b.
>>6193 Was it the same one rolled out on a stretcher?
>>6198 Maybe it's time for the Right to start killing pigs.
(19.33 KB 631x103 mikey_the_jew.png)

what did he mean by this
>>6221 >I'm unfollowing you! We truly live in the gayest era.
>>6221 I'm not sure what is more sad, the fact that a twitter unfollow is newsworthy or that Pence is that big of a fucking child.
>>6221 Well, it's somewhat straightforward but from a grown man you would've thought...
(42.87 KB 639x211 poli_pigu.png)

>>6221 Sees the writing on the wall, he probably wants to get another job at some point.
>>6221 Wew lad.
>>6225 It will be interesting to see if they try spin this one, anyone got any ideas why she got shot?
>>6228 Because cops are shit.
>>6228 probably untrained pig panicking
(5.56 MB 1280x720 UJNpVMwD0mlwCcjV.mp4)

>>6228 These cops are scared.
>>6225 Oh yeah. I can get onboard with the ACAB shit.
>>6230 >>6229 It wouldn't surprise me at all lets hope something comes of it. >>6231 lol strange they weren't like this at the race riots, I guess they can't really back down now.
>>6232 If the average person can be convinced to hold the same opinion, we might be on the road to a great many happenings.
>>6228 >>6228 Gun Ho faggot thinking he's playing CoD >>6234 >strange they weren't like this at the race riots they didn't even use live ammunition. Those "riots" were nothing but an excuse for companies to get a big fat insurance check.
(66.71 KB 700x695 85yyuaigk9t41.jpg)

>>6232 It's more a hang politicians from lamposts time, if the police have been turned into such niggers to them to result in them being managed toward this result. They shouldn't feel secure in the capitol today or any day if they're bumfucking Americans regularly.
>R9K prevented one of your posts to be posted automatically What the fuck is this shit Acid?
>>6226 Probably as vice commisar of the USSR
100% Legit
>>6244 I'm literally posting the video of the woman who got shot.
(3.23 MB 1280x720 xJsJiUTRa-ggqL1D.mp4)

>>6246 kek >>6250 >go home goys
twitter(Please use archive.today)/realDonaldTrump/status/1346928882595885058 https://archive.fo/wip/j9Amy >>6250
>>6243 Yeah I have no idea. Can't post certain mp4s and shit in the election thread because of it. >>6250 Seems a bit late for that. People are pissed and some woman may be fucking dead.
>>6247 It must have already been posted on the board.
>>6250 >The election was a fraud >but go home anyway because we have to have peace Did he catch Biden's dementia?
>>6250 It would be funny if they turned on Trump and just started wrecking shit for months.
(5.96 KB 465x53 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6250 >won't even let him say calm the fuck down Triple kikes.
>>6260 Fucking lol.
>>6256 Ah, makes sense And yeah, already been posted before
>>6258 He's just cucking for the media, what else can he say to not be held accountable I mean the media is going to look for every way to paint him as the mastermind
(59.80 KB 354x548 solution.jpg)

One wonders what would do Biden the most damage, loud enduring protest, a constant refrain of 'STOLEN ELECTION GTFO!' in the background of all his future public speeches? Or complete silence; just letting him speak uninterrupted and exposing what a mess of tangled wires is in that skull. All anyone would ever have to do to sabotage him is pull his earpiece/kill the feed. >>6219 >>6232 Getting both sides killing police is just gonna make them turn on the public in general, that's the Megacity One route.
(287.45 KB 510x442 ClipboardImage.png)

(18.89 KB 494x352 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6261 Wew, can't even interact with it. Even tweet is bomb, Ivan.
>>6262 Well it's up to the BO to set. If you want it off ask him in the meta thread.
>>6264 Letting him speak doesn't matter because everyone knows he's just a trojan horse for harris anyway.
(4.99 MB 1280x720 IT'S HAPPENING.webm)

(995.79 KB 512x512 社会主义好.webm)

So, have you started learning Chinese like you promised, anon?
>>6265 Sasuga twitter.
>>6263 He can say nothing to not be held accountable because he's already delayed the establishment plans by 4 years. The only way for Trump to get out of this alive is total victory. All else will result with him in prison and epstein'd in short order. They've already talked about prosecuting him immediately after he stops being president.
>>6269 杀死自己glownigger
(49.73 KB 648x558 pooh ping xi-jinping.jpg)

>>6269 He's a snugly guy.
>>6271 I doubt they'd be able to get him prosecuted I mean maga is a real movement now, trying to get him in prison would only aggravate the whole movement. I think it's mostly damage control, Trumps not in a great situation either way lets hope he can pull it off.
>>6265 >media outlet openly censors current president under vague as fuck guise of 'risk of violence' How's that 'free speech' working out for ya?
(15.55 MB 1280x720 BxfepVYJSFyFvGXA.mp4)

(7.48 MB 1280x720 jQp1pPd_OMW0Fbbi.mp4)

(8.74 MB 1280x720 HSrCeqNgndGlbbq_.mp4)

Some videos from 1-2 hours ago.
(44.42 KB 564x428 1599355814104.jpg)

Rep. Ted Lieu Calls for the 25th Amendment process. https://archive.vn/0aLSE https://archive.vn/wip/7UBPu
>>6275 Would be fine if 230 was repealed.
(2.29 MB 720x1280 zHkPWhGazXVJt1Tk.mp4)

>>6276 Forgot this one
>>6277 I'm not even sure Trump is relevant anymore. Normalfags have had enough.
(101.03 KB 400x271 bane-scream.jpg)

>>6213 Well, let's see if they fold in once the national guard gets their turn. Someone might pull out their funs. You know and have enough self preservation to not end up like that woman. >>6228 She gets shot and goes into shock. In usual cop fashion he started shouting "get back" with a rifle in hand trained at protesters. Ignoring the lifeless corpse he just made. Lol that's what they teach in basic training. Women and children first.
Shut up. Nothing is happening. Nothing interesting ever happens.
>>6282 What do you consider interesting at this point?
>>6280 This was never about Trump to begin with
>>6280 This was never about Trump to begin with
>>6284 True.
>>6283 Something that is actually important whatsoever and not just /pol/acks blowing things out of proportion. This will be over in a few hours and nothing will change.
(212.38 KB 620x378 fedniggers.png)

>feds have entered the stage
>>6289 Burger NKVD cunts are mobilizing to get the bad goy rounded up. These boomers better be packing and ready for a fight.
THE FIRE RISES https://www.(Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/)(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=mWyB447vNjg
>>6287 >People storming the Capitol building >Apparently there are reports of people doing the same to state capitols in places like Georgia >”N-nothing is happening.” >(2) Confirmed for blackpill
>>6291 They're not, this was over before it started. Nothing could possibly be achieved here other than giving the left the perfect weapon to use against the right from now on.
>>6293 And then what, they stand around a building for a little while then leave?
>>6294 >Nothing could possibly be achieved here other than giving the left the perfect weapon to use against the right from now on. They've been doing that regardless you piece of shit commie jew. Violence is the only answer. Fuck you and fuck your bullshit lies. People aren't buying it anymore.
>>6293 Don't bother responding to him.
(24.76 KB 609x117 wtf.png)

>UPDATE - Acting Secretary of Defence confirms it was VP Mike Pence, not President Trump who authorised deployment of the National Guard. wtf is habbenin
>>6298 Coup.
(72.89 KB 1124x596 ErE6n_iVEAIU6wl.jpg)

Guess what today is.
>>6300 I can only hope, dubsman.
>>6296 Go ahead and tell me then, unarmed patriots storm the capitol building, take it over and then what? What comes next that leads to any kind of victory?
>>6302 And peacefully doing nothing accomplishes what exactly?
>>6298 Seems like Pence chose the establishment over Trump. Not shocking given how god awful most politicians are. >>6300 Can't wait for tonight when the dark brings out the more crazy people.
(516.74 KB 1280x720 HAPPENINGU TIMEU.webm)

