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Marek’s disease vaccine (Chickens) Anonymous 07/06/2021 (Tue) 05:54:25 Id: ffc4b4 No. 9873
https://archive.ph/IahQV https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/tthis-chicken-vaccine-makes-virus-dangerous Highlights: >“With the hottest strains, every unvaccinated bird dies within 10 days. There is no human virus that is that hot. Ebola, for example, doesn’t kill everything in 10 days.” >The reason this is a problem for Marek’s disease is because the vaccine is “leaky.” A leaky vaccine is one that keeps a microbe from doing serious harm to its host, but doesn’t stop the disease from replicating and spreading to another individual. On the other hand, a “perfect” vaccine is one that sets up lifelong immunity that never wanes and blocks both infection and transmission. >The 1970s introduction of the Marek’s disease immunizations for baby chicks kept the poultry industry from collapse, but people soon learned that vaccinated birds were catching “the bug” without subsequently dying. Then, over the last half century, symptoms for Marek’s worsened. Paralysis was more permanent; brains more quickly turned to mush. >“Previously, a hot strain was so nasty, it wiped itself out. Now, you keep its host alive with a vaccine, then it can transmit and spread in the world,” Read said. “So it’s got an evolutionary future, which it didn’t have before.” >Like Marek’s vaccines, vaccines for avian influenza are leaky. For this reason, they’re banned from agricultural use in the U.S. and Europe. When bird flu breaks out in these western chicken populations, farmers must cull their herds. However, Southeast Asia uses these leaky vaccines, raising the possibility for virus evolution akin to what’s happened with Marek’s disease >“Even if this evolution happens, you don’t want to be an unvaccinated chicken,” Read said. “Food chain security and everything rests on vaccines. They are the most successful and cheapest public health interventions that we’ve ever had. We just need to consider the evolutionary consequences of these ones with leaky transmission.”
>>9873 Well that's terrifying.
>>9873 >Even if this evolution happens, you don’t want to be an unvaccinated chicken Well, just cluck my shit up then!
>>9918 Fuck it. Im not taking the vaccine and I'm going to be a hermit in a desert. This shits getting crazy.
>grow up in an ethnically homogenous white rural area with a low pop density >fall and winter are an onslaught of annoying colds with 38° C fevers >the typical influenza knocks you out flat for 4-6 days with 39° C average temp, they show up in all seasons >rural bronchitis if you're unlucky enough to get it makes you cough constantly for 2 weeks straight before slowly receding >random fevers all the time >as you get older the colds and random fevers become less relevant while the flu evolves into pneumonia capable of killing healthy adults >doctors give zero fucks and prescribe painkillers at best unless you haven't gotten the state-mandated jabs >move to an ethnically heterogenous libshit college town known for its medical research institutions >public transport doesn't involve being squished together with raging normalfag kids in overencumbered buses driven by PTSDing Serbians anymore, buses/trams run on time and are spacious though filled with everything ranging from gypsies to roaches to chinks to poos. >colds and influenza are practically gone outside of fall/winter season >influenza makes you feel like shit for 2 days then recedes on the 3rd and you're fine by the 4th day, temps rarely go above 38 >colds somehow lower body temp and also recede within a few day whereas their rural counterparts would sometimes persist for up to 12 days with mild symptoms >pneumonia only shows up near refugees and aging boomers >doctors sperg out at the mildest symptoms and shove six gorillion pills up your ass Is this similar?
>>9931 Go back to Smug, nigger.
(940.11 KB 600x450 0x40.gif)

>>9931 No. Marek's disease is a vaccine preventing a lethal strain from naturally selecting itself by simply reapplying that same lethal strain back into the system. It's an attempt at keeping you in a double-bind. The sole reason why the vaccine continues to exist is because the vaccine prevents the disease from burning itself out naturally. And in order to prevent a smaller number of deaths in the short-term, a vaccine that prevents short-term deaths is given even though it results in more in the long-term. What you have described is life from the perspective of an urbanite upon leaving his insect mound and then upon returning back to it. The annoying colds and high fevers are specifically because their immune systems are working properly. A person's immune system is strongest while they are still a newborn, which is why medical institutions shoot them up with endless numbers of vaccines right after birth with the idea that their immune system can handle a lot more pathogens. Which is why newborns work in extremes when exposed to pathogens: babies are completely unaffected by any pathogens whatsoever for a fairly long time and eventually the child briefly has a pretty massive overreaction. Do note the fact that it is not the pathogen that causes a fever, it is the immune system's response to the pathogen. The fact that people in rural areas get strong reactions, while those in urban areas get nothing at all should give you a hint: urbanites have fucked up immune systems. And the reason for it is exactly the vaccinations fucking their immune system. You could argue that this situation can have a Marek's disease type of deal with the flu being evolved into being more powerful through the vaccination, but that is simply not the case as the only people that ever have to worry about getting the next flu shot are those that got their previous one, since they become more and more prone to getting sick from it in the first place. Marek's scenario affects everyone around the vaccinated, what you have described affects only the vaccinated themselves. Urbanites might not have very strong symptoms, but the damage is definitely there. And that is ignoring all of the harmful shit in the vaccine, it is solely to do with the flaws in the concept. You get jabbed so that you could get back to your wagie cage as quickly as physically possible regardless of the cost. That is its only function.
>>9951 Also I get that they are both double-binds, but they are mechanically distinct ones. One does not translate into the other. One double-bind affects the surrounding population, while the other affects the individual dumb enough to take it. You can have one that affects the surrounding population and the individual at the same time, you can have one that affects only the individual but you won't have one that affects the surrounding population without affecting the individual. The solution to Marek's disease is simple even if it may be momentarily unpleasant: accept the fact that there will be deaths and live on with your life. Once the deaths subside, so too will the disease.
>>9951 >A person's immune system is strongest while they are still a newborn Nigger what? Newborns need to take in white blood cells and antibodies from mother's milk to handle immune responses.
This is another of the endless scare tactics globoZOG uses. "Leaky vaccines" doesn't apply to the covid vax because they do almost nothing to stop transmission: at least 200 people need to be double-vaxxed to stop one transmission. That's not a leaky vax, that's a vax that does almost nothing. Anons, please stop falling for these jewish mind tricks. The vax is what's going to kill people, not the variant-scariants.
>>10741 Correct. I am assuming they aren't raised in a test-tube but rather by their biological parents as would happen naturally. Massive assumption on my behalf, I know, but it is one I think would still be realistic to expect.

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