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Feature Requests and Changelogs Anonymous Admin 06/09/2020 (Tue) 04:32:33 Id: 96dae8 No. 134
Designated thread for all website feature requests. If you don't like the way the UI works, if you notice any bugs, or just have some general feedback then you can post it here.
Edited last time by codexx on 12/13/2020 (Sun) 04:54:03.
UPGRADE PROGRESS REPORT FOR LYNXCHAN 2.4. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the site so far. While /v/ is still by far the most active community, more than a few others have begun settling in with us. So far the site has weathered one hack attempt by a Chinese botnet, and 7 DDoS attacks of varying size. We got hit with 3 DMCAs over the TLOU2 stuff, but have otherwise had no legal, host, or registrar problems post (((Esther))), and our server just got upgraded with a shiny new 2TB storage drive. Work on the 2.4 upgrade is around 75% complete. Our goal is to have it finished by the end of the month (on schedule) and we're looking at a half day of downtime on Monday August 3 for the installs, configuration, and other stuff involved. Its a pretty big deal, going well into re-configuring the server itself. Post upgrade you can expect a faster, cleaner site with all the features you expect either right there or on the way including custom CSS. Between (you)s, backlinks, archiving, site stats and board logs and other essentials we're also looking at a few fun new things for you all to play with. There will be minor bugs, because there always are, but we aim to find as many as we can before launch using our test server, and we'll work to wipe out any others that we miss as soon as you guys tell us about them/ Project Crescent Isle, an anti-takedown and anti-deplatforming system that I've been building for the past couple months, has a fully working prototype and the finished production version will be made public alongside the upgrade launch. For bugs please post your OS and Browser versions along with your complaint so we can try to duplicate it.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 07/17/2020 (Fri) 07:14:55.
Let's see: -"Your IP is a spammer" bullshit, can be easily solved by checking the 'Disable check on spammer IPs' box in the Global settings -Tor users can't post at all, you shuld at least let them be able to text post -Default theme is still Tomorrow instead of Yotsuba B
Can you allow swf uploads, or is that up to the board owner? Also Yotsuba B doesn't change the color of greentext which makes it kind of hard to read.
Is a different shade of green for the greentext doable? It might just be me but it's pretty tough to read it, at least on yotsuba b.
Quick reply button is fucked when scaling If you try to scale it in any way, it expands horizontally. If you try to shrink it horizontally, it still expands horizontally. The few anons that responded to me and don't have that issue both used Firefox forks. I use Brave so I assume it's a Chromium-specific issue.
>>32 >>33 Noted and I agree, I'll be looking into this soon. Greentext too light. >>34 I'll test on Chromium tomorrow and see what the issue is. >>28 >-"Your IP is a spammer" bullshit, can be easily solved by checking the 'Disable check on spammer IPs' box in the Global settings Fixed. -Tor users can't post at all, you shuld at least let them be able to text post Fixed. Working on the theme thing. Its a very stubborn issue for some reason.
>>27 >Want to make new thread >Error pops up saying Flood Detected I don't know what I'm doing to trigger this.
Import suggestion!!! Have the front page be a dead end for fags that just type in [spoiler]"8chan.moe".
>>37 Even better if you can redirect people there if their browser sends an http referral of known enemy sites or if it's an Israeli IP.
>>36 Maybe an ip from the reverse proxy that isn't being trusted.
Sent you an email at the 8moeadmin address.
>>27 >If there is anything you would like to see added This is something minor, but could you make it so when you click someone to reply to that it appears where the cursor currently is in the reply box instead of it appearing always at the bottom of your reply?
To fix the annoying double scrollbar shit, in sideCatalog.css the line [code]#mainPanel, #sideCatalogDiv {[/code] should be changed to just [code]#sideCatalogDiv {[/code] to make it so the side catalog scrolls separately but the main page content uses the native scrollbar if needed. Anons can use custom css to fix it on their own in the meantime: [code]body #mainPanel { height: auto !important; }[/code]
>>46 >no code tags on the meta board For shame, Acid.
(99.61 KB 914x336 ClipboardImage.png)

(40.77 KB 776x440 ClipboardImage.png)

(135.33 KB 780x958 ClipboardImage.png)

(39.77 KB 460x498 ClipboardImage.png)

I will repost the issues I've seen with the Windows 95 theme, as well as add some new ones here. There is a background-colored bar at the top where there usually is a top bar in other themes. When I switched the theme, the posts were jittering up and down by a pixel but refreshing it fixed that, wonder what was up with that. Also, clicking on someone's ID or replying to their post turns their posts lime, probably a leftover from another theme. It should turn the dark gray from the top bar into a Win95 blue. And hovering over a quoted post, it doesn't show the top bar. Pic related 1 shows both of these issues. The ID font is different from the rest of the bar, so the IDs are smaller and uncentered vertically in the top bar. The refresh button doesn't have color, it's the same color as the background. While the top (or bottom in this case) bar works fine in threads, it appears at the top and with a double-sized font in the catalog if the window is too small horizontally. I think this is a problem with all themes but is especially noticeable with this one. Pic related 2. The "new thread" and "reply" buttons at the top of the catalog and thread stretch out oddly like so, pic related 3. The black text on blue background is hard to read as well. Lastly, the captcha bar on the Win95 theme is microscopic. Pic related 4. Took me a few moments to find it. Clearly not intended. And when I switch a theme, it only applies to one board instead of the whole site in general. Is that intended behavior? Especially on a board like this with no custom CSS.
It would be nice if the "duplicate image" notification when that feature is enabled would tell you which file is the dupe. I don't know how doable that is or if it would be worth the effort but it would be nice.
Just confirming that we noticed you guys. Its added to the list.
Should have backlinks push to the left after a certain point. Makes browsing in portrait orientation difficult. Would post an image but you niggers disabled tor file posting.
>>54 I should clarify I'm talking about the post boxes that show up when you hover over backlinks being unreadable when they're close to the edge of the browser viewport, not the backlink numbers themselves.
(202.54 KB 1521x742 why.png)

I am uploading twice, I have to refresh the page to kill it sometimes.
>>54 >>55 OS/Browser/Version/anything weird installed or running?
>>58 The behavior is the same across all browsers. It's not a browser bug, just lynxchan being shit tranny hue monkey code. The post hover always pushes to the right, and if you have a weird horizontal resolution then it gets crammed against the right edge of the viewport.
(28.52 KB 338x382 firefoxban.png)

(25.90 KB 332x284 firefoxreport.png)

(25.67 KB 336x375 operaban.png)

(23.29 KB 328x279 operareport.png)

My two primary browsers are Opera and Firefox, and the Win95 theme is fucked on both of them. When reporting or banning a user the fillable text fields are tiny and are aligned on the extreme right of the window. See attached images and note their names. Also worth noting that specifically in Opera, when attempting to resize the quick reply window, when you click and hold the bottom-right of the window it simply infinitely expands horizontally, regardless of mouse movement, until you release the mouse button.
>>65 >opera Stop using a literal chink botnet.
Whenever I attempt to attach an image to a post on my iOS browser, the page keeps crashing, and then reloading with the message, "Page was reloaded due to an error".
>>68 That's never going to get fixed, just use a different browser. Safari is not supportable by any website that isn't a static html page.
>>69 I AM using a different browser.
>>70 Then it's your phone that's retarded. What kind of browser are you using
>>71 The Yandex browser.
(274.75 KB 455x612 disbelief.png)

>>73 are you russian? just use firefox or chrome
>>74 >firefox >chrome >Being recommended ever
>>75 At least they support basic functionality.
(29.45 KB 512x384 europe.jpg)

im having a problem (mostly when i post sick degenerate shit on /fur/) where the board sends my exact same post twice, making 2 different posts with the same content and 2 different post numbers (ie. 88 and 89) i think it has something to do with the block bypass/captcha thing, but im no expert, its just a hunch.
Is there a way to trim down the overboard so that we only see he boards that we want to see?
Please, for God's sake allow us to: a) select boards to hide from the Overboard and b) add a mandatory Yes/No dropdown menu that BOs must select an option on regarding NSFW content. If the board in question allows posting of unspoilered lewd/pornographic content, they must select "Yes", and any board with a "Yes" flag will autospoiler in the Overboard. Both of these issues only became issues when /abdl/ got created. I do not want to watch thread after thread of diaper fetish bullshit pop up while I'm browsing the boards I actually give a shit about.
>>82 Changes to the Overboard might need to wait until the 2.4 upgrade. But we're looking into the images appearing unspoilered outside of the boards themselves, including on the front page.
>>82 >a) select boards to hide from the Overboard and Can't do, the overboard is not a dynamic page. You might want to use the multi-board if you want select boards to be shown in the same fashion.
>>82 Also, boards are consideres NSFW by default and only site administration can flag them as SFW. In addition to that, there's a sfw overboard.
(30.76 KB 2560x60 good.png)

(41.34 KB 2560x50 fine too.png)

(59.76 KB 2554x88 you dumb nigger.png)

>>27 We need to talk about the bloat on the top bar and on a way to remove/hide it without using crappy custom CSS.
>>27 >OP image. That better be a girl.
(81.75 KB 540x960 1584577034839.jpg)

>>91 This On ungoogled chromium gnu/linux Also, /k/ when?
>>93 This site allows board creation. Just create a /k/. Alternatively, I heard /k/ will stay on anon.cafe after leaving Julay due to /v/ drama.
>>92 Or what
>>27 HELP I can't change the theme back from the shitty Windows 95 CSS, the top bar has disappeared.
(14.28 KB 603x319 ClipboardImage.png)

>>110 >missing top bar Anon somtimes you have to search high and LOW for the answer you seek.
(4.47 KB 282x103 ClipboardImage.png)

What does it mean when a board has *Abandoned* next to it? Did the owner delete their account or something?
>>119 Assuming that 8chan works like all other imageboards that allow the creation of boards, "abandoned" means that the owner of the board has not logged in after a certain amount of time (varies by site) and that the board is free to be claimed by someone else. In other words, you can claim the ownership of /newsplus/, /furry/, /r9k/, and other abandoned boards.
(54.03 KB 235x444 owwie.gif)

>>122 Ah, ok. Sucks for any faggot that forgets their password
(335.02 KB 1458x400 search engines mockup.png)

(59.77 KB 2542x90 broken ui.png)

(221.29 KB 684x1492 stuck quick reply.png)

(462.49 KB 712x1320 chaos.png)

>>134 Consider adding buttons to reverse search images. Google, Yandex, SauceNAO, trace.moe and TinEye are commonly used reverse search engines, and it would be nice if there were one-click buttons to search images with them. Another nice feature would be the ability to rearrange files. Additionally, I found some bugs. The first one is related to the top bar. Due to the high number of items the bar overflows and some of them appear outside of it. Another bug I found is that sometimes if you move the quick reply window when it has files selected it'll get stuck at the top of the page, making it impossible to move it to another place until you quote a post and the window position is reset. Lastly, the files field needs a rework. Currently it takes a lot of space and handles thumbnails in the worst way possible. Maybe forcing all thumbnails to have the same height would make the field look better.
(120.07 KB 1573x390 ClipboardImage.png)

For the love of god force text to go under images not to the fucking right of them. Can I fix this retarded nigger shit with custom CSS somehow?
One of the new Tor updates makes it possible for a site to advertise having a .onion mirror. Any point and/or possibility of having that feature here? (The "prefer .onion" user option is the part I'm really not sure on. User options are an enemy of perfect because anonymity set dammit)
>>145 Just need a custom header for that. It's not priority but I'm making a note to implement it.
(2.49 KB 436x39 ClipboardImage.png)

>>146 How do you get the "Admin" or "BO" tag in your post?
>>147 User account setting "Always use role signature".
>>147 >>148 Alternatively put #rs on the name field.
>>136 You can just write a small userscript to add buttons like that.
Any word on fixing auto refresh timing out? I recall this being an issue on Julay as well. Does everyone experience this?
>>147 Put "#rs" at the end of the name field. >>152 If you mean times where the counter breaks entirely on a page load, this is related to the Vanwa thumbnail issue. Vanwa makes requests to our server on your behalf and for whatever reason sometimes the images or the javascript fail on their end. If you mean a different issue, then please clarify what you mean by "timing out", or let us know if there's a way to force it to behave the way you're describing.
(2.26 KB 163x37 ClipboardImage.png)

>>153 I'm talking about the auto page refresh. It doesn't break on reload, or at least not most of the time, but eventually stops auto refreshing posts until you press the button manually. I don't know how to replicate it.
>>154 I'll check it out while we're building a new frontend. Might ask StephenLynx about it to see if it's a known issue. It might just be a frontend issue inherited from the repo we forked from. Thanks for pointing it out.
>>154 Yeah, this is happening all the time now. I was thinking that whenever Vanwa or the server has a problem it broke autorefresh indefinitely until you hit the button manually. But it's strange that it breaks autorefresh but works when you click the button, do they refresh the page in a different way?
(2.27 KB 177x34 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone else have negative auto-refresh that counts "up" forever?
(314.29 KB 817x492 The source is faggotry.png)

>>98 Or it will summon homosexuals like this.
>>157 Now when I uncheck autorefresh, the number just reappears anyways and counts down, and goes negative like when autorefresh is on.
>>156 I usually just press the refresh button and it auto updates for an hour or so then times out again. Though I have scripts that auto refresh pages quite often because of memory leak issues, but that isn't unique to any specific imageboard software. I don't think it's a vanwa issue since I've seen the exact same behavior occur on multiple lynxchan boards, plus I'm using the hidden service.
(4.70 MB 640x480 borked.mp4)

I've posted several issues with the Win95 theme in the other thread and those still linger. However, there are a few issues with all themes in general. If your window is too narrow (I like to keep mine across half the monitor), the top bar gets screwy. On the regular theme, the text just gets bigger. On Win95, it gets bigger and goes to the top instead of the bottom. In threads, image thumbnails get absolutely tiny in a narrow window. Also, that second scrollbar appears sometimes and I know I've seen someone post a CSS fix for that in the other thread. The video demonstrates what I mean but it should be very easy to reproduce. Lastly, the issue of resizing Quick Reply on Chromium still remains. No matter how you try to scale it, it will expand horizontally as well.
Text under images not to the right
Validation doesn't work when using Windows 95 CSS.
>>168 It technically does, however the bar to enter the captcha is just a few pixels wide and on the right side of the bar. It's in my full list of complaints with the theme.
Why does custom board CSS not work? This is absolutely niggerish.
>>170 Because the new frontend would break it, and because we haven't enabled a CSP so it's a security concern. It will be enabled soon.
>>171 >CSP CSP is a joke. I don't think you can even do anything security wise with CSS. It would only matter for JS.
And where can I commit a front end translation?
Enable it.
>>172 There was a case on another website where a BO used custom CSS to include assets hosted on other websites and farmed IPs this way. Additionally, enabling it will cause conflicts with the current theme loader, which we are replacing in the new frontend. Our priority is to build the new frontend, and custom CSS will be enabled when it launches. > where can I commit a front end translation For frontends, we are forking PenumbraLynx so if you get changes merged there then we will pull it downstream. https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/PenumbraLynx There's also a language pack in the backend itself. To contribute to that, you'll need to make changes to LynxChan itself. https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan We're downstream from both of those.
>to include assets hosted on other websites But that's a necessity if you're not willing to host it, baka. >it will cause conflicts with the current theme loader I don't give a fuck. That's what !important is there for. >There's also a language pack in the backend itself. It's here: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/language-translations And there are still no language options available for my board.
>>176 Are you still here?
>>177 >no language options available I'll investigate that right now.
>>176 >There's also a language pack in the backend itself. To contribute to that, you'll need to make changes to LynxChan itself. No. You just translate the language pack as an individual file. Site admins can then select that file to be used either as the default or as part of an alternative language.
>>177 >>179 Also, as I explained on irc, site admins first need to register languages for boards to be able to use them. And the repository that I keep translated language packs are here https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/language-translations
>>174 No, it controls remote urls from css too. I am 100% positive of that. >covered types are JavaScript, CSS, HTML frames, web workers, fonts, images, embeddable objects such as Java applets, ActiveX, audio and video files, and other HTML5 features. it's in the very article you linked.
>>177 >>178 We can load a language pack for you and that will make it available. Which language? I'm going to hazard a guess that you're the owner of /de/? We can add the de-1901.json file from https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/language-translations Or if you want we can load your own language pack if you want to put it on GitGud.
>>183 >We can add the de-1901.json Would be nice. Nicer would be both de and de-1901 in case I decide to switch. I'd also like a custom font. So you either introduce font uploading or don't fuck around with CSS external resources.
And maybe I'll also want to set a background image.
>>183 btw, that language pack is probably outdated. It will output any missing entries on boot. or at least it will in verbose mode.
>>186 So what? If it's too bad, I'll update it.
>>184 >>185 We will have a method for allowing custom images and possibly fonts, either by hosting them ourselves or providing a list of known hosts to load assets from. >>186 >>187 I'd be happy to work with you to help update it. I can be reached at codexx@cock.li. We'll add the pack either tonight or tomorrow and we'll make a list of any missing entries. Contact me when convenient and I'll keep you updated.
>>188 >We will have a method for allowing custom images and possibly fonts, either by hosting them ourselves or providing a list of known hosts to load assets from. That's good to hear. Don't forget the fonts. We don't have German fonts on our israeli computers preinstalled. >We'll add the pack Both or which one? I hope for both. >Contact me when convenient and I'll keep you updated. Just post it here. I'll check.
Just noticed custom spoilers don't work either, pls fix.
I just compiled my woff2 font. Would be really epic if you provided 1MB hosting space for images and fonts.
I found the mistake you're probably talking about. It's not outdated. It has 1 line less and that's because the closing bracket } is missing in both de and de-1901.
>>190 I just did a test on a board and was able to add custom spoilers. They work for a number of boards. What image are you trying to set? It should work right away. >>191 We'll be happy to host once custom CSS is enabled. >>192 He means that the translation corresponds to a particular release of the engine. It might be outdated and missing messages. We'll be testing out language packs today so we'll find out if anything is missing.
>>193 >It should work right away. Weird, now it works. Yesterday it didn't work right away. >He means that the translation corresponds to a particular release of the engine. The mistake still has to be fixed and commited. The names match the ones in defaultTraslation so I don't think it's outdated or missing messages.
>>194 I added de-1901.json as 'de'. I know you requested both, but I can't have two with the same subtag and all the other subtags are for variants. Still, if you want me to add both, you can pick a subtag for me to "overwrite". There is a comprehensive list here: http://www.iana.org/assignments/language-subtag-registry/language-subtag-registry Stephen will push a commit by the end of the day. I've fixed the missing bracket on our end. There are definitely some messages missing, such as "Flood Detected" and I'm sure some more are missing as well. I'm not sure what variable name is for that. They default to English if no replacement exists. If you want to work with Stephen to complete the translations, we'll pull down any alterations he commits. I can put you in touch with him directly if you'd like, or I can ask him to check this thread if you have any questions for him.
>>195 >I know you requested both, but It's okay. Thank you. The only change I can see is for "catalog" in the title. Now it's "Katalog". What do I have to add? That was all that was in defaultLanguage.json.
>>196 So the way languages work on LynxChan is a little weird. The language pack controls anything the backend touches. This includes the catalog title, error messages, and the dates. If you want things like "Reply" to be in German, that's all handled entirely separately by the frontend, and we have to maintain a copy of the frontend, with translated strings, for every single language. If there's a custom frontend specified for a language, then it will automatically use that based on the preferred board language. Also, if your default browser language is, for example, 'de', then all boards with no preference will just go ahead and appear using that frontend. I'd be happy to work with you to translate the frontend and make a custom one for German. If you really want a custom FE now then you can fork the current FE on GitGud. I'll need to ask Acid to push the latest tweaks so it's 100% up to date. He should be on some time tonight. Otherwise, I'd wait a week or two for the new FE to hit a functional state and then you can fork that.
>>197 >and we have to maintain a copy of the frontend, with translated strings, for every single language. Why can't you just make language packs? I don't wanna become maintainer of a software. >now What do you mean by that italic text piece? That if I waited it would become easier? Anyway it doesn't have priority now. I want CSS and fonts to work.
>Otherwise, I'd wait a week or two for the new FE to hit a functional state and then you can fork that. Oh you meant that.
I might do that. Maybe, maybe not
>>198 >>199 >>200 >Why can't you just make language packs Because that's not how Lynxchan is designed. The buttons are hardcoded into the frontend. The language packs only touch the backend, which is why they convert error messages and the like. It might be possible to fix with CSS. I'll keep you posted as progress develops on the new frontend. We'll figure out a solution for hosting images and fonts and for frontend text.
>>201 While we're at it >>>/de/ I tried saging but it didn't work. At least there's no indication.
meant >>>/de/20
Well, good night.
>>203 >>204 >>205 Hmm, it works via the e-mail field but not the button. Pretty sure it works on boards that have the e-mail field disabled, though. We'll look into it.
How long is the CSP gonna take you? It's a fucking HTTP header. Shouldn't be hard should it?
The custom CSS already works but only if Javascript is disabled. That's not supposed to be like that right?
It also doesn't say it like for the spoiler >There is a custom spoiler saved for this board
>>212 >>211 WTF the dates are displayed differently at the on the same fucking page. 17.06.2020 06/17/2020
Also UMatrix shows a weird domain: prolikewoah.com loading 5 images.
>>211 >>209 Long story short, the current frontend has conflicts. The JS for the themeloader is what breaks custom CSS. Our new frontend does not have this problem. CSP isn't really that big of an issue, and we'll probably be implementing that this week for another reason. >>213 Can you link or screenshot this? Will help diagnose. >>214 On what page is this? Or is this via your custom CSS? PLW is where 8chan's /animu/ went. So they're probably hosting some assets being used somewhere. Let us know where this happened. If it's on our end, we'll strip it out. If it's from custom CSS, CSP will take care of it.
>>215 I can already see what's going on without a screenshot. I must have made some fuckup (or it's simply outdated) regarding the days of the week.
(9.17 KB 161x311 screenshot.png)

