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Mr. "I managed to misplace $2.3 trillion of defense funds" just died Anonymous 06/30/2021 (Wed) 20:00:37 Id: 185be0 No. 9750
>Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld dies aged 88: Architect of the Iraq war who served under Bush and Ford passes away 'surrounded by family in New Mexico' https://archive.vn/W8pF4
>>9750 Good.
>>9750 I pray that his soul burn in hell for all eternity. May all his family and friends get gruesome deaths and before it, suffer through all their lives.
>>9769 Ill drink to that
>>9766 Would have been better to see him stand trial and put to death instead.
>>9771 Yeah. At least hes dead tho. He can tickle mcains taint some more.
>>9750 Fuck that criminal piece of shit who helped organize 9/11. Him and his are the biggest enemies of the US.
(54.76 KB 501x493 blyat.jpg)

>>11149 who are they...
(132.92 KB 640x649 McBrain.jpg)

>>11160 Rumsfeld, as stated by OP, was Secretary of Defence during the Bush administration. McBrain was a republican politician that had been both in the house of representatives and congress, also at one point tried to become president. Both were fairly clear-cut neocohens and were aggressively in support of the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rumsfeld even at one point as secretary of defence issued an official statement about how the war on terror is a good enough justification to simply ignore the Geneva convention regarding the torture of prisoners of war.
(1.31 MB 2048x1024 russian_trolls.jpg)

>>11175 agreed

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