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(270.03 KB 1440x800 A_long_time_ago.jpg)

/s/ QTDDTOT & Meta Thread Baja Bronze Board owner 08/08/2021 (Sun) 17:01:45 Id: f270aa No. 2
Have a question about where to begin or what story to create on /s/? Want to call the BO a prancing lala homo in a tutu? This is the place for it. FAQ Q: "Howto tripcode?" A: To use a secure tripcode, add ## in your name and a password. Q: "Howto grammar?" A: You can use https://www.englishgrammar101.com/ to learn proper grammar, or you can use grammar correction software like https://www.grammarly.com/ For information on text tags and more, please refer to: https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html
Edited last time by bajabronze on 09/11/2021 (Sat) 20:08:14.
>>2 Can I run a d10 rpg here?
>>7 Yes
>>8 K. Can you turn off per post captcha?
>>10 Done, thanks for the feedback.
>>2 I wanted to ask somewhere else, but has anyone else ever started writing, been prolific for a few months and then utterly hit a wall? I started writing seriously back in February, then from March to June I was pretty fastidious in being able to churn our short stories and vignettes, culminating in an 8,000 word story I entered in an unofficial writefag contest Which I won, not to brag or anything. but come July I've just been paralyzed. I sit down to write and can't make it more than a few seconds before I start picking everything apart. I can still come up with ideas or prompts, but when I try to put them into words I just loose steam. I tried finding any reason, writer's block, brain fog, burnout, me losing my narrative edge out of isolation? been NEETing it up over the summer after working for the last ten months I still want to write, but I just feel like I've been lobotomized every time I sit down to do so. Anyone have any insight or advice?
>>14 Go for a walk. I get restless sometimes to were I cant be arsed to fuck around inside all day. The cure for me is to go camping, or a day hike.
>>14 >>15 I concur with the other anon, you probably need to do something active to shake the rust off. If you've been "NEETing it up", I can only presume you've been pretty sedentary. My physical outlet is doing pushups, biking, and going for walks. You can never get enough of a truly good walk.
So there are no active story threads. We got banners, lounge and meta threads, two story tellers, and no ongoing stories. My excuse is I need PC's before I can really start. But that's an excuse. I could at the least get a thread up for when player's show up. Lay out basic background. Find a cool picture. Yeah either tonight or tomorrow morning thats my goal.
>>17 Sounds good, anon. I didn't want to be the first to post a /s/tory thread because I felt it would feel too forced. So, I focused on board infrastructure instead. I look forward to seeing your thread tomorrow. Personally I prefer raw imagination to number crunching in my storytelling, but it's your thread, not mine. I'll participate in it, at least a little.
>>21 Holy shit your awake. I do most my posting when noone will see. Anyway threads up. If no one bites I'll try a hunter thread tomorrow night. New update still has bugs. It didnt redirect to the new thread when I made it. Accidently made 2 but cleaned up after myself. And yeah I'm a pen and paper guy myself. I like the structure of a pnp rpg because it keeps things grounded. Personal preference.
(311.50 KB 2222x1108 REALEST SHIT.png)

(426.41 KB 360x360 GNaAWHINDOOOO.mp4)

>>25 R E A L E S T S H I T
>>44 Yeah Codexx can be a real pal. But he won't plug you forever. We should capitolize on this while the opportunity is there. Longest I seen him do it was like a week.
Just realized we arent flashing clan tags. Err colors. You know. The board banner message thing. We can link other boards with it. But more importantly they can link us. We should ask around. >>>/lit/ is a likely target, plus they are in the mini webring thing. The idk interboard linkers society. We should ask those guys. All it would cost us is the message space to shill someone elses board, and in return we get more eyes over here.
>>45 True. I think I'll import a dead thread I liked from 4/qst/, I could continue writing it to keep bumping the board and encourage anons to give /s/ a shot. More importantly, it'll be fun! >>46 The webring doesn't link to 8chan.moe anymore. If you want to know why I suggest you read the literature at >>>/site/
>>47 Not the actual webring. Screw those assholes. No other boards on moe. [Stories and quests](/s) For your own board for example when put on anothers boards board message would become Stories and quests which when clicked leads to your boards index. Several boards list each other on moe to encourage cross posting.
>>47 See >>>/k/ That BO will link anyone else on moe.
>>49 Sure, why not? Edit: I'm skeptical now. They have an NSFW board on their webring, and a borderline illegal one at that. They've also already added me under "Stories and Quests". Don't tell me you're the BO of /k/?
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/10/2021 (Tue) 05:08:55.
>>50 Heh I forgot about /zoo Yeah /b is far more illegal though come to think of it. I wouldn't add zoo if I were you. Might quietly drop it myself actually.
Can I fuck you in the ass, BO? tehe colon three.
Anon it's your first Role Player. It is an odd game he requests but hey customer is always right. I'd say go along with it.
>>53 I wouldn't be surprised if he was a buddy of yours lol >>52 No anon, this is a Christian board. You may not fuck me in the ass, even though I love Jesus.
>>54 He hasn't avatar fagged yet. Couldn't say. Anyway I think /lit/ and /tg/ would be more logical fits. The others not so much. Cleaner with just two related boards so you can still throw topical messages up from time to time. Such as this game meets at such a time on such a day. Much in the fashion say /vhs shills whichever stream is next on any given day. Plus this allows you to throw up a big MERRY CHRISTMAS on dec 25. If you filled it up with links you wouldn't have the space.
>>55 This all seems like good advice anon, and I'm absolutely down for asking /tg/ and /lit/ for their support whilst giving them ours. That said, you haven't answered my question. Are you the /k/ board owner, or is he just taking your exact suggestions? Or did you just get your suggestion from what /k/'s BO already did? Hmmm, quite a mystery...
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/10/2021 (Tue) 05:28:23.
(1.07 MB 370x174 1622416092208.gif)