Or it's a bug anyway (Wot) is from the German-1901 translation.
does custom CSS work or doesn't it if it doesn't, when will it work also can you please add additional resource capacity per user account, because i would like to be able to upload background images and custom png fonts and shit
>>215 Let us know where this happened. If it's on our end, we'll strip it out. Right here in this thread. Do you have someone fucking around with your server?
>>218 also thank you for hosting this site, i like it
>>216 The file is okay. It must be on your end.
It's only the bottom post and only in this thread that the date is in American format.
It sorta works without JS. The problem is the theme loader we used breaks it. We're replacing the themeloader in the new frontend and then it will stop fighting custom CSS. Nobody's fucking around with the server. We'll find any errant resources and remove them. We're either gonna need to host those files manually or work out some kind of custom solution. LynxChan doesn't natively support uploads, Stephen Lynx has no interest in adding that, and we want to host all the assets or have a very narrow list of sites to use. As a workaround for now, you could upload the background as a post and link to it. As long as the post remains it won't be purged. Still not sure on the date thing. The backend should be handling all of the dates and that should be in accordance with your language. It's weird that it's mixing them. I'll ask Stephen in case it's a bug with the way translation packs work.
>>222 Always the bottom post? As we continue to post, do old ones fix themselves and new ones update?
>>224 The old ones fix themselves when I reload.
>>223 >As a workaround for now, you could upload the background as a post and link to it. I can't upload fonts can I?
>>225 I'll ping Stephen and ask him to take a look at it. >>226 I can see if we can whitelist fonts. I think LynxChan supports arbitrary file types. What's the extension on the font?
>>227 woff2
>>223 is it permissible to create a /boardres/ for board resources and just link to it
>>229 Why are you asking the questions I should be asking?
Vanwa downtime interrupted our conversation. >Font Uploads Having some difficulty because the MIME types (which Lynxchan relies on) are non-standard across browsers for fonts. One option you have is to just convert the font (or even the image) to its base64 encoding and embed it directly in the CSS. https://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/webmaster/serving-up-base64-encoded-custom-fonts.html Alternatively, if you can host the file somewhere, Stephen Lynx thinks he might be able to manipulate the post data to an accepted MIME. Maybe drop it on catbox? >hosting images I went ahead and made >>>/res/ for you to use. I also made a board backgrounds thread. I'll just keep posts pinned so the images should never be purged. I'll make a thread for fonts if we can get them to upload.
>>231 i would vastly prefer to use my own pseudo-hidden board if it's okay with you
think you could add markup to a help page i know it's 8chan style but i doubt anyone else will know how to make italics or whatever without help
>>232 I'd rather just keep everything to one board that we can maintain rather than clutter the board list. If every board has their own, then that doesn't scale. It just clogs the database. I'm going to be directing any BOs who want custom assets to use /res/ for the time being. If we develop an add-on to manage custom asset uploads, then we'll deprecate that. I can't promise we'll never do a purge of old & inactive boards and a hidden resource board could easily be flagged. It's less of a headache if we just whitelist /res/ and keep everyone's stuff there. There should be no difference from your end. You're welcome to upload any content you'd like. No judgement. Only other BOs will probably know the board exists. If there's any other concerns you have for hosting it on a shared board, let me know what the issue is and I'll do whatever I can to alleviate it. >>233 I'll add it to the FAQ. Even old 8chan stopped updating their markup after awhile and the only guide is an image that circulated years ago. It would be good to have an updated guide.
>>233 >>234 Turns out it already exists on the "posting" page. https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html It's admittedly a bit hard to find. You have to go to About -> Posting to get to it. I'll see if we can make it more prominent.
>>231 No they are not. You will find other mimetypes but they're all deprecated. The current ones are: font/ttf .ttf font/eot .eot font/otf .otf font/woff .woff font/woff2 .woff2 Really impossible to fuck up. >One option you have is to just convert the font Now that's fucking retarded and will make browsers puke.
>to its base64 encoding Was supposed to be part of my quote.
>>236 Well I've got application/font-woff application/x-font-woff font/woff font/woff2 whitelisted, and my roboto.woff won't upload. You are welcome to try yourself. Perhaps your browser will pass in one of the correct values. I've gone ahead and made a font thread on /res/ just in case it works.
>>231 >https://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/webmaster/serving-up-base64-encoded-custom-fonts.html That bullshit article doesn't even have a date. Since HTTP2 files can be served in one go and if using HTTP1.1 the overhead is worth the increased compatibility. And if some browser doesn't accept custom fonts, it doesn't have to download them. Those authors should really kill themselves. The web was perfectly engineered in the beginning. >application/font-woff >application/x-font-woff DEPRECATED Seriously. It says so right on the left of the wikipedia article. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_Open_Font_Format Don't put this shit anywhere. It will just cause problems.
What's the problem?
>>238 >whitelisted Where?
Is this an engine thing? WOFF2 has the magic number "wOF2". If that helps.
Wait, are you using the mimetypes reported by the browser? Why don't you just check the file through magic numbers etc?
>>241 Whitelisted in the global settings. LynxChan uses file MIMEs for everything. We are already validating MIMEs (which I would assume uses the magic number), so LynxChan should be correcting it to a valid type.
>>234 the issues as i see them: >everyone gets to see what my emoji etc. are, which tips them off to what I'm like, which reveals attack surface the countermeasure is probably uploading stuff i'll never use in addition to legit content to whatever "general resources" thread there is (because having my own thread for resources lets people know which ones are mine) >people see my shit whenever they load the resources board, which could sensitize them to it and annoy them "just get thicker skin" doesn't really work because their skin's plenty thick, just they hate shit and reminding them of it will make them hate it more, and you can't/possibly shouldn't moderate them out of hating it by instructing them "no judgy" idk maybe some kind of custom css on the /res/ board so that each thread (presumably a per-board resource dump but i don't think people should be forced to keep all their shit in one thread, as per above) just displays as a hotlink in a list, with maybe a subject (optional)? but you'd also have to do it for the catalog too. there may be a few others, but i don't have them right off >I can't promise we'll never do a purge of old & inactive boards please, please tell us before you do. there was a lot of vintage cultural shit on an old 8ch.net board that i failed to save.
>>244 What does the file command return on a woff2 file?
>>246 never mind. That shouldn't be the issue.
>>245 if you wanted to go maximum kludge on it, you could probably CSS away the index and catalog entirely then just tell people to bookmark their resource thread(s) so they don't have to hunt around typing >>>/res/1+...n
>>245 I'm a little unclear on how you expect to be attacked based on what emoji you upload. >People might be sensitive to content on the board >You can't tell them "no judgy" I don't plan on it being a public board. I plan to remove posts that aren't for the express purpose of hosting assets. Your assets will, presumably, be publicly available on /de/ itself, and that board is visible. If anyone gives you, or us, shit about the content on either board then they're welcome to pound sand. We have zero intention of removing content unless it violates United States law, no matter how much someone cries about it offending them. Ultimately, custom CSS to hide the assets is a band-aid. Nothing would stop anyone from just using their own CSS to un-hide them. Again, if the assets will be publicly displayed on /de/ or any other board, then I'm not sure what the benefit of hiding them is. Either people can see them or they can't.
>>250 i get the sense that i'm annoying you, and i apologize for that. thank you for your patience. what i mean by "attack surface" is >go to /res/ >see /foo/'s resource thread >see that /foo/'s resource thread has resources "foo.png" "bar.jpg" ... "zud.tga" etc. >this gives you an idea of what /foo/ is, what its owner cares about/thinks, in a manner that is less opaque/anonymized than simply going to the board however, this can be kind of addressed by just uploading a few never-to-be-used additional assets, so it's kind of a non-issue the other problem is the one i'm sort of worried about >go to /res/ to do routine maintainence on your board >already predisposed to hate /foo/fags >see the /foo/ resource thread >you don't even go to their fucking board, why do you have to see their shit >get a little madder at them for existing >know that it's not going to get removed if you bitch >now you're angry and powerless it's like how twitter shows you other people's likes in your TL - i worry that it could shove shit in people's faces when that's not ideal. the difference is "people see them (when going to the board) and people see them (in the routine course of maintenance)". the barrier "unfuck the CSS to see shit i hate" seems to me like a larger one than "go visit /foo/ board to see shit i hate" (and so it's less likely they'll cross it) which is why i brought it up at all sorry if i'm making a big deal out of nothing
>>250 I really don't mind helping or alleviating concerns. You've actually been the most prodigious beta tester so far and have exposed a number of bugs/oversights. If anything, I'm sorry that a number of them won't be fixed immediately and are instead relegated to the new Frontend. I don't want you to think I don't take your concerns seriously. I'm happy to do what I can for you with the the resources at my disposal. As far as /res/ goes, I expect it to only be used by BOs, and even then, only to upload an asset they need for custom CSS. Going to /res/ is going to be pretty deliberate. It won't be advertised and most users won't know it exists. The only people who should be seeing it are BOs or whoever they have doing their CSS for them. I don't really know what to tell you other than "they don't need to look at what others post". I acknowledge Twitter has become less useful now that it displays anything a friend of a friend liked in the last week. But /res/ isn't Twitter, it's Imgur for board resources. Maybe you catch a glimpse of something you don't like on the way in, but ultimately you're just there to upload your image and get the link, which will take two seconds. And it's hidden, so those images will never show up on the overboard or front page. I don't see it getting much traffic. Could I ask that you meet me halfway and give /res/ a try? I expect you'll be the only one using it for the time being. If for whatever reason it becomes a problem for you then we can revisit it and work out some other arrangement.
>>252 sure dw about it tyvm also
>>253 Don't worry about it.. Let me know if there's any other issues. Also, I think I forgot to follow-up on the date issue. Stephen thinks what's happening is the Frontend handles posts when they first are made, so the Frontend handles the formatting. Then, when loading them from the Backend upon refresh, the language pack takes over. This will be alleviated by providing a different Frontend per language pack. Once the new Frontend is stable we will work on a build system to keep the alternate FEs updated.
Still can't upload fonts. Pls fix.
>>255 I'll have someone else take a look at the issue in case I overlooked something. But every possible MIME for it is whitelisted. I'll also ask Stephen Lynx again but he was under the impression it should work if we're validating MIMEs, and we are. If you want it working ASAP you have the option of embedding it, which should work fine. Fonts are not large assets.
>>256 It's pretty useless without the "new front end" you're talking about anyway because all JS users won't even see it. When will that be ready?
>>257 We don't have an exact date. We're aiming to have it done sometime this month. There's a very long list of bugs/features that are targeting it and we want it to at least hit feature parity with the current FE.
(204.84 KB 1085x516 ujh].PNG)

>>134 List aspect ratio of an image in the image details.
>>164 it's not that easy if text goes under the image, there'll be a huge chunk of dead space to the right unless it is very shallow
PLEASE add some kind of confirmation before deleting a board. Every time I access the admin panel, I freak out because I'm worried I'll misclick. I think the current layout is a disaster waiting to happen. The best solution would be emailing people a confirmation link and making them click THAT to delete a board or account. I really don't like there being a self destruct button on my dash. Also, I can't "moderate boards". I assume that's for global mods?
Made a new favicon for the site because the current one is shit. All layers but 16x16 are PNG-compressed. https://files.catbox.moe/aum7dn.ico
>>261 Can you read? There already IS a checkbox. That's more than enough. Your solution would also make email a requirement. The chance of you misclicking twice is way to low for that to happen, so just fix you insecurities instead of demanding the site to change.
>>261 We may be able to add a captcha to it. Alternatively, we may discuss removing the functionality entirely and making it a global action that BOs can request. Not sure how the users of the site would feel on the issue. Regardless, we don't want anyone accidentally deleting their boards, and it already happened once to /vg/ so it's on our radar. Seems to be an issue for BOs who mod via phone more than anything, since a bad swipe can accidentally check the box and then hit the button. An additional layer of confirmation cannot hurt. I'll add it to the list of issues for the new frontend and someone can investigate when they are able. >I can't "moderate boards" The labels on some of this stuff are pretty wonky and it took us awhile to learn them, too. Moderate Board is for Admin and above only. You aren't missing much; ownership transfer, locking the board, and toggling SFW. That's about it. >>262 I like it. I'll drop it in tonight. Thank you!
>>264 The other guy was right. I didn't see the checkbox. But I guess, since it already happened to someone, it might be a problem anyway. >Alternatively, we may discuss removing the functionality entirely and making it a global action that BOs can request. I don't like this because it feels like there'd be a human-centric delay between the user's request and the actual deletion, which could be a problem if no one is present to confirm it.
>>264 >since a bad swipe can accidentally check the box and then hit the button. If the swipe registers one touch then NO. Either nothing happens like with a mouse (Because a click consists of down and release on the same surface) or one of it. (If just the down or release is evaluated)
And I'm pretty sure mobile browsers don't register clicks when scrolling more than a certain amount. So most likely you can't even click one of them while scrolling.
>>264 >I like it. I'll drop it in tonight. Thank you! More like tomorrow night.
Ban Tor posting until it becomes an option for the BO to turn on or off.
>>272 Better option, allow Tor posting and actually moderate your board instead of sitting back, doing literally nothing, and then blaming Tor users for all the stuff you refuse to moderate.
I just got ding dong bannu'd on /v/ unjustly for the first time, and now that I've attempted appealing a ban, I've noticed the subsequent ban message doesn't say whether the appeal is still under review or if it's been denied. It sure would be nice to not have to check constantly if my appeal was actually denied and instead just wait until the ban is over.
>>263 >Can you read? There already IS a checkbox. That's more than enough. Your solution would also make email a requirement. >The chance of you misclicking twice is way to low for that to happen You mean like how that totally didn't happen to /vg/ because of phone moderation. Just like how a certain cake oriented Jew sometimes does?
Do my reports still go through if I'm banned? It still lets me make them.
>>275 >>277 >browsing imageboards bareback What's wrong with you?
>>278 I'm a good goy.
>>279 VPN's are like $5 a month nigger, get with the times.
>>280 I'm a broke NEET.
>>281 Could try cryptostorms free version, but I can't vouch for it.
tried to upload global.css containing the following .theme_yotsuba_b { background: #eef2ff no-repeat; color: #000; background-image: url("..."); background-repeat: repeat; } the url is irrelevant so I axed it css didn't change is this just the standard problem w/ custom or did I mess up somehow
Where did the admin go?
>>284 I think custom CSS doesn't work yet.
So how many years are we going to wait for this fancy new front-end? I just want to implement custom CSS on my board. I hope this won't be another shitty imageboard where everyone is sitting in the meta board and everything revolves around the administration, we don't need another shitty imageboard where the site itself discussed more than the actual topics we came here to discuss.
>>287 A better question would be where the fuck is that gitlab for this shit
>>284 Custom CSS is disabled due to how our CSS selector works. This is coming. >>287 Its the current main project for the dev team. Depending on how many man hours we can put in we expect it to be finished within the next couple weeks, or by the end of the month if our schedules wind up fucky. We're aiming for the most feature-complete LynxChan build out there, so you guys should be pretty tickled with the results. If you want a hard number, out of a 14 point list of additions and conversions we've finished 6 of them. >>288 Our repo is private while we're working with it, but it's most likely going to be released to the rest of the Lynx-based board community when it's all done. I keep flipping back and forth between wanting everyone to have all the cool stuff for the current version of Lynx for their sites, and wanting to hoard it because we obviously made it for this place while the others haven't exactly done anything to help us out here. I expect we'll eventually let it go out of the spirit of things, but we can at least get it finished and bugtested first.
>>290 Why haven't you changed the favicon yet? I thought you liked my contribution. Have you simply forgotten it or have you changed your mind?
See >>262 >>264 >I like it. I'll drop it in tonight. Thank you!
(137.79 KB 270x670 Asuka pajamas.jpg)

>>291 >>292 Ah, that wasn't me (probly the other admin, who's been working on our 2.4 test server) but I can look into it for you. Changing a set favicon is really weird as its actually stored in the database itself. I have to go in and find the old one and purge it, and then input the new one via command line. I don't see a problem with the current one, but that's a pretty small change so I don't mind. I've been busy with a special side project of my own to help deal with the deplatforming threat. It's going well with a working prototype, so I'll be unveiling that pretty soon too.
>>293 >I don't see a problem with the current one The current one has no transparent background, no different sizes (not that I personally mind) and lacks contrast because the white background and parts of the symbol are too similar in colour.
>>291 I actually did drop it in but it wasn't updating. Then I got pulled away by more pressing matters. >>293 >You have to find the old one and purge it Well that explains why it wouldn't take. I was actually just dropping in to update on the new FE. Acid should have some more time now and it's moving forward. Once we get all major features added (hopefully in the next week or two) I will write a build system to automatically translate it. If you're still up for helping with the German translation, we can pilot the FE translation system with that.
>>293 Acidfed taking a bite out of the onion. The ni/GG/ers are going to be absolutely seething when they find out.
Is the global limits 5 files per post and 24 MB? Just making sure. Also, does the "Unique file/post" setting on a board refer to the entire board, or just within a thread?
(195.85 KB 493x506 responsibility.png)

Can we manually abandon boards?
>>298 Not that I am aware of. But if you want to bail without deleting it you could make a post offering it for claims and see if anyone wants it transferred to them.
>>297 5 files per post, 24 MB, which I think is per-file. Unique file/post is board-wide, and will give an R9K error if you post a duplicate.
>>297 >>300 There's also a max upload limit per post of 40mb. So you can't do 5 full 24mb webms, for instance, but could do a 24mb and four 4mb webms. It keeps the server and Vanwa from gagging on so large a request at once.
(9.39 MB 960x540 1574737372306.webm)

>>295 >I keep flipping back and forth between wanting everyone to have all the cool stuff for the current version of Lynx for their sites, and wanting to hoard it because we obviously made it for this place while the others haven't exactly done anything to help us out here. You never fail to impress me with your entitlement, Acid. Keep it up, your Jim impersonations get better and better by the day.
(306.89 KB 403x403 are_you_super_serious.png)

>>302 You quoted the wrong post. That being said... >develop software for own use >not sharing is entitlement >but demanding others release their work is fine Niggerpilling will get you nowhere.
>>303 >use others work for free >refuse to open source your tweaks and addons so your users can be confident in the security and privacy your site offers Sure we can pretend like it's totally normal for imageboards to go proprietary and like they have anything to gain from doing this. I'm sure in the long run it definitely won't hurt the site that is accused of being ran by a fed informant when they refuse to release their source. It makes little difference to me, I'm not invested in the success of the website. Have fun withholding your epic tor catpcha tokens from lynxchan sites I guess, I'm sure admins will shed a single tear.
>>304 open source is good concern trolling is not so stop doing that
>>305 I wasn't really trying to concern troll. I just know how else you respond to someone using open source software as the core of their website then going around and declaring that they're entitled to keeping their tweaks to that software hidden from their users so they can't be audited. The only other person I've met who's insane and entitled enough to do that was Jim and cripplekike, which is hilariously ironic.
(442.15 KB 1035x686 015.jpg)

>>302 >>304 >>306 Our plan is to open source everything. The backend is going to remain vanilla LynxChan. The only addon not included in Stephen's repos is a small pinktext markdown one I wrote, and there are already alternatives to that available. The current frontend isn't open because it's a modified 16Lynx and it was patched together haphazardly. The new frontend will be open sourced when it's done. All other tools are personal side projects. I can't make others open source tools they wrote. I plan to open source my migration script once I have a vertical slice working. I personally believe free software is important, and users should be able to audit the code that they and their sites run. The site should, at the end of the day, be the sort of site I want to use, and I happen to agree that users should be able to audit the site.
>>314 Acidfed btfoed by based lainfag
(1.78 MB 2560x3524 64gay.png)

Any chance of having a front page as cool as this one (or at least the purple theme)?
(59.54 KB 1640x234 example1.png)