It just occurred to me that this is basically the Boston Tea Party of the modern era. I hope there's even more happenings like this throughout the year.
>>6296 He's right. People love to bitch in currentYear+6 yet no one REALLY wants to upset the status quo. You think anything is going to happen? This will blow over, in 3 months there will be another "happening" and it will blow over, and so on like its been doing since Trump was elected. Fun to talk about though and that's the only merit these type of things have. Unfortunately it will just be used in history books to continue painting Trump and his supporters in a bad light. I will say that at least they're doing something which is nice if ultimately futile And what the fuck is up with the posting issues. Can't even reply to threads bc of this
>>6307 No one ever wants to upset the Status Quo anon, before every big event in history there are people talking about how it won't happen, or about how we can avoid it. We can't really predict what happens.
Pease don't let the pacifists fuck this up for us. We need men with guns to settle this. If you aren't willing to kill for what's right, you deserve to die instead, no man has ever won a war by dying for their side of the conflict, men win wars by making the other bastards die for theirs. also, everyone in other areas, the more you do today, the less resources they have to go after the ones in capitol hill, cause chaos wherever you are. One half, go after infrastructure to weaken the response: electricity, communications, transportation. Jam up call centers, invade silicon valley and start tearing shit up. Hackers tackle them online: news, entertainment, government websites, etc. all must be taken down, taken over, or interfered with in any way possible. Go after television channels, try to hijack the broadcasts and put on anything instead of their programming, it doesn't matter what show you put on in it's place, you can do a remake of the classic "max headroom" if you want, just make it so that no one can see them. When rioting, hide your identity and move as a group, ditch your phone and anyone who carries one, send a message by being selective with your targets: leave the areas of lower and middle classes alone, go after the upper-middle and upper class areas, their schools, their religious/community centers, their businesses. Give them a taste of Burn Loot Murder treatment they forced on the rest of us. Vandalism ad theft is not enough, make it as damaging and traumatizing as you can, the longer lasting the legacy of what happens today, the more people will remember it. Draw out the cops and keep them pinned down, draw out the military, the more who deal with you, the less who deal with the capitol. Start fights with media journalists, but leave independents journalists alone. Send a message that is best communicated with violence. report how things are in your areas, tell others what you think needs to be done. We got one chance at this, and all the public sympathy we could hope for, everyone knows the real reasons why we are doing what we are doing, so go out and smash the system, make the jews tremble in fear of an enemy that finally has begun setting aside their willingness to negotiate, and finally picked up some violent retribution. Making good on threats that had been issued repeatedly since five decades ago.
>>6311 >(1) Nice try FBI.
>>6313 He's right, and you are a coward.
>>6303 It doesn't give the left a new charlottesville to drag out endlessly. So how about you tell me how this leads to victory now?
>>6316 >It doesn't give the left a new charlottesville to drag out endlessly. So how about you tell me how this leads to victory now? You cannot appease them you retard. The only thing that will stop them is violence. How can people be as daft as you? Retards like you are the reason it's taken 75 fucking years for anything like this to happen! The longer it takes the slimmer our chances of survival will be.
>>6269 no because chinx make bad games
>>6318 Violence like walking around a building peacefully? I'm sure they're terrified now, if they steal your elections you'll slightly disrupt normal proceedings for a few hours.
>>6311 >Start fights with media journalists, https://twitter dot com/i/status/1346940170084507655
>>6321 >Shitter Use Nitter or one of its instances.
>>6316 And it charlottesville nothing even happened. But the Feds firing the first shot and killing an unarmed woman is okay with you I assume
>>6319 This is why the Chinese video game industry is superior.
>>6325 chink only can make low quality copycat games
>>6315 He's not a coward, he's bravely on this hate site shilling it up for his kosher masters
(22.43 KB 286x227 smug_liru.jpg)

>>6325 >An unoriginal derivation from the superior Japanese anime and manga media >From a literal spyware trash gacha Wow! So superior to everything that has existed thus far.
>>6231 they don't know what to do when the opposition isn't on an alphabet agency's payroll
What does this picture mean? That all of them are just going to surrender to these mercenary fucks?
The right needs to leave the conservatives behind, the conservatives are defined by two concepts: patriotism, and prayer. We need to abandon patriotism, this is not our country, we must realize that WE are the traitors. the country and those who represent it, especially the police (shove you "back the blue" BS up your ass) are our enemy, they've been our enemy for five to six decades. Not much to say here, we all seen the examples that we needed to prove this point, your country fell to subversion and corruption, any country like that is not the "best" by any metric, we must build a new political system that is absolutely impenetrable to subversion and corruption. Democracy in all it's forms needs to go, it is based on a fundamental misconception of human nature, they get comfortable, they get complacent, they get polite, they invite idiots to live among themselves and cancel out the votes of the wise. perhaps lawmaking is too much power to give to politicians, we must make our rules only overseers of the laws that are written, otherwise they will rewrite and reinterperet our laws to suit their ends, if our laws need to be adaptable, we can take some inspiration from the libertarians and just have the minimal essential laws for our country, which will be the policies we deem to be essential, such as a nationalist policy towards all relationships with other countries. Abandon your "prayer", the right needs to embrace atheism as its new path, christians are the reason we have been so ineffective, christians and christianity are the reason we had a lack of real morality, and real meaningfulness, based in the analysis of empirically observable reality. Instead had shackled us with one that was tethered to supernatural concepts and ancient bronze-aged books written by goat-herders. Once the bolsheviks get the long knives, the christians are next, our philosophy shall be based in the volkisch grounding of the natural world and it's true lessons (especially the theory of evolution, a goldmine for the advocates of a true morality and true higher purpose).
(698.47 KB 777x664 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6335 If you don't fight, this is what happens, morality has no place at an event like this one.
>>6338 >wow this bugman-approved game has all this bugcoin revinue
>>6335 you hurt innocent people and win or show discretion and lose, you don't reason with your enemy on the battlefield, and you make the default assumption that everyone who isnt one of yours is out to get you. either go ful aggro or dont bother showing up.
>>6341 >innocent Anyone opposing those trying to literally save democracy is not innocent.
>>6341 every cop and every soldier is an enemy, every civilian who you dont recognize as one of yours is a cop or soldier, news crews need to get shut down immediately unless you know their coverage of you is favorable.
>>6335 Don't be these guys.
>>6311 >(1) Are you in an armchair or a wheelchair?
>>6348 >id:000000 This is a cursed post
(288.25 KB 810x1200 youredumb.png)

>>6348 Awwww, having no luck in the GG thread on /v/? You have to come all the way here? Have a fun stay, niggerpill.
(4.01 MB 640x480 laughing MAGA Heston.gif)

>>6335 These niggers look scared.
>>6349 just a TORnigger
>>6338 Yes, gacha shit tempts normalfaggots and whale. This is isn't news. What point are you trying to make? >>6336 >Abandon your "prayer", the right needs to embrace atheism as its new path Atheism is a disease from a false understanding of a smattering of scientific concepts and from a circular, chronic materialism. You religion, aided by atheistic (((philosophers))), yes, modern Jews love atheism, ravaged Europe and has turned it into version hellholes that can't defend against the foreign hordes. The few nations that are standing firm like Hungary and Poland are characterized by their strong public Christianity. Your kind already had a good run for about 300 years destroying the moral and metaphysical structure of the West. Now It's about time to leave that behind, repent, and turn to Christ. To think that you come from the nation of Abraham Kuyper and Van Til and are spouting off this nonsense.
>>6336 >renounce nationalism and religion But I don’t want to be a Communist, Dutchman.
>>6350 I'm convinced he's a fucking fed at this point. Trying to re-radicalize us.
>>6357 >re-radicalize Who slowed down?
(53.24 KB 300x328 8chan-premium.png)

>>6352 Don't spoonfeed him. >>6348 What my good friend here meant to say is that ID:000000 is like the lucky black gumball in a gumball machine that grants you a prize. You may be so lucky in the next thread, but you'll need to pay for 8chan premium to get a chance to win!
>>6360 meant for >>6349 fuck
(10.70 KB 320x272 numbers man.jpg)

wonder how 8koon is holding up
(38.36 KB 619x231 reps.png)

are we accelerating?
>>6359 I meant DE-radicalize. Typo.
>>6362 I'm not sure I want to know.
>>6365 t. voluntary dumpster diver Thank (You) for your service :^)
>>6162 I will kill all leftards and cops. No room for either in OUR world.
(81.27 KB 1000x691 walken my mind.jpg)

