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(406.83 KB 570x489 Trash.png)

2.6 Changelog Codexx Root 08/02/2021 (Mon) 07:42:53 Id: 70ccc8 No. 3436
Changelog 2.6.0: Libertarian Edition Policy You may now request your board have custom JavaScript enabled. All custom JS must be non-obfuscated and compatible with the AGPLv3 license so both users and admins can check for malicious usage. You may not redirect users off-site, nor track them in any way. A number of pages have had their wording corrected. These pages have now been vetted by an attorney. "Wrong or Expired Captcha" should now occur less often. Style & Markdown CSS has been reworked. There should now be fewer files and a simpler hierarchy to traverse, along with less contradictory rules. This may break compatibility with some themes, but fixing them should be easier than making them. Please look at any of the site themes for an example of how to style a custom CSS file. Dice rolls now support adding and subtracting, and have had some bug fixes. Lain Theme Added Moe OS Theme Added Secret Themes Added Fixes Fixed some features not working correctly with replies added by WebSockets. Captchas should no longer reflow the page Filtered threads will now be hidden on the catalog. Filtering by ID should no longer filter the thread if the ID is associated with the original post. Functionality Trash Bin has replaced Deletion. Posts removed by moderators will now be moved to a trash bin so they can be restored. Removed posts will now be auto-filtered when updating via WebSockets. Files can now be stripped of their name on disk. Currently must be applied to all files on a post, and it will replace their name with their hash. We are interested in feedback regarding per-file options and generating/masking the name instead of using a hash. Hiding files should now work without JavaScript. Inline Replies have arrived! Please let us know how they can be improved. Bottom Replies have also arrived. Files above a board's file size limit will now be flagged before you begin uploading. Coming Soon Reply Link Improvements Mobile Rework Better Webring Integration WebSocket/Refresh Improvements Please report any bugs you may find below. If you can give exact steps to reproduce, then that's even better! Thank you all for your suggestions, contributions, and help identifying bugs.
>>3793 >next patch in regards to trash or bottom? or both? i think the trash thing is important but whatever you do you >>3799 Will look into it. Possibly by next patch.
>pictures of little girls in one piece bathing suits as pedoniggers circle jerk about how much they want to fuck them left up on /b/ for 20+ hours Man this site has become fucking radioactive over the last few months jesus christ. The amount of borderline shit that is either slipping through the cracks or being outright tolerated is insane.
>>>/hebe/7882 A thread on hebe literally called "Stealth role play thread". This site is actually fucked, what the fuck is wrong with you acid? These niggers are openly doing everything that everyone said they would. They are skirting every fucking line, posting images as close to borderline as they possibly can on /b/ since they can't on /hebe/. Are you fucking brain dead?
>>3802 Take it up with /b/'s BO, retard. He is a lolbertarian pedo.
>>3804 The content shouldn't be on the site at all so it's not a board specific issue.
>>3802 >little girls in one piece bathing suits Where? Did you report it? >>3803 >Stealth role play thread I don't get it, is that a reference to something? Why is it a problem? It looks like an ordinary discussion thread, and I don't know why roleplaying would be bad.
>>3806 >Where? Did you report it? Yes >I don't get it, is that a reference to something? Why is it a problem? It looks like an ordinary discussion thread, and I don't know why roleplaying would be bad. Stealth refers to the fact that it's not actually role play and they're literally just talking about committing acts of pedophilia. Why else would it be called stealth role play?
>>3807 I see 0 reports about it. I don't know what you're talking about either.
>>3808 Are you a global mod? Because I global report pedonigger shit.
>>3809 I'm not. You should do non-global reports too, if it's on a board that has active moderation. Only global mods can see global reports, and globals tend to be very slow, so board reports are a better way to get it actually removed promptly (unless your goal is just to shit on the board/mods and not actually get it cleaned up). I still don't know what pictures you're talking about, I could have removed them by now if you were actually interested in having them removed.
>>3810 I figured it's pointless as people describe /b/ BO and mods as pedoniggers themselves. But I did a non-global report now.
>>3807 Ah yes, the slippery slope of "if you let them have a board for discussion of pedophilia, they'll try to sneakily get away with discussing pedophilia in it."
>>3799 I have things to live for, the admins don't.
>>3815 I beg to differ, unlike them you offer nothing of value in your continued existence.
pedochads keep trannies out
>>3816 You were born to beg, anon.
>>3818 >>3816 get burned faggot thanks for my bottom button. fix the trash thing
It's possible to empy all the posts in trash? There are like +600 post in my trash since the new patch, and it's a little obnoxious seeing that number increasing. Also, the mod tools and the delete+ban option are fixed?
>>3821 Ban and delete should be fixed. Clear cache and let us know if it still breaks. I've lowered the hold time on trashed posts but older ones won't expire until their originally scheduled time hits. Unless you're deleting hundreds of posts a day, it should drop off.
Fix the 520s you niggers.
>>3826 It's not a bug, it's a feature!
>>3827 i haven't experienced the 520 thing, and i get you are joking, but i want to give an answer to your post as it where serious: "well then, its a shit feature, remove it."
embeded links like from yewtu.be don't work on inline posts
does the staff even check global reports?
Hiding posts doesn't really work. Filtering, on the other hand, works.
hey, are you alive?
>>3856 What about hiding posts doesn't work? Are you getting any errors in your browser console?
>>3436 apparently you can't inline the op
hey, are you alive?
that post view you get when you hover over say this >>3441 glitches and stays up if you delete the post it was generating from(aka this one you are reading in the example im giving) and you have to refresh the page
(25.19 KB 694x137 3298984429.png)

Seeing as Deleted or Trash post are stuck in the Latest Posting until global handles them, could we at least have some indication the post was checked by board mods so we're not wasting our time trying to delete something another mod had already taken care off? Something like pic related.
>TOR users are not allowed to post files. The fuck is this bullshit? Also the index for /v/ has 13 pages now.
(333.63 KB 1080x1080 1611673219049-532.jpg)

>>3817 pedoniggers ARE trannies, you absolute subnormongrel
I started noticing and then using a few techniques to #trick and exploit current vulnerabilities in the psyche of programmers and their targets. It's called #parsing a link. And basically what it does is, it translates the link in the code of the obfuscated intercepted transparent cypher for the encryption of the files and data in transit. So what happens is basically 🤣 you click a link and then it registers the correction in retroactive deformed links that enumerate the packet after it arrives at the location. So it's like shooting at the internet with your mind to try and throw your source of energy at the wrong target. That's like overshooting your destination. And it basically steals the identity of the network operators vestige state. I used it to hack into the united states navy to study cryptography and illegal munitions laws. Good luck.

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