>>134 >Designated thread for all frontend feature requests. It'd be helpful to have a list of features already implemented or planned for the new frontend to avoid repeating them. >>143 This. Also, the single feature that I miss the most is post inlining for quotes and replies, including the different cues to identify quoted posts and other useful related features >when hovering over a reply to a post, the quote in the reply gets highlighted with an underlined dashed line (see pic related). This allows you to quickly understand which part of the text in the reply replies to the post you're currently hovering from. >when inline expanding replies to a post, the clicked replies gets highlighted to show which replies you currently have inlined >image expansion on inlined posts just like with non inlined posts >ctrl+click on a reply or quote bypasses inlining and navigates to the reply or quoted post. I've also always wanted to see an option for filename randomization but ultimately that's just a nicety.
>>316 Yes. >>317 Duplicates are fine. It shows how many users are requesting a feature, which helps us prioritize. The plan is to use this thread as a checklist on top of all the issues we have already noticed. There's a lot of little formatting things (replies among them) that just don't "feel" right and it's the little details like that which are key. Thanks for making a note of it. If filename randomization happens it will have to involve changes to the backend. I can ask Stephen nicely to add it to his roadmap but can't make any guarantees. It's pretty convenient from a technical angle to expect an image to arrive at a particular hash, though.
Edited last time by codexx on 07/12/2020 (Sun) 22:19:37.
>>325 >it will have to involve changes to the backend Couldn't it be done in the front end with javascript by replacing the name sent to the backend when submitting a reply? >It's pretty convenient from a technical angle to expect an image to arrive at a particular hash, though. I don't know how the backend works but normally the filename doesn't affect the resulting hash.
Make CSS optional by using <br> instead of linebreaks and "white-space: pre-wrap;".
>>328 This can also cause issues with libreoffice writer which only parses the html and thus removes all line breaks. With <br> that would neither happen in a notepad nor LO Writer.
>>315 they're both root that's not "btfo" it's an elaboration on policy stop glowing
>>331 They're different people with different principles on open sourcing software retard. Acid is an entitled BLACKED lover who thinks his additions to an open source project should stay hidden from his users so other lynxchan sites can't benefit from his labor. Lainnigger understands that being able to audit a sites code is invaluable to privacy and security. These are conflicting ideals, not an elaboration on policy. Learn to read retard.
>>327 You're right. I was sleep-deprived and thinking of the filenames as they are stored, not the original filename. I'll see if we can tack on a box. I'd like to redesign the reply/quick reply UI in general. I'll see if random filenames are feasible. >>328 >>329 This might actually require a backend tweak, since the way the posts are stored and formatted is not this way, and the markdown of every post would probably need to be updated. I'll look into it but it's probably a bigger undertaking than we can take on right now.
(90.74 KB 316x265 1471075624335.png)

>>332 Both of us having Root is somewhat confusing. Unfortunately, the Admin level doesn't give access to global settings; it's purely for managing global volunteers. I'll look for a way to differentiate us more easily, especially on boards with namefagging disabled. For now, we'll just try to avatarfag. Acid will post Asuka and I'll usually post Lain or Konata.
(146.08 KB 539x393 1432865217435-1.jpg)

Lots of progress this week. >>317 On the off chance you're checking this thread, could you offer clarification on your comments on inline replies, and what behavior ctrl+click should have? It's not a functionality I recall using and I have been unable to get it to do anything different to a normal click on either vichan or lynxchan boards. Hover posts have been adjusted, and the underlines are back. >>143 Can also confirm this is working. >>136 There's not a ton of room to add buttons and it would add a lot of clutter. I'd recommend installing an add-on for your browser that makes it easy to perform a reverse image search. Top bar seems to be fixed. >>164 It now behaves like vichan. >>162 Win95 hasn't been ported over, but it will get some love and care once it is. Quick Reply on Chromium specifically hasn't been looked into, but it will no longer stick to the top of the screen where you can't reach it.
(246.37 KB 1920x1080 Asuka anta baka?.jpg)

>>302 >>304 >>332 >I expect we'll eventually let it go out of the spirit of things, but we can at least get it finished and bugtested first. Why are torniggers illiterate?
>>340 "I expect" is not a commitment. You've still left not releasing the source on the table. Maybe your ability to write what you believe accidentally slipped through those ridiculous reddit spaces before you submitted the post. Wouldn't be the first time. Or the second, or the third.
>>338 Can we get this? >>259
(86.58 KB 1006x325 shit.png)

(86.32 KB 1006x325 fix.png)

(78.99 KB 1616x187 crap.png)

(80.40 KB 1616x187 good.png)

>>338 >could you offer clarification on your comments on inline replies, and what behavior ctrl+click should have? Yeah, sure. Hopefully it'll be clearer this time, otherwise please let me know if you have specific questions. >>when inline expanding replies to a post, the clicked replies gets highlighted to show which replies you currently have inlined Pic #1 shows a post that has several replies, two of which have been inlined. If you were done reading the posts and wanted to remove the inlined replies (by clicking on the reply links next to the replied-to post number), you'd have to read the post number of the first inlined post, and then compare it one by one against all the post numbers of the replies to the original post, and then repeat for the second inlined post, and at this point it's almost easier to just refresh the page. Compare to just how easy it is in pic #2 by highlighting the links of the replies that have been inlined. This is just a mock up, you can do the highlighting as you think it's best. >image expansion on inlined posts just like with non inlined posts On vichan, inline-expanded posts can't inline-expand images. If you inlined one post and clicked on the image of that post, the image would open in a new tab. I think ideally inlined posts would be able to expand images just like non inlined posts. >what behavior ctrl+click should have Basically I'd like the inlining behavior of vichan on normal click, and the current functionality we have here on ctrl+click, so you have the best of both worlds. Otherwise, it'd be impossible to navigate the thread by following the quote/reply chains. Something else I forgot to request: viewing replies on hover posts. Currently hovering here does not show replies to the hovered post, but it does on vichan. To show an example, pic #3 shows how it looks here, pic #4 shows how I'd like it (vichan). The way it currently works makes you go to each reply to see if it in turn has replies (and then navigate back), which makes hovering a bit pointless since you're getting incomplete information. >>259 >image details Oh, speaking of this. If I remember correctly, the mobile version does not show any detail about attachments. It doesn't show a filename or extension, or weight or anything else for that matter. Sorry for being a pain in the ass
>>346 Lynxchan already has original file checking, it's just not been enabled on the boards you've tested it on.
>>347 It should be enabled by default, or at the very least, on all the porn boards so porn dumps aren't full of dupes.
>>335 >I'll look into it but it's probably a bigger undertaking than we can take on right now. Do it anyway. I mean what is this? A website with optional JS but mandatory CSS? It makes no sense.
(377.48 KB 867x651 021.jpg)

>>345 >>346 >>347 >>348 Duplicate files are a toggle and they work board-wide not thread-wide. We can fix this with an addon for LynxChan but it will probably come after our 2.4 upgrade which is our current priority. I can also pester Stephen about adding it to the core engine.
EXTREME BUG ENCOUNTERED See >>>/v/63112 I got an ID from another poster two times and one of them my text from the post was missing.
(63.44 KB 767x512 025.jpg)

>>353 It's an issue with Vanwa. They don't report all their IPs and we have to manually re-configure things every time they rotate. Acid will contact Vanwa, get the updated IP list, and update the config, We might reset the server afterwards to make sure it clears. Apologies for the inconvenience, but the alternative is eating a DDoS with no protection.
(517.50 KB 495x587 yayifications.png)

>>343 We took a stab at it in the frontend is it seems like the backend ends up reporting a lot of that, so we're going to investigate how to add it that way. Little more work but we are working on an option. Current plan, to save space, is to make it an on-hover/alternate text for the image dimensions. >>350 By "a bigger undertaking" I meant we would need to apply a change to the frontend and backend and simultaneously go back and edit every single post in the database to accommodate. I agree that an ideal website would not require anything but the most plain response, and we can probably make it happen, but it's too big to put in the 2.4 upgrade + new frontend. I can reach out to Stephen and see if he'd be up for some tweaks to the engine as a whole. If the backend just automatically handles the conversion with an upgrade and we just have to make the frontend match then that's better for everyone. >>344 I actually was unaware vichan allowed inlining replies like that. How do you inline posts? I think what you're asking for is doable via frontend tweaks, we just need to be able to reproduce it completely. Currently, we've got underlines, and clicking on a reply will move your scroll position in the thread to the reply. Ctrl+Click will open a new tab (as will middle clicking). We've made some improvements to hover reply displays. Just need to add replies to hover mode and figure out this inlining thing.
>>349 You're ignoring half the context to frame this in a disingenuous way. I'm not a tripfag, I'm not screaming anything. I would never in a million years call someone an entitled autist for wanting code to be open source, regardless of how insufferable they are because people being able to audit this code is vital to my privacy and security if I want to continue using the site. Do you think this site would even exist without open source projects? It's hypocrisy to make your website less secure of trustworthy with proprietary code while the heart of it is an open source project that more or less saved the infinity style imageboard community when pigchan went to complete shit. So yeah, wanting your lynxchan addons to stay proprietary is entitled. Proprietary software is a fucking cancer on society that only serves to benefit the few at the cost of the many. There will never an instance where I think any amount of labor justifies making software proprietary, but that goes doubly so for imageboard software. Good attempt though you fucking faggot.
>>356 Can you fix the bug where people posting with capcodes have these weird spaces in all of their posts
>>354 >Vanwa That explains why this and 8kun.top have overlapping downtime. Shit and gay.
>>359 >using 8kunt lol, no wonder I felt like I was posting among cancer.
>>360 >he doesn't have 8kunt gold What, are you poor?
>>361 Shit, dawg. I only got 8kunt wood.
(19.77 KB 118x152 mfw.png)

>>356 >I actually was unaware vichan allowed inlining replies like that. How do you inline posts? Surely you gist. But you need to activate it in the options and then you just click a quote link or a reply link and the linked post gets inlined. >App.options.add('useInlining', _('Enable inlining')) Something else I'd one day like to see is better support for looking up post histories on the mod tools. I don't think I've ever seen it working on a Lynxchan instance, and also post information stops showing up completely after about a week or two. I mentioned this to Robi some time ago, he proceeded to yell expletives against StephenLynx. Anyway, any new features will be appreciated, thanks!
Filter by ID, option to post more than 5 files at a time, and snap the Quick Reply Window to the inside of the site window. Also seconding: >>143 >>164 >>259 >>317 >It'd be helpful to have a list of features already implemented or planned for the new frontend to avoid repeating them. >>344 >Oh, speaking of this. If I remember correctly, the mobile version does not show any detail about attachments. It doesn't show a filename or extension, or weight or anything else for that matter.
Has there been any progress into the auto update timer timing out? I know it's a lynxchan issue since it happens across every lynxchan site. I know nothing about programming but some sort of way to brute force auto update checks would be nice. Sometimes it does the negative timer number shit and sometimes it just stops and the timer is gone until you click refresh.
>>366 Some time was spent attempting to duplicate it but so far it's been a hard bug to reproduce. It's possible that the double-counting bug is related. If the script is running side-by-side asynchronously then that might be a cause. I can't promise a fix in time for the frontend upgrade, but it's on our radar. Additionally, there are some other improvements to the script that might make the experience better, even if it still breaks sometimes.
>>364 Thanks for the help. Now that we can toy with it we can see about replicating it. I'm not going to promise we'll support inlining, but if we do I will try to get as many of your QoL recommendations in as possible. If we're going to do it, we'll do it right. As for post histories, I am not sure if it's in 2.4 or not but I see a commit from four weeks ago supporting user history. I'll get more info on whether it's in 2.4 or 2.5 and we can hopefully work with Stephen to flesh the functionality out and make it useful to everyone who wants it. >>365 I've put in a ticket for additional Filter options. We've fixed the Quick Reply window so it won't jump out of bounds anymore. We probably will not be changing the image limit. Short-term there are some technical considerations. Long-term it's doable but I think there should be consensus among anons before bumping it up. I assume the hidden details on mobile is a feature and not a bug; an attempt to conserve space. But I will see if there's a way to add some/all of it back in without breaking mobile layouts. Default media volume is in. Aspect ratio is to-do but being worked on. Inlining, see above. I'll write up a changelog and a summary of the issues list this weekend. Once we go live and it's open source we'll direct people to make issues on GitGud.
>>367 thread.startTimer = function(time) { if (time > 600) { time = 600; } thread.currentRefresh = time; thread.lastRefresh = time; thread.refreshLabel.innerHTML = thread.currentRefresh; thread.refreshTimer = setInterval(function checkTimer() { if (sideCatalog.loadingThread) { return; } thread.currentRefresh--; if (!thread.currentRefresh) { clearInterval(thread.refreshTimer); thread.refreshPosts(); thread.refreshLabel.innerHTML = ''; } else { thread.refreshLabel.innerHTML = thread.currentRefresh; } }, 1000); }; Here's the issue: if (!thread.currentRefresh) { replace it with if (thread.currentRefresh<=0) { This may be a floating point issue or some shit since all numbers are floating point in JS. Further if refreshPosts aborts for whatever reason, it will be run again a second later this way. >>367 I haven't encountered this either but he might be using a 32-bit system or something.
>>366 > I know it's a lynxchan issue since it happens across every lynxchan site Does it happen to you here? It might be front-end dependant.
>>369 This may be a solution. I do not want to suggest that it is nor that you should do it before >>366 confirms anything.
>>369 It's worth trying. I went ahead and made the commit. We'll do some testing tomorrow while we try to fix the double-count issue and improve the timer caps. >>370 It is frontend-dependent but the same timer script seems to be near-universal.
>>370 Yes it happens here. This is the only site where I see the timer go into the negative numbers, but every other lyxnchan site has the same issue where the timer disappears and stops auto updating until I click on the refresh button.
>>374 Actually I'm seeing the negative refresh timer on PLW now too. So it's not exclusive to here.
/meta/ is abandoned and can be claimed (along with a lot of other boards). The admin may want to grab it before another troll steals it again.
>>377 Claims aren't automated yet, so we'd have to approve a transfer anyways. Nonetheless, I went ahead and snagged /meta/. I'll have to talk to Acid about whether he wants to migrate there or not. If we do it will probably be after the upgrade.
>>378 Move to /8/ or /8ch/ instead.
Overboards are killing imageboards.
(275.23 KB 1210x472 mockup.png)

(85.05 KB 2560x80 current.png)

(57.05 KB 2560x82 with dynamic height.png)

(40.23 KB 1200x358 out of bounds.png)

>>338 >There's not a ton of room to add buttons and it would add a lot of clutter You can free a lot of space by using a dropdown menu that contains a Hide file button, plus various other options, like a Save button that saves the file with the filename chosen by the uploader instead of the one given by the system. The Open file button could be removed too, and clicking on the filename could open the file instead of downloading it with the system filename. >I'd recommend installing an add-on for your browser that makes it easy to perform a reverse image search. I already use an add-on for that. My idea of adding search button was directed to facilitate things to people who can't into reverse search engines or add-ons. >Top bar seems to be fixed. The text on the bar still overlaps the rest of the content when there isn't enough space. Making the height of the bar dynamic improves it a lot.>>368 >>368 >We've fixed the Quick Reply window so it won't jump out of bounds anymore. It still happens from time to time, usually when the three or more images are selected.
>>381 Reporting issues doesn't make you an annoyance. The feedback is super valuable. It's hard to remember every small detail that's wrong and this helps us write them all down and create a checklist. It's really appreciated. >topbar and quick reply issues To clarify, the things I said are fixed have been fixed on the new frontend, which isn't live yet. We're no longer attempting to salvage the current frontend and it will receive no further updates. We plan to replace it within the next few weeks. Topbar going to a second line causes issues with the side catalog. Instead, we're removing the text , setting everything but the board listing to a fixed width, and then calculating the size of top boards from the remainder. Eventually, mobile view kicks in and we've pared that down to just the essentials. We are looking at adding some more functionality to the dropdown (filtering), but there is only one dropdown per post, not per image. I'm also not opposed to making image lookups easier, but you can only hold people's hands so much. They can learn to do it or install an add-on to automate it.
>>380 Then don't use it.
When will the front end be finished? >>197 >Otherwise, I'd wait a week or two for the new FE to hit a functional state and then you can fork that. is what you told me last month.
>>386 Finished by end of month, planned launch is August 3rd.
>>386 Our internal timeline when I said that was mid-July. A couple members of the team were unavailable due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts. That more or less accounts for the two weeks. Any further delays can probably be put down to "it's impossible to estimate when software will be finished". You can look at the QoL Requests thread for general updates on what is or is not working. But we still need to revamp the home page and rework mobile, plus a few oft-requested features like Filter by ID. Once that's done then I can write a build system to support FE language packs.
>>388 >Once that's done then I can write a build system to support FE language packs. Kohlchan already has that: https://gitgud.io/Tjark/KohlNumbra
>>389 As far as I know, their build system is pretty dependent on using their frontend. I can see if it's adaptable or not, although I would be more comfortable maintaining something that's not built around node.
>>390 The build system requires a few changes to the structure of the project, but it should easily be adaptable to any new frontend. It's just a small gulpfile and a few shell commands after all.
Hey Acid, Codexx, whoever else, someone's shitmodding your site. I posted a meta complaint on this, the fucking meta board, and it was immediately deleted. You mind reining in whoever did that?
>>395 False alarm, apparently.
How do you up the number of threads in a board? I'm seeing a lot of good threads go missing because the limit is so small (101).
>>414 Its a global setting, sitewide. Our image file sizes are so large that running out of server space is an actual long-term threat. To limit this from getting too out of hand boards are initially capped at 10 pages and 10 threads per page. Post 2.4 when we have the main database stored on its own (huge) drive, we can look at bumping the board sizes up.
Somehow download speed is slower than it was two months ago. Large webms are lagging now.
Site's dead over the clearnet. I've also noticed sometimes images get broken too, which I think is due to vanwanet, and the same thing happens on 8kun but with a lot more frequency. Is there anything going on?
>>434 clearniggies can suck my nuts
>>435 sounds gay as hell
Request for file names to stop saving as "imagepng" or "imagejpeg" at the end. Also Tom is adding image filename anonymization to jschan and it would be cool if you could add it as well as a checkbox or default setting. Or maybe I should ask the hue tranny instead, but last time I asked him for a feature he called me a rule cuck.
>>429 We'll look into it. Performance is hard to reproduce since it's heavily dependent on user, user location, if Vanwa's network is under load or slowed for any reason. But there is some stuff in progress to speed up the site. No ETA but hopefully in the next month. I'd like to do a proper profile of the site's performance metrics at a point. >>434 There's a misconfigured router. A ticket has been opened. If Vanwa is loading find and saying we can't be accessed, then it's having trouble seeing the site behind that router. The broken images are a problem with the way Vanwa works. They add a harsh timeout for requests, and loading pages sometimes causes too many requests at once, especially long threads with lots of images. So some of them time out. This is why refreshing helps; your local cache will minimize the number of requests. 8kun's issue is actually different. I ran into a lot of problems trying to scrape their site and the issues seem to be entirely on their end. I think they stuck all their media on a separate server which sometimes goes unresponsive. >>437 >saving the mime to the end of the filename It's how Lynxchan works. Not sure how feasible it is to change without breaking everything. >filename anonymization It's on our radar. If it's doable entirely in the frontend then consider it to be coming soon. >he called me a rule cuck We also asked for bumplocking.
>>443 >It's how Lynxchan works. Not sure how feasible it is to change without breaking everything. By upgrading to 2.4 it will no longer have the mime types at the end.
>>444 Then sit tight. Upgrade is planned for the night of August 3rd/morning of the 4th.
Could you add AV1 webm support?
>>447 Does it give you an error when trying to upload or does it post silently without the file?
>>448 The later.
btw 8chan was unavailable just for like 15 minutes or so. Was that Vanwatch or the server?
>>450 Neither. There's a misconfigured router between the server and Vanwa, and when the routing tables decide to direct traffic through there it prevents Vanwa from being able to reach us. If it was the server or Vanwa it would have been fixed by now. We have files a ticket and are going to try to get routed around that, but it may take some time. We're aware of the problem and gathering info on it to submit to the relevant parties. For now, you can use Tor or wait for Acid to launch his backup solution, which will hopefully be in the next couple days. >>449 If it's failing silently then something, probably the thumbnail generator, is choking on it. I'll look into it, but it's not as simple and flipping a checkbox to enable support. We also have (or had) issues with .webp for similar reasons. But I'll look into it after things die down. I have to finish this migration script and then the new frontend to prepare for the 2.4 upgrade. After that, there will be more time to tinker with the backend.
>>451 >We also have (or had) issues with .webp for similar reasons. Forget about Webp (based on VP8). AVIF will be supported in Chrome next month. Webp is worse than jpeg.
>>451 The onion pill wins yet again. How will the clearniggers recover from this?
Other sites run fine, yet here seems to be randomly breaking images a lot. Sometimes it's a bunch of thumbnails. Sometimes the image with break halfway through loading. Generally opening the file in a new tab fixes this, but it's hassle when it has to be done for many images. It's unacceptable when thumbnails are breaking and I just reload the page over and over until they do.
>>458 Other sites don't have Vanwa between users and the server. We're working with them on a solution, but they're a startup and don't offer the same variety of tools and configuration options places like Cloudflare provide. We also were serving bigger thumbnails than some sites and have one of the larger file size limits. We scaled it back and made thumbnails into jpegs which has alleviated the issue for most users. We've done tests to see if we can reproduce any of this behavior when connected to the site directly and through Tor, but it just doesn't happen there. We'll continue to investigate configurations that ease the burden on bulk requests without sacrificing user comfort. Once Vanwa upgrades their capabilities, we should be able to deliver bigger, better thumbnails faster than we already do, and all of that without loading issues.
>>459 Current thumbnail size is fine in my opinion and I don't see a need to raise it if it could potentially cause issues again.
>>460 It's only slightly smaller. 225 versus 250. Unfortunately the bigger savings comes from switching to jpeg. No transparency in thumbnails and if you look closely you can see the artifacting. This one bothers me far more.
Disabling scripts on /site/ causes the plw css to load. Is uploading css bugged?
>>464 Yeah, it is. It's fixed on the new frontend. We're planning to launch it and upgrade the site to LynxChan 2.4 in a little over a week.
(224.33 KB 499x447 farcry6.png)

