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(199.16 KB 1280x720 6.jpg)

The Importance of the US Military Anonymous 02/02/2021 (Tue) 21:12:15 Id: c41145 No. 7720
Penny for your thoughts (Hello, I just arrived from Leddit, please bully me)s https://(Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/)/yyv3A7R9YCg
(2.22 MB 340x255 1611234498949.gif)

>>7720 Bullshit. The US military had ONE fucking job above any others and on Jan 20th, 2021 they fucking failed to do that ONE fucking job and protect the Constitution from a CCP election rigging. In fact, they stood around for months looking confused. All the support of money, manpower, weapons, and fucking praise amounted to nothing. Their honor is now has a permanent CCP cum stain. They are now going full tranny troop and ccp/pissrael owned. Fuck off OP.
>>7769 Also wasn't there talk from Lt. Gen. McInerney that the US military was going to expose the fraud with the Kraken and that there were going to be widespread arrests of those taking part in it? Where did that disappear? All I saw was the National Guard standing around at the capitol without their rifles and sleeping on dismantled cardboard boxes because Pelosi didn't trust them to not shoot her.
(2.02 MB 360x202 1uqxmh.gif)

>>7775 There are people that know the problem, the issue is for all the funding and power they have, they are incapable of doing a fucking thing other than sit on a dick while the others are too uninformed and too incompetent to do anything other than scrub floors with a toothbrush and kill sandnigger goat and camel fuckers in the middle of nowhere.
(19.47 KB 279x145 cadhits.jpg)

>>7769 Was it really a surprise that your Army isn't all QAnon fags? It took this long to learn being stuck in an online echo chamber works both ways? There was undeniable fuckery in the election but it's not the first and they're the establishment's military, they were always going to protect them because there is/was nothing to replace that lumbering leviathan with but some faggots with flags and a dick in a viking hat. Overturning the US government means actually removing (((them))) all and replacing/updating the entire system with a completely different new one that's formulated and ready to replace them BEFORE you act to remove them, there's no reforming from within, it just won't happen, another 'party' isn't going to work either because it'd still stuck with their old ruleset which is rigged in the establishments favour no matter any claims to the contrary. The system is built to enrich those who play it well no matter their espoused allegiances and dance through the loopholes and that will go on until it is violently extracted from its position. Everyone screams 'glownigger' when violent revolution is brought up since that NZ mud cull but it's not going to happen any other way and those that think it will are naive lambs to the slaughter, soon to be co-opted useful idiots, or just establishment voices themselves trying to keep the people from clearing their house of vermin. Literally the only way to unfuck yourselves is to form a civilian militia and counter government (with many heads cos one will be culled quickly) and rule better than they do, absorb pieces of states bit by bit until they collapse but of course to do that relatively bloodlessly you'd have to turn the establishment military and that means paying and housing them better than the establishment currently does and since around 50% of your cucktaxes go straight to them you're shit out of luck until you get the majority to stop paying taxes and be motivated to actually make a new system that isn't so manifestly corrupt.
(107.17 KB 952x960 1607179496756.jpg)

>>7777 Nice quads nigger. And I am only pointing out the obvious, the world finally has definitive proof that the US military has discredited itself by failing in it's primary duty. The only reason for it's existence, earned merit, and praise is officially no more in the eyes of every legit American Patriot. All that you mentioned, while admittedly true, was earlier not truly known. NOW everyone knows it and has the fucking receipts that they are a fucking joke and can't do their one fucking job and purpose.
(23.66 KB 571x287 soon.jpg)

>>7779 I've watched my own and your government go from having a sliver of respectability to being a pair of fucking jokes in my lifetime (although yous got an early dink in with Reagan and the Royals have always been a background lodestone here) and given the amount of money they sit on we'll be lucky to see the back of them. It's a grimly depressing thought that they could bunker down cut themselves off and both hang on to the husks of our nations bleeding them until 'the people' are an unrecognisable melange of self interested, self serving groups tearing at each other rather than them. I'm seeing Blade Runner sized screens with John Jackson and Jack Johnson announcing they're running for president and no-one has ever seen either IRL cos they're deepfaked Boston Dynamics androids, meanwhile the mercury rain fills the potholes. The 'ruling class' needs to go, they've gotten too cosy and self assured that they and their fucking kids are in the job forever, dynasties both royal and political are vampire squids, that they don't understand or care that their lopsided enduring influence is inherently malignant and undesriable for a well functioning political system is just fucking typical of the smugly grinning, backhand loving cunts. They'll *always* fuck us, every hole they can get into, the sooner everyone gets it and lives like it the better.
>>7776 Then I guess they're not useful or necessary, huh?
I can't help but laugh that even /pol/ doesn't know that military bodies are meant to stay away from politics in any countries practicing democracy. The US military isn't an exception, it had never tried coup d'etat even once since 1776.
>>7781 The rise of all the QAnon bullshit made me completely aware that a large portion of the voting public could easily be convinced to vote for a literal ghost. A anonymous presence that doesn't actually exist, just tweets and throws out cryptic messages every once in a while. Never appears on TV, nobody's ever seen or heard of him, doesn't have any sort of recorded past. Just a voice of faux revolution whispering to the retards that if they just sign away the rest of their rights (and I mean employee rights, not the right to own guns and shit) they'll be taken care of because they're the "chosen" people.
>>7890 Pretty obvious thread derail there shill.
(30.48 KB 400x348 goodpoint.jpg)

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