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Greentext Containment Thread Anonymous 09/30/2021 (Thu) 18:54:55 Id: 55133c No. 193
>implying greentexts aren't a valid form of /s/torytelling
(9.88 KB 225x225 1631213277378.jpg)

>be me in college >drinking because friends birthday >friend brings in a pack of 6/10s to lighten up the mood >after drinking around like 8 shots of vodka one girl is starting to look like breeding material >as i start to approach the girl i start sweating profusely >i shrugged it off as the heat because our dorm room's AC was down for the day >just when i was about to flirt with her the vodka comes out the same way it came down >all of the girls and my friend look in shock as I throw up the New Amsterdam and the burrito that I had a few hours on her > all of the 6/10s scattered out of the dorm room > girl looked like she wanted to kill me and her self >timetogtfo.jpg

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