>>6362 I found out Bad Movie Night is still there. Everything is just so surreal.
>>6368 ey bmn is pretty comfy
>>6369 True, I can respect them holding the fort in a way still.
>>6178 >Deluded fool expecting people to just obey orders instead of killing their enemies. That is why you always lose.
>>6363 This will go over well I'm sure.
>>6192 Good. Women are to be beaten into submission, and killed if they don't submit. Regardless of any political ideology.
>>6362 >35 PPH on /pnd >Despite having 235 ISPs Does 8kun inflate their UID count? Their boards are slow as hell even during happenings but the numbers stay high.
>>6213 >He'd have to be mentally retarded to choose option b. All old men are basically hysterical women, due to low T. so, it is highly probable that he would be as dumb as a woman and chose b.
>>6219 >Maybe it's time for the Right to start killing pigs Only after all leftards are killed first.
>>6375 All of the activity is probably on /qresearch/.
>>6375 >/pnd/ I was thinking about the actual population, qniggers, you know
>>6363 the populace is considering dropping politicians from buildings after today's cucking at the U.S. Capitol
>>6381 They're also turning on the cops.
>>6229 Killing women is never wrong.
>>6231 >These cops are scared. Good. It is about time that people enforce authority through small communities and their members. Kill the state sponsored authorities. Kill the statists after that.
>>6246 (((Samuel))) Win-win. A cunt was shot dead, and the cop is a jew, soon-to-be killed.
dlive DOT tv/austinzone the protesters are on the wa governors yard right now
>>6258 >Did he catch Biden's dementia? Old men are useless sacks of meat. They always cuck under pressure. "Kill all boomers" must be added to 2021's goals.
>>6386 Killed me a bit when the guy asked the cop what he felt about how now both sides hated them (cops) and the cop just laughed.
>>6379 >>6380 Doesn't even have a dedicated thread, and there's fewer posts than even this thread at the bottom of a "Q Research General". Site's dead. They're either on other Q sites (many of them also owned by Jim) or they've fallen off entirely. Unless they've moved to a more secret Half the posts are unintelligible, too. Even the one sentence shitposts in this thread contribute more to the discussion than random bible verses and begging for Q to clear things up.
Just took a look at /qresearch/ and I can't understand how these people but so much faith into some random fuck spouting cryptic bullshit on an imageboard, and then proceeded to dedicate an entire board to dissecting his ramblings...
>>6388 The cop is laughing because he's used to having enough public support so that no partisans start appearing. It's going to be a whole lot less funny when he has a few seconds of absolute terror every time he opens his front door because he might just see his wife and kids dangling from the ceiling by their innards, or every time he starts his car when he goes to work because it might just have a bomb under it, or every time he is outside because someone in a crowd may just shoot his head from behind and disappear. Because that's what happens once everyone hates cops: They don't see people that harm cops, they feed and clothe and hide people that harm cops. He's laughing because he lacks imagination.
>>6390 It really is hilarious when you stop, take a step back and take it all in. Could you have guessed this was going to happen all the way back in 2014?
Some guy got punched by a fox news journalist. Anyone got the picture? It was just on Austin's stream.
>>6393 That's hilarious.
(106.43 KB 600x642 Untitled.png)

(50.30 KB 828x786 media_ErE-IbYW4AEavZW.jpg)

https://archive.ph/wip/kh4ab https://twitter.com/RepCori/status/1346926083350794240 Resolution is dated from yesterday [thinking emoji]
>>6395 Hang the nigger bitch. She doesn't belong in the country, let alone in a position of government.
>>6395 Guess what, it's gonna pass. Dems will have absolute control of every institution of government. They're gonna pack the Supreme Court too and abolish the electoral college ensuring single party totalitarian socialist rule, China style.
>>6397 Good. If anything can start a war it's something like that. Peace isn't a solution. We must have a war.
>>6395 I actually hope she succeeds. Force those cowardly republican politicians to actually have to take action instead of all this standing down bs.
>>6382 I'm embarrassingly late to that party, but a lot of folks showed their true colors today. There is no more ambiguity about Zognald or (((the police force))). Any decent cop needs to drop their badge off and find a militia so they don't get dropped at this point.
>>6401 It's like something out of a movie. I can't believe Pence pulled that shit. I knew he was a cuck but this is too much. A very entertaining day, all said. I woke up today expecting it to be boring as fuck and then the actual fucking Happening came from nowhere.
>>6398 >We must have a war. Yes. It's now or never. The longer we wait the worse it gets.
>>6403 Judging from what I've seen today, normalfags are out for blood. The genie is out of the bottle and mass civil unrest is practically guaranteed.
>>6405 Good. This has a been a long time coming. I don't even care about who wins at this point, I just want bloodshed.
>>6406 2021 is going to be even more interesting than 2020.
>>6406 >>6405 >>6407 waiting for the russia surprise attack to help the revolution
>>6407 That would be very surprising, but who knows at this point.
>>6409 I doubt foreign countries would intervene directly until a war starts in earnest.
Trump's twitter account got locked.
>>6412 Source?
>>6407 >>6406 >>6405 This is probably the prelude to Rockefeller's fantasy of having UN troops on U.S. soil to smash the resistance and have an excuse to implement their World Government if the U.S. military can't handle it. Something feels wrong about what happened today.
(22.22 KB 648x252 ClipboardImage.png)

(15.60 KB 840x128 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6413 Archive is being slow, not sure if posting the link while it is still in progress works, but here it is anyway. https://archive.is/wip/hcdSS time . com/5926992/trump-video-twitter-risk-of-violence/
Trump has a gab account he also posts on
>>6416 Doesnt the Gab account just mirror his Twitter? They've been begging him to use it.
(6.79 MB 400x225 Tafazzi 8.gif)

>>6362 >wonder how 8koon is holding up I went there to see and, believe it or not, niggerpill is spamming the same shit over there too lel.
(2.13 MB 1280x720 P5DRkwOw34RbNWPg.mp4)

Shut it down.
>>6418 What if niggerpill was cripplekike? I can totally see him being that fucking obsessed.
(4.51 MB 640x360 a03hAiPxFbCohq_O.mp4)

Pigs are out in full force now
Now what? Are we all going to be good little goys and sit here with our dicks in hand and bemoan are fates? Or are we going to do something?
>>6426 Fuck. That.
>>6414 I don't care even if it is. I just want this shit to get on the road. I'm sick of culture wars, I want a proper one.
>>6428 Don't reply to the niggerpill kike
>>6430 >Meanwhile the Great Reset will arrive to the celebration of 7+ billion people. Not without your head on a spit. I look forward to that.
>>6343 Democracy is beyond saving, in a world like this one, it's only use is to maintain the tyranny of oppression perpetrated by Jews. But I will agree, anyone who is not on board with the revolution is an accomplice to tyrants, that includes the pacifists and law-worshippers in our midst. >>6347 I was outside today, doing stuff, where the fuck were you? >>6353 Goddamn shill >>6355 Kike lies, I never called for communism, I will never call for communism, I will never tolerate anyone who calls for communism, it is the ideology of the enemy and all who promote it should be put to death. >>6357 Agreed. >>6367 UnIronically yes. >>6378 The pigs are in the way of all direct action, they have to be physically removed first. >>6381 We've been considering for a long time, talking about it a lot, never got around to doing it long after it was apparent that that was the optimal approach. Stop thinking, stop talking, start doing. >>6384 We need then to fear us a hell of a lot more than they do now before any change can happen >>6391 THIS >>6392 Yes, I called it happening sooner, as soon as the arab spring ended I looked at how those creatures were behaving and thought "oh shit, something really bad is coming our way". This was as someone who was skeptical of 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, and who had a very good knowledge of Arab/MENA history.
>>6424 fucking pigs... i hope normalfags will now realize that police are just power hungry faggots
>>6422 Silence, if you are a pacifist or committed law-abiding citizen, this is the end, if you are a man of direct action or physical removal, then this is the beginning.
>>6435 > i hope normalfags will now realize that police are just power hungry faggots They are the jew's mercenaries. Always have been and always will be. PIGS.
https://archive.ph/sFu0v https://www.zerohedge.com/political/twitter-begins-deleting-trumps-tweets-joining-facebook-scrubbing-president Nice healing and reconciliation
>>6426 Even if that's true, then that means we can spend out last days cowering in our homes, or out on the streets doing the thing we've always wanted to do. what do you prefer, to die in a grand last stand beside your brothers? or to wait for a slow decline while you get picked off one by one as you spend you last days locked in your home in fear? you aren't demoralizing us, you are giving us every reason to get out there and escalate things even further.
>>6436 Anon don't even reply to that retard, ignore, report and move on. Let the mods delete his shit.
www DOT (Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/)(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=b7coLmNP41o >congress resumes mike the 'KIKE' pence is having a speech right now
>>6424 Zogbots pieces of shit
Fuck Pence Delete Pence
(4.51 MB 3000x2034 jefferson.png)