>>465 So when are you enabling captcha sitewide due to dolphin's spam Or at least filter >> replies with a high-ass number if that's doable, cuts down on it.
>>520 Working on it
(163.08 KB 465x502 gottado.png)

(767.93 KB 1920x1016 mop.webm)

https://8chan.moe/.media/t_85d4b5164f2721e16a257c0ee5ca3e28-imagepng Why is this the thumbnail in the catalog for the pinned thread on https://8chan.moe/de/catalog.html ? The post doesn't have any images attached. Did you fuck around with the database?
Or is some admin fucking with us?
>>526 >>527 Well that's an interesting glitch... No, I assure you we haven't done anything to mess with you guys, but we were changing the database as part of importing the /japan/ board the other day. Its possible this was a bug that happened somehow, but I've never seen anything happen that was similar to this before.
>>526 >>527 That's from /pdfs/ I believe, which was just imported. It shouldn't have any effect on existing boards, though. Strange that it only affected it within the catalog. Let me dig around and try to figure out where it's referenced and see if I can remove it.
>>526 >>527 I went into the database and removed it manually. I have some idea what happened and will be amending the migration script to fix it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I've been doing malformed queries and the only reason it's worked so far is because nobody else happened to have an overlap in thread IDs.
The site was down at least two times today. Get it under control.
>>572 It's a router between us and Vanwa. We've submitted reports to both our host and Vanwa and we are waiting to hear back.
>>572 Forgot to mention, the site is accessible via Tor when this happens. We have a clearnet portal up at redchannit.net for those who want it. That will bypass the issue.
Sage button still doesn't work.
yall ain't manually derank boards, right?
Feature: Per-Thread Spoiler Reveal If you want to look at a threadful of spoilered content, you can just click the PTSR button and have everything in that thread revealed. This is for e.g. porn boards, where you only want to see your specific fetish and not everything else.
>>582 Working on that today. Should be fixed after the frontend upgrade next week. >>584 We can't; it's all LynxChan's doing. The Boards page has a dropdown and you can sort by different metrics. "Most Popular" is default and it puts the highest UIDs first. >>585 I'll see if this can be done without JS but I'm not optimistic. In general we try to avoid features that won't work without JS. That said, porn boards do not need to spoiler their content. Spoilers are only required for boards marked SFW to avoid NSFW content from appearing on the homepage and SFW Overboard.
>>586 >That said, porn boards do not need to spoiler their content. Spoilers are only required for boards marked SFW to avoid NSFW content from appearing on the homepage and SFW Overboard. No, it's just for user comfort, so people don't have to see things they don't like, but also don't have to manually unhide everything they do.
A way to download all the media for a specific thread would be nice. Or even an entire board.
>>588 This will probably never be a site feature, but my scraper/importer handles this. I could use beta testers, especially on Windows, if you would like to volunteer. Otherwise, please stay tuned for the release announcement. The scrapers are stable, so I just need to fix the importer.
>>589 I don't use windows. An external tool is fine as well. Is it lynxchan specific? I'd very much enjoy archiving imageboard content locally, even entire sites. Also a more reasonably frontend feature would be pressing delete with an empty field to refresh the captcha instead of having to click refresh.
>>590 I've been kicking around the idea of a server that just scrapes 8chan bunkers and keeps updated backups for easy import. My main concern is ensuring that the rightful BOs of those boards maintain their communities. I'd hate to see the tool encourage fragmentation. Would be doable with this tool + a bash script to run it for a list of boards. It can scrape Vichan and LynxChan right now, I plan to add JSChan support eventually. Expect an announcement as early as this weekend and as late as the next, here or on >>>/t/. I'd love your feedback. >captcha refresh I've had issues with this myself. I'll see if it can be done solely on the FE with no JavaScript. If not, it will need to wait until after the new FE launches; my backlog for add-ons keeps growing.
>>591 >My main concern is ensuring that the rightful BOs of those boards maintain their communities. I'd hate to see the tool encourage fragmentation. Sort of understandable but that kind of thinking kind of goes against the infinity style imageboard spirit. People don't really use a board just because it has certain threads or posts, they do it because of the BO and the posters themselves. I think some retard scraped the zchan /v/ board and made a new jschan site and started shilling it and no one gave a shit because it was some random retard, likely a bad faith actor. I don't see anything wrong with someone being bale to essentially "fork" a board and all its content. But I also don't really approach these things from an obsession of unity and maintaining board activity, I approach it from a very principled perspective. I suppose it is technically possible that people would constantly fork boards and "steal" the content, but as I said before I don't think that would have any tangible long term negative effect. If anything it might increase user engagement since people can be more confident that their favourite boards and threads aren't so ephemeral. Insurance for if the site admin bails or if the BO turns out to be a sperg retard. BO's shouldn't be seen as some sort of copyright holders of their boards threads and posts. But just a tool for downloading all the media on a board would be nice either way. >my backlog for add-ons keeps growing. Keep up the good work jannie. I just spitball random ideas I have, I have no expectation for any devs to listen or follow through. A feature or even a vocal update every 6 months would still be better than anything Jim and Ron were capable of accomplishing.
>>592 I definitely do have an ideal of unity. I'd love to see the community come back together again I ended up making this site my pet project quite by accident, but it's been a fruitful endeavor. Ultimately, despite my "concerns", I'm releasing it under a copyleft license and plan to maintain it for the foreseeable future. Sheer momentum will protect most boards from being aggressively forked. The tool has the possibility to act as a "checkpoint" system for the entire webring to respawn from. Combined with Acid's Crescent Isle, deplatforming any of us will become both difficult and futile. >Keep up the good work I'm trying my best. This site has become my pet project quite by accident, but it's been fruitful. I really do think we've got one of the best tech teams of the 8chan splinters, and the community will start seeing the fruits of that this week. I've been burned by so many admins in the past. Moot cucking out. Hotwheels giving up and selling the site. Jim being an out-of-touch boomer who doesn't get the culture. I plan to build the site I wanted all of them to. Hopefully if I build it, anons will come.
Someone seems to have experienced some NaNs >>>/de/120
>>595 That's... quite strange. Was that their post? Or someone else's? If it was a post they just made then it may be an issue with the frontend (which is being replaced in a few days). If not, it's a bit more serious and I'll need to escalate it to Stephen.
>>596 Post 30 is my post, so to him it was someone else's.
>>597 I'll forward this, then. Sounds like the backend choked for some reason.
>>595 >>597 Does he use the side catalog? Did he switch to that thread using the side catalog?
>>599 How am I supposed to know?
>>27 It sucks there aren't that many viable imageboard software outside of Lyxnchan and JSchan, with the latter looks good but hasn't been updated in a while though Vichan is more outdated than all the ones I've seen.
>>27 Still you guys are doing a good job maintaining the site and in contact with the Lynxchan dev on software updates. This site will gradually evolve overtime the way things are shaping up to be.
(33.97 KB 318x488 Eliminate the gays.jpeg)

Why the fuck did you post this tranny image faggot?
(3.39 MB 1144x4744 ClipboardImage.png)

>>604 I should really make a rule banning acid from /cb/ so he doesn't flood it with blacked tranny porn or some shit.
>>604 because it's 2014 and CJWs don't exist yet
>>604 >Muh trannime Fuck off goon.
>>588 You can do this with wget pretty easily. >>591 If your concern is that someone in bad faith would scrape boards and mirror them to fragment communities then although I share the concern I don't think your tool would really change much. Someone with the kind of knowledge and motivation to do all that would either just make their own tool or use generic tools to do it. You can even do it with wget as well in 1 shell line, I actually do this to keep backups of my board in case shit hits the fan, but it is missing the part that would import it somewhere else. >>592 >People don't really use a board just because it has certain threads or posts This makes sense on a big and fast board but on slower boards that have taken literally years to build up a catalog it may not be so true. >>593 Thanks fag.
>>612 >You can do this with wget pretty easily. I'm too retarded for epic scripts and cl autisms >This makes sense on a big and fast board but on slower boards that have taken literally years to build up a catalog it may not be so true. If someone can fork your board and run it better than you do then so be it. I don't see the problem with this. I also just don't see this occurring with any degree of frequency, people just up and migrating to a randomly forked board that is.
It's a dumb question, but will there be a full changelog detailing the new and improved stuff for both users and BO?
(2.39 MB 382x498 eyebrows.gif)

Overboard catalog functionality when?
>>614 Codexx is planning to make one for everybody.
(2.00 MB 1920x1080 smug_doc.png)

Changelog The site has been upgraded to LynxChan 2.4. This provides memory optimizations and some improved moderation tools. New Frontend! We have build a new frontend on top of Penumbra. Custom CSS now works! BOs are asked to place their resources on >>>/res/. Fonts are currently not supported; current workaround is to use base64 encoding. Resources hosted off-site are subject to break. New homepage that pays homage to a long-lost home. Logo has been cured of autism. Default Thumbnail has been updated. Yotsuba and Warosu themes have had some tweaks for familiarity. Win95 Theme has been rebuilt to behave better. Tooltip/hover replies should now behave better. Clicking "back" after navigating to a reply should now return you to the correct positon. This was caused by the old side catalog, which has been upgraded. The navigation bar has been adjusted to overflow less often. Text has been converted to tooltips. Default WebM Sound has been added. You can configure it by clicking on "settings" in the navigation bar. Filter by ID and other options have been added. They can be accessed by clicking the "Hide" button. Markdown has been improved. Spoilers should now hide text properly. Markdown nests outward to inward. Added Moe Markdown.For when you're feeling moe! Added (((Echoes))) Added Ultra-Violence Added Magnet Links: 35563d58 <Updated Pink Text (Reverted by popular demand) Markdown instructions in the Posting FAQ have been updated. Quick Reply box will no longer jam itself off-screen. Captchas can now be refreshed by pressing alt+r (with JavaScript enabled) Refresh Timer should no longer go negative, and should refresh faster if you are actively viewing a page. Graphs are now available via the home page. Autofill should be disabled, despite every effort by Google and Mozilla to autofill everything. Archive links now point to archive.today, since we do not (currently) host our own archive. Sage button now works. Sage is now silent. Aug 14th Update Catalog scrollbars fixed, thanks to BO of /de/ Default Volume should now remember the position it's in Quoting/Replying in the reply box should now utilize your cursor position, instead of just appending to the end of your input. Attempted fix of videos opening in a new tab instead of inline. Thank you to everyone for the feedback. There's a few things we didn't get around to, either because it was just too much to pack in or because LynxChan makes accomplishing it difficult. Feel free to drop bug reports or requests/suggestions for the next iteration here. I know some stuff isn't working! Drop anything that's broken (or is in the changelog but not on the site) here and I will take a look. Worst-case some stuff will be broken until tonight. I'll triage the worst issues.
Edited last time by codexx on 08/14/2020 (Fri) 12:43:16.
(93.59 KB 777x685 ClipboardImage.png)

(77.78 KB 755x513 ClipboardImage.png)

After clearing cache, there are still issues that happen when the window is too small. The posts stretch across the whole window and the time and date do not show up. Image thumbnails are much smaller than normal as well. This applies to all themes. Also, some padding would be nice for images in the Windows 95 theme. It's not as noticeable on other themes but the images are right up against the top bar which looks like crap. This happens regardless of window size.
>>629 I should add, if possible, it would be nice if pasting from clipboard could automatically expand the "files" section on the quick reply menu. As it is, you paste something and it doesn't seem like anything happened.
(593.00 KB 960x920 ClipboardImage.png)

(253.69 KB 931x873 ClipboardImage.png)

>>629 Might just need to give it a few minutes. Some stuff doesn't clear. >>630 Like this? It's working for me. It might be your cache still.
This new CSS is fucking disgusting how do I go back?
(28.20 KB 389x523 ClipboardImage.png)

(25.89 KB 326x404 ClipboardImage.png)

>>631 After fucking about with it, it's another issue created when your window is too small. Pic 1 is what the quick reply looks like in a normal window, and pic 2 is what it looks like when it's too narrow. It needs a refresh to trigger either one. When it's too small, you have to manually click on the "files" section to expand it.
Moe text uses annoying markdown. Can't it just be something like %%gay%%?
>>633 This might be a "feature" intended to save space on mobile devices or to avoid breaking if the window is too narrow. But I can see how it's annoying. I'll see what we can do. Might be a bit while we diagnose this webm/mp4 upload issue. >>634 I was gonna do <*>homo<*> but I got talked out of it.
(83.46 KB 303x312 1583711283108.gif)

>>628 >Quick Reply box will no longer jam itself off-screen. FINALLY
(1.11 MB 640x426 Honk.mp4)

>>636 Testin'
>>637 Swank. How about replies when putting the cursor back near the top? Aw swing and a miss, still end of text/eof>>635
>>628 Yeah everything is looking great. Front page looks more like OG 8chan, and a ton of quality of life features. Can't go wrong with those.
>>638 Can you clarify the issue and give exact steps to reproduce?
>>640 I assume he's talking about the fact you can't insert post quotes where you select in the reply box and it still goes to the bottom. Need to manually cut and paste it where you want the quote.
>>641 Oh, yeah. That's bothersome. I wanted to overhaul the quick reply box but time was an issue. Since the quick reply is all JS anyways we can probably do something about that. Once we finish tidying up from the upgrade I'll play with it.
(648.10 KB 400x400 1464076991825.webm)

[moe]test] Test TEST!
(16.76 KB 500x500 1589184982-0.png)

>>644 wow, the black shit is gone, naisu!
>>629 Seems like you're stuck on mobile view, which kicks-in if your browser's width is below some set width. That causes the tiny thumbnails and also the posts stretching. >Win95 needs padding The issue is that the margins on the main themes aren't margins, they're just whitespace around the text. On Win95, the blue background fills in the entire cell, and the image is up against that on all themes. You just can't tell as easily. We can add extra padding to just Win95, but I am worried it will dramatically change the height of the page. Maybe that's not a big deal and would be worth it, though. Will play with it.
>Sage is now silent. why can't we just have nokosage like in the past
>>628 The font in the reply, quick reply, and theme selector is always this shitty blurred "Hack" instead of default even on Yotsuba B and other themes. CSS at fault is global.css:149
>>628 Another thing, clicking on IDs to toggle the highlight doesn't work on the first time, and you can't untoggle it either. Also doesn't unhighlight when clicking a different ID or highlighting another post
New front end is nice but scrolling in the catalog is utterly broken.
Sage also doesn't work if written in the email field or checked via the checkbox.
I miss the hover over timestamp for relative time. >>628 >Sage is now silent. Why? There's always going to be faggots who sage as a downvote, but when visible and used correctly it shows that the anon understands that the post is offtopic and implies that replies should also be saged.
(82.04 KB 494x622 ClipboardImage.png)

what's with these god-awful fonts? Like straight out of a fucking pastebin or something autistic, very unpleasant to look at. Any way to replace them?
test Moe DOOM Moe and DOOM DOOM with Moe inside it Moe with DOOM inside it Moe text and DOOM text side by side Moe and DOOM interlocking no show Moe and DOOM text interlocking
HOLY SHIT THE THE REPLY BOX DOESN'T CONTINUE EXPANDING HORIZONTALLY FOREVER ANYMORE IT'S A MIRACLE >>654 >Moe and DOOM text interlocking That one didn't function as it ought to have. I put [moe]Moe and [doom]DOOM text [/moe] interlocking [/doom] Instead of ending where I placed the tags, the moe text continued the whole line and the doom text ended when it hit the end tag for the moe text. Of course, the intended effect can be simulated with [moe]Moe and[/moe] [doom][moe]DOOM text [/moe] interlocking [/doom] Moe and[/moe] [moe]DOOM text interlocking
>>655 >Moe and[/moe] [moe]DOOM text interlocking That didn't work and I don't know what went wrong.
>>653 Some nigger put input, select, textarea "font-family: 'Hack', monospace, sans-serif;" into the global.css Also for input[type=button], input[type=submit], button, .dropzone, .selectedCell I agree with you. It should be removed. This looks absolutely horrible.
Also please don't use custom fonts by default. Having browsers download a font on every board by default is not wished for.
>TOR access can be found here You niggers wrote https:// instead of http:// in front of the onion address which leads to the site not being accessible in tor browser.
I can't create threads via Tor, so I'll ask here: Where is the IRC circlejerk?
Auto reload in the bottom is twice as fast.
I also just experienced negative numbers.
Now it's completely fucked and goes at 10x the normal speed.
Fix your scripts.
>>662 >>663 Yeah, the trick is to use promises for that and not whatever the dev is doing here.
>>666 Or just return setTimeout(function(time)).
>>662 >>663 >>664 Checking it out now.
>>668 testing whether (you)s still get added
>>668 No don't I like seeing the timer on crack it's funny
>>651 Sages are now "silent". Check if the thread has been bumped; they probably haven't been. >>653 >>657 These were included with Penumbra when we forked it and we didn't replace it. We're going to do so once all the little bugs from yesterday are squashed. >>662 >>663 >>664 Negative numbers and it's on speed? I've reverted the change until I can rewrite it from scratch.
>>671 fix it right now. It takes up enormous amounts of CPU power and my fans speed up like shit.
>>672 I know, it's unconscionable. I'll see if I can't hotfix it
>>672 Refresh script reverted. ctrl + f5 to flush your cache.
>>673 Before I forget: my current theory is that somehow it just keeps starting up an additional refresh timer when they complete, like a fork bomb.
New text formats? Neat (((Jewtext))) Doomtext Moetext
>>672 It's fixed now. You can thank >>675 who managed to do it in like two minutes.
>>677 >>675 Thanks.
another test I don't know how to do the doomtext
can you nest redtext and doomtext?
>>677 Could you also remove the "'Hack', monospace, sans-serif" from the CSS, so it just inherits sans-serif from the body? The font is awful and monospace fonts look awful in general for anything that is not programming.
>>681 Ctrl + F5 and let me know if that's better.
>>681 Unfortunately, since penumbra was written as the main theme, all other themes (including yotsuba derivatives) are only implemented as hacks on top of it. Autistic as it is, I'd rather not make it downright incompatible with other themes. If you mean make the input fields not monospace, that's easily doable.
Whenever I make a post the auto refresh breaks and I have to manually refresh the page.
>>684 Ctrl + F5 and see if it continues. I'm testing it myself right now.
(117.90 KB 300x300 2020-08-04-16-05-21.mp4)

Anyone else have this issue of the Auto Update timer ticking quickly? Running on Windows 10, Waterfox Classic.
>>683 You removed Hack from the default CSS. That's what I meant, thank you. >600x600 Do me a favour and use the multiplication sign × instead of x. It's U+00D7 and available on every operating system.
>>686 its being fixed right now. Clear your cache in a few minutes and check again.
>>685 Test
>>685 >>689 When I submit the post the post timer freezes. I see the post in the replies and can even over it to read my post, but the post doesn't show up in the thread and as I said the timer is frozen. Clicking the thread refresh button is unresponsive.
>>687 This requires an addon for the backend. I've got one half-finished that's modifying that element (was trying to add aspect ratio as a tooltip), so I can just add it in there. No ETA on when that will be. Right now we're just trying to put the fires out from yesterday.
>>690 Checking if this is fixed.
>>691 Why is presentation backend?
>>690 >>692 I tested it and it only occurs on the onion.
>>694 Looks like it's fixed?
>>695 Yes it is fixed now.
>>693 Ask Stephen Lynx. This has caused a lot of barriers for us, and is the reason a number of planned features have been delayed. The way the BE and FE are coupled together often requires you to make changes to both. For whatever reason, a lot of dynamic content is processed by the BE and then returned to the FE to present. If you want to throw some CSS on top of it to add a new coat of paint then it's easy to style, but if you want to add to the content in some way then you need to change how the BE presents it. Some stuff is tagged for easier modification. I haven't checked if we left it in or removed it, but I think aspect ratio tooltips work when hovering over image dimensions, but only on a new post you made before you refresh the page. Once you refresh, or the post is made by someone else, it's served by the BE. But the FE serves fresh posts immediately after you submit. And of course we can do stuff like that with JS but the goal is to be as no-JS friendly as possible.
(22.02 KB 893x140 8chan reply you bug.png)

When I hover over the links to the replies to my post it displays (you) in the top line of the post, as if I had made every post replying to me. It doesn't show it in the posts themselves, just when I hover over the reply links. Earlier it didn't do it the first time I hovered, but once I moved my mouse away and hovered a second time it displayed, and it seems to happen during the first hover now.
>>697 Didn't remove it; it's still there. On that note, I did make the multiplication sign change to the frontend just now. Ideally, the BE should be able to cache the upload cell data alongside the message body so that this is a non-issue; in fact, the whole post element is probably cacheable since it's not all that volatile. That does also add a bunch of redundancy and increases request size, though. There should probably be some meta-control build automation to sync the FE and BE post builders, but that's also more work and probably not worth the effort
Dumb question, but how can I change the boards listed at the top of the page?
>>697 This is what you get for using hue monkey code. Should have went with the superior anglo code.
>>688 It works now, thanks.
>>700 They're the "top boards", which I believe is ranked by UIDs. You can add you own "favorites" by clicking the star next to the board name, which will add a set of custom boards. I'll see if we can add a setting to just disable the top boards entirely, but there's no way to customize the top boards.
>>703 >You can add you own "favorites" by clicking the star next to the board name, which will add a set of custom boards. I can't find the star. It's not in the header nor in the board page.
>>704 Go visit the actual board and look next to its title on the index page. A little greyed out star.
(48.06 KB 370x207 ClipboardImage.png)

