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(110.86 KB 678x680 All is lost.jpg)

Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 00:56:18 Id: 000000 No. 7183
>Obama is elected >Shock to the system, Boomers begin waking up. >Millennials grow up in the rising socjus mania at college, internalize their triggering, letting it learn and grow >Housing market implodes in 2008, stagflation fucks millennials >Ron Paul undermines the GOP and the whole political landscape, casting irrefutable skepticism on all US politics >the Alt-right stirs circa 2010 >the GOP loses again in 2012, discredited >Socjus liberals intensify their mania, the 2012 election doesn't end because of king nigger >the consequent clampdown on the internet begins. Reddit's growth spills over into 4chan moderation > 2013 jannie leaks happen >the Alt-right begins moving off the internet into the real world >8chan is created >2014 midterms cuck Obama, deranging liberals notably. Ripple effect is felt everywhere culturally >Gamergate pulls the ripcord, everything explodes >Culture war becomes hot. A half year of cyber warfare rages, spilling over everything. >Summer 2015, a Hero appears >everyone coalesces around Trump. The alt-right, gamergate, skeptics, conservatives, Boomers. >run clean the fuck over the pathetic fetters of the GOP, Jeb! >COUGHING FIT, PANTS OF SHIT >Win the fucking presidential race. 6-8 years of organic online right-wing and cultural growth are vindicated. >the dumbass won by accident. Trump was completely unprepared. He had no one reliable around him. Goes into office with the GOP circling >Russiagate happens, a Deep State coup. Trump is exposed as a bullshitter, runs in the corner and lets Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Bibi and Jared run the executive branch. >Fast forward four years of endless blackpills, a fake impeachment, and a plandemic. >Trump loses 2024. Who knows if it is stolen? Who cares? Alt-right is dead, skeptics are forgotten, Gamergate lost, videogames are a diseased husk. No one cares about libertarianism. No one really believes in liberalism or leftism, they are exhausted by the Long War. Everything on the right consumed the min its blackhole death spiral. Just blackpills everywhere. Utterly no hope.
Everyone scumfuck politician really did Ron Paul a dirty one, huh.
only way out of this shit hole is A C C E L E R A T E
>>7198 Nigger what the hell do you think is already happening? Does it not count unless some trannybot is pressing xiz boot direct onto your neck?
Only newfags are blackpilled as in depression. Resist to the end, shitpost like you can't be stopped, remember that this too shall pass. Everything is cyclical, all regimes overextend their power, everything falls apart eventually. The hubris of the enemy will be their undoing and nothing they can do to us can prevent their own self-destructive qualities from eventually claiming them. The whole dilemma of the uniparty in the U.S and the rigged elections long predates Trump, and that was known. This isn't a new place we're in, more people just happen to see it than they have for quite a while. The fire rises.
>Just blackpills everywhere. If you were sick of them you'd stop contributing to it, you're clearly pro niggerpill, so please fuck off promptly there's enough here as it is already. Literally any asshole can do what you're doing and the ones with a shred of sense were doing it when Trump *wasn't* campaigning and left everything to go to shit around him. From the outset anyone deluded enough to think he was going to fix america's problems needed to wise the fuck up, a wild card is not a plan. I'm not saying he's not the best president in living memory but he was inflated waaaaaay beyond what he was ever capable of early on and his persistent shitmouthery only threw fuel on the fire of that false perception. Attaching all this doomfag imagery and 'no hope' whining to these posts is just you faggots highlighting how weak (you) personally are, it's got fuck all to do with the rest of the anons on these boards, *thats* what's so obnoxious about Niggerpills, they're fucking selfish, might well be tripfags expecting people to give a shit that they're 'back' as if anyone ever gave a flying fuck they were here in the first place. Get the fuck over yourselves you Slowpoke asshats, it's just so fucking boring more than anything else.
(21.58 KB 354x363 pepe you so naughty.jpeg)