>>6149 >account required to post not using it
>>6442 >these people today were rioters and thugs >same people who said burn loot murder was mostly peaceful despite all the shit they pulled These fucking faggots are driving me mad.
>>6449 that hooked nosed kike is calling them rioters but not blm
>>6449 We saw a winning strategy and applied it to our own ends. They have no more right to criticize us. I'm not playing the "hypocrisy" game with you anymore.
>>6452 I know. I meant these faggots stood up for/defended BLM but today's shit that is absolutely tame in comparison gets condemned as rioters and thugs.
>>6455 They should have just burned the place down.
>>6456 Yeah, right now a lot of people in the right have these romantic ideals, these ideals and pprinciples serve only to undermine any action that is taken, these guys need to be purged internally from any group that is orchestrating direct action, before an IRL OP, make sure your guys realize that you need to become a criminal to fight the oppressive state, and that means becoming a terrorist, striking fear into the regime, and doing whatever is the most effective route to harming it. Get off the clearnet/surfaceweb, Join us on TOR, make a TORsite of your own if you cant find one, if TOR is a problem, use some other altweb tool, re organize there, not where the general public will see us. time to escalate things further, the fire rises.
(63.84 KB 357x230 goebb.png)

they are openly calling pence "mr president" with their prepared speeches, their smug feces and their npc claps. absolutely fucking disgusting
>>6462 Who, and where? I need to see this shit.
>>6463 jewtube dot com/watch?v=b7coLmNP41o
>>6462 These people deserve the absolute worst. Listening to them speak their bs is really annoying. >>6463 dlive . tv/austinzone
(24.60 KB 616x200 mel.png)

>>6465 chat is dead lol.
(83.17 KB 975x370 ClipboardImage.png)

>Trump talking about firing everyone right now. Wray, Gina, etc. And wants to declassify everything - UFOs, JFK, all of it https://archive.vn/k4nrR
(399.82 KB 900x900 aheago face.png)

>>6470 Sounds like more hot air. How about just fucking do it instead of talking?
>>6470 >talking about more talk talk talk, im fucking tired of it
>>6472 He thinks that he's a better negotiator than he actually is.
>>6474 If only he would realize that the time for negotiation has long passed.
>>6475 He should have realized he was surrounded by traitors from the very beginning.
(467.40 KB 1273x711 FINALsalute.png)

>>6192 they're saying on the news channels that the woman the cops shot is dead now... fuck just look at this, she was saluting the flag as she died bleeding out on the floor I'm betting if we look at the broken windows that the glass will be on the outside: cops probably broke the windows firing out at people like this who just wanted to be heard because Cuck Pence rolled.
(316.48 KB 640x360 Putin Laughing.mp4)

>>6478 >she was saluting the flag as she died bleeding out on the floor I can't tell if this is a shitpost or if you're actually that retarded, either way, good shit Canuck cunt.
>>6479 It's good propaganda regardless of if it's true or not.
>>6480 looks like a salute to me, yes good propaganda but TRUE prop >>6479 what do you think she was making some kind of southern dilettante "oh heavens what a hot day today" kind of gesture?
(3.25 MB 1166x900 laughter.webm)

>>6481 >what do you think she was making some kind of southern dilettante "oh heavens what a hot day today" kind of gesture?
>>6478 Welp, this might be the Franz Ferdinand that's needed to really pop this off.
>>6481 Realistically, she probably just fell into that pose rather than actively tried to make it. Doesn't change that it's the narrative that should be pushed. Turning her into a martyr is good and will push normalfags forward some.
>>6453 >We saw a winning strategy and applied it to our own ends. They have no more right to criticize us. I'm not playing the "hypocrisy" game with you anymore. >>6458 >Yeah, right now a lot of people in the right have these romantic ideals, these ideals and pprinciples serve only to undermine any action that is taken, these guys need to be purged internally from any group that is orchestrating direct action, before an IRL OP, make sure your guys realize that you need to become a criminal to fight the oppressive state, and that means becoming a terrorist, striking fear into the regime, and doing whatever is the most effective route to harming it. Sirlin's "Playing to Win". Just like you shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight, neither should you bring your principles to a warzone.
>>6478 >>6483 On top of that, the lady was a 14 year veteran with the Air Force, apparently having served 4 tours of duty. She ticks all the right boxes to be a martyr for the conservatives. https://archive.is/cu4yP
>>6486 Absolutely perfect. Start spreading it.
>>6486 Good for the anti-government side. The goal at this point should be total de-legitimization and this could work.
(601.58 KB 885x674 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6478 This is good propaganda, like what the falangists did with Primo de Rivera after his execution.
>>6478 She's our martyr now, one for the whole movement. Fucking PIGs will pay for what they have done. Veterans wont forget this, and it may even sway some ZOGbots.
>>6486 they cant count votes past 8pm but they can proceed with the congress past 11pm? mein sides
>>6485 the thing is, it's got nothing to do with hypocrisy or principles. imagine you are playing a game with someone, they do a move that is, in your experience, illegal. You call them out on it, but the referee comes in and says it's all good, the move was completely ok, and their being allowed to use that move made the game go better for them. So, later in the game, you have the opportunity to do that move, do it and the game progresses to your benefit, do you use that move? This is where we are now, we were under the impression that rioting was a bad thing, but the entire system told us it was alright, and because of that rioting worked out well for the ones who did it. so now we can riot, and we should, and if they call us hypocrites, we say "you changed the rules of the game, you said this was allowed, you benefitted from doing it, you've surrendered any right to call us out on this behavior anymore, this is your fault, because you made this a legal move in this game" and we'd be right, they did. the right has principles and this ties heavily to their law-based mindset, it also ties into their worship of the American Myth and the USA's founding documents/fathers, and also to their worship of God. We were going to be considered violent terrorists no matter what, we already got all the bad sides from being that, now we need to start embracing this label and do some actual damage. real riots, real violence, real vandalism, these guys went the "occupy" route, which is still too peaceful a protest tactic to use in our situation, we need full on terrorism. either we die hated terrorists, going out in glorious battle against our enemy, fighting the good fight besides out brothers, or locked up with them in some prison that we can then find out how to overtake, escape, and organize another rebellion with guerilla tactics. or we die cowering in our homes, as we watch the world descend into hell, and wait for the time when we are snatched up and subjected to a fate worse than death that we could not possibly recover from. they already hate us, and we already have a lot of sympathizers hidden among the dormant population. they've appealed to shame to control us, they know that the typical conservative is strongly conscientious, so we'd be more likely to disassociate with those people see as evil, shameful, or dishonorable. lets do the opposite to counter this tactic. when I got cornered in a store by the employees, they took this gentle voiced condescension to me, talking to me as if i were a child who misbehaved, my response was to ignore them, ignore everything they said, walk around as if they weren't there, get them to raise their voices until it was them who were seeming loud and hysterical, at that point I asked them not to yell at me in an annoyed voice, shaming them that they are acting unprofessional and scaring their customers. these people want shame? lets show them pride.
From the GG thread >>>/v/199087
>>6473 https://www.(Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/)(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=zqhhZRcFlws
It was great to see so many people stand up against the kikes today. Protestors waltzing into the capitol building blew the minds of many, and this is going to cause people to change how they see the US government. That is, if this many people were able to take over the capitol building, what can a small army do? Ashli Babbitt's death was also tragic, but it will be repaid. Don't fear the jew, anons. Stand up and fight intelligently, when and where you can. You have the numbers and the strength to push the yid back into the oven.
>>6470 Fucking PLEASE, make MY fucking day! If UFOs are real i will eat my own fucking ass
>>6512 Only that single shot was fired. I wonder if the Secret Service agent who fired the shot realized his immense fuckup the moment he pulled the trigger. He had to be aiming for her head.
>>6426 Nah, we'll survive as whole, but this country is numbered. There will always be a small population that will survive somewhere until everything collapses in on itself in a thousand years
>>6512 It's going to be a looong few years of random battles and fightsall over, like a cold war brewing within the country itself
>>6481 she might have been hit in the vertebrae and was paralyzed, her movements are a bit weird. But it looks like a salute so I'll run with it, I don't think she'll argue with me over it
>>6518 Here's another video that shows where the shot came from, courtesy of >>>/v/199266
>>6519 Fucking coward, what kind of fucking threat was that woman for him to just shoot her up?
circulate this with the spin that this was a success, that this is the power people have, that the government is a weak bitch and unfit to stand
(931.24 KB 1000x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