>>704 It should be visible on the board index and catalog.
>>>/delicious/ is having a bit of a few problems recently. Posts are dissapearing while other posts are being misplaced with the wrong files. (eg. https://8chan.moe/delicious/res/4237.html#4622 upwards)
>>716 We're aware, and Codexx is working on the fix. There was a database error during the /japan/ migration that incorrectly assigned some images to the wrong boards. He's making a script to fix it and restore those pics from the backup.
I noticed the font was fixed. Thank you to whoever did it.
>First they tell me I should put my font in my CSS >now they implement a CSP that forbids that >Refused to load the font '<URL>' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "default-src 'self' <URL> <URL> <URL> 'unsafe-inline'". Note that 'font-src' was not explicitly set, so 'default-src' is used as a fallback.
>still can't upload fonts
Add font-src 'unsafe-inline' and work on font upload.
Where are the fucking admins when you need them????????????????????
I have another problem. I removed an onion link by editing a post. >>>/de/144 However in the catalogue the link is still visible. Fix your shit.
>>724 >>725 When did the krauts become such whiny fucks?
>>724 The font fix is coming. I am working on a problem for /delicious/ at the moment. >>725 I'm investigating. The post and the caches match the thread in the database. I've pinged Stephen to get this thoughts.
>>725 Following up on >>727 Catalog pages are cache'd, and they are cache'd separately from the post cache. Give it some time for the cache to rebuild. Alternatively, I may need to clear caches after re-inserting missing /delicious/ posts, so it should rebuild then. Font fix is still incoming. We need to do some tweaking with it on the test server, verify we haven't broken anything, and that we have the necessary security. CSP is a work-in-progress. We'll also be re-enabling BE language packs soon and then working on a build system so the FE can have language packs. Trying to get all the minor issues with the upgrade resolved first, though.
I'm not sure the exact terminology to explain the "issue", and it's not that big of a deal, but I recall on nanochan the way pages loaded made it so thumbnails loading in didn't make the posts constantly adjust their positions in the page. Right now if I'm loading a big thread with loads of images in it and try to read the text post as the thumbnails are loading in posts shift around rapidly and I'm scrolled up in the page. I don't know if there's an easy way to like establish the size of the posts before actually loading the thumbnails or something so a thread could be read without being scrolled around even while thumbnails are still being loaded in. It's a minor issue that's only a bother when I'm first loading up a page and want to quickly read a post at the bottom of a page without needing to wait ~30 seconds for slow tor connection to load in all the thumbnails. I only mention it because I recalled hearing about a method to solve it years ago on nanochan.
>>730 One of the big features of LynxChan 2.4 has been that thumbnails don't load in until you're able to view them; previously, the entire page attempted to load at once. Obviously, that's a bigger strain on both the site, your internet connection, and your computer. I'll look into addressing it; I understand it makes pages a bit less comfortable to read as images load in and elements shift. I have a couple ideas which I will run by our CSS guy to see if they're viable, but I can't promise anything. If we do fix it, it probably won't be for a bit. We've still got some stuff to wrap up from this upgrade. But I'll definitely see what we can do.
(110.59 KB 2560x190 nice.png)

>>705 >>707 Forgot to thank you yesterday.
>>730 >I only mention it because I recalled hearing about a method to solve it years ago on nanochan. Yes, you can specify the width and height in HTML using width and height attributes, no CSS required. >>731 You hear that? Specify width and height on images and make my font work!
Example: <img width="200" height="200" src="thumbnail.jpg"/>
If the browser knows the size ahead of time, the size won't change. Specify the correct size, so the browser doesn't scale them.
You're reinventing problems that have been solved in HTML 1.0
Damn are you mericanos still sleeping?
>>733 >>739 You should now be able to upload your fonts to the /res/ board and then use them in your CSS. Their MIMEs have been enabled on the site. Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.
>>742 For the last time: doesn't work File format: woff2 Try it yourself. You have tons of fonts on your system you can simply convert to woff2 and upload.
Also open source your shit already.
>>745 Both the backend and the frontend are linked in the footer. We're working on the other things.
>>743 Link me the specific font files you want. I'm going to test something for you. >>745 We already are, except for PCI. That comes Monday.
can you change the (you)'s back to normal black text instead of the same red highlighted text as the post? Feels weird and unpleasant to look at.
>>747 Just test with any fonts. I already linked you a converter >>744
(131.71 KB 1138x310 error.png)

>>27 I can't access my BO account. Every time I try I only get an Login failed. error. I'm using Waterfox for macOS Maverick.
>>750 Try again using your username and not the e-mail address. >>748 I'll make a note of it. Will probably come when we finish fixing the mobile layout. >>749 LynxChan isn't being cooperative so we're just going to host your fonts along with our other static content as a workaround for now. Drop them on catbox or filebin or something and we will upload them.
>>751 https://filebin.net/tjtlw7uqshyka6hw Thanks but what am I gonna do if I want to change them?
>>752 We plan to enable font uploads. Both Acid and I have taken a stab at it and despite the MIMEs being allowed it just doesn't want to accept fonts. This is just a temporary measure. If you want to change it just drop us a line and we will be happy to swap it out. Your fonts are now available in the same folder as our other custom fonts; you should be able to source it from '../Tannenberg.woff2'. Let me know if there's any issues with that.
(38.44 KB 550x382 x6.jpeg)

>>751 >Try again using your username and not the e-mail address. Oh shit, I totally forgot I had to put my username and not my email. Thank you and sorry for being stupid.
>>753 No I can't source it from '../Tannenberg.woff2' The correct path is /.static/Tannenberg.woff2 Why do I know that better than you do?
Is the file server shitting itself for anyone else? Pages load instantly, but images/videos and sometimes even thumbnails are loading extremely slowly.
>>756 Videos are unwatchable and I'm getting network errors when trying to download.
>>757 Yeah I'm getting the same problem.
>>756 >>757 >>758 Seems like Vanwa is slow. I'll ask Acid to check; it might be a DDoS.
>>758 >>756 >>757 >>759 Confirmed DDoS. Someone is angry. Site's taking it pretty well aside from slow media.
>>760 I should actually clarify: Vanwa ditched traffic statistics reporting so we're guessing based on the throttled bandwidth. We're going to continue investigating.
Well, after a bunch of pinging we've identified some nodes with high latency. The cause is impossible to pinpoint. They might just be shitting the bed. Other Vanwa sites don't seem affected. The DNS issues for redchannit should be fixed if you guys would like to try an alternate gateway.
(1.74 MB 1567x3000 Asuka shy.jpg)

>>756 >>757 Seems like heavy network load on that shitty leg of backbone. Vanwa is dealing with congestion, but not for the part of their network we're in. Best guess is its that backbone zone that kept knocking us offline, but right now its not quite bad enough to actually disconnect us, just slow things down. All I can 100% confirm is that it isn't our site or server. Redchannit should now be resolving for everyone if you want to try browsing with it until this clears up. Even over tor its pretty fast.
>>763 So, are you on redchannit or Tor?
>>764 I'm on redchannit right now. I was seeing if images and media were loading faster on it than the clearnet before I recommended it. At least for me, the proxy is faster right now.
I looked at the documentation and it doesn't store the dimensions of the thumbnail. Just disable lazy loading. It's not worth it for thumbnails anyway. Or implement thumb dimensions into the engine. Constant reflows are really bad for browser performance, not just ugly to look at.
It even says so when you open the dev tools in Chromium. >[Intervention] An <img> element was lazyloaded with loading=lazy, but had no dimensions specified. Specifying dimensions improves performance. See https://crbug.com/954323
Add AV1 support. It has 10 bit in the main profile and compresses better than VP9. You can also download youtube videos with better quality/filesize.
>>770 >>771 Lazy loading has made an immense difference in regards to performance impact. I'll see if Stephen is interested in fixing this himself. If not I will write an addon for the BE to do it. This has been the plan for the last day or so, since our first attempt at patching it via the FE didn't go as well as we'd have liked.
>>811 The CSS fix actually works in my browser.
Half our catalog has been wiped? We're down to 4.
Just noticed mp3 files seem to have covers, so that's pretty cool, danks
(17.21 KB 633x307 ClipboardImage.png)

Latest Posts on the front page doesn't spoiler spoilers spoiling spoilers.
>>814 Okay I take that back. It was just because I was in a thread with a low amount of images.
Scrolling is still broken. When I click on paragraphs in the catalogue the paragraphs get the scrollbar instead of the entire entry.
Please switch out Tannenberg with this: https://filebin.net/q0r8vifahqzyrr4r Thanks in advance.
Everyone's got the same ID so I'm guessing Vanwa decided to change stuff again.
(4.74 KB 503x161 bot.png)

>>828 And now I'm pretty sure that everyone just banned from /v/.
(214.14 KB 640x360 splelps.webm)

>>829 wew
(195.54 KB 800x800 Asuka lance hold.jpg)

>>829 Caught it, got mark to lift the ban, and fixed the ID issue as soon as I was informed. Apologies to all involved.
>>831 >>829 >Mark banned all of /v/ Absolute fucking pottery
(304.45 KB 928x1000 Edg7X-bWAAA5ucO.jpg)

>>831 Thanks.
(3.48 KB 314x231 no captcha.png)

By the way what causes the captcha image to sometimes disappear for several minutes?
>>834 This usually means LynxChan has throttled you from getting another captcha. If you visit the captcha.js page, it will give you an exact error and I think an estimate on when it will unlock. I'll talk to Stephen about generating an image with the warning so it's more clear. I ran into this issue a number of times and it's not at all obvious what's going on. >>827 New font has been uploaded. >>822 I'll take a look at it. >>817 The front page pulls from the raw text of the message, which included the markdown. There's no "fix" for that, it's just how LynxChan works.
>>835 Font returns >500 >[object Object] Is this the JS magic?
>>837 Shouldn't be. I just stuck it in the same folder as Tannenberg.
>>839 I found a TTF copy of the font, ran it through a converter to woff2, and have replaced the file you sent me with that. Give it a try.
>>840 USE THE ONE I SENT YOU DAMNIT. Your shitty font converter fucked up the fonts hinting.
>>841 >>842 Yeah, I expected something like that to happen. I went ahead and re-uploaded the original file. Seems to work now. I compared their hashes and they're identical, so I have no idea why it was returning a status code and object before.
>>843 Works now. Thanks. Never use online converters for anything serious. I wouldn't even trust them to convert PNG to PNG.
>>844 I wouldn't; was operating under the assumption the issue was with the file. And it was, just not for the reasons I'd guessed.
>>835 >I'll take a look at it. I found the issue and corrected it var cell = e.target; while(!cell.classList.contains("catalogCell") ) {cell=cell.parentNode;} //added this line if (cell.classList.contains('scrollCell')) { cell.classList.remove('scrollCell') } else { cell.classList.add('scrollCell') } How meany pajeet points does this earn me?
It's in catalog.js
>>846 > while(!cell.classList.contains("catalogCell") ) {cell=cell.parentNode;} //added this line while(cell.parentNode.id != "divThreads") {cell=cell.parentNode;} This should be faster, since classList is very slow.
Rewrote it cell.onclick = function (e) { var cell = e.target; while(cell.parentNode.id != "divThreads") {cell=cell.parentNode;} cell.classList.toggle('scrollCell'); } classList.toggle is supported in all browsers that support classList provided you don't specify a second argument. I looked it up.
Also you should give the body a class and remove it with javascript. That way CSS can check vs JS is enabled and apply overflow-y: auto; if it isn't, so people without JS can scroll items in the catalog at all.
>>851 >vs *whether
You read me?
>>853 Yeah I do; I was about to step out for a bit, though. Sounds like a sensible change, so I'll test it out tonight.
>>854 Good.
Wrote a useful script: //saves last message box to allow retrieval of the carret position through lastUsedMessageBox.selectionStart var lastUsedMessageBox = false; function savelastUsedMessageBox(e) { lastUsedMessageBox=e.target; } function registerMessageBoxes(){ var elem = document.getElementById("qrbody"); elem.addEventListener("input",savelastUsedMessageBox); elem.addEventListener("click",savelastUsedMessageBox); elem = document.getElementById("fieldMessage"); elem.addEventListener("input",savelastUsedMessageBox); elem.addEventListener("click",savelastUsedMessageBox); } document.body.addEventListener("load",registerMessageBoxes); You can add that to thread.js and if(lastUsedMessageBox !== false) //do not change comparison, curret can be at 0 which equates to false you can insert the quote and the link to the quoted post at the curret instead of at the end of the post
>>856 Oh god, I just now noticed I could have used onfocus. //saves last message box to allow retrieval of the carret position through lastUsedMessageBox.selectionStart var lastUsedMessageBox = false; function savelastUsedMessageBox(e) { lastUsedMessageBox=e.target; } function registerMessageBoxes(){ document.getElementById("qrbody").addEventListener("focus",savelastUsedMessageBox); document.getElementById("fieldMessage").addEventListener("focus",savelastUsedMessageBox); } document.body.addEventListener("load",registerMessageBoxes);
I wish I knew where to get more German users for /de/. German internet is so backwards.
You can replace the entirety of bottomForms.js by wrapping the bottom forms in this: <details><summary id="showFormsButton">Multi-action forms</summary> Forms here </details> Do not name the summary "Show forms" because if the browser doesn't support summary like all versions of internet explorer it will just be text. https://caniuse.com/#search=summary The advantage of this method is that it doesn't get rendered in the first place and the no longer present hiding-through-JS-method caused a reflow which hurts performance. The disadvantage is that it isn't supported in Internet Explorer which just means that the bottom forms are always visible in IE.
>>862 You can also apply all of that to "extra" and "qrFormMore". I recommend you call the summary "Advanced Options", so it doesn't look weird in browsers not supporting the tag.
It would save a ton of Javascript and reflows.
Suggestions have been looked over and we're working on implementing them. Was going to do it personally, but my dog is unwell so I will be spending tonight looking after him. I'll merge the changes in the next couple days. I also need to clean out the git tree for the frontend; it's absolute spaghetti. No idea what the German internet is like. Besides KC I'm pretty unaware of German-speaking sites. Maybe there's some AfD forums or something that might be interested. I'm not really sure how most of the international boards got started to begin with. Surprising number of Argentines on old-8chan, for example. I have a feeling a lot of old 8anons moved to altchans like KC, lainchan, hispachan, etc rather than returning to cuckchan.
>>866 Hope your dog gets better. >Maybe there's some AfD forums or something that might be interested. The problem with anything hosted in Germany is that the hosters are responsible for any word or link to any site that has jew in a negative context or a hooked cross. So most of the time you don't get to make an account because that has to be verified by a moderator or get banned within 5 minutes after making one post.
Furthermore AfD is jewish as fuck cuckservatives like trump. A lot of top members are jews. The supporters are mostly former christian-democrat-union voters.
https://8chan.se/.static/css/yotsuba_b.css .catalogCell { border: 1px solid var(--horizon-sep-color); /*border: none;*/ background: var(--contrast-color); overflow: hidden; } .scrollCell { overflow-y: scroll !important; } Change that to: .catalogCell { border: 1px solid var(--horizon-sep-color); background: var(--contrast-color); } .jsenabled .catalogCell {overflow: hidden;} .scrollCell { overflow-y: scroll !important; } Add javascript: function detectjs() { document.body.classList.add("jsenabled"); } document.body.addEventListener("load",detectjs); Expected result: If Javascript is disabled overflow-y will be "auto" and if it is then it will be hidden.
You lied about open sourcing everything. The cell.onclick function isn't in the git repo.
You know I can commit the stuff myself if you just upload your code to the git repo.
>>866 >I'm not really sure how most of the international boards got started to begin with. Surprising number of Argentines on old-8chan, for example Our IRL culture is or at least used to be very similar to imageboard culture so it's not surprising to think a good amount of us would have affinity for imageboards. I've never really frequented Spanish speaking IBs, boards, or other similar sites, but I know there were several so I imagine the rumor of a board on 8chan spread around and eventually the board got populated. In the case of the Chilean boards, I remember reading that at least some of them were the result of exoduses from other sites. Puto el que lee.
>Hope your dog gets better Thank you. He's been pacing and whining for about fifteen hours, but he's finally calming down to the point where he can sleep, so I think the worst of it is over. I'm absolutely knackered, though. >>870 Check the yotsuba branch, which is what we currently have on production. I need to merge it into master, which is currently just upstream Penumbra. Been putting it off because the tree is a mess. >>871 If you'd like to submit the changes yourself as a commit to yotsuba, I'd accept them and merge them in. If that branch is protected, I will have Acid un-protect it, or to add you as a developer on GitGud. >>872 >Our IRL culture is or at least used to be very similar to imageboard culture This perhaps explains why I get along to well with you guys in real life, especially Argentines. Never a dull moment, always a good joke. I'm hoping that, once implemented, language pack support will be a draw for any future refugees seeking a stable home. I'd love to get the 8chan crew back, especially /argentina/.
>>873 >If you'd like to submit the changes yourself as a commit to yotsuba, I'd accept them and merge them in. I'm not really versed in anything GIT. What does that mean? >The form contains the following error: >You must select different branches I'm trying to merge my yotsuba branch into Acid's yotsuba.
I'm MrUncreative on Gitlab. Add me if it's protected.
Are you still here?
>>873 >in real life Why do you have to interact with us IRL? We're not that widespread in the first world. Do you speak Spanish yet? >language pack support Sorry to be a downer, but it doesn't sound like a feature that would have a huge effect. You don't really need to know a lot of English to post.
>>877 >Why do you have to interact with us IRL? I don't, I just happen to know quite a few South Americans, including some Argentines. Probably the highest proportion of imageboard users that I know personally. >>874 >>875 >>876 I wasn't; was up all night and had to crash. Turns out he finally upgraded me to Maintainer. I've gone ahead and added you as a Developer for the time being. But the branch isn't protected and you should be able to push to it. I'll do some re-organizing and put proper security on the branches. In the future it should be easier to just branch, add whatever, and then make a merge request when you're done. For now you can feel free to make updates on top of yotsuba. I'll spend some time this weekend fixing the repository.
I did it using the web IDE to directly commit the change. I actually wanted to do a merge request for my fork to the repo through the merge web UI but for some reason the "select source project" field only gives one option. What am I doing wrong? I remember that I did fork and merge before with the web UI but I can't remember how.
I finished the script for quoting to the curret position too.
>>880 >What am I doing wrong? Honestly I am still learning the GitLab UI and I never use the website for anything, so I don't know. Some of their changes from GitHub, especially terminology tweaks, are mind-boggling. I did a test with your changes and everything looked good so I pulled on production. Changes should now be live along with some other fixes. I'll add them to the changelog thread.
Media volume setting wasn't working before, it works now.
>>884 OP has been updated with a changelog for today's patch.
Seems there's a parsing error for the not jewish text. (((jewish text))) normal text (((jewish text)))
>>883 Yeah, catalog scrolling works now. I already noticed that.
>>886 Fixed; regex is now non-greedy.
(13.33 KB 500x500 egg.png)

>>628 >Quoting/Replying in the reply box should now utilize your cursor position, instead of just appending to the end of your input. That code was also mostly from me (BO of /de/) However the current code doesn't take into account when you placed the curret in the top box. The code I committed does.
Damn it's written "caret".
rofl In the code I misspelled it carret.
>>890 Our main frontend guy was developing the same thing and we merged that in on top of your commit. I'll look at reconciling them better tonight.
>>893 >was developing the same thing By developing you surely meant copied from shitoverflow. >//insert at cursor position, courtesy of stackoverflow/11076975
>>893 That shitoverflow answer is from 2012. IE9 came out in 2011 and supports Windows Vista+ and selectionStart. If I were still on XP in 2020, I would either install another OS or browser. I would not surf the web with IE8.
How's your dog doing? Will you look at my new commits. Made tons of code improvements.
>500 >[object Object] Aaaaah The site is doing that thing again with my font.
>>896 I'll look them over and maybe include them with our next patch. My focus is on the scraper right now. Dog is doing quite a bit better, thanks for asking. Been a couple sleepless nights but his mood is much improved and I think the pain has subsided. >>897 That's strange; nothing has been touched. I'll ask Stephen is there's anything about the way static content is served that would cause this.
(150.12 KB 800x800 Terry.jpg)

