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(38.28 KB 700x488 ChsigmbXIAA-3sGa.jpg)

new edition Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 15:28:12 No. 966
(66.53 KB 960x838 328ihfiehshd.jpg)

(492.37 KB 1792x1456 3459jfosdfssd.jpg)

(284.56 KB 1200x1600 5792yydwd ad.jpg)

(202.38 KB 1366x768 6218euqgdu01.png)

(178.51 KB 1366x658 6218euqgdu02.png)

>>984 Comparison of christian iconoclast to BLM statue removal is majestic. Saved.
(1.82 MB 1366x3115 45309uofdofb.jpg)

(84.15 KB 800x420 59439usidhia.jpg)

(133.43 KB 880x944 78392iehwd.jpg)

(89.45 KB 960x868 1589309030-0.jpg)

(101.04 KB 754x767 1589320038-4.png)

lets get some real redpills going
>>5275 Here, a real redpill.
>>5276 >wall of text didnt read
>>5275 Based
>>5277 >Political discussion board >Constantly complaining about immigrants and nonwhites >Well-reasoned post >Complains about length of text Found the nigger
>>5286 >political discussion board Protip: /pol/ isn’t short for “politics” it stands for “politically incorrect” If you love immigrants and non-whites, perhaps a board called “politically incorrect” isn’t for you.
>>5303 He never implied liking immigrants and nonwhites, get some reading comprehension.
>>5275 more about resisting American imperialism than their financial system. Cuba would be 100% better with a more capitalist system.
(13.79 MB 848x464 mp4.mp4)

>>984 >Nanocuck Yeah I don't give a shit but I'll piss on its grave.
>>5275 >Solid Education Puta! This is some Kvetching lies.
(156.43 KB 960x960 philosophy then and now.jpg)

>>5276 (((textwall))) Jews are so fucking illiterate LOL They're like human spambots that spew out nonstop gibberish without ever making a point or expressing an idea. I feel sorry for all the other anons who had to sit through this BS in grad school. Science and scholarship have had such a huge setback because of this mental illness.
>>8803 The number of misattributed quotes in image macros on this board has always amused me. Retards don't even do the most basic fact checking. Those Greek homos would have been just as obnoxious as Zizek in person. They executed Socrates for a reason. Read Aristophanes's The Clouds if you want a portrayal of him not filled by Plato's admiration.
(711.36 KB 828x811 32eysd8ayd8as.jpeg)

(792.64 KB 1286x726 453hifhhf.png)

(207.90 KB 800x805 49128yiuwdia1.jpg)

(710.10 KB 1366x1608 43278ydeash.jpg)

(990.36 KB 800x800 23894ihihf.png)

(124.07 KB 639x457 84503uruie.jpg)

(88.61 KB 640x609 438993uofidha.jpg)

(249.00 KB 770x433 78437qwsyau.jpg)

(483.02 KB 1366x400 49328euyiwdia.png)

(837.43 KB 1600x952 289771_original.jpg)

(164.72 KB 960x757 7543289ryhisdh.jpg)

(320.03 KB 884x1024 598792ihifhs.jpg)

(354.22 KB 1366x1500 849213iueiwdsa.jpg)

(374.10 KB 1035x1341 98452374ujroiwe.jpg)

(727.32 KB 1366x2500 932849222sdjs.jpg)

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