So with the affirmation of Joe Biden as president and the failure of these congressional dipshits to even hear any of the evidence of fraud, they have completely abrogated the public's vote. We've tried to do things peacefully. Three of the boxes of liberty - soap, ballot, and jury - have failed us. The fourth and final box is about to open. Now tell me boys and girls, do you know what that box is?
>>6530 The "go protest, achieve nothing and go home again"-box? Americans have talked about fighting back for decades, and nothing ever happened. Why do you think that now it will be different?
>>6531 We will see this morning and in the next few days. More than a few of the protesters yesterday have guns stashed away and more than a few might use them.
>>6530 god help us all Anon and Fuck the (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me)s who supported him. I hope the enjoy first seat in getting their ass fucked with his shit policy and Allies too for getting their ass fucked by China as a reminder
>>6534 CCP is even better than the backstabbing controlled-opposition Republicants/Republicucks and the Demonrats/Demsheviks... at least you know what the CCP is, and one thing the CCP isn't is rabidly anti-White. That's a Jewish/Nigger thing... Just remember the supreme court wouldn't even hear the allegations of election fraud made by 22 US states. Pence was always controlled-opposition or a coward, and Trump is the same. He's no Caesar, and the USA needs a Caesar at this point.
>>6535 Anon, CCP would gladly Expand now since Joe Biden sucks their Dick. I doubt he would destroy kids supply and organs from Chinaman
>>6535 >CCP isn't is rabidly anti-White They're though. Look up the century of humiliation, China is still incredibly butthurt about most of the western world (and Japan) kicking its ass because their leader was a megalomaniac spinster who thought kung-fu powers can deflect bullets.
>>6536 Yeah CCP is now free to become #1 globally, although the Globalist Satanists in the 'west' will want to keep them subordinate... >>6538 Sure, butt they still don't come close to the anti-white nature of niggers and Jews.
>>6535 >That's a Jewish/Nigger thing Who do you think owns the ccp?
(178.53 KB 1200x1129 JEws.jpg)

>>6541 CCP might have rebelled against their Ashkenazim masters. Or maybe not. We will see.
(997.27 KB 500x475 1607994362173.gif)

Regardless, the only hope for Whites as a significant race globally is now race war in North America and Europe. Any other basis of war, even liberty, is insufficient. The sooner this open war comes, the higher the White race's chances of survival.
Congratulations QAnon, you got in the spanish news.
>>6545 That's qkun. Not here.
>>6546 I know, just wanted to comment it because they even made all they could not to mention image boards.
Got this from /v/. One of Trump's PR guys (since his account got locked) says Trump concedes https://archive.is/Sjerm >Statement by President Donald J. Trump on the Electoral Certification: “Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!”
>>6548 >We will continue the fight for legal votes How, Biden fucks them and yet can they still fight back against the Commie Niggers?
>>6548 Does not matter whether it's true or not. This is no longer about Trump.
It is true that 4 people died already?
>>6548 >continue to fight >concedes good luck with that >>6551 fuckin pigs man
>>6548 >Trump cucks out Imagine my shock
(374.94 KB 1024x768 last.png)

>>6550 Shit yeah, I want to see DC's pussy bullied for at least a week no matter what.
(66.42 KB 1022x731 tiresome.jpg)

welp the shit show is finally over, another one will begin on jan 20th what happens next? another 8 years of pointless wars? more political correctness? more citizenships to shitskins?
>>6555 The same I guess but with some actual far right terrorism for the commies to fear. After this people would radicalize or just be cucks. I guess china won?
>>6555 Outcomes would be >Biden lets Asia get fucked in the ass with Taiwan hostile takeover and Asian Nations will be forced to join up Chinaman's Bat Soup Alliance and with most Asians give Biden a Pass cause trump bad >Trump and his staff are in the shitlist of Sudden "Evidences" they place on them so that they can legally axe their ass >US Citizens who stormed the Capitol Building are also next unless Anons and their guns Say "FUCK YOU" to Biden and his Niggers >Biden would ofcourse Allow Illegal Crossing enmasse now and many others. I still have hope for anons to atleast one last fuck you by fucking over the Shitty Infastructure that k disccussed before and how it can fuck the nation easily.
>>6555 Either people start shooting or the US dies and becomes a communist hellscape. It's as simple as that.
(1.06 MB 640x360 Coolsville Sucks..mp4)

>>6555 More pantsuits full of shit.
Good fucking luck Murricans. Always wondered when your nation would implode, what with everyone hyping collapse for the last 20+ years, it seemed like it was never gonna happen.
>>6560 It's gonna be reborn from the blood of freedom, like Jefferson wanted it to be. This is America working as it was intended to for the first time in sixty years. seethe kike.
I'm pretty down because I feel somewhat disappointed. Do you have any good expectations to cheer up?
(606.54 KB 1920x1200 God I wish that was me.jpg)

>>6554 >pic
>>6555 Civil War.
>>6548 Well which is it? Is he conceding or continuing to fight? I don't get the doublespeak in this statement.
>>6568 >>6563 Apparently he went to Texas. Might be the start of calling for civil war or nothing at all.
>>6569 maybe just Qtards larping
>>6569 Don't expect anything but also don't fear anything. We'll just be back to the status quo but with more china control.
>>6569 It's doubtful he calls for anything. It doesn't matter though. Short of him being killed by the leftists and becoming a martyr he doesn't matter anymore.
>>6572 Legitimate president calling to rise ticks an important mark in the just war checklist. This matters to a lot of people. If he, as a leader, doesn't risk it all, nobody else will.
>>6573 It would, but he won't do that. As far as how this likely is going to start, someone starts shooting and others shoot back. This continues back and forth until civil unrest becomes full out war. If we are lucky a real leader will rise from the ashes of it all, that's our chance to get a Hitler 2.
Imagine a woman sacrificing her life for DONALD TRUMP yesterday. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hope he got to bless her corpse by grabbing her by the pussy before she got cold. Would be stupid if she became an ghost who returns to haunt the Capitol.
>>6575 i never thought i would see a chinkroach on this board, Welcome! 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门
(1.93 MB 640x360 Chink-B-Gone.webm)

So now that Trump conceded and the whole of the MSM has spun the narrative, what does this mean for video games?
>>6578 >what does this mean for video games? ask /v/.
>>6579 Well fuck, I thought THIS was /v/. Sorry.
>>6580 Lucky asshole. Mark banned me because he got confused and mistook me from niggerpill and now I have to wait.
>>6578 Nothing. Video games will continue to be the same shitty "diverse" propaganda machines they have been for the last decade and a half.
>>6561 >seethe kike. Stop being a lazy halfchan nigger, spewing inaccurate scattershot invective you monumental faggot.
T hasn't twatted anything since then, he blocked? It doesn't say anywhere on his account that he is.
>>6589 12-hour suspended, few more hours left so much for free speech eh?
>>6470 >drumf >doing anything Yeah I'm not holding my breath
(345.97 KB 2048x1536 ErErUqKXMAMQtyy.jpg?name=orig.jpg)

>>6589 Fuck gtk and fuck their filepicker.
>>6470 I doubt he will but would be a good move for him. He should pardon Julian Assange, imagine being held in solitary for committing 0 crimes it's insane how pozzed both the uk and usa are handling it.
(31.77 KB 614x249 vacation.png)

>>6592 using guhnome? >pic trumps going on vacation seems like
So... what options are left? I'll be honest, I feel kinda blackpilled right now.
>>6595 I've heard that his last remaining option is mass declassification which he could then use to justify military action.
>>6596 Does he need any support from his backstabbing party?
>>6597 Unsure. Don't have enough info.
>>6597 just majority military and few senators
>>6599 Yeah, but would he even dare? they are already preparing not only to impeach him but to imprison him and he is a business man.
>>6600 he has nothing to lose anymore, i hope he can see that
>>6601 I don't think he will dare to do it. At least he did so many thing even if he had the democrats AND his own government against him.
>>6602 They are already against him. (((They))) want him in prison, they want him tortured, humiliated, and if he can't see that he'll get what he deserves. He MUST act NOW and use the military to kick the fuck out of these traitors who have been raping our country through technicalities and lies for the last 84 years.
30 Pieces of Silver https://nitter.snopyta(Please use archive.today)/disclosetv/status/1347188135122399235#m You know, maybe that fly during the VP debates was real and was God's little ways of saying Pence was a Judas Beelzebub.
>>6604 https://nitter.snopyta . o r g/disclosetv/status/1347188135122399235#m
Archive the fucking tweet, smartass. Nitter IS NOT an archive.
>>6605 >>6604 fucking freemasons... no wonder hitler kicked them out of the reich
>>6519 That's much worse. He had visual confirmation and shot. These pencil pushing tards would shoot mice if they got too close. >>6551 I didn't watch anyone else get clipped on stream.
>>6610 jesus fugg:DD bosting's borked
Will conservacucks at least up their mass shooting game or just lie down and die?
Any updates on what's going down in DC?
So, the backstabbing is getting hard. They sure waited for the right momment to destroy Trump's legacy. So, which country is the US going to declare war with for the next 4/8 years?
>>6572 >he doesn't matter anymore. THIS Unlike what the average normalfag thinks, this is not about Trump anymore, this is about people wanting to take their freedom back and fighting the ostile takeover of the institutions.
>>6144 Reminder to use end 2 end encryption applications.
>>199288 >If people were smart they’d be plastering pictures of her everywhere and turning her into a martyr before the MSM memory hole’s her existence or tries to downplay the fact that a 14 year vet got killed. If the left can turn a drug addicted porn star crook into a saint, why can’t we do the same for this woman? THIS
Daily reminder
(389.03 KB 632x1000 Typical mudslime.png)

