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(30.92 KB 1356x609 ClipboardImage.png)
(57.14 KB 724x640 ClipboardImage.png)
(70.67 KB 1688x495 ClipboardImage.png)
[Request] Replace the Board List with the Webring Menu Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 03:58:58 Id:487115 No. 1880 [Reply]
8chan.moe's boards page sucks all kinds of ass >Search is broken >Sometimes 404s for no reason (I think because of a caching issue) >No way of ungrouping boards from sites >Looks ugly as hell >Hidden behind a nondescript sandwich icon which links to a new page, instead of just being a list on the topbar Can't it be replaced by the plugin used by most of the other sites on the webring, either the popup menu or the dropdown one? They're both vastly superior to this. Thanks.
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The only point of sticking the webring as menu instead of standalone page is for people who want to see whats popular recently* (as in the past 3 hours). Anyone who want to look up dedicated board can use the board list as usual. *yesterday stats During dead hour (1-3AM usa time) only 2 boards reach PPH above 4 7-9 AM and 9-11PM only 2 boards reach PPH above 2 post per week would paint the pictures of slower boards
>>2782 Yeah. The boardlist. Where a fucking ton of dead 8chan boards are on top and not intermixed fairly with much higher activity webring boards. No. Fuck off.
>>2782 I have to agree with >>2824. Even zzz, the closest comparison, has the decency to separate local boards from webring boards on its board list to prevent either from being drowned out. On the 8moe list, webring sites are stuffed at the bottom in a manner where they blend in with the rest, making them look like they're inactive dead 8boards instead of part of their own site. Compare and contrast: https://zzzchan.xyz/boards.html https://8chan.moe/boards.js

(264.72 KB 512x512 alunya-cheeky.gif)
/leftypol/ about to lose their home Anonymous 12/20/2020 (Sun) 21:11:52 Id:03b4e6 No. 1757 [Reply]
https://archive.is/g5MsZ Just a heads up, Acid, be wary of power hungry communists in the next few weeks.
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>>1902 That was highly amusing to read, thank you for posting it
>>1895 >Pariah admin named pyongyang makes a board for trannies called /cute girl/ >everyone hates it because it's idpol >the admin gets removed >head honcho space_ then reinstates pyongyang >"bunkerchan is now in the hands of reactionaries" All of this is in the archive's OP
>>1757 why is /leftypol/ full of incel losers?

(7.23 KB 300x100 banner-banner.png)
(6.94 KB 300x100 tomorrow.png)
(7.69 KB 300x100 post-no.42069.png)
Banner Thread Anonymous 02/23/2021 (Tue) 01:16:17 Id:4a09b9 No. 1998 [Reply] [Last]
Requests, suggestions, contributions, ideas, and discussion Continuing off of >>1985 check there for some logo resources. Banner specs, if you're not aware: >300x100 px >Maximum 1MB file size Requests: >Post a picture or gif, and specify what you were thinking. >Larger images will be the easiest to /banner/ >General or board specific banner ideas are welcome as well. Banner images will resize to the default 300x100 ratio. To have any height/width ratio put this in the CSS: #bannerImage {height: unset !important} For CSS support use >>1650
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(72.20 KB 300x100 kemono1.png)
(80.24 KB 300x100 kemono2.png)
>>2141 >If search engine/pinterest somehow crawl to our banner They won't. Images from this site can't be hotlinked and will return a 404 error. Only links to different boards are being crawled. Regardless of that, here's a version with the full URL.
>>2172 Added to /u/'s banner. Thank you. I will remember to specify that next time.
(6.12 KB 300x100 banner404.png)
Here's a banner for /site/

(818.77 KB 906x4480 dead boards.png)
(182.51 KB 641x641 1527370182584.jpg)
Purge abandoned boards Anonymous 04/23/2021 (Fri) 19:46:27 Id:b91bdc No. 2298 [Reply]
Delete the boards marked as Abandoned that haven't had a single post in the last three months. This will save resources (storage, shekels, global volunteer manpower), free URIs for people who want to use them on different boards, free space on the board list, and reduce the amount of potential attack vectors for bad actors (like glowniggers posting illegal content on an unmaintained board or trolls parking URIs for no real purpose).
4 posts omitted.
>>2335 There are lots of abandoned boards with less than 10 posts that nobody would miss and only clutter the board page and the webring plugins. Some cleanup wouldn't do harm.
>>2298 This is why board creation shouldn't just be a free for all. You end up with dead boards that were never going to be active because some faggot thought it would be a good idea at the time but now doesn't care for the board. The fatass running this site won't bother deleting them though because it requires doing something.
Eh, imo boards should only be deleted upon request of someone wanting to take it under these criteria. Archive boards could get fucked under this for example, or backup boards and whatnot. It would be a shame to lose a board's content forever if it had a good amount of posts, but just happened to not have activity for a few months. Though as some people say, not all boards are created equal. This should be handled on a case by case basis rather than by any automated method imo.

