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(294.04 KB 220x185 tenor.gif)
(((they))) fell for the boogalo meme Anonymous 06/03/2020 (Wed) 17:27:41 ID:083454 No. 672
>be dumbass jews, try to incite unrest >send out antifag brainlets >brainlets clash with nogs >pepe stays comfy at home, smiling >chaos ensues rofl my rolfing ass roff
here let me laff even harder https://tenorPlease use archive.today/search/risitas-gifs
Why is Germany so intent upon shitting up /pol/?
>>677 why are u a dumbass? no one knows, no one cares. moving on.... >soros so butthurt it didn't work he's unleashing his commie stooges all over yurop now. (((niggers))) rioting in paris, rotterdam, london, all the nwo shithole cities swamped by niggers roflmao
reminder that with jews, you lose. ww3 next lol
(59.75 KB 256x256 alps-pepe.png)
holy fucking shit this is comedy gold, i will die of laughter before the real jew killing even starts
>whites having businesses near nog areas Unlikely >anyone having enough time to go nog sightseeing Very Unlikely Result: only simp faggots at the riots, trying to explain to Monsieur DeShawn how they're one of the good ones.
(424.49 KB 1896x384 commie_knee-benders.jpg)
>>686 what are you even talking about knee bender go suck some niggerdick or something
the reality is that the usa is finished. the kikes have taken you over 100% and you are in the endgame. america will cease to exist in the next 5 years.
>>686 >strong black woman tells soy to fuck off <you don't know what you're talking about is this an example of horseshoe theory :^)
your kike cuckstick on a jewstick is hiding in his golf bunker and holds up a bible (which he does not believe in, search "my little cracker" + "trump" on jewtube) to pander to his braindead boomer audience thinking that will be enough to get him re-elected. newsflash you zog puppet, it doesn't even matter who gets elected in your shithole, the brics will nuke you anyway, including us and the west. so long, and thanks for the fish fgt
(13.03 KB 800x800 blm.png)
(105.88 KB 485x494 i_hav_a_dreem.jpg)
until then, have some meme material. the shit will get real ugly fast enough. these (((crazy commie globalist kikes))) will start ww3, just as pike said (search "albert pike" + "ww3")
(69.53 KB 618x410 zogbots.jpg)
the (((federal govt))) (aka zog regime of usa) has officially bent the knee to it's terrorist overlords, and trump is part of it. soon you will all fight for you lives when they unleash the full military on your disillusioned asses. the faces of the boomers will be priceless when they realize that they too have become free game.
>>672 >>673 >>678 >>679 >>680 >>689 >>694 >>696 We have IDs here, you can't samefag.
>>703 i'm not fagging anything, i tell it like it is. like it or not.
(879.53 KB 1296x1432 takingaknee.png)
>>677 Is not Germany, just some kike living there samefagging here
>>748 s-sum kike retard. open your eyes. god doesn't give a fuck about nationalities and neither should you.
i am redpilled more than any of you cucks. here, some wisdom for free- america has spoken. they want socialism, legalized murder, legalized mental illness, and ultimately satan. they don't want conservative views at all. they don't want christians to be apart of society, because it goes against their very lusts and sinful desires. hence why there is never backlash against islam when they kill, but they always attack christians. satan has no issues with buddhism, hinduism, islam, catholicism, because they're all equally lost. hence why they can all unite and relate, because they belong to the same master. these religions will unite into a "world religion" (satanism, nwo), and that's what we're seeing today. they aren't protesting about some dead nigger covid or trump anymore, they're chanting for globalization and unity into a single cause. world government. one world religion. fuck them all. we should kill them all while we still have time, but that would be a butcher's job - these cretin outnumber us 90 to 10. ultimately, only 10% of mankind will be allowed into the afterlife and near the lord. let that sink in. bitches.
>>753 >we should kill them all while we still have time This. And only this.
>>716 It continues to be hilarious that they missed this.
>>672 In the end some Feds came in calling themselves the Boogaloo Boys and committed violence so the media could continue their "opposite day" routine of claiming blacks dindu nuffin and whites are evil as these feral niggers destroy everything they touch. Of course Trump declares Antifa to be terrorists but not BLM because he desperately wants those 2 black extra votes. So the moral of the story is even if kike lies have zero basis in reality whatsoever they will have their Fed pets come in to fabricate evidence for their lies. Also Trump is useless to whites, but we already knew that.
(550.33 KB 2222x1667 982498547610656.jpg)
(570.12 KB 600x450 Meanwhile, in Britain.png)
Its not just USA, there have been riots in most if not all multicultural shitholes.
>>752 >god doesn't give a fuck about nationalities and neither should you. God is not a mortal, and lying sack of shit pretending nationalities and race aren't something we need to worry about retard.
(92.57 KB 670x376 Raz for President.jpg)
>Takeover a 6 block square of Seattle to become autonomous zone called CHAZ. >Build walls and have armed police-like unit that you accuse evil drumpf of being wrong for doing. >Leader is a trans that identifies as a lesbian. >Food rations are depleted because of all the homeless you let in. >Beg for food but ask that it be soy-based and vegan. >Beg for funding from gofundme to continue your anarchist larping session because you didn't plan for any of this. >Xim threatens to kill self if you criticize them on twitter but gets dethroned by a black rapper named Raz. >The collapse of this commie utopia you dreamed up doesn't even last 24 hours as it becomes the biggest joke in American history. If this isn't the perfect example of why leftism and communism doesn't work, I don't know what will. Let these idiots continue to harm themselves when they face reality of their immature actions like that protester who got his head caved by a confederate state that their comrades tore down.
>>762 It wasn't TRUE anarchism. If I were the leader, I would do better.
>>762 >Tfw I watched this movie for the first time yesterday, and suddenly there's a bunch of screenshots popping up comparing Raz to the President in Idiocrazy. What the fuck is going on in this world
>>764 Retards compare absolutely everything to Idiocracy. It's a great movie but people often act like it's the fucking bible. Find anything in the slightest ridiculous? That's literally Idiocracy right there, it's the exact same fucking thing, the movie is a fucking prophecy. It is incredibly obnoxious to see it every time. One or two comparisons? Sure, not a problem in the slightest, in fact it can even be funny. But not for fucking everything at any moment in time anything happens.
>>763 >They couldn't get food so they probably just gave up. >couldn't get food >gave up Communism in a nutshell.
(1.34 KB 15x8 ghst 1.png)
(1.34 KB 15x8 ghst 1.png)
https://Webm or instances.invidio.us/LAf0QnLFS7Q
>>753 >murder is bad >kill them all Maybe you will start to see murder as the necessity that it is. Conservatives are just as corrupt as any other political party. >>762 They are too brainwashed to practice cannibalism which would make them more successful. All they have is vegan rage but that dries up quickly. >>763 Correct, if there was cannibalism it would be better
>>752 Kill yourself faggot.
(117.32 KB 1024x748 hitler_oven.jpg)
>>752 >nationalities and race don't matter goy, we are all equal >t.kike Get in the oven Shlomo, you are not fooling anyone here.
(170.75 KB 750x750 a christcuck's wet dream.jpg)
>>752 The Christcuck reveals his final form
>>752 >oy gevalt Your god moloch might not. Oven yourself.

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