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8chan Broadcasting Service Codexx Root 11/17/2020 (Tue) 09:20:00 Id: 3ae7e9 No. 1519
This is the official support thread for https://watch.8ch.moe/ What is this site? A place for anons to stream anything they'd like. You can stream any video you'd like, and users can join chat anonymously. Streams can also be embedded elsewhere for easy sharing. Chat is built around XMPP, so you can connect with any Jabber client. Streams are generic RTMP streams, so you can connect and view them directly. For example, you can watch a stream in VLC instead of on the website. What can't it do? So far, no emotes/images in the chat. This should be available soon. Theme support is poor. The site can have one global theme. User-selectable themes and channel-specific CSS coming soon. The site supports uploading videos and storing clips, but these features are currently disabled. If there's strong interest, I can make it available, but I'd need a way to pay for storage space. Why should I use this? The goal is to provide anons with an easy, convenient way to get a media stream. Other sites actively police uploads to enforce "community guidelines". It can be inconvenient to share some media as a result. The site isn't working well! Leave a reply here describing the problem. If you're having performance issues, I can help diagnose. If the site is being used heavily and begins to struggle, I can download more RAM to make it go faster. I'll be doing some streams myself in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for announcements.
>>4274 I don't think you'd be able to get the bandwidth needed over Tor, but you may have some luck with a VPN. There's some logging of connections (including IPs) but these are rotated regularly.
Thanks ,recommend any VPN or some sort of IP hide that doesn't store logs?.>>4275
>>4278 Nord and Mullvad are highly rated. Depending on how you pay for the latter, they won't have your name on record anywhere.
>>1519 I really enjoyed the Snootgame stream today. Keep developing this website, it's great!
(10.77 KB 506x117 ClipboardImage.png)

(36.45 KB 989x755 ClipboardImage.png)

getting this when Start Stream. I put the stream key with & w\o the full rtmp:\\ url prefixed, no worky.
>>4324 Get a new stream key and put it in. I think its a bug I've had it happen to me a few times.
>>4326 tried multiple times & no use
>>4328 Did you refresh the page after getting the new key because I recall needing to do that for the new key to be accurate and work. If that doesn't fix it I think it must be another issue.
>>4324 >>4326 >>4328 >>4329 The keys can be a bit buggy and desync. Try saving the settings and refreshing the page. If the problem persists, let me know and I will investigate.
Ok, none of this makes any sense to me. The address does nothing, not even with the stream key, and none of the options in the channel page, even on the gear tab, say "start streaming" or "go to room" or whatever. I don't understand how to start the stream, even get the room going, so I can't test to see if it works. A step by step guide would be appreciated. I got OBS up and running, but that's it.
How much bandwidth can I use? Is the server still set to use one keyframe?
I've been having an issue with some streams just endlessly buffering and the stream never starting. It doesn't affect all streams just some of em. Really weird. Its not my internet or the browser. I tried multiple. Pretty sure its a site issue.
>>4354 A number of users have described this issue, but I've been unable to narrow it down to a particular configuration. Please try pasting the RTMP link into VLC and see if that has any issues. It seems like some operating systems have outdated libraries for handling stream data.
>>4346 1 keyframe per second is recommended, yes. As for bandwidth, I think I capped it at 3.5 Mbps, but I'd recommend going lower to 2.5 or even 1.5 until I can configure adaptive streaming. >>4339 I'll write up a guide once I upgrade the software.
>>4358 It might be anons streaming at more than 3500 bitrate. An anon was streaming at 10k and when he lowered it, it started working for me. It doesn't affect everyone but their was another anon in the stream that had the same issue as me. My internet should be good enough for that at least at this time of day I can watch 4k youtube. Just a uninformed guess but maybe streaming above the 3500 cap breaks something in some way. I've got the most recent updates for windows 10, browsers and everything needed for a PC. Speedtests showed I was getting 15 MBs down.
I don't see any VODs, videos or clips on the service yet Are there no options to save those yet?
>>4408 No, the toaster doesn't have enough disk space available for everyone to get an allocation. Additionally, having only streams means everything is ephemeral, which is probably more appropriate for an imageboard streaming service. I won't say it will never be an option, but it's going to require a massive hardware upgrade. I'm tentatively planning to throw money at it in the next year. Maybe when Zen 4 drops?
>>4409 Just putting out an idea but maybe an option to save a stream for like a day or two to give time to export it to bitchute or something for archive and then its deleted from the server? i would imagine a 1 or 2 terabyte used or refurbished HDD for like 20 bucks would be more than enough than the site could ever use at current usage and even if it got 5x bigger I don't think it would get close to full.
>>4278 You could try Lokinet if you don't want to pay for a VPN or you are worried about them building a profile about you. It's like Tor but nodes are incentivised with crypto which is supposed to make the network faster.
>>1519 >Chat is built around XMPP, so you can connect with any Jabber client. How do I do that? I didn't see anything.
The site is down.
(584.89 KB 1230x842 ClipboardImage.png)

what is this?
>>4409 >ephemeral shit is more fitting for an imageboard >on an imageboard where "archiving" is pretty much part of the culture I disagree, but as long as its a possibility for the future I won't complain too much How about an option where a DL of the stream is temporarily available (if the stream is within a decided filesize limit to prevent abuse) and it gets wiped after 24-48 hours or so? That should largely avoid the space issue and give anons to at least personally save the streams.
I keep getting disconnected and have to reset my stream key. Every time. Do you know what's happening? Anything the server logs can tell you?
>>4440 The disconnects are probably on your end, but the stream keys have a tendency to break if streams are not ended cleanly. If it continues after the next software upgrade then post again or shoot me an e-mail and I'll see if it can be fixed.
>>4441 Thank you for responding, I'll make sure to let you know.
Software Upgrade Completed The site is now on the latest stable release. There have been a bunch of stability improvements, bug fixes, and changes that affect the API and server-side configuration. On the user-facing side, the two big features are Reactions/Emotes/"Stickers" in chat and guests can now name themselves similar to Cytube. I will accept submission for global reactions. Additionally, they can be set per-channel under Channels -> Select a channel -> Chat (speech bubble icon) -> Chat Stickers. You can also selectively disable guests joining, or picking their own names, from this menu.
>>4454 I'm having trouble streaming with OBS. A few hours ago, I streamed with no problem, but after trying to start another test stream with the same settings after the site update, it couldn't connect. I tried to log back into the site to refresh the stream key to see if that would fix it, but I couldn't log in. I made another account with the same username and email expecting the site to stop me, as that name had already been taken, but it let me create a new account under that same username. After refreshing the stream key, OBS still won't let me stream.
(28.30 KB 619x767 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4454 I get this when I try to see the chat. Its appears on all channels for everyone for me, including my own. This would sometimes appear but a refresh would fix it. Nothing seems to make it go away so I assume its broke. Only issue I've found so far.
My internet picked today to run like molasses, so bear with me while I fix things. >>4456 I'm investigating this now. The chat daemon gets grumpy a lot. >>4455 I'll check this out next. Worth pointing out that the login page now uses your e-mail and not your username for security's sake, so be sure you're not typing your username in. Not sure why you'd be able to duplicate names, though. The DB was carried over.
>>4457 >>4456 >>4455 Chat looks like it's back up. I also can't stream. Probably not properly listening on the right port. Trying to figure out why. Sorry for the inconvenience.
>>4454 >stickers You planning to add this back? It seems fun.
Oh cool there's a new update! Will be testing this out later, thanks Codexx!
>>4454 Still waiting on that sticker update, hope the toaster can handle it.

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