(68.43 KB 1365x657 Ekran Alıntısı 434342.PNG)
Alternative Css Styles Thread Anonymous 05/12/2021 (Wed) 19:49:16 Id:a6aa36 No. 2716 [Reply]
(3.37 KB Cake v2.txt)
(2.06 KB pure.txt)
(3.10 KB Purple_Garden.txt)
These are the ones I have made or saved.
(590.40 KB 1280x1594 cake v2.png)
(365.55 KB 1280x1592 pure.png)
(364.65 KB 1280x1591 purple garden.png)
>>2734 And here screenshots of each theme.

unicode test Anonymous 03/21/2021 (Sun) 23:10:18 Id:dcc1c6 No. 2153 [Reply]
ਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ გამარჯობა नमस्कार 你好 CST ສະບາຍດີ ဟယ်လို བོད་སྐད እው ሰላም ነው Привет ආයුබෝවන් העלא ہیلو سلام ⠓ ⣇ ←⇱⇄ ᧰ ᧴

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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///chink\\\ \\\chonk///
///test\\\ (((test))) (((///test\\\))) ///(((test)))\\\

(944.00 KB 1747x2703 kill.png)
Anonymous 05/08/2021 (Sat) 19:11:13 Id:000000 No. 2356 [Reply]
Please get rid of this guy, he just nukes a thread with hundreds of replies, none of which violated the global or board rules. Apparently he did it to "punish" someone who annoyed him on a different board.
Friendly reminder: kazu made that thread cyclical to begin with.
Friendly reminder: that doesn't justify deleting it and the follow-up thread as well out of spite.
Yeah I'm not sure what happened there, the op could've just been edited, I suspect somebody's mad about something

(64.96 KB 553x595 2d.jpg)
Anonymous 06/13/2020 (Sat) 16:59:15 Id:4b3098 No. 166 [Reply]
Test thread
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foo bar foo bar foo bar
~one~ fish two fish ## red fish ### blue fish

(358.64 KB 1536x2048 1603365014435.jpeg)
On Abandoned Boards Anonymous 03/31/2021 (Wed) 15:43:34 Id:9e7c35 No. 2199 [Reply]
How would one be able to acquire one of the abandoned boards' moderating rights?
3 posts omitted.
>>2277 BO deleted it along with his other boards.
>>2278 Oh. Goddamit I was rused. At least 1 of his board is a shitposting general I can whine in.
>>2277 >>2278 >>2285 Come to /c/. One of the reasons I created it was because I grew tired of seeing boards like /anime/ and /pure/ be deleted for no reason.

(12.48 KB 240x299 hate.jpg)
Anonymous 04/18/2021 (Sun) 14:01:23 Id:e7d843 No. 2267 [Reply]
>post in /co/ >argue with some faggots, as per usual >check to see if there's any new retarded replies <the Amphibia thread I had made was baleeted <so was the post I made in the Invincible thread <Frank even does the "muh schizo" shit in a ban message (don't know if that post was mine, not that it matters; he's a faggot for simply saying that in the first place) So now that I'm more and more aware that posting at this imageboard in general is a waste of fucking time (if I wanted faggots to delete my every post for shitty reasons, I'd go to KikeTube), can I at least get a more detailed explanation as to what the fucking problem here was? Or was it just "muh low quality content" like I suspect it is, based on glancing at these faggoty rules?
2 posts omitted.
>>2272 >In any case, can you give me a specific reason as to what about Amphibia makes it worth watching? I'm the fag who only watched the first season, but I enjoyed what I watched. Is a lighthearted show that doesn't take its plot very seriously until near the end of the season, but at the same time avoids being a borefest for drooling retards like most of what CN does nowadays. Is like the early episodes of Regular Show (minus the 80's-90's references) or the first season of Gravity Falls, all with a frog theme enveloping everything. The human girl-frog kid duo appears to be annoying at first, but they have enough IQ and common sense to avoid becoming obnoxious characters like most retarded protagonists. To be honest this is one of the few modern cartoons that I would let my child watch (if I had one).
>>2273 Thanks for the information, I'll try and give it a watch at some point.
>>2272 > I said that the phrase "/co/mblr" was indeed justified) I say gaslight correctly in cuckchan /a/ in response to a weekly troll. I got 3 days ban for "/pol/ stuff". fuck their mods