>>898 >I'll look them over and maybe include them with our next patch. You're gonna have looooooooooooaaads of code to look over. And there's still so much left to be done. There's nigger code which does += to a string in every single line.
And read the issues I wrote.
>>899 >You're gonna have looooooooooooaaads of code to look over. Probably, but that's fine. We've been meaning to establish a code review policy, but we've been playing it by ear instead. But I'd like to reorganize the repo's commit tree and start versioning properly, so reviewing a lot of code is no big deal. We inherited a lot of jank code from Penumbra, so fixing them is nice. We still need to be able to pull changes down when Penumbra hits 2.5, though, so be mindful of that. It might be better to submit some of these changes upstream so we don't break too much. >>900 Read them over. Stuff like Quick Reply is pretty agreeable. The entire thing is a hack we inherited. Doing it that way is probably for the best. The sticking point really is inserting breaks into the actual message. Doing it that way would break compatibility with the LynxChan spec. I think doing it via CSS is pretty autistic and it's the source of the site's many issues with text-mode browsers, but I think it's a lot of work to write an add-on and convert every existing post to that format. As an aside, I'm working to convert Vichan's posts to LynxChan and it's hell precisely because it's full of paragraph tags that are then styled. In other words, I also think this should be an upstream change. I'll mention it to Stephen. Although his philosophy seems to be "if it can be done via the frontend then it's not the backend's problem". Not the first time we've come up against this; the (You) hack is another example. I will be out of the house for most of today, but you can feel free to keep making tweaks and suggestions. The bigger ones will probably need to wait until 2.5. I've got a couple more regressions I want to fix, but otherwise want to avoid a "rolling release" of the frontend and focus on medium-sized patches every 3-6 months.
>>901 >but I think it's a lot of work to write an add-on and convert every existing post to that format. You don't have to. You replace the linebreaks for new posts and leave the CSS in. Then new posts will be formated according to HTML and old posts would still work via CSS.
>>901 >LynxChan spec He says LynxChan doesn't give a shit. I wrote an issue there. The answer was: >The back-end does nothing but keep the original text that was posted. https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan/-/issues/41 You have no excuses!
It would be easier to just convert the old posts imao.
The engine doesn't give a shit about anything. It does its thing, shoves data where it needs to go, etc. It's built to accommodate data that it would not create itself. The DB stores the text that was input in two forms: the original entry (for editing) and a version with HTML. All the BE does is return what the DB has stored in the latter and displays it. Writing the addon and conversion script is not the difficult part; I'm concerned with having to maintain such a change. It would be the most significant alteration to the way the site works. I've had to hardcode some tweaks for 8kun in my scraper that I didn't have to do for other vichan sites, and my importer is now running into similar issues because their HTML doesn't conform to standard Vichan post formatting. It's a pain in the ass. I'd like any script, add-on, or FE designed for LynxChan to be able to work with the site.
>>906 >Writing the addon and conversion script is not the difficult part; I'm concerned with having to maintain such a change. It would be the most significant alteration to the way the site works. So what? Just commit it to Penumbra too. We can either move forwards or stay where we are forever.
And could you do that again >I did a test with your changes and everything looked good so I pulled on production.
You can remove lazy loading btw. I found out your nigger code loaded all catalog images for every singe thread in addition to the thumbnails in the thread.
And why are some thumbnails static GIFs? Use PNG or JPG!
(102.85 KB 636x908 bug.png)

I have a weird bug where selected images don't have thumbnails (see pic related). Browser is Waterfox for Mac.
>>434 >>443 >>458 >>717 Images are still completely in the wrong fucking place on a few boards who do i have to contact to get this shit fixed? it's been weeks
>>912 It's the same for me, but I didn't think it was a bug. Waterfox Classic on Linux.
>>912 >>914 That also happens on Chromium. My guess is that they fucked it up with the CSP. It prohibits unsafe inlining but their code just inlines the images. Don't worry about it. It's not like it matters at all. Just give your files names. It makes it easier to find them once your folder grows.
>>911 New thumbnails should be PNG unless they already have a thumbnail. >>912 >>914 A fix is on the way. >>913 Can you please point out the boards/posts? You can also contact me directly at codexx@cock.li for direct updates.
>>916 Can you please test and apply my changes to 8chan? The side catalog is still loading all thumbnails from the entire catalog even when through it hasn't been opened. I fixed it. You just need to move your lazy ass.
And fix the font already.
>>917 Additional changes will be tested and then bundled. We try to have multiple people test before we move to production and it's been a busy weekend for all of us. >>918 It's fixed.
>>916 a number of threads on the cake board
>>920 That's an easy fix. Send me a list of post IDs that are incorrect and I can repair them.
(321.32 KB 2362x1772 yotsuba.png)

(179.43 KB 2362x1772 warosu.png)

(264.17 KB 2362x1772 tomorrow.png)

(171.72 KB 2362x1772 windows.png)

What do you think of the idea of having logos of different colors for each theme? It would be a nice touch.
(133.77 KB 2362x1772 redchannit1.png)

(140.54 KB 2362x1772 redchannit2.png)

(119.19 KB 2362x1772 penumbra.png)

(157.31 KB 2362x1772 clear.png)

>>924 >>925 I have those saved and it's on the to-do list. It's not difficult, just tedious. The frontend requests the logo from the backend, so we have to replace all of those requests with a link to a static file. There's a few dozen of those per theme. We'll try to include them by the LynxChan 2.5 upgrade. Stuff like 404 pages might be stuck with the default logo, though.
(144.28 KB 2362x1772 miku.png)

>>924 >>925 I like that idea. Here's a Miku version for future use.
Something I'd like to request (which is probably just a CSS fix) is that when you hover over spoiler text, the text should become readable but still different than normal text because otherwise it's impossible to determine where the spoilered text ends outside of hovering out of the spoiler and back in.
>>356 >Just need to add replies to hover mode I see this was implemented, but it's buggy. Sometimes the replies don't show on hover posts. I think this might be related to posts added to the thread by updating, and refreshing the page fixes it.
>>931 Update to my latest version, then I'll see whether I can fix it.
>>931 Oh, I mixed you up with the hosts.
Do I really have to wait 3 days until you decide to "have tested my commits"?
Because I can't keep track of what I have fixed. And I can't make things that build up on my changes.
Just stop being niggers.
>>934 You do understand the site is run as a hobby by people with actual jobs right?
>>937 They could still update it every few days.
Especially when there are huge bugs like the side catalog loading all images and posts in every singe thread.
The Redchannit proxy is down.
>>940 It's currently working. May have just been temporary. You could also try a different DNS provider if the issue persists. >>938 >>939 Migrations are the priority right now. We'll try to push a few tweaks before the GamerGate anniversary.
(2.37 MB 880x1034 stairs.webm)

Lately I've been thinking about the UX of imageboards and how fucking terrible the way I interface with them is. I'll have dozens of tabs open from dozens of websites so I can see whenever a new post is up in a thread I'm interested in. Some of these websites, this one included, will have threads that don't receive posts for months but I'm still interested in knowing when there is a post in these threads regardless of the length of time between posts. As I said the method I've used for years is to just have a metric fuckton of browser tabs open, but this increasingly started to get on my nerves over the years because of how bloated and fucking stupid it is. Having all these resources loaded up just so I can be made aware when there's a new post in a thread, it's ridiculous. I remember a lot of people mocking Stephen for his stupid ass catalog side bar thing, myself included. It's current implementation is still fucking useless but after spending the last few hours mulling things over and experimenting with stupid shit like the RSS feeds LynxChan has I've come to the conclusion that his sidebar catalog if refined is the future of imageboard UX and debloating the imageboard browser experience. What it needs is the ability for users to customize the boards that are shown in that sidebar, and each thread needs to be labeled according to their board URI. It also needs an auto-update function, as well as possibly showing the number of unread posts or at least if there are unread posts and maybe (You)'s. Essentially I feel the sidebar catalog needs to emulate the browser tab experience for imageboards without the need to have entire threads loaded up into your browser. As a technological nodev nigger brained retard I don't know if this is possible or realistic, but good god do I fucking HATE how I've had to interface with imageboards for the last decade. It almost makes me want to stop being a lazy useless fuck and start learning how to program so I can execute all my ideas instead of just crying to smarter people to save me from my own incompetence.
>>942 Already exists. It's called watched threads and it's the eye in the top bar. Nobody knows what the symbols mean. They should be replaced with words. How is it obvious that a bolt is "User Account"
>>944 Aren't watched threads just shitty bookmarks? That's not even remotely similar to what I described.
>>945 Oh wait I just tested it, it appears they do show notifications for new posts. I was unaware of this. Though I do stand by that this should be integrated into the sidebar catalog somehow. I'll be testing out watched threads for a bit now, thanks for reminding me of the feature.
>>941 >Migrations are the priority right now More boards are migrating here?
>>953 Yes; I am adding Vichan support to my migration tool and once that's finished there's a few boards coming. Mostly it's just BOs who want to archive old data; at least one is a bunker and the other will probably stay read-only. Another is technically active here but they want their old threads. >>931 I'll add it to the list. All of that is handled by CSS which only runs once, so it probably needs to be updated/refreshed.
>>954 Ah, I see, thanks for the info. I've been thinking about migrating my board here too, just haven't made up my mind yet. Good to know it's still on the table, let's see how the new migrations go.
>>955 Migrations will stay on the table. I'd recommend grabbing the board here and de-indexing it. I can also lock it for posting if you'd like. That guarantees you have the URL you want. If you later decide you want to migrate then you can do so. The scraper is open source and I'll be announcing a 1.0 release and posting a thread (probably on >>>/t/ but I'll also drop a mention in the GG thread and somewhere here). If you'd like to make your own local backup of your board for later import, that will allow you to do so. It's stable and works, I just have to make some additional tweaks for 8kun since their media storage is all over the place.
>>946 After toying around with watched threads I agree with my original conclusion that it doesn't achieve what I described, at least not entirely. The auto update function of the watched threads notification is also kind of inconsistent and doesn't always update without refreshing the page. Plus it doesn't cover the need for seeing new threads. I think the watched threads function should be integrated into the side catalog, and the side catalog should be changed to a customizable overboard. In which you can hide and watch threads from that interface without needing to click into the individual threads. I don't know how "watching" a thread would distinguish from all the other threads though, perhaps watched threads are "stickied" to the top or have a special icon attached to them. But since I highly doubt anyone is going to go through all that work for my stupid idea I'll just comment on the watched thread feature itself. It needs to be a bigger more noticeable button that acts as a toggle for opening and closing the window instead of pressing it then needing to press a different "X" button to close it. Also threads themselves need their watch button changed to reflect whether or not you've already watched that individual thread. And the catalog needs a watch button attached to each thread.
>>957 I'd actually really like to focus on how imageboards can evolve with the next major update. Watch Threads offer a good way to customize the experience. I've also seen people say the RSS feeds don't update when threads do; that's another avenue I'd like to pursue for allowing anons to get updates for threads they want to keep on top of. It's going to be a few months before the next major frontend upgrade, but I think it's viable and I see a lot of value in offering it for anons who want to browse this way.
>>958 The number of anons that do/would utilize RSS feeds is likely completely insignificant. But you just need RSS feeds for threads alongside an RSS feed for the catalog, that's the only problem I can see with it right now. I think for an actual frontend upgrade that the majority of users could benefit from, overhauling the watched threads feature and side catalog would be huge.
>>959 >overhauling watched threads would be huge I agree; native site functions are best. I was just mentioning RSS because it was already on my radar as a method for watching posts. I'd like to encourage you to suggest any other features you can think of, or to flesh-out/elaborate on what you'd like to see watched threads do. The more detail about the workflow, the better. It just gives us more to work on. Same goes for any other ideas. If you feel something is lacking, say so. Everyone uses the site in different ways and if nobody says anything then we have nothing to go on. The feedback is incredibly valuable.
(137.71 KB 461x672 ClipboardImage.png)

>>960 This is essentially what I'd like to see. A side catalog that functions as a customizable overboard (able to decide which boards you want to "follow") and keeps track of new unread posts for each thread and auto-updating. Being able to implement (You)'s into this idea would be amazing as well. I'm uncertain if these ideas are realistic so take my autistic ramblings with a grain of salt. Figuring out the CSS for this basic mockup took me much longer than I care to admit.
>>956 Thanks again, I claimed the board's name here near the beginning and I already keep local backups of my board, so everything is mostly set.
It's weekend now. Finally you can test and apply my changes, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?
>>971 Scraper comes first. I'll try to have an update out before the GG anniversary.
What does api.convertButton do? It calls api.addEnterEvent. However browsers already call the onclick function when you press enter either way.
*when you press enter while a button is selected
This really seems like an issue with Penumbra that we just happen to inherit, and I would recommending submitting your changes for inclusion upstream. I'll take a look at your submitted changes soon, but contributing upstream is a good way to guarantee they're pulled in, and it won't be bottlenecked by our schedules.
>>975 I'm not good with git or the web interface, so I just contributed all the code changes through the Web IDE. I tested the code in my browser before, so no worries. >upstream Where should I commit to in the future? Just link it please. I was told to just commit to the yotsuba branch.
>>956 Is the email to contact regarding this still codexx at cock dot li?
I feel like I rewrote most of the front end now. Just update already. It's not like you niggers can understand it anyway.
I'm done moving all English words back into the html. It makes no sense to put a few words of an English front end into the CSS while 99% is in the HTML. You can't use CSS for translation. The site should be converted to XHTML and then you can write a simple xml script that changes the content of tags with certain ids to other languages.
>>977 Yes >>976 I had you submit those changes to yotsuba because it was running on production and I was about to do a pull. "Upstream" refers to further up the chain. Since our frontend is a fork of Penumbra, it's like our entire project, including the master branch, is a branch of Penumbra. So most of our changes are to CSS and the like. Once you start renaming things and re-organizing the code (as stupid as using 20 += in a row is) it makes it harder to integrate their updates into ours in the future because of the nature of git's merges. You can find Penumbra's repository here: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/PenumbraLynx >>978 >>979 I'm going to need to adapt KC's build system for the FE or write my own. Where the stuff is doesn't matter because I'm just going to perform variable name substitution using a json file, similar to the backend language packs.
>>980 >it makes it harder to integrate their updates into ours in the future because of the nature of git's merges. At this point I would hard fork it. I don't think you have any idea how much I changed. I don't even know if the authors of PenumbraLynx would accept my changes or whether it goes against their "design choices" or whatever.
What I plan to do: >move Yotsuba B into global.css >move Penumbra design stuff into penumbra.css building up on Yotsuba B instead of the other way around That change alone probably wouldn't be applicable to PenumbraLynx.
You can't do much when you rely on a chain. I recommend you make your own thing instead of trying to force the pajeet code in.
Or should I correct myself and say my own thing? The last commit from you guys was 10 days ago.
In the meantime I wrote 46 commits
>>981 >>982 What I'm trying to tell you is that we're not willing to hard fork it. Stephen didn't write it originally, but rewrote chunks of it and oversees its development, so Penumbra is guaranteed to conform with LynxChan and update when it does for as long as it is maintained. We're not willing to totally break compatibility, and that's exactly why I am wary of a bunch of your changes. If they end up in Penumbra then it's not a problem because we just pull those down. >>984 Stuff developed/tweaked on test isn't always pushed. That said, the FE itself isn't our focus right now. I'm working on the scraper and wanted to release it a week ago. The other guys, who know frontend stuff better than I do, are working on a GG anniversary thing. And the next FE thing I have to do is adapt/write a language pack build system for the FE. We weren't planning to do any more major features until LynxChan 2.5, just bugfixes. Although there's only one remaining bug that I am aware of.
>>986 And for what reason can you not backport them to Penumbra?
>>982 Do it upstream.
>>988 You mean "master"?
>>989 Upstream.
>>990 And how do I do this without rewriting all my changes on there?
Why can't you do the fucking git work if you know git so well?
>>991 Cherrypick or copypaste or something, I don't know. Just do it in the original repo and not 8moe's fork because we want to pull from Penumbra in the future and your changes might change the code too much.
>>993 See? You're a lazy nigger. Either you hard fork or you back port my changes. Do you really want to tell me that you just want to throw all my commits away?
>>992 You can just clone their repo and copypaste over. The commits won't cherrypick since it's a different repo, but if you're just using the Web IDE it wouldn't be hard to copypaste your changes and submit it as one big commit.
>>995 >your changes I changed every single file.
>>994 How is it going to throw anything away copying the changes over to another repository?
>>997 But it will take forever. I said I changed every single file.
>>998 Literally copy every single file and paste it into a cloned Penumbra repo on your PC then.
>>999 Then there'd be nothing left of Penumbra.
Is it not possible to just merge 8moefe into Penumbra?
>>996 Git works on diffs, not whole files. >>1001 Most of the changes we make sit on top of Penumbra or are for this site in particular; there's no reason to push them upstream, since they're just cosmetic. Stuff like your side catalog fixes belong upstream because that's a feature that originates in Penumbra, for example. If we change it then we have to maintain that fix going forward.
>>1002 >Git works on diffs, not whole files. And how do I do that? I have no fucking clue. If it's that easy why haven't you done it youself?
>>1003 It means if you copypaste an entire file over it's going to figure out what you changed and keep the rest. You don't need to do anything, just make changes to the file you want to change.
>>1006 I know that. But how does that help me get my changes from 8shit to shitnumbra?
Turns out Stephen is also a lazy nigger. https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/PenumbraLynx/-/issues/13 I think maintaining your 8moe fork is less work then me committing everything I wrote to shitnumbra.
>>1007 I've never needed to do this, but it looks like you can just add multiple remotes and then cherrypick across: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37471740/how-to-copy-commits-from-one-git-repo-to-another If you cherrypick all your commits then it will replay them on top of Penumbra. Then you just need to stick them on a branch and submit.
>>1009 But I don't know git. Can't you do it, please?
>>1010 How have you been pushing all these changes?
>>1011 The Web IDE
>>1012 Which branch?
>>1013 Yotsuba
(248.82 KB 800x720 hQrtSiW.jpg.png)

>>1010 Who's the lazy nigger now?
>>1015 Hey, I wrote the code. And I could maintain it. They just don't want to separate.
Well then I'm a lazy nigger who can't into git.
>>1016 No, you can't even be assed to learn a fundamental tool to work with other people. I don't care if you dump 2 tons of shit on my lap, it's all shit in the end.>>1016
(281.29 KB 600x800 tomoko3.png)

(90.60 KB 701x1000 tomoko4.jpg)

(71.71 KB 683x960 tomoko5.jpg)

(809.14 KB 1400x1000 tomoko6.png)

(336.25 KB 1024x676 tomoko2.png)

>>1018 >other people
>>1014 So install git, clone 8moe-fe to your PC, then on gitgud.io fork penumbra, clone your fork to your PC. Go to 8moe-fe on your PC with cli and run git checkout yotsuba Go to your penumbra fork on your PC with cli and run git checkout -b branch_name_of_your_choice Then copy paste the files from 8moe-fe to your penumbra fork. Once that's done, go to the penumbra fork with CLI again and run git add . git commit ^this will open a (most likely) vim shell for you to write down a commit message, upon saving the commit will be done, figure out how to use vim first git push origin branch_name_of_your_choice Then go over to gitgud.io Penumbra, open a merge request, compare your fork/branch with Penumbra's 2.4 branch and open the MR.
>>1018 >>1020 No matter what you say, you're lazy niggers. I won't do shit today and I won't install git. It's twelve o'clock. Fuck you.
>>1020 I was about to write this same thing. >>1021 So don't do it tonight. I appreciate the time and effort you've put into helping out. I am trying to help you learn git. Not just the technical tool, but how to manage projects which have to pull downstream from other projects. There is a procedure and etiquette to be followed to avoid your project becoming unmaintainable. I am happy to help you move your commits to the correct repository. But nobody wants to do it for you. If you just want to do it via Web IDE, then you can click on all your previous commits, see the diffs, and just copypaste those over to a branch on Penumbra's repo. I can show you how to do that if you'd like. But I would strongly recommend learning the command line tool. It's industry standard at this point.
Two features I'd like to see that previously existed in Infinity or whatever it is 8chan was running when it died: --for the browser to "remember" user-selected flags in cookies, so that the flag last used is automatically selected whenever a post is made. --for the links to favorited boards in the top bar to automatically take you to that board's catalog if clicked on from a catalog. E.g., if /monarchy/ is one of my favorited boards, and I'm currently on /site/catalog.html, clicking on /monarchy/ in the favorites list would take me to /monarchy/catalog.html.
>>1021 I have finished the last of the migrations. If you have some time over the weekend I'd be willing to help you move your commits over to Stephen's repository.
>>1028 Very minor issue but if a filename is too long it will shift positions as you hover over it to accommodate for the lack of horizontal space, but the position change shifts the beginning of the file to a new line making so it just rapidly switches between showing the full file name and the shortened one.
>>1029 We're aware and it's on the list of things to fix. I think the plan is to just make it a tooltip.
Requesting the GG CSS be added to the drop down list. I thought it was going to be obnoxious but it became quickly extremely comfy. https://pastebin.com/xYZkGiz8
Someone teach me how to write an epic userscript to click the refresh thread button every 30 minutes to solve the auto refresh timer breaking.
>>1031 We'll need to clean it up some. For now, you can take the CSS and apply it on your end; there's a number of theming add-ons to facilitate this. If you didn't grab a copy from the thread where I posted it, you can find it as "custom.css" over on >>>/gamergatehq/. >>1026 The first one is probably a quick fix and I'll try to get it included in the next release. I'll need to look into the second; the top bar is primarily served by the backend and changing that might not be straightforward, but I'll see what I can do. >>961 Been working on migrations all week. I'll look into this as well.
Thank you for the RSS.
Add a feature that lets board owners know when globals delete posts on their boards. If someone's deleting shit on my board, I want to know when and why.
>>1041 This probably comes off as fiercer than it should.
>>1043 This might be doable, but all global actions appear in your board's logs too. Is it too much trouble just to check that day's log?
Something is fucked when it comes to replies/backlinks in threads and Waterfox Classic. When you hover over them normally you should see popup with that post. And sometimes that works fine. But sometimes it just jumps straight to that post, as if I had clicked on the reply link. It's really annoying and defeats the purpose of the feature. I think it has to do with Lynx's mobile support. When I look at the Javascript event it has some kind of branches for mobile support. I thought it may have to do with zooming the site or using it on a 4:3 display, but it even happens with zoom at 1x and a full 1080 window. The only solution so far is to disable JS alltogether which is also a pain with Lynxchan.
>>1045 I'm on Waterfox Classic and have not come across that issue yet. Having said that, I'm on an old version.
(15.41 KB 200x200 8moe-pdf3.png)