>>7208 Today, I got to chat with a MAGAman who is sick of the masks while I was buying gasoline. Not all is lost, frens, there are many people around you who are sick of this clown world bullshit. Go into as many places as you can without wearing a mask. You'd be surprised at all the people, even the shitlibs, who won't even stop you. Hell, some might even join you in rejecting this fucked up world made by the nose people.
>Trump loses 2024 <implying Trump isn't just going to either quietly retire in disgrace (knowing no matter what historians will forever list him as the worst president ever) or go to prison on probably bullshit charges.
>>7208 >8 years is newfag you are the newfag
>>7183 > utterly no hope I think this statement true, yes, but there is also contra-indicators out there...very, very annoying contra-indicators. For example, on normalfag talk radio people are calling in pissed off at the steal and how Trump's been treated then they say they hate Republicans but will vote for Trump in 2024. vote....for..... vote. trump 2024 Did they get a memo that elections will be un-riggered that I didn't get?
>>7225 This guy gets it. Think an indirect ancestress of mine--Lady Godiva. She protested boldly yet modestly. She didn't shout 'Look upon the glory of my aristocratic naked breasts' Be bold not boastful, firm not proud..no need to throw a fit to not submit. Rise above it. We also have to find ways to challenge the weeek points in the bread (urban essentials transport) and circuses (incessant propaganda) so we can i dunno do a barrel roll or something
>>7245 >>7246 It does not matter. We already did that. We already stormed in on the radio and the internet and in real life and stood up and made our voices heard. We sent a manly, self-funded billionaire with a chaos streak into the White House and he was turned into fish food, not without his own help. It did not fucking matter. It does not fucking matter that you can "speak" something. They are in complete and total and utter control at this point, and we proved that Varg was right, that the system just cannot and will not be reformed. Run for the hills.
>>7243 I never said 8 years was the cutoff, baby man.
>>7190 >One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. wise/10
>>7254 >gets mad >"baby man" pretty lame
>>7245 >Did they get a memo that elections will be un-riggered that I didn't get? Boomers and Gen-Xers are pretty retarded. I read that Qfags are also buying the Biden is one of them BS. The only legal thing to really do is to improve ourselves, amass land, knowledge and wealth, and wait for these dumb niggers to die. After that, we need to purge the country of all Zionists. It won't be hard either. Yids are hated by every group and race under the sun, except the Boomer.
>>7283 It is an accurate description of one so limited in his IB experience, one day you will reach maturity and become a man baby.
>>7183 >Trump loses 2024. Who knows if it is stolen? Who cares? Alt-right is dead, skeptics are forgotten, Gamergate lost, videogames are a diseased husk. No one cares about libertarianism. No one really believes in liberalism or leftism, they are exhausted by the Long War. Everything on the right consumed the min its blackhole death spiral. Just blackpills everywhere. Utterly no hope. Holy based Also go outside you incel
>>7284 >I read that Qfags are also buying the Biden is one of them That's hilarious levels of cope. First they deny that Trump was one of them because he didn't do jack shit in the end, and then they pretend as if the guy they were afraid of was actually on their side the whole time. Don't worry, guys! It's all "part of the plan!" the Day of The Rope is still coming, just wait a little longer. A little longer. A little longer. Jesus is still coming, too. He's been coming for 1000 years, but it'll be any minute now!
>>7183 Trump was a plant from the beginning. Democracy was never real, its a completely close and staged show mean to placate the goyim. The judeo-masons that run the show saw that there was an organic right-wing anti-jew movement picking up speed so they put in their "le edgy outsider xD" character in who proceeded to suck kike dick and talk about how much niggers and spics loved him while condemning any pro-white groups. DEMOCRACY ISN'T REAL.
(430.32 KB 840x520 HM.png)

There is no political solution. It's only a blackpill until you realize everyone else is starting to understand that too.
>>7252 You go watch what the Monoparty is doing in the media right now, or take a stroll through DC, you do that and tell me that is how one acts when they've "won" and feel secure in their power. Their hold on office means jack shit when their strangle hold on the minds of the (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me)s is slipping, and they fucking know it. They're scared as fuck right now. You take that black pill and shove it up your ass.
>>7384 There's no *legislative solution, you mean. What the right has for a long time forgotten is that good government is not the foundation of a good society, good government is an outgrowth of a good society. You can not fix cultural problems with legislative solutions. For some stupid fucking reason around the 60's the GOP abandoned the culture war, thinking that if we just hold our ground and get some messiah figures in office that'll fix all our problems. That's been our mistake we keep making. just look at the Q-Tards. "Trust the Plan" aka "Do nothing and wait for the Authorities to fix it". The way forward for the Right is local power. Take the National Populist momentum Trump built up and use that to push a movement of self improvement, community ties and strength make it so the Federal government is unnecessary for your people's continued prosperity, become ungovernable. Basically, we need to engineer the Nullification Crisis 2.0
>>7879 Good luck doing that when the government which blatantly cheats in elections sics dogs on you when you refuse to bow down before a roving band a chimps that comes to burn down your neighborhood. >become ungovernable. This is the correct part of your post. I guess the rest is correct in a way as well, but you're not treating it with the gravity that it requires. Your community ties will need to largely be underground, because they'll be deemed illegal if they don't show allegiance to the government. The current government has successfully cheated their way into power, and is doing everything to make it easier to continue to do that in the future, so elections are off the table. But perhaps that's a good thing. Some argue elections are just tools to keep people pacified. Now they are much less effective at doing that. So be it. This is what the second amendment is for.
(50.63 KB 420x336 Lost Gardens of Heligan.jpg)