>>6620 Reminds me of this
(14.24 MB 1280x720 Never-Surrender.mp4)

So... Pence was Judas, and Trump cucked out yesterday when he should have been King Arthur. Does he think the kikes will protect him from the Demsheviks for being a loyal dog? Either way, Trump is essentially out of the game at this point. Now the question falls to state leaders... and radicals. Now is the time for revolutionary violence, before the Demsheviks cement their power. Once Biden is sworn in, I give up all hope.
>>6622 >implying the establishment weren't going to go for a blatant powergrab anyways
(974.13 KB 1280x720 Voter-Fraud.mp4)

>>6623 Yes... butt until now we had reason to hope that Trump/Pence would delay White Genocide and Borg Assimilation. BTW, the revolutionaries need a mantra, something like this: 卐FREED0M卐0R卐DEATH卐 卐VICT0RY卐0R卐VALHALLA卐
>>6622 Trump gave a vague statement that can be interpreted both ways. His statement can definitely be interpreted as conceding but it can also be interpreted as not conceding.
>>6614 Syria/Russia And they are going hard on trying to purge every wrong-thinker, be it in parliament or social media or other. If Trump would have been elected, shit would have gone down in 4 years. Now it will probably be around 2 weeks. Be prepared, and be on stand-by for now.
>>6625 >can be interpreted both ways same as todays short "press conference" (Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/) dot com /watch?v=mj4aJ-TXx-8
(1016.27 KB 500x397 heh.gif)

>>6580 I love this whole imageboard webring.
(16.46 KB 591x278 ClipboardImage.png)

Whole bunch of Q faggots are saying to "grab your popcorn" and "just watch" what happens next. Meanwhile this ominous thing showed up. If it's a concession speech may Qfags forever be drowned in a 50 foot vat of Texan shit.
>>6629 it will be sad and funny to watch burgerland accelate into brick wall but at least we can laugh at retard boomers
(986.16 KB 639x855 Terry Davis thinkgen.png)

>>6629 >"grab your popcorn" and "just watch" Grabbing popcorn is the last thing Qboomers should be doing. You know, WWG1WGA and shit, which should translate to "get off your fat fucking ass off of the couch and pick up a rifle" in this situation. They have only been waiting three whole years for it, repeating this same phrase every single day up until this point while stocking up on resources for the coming storm. And, funnily enough, it is actually going to happen. The promised storm did in fact come and it is already here. It's just that it is going to happen without them.
(7.42 MB 1280x720 trumpisatraitor.mp4)

>>6620 Nobody in DC has deserved to feel comfortable or at rest in a long time. I don't give a fuck if they're feeling antagonized.
>>6632 Hopefully boomers will realize that this is about more than trump now.
>>6632 At the end of the day he was just another politician that can't handle when things get real instead of just chatter. It's also not the first time he's fallen for fake news like a woman. They were allowed in for one thing.
>>6632 i thought it was pence who deployed the national guard? >>6635 i doubt that those qboomers will turn back on him they are more docile than you think
>>6638 >i thought it was pence who deployed the national guard? Probably trying to take the heat off Pence.
(17.91 KB 640x340 Mishima.jpeg)

>>6632 >Our journey is just beginning He wasn't able to do shit as POTUS imagine what the fuck he's going to do outside the white house. Pathetic. I remember his "we will never back down, we will never give in, we will never surrender" speech and now he's acting like a colossal faggot and throwing his supporters under the bus. I hope Qniggers realize that Trump just backstabbed them and that they need to take their freedom back by themselves if they don't want the USA to turn into China 2.0 with their social credit system.
>>6641 I'm pretty sure he's referring to running again after the next 4 years. It's definately why Pelosi is lobbying to try and impeach him once again despite only having a couple of weeks left of his presidency.
>>6644 He is retarded if he thinks that would work. Corruption left alone doesn't get better and now that half the country has lost complete faith in voting to begin with it's unlikely there will ever be another non-leftist president. Even if this fizzles out the Republican party is basically dead, not that they weren't leftists themselves of course.
>>6644 Let's all rush to the vote for a cuck who wouldn't use his legal authority to fix a rigged election, it's not like they'd just cheat twice even if we did.
(3.82 MB 1280x720 Trump-Reich.webm)

>>6632 Fucking disgusting speech. Trump, like Pence, is also Judas. He was never on our side. He was always controlled-opposition. It's over. Disgusting. Mass democracy is a sham. I'm done having hope in talking heads.
(122.85 KB 717x1024 ss_aesth.jpg)

>>6647 >that vid 2016 was great wasnt it >Mass democracy is a sham. this. democracy doesnt work if the citizens dont have same ideals. we need to embrace the third position before its too late.
Unpinning and turning off cyclical unless new something happens.
(204.38 KB 464x498 Violence Required.png)

>>6632 I sure hope you amerikikes don't take this obvious bullshit lying down, you're sitting president was just blatantly cheated out of re-election by a bunch of communist traitors backed by foreign entities. If that isn't grounds for an armed revolution, then I don't know what is.
(700.61 KB 677x1024 doubt.png)

>>6540 >Yeah CCP is now free to become #1 globally Pic related. They're experiencing an energy crisis that's driving their factories out of business right now because they refuse to buy coal imports from Australia to save face and think they can be a global trading power without respecting global trade.
>>6656 You're one to talk. You're country's implementing corona-passports. And, internet ID laws just to access porn. Also, if you didn't realize it, a lot of the people protesting yesterday are boomers because the rest of us don't have the luxury to lay around all day. We actually have to work for a living.
>>6656 You bet thryre goibg to take it lying down. Do you honestly believe any of the betas who post here have the balls to grab a gun and start shooting shit up? Most of them are IBS-afflicted hambeasts who have LARP fantasies of going active but in reality can't even lift a finger to help their mom cook their gigantic meals.
>>6551 >It is true that 4 people died already? 5 people reported dead. 1 woman shot, 1 boomer died of a heart attack, another died of a stroke, didn't read the third one, and then a cop died from injuries relating to the riots.
>>6568 It's what's known as a "surrender under protest" in legal terms. Kinda like what you have to do when the ATF shoots your dog and breaks down your door to take your guns.
>>6650 >2016 was great wasnt it fun, if subverted
>>6632 I'm not a QNigger, but why does that video look like that deepfake shit? Not that I'd doubt the orange kike would say it.
>>6661 If ATF breaks in you shoot them dead. Same as what needs to be done here. You don't just roll over and surrender.
>>6664 I'd give you a consider the following relating to minecraft adventures and >>6391 but I don't need the police breaking down my door this weekend and tor isn't working right now.
>>6663 The head movement is weird and subdued, as is the body movement, plus the tight suit makes the neck bulge out and look photoshopped.
(1.91 MB 512x512 photoshop.gif)

>>6663 >>6632 got his from 4chins(plz dont bully) also, i thought trump was in texas? or is that q bullshit?
>>6406 >I don't even care about who wins at this point, I just want bloodshed. This. Enough with the lack of action. Enough with the old men's ways. Massive onslaught, until only one side survives, even if it is a Pyrrhic victory. I only care about revenge, to kill as many jews and leftards as I can. Anything else is of no concern. >>6530 >We've tried to do things peacefully That is why you failed and also why you get the bullet too. >>6595 War and bloodshed. The only options that were available since the beginning, but deluded cowards didn't want to believe.
>>6668 >-tard Suspicious use of a boomer suffix
(14.89 MB 853x480 gochiusa_bloom_ED.webm)

https://powping(Please use archive.today)/posts/ecc05e2171f2b0122d2e86c86d310d2f1232f5a7f72097693cce88d2a3c4faa0 ... The only democratic way forward... and democracy, even this kind of democracy, is not inherently superior to autocracy.
(35.88 KB 442x410 1606627454700.png)

>>6674 https://archive.is/cyYZ3 >It's all so tiresome.png
>>6665 >tor isn't working Fake news, and stop typing like a kiwifarms queer with your minecraft optics shit, everyone knows everyone wants everyone else flayed alive at this point IRL.
>>6676 Did the Kikes sloah National Vanguard?
(97.82 KB 500x735 1581989609052.jpg)