(15.13 KB 200x200 8moe-pdf2.png)

(15.12 KB 200x200 8moe-pdf.png)

Here's an icon proposal to replace the current image used for PDFs. Each version has the logo with a different level of contrast, so pick your favorite.
(93.03 KB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

What happened to >>>/delicious/
>>1058 Russia is broken. Fixes pending.
>>1059 That's a relief. I don't know what would happen if there's a new anti-loli regime in force. What's the ETA of the fix?
(120.86 KB 680x671 1464423673018-1.jpg)

>>1059 what does that mean? im an inch away from DEFCON-5
>>1058 >Cuckchan tab Go and stay go. >/TLHG/ >The Loud House General(?) >Watching shitty calarts nucartoons And kill youself while you're at it. >>1061 It's means there's backups for both /delicious/ and /tot/ at the moment until AsukaBlackedMan finds a way to allow them again. Some Russian gov't agency is threatening to take town all of the host's and/or CDN's sites in Russia if they don't make us delete /delicious/ and /tot/. So those boards are temporarily gone, with all their content backed up so they can be restored later. Nice to see a site owner that isn't entirely incompetent or cucks out when it comes to situations like these for once
>>1062 It's not as if they're threating to take down the site itself for other countries. Just Russia.
>>1062 well shit, thats bad enough. i should have saved more pics. they're never gonna stop hunting us down huh?
>>1062 If you want my advice, I'd say let them block 8chan. The Russians blocked Sankakucomplex channel too (aka another site that allowed lolicon), and they're still going strong and online. Russians probably know to use VPNs by now given how much they've censored over the years.
>>1063 >It's not as if they're threating to take down the site itself for other countries. No anon, I don't just mean blocking this site and others running through the host and/or CDN from being accessible in Russia. They run one or more, likely many, sites out of Russia, and are threatened with having those sites shut down.
>>1065 >If you want my advice, I'd say let them block 8chan. They're not just trying to block sites, they're trying to shut sites down by applying pressure on the host and/or CDN's business in Russia. >>1066
>>1066 I see. Let's hope you guys find some sort of resolution soon.
(1.22 MB 860x1108 Asuka-cig.png)

>>1067 This is the issue. I'll copy and paste the email that ourselves, our host, and Vanwa received: ------------------------------ Направляется уведомление о внесении в «Единый реестр доменных имен, указателей страниц сайтов в сети «Интернет» и сетевых адресов, позволяющих идентифицировать сайты в сети «Интернет», содержащие информацию, распространение которой в Российской Федерации запрещено» следующего(их) указателя (указателей) страницы (страниц) сайта в сети «Интернет»: https://8chan.moe/delicious . В случае непринятия провайдером хостинга и (или) владельцем сайта мер по удалению запрещенной информации и (или) ограничению доступа к сайту в сети «Интернет», будет принято решение о включении в единый реестр сетевого адреса, позволяющего идентифицировать сайт в сети «Интернет», содержащий информацию, распространение которой в Российской Федерации запрещено, а доступ к нему будет ограничен. Сведения о включении доменных имен, указателей страниц сайтов сети «Интернет» и сетевых адресов доступны круглосуточно в сети «Интернет» по адресу http://eais.rkn.gov.ru . С уважением, ФЕДЕРАЛЬНАЯ СЛУЖБА ПО НАДЗОРУ В СФЕРЕ СВЯЗИ, ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫХ ТЕХНОЛОГИЙ И МАССОВЫХ КОММУНИКАЦИЙ. It is notice of making an entry into the "Unified register of domain names, Internet web-site page links and network addresses enabling to identify the Internet web-sites containing the information prohibited for public distribution in the Russian Federation” the Internet web-site page (s) link (s): https://8chan.moe/delicious . In case the hosting provider and (or) the Internet web-site owner fail to take these measures, the network address enabling to identify Internet web-sites containing the information prohibited for distribution in the Russian Federation will be decided to be entered into the Register and access will be limited. The information about entering the domain names, Internet web-site page links and network addresses into the Register shall be available on a 24-hour basis at the following Internet address: http://eais.rkn.gov.ru/en/ . Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR). 2 Attachments ---------------------------------- The attachments were the signed complaints against /delicious/ and /tot/. I was basically told "nobody is going to go against these guys, so we don't have any choice on this one. Remove the boards or we'll have to remove your site." The email originated from the correct domain and nothing appears spoofed. The consensus is that it's legit. We have several options. The problem is that since its targeting the CDN by going over their heads through an entire country, that nulls most of the "easy" fallback plans we had come up with. This is truly a nuke from orbit. And the site won't survive without a DDoS protection provider of some kind, of which Vanwa is the most free speech friendly out there already so they have us by the balls on that point. That leaves the 3 or 4 more drastic fallback plans as options. Codexx and I will be discussing which way to go at length as soon as he gets back to me. I promise only two things: 1: The site is going to stay up and survive. 2: The smiles of the lolis will be protected. Fuck censorship. On principles alone I'm going to fight this.
>>1069 What are our options? Might be a stupid question, but can we pull a China and simply block service of the site to Russian IPs? Any slav coming here is probably using a VPN anyway. Would such a move placate the commies?
>>1069 Good luck, mate. Loli is like poison to Russians.They'll stop at nothing to ensure that all kinds of loli is inaccessible. As a moderator for /delicious/, I'm definitely looking forward to see the site back again (or at the very least a downloadable backup if all else fails) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWaQcKiAj_Q
(275.00 KB 640x480 hayate4.png)

>>1069 i forgot what it felt like to have an admin this based.
>>1069 have you contacted the people who host pomf.tv? its a streaming site thats mostly focused on loli streams, drawings, 3d rigging. maybe they can help you.
>>1069 >That leaves the 3 or 4 more drastic fallback plans as options. Seconding >>1070 Why not just block the individual boards, or the site itself if the former fails, in Russia? Seems the issue the Russian feds are taking is that loli is accessible in Russia. Didn't this solution already have to be implemented on 8chan when Russians kept getting upset by Penny (from the Inspector Gadget cartoon) porn?
>>1069 >pedofilic content gets removed good riddance of wectern decadence
>>1076 [doom]Убей себя товарищ [/doom]
>>1076 Kill your self boomer >>1073 This. ATF uses a host that while expensive, does pretty much allow everything, even open pedo discussions. Hosting a board would probably be chearper since they have all kinds of traffic from a booru to a forum with full attachment support to deal with over there
>>1077 >[doom] >[/doom] Good job, commie newfag.
>>1069 Did the BOs get to inform their userbase that they've gone down or where to regroup?
>>1080 Hopefully they check the site and see what's going on and that it's temporary. They're free to regroup in here, or make their own /site/ thread, etc. >>1078 The problem isn't the host, it's that Vanwa's entire business gets screwed if they lose Russian support. We need DDoS protection. Vanwa is the only one that's 100% fine with political content like /pol/. Epik won't even host imageboards, and we all know what happened with Cloudflare. Acid and I already drew up some plans for a situation like this, but it takes time and money to build that infrastructure out. We were hoping we had 6-12 months to do that. We'll figure out a solution that allows the boards for the time being, but we'll continue working on the full plan. If a geoblock appeases Vanwa then that might be the easiest short-term solution. You guys will be updated as we work on the issue.
(111.00 KB 1244x700 blini.jpeg)

>>1077 hui
(50.44 KB 604x551 1427818685578.jpg)

>>1078 t. butthurt pedofile
>>1081 I'm also in favor of a Russian block. That was the solution that immediately came to mind,and like another anon said, any foreign posters will probably use a VPN anyways. I'm confused though,why does Russia matter? Is Vanwa a Russian company?
>>1084 I'm speculating based on what's been posted by Acid. He's at work, so I don't have the full rundown. Every site on Vanwa's network has the same IP. If Russia blocks "our" IP in their country, it blocks all of Vanwa, including all their other customers who may want access to the Russian market. That's assuming Russia is threatening an IP block. The English translation seems a little unclear, and I'm not sure how their system works. I think the UK compels ISPs to alter DNS records for porn sites, and something like that is really easy to work around, but a block on our domain registration in Russia alone would be fine and accomplish the goal of Russians not being able to access the site. But any solution we come up with needs to prevent Vanwa from being impacted.
>>1069 I hope your site goes down lol captcha 6fedds very appropriate
(22.65 KB 128x124 ..gif)

>>1086 Q isn't real.
>>1087 Acid being a fed informer and his glowing dick down your throat are though
(177.51 KB 1200x1194 DdBp5vFVAAA26j6.jpg)

>>1081 >Woke up feeling greet. >someone left $12 dollars in the gas meter. >got paid $450 for a two and half hour job. >Hogwarts Legacy finally gets announced. >my morning was going good. >But everything change when the Fire Nation attacked. Well at least the board is back-up. At the same time, I don't want a ton of our users clogging the thread. Speedy has https://9chan.tw/delicious/ as temperary back-up but it's advise you keep it down-low because the admins and owner there are moralfags about loli content. I'm currently on irc if anyone wants to just chill. Don't mind the hammer and sickle, it's 10+ year joke. irc.7chan.org #cake
Acid has sent me some additional info. This is more than likely a targeted attack. GeoIP block of Russia is probably insufficient. Might still happen but it's an incomplete solution. We're looking at temporary solutions. Doing more investigating. We have to make it play nice with our site configuration. >>1089 Sorry for all this. Acid had a gun to his head and was told to do it ASAP or else. We'll get you guys sorted.
(360.18 KB 3008x2000 cirnoLolisFreedom.jpg)

(119.08 KB 867x1152 234523632453654354345.png)

>>1090 >Sorry for all this. Acid had a gun to his head and was told to do it ASAP or else. We'll get you guys sorted. As always every moralist aims to the cake..... The only site rhat appears to be "safe" is the panda....we need to establish a "gallery" and I don't know, deliver and request using the coments and dumping pics using directions of other galleries....or put a sever in Mexico...? Thank you very much for your efforts, and thank you even more for your ideology DOWN WHIT THE CENSORSHIT
>>1092 >The only site rhat appears to be "safe" is the panda The panda almost died forever in July of the past year due to a mix of kiwiniggers and blackpill overdoses, and is only alive because enough people convinced the owner to keep it up.
>>1069 I believe in you faggot, think of a plan, be smart and deliberate, counsel and roundtable with the smartest fags you know and get through this.
>>1093 >And don't forget the donations Yes, that's why I included the "" The thing that approximates to be safe is a portable device in your home, plus 5 copies and cloud databases >>1094 >>1095 >>1096 >>1097 >>1098 >>1099 >>1100 And, after hurt us, you come and mock us....with honeypots...
Are you niggers going to clean up /v/ now?
>>1069 Fucking dropped, I’m outta here
I've proposed this to Tom so I will to Codexx as well. Controversial boards should be capable of only being accessible through the hidden service. It should even be a board configuration option to set it so it's only viewable through the hidden service if at all possible. The entire point of hidden services is to deal with situations exactly like this. I know retarded normalniggers "can't into" tor or whatever the fuck, but I think it's time to get with the program, literally. Start making better use of the onion by having dedicated onion only boards. Or at the very least have boards that if deleted here in case of emergency are retained on the hidden service.
>>1101 We're testing something now, if it works we'll stay up and implement it at least as a temporary fix.
>>1110 What Acid said >>1111 This is are bandage fix. We're going to block access on clearnet for the time being. We're going to work on adding it to the engine itself. Long-term we're looking at solutions which circumvent Vanwa entirely. We don't want the boards to need to hide forever. Redchannit should make it easier for these boards to be accessed by those who can't into Tor. I've spoken with Lincoln about it and his biggest concern is that Tor-only attracts bad actors. I don't disagree. That's why it's a temporary move. If anybody knows the BO of /tot/, or they're lurking, please reach out to us via e-mail or Twitter.
>>1081 Wait, Epik is "hosting" IBs, at least bitmitigate, that is part of epik, accepts IBs. At first, when i was contacting about their CDN service and testing, the retarded attendant that was helping me said that they didnt accept any *chan, then days later, ive received an email with full damage control, lemme find it brb.
>>1112 >his biggest concern is that Tor-only attracts bad actors. That's kind of silly. Tor needs to be normalized going forward and the stigma surrounding it shed. It's odd how much you've invested into tor and still perpetuate the narrative that it's icky bad bad.
>>1113 We got told the same thing. Acid has a long talk with the CEO of Epik. At the end of the day, we'd run into the same issue, but with Germans and "hate speech" instead of Russians and Loli. A lot of their network is owned by German firms and they have zero tolerance for /pol/ style discussions. They'd probably demand we be kicked off just for having (((echoes))).
Nice, cant get a cap of my email because tutanota is fucking down.
>>1115 I am gonna see how vanwatech works and see if i use it, do they have a system of 1Tb free per month? How does it work with them? The support is good? I am a bit concerned because my country is an already becoming stronger on censorship...
>>1114 I said it was Lincoln's concern. We have no issues with Tor, and it doesn't enable anything VPNs don't.
>>1117 Support at Vanwa is "you text the CEO". They are missing a lot of features that competitors have. But the CEO is a genuinely good guy who has been nothing but helpful to us, and he's had our back 100% on the issue of controversial speech. As long as nothing on your site violates US law, you're probably fine with Vanwa.
>>1119 I an looking at their dashboard and its more complete than the bitmitgate one, really cool.
so,vanwatech basic monthly plan is 10 bucks, if it werent for my country being with an absolute shit currency, i would use it, i wont be hosting anything as controversial as 8chan so it will probably fine, well, thanks for the info boys, godspeed on the russia problem.
>>1110 >I know retarded normalniggers "can't into" tor or whatever the fuck Time to advertise redchannit again. >>1112 >We're going to block access on clearnet for the time being. Will you block all of the loli and shota boards? If yes, how long until you block the boards on the clearnet? I want to tell the users of /sm/ to use redchannit.net with enough time for them to see the message before it happens. >If anybody knows the BO of /tot/, or they're lurking, please reach out to us via e-mail or Twitter. He's also the BO of /loli/, which still is alive, and I've seen him post on the GG thread as well. I don't recommend to contact him through the GG thread tho, since malicious spammers are monitoring it (one of them was spamming this thread as well, but it looks like he finally left the site for now).
>>1112 >>1122 Oh, and /loli/ and /tot/'s BO's email is tewi@cumallover.me
>>1118 >I said it was Lincoln's concern. You also said you agree with the concern. I've used tor only imageboards like nanochan and I don't think I ever saw a single piece of CP once in years browsing there, and the post quality for the most part was stellar. I don't think anything about tor attracts more bad actors than the clearnet. I implore you to count the number of terrible posts or spam attempts on this site and its boards and see just how many of them are from tor vs the clearnet. Every concern I've seen posted about tor applies doubly so to clearniggers. It's significantly easier to subvert and attack imageboards using literally anything but tor. >We have no issues with Tor, and it doesn't enable anything VPNs don't. Besides the whole being able to host a website anonymously thing. Just a minor detail, of course.
>>1124 >I implore you to count the number of terrible posts or spam attempts on this site and its boards and see just how many of them are from tor vs the clearnet. Did you miss the bullshit we just had for the past few hours?
>>1125 Maybe, I see Luke the pedophile trying to spam over the clearnet, if that's what you mean.
>>1121 Thank you. Good luck with your site, anon. >>1122 Yeah it's going to be all the loli and shota dedicated boards. Let them know now. Actually, if you have the time, and can leave a message on every remaining loli board, that would be immensely helpful. You can point them at this post. We're going to block /delicious/ and /tot/ as soon as we have a working solution. We'll expand that to additional boards some time in the next day or so. We'd like to give it more time but we can't risk any more URLs being reported for the time being. If it was up to us we'd be sure every board had 3+ day notice. >>1123 Thanks. I'll shoot him an e-mail. >>1124 >You also said you agree with the concern Yeah you got me there. Ultimately it's mostly his issue as BO, but globals do have to step in if CP does get posted and it isn't handled by the board staff. There's boards that have issues with CP but to my knowledge the loli boards either don't get hit or the BOs are way better about policing it. >Except the whole being able to host I meant from the perspective of a site host. Either way, we've been encouraging people to use Tor since we got the .onion up. It's absolutely the best way for anons to protect their anonymity. If all else fails, the onion address will stay up.
>>1127 What about /pol/? Russia bans sites that criticize their occupation of Crimea.
>>1127 I already notified both boards about the block while telling them to use redchannit instead. Let's hope enough people manage to see the messages while the boards still are in the clearnet. Another thing, what will happen to the loli/shota porn on other porn boards? There's a loli thread on /h/, a shota thread on /fur/, and possibly more loli on /co/'s lewd thread (everything is spoiled, so I can't tell how many pics are loli or shota).
>>1127 Will going full onion torfag help lol.
>>1112 I'm tor-only because I post from a shithole country and don't want to be gulag'd. Also I'm cheap.
>>1128 They haven't tried so we'll probably never find out. As far as I know, Vanwa backs us 100% on the free speech issue. To you and I, drawings are a free speech issue, but it's hard to find people to go to bat for it. I have a feeling Vanwa has a lot more wiggle room on content that is merely offensive politically. Either way, we're just going to ban Russia from the site. We have no interest in letting them dictate what content is acceptable. Any compromise on that will be short-lived while we work on a long-term solution. >>1129 For now it stays. I'd definitely recommend backing it up. https://gitgud.io/Codexx/channel_changer My scraper has a thread whitelist if you just want a single thread. If things continue to escalate we might need to ask loli remain on loli boards. We'll do everything we can to avoid it. I'd like to reiterate that we are going to be working towards getting off Vanwa, and when that happens we should be able to allow loli on clearnet again, and for the boards to unhide. That's always been the goal. We're not any happier about restrictions than you guys are; if anything, we're angrier. But the solution is going to take time to build.
>>1132 Vanwa already blocks 8kun in PH. Im sure they will be fine if you block this site in RU.
(166.22 KB 480x600 raging.png)

>no loli >nogunz >nofood >censorship out the ass >subort our muslem allies :--D >"based" >it's just Mongolian England
/fur/staff here. What should we do?
>>1135 Back up your board with ChannelChanger. Try to contain loli to designated threads. If we are forced to remove anything again we'll try to be surgical about it. If you have a scrape then we can restore it somewhere. We'll advise you if anything changes.
New thread specifically for the topic. >>1138
>>1125 >Did you miss the bullshit we just had for the past few hours? Are you a complete and total newfag? Did you miss every single time over the years that 8chan was spammed by script kiddies with VPNs cycling through IDs every single post? Image spam wasn't even possible with Tor on 8chan because didn't allow imageposting, but 8chan still had image spam. >>1124 >on this site Try throughout the history of 8chan and 4chan.
This is probably not the time to request a feature/bugfix but here goes. When you have a list of >greentext and you quote them it puts the in a line rather than individually and you have to separate them manually. >Just >like >this >example.
>>1192 Observe >>Just >like >this >example.
>>1191 >id you miss every single time over the years that 8chan was spammed by script kiddies with VPNs cycling through IDs every single post? MOTHER FUCKER I REMEMBER THIS SHIT Some piece of crap arguing with me, fucking up and reusing a different ID, then just fucking thrashing it when I called him on samefagging, using a different fucking ID every post. This has happened to me TWICE. FUCK IDS THEY'RE FUCKING USELESS
Holy shit the HTML building sucks. Add image dimensions to the HTML itself, so that when the page is still loading and I press "Bottom" I don't immediately find myself in the fucking middle of the page when the images load. That's gay.
>>1247 We're working on it. I have an idea of what needs to be changed. Just need to get the current situation sorted.
If I filter someone's ID it should also filter new posts responding to their ID. Right now filtering by ID+ only filters existing posts responding to them, not future ones.
>>1360 Yes it should. I'll get on that.
Possible to have tor only boards indexed on the onion site?
How hard would it be to add support for webp images? It's far from an urgent feature request, but it would be nice to be able to post them since it appears to be a more efficient format for short animations than either gif or apng.
>>1363 1: it depends on imagemagick to support it. 2: webm.
>>1360 >>1361 This might be fixed in the newest update. ETA for that to go live is "when we upgrade to LynxChan 2.5". >>1362 >only on the onion site Short answer: No Long Answer: Maybe, eventually. The Other Answer: The issue might be sidestepped entirely soon. >>1363 As Stephen said in >>1364, ImageMagick needs to support it. Additionally, it's my understanding that Safari and some other browsers do not properly support the spec. We looked into generating thumbnails as webp and decided against it for this reason. It seems like it's possible to build IM with webp support. I'll look into this for the next update, but I won't promise anything.
other test.
>>1033 test
test TEST Test
Adding some sort of identifier to cross-thread quotes would be nice. It's super fucking annoying to click a quote and not realize it's to another thread and be redirected to a new page.
(81.70 KB 1223x517 Glitch-Capture.PNG)