>>56 I never answer a direct personal question. It is a lifelong habit to redirect and change the subject.
>>57 I'll mark you down as a "maybe". Now, enough LARPing, I need to go post in >>>/lit/ and >>>/tg/ Edit: ...You're the board owner of /lit/.
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/10/2021 (Tue) 05:34:23.
>>58 Well >>>/tg is abandoned. The only posters are me and a guy that plays magic the gathering. You could tell him in his magic the gathering thread. And yeah >>>/lit/ is a good idea.
>>58 Dammit lol you figured that one out quickly. Anyway add /lit and I'll add you. What do you want for your link? Stories and Quests?
>>60 Just "Storytelling", please. If I wanted to make a /qst/ copy I would have. I don't want this board to be solely focused on RPG-esque storytelling alone. At best I'd like /s/ to be a pleasant combo of /qst/ and /loomis/, with writing gains in every format (from manga to scripts to novels). There are few things more integral to the human spirit than the ability to tell good stories, truthful and fictional. What would you like /lit/ to be called?
>>61 >what would you like /lit to be called Oh uh. Books? Yeah. Books. Yeah I agree. Into it. All that being said I'm gonna try to run white wolf rpgs here. Although with an altered streamlined system I guess.
>>62 Alright. I helped you with tripcodes, please help me with this. How do I put "Books" as a link to your board within my board message?
>>63 [Books](/lit) Three ' at the beginning and end no spaces.
>>64 Thanks, looks good. Seems like there should be a style guide for that, haven't found it on 8moe anywhere. How'd you learn it?
>>65 On >>>/c/970 To which I started spreading that message with >>>/kin/23
>>65 And now this general too shall be referenced when anyone asks. I would link /b/ s general, but Chai keeps it floating around. And that board gets a lot of cp posted to it. I would recommend staying away.
>>67 I stay away from NSFW boards in general, bro. Thanks again for your help.
>>54 What if I dry hump you in the name of St Peter? That gotta count for something for sure.
>>73 How about you go to >>>/s/70 and make a writing prompt/short story about your shitposting urges? Remember, Romance > Smut
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/10/2021 (Tue) 19:23:08.
>>74 Did you like it?
>>74 >edited sure i'll check it out
Codexx is memorializing Terry Davis, and so we lose the plug. Got some good activity though while it was up.
>>99 I'm absolutely fine with losing our plug to 'ol Terry. >good activity The overwhelming majority of this board's activity has come from you and me, and you came before the plug was put up. It was still cool to have it though.
>>100 Yeah I guess.
>>98 Thank you anon, very cool.
I colonized this new 8san.org imageboard because why not? Someone already made a banner for it lol https://8san.org/s/
>>103 Cool banner.
(298.96 KB 1504x622 B&.png)

Apparently I was banned from the entirety of 4chan for using a tor/proxie/vpn, despite using none of those lol. Either someone's been using a tor exit node in my IP range to post on 4chan, or friends/family have been posting on 4chan with tor/proxie/vpn without me knowing. I'm no tor expert though, so I might be talking out of my ass. Funnily enough, I didn't realize I was banned for weeks because I posted from other IPs just fine as I traveled IRL.
>>115 Yeah that sounds like 4cuck. Fuck them. We have our own little cozy place right here.
(256.94 KB 1080x891 8moeElementPicardia.jpg)

(157.41 KB 830x630 ElementPicardia.jpg)

(976.93 KB 1500x2000 PicsArt_08-13-01.07.58.png)