>>6676 >Fake news It's not fucking working. I waited for about 5 minutes on a fucking captcha to go through, gave up and closed out of tor/reopened, then sat for another 15 minutes waiting with the captcha refusing to submit. I just tried again and sat here for about another ten minutes listening to my cooling fans kick in from trying to submit a post through the hidden service while nothing fucking happens when the captcha goes to validate. It's not my fault that the website is fucking broken. And anon.cafe is back up and running after being down all day, so I will take my leave shortly anyways.
(11.71 MB 1280x720 8 NOV on pol.webm)

>>6650 >>6662 It sure was. It also helped that at that time we didn't know how bad things were about to get.
>>6632 So it's really over. What now, then? >>6658 >a lot of the people protesting yesterday are boomers because the rest of us don't have the luxury to lay around all day. We actually have to work for a living. In the end, isn't that just enabling a corrupt system because you stand to lose too much in terms of livelihood by stepping out of line? Not that I blame you, I saw what happened to Rittenhouse
>>6673 Leftard spotted.
>>6658 >We actually have to work for a living. And that is why you deserve to be killed. When the system is corrupted, your work helps your enemies. and you still carve to it like a whore, because you are such a piece of shit that you are incapable of living other way. You deserve to be shot dead just for existing and thinking the way you do.
>>6682 Not everyone had the world handed to them on a silver platter grandpa.
>>6682 >>6680 >>6681 >>6682 >>6683 The options now are: 1) Organize for asymmetric warfare—Victory or Valhalla 2) Go hide in the woods—only a valid option in Canada and parts of the USA 3) Flee to Asia If you choose options 2/3 you can still take a supporting role in 1.
>>6684 >Fleeing to Asia Anon, you do know Chinaman would fuck all of us? First on the list are Katana Masters then SK and everyone else
>>6685 He probably means Japan, but let's be honest, even Japan is a beautiful country their government is still under the thumb of the US. Also he would never be Japanese anyway no matter how much he wants. 1 and 2 are the only real options.
>>6686 >their government is still under the thumb of the US Hmm for how much longer. >he would never be Japanese You speak like a boomer. You do realise that Japan accepts immigrants under certain conditions, like other Asian countries. If you don't have the skills to do 1 or 2... 3 is a sane option if you have money and/or a university degree.
>>6687 A boomer would delude themselves into thinking racemixing and pretending you were another race is a good idea. I love the Japanese but moving there isn't really going to help you much. You also must understand that while the Japanese will tolerate some non-Japanese just because your papers say you are a citizen doesn't mean you have become one of them. You still aren't part of their in group; you are still an outsider.
>>6685 If Japan gets nukes China couldn't invade. So there is that. >>6688 >pretending you were another race is a good idea. When did I say pretend to be racially Japanese? >the Japanese will tolerate some non-Japanese just because your papers say you are a citizen doesn't mean you have become one of them So? Being an outsider can have advantages. For one, there won't be any active anti-White policies because they just wouldn't make any sense. >racemixing Race-mixing is only a sin for White females. If you think about it I'm sure you'll understand why.
>>6687 >>6689 You tried posting the same shit in the GG thread on /v/.
>>6690 Yup and then your kike mod(s) deleted the posts. Honestly, little better than the commies.
Censorship of textual opinions is kike/commie behaviour.
>>6689 >So? Being an outsider can have advantages. For one, there won't be any active anti-White policies because they just wouldn't make any sense. There are plenty of non-native policies to begin with, as there should be, and while none of them are made with the intent of genocide like in the west are going to make things much harder for you. For example, without a proper Japanese family register you aren't going to be able to many things ranging from getting healthcare(even out of your own pocket) to renting a decent place to live. There is also only one way around that, you have to marry into an existing Japanese family. Japan is great place to visit but trying to live there permanently as a foreigner isn't sunshine and roses. >Race-mixing is only a sin for White females Race mixing is always a sin. It's not right to curse your descendants with tainted blood. Never mind that wanton miscegenation is how we got shitholes like mexico and south america to begin with. Creating such creatures is pitiable, even if you make proper white children too.
>>6694 >For example, without a proper Japanese family register you aren't going to be able to many things ranging from getting healthcare(even out of your own pocket) to renting a decent place to live. >There is also only one way around that, you have to marry into an existing Japanese family. Japan is great place to visit but trying to live there permanently as a foreigner isn't sunshine and roses. Good. Fuck foreigners. Delete foreigners. If any japs are here, thanks for your hospitality. I still have a sumo wrestler signature scroll that one family gave me.
>>6694 >you aren't going to be able to many things ranging from getting healthcare Healthcare is available to anyone who lives in Japan for more than a year. >to renting a decent place to live. These arrangements are typically worked out with your employer to have you in employee dorms. The "you can't rent as a foreigner in Japan" meme is partially correct in cities like Tokyo, but for most of the country you just need to be able to speak a moderate amount of Japanese. Something like 60% of Japanese landlords have stated they will rent to foreigners under the conditions that they can speak enough Japanese to hold an interview, declare what they are doing in Japan, and get backing from one of the several dozen institutes that specifically focus on long-term housing for foreigners. The meme exists because Japanese landlords frown on any sort of entertainment worker, which are the ones who make videos decrying how they can't find a place to live in Japan that's not next to zainichi. The biggest issue with trying to live in Japan is the work visas because employers rarely renew that shit unless you are like the top 1% of employees and they won't help in any way with naturalization if you want to stay longer than 5 years as an employee for a Japanese firm (2 years is usually the max most will keep up with the work visa paperwork for). Then if you have the work visa, you're gonna get taxed out the ass and be expected to put in 80 hour work weeks. Getting into Japan is easy, finding a job willing to do the paperwork to bring you over in Japan is difficult. >>6685 You don't want to go to SK. Worst Korea is basically Canada but even more ridiculous. A few years ago their president had to apologize on camera and admit they were being brainwashed by a religious cult consisting of feminist elites within the country. The island nations in Asia are chill. Now that Hong Kong no longer exists as a sovereign nation, the order from best to tolerable in Asia is: >Japan >Taiwan (but it's not safe due to China planning to invade by 2025) >Thailand >Singapore >India >Indonesia >Malaysia >Philippines >Kyrgyzstan >Everyone else in the SEA nigger sphere >Mongolia >Literally anywhere else >Worst Korea >Best Korea >Vietnam >Bugland
>>6632 Qtards are convinced it's a deep fake. They are so fucking pathetic, I have no idea why rational people think they'll be gone after 20th. They'll continue to cope for decades just like flattards, they are retarded schizos, they don't care about evidence, it'll never end.
(99.95 KB 549x144 t1.png)

(88.73 KB 551x157 t2.png)

(110.51 KB 553x141 t3.png)

(108.14 KB 550x192 t4.png)

From an account that was banned. I think it make sense, since the obvious outcome is to prevent Trump from making any pardons and de-classifying anything.
Pence is part of the Clique now a total Traitor https://(Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/)/xT2m3xWjStc Look how he is recieving something silver coin? Or something similar, probably very symbolic.
Hmm right, had to use a differnt platform per the thingy in this place. but here is Judas Pence. Pence the total traitor https://invidious.tube/embed/xT2m3xWjStc
>>6696 >SK scandal that scandal was sprung up by leftist opposition party to impeach the president who was very anti NK and it worked, they put her on jail without any evidence, just rumors and conspiracy theories, "guilty until proven innocent". After the leftist took over it's worse than ever before, endless mandatory lockdowns, no freedom of speech, rampant social justice and political correctness, communistic prosecution of the big corps and the rich. e.g. The CEO of samsung was put in jaiI under ((labor laws)). Some preacher was arrested just because he said that current president was a communist. They are passing a 40% inheritance tax law... Korea should've never been set free from the Japanese Empire. 天皇陛下万歳!!!
>>6701 All parties in SK are leftist.
>>6702 This. It's like saying a communist party in the Soviet Union.
>>6691mixing /race/ is the way too evolve as humans, and be smarter,stronger whilst not mixing leads to degration of whites... SCIENCE YOU DUMB FUCK!!!
User was banned for being a newfag
>>6696 The best way to get into Japan is the Investor's visa (misnamed, manager's visa would be better): You need to start a business in Japan and put 500k Yen(~50k$) into it, though they're reportedly lenient in giving you a year to put that much in, and employ at least 2 Japanese citizens full-time, and you need to manage it yourself. Then you can sponsor yourself. 50k$ is a very achievable amount, as you'd need that much to start a business anyway. >>6688 I'm more of an outsider in my own country. At least I wouldn't get arrested for stating my opinions in public in Japan.
>>6702 >>6703 >All parties in SK are leftist. well right now it is. all oppositions are controlled by the main party just informing you anons what really happened
>>6706 The old president was a leftist, the current one is a leftist. Any other potential one would be a leftist. Things would have gotten worse there regardless of who is in charge. As shitty as things are in the west, we have never held a candle to just how bad things are in SK.
>>6704 That only really works when you are mixing individuals with desirable traits. It does not work when mixing together two sub-par individuals or one sub-par and one desirable specimen. If you breed together small diseased rabbits you will not magically receive strong big rabbits, only more small diseased ones. Same with chickens, bees or even plants. Genome degeneration occurs only when the genome pool is so stagnant that everyone is basically a cousin, but that can occur only in extremely small isolated groups, no in the wider society. So no mixing a 80- IQ with 100+ IQ will not result in a 180 IQ individual, nor will mixing one chad with a freaking skeleton of a woman produce a giga chad. The genetic mixture can only assume attributes of what you put into it, not create completely new attributes that run counter to the elements added into it.
(13.64 MB 640x360 DEUS Bane.mp4)