(200.94 KB 480x480 Consider_the_Following.jpg)
Suggestion to make the site TOR and redchannit only for a week after sunday Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 11:42:58 Id:927650 No. 2097 [Reply]
Mark's a fuckup and he'll be doing an interview on Q within a documentary thatll be releasing on Sunday. I suggest laying low for a bit and placing the site for TOR only to avoid glowniggers/hotwheels fucking up the place over loli and newfags/spam flooding all the boards. Disconnecting from the webring for a bit might also be a good idea to minimize damages.
13 posts omitted.
(250.02 KB 1263x1786 Asuka bikini wink.jpg)
>>2114 If they do they're gonna find out that we're not Jim. We don't shill for shekels or try to make ad money here, so their retarded activity has zero value. Not to mention what they already cost us once. Free speech means free speech, so they could theoretically have their board but they won't have any red carpet special treatment like they got on 8kun, and without which I'm pretty confident that anons would take care of the rest.
>>2103 >I get the sense they just don't know what to make of this place: they're digging for a QAnon narrative, and we have nothing to offer them. It's been proposed before and as a definitely not secret journalist trying to probe you have you taken a stance on a Qnigger ban as the one exception to free and open board creation?
>>2097 >faggot refuses to have a rational argument >instead opts to act like a defensive faggot and get beaten by a superior shitposter from the promised land >get blown the fuck out when he realizes his entire argument is collapsing on out of itself >failed highschool physics so opted to go to bdsm community to get abused How does that make you feel?

(36.44 KB 334x400 blank.jpg)
TORpedo spammers Anonymous 07/15/2020 (Wed) 17:37:30 Id:4315f9 No. 342 [Reply]
I occasionally get some faggot spamming my threads using TOR, is there a way to block him from doing so? I don't want to disable it permanently from my board, I just want to ban it for a few hours a day.
1 post omitted.
May I recommend a simple solution of rate-limiting TOR posts per board? And then a more complex solution of requiring an in-browser proof-of-work for tor posting, with the work size exponentially proportional to the tor posts rate.
>>1144 Proof of work is coming in the next LynxChan update. The problem with rate-limiting is that a bad actor can block genuine posters by spamming and that's not fair to them. Proof of Work will allow us to throttle bad actors by banning their bypass while people just trying to post won't be bothered.
>>342 >faggot refuses to have a rational argument >instead opts to act like a defensive faggot and get beaten by a superior shitposter from the promised land >get blown the fuck out when he realizes his entire argument is collapsing on out of itself >failed highschool physics so opted to go to bdsm community to get abused How does that make you feel?

(123.09 KB 1200x1200 binyot with a gun.jpg)
Can't make a new board Anonymous 03/13/2021 (Sat) 18:36:57 Id:2b1024 No. 2091 [Reply]
According to the board creation log, I apparently have "no clearance" to make a new one. Is board creation disabled for the time being or am I soft banned or something?
1 post omitted.
>>2093 Understandable, king, have a nice day
>>2091 whatcha makin?
>>2111 A board about editing pictures and drawings. I can't draw for shit but I get a kick out of doing stuff like transforming furry art into human art and pissing off the original artist.

Mods Anonymous 12/24/2020 (Thu) 10:42:23 Id:69c362 No. 1800 [Reply]
Explain What's with the wating for validation shit. Are you dealing with a spammer or something.
2 posts omitted.
>>1803 An i7-6500u.
(51.75 KB 1032x305 possible bot.jpg)
Anyone else get a post like this? It is only 1 so I think it is by human, but the words is like generated by script
>>1802 yeah. the system tries to bruteforce a hash, it is supposed to use a lot of cpu power. if you use the java version and disable js validation in the settings here, you can use it and it should be faster.

(6.26 MB 4150x3000 grace_laptop_newer.png)
/monarchy/ 8moe Anonymous 02/21/2021 (Sun) 00:56:33 Id:ab4d18 No. 1978 [Reply]
Under the 5th king of /monarchy/. All boards welcome in this thread. B-tan: Grace chan

Testing webm Anonymous 07/12/2020 (Sun) 22:05:36 Id:1db7f8 No. 324 [Reply]
Don't mind me, just testing if iOS 14 added webm support


no cookies?