(160.54 KB 1080x1080 PicsArt_08-13-03.40.40.jpg)

>>2 I made an Element space with several rooms for different boards/topics. It's just another place to communicate/a bunker if the board goes down. https://matrix.to/#/#8chan.moe:matrix.org https://matrix.to/#/#%2Fs%2F-Storytelling:matrix.org
(195.16 KB 2176x1056 8kun vs. 8moe.png)

8moe might actually overtake 8kun soon if it keeps growing like it did between june and july. It already outpaces 8kun in every other metric that matters besides raw page views. People browse 8moe longer, on more pages, with a lower bounce rate. https://www.similarweb.com/website/8kun.top/?competitors=8chan.moe
>>139 Neat!
>>139 Hell yeah. We got the better content.
(202.25 KB 1381x533 patchdeletedthis.PNG)

(198.92 KB 1385x528 patchdeletedthis2.PNG)

>>103 The board on 8san was deleted because I didn't log in for 2 weeks. I still posted, but I did not login. I've remade it, but I'm iffy about it since another anon told me about the site admin patch getting angy at people who make fun of him, and then that anon's posts (and mine replying to him) were deleted. Glad I use different passwords for my imageboard accounts.
(294.97 KB 2246x1125 patchdeletedthis3.PNG)

>>142 lmfao, patch is watching and the other anon keeps posting, now on /s/
>>143 Yeah that site looks gay. Acid doesn't delete shit just cause its insulting to him. Acid is a cuck for BBC. See? He doesn't care. Moe is best.
>>144 t. Acid Even if you actually are, you're still right lol.
Lol, got banned by mark for "spam" because I was call it posting with other anons. Even Root/Acid was memeing with us! An anon still has to CALL IT
>>155 Alright, I called heads, flipped it, got heads. Here we GOOOO
>>156 If that was really from Mark, I forgive him for banning me lol
(56.00 KB 1172x294 mark rage 6.png)

(31.71 KB 1307x179 mark rage 7.png)

>>155 Mark is a fat kike, if you weren't aware.
>>158 I'm fully aware. You're a very obnoxious poster yourself.
>>158 Y'know what, this is an imageboard after all, so imma go full tinfoil here: You're Mark, and you've been shitposting and "banning" yourself. Why? For the lulz of course. My "proof"? The /gg/ thread was going great until Mark deleted our CALL IT funposting, and then immediately afterward your spamming began afresh. Therefore, you and Mark MUST be the same person. Why else would someone who hates /gg/ so much spend so much time shitposting in the very thread that keeps it on life support? If someone truly hated gamergate, they'd rant about it on twitter or halfchan, or anywhere else that isn't /gg/ HQ. What kind of retard would give the very thing they despise more PPH? Surely, nobody is that stupid. It must be a conspiracy!

(260.72 KB 500x507 Mydisgust.png)

>>158 Alright, this whole incident sent me flying down a rabbit hole of /cow/ worshippers and kiwi-farmers. Having done my due diligence (at least in part), I can safely say that Mark should step down from /v/ ownership as he's been considering. Congratulations spam poster, you've shone me a light into the cruel darkness of this whole affair. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/mark-mann-8chan-moe-8chan-se.91171/page-6
You know whats fun to fo when your tired of writing? Reading. And on that note I'd like to mention that /lit/ has a monthly book klub. All are invited. This month we are reading fight club by chuck palahniuk. It is pretty good and has some changes from the movie. I think you'd like it anon. Anyway heres the link >>>/lit/334
>>178 Y'eeup. This board is in limbo 'till Codex gets back to me on that thing we've been discussing, so a book club sounds like a decent way to relax.
Where did the BO go? C'mon I'm bored
>>181 I'm still here bro. I have a lot more free time this week, so I'm gonna finally enact my dumb "bring /qst/ anons to /s/ for the fun of it" plan. Codexx made a fancy thread scraper >>>/site/4095 , so /qst/ anons can easily migrate their stories here if they so choose.
Edited last time by bajabronze on 09/19/2021 (Sun) 05:50:21.
>>182 Awesome! I've been busy and uninspired for my thing sorry.
>>183 It was bound to happen eventually. Next time put a hiatus post or something lol, so people (read: mwah) know what's up.
>>184 Err gotcha sorry
>>185 No problem
(122.80 KB 1200x956 Snoopy'sTypewriter.jpg)

I found a very cool picture of a snoopy-themed japanese typewriter.
>>197 And another. Might finally do the thing, or I might put it off to do other things yet again. Dunnah.
Uh, happy birthday 8moe? lol, happened right as I came to the board.
>>214 Cool, the sage button works again
This board needs a BO. Anons who is willing to step up?

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