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Leftist Thinktank Funding Circlejerk Revealed Anonymous 02/02/2021 (Tue) 15:01:09 Id: db7a5c No. 7702
Courtesy of Spiked. https://www.spiked-online(Please use archive.today)/2021/01/29/the-billionaire-takeover-of-civil-society/ >Instead, the kind of organisation that tends to drive the political agenda is generally billionaire (or at least multimillionaire) funded. The most well-known examples here are groups funded by conservatives like the Koch brothers and large companies like ExxonMobil. I had naively assumed that others criticised these organisations for the same reasons I did – because their actions undermined the principle of democratic equality by giving the impression that their ideas enjoyed far more backing than they did. >However, I stand corrected. >The first piece of this funding machine is the grassroots groups. Take the environmentalist Sunrise Movement. You may remember it as the group of youth activists who staged a sit-in at House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, which was joined by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a high-profile media event that resulted (according to the Sunrise Movement) in 4,000 articles being published about it within 48 hours. The Sunrise Movement was founded in 2017 and its goal, among other climate-related issues, is to push the Green New Deal through the US legislature. >The ‘engineered’ aspect of many of these social-change organisations comes through in myriad ways. For example, members frequently refer to ‘how-to’ manuals and books for creating social change (of any kind) according to a fairly technical blueprint. >‘Momentum taught us that movements don’t happen by accident’, and that they needed to ‘prepare in advance a movement to go viral’. Speakers stressed the need to become ‘the dominant political alignment’ which ‘defines the common sense of society’ and ‘directs social and economic policy’. Having realised that this would require ‘tak[ing] over the entire United States and all the institutions in it’, they began ‘finding and developing our first leaders’. This involved moving activists into ‘dorm-style Sunrise Movement Houses for three to six months’ in order to create leaders who had a deep level of commitment ‘for everything that would come afterwards’. HOLY FUCK.
>non working link >HOLY FUCK. Did you or the author think that "Soros" is just a "antisemitic /pol meme"? Yeah of course Soros a long time ago has bought from the CIA "amnesty international". Today they no longer lobby for terrorists in the West and (((dissidents))) in the East but for mundane abortion in Ireland. Killing Paddys before they start to bother. Beside of whales like Soros there are many small sharks that undermine western White native societies. That keeps them out of scrutiny and supervision that state founding is under. How do you think the mass-invasion of 2015 was organized, the Black Block antifa is financed? That are networks like they are used in money laundering to keep the public in the dark who is behind "civil society" NGO, the deep state is.
>>7702 That is why you kill leftard activists and their supporters without question. Their politics must never be tolerated. Their changes must never be allowed. Kill them for existing, and impose your politics upon everyone else. There is no room for democracy. The world must be like we want it to be, or else everyone must be killed and everything must be destroyed.
Related news (funding part and all) https://archive.ph/wip/e6chf https://www.pgurus.com/banned-terror-outfit-sfj-behind-the-sponsoring-of-anti-india-and-celebrities-tweets-on-farmers-strike-operating-through-canadian-foundation-and-websites-from-uk-and-germany/ https://archive.ph/nDtmN https://nypost.com/2021/02/04/greta-thunberg-faces-probe-in-india-over-farm-protest-tweets/ Greta the autist tweeted a link with a "toolkit" showing how all events were organised, and the next target was India's farmer "revolt". And from there was links to various organisation. On a tangentially related news https://archive.ph/wip/C5pxc https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/bill-gates-neo-feudalism-farmer-bill/ Bill Gates is the largest owner of farmland in the US, the goal would be the sole provider of food in the world. And linking it with previous event, the same land grab seems to be occuring throughout the world, right now in India.
>>7702 Here's the archived link for spiked-online: https://archive.vn/ixdNR

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