Will the post-dup Impeachment rioting intensify to the point it can no longer be contained?
>>6708 Well also the traits need to be compatible with one another. A male with 140 IQ with a 140 IQ female may not necessarily result in 140 IQ offspring, since the traits need to be sufficiently compatible for it to translate. Due to this you might have a 100 IQ white with an 80 IQ black and the result may not actually be the average of between both of 90 IQ, but rather offspring that is lower than either one of them. They might individually have desirable genetic traits but what the actual genes transferred are dependent upon one another: you might end up with a very sensitive phenotype that, upon losing one key genetic component, may no longer provide a particular result. And intelligence is very sensitive due to the complexity involved and the very specific criteria that are desired for intelligence. By having two very similar (but still different) individuals you increase the probability that such key components are still kept within the next generation. So the goal is to stay as close as possible without going full retard to prevent yourself pretty much playing a random number generator with your genetic lineage.
>>6650 No, you dumb nigger. 2016 was shit. 2016 killed all imageboards and flooded them with newfags and boomers. 2016 was when you dumb natsoc larping niggerfaggots decided simping for a zionist was the right thing to do. You propagandized and campaigned for a do-nothing israelophile while pretending he and yourself were true natsoc.
(874.40 KB 634x1918 ClipboardImage.png)

>A laptop was stolen from the office of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, one of her aides said on Friday >Drew Hammill, an aide to Democrat Pelosi, said on Twitter that the laptop belonged to a conference room and was used for presentations. He declined to offer further details https://archive.is/LZev3
>>6725 A good thing or a bad thing? I guess it depends who got it and what's inside, but I doubt someoen is stupid enouth to keep incriminating stuff in a laptop you bring to work.But of course they are democrats, so anything is possible.
>>6726 work can be incriminating. would rather see some juicy emails than titpics
>>6728 I'd like to see Nancy Pelosi's saggy flapjacks.
>>6726 Anon, if Hillary had "password" as her password and one of her underlings was openly making threads on Reddit asking how to delete files so they can never be recovered then I doubt any of them would have the foresight to keep sensitive data off their work laptop.
>>6709 >Will the post-dup Impeachment rioting intensify to the point it can no longer be contained? It easily could. However, I have a feeling that boomers are going to prostate themselves before the kikes again. The big thing to watch out for is the assassination of politicians and judges. If the kikes start getting picked off, then shit will be completely out of their hands. They'll crack down hard and the crackback will signal the arrival of the day of the rope.
>>6737 I wonder if they fought over who got to delete the account. I can only imagine the shit eating grin on that fuckers face. Probably a borderline religious experience for them.
>>6756 Do you think they coomed?
Trump completely cucked out and will probably board a plane to Israel. The Republicans are done because they threw the people they were meant to pander to under a bus. Meanwhile those controlled Q-faggots are eating themselves over how even the shot woman was a deepstate actor covered in ketchup. Now we see the whole point of the Q-larp: The complete discrediting of any movement which is even slightly right of left for years to come. The optics of this event in the eyes of media and big tech is an unmitigated disaster, so good luck ever posting political opinion there anymore as they use this event to bludgeon their agenda even further on the internet and the populace. Then you're going to get the hard power coming from a now Democrat-only House, Presidency, and Supreme Court, which you bet is going to be loaded beyond belief, via the implementation of gun grabs and hate speech laws who want, and will get, complete control of the country; congrats to the Qfaggots for being the first to go for their stunt, as they're at the top of the "naughty" list. What the fuck did they think was going to happen if they stormed the Capitol but didn't actually put any of the politicians on notice? But look on the brightside, when they legalize x millions of spics, open the borders for non-whites, force your children to have hormone treatments, and stop you from fighting back in any meaningful way, at least you'll be able to pray, provided you end it with "awomen". Well played, glowniggers.
>>6759 >Trump completely cucked This is beyond Trump now. The kikes are targeting everyone that they don't control. The Qfags need to get on board, and get prepared for anything that happens. > but didn't actually put any of the politicians on notice I would say that they all noticed, which is why they dropped the illusion. If this doesn't wake up the boomers to how fucked things actually are, nothing will.
(510.05 KB 1231x623 ClipboardImage.png)

Have a gift, courtesy of /fascist/.
(144.55 KB 764x960 a few good men.jpg)

>>6759 Haha, you're funny Japan. You get the rope last. Friendly reminder that >>6391 is dead on. Don't bother with that "blaze of glory" and "mass shooting" shit. We're already past the point for that, public opinion has changed enough that freak martyrs are no longer needed. Reminder that HALF of all homicide cases in 2020 went unsolved in America. Reminder that anyone who makes their name and occupation publicly available can have their address found through clearnet means as shown by this nigger: >>6775 using shit like white pages, let alone what $50 worth of BTC can get you on the deep web whether having a social manipulator sneak information out of said public officials. Congressmen have had their emails hacked by their wives giving up enough personally identifying information to people claiming to work for their cable company to get past security questions. Sure, your average FEDERAL congressman has a security detail either on-hand or a phone call away, but your average state level congressman does not, nor does your average district attorney, police chief, news anchor, or court judge up to about the federal appeals court level. They live in rich neighborhoods, but you can develop basic lock picking skills in about two weeks of training, most of them live along public roads, and it only takes a flick of the finger to make something go from "on" to "off." Let the black market choke the state. It's time public officials were gifted the fear of god that kept their predecessors in check.
>>6759 Look on the bright side, at least you showed how much better you are than the SJWs
>>6734 esad retard
>>6667 of course it's q bullshit
(356.69 KB 689x5345 ClipboardImage.png)

(755.07 KB 633x2751 ClipboardImage.png)

>Pelosi Pressed Pentagon on Safeguards to Prevent Trump From Ordering Military Action >In a phone call to the chairman, Gen. Mark A. Milley, Ms. Pelosi appeared to be seeking to have the Pentagon leadership essentially remove Mr. Trump from his authorities as the commander in chief. That could be accomplished by ignoring the president’s orders or slowing them by questioning whether they were issued legally >But some Defense Department officials clearly resented being asked to act outside of the legal authority of the 25th Amendment and saw it as more evidence of a broken political system. They said that some political leaders were trying to get the Pentagon to do the work of Congress and cabinet secretaries, who have legal options to remove a president >Mr. Trump, they noted, is still the commander in chief; unless he is removed, the military is bound to follow his lawful orders. While military officials can refuse to carry out orders they view as illegal — or slow the process by sending those orders for careful legal review — they cannot remove the president from the chain of command. That would amount to a military coup, the officials said https://archive.is/75frJ >Rage at Capitol assault makes excuses for summer riots all the more disgraceful >The right-wing political violence was met with universal rebuke from politicians of both parties and the media. But many of those who are loudest in condemning the Capitol Hill riot went radio-silent when rioters destroyed and looted in the name of Black Lives Matter >Vice President-elect Kamala Harris encouraged her millions of Twitter followers to donate to a Minnesota crowd-funding effort that paid bail for accused rioters. So, too, did more than a dozen Joe Biden campaign staffers. The Minnesota Freedom Fund raked in more than $35 million in donations with their help >The upshot should be clear: The deadly storming of the Capitol building is the logical outcome of norms set by the left in 2020. By winking at and apologizing for Antifa, liberal elites telegraphed that political grievances ought to be resolved through violence https://archive.is/RHJSQ
Pence is the worst kind of traitor. Traitors need to fear the Patriots.
>LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks in Alamo, TX at the 450th Mile of New Border Wall https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=c_WNI43s3ds
Had to repost it again. >LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks in Alamo, TX at the 450th Mile of New Border Wall https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=c_WNI43s3ds
Fuck, forgot that you can't direct-link YouTube anymore. Please no bully.
(20.79 MB 640x352 new USA national anthem.mp4)

It's over, the future is now!

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