>>7183 Just give up with /v/ideo games, there are plenty of /pol/-approved hobbies you could get into like picture related. Why bother with anything that that is controlled by (((them)))? Besides /v/ filled with nothing but retards.
>>7889 Running away from the culture war is not the answer.
>>7912 Sure, I agree, but what can be done? Have you ever read "The Myth of Sisyphus" by Camus? It's been a great inspiration in my life, because the simple story of rolling a boulder up a hill, but remaining happy, has been useful in times of need. I think that the lessons of that treatise, namely, suicide (or getting out of politics/hobbies) is not logically valid. Suicide does not answer problems, it only removes variables. Likewise, getting out of video games, books, TV, etc., is not the answer. Yet, what can be done to halt the spread of Jewish propaganda and Jewish news? When you engage in these forms of media, they warp your mind, or, at the very least, prevent you from achieving any sort of enlightenment. Pressing buttons on a controller, or a remote, or arguing with brainwashed retards, solves nothing. With that state of imageboards currently as is, can you blame us for not wanting to play anymore? I see no answer to the question of our time, namely, how can one navigate in a hostile, collapsing empire? Is there any point in trying to save the West, or should we just rebuild? How do you protect something that you're one people hate? I have been attacked for saying I want to see the homeland (Europe), by other whites. Isn't the world your home? Why do you place so much emphasis on Europe? These types of interactions can easily beat you down.
(1.28 MB 3328x2332 nuremberg laws.jpg)

(207.80 KB 964x771 farm.png)

>>7382 >>7881 Oh, the leaf again. How do you like being a Mamzer? Still hanging on to hope you'll be loved if you just virtue signal a little harder? >>7384 >DEMOCRACY ISN'T REAL Democracy is not kosher because bribing all those (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me)s is expensive as fuck. Whereas bribing a single führer is dirt cheap. Hitler made the typical n00b mistake of thinking that you can just jump in and take over the Jews' herd of brainless goy livestock, and as long as you aren't ACKCHYUALLY Jewish everything will be fine. And it worked, for a while. But when you punish independence and reward leeching off the state, you end up with a bunch of fucking parasites whether Jewish or otherwise. And that is exactly where Germany is today. This is not a political, but a genetic problem. To fix a genetic problem short term you need physical removal. To fix it long term you need to change the selective environment so that independence is rewarded and parasitism is punished. That is where democracy comes in.
>>7183 I used to fight against the jews. Then, came the simps, and tried to force me to fight to protect parasites. The parasites known as women. I stopped to fight then and there. Then, those same simps threatened to lynch me for wanting to have my own harem of young (bellow 18 years old) fully developed women. Then those same simps wanted to ostracize me for wanting more than one woman to live with me for life. Now, I actively fight against my own race, because it is composed of nothing but traitors that want to turn our world into a hell worse than the jew controlled hell that we have now. The simps want a world ruled by women, with simps as close second class citizens, and everyone else as distant third class citizens, being treated as beasts of burden so only the top 10% of men can procreate, while everyone else is prevented from doing so. Might as well become another traitor, but for my own cause. And so I did.
>>7935 aklını sikiyim hemşeri
>>7929 >Oh, the leaf again. I'm 7881. 7382 is a different guy and I think he's a fag. But if you're just complaining about The Eternal Leaf, then I don't blame you. >>7935 >Then those same simps wanted to ostracize me for wanting more than one woman to live with me for life. I agree with your overall sentiment, but want to note that harems aren't really conductive to a stable and productive society. You're left with a bunch of men that have no chance of reproducing, so they have no motivation to contribute. You're lucky if they become herbivore men. They might just become general thugs or start doing mass murder suicides. Why wouldn't they? I assume you're thinking only the top 10% procreating would be good long term, to create a race of supermen or something, and there is logic to your ideas, but the mid-range effects would be disastrous, so I don't think it would get far enough along to really feel the positive effects you seek.

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