Saw something strange in the Sekiro thread on /v/, not sure if I'm rendering thingd wrong or if other can see it. Picture attached.
>>1435 NO GO BACK YOU'VE SEEN TOO MUCH ANON Y̴̡̢̨̘̰͚̖̍͒̈̆̀o̴̡̖̟̩͔̗̜̤̤̭̖̼̦͂̈́͒̃̑͛̄̒͆̒̓̚̕͝ũ̴̧̯̮̙̬͙͎̰̦̥̝͖̋͊̃͂̄̑̀r̶̦̘̤̗̈́ ̸̠̤͎̩̟̼̯͉̲̊̈́̈́̎̓̿ț̵̞̹͈͇̖͚̳͈̰̪̓̃͑̊̄͆̑̍̀̂͛̂͘͠͠i̸̥̹͎̯͍̜̟̰̹̗̝̯̱̅̏͐͐̉̒͝͝m̸͎̦͎̳͙̭̫̗̤̟̯̱̑̆̏̓͆̆̂̀̕͝e̴̛̛͓͖̐̑̽̈̀̒̉̾ ̴̨̣̰͛̈́̇̋́̇̋̔̄ḩ̶̧̧̥͎̦͙̗̪̙̰͚̖͚͎̓a̸̯̾͋̎̏̌̚͝ş̸̘̱̟̐́̌̽̈́͒̏̂̾͂͋̃͗͗̂ ̵̛̭̖̬̺̤̈́̌̉̂̃̊̐̋͛̌̿̌͠ç̶̛̤͚̗͉̤̦͚̅͛̌̋̔o̶̟̻̫̥̞͖̓̿̈̀̍̃̎̕͜ͅm̴̧̞̬͙̘̫͚̥̃̈́͋̂͊͑̅̀͛̈́̚̚ë̵̡͓̩͉͉̟̬́̾̂̄̀̈́͘͝.̷̙͕͈̟̰̹̺̣̪̝͍̭͂̽̄͒́̉̇̀̚ ̴̨̧̦̰̘̼̜̳̝̙̮̾͐͜T̴̨̼̠̤̝͍͔̗̘̞̹̫̀͊̌̓̿̊̉̊̒̈̚͠h̴̨̡̪͈̱̝̦̼̗̱̞̣͇̘̾̽ę̵̣͖̗̥̘̙̻̦̭̭̻̱̍̈́̈͂ͅ ̴̡͕͖͎̞͎̪͚̯̲͗́͌̀̈́̊̐̚͠͝c̸͉̜̤̭̼̼̼̤̜̭͚̤͋̒͛͑̌̀͒͜ͅó̸̲̤̳̮̹n̴̖̜̄̑̈t̸̡̧̼̮͍̰̙̙͈̠̪͓̼̑́͐͌͆̈̅̆͒̈́͗͝ͅr̷̢̡̜͙̞̒̎̚a̸̱̝̰̜͓̗̭̰͌͊̈c̷͇͔͓͎̫͓͎̻̫͔͂̽͆͌̄́̐ͅͅͅť̴̟̮̟͍̬̳̮̃̿͌́̔̕ ̶̜͌̉̏̉̈́̌͐͘i̶̳̼͖̣̯̠͇̖̖̯̩̩̗͍͂͋s̶͍͈̀́̋̒̄̀̊͘͝͝ ̵̲̻̏̉̋̿̈́͂̅̌̊́̂͛́͝ş̵̗̻̿̾͌̌͜͠͝ͅe̶͖͇̙͉̓̋̿͌͂̏́a̵͖̫̬͓̳̣̥̤͚̬̟̦͕̙̣̋̽l̴͙͇̘̼̠͇̝̱̳͕̣̙̯͙̎̾̉͋͆̀͠ḙ̶̡̛̠̍̔̏̾̆̋͊̌̚͝͝d̶̖͈̼͙̥̼͉̦̩̣̩̬̻̞̋̒̑̅̋̔̚ͅ.̵̨̛̖̹̟͍̦̘̱͕̲̮̞́͂̀̏̇́͊͒̒͋̅̕͜͜ ̸̧̧̖̺̘̗̯̌̽Ÿ̵̛͎͇̲̮̠͙̩͙́̈́̾̈́̎̍̾̄͒̕ȯ̷̱̇̾̀̌̎̈́̓̑̇͊ử̷̺͐̈̀͝ ̴̄͛̀́͜͠h̷̨̻̹̀̚ą̸̘͔̦͓̦͖̫͙̜̌́v̸̨̧͈̜̫̺̦̗̬͓̘̞̱͎̒́͌̄͑̐̃͌̂ͅe̴̳̻̮̕ͅ ̵̲͎͈̉͂͊̈́̄̽̒͜s̵͖̪̯̈́͐̍̿̏͂̈́̋̀̃̉̀͌͠ę̴̮͕͇̝͕̺̺̦̻̥͈̤̫̭͒̍̓̀̃̇̓̓̈́͠e̶̡̘̮̯͕̹̹͕̍̈́́̈́̇̌̍͆̃̃͜͠͠n̶̢̨͕͎͈̼͚̘̼͚̠̩̬̾͒̑̂͒̐͊͂̀̀̓͊͊̈́̚ ̴̦͛̌̌͋ḅ̴̨̢̤̱̺̯̮̼̦̞̫͎̹̈̿̓́̾̋̆͋̆͘ę̷̧̛̜̼̻̭̠̻̖͙̺͖̩͋̓̈́̈́̏́͜͠ͅý̵̺̩̘̦͇̱͎͖̘̼̙͚͈͙̥́̈́͊̊̔͒͐̊̿̈́͒͌͘ṍ̴̢̢̱̞͇͚̹̺̦̰͔̽́͆̾̄̕͜ñ̷̥͍̜̭̦̳͈̜̦̤̿̇̓͋͂̓͒̿̂̈́̓͠d̵̢͚͉͈͍̙̼͎̮̺̳̒ ̸̝̜͚̳̻̭̉̀͆̍̚Ţ̵̧͚̖͚̬̼̘̘̉̏̉̀̒̓̋̈́̈́h̴̟̃̂͂͋͒̀͝ë̴̮́̋̄́̈́͊̔̈͂͌͐̓͐̈́ ̶̻̲̰̲͑͂̇̌͜͝V̸̡͇͉̖̩͍̦̻̑̍͋̈̽̕ë̷͕͈͈̘̯͉̗̟́͌͊̍̐̽͊̆͘͘̚ī̶̟͔͒̒̆̓̓͑̃̈́́̿͒̈́l̵͈͙̮̀̿̑͗ ̷͎̞̬̳̤̤̰̟̿̋̈́͘ͅĩ̸̡̲͖̞̺͈̪̭n̷͈̜̗̉̈́ť̵̡̞͎̹͇̿͐̇̄͊̂o̵͇̪̽͐ ̵̧̛̛̮̞͔̹̱͓̖̍̈́̄̊͒̿͛̈́̔͘t̷̡̛̤̳̲̹͔̟̘̪̻͍̭̞̎̑̐͑̀̑̊̆̔̈́̎̌ͅḧ̵̠̬̭̘́̂̌̌̾̿̐̐̉̑͂̊͠ȩ̷̱̻͚̻̣̞̮̼͕͕̹̗̘͚͂ ̶̡̝̒F̴̝̝̣̫̱̿͊̈́o̸̟͎̔ŗ̴̗̯̭̣͚͎̝͉̮̙̺̉̍͛̄́͆̌̒̍̈͜͝e̸̬̲̼̙͙̳̰͍̹̣̬̫̣̊̿̍͌͛͐̀̿̀̇͜͠͝͝v̴̨̛͈̖͚̥̖̓̓̽͑̌͌̓͆͝ȩ̶̨̲̯̬̘̙̠̰͍̟̤̼̅r̵̨̨̺̩̳̭̯͚̼̣̗͔̈́̅̊̌̏͝,̵̢̛͎̠̰̠͎̱̀̓̏̌̊̈́́̓̿̀̈́͒̈́͜͜͝ ̸̻͕̺͕͍̈́̊̂͒̊̄a̷̩̺͕̼̯̺̩̣̤͓͉̣͑̓̒̽̍n̴̩͙̭͖̞͇͓̣̹̫͒̏̈́̄͊͐͋̒d̴̥͊̅̀̄̓̒̈́̔̐͗̄̀̈́͒ ̸̨̢̜̪͉̞̝̰̂͒̈́͒̈̒̒͠n̷̢͇̹͇̞̹̦̣͚̮̂ͅó̶̧̢̪͖̣͕̟͈̊̄̈́͐̄ẇ̸̻̺̙͖̖̀̀͝ ̶̡̮̗̺̫͍̹͖̜̱̦̤̗̖̔̍̐́ͅį̶̲̞̻̠͆̏͑̈́̉͑́͠͝t̷̨̛̰͖̬͙̭̬̱̮͚̼̦̯̭͛̽͛̋͛͆͝ ̷̦̯̮͇͙͍̂̓̿̉͊̇̉̅̄́͋̚̚̚͠c̶͓̯̝̫̗̙̈́̉͜ó̸͎̻͉̫̳͖̬̬̭͋̄̅͜ͅḿ̴̡͚̪͖̥̹̦̜̰̼͈͛̇e̴̪͐͑̿̎̀̎̀̓̄͗͊͘s̶̨̛͉̳̯̹̯͚̱̗͉̖͉̏͊͒̒̐͊͒̈͛͌͌̕͘͝ ̵̢͍̺̐f̵̢̛̗͈̹̳̠̹͓͓̰͈̘̲͌͑̽͌̏o̶̢̞͕͓̝̲͓͈̭̤̕r̵̛͈͚̟̤̄̐̎͆̋̉͌̄̐͛̒͘̚͠ ̵̢͙̳̭̀̒ý̴̧̢̛͖͈̦̲̞̻̩̩͖̘̙̊̊͌̈́̒́͌̃̏̔͘͜o̴̡͖̝̱͈̲̼̓̈̊͊̉̌͋̏̽̋̃̚̕u̸͖̥̳̲̯̳̯̻̰͓̻̼̇̾.̶̞̺͗͂͌̿͂̅̀̂̍̂̏̀͑͘
(7.71 MB 640x360 not enough computers.webm)

Lynxchan is a bloated buggy mess and it saddens me knowing we'll be stuck using it for years to come. It's just some text and images, how does someone make displaying text and images this clunky and sluggish?
>>1501 LynxChan scales well and has numerous advantages on the backend. It's also extensible. A lot of the issues on the old site were a result of Vichan's design. Most other Imageboard software is Vichan-based or scales even worse. If you have a particular problem with the software, you're welcome to explain what is an issue for you and how you'd like it to be fixed.
please file reports for specific bugs "it's buggy" is not useful
>>1502 >If you have a particular problem with the software, you're welcome to explain what is an issue for you and how you'd like it to be fixed. It can not be fixed. Lynxchan has been a slow bloated mess that takes forever to load for years. It's systemically garbage. Even the way it loads CSS is fucked.
>>1504 if you insist on nebulous "bloat" without giving concrete examples, it makes it hard to take your complaints seriously
>>1501 It's the only imageboard engine that runs smoothly on a raspberry Pi. How are you calling it inefficient?
>>1504 >Even the way it loads CSS is fucked. I'm calling bullshit, it loads CSS in the most vanilla way possible, through <link> tags inside <head>.
(1.87 MB 498x249 showtime.gif)

Services We now operate a streaming service at https://watch.8ch.moe. The software is in beta and stuff might break. Please provide bug reports, feedback, requests at >>>/site/1519 We now operate the #8chan room on Rizon. If you like irc, please check it out! Policy E-mail Validation has been configured. Board owners can have reports forwarded to their inbox. Board creation requires a valid e-mail address. Style & Markdown Syntax Highlighting is now supported for code tags. The language is auto-detected. Don't like the colors for your favorite theme? Select from nearly 100 themes in Settings -> Other! http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML">LaTeX\LaTeX is now supported, both "block" and "inline". 1d20 = 8 Roll for Initiative. All themes now have unique logos*. Vivian Theme Added. Yotsuba P Theme Added*. Royal Theme Added*. Miku Theme Added*. Fixes Upload Previews on Firefox will no longer be ordered incorrectly, causing the wrong image to be spoilered. Sage should be working again. It is still silent. Requiring a Captcha and a Bypass at the same time no longer duplicates the generated captcha. (You) should appear when hovering on a reply. Moe Markdown should scale better and break less often. Quote links in hover replies should now properly underline to identify the post being referenced. Cross-thread links will now display the thread it links to. Requires JS (for now). Filters should now also hide new posts made by the same ID. Lazy-loaded thumbnails should no longer reflow thread pages. Functionality Moderators can now bumplock a thread. Moderators can now delete by IP in thread, instead of just board/site-wide. Hover Images now available under Settings -> Other. Quick Reply now exists at the bottom of the page for users without JavaScript. Refresh Timer should now behave better. WebP files can now be uploaded. AV1 WebMs can now be uploaded. WebSocket support has been added. If it's not working, we're probably configuring the cache and CDN to play nice with it. Proof of Work support has been added, but it is not yet enabled. We'll run a pilot test in the near future to find settings that are minimally disruptive to regular users but hinder spammers. Coming Soon Inline replies Option to move reply links to the bottom of posts. Previous Changelog: https://archive.vn/FSeNz Something broken? Please report any bugs or leave any suggestions here. We're always looking for more ways to improve the site. *Credit to anon >>1539 for contributing these assets
Edited last time by codexx on 11/19/2020 (Thu) 22:30:44.
I tried out the tor link, seems it wasn't working.
The auto also seems to be messed up now to the point where it's showing negative numbers.
>>1520 >>1521 We just brought the onion up a few minutes ago. It may take a little time for the domain to re-propagate to all the nodes, but it was working in a quick test. Give it a little time and try again. We know there's a bug aith the refresh timer because we had to revert a change to thread.js for the websocket code. Codexx is going to work on it tomorrow. He's exhausted and I'm not good enough with that code to fuck with it.
>>1518 This is some exciting stuff, some of those fixes were long awaited, I'm happy. >Coming Soon >Inline replies Oh wow, I didn't think you fags were actually going to do it!
(9.67 KB 334x72 nonumbers.png)

Bug: The post/ID/File counter is broken and doesn't display any number. Tested on Pale Moon, Waterfox Classic and Safari, and doesn't work in any of them.
>>1518 Hey Acid, better get someone to deal with /b/. Some other anon said there was an actual link to some fucked up shit that needs to be off of here.
(254.25 KB 824x937 20201117.png)

>>1518 >Requiring a Captcha and a Bypass at the same time no longer duplicates the generated captcha. Epic >Lazy-loaded thumbnails should no longer reflow thread pages. VERY epic >Hover Images now available under Settings -> Other. Cringe >Refresh Timer should now behave better. We'll see about this one Image still need to be arranged in a way that doesn't cause shit like this to happen. Also the overboard should display which board each thread is from. While writing this post I noticed the captcha timer reloaded full minutes before it counted down to zero, too.
>>1526 (You)'s seem broken
Dropping in to let everyone know it's all being worked on. Besides report captchas, everything is pretty minor, but we should be getting to each of them, either tonight or over the next few days. Keep leaving issues you find, big or small, and they'll get ironed-out.
<pinktext >greentext redtext spoiler italics bold >>1526 quote >>>/site/ quote (((jew)))
>>1521 I too am experiencing auto update going negative as of the latest update.
>>1532 It's also doing that thing where it skips ahead 2 numbers while counting down, I assume that's related.
>>1532 >>1533 Consequence of rolling back some changes to prepare for websockets. Both should now be fixed. Websocket support is going to wait for everything else to settle down, though.
(118.04 KB 2362x1772 yotsuba_p.png)

(313.03 KB 2362x1772 miku.png)

(157.49 KB 2362x1772 royal.png)

Ok, here are the themes and logos. Yotsuba P: https://files.catbox.moe/r6dq9p.css Miku: https://files.catbox.moe/iym4uk.css Royal: https://files.catbox.moe/ea7xp3.css The logos are at full size in case you are going to reduce them to multiple sizes, and references to #logoBox in the files have the same name as the logos. I only edited the yotsuba_b.css file to create these themes. Other CSS files weren't modified at all.
>>1539 The themes have some minor issues when applied directly on top of Penumbra. I'm a bit exhausted tonight, but I'll make the tweaks and push the update tomorrow. Thanks again for putting all this together.
(541.68 KB 2560x1370 yotsuba_p.png)

(570.01 KB 2560x1370 miku.png)

(521.66 KB 2560x1370 royal.png)

>>1540 Not gonna lie, they look nice on the front page. Thanks for adding them.
>>1539 >>1542 These are great. Thanks a bunch!
Could you possibly see about adding these themes to the site, please: https://ghostbin.com/paste/0nLbr https://ghostbin.com/paste/KSd4L https://ghostbin.com/paste/6h7tb It should be noted that none of them have been adapted for the Lynx imagboard format.
>>1544 https://ghostbin.com/paste/KSd4L almost works without modifications (some parts need a better contrast), but the rest need a lot of work in order to be functional.
Using Waterfox on Windows 10, when I fill out the captcha and attempt to post on 8chan.moe I get "Wrong answer or expired captcha" no matter what, every time. Adblockers off, https everywhere off. I am able to successfully pass the captcha and post using Microsoft Edge. -posted using Microsoft Edge on the same PC
overboard catalog when
Live updating appears to only not work on the onion address as well as redchannit. The problem persists with other browsers when accessing the onion address and is not specific to firefox or the TBB. >Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion:2087/.
>>1557 I think I know what the problem might be. I'll probably be working on websocket improvements most of this week, and Thanksgiving is coming up, but I'll work on a fix. Currently it's hardcoded to use secure websockets, but I think it will need to downgrade to normal websockets for use over Tor. I was planning to implement this anyways, but if it's necessary for Tor then I'll make it a priority.
>>1542 The royal one feels very good. Thanks Acid.
>>1557 >>1558 I fixed one problem, but the issue with Tor connections failing persists. Expect a tweak for automated fallback soon. Can't give an ETA on it working properly, though.
Relative times show in back linked quotes but not in normal quote links when you hover over them.
Can posts being marked (Deleted) be made to work with traditional thread updating?
>>1563 I doubt it, but can look into it. Once a post is deleted, it's gone. Even if it does work, it might add an additional workload on top of every refresh. >>1562 Good catch. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
>>1564 >I doubt it, but can look into it. Well as long as live posting works eventually on onion then it shouldn't be necessary. I'd prefer to use live posting anyways since I'm hoping it will break/time out much less often than the legacy thread updating method. Is there some specific reason posts can be marked as (Deleted) with live posting but not auto updating?
Can we have options to make the site look like how it used to? i.e. pre-Lynxchan. I really don't like the current look. Surely it's nothing more than a few HTML changes?
>>1566 Yes. It's mostly CSS, which is even easier. At this point is so similar that the hardest part is actually pointing out what's different, though.
>>1565 Because the server deletes posts, and if it's fetching the entire document each time then it can't retrieve that post because no copy of it exists. >>1566 We did a lot of work to make the default theme and its derivatives really close to the original. I'm really curious what you feel is different and should be reverted? You're welcome to make any CSS changes you'd like. If you click on the settings gear, there is a CSS tab which can store your own tweaks and apply them to every page.
>>1553 I've been intermittently having the same issue on Firefox. I'm going to look into it after the holiday.
>>1577 Actually, there is no reason other than it is not implemented. If you keep track of which posts you have on display you can just mark them as missing.
Why doesn't custom CSS apply to the catalog?
>>1586 Seems like the settings menu doesn't load at all on catalogs, and it has the custom CSS code in it. I'll see to it.
>>1577 > I'm really curious what you feel is different and should be reverted? Mostly the placement and spacing of posts and text. It's hard to point out everything, but there are a lot of small differences like the posts being slightly more right than they should be and all the boxes beside the usename instead of a simple arrow Yes these are minor and yes I am probably autistic for caring
Oh, but the big difference is the catalog. I can't stand now Lynxchan's catalog is, way too big and bulky.
>>1589 Once custom CSS works on the catalog you can make it look good.
>>1588 >>1589 If it makes you feel better, I felt pretty autistic for a lot of the stuff I ported over. Things like the red navbar inside threads. Not even good design, but it felt like home. Please leave any other differences you notice here and I'll see about making some tweaks. It will never be 1:1, and little things like colored IDs and the shade we used for greentext/pinktext will probably always be different, but I'd like these differences to be improvements. Failing that, I'd like to recreate the old theme perfectly. >catalog is bulky The catalog is a big departure and we hoped it was a cleaner, easier to use look. If you can design your own CSS for the page (once it's working on catalogs) you're free to submit it. If we like it, we can make it the default. If not, you're free to use it and post it so others can use it, too. Someone made a LynxChan CSS thread at >>>/t/777 that hasn't seen much use. Thanks for the feedback. Again, post anything else you notice. I don't care how small it is, if it's ruining the look and feel for you then I'm willing to consider changing it.
>>1591 I'd decrease or outright remove the empty space on the sides. But other than that it seems like pretty functional design. I can't remember what old 8chan looked like and would rather not load (((8kun))) into my browser. .catalogDiv { width: 100%; text-align: center; }
>>1592 Tvch looks extremely similar if you don't mind looking at that
(471.72 KB 954x884 ClipboardImage.png)

(444.44 KB 954x882 ClipboardImage.png)

(501.94 KB 940x764 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1592 >100% width I don't hate it. I'm not sure if it's any better, though. Feels like an imposing wall. The Vichan catalog fits a lot more cells, albeit much smaller ones. It's similarly overwhelming. We went a bit bigger so it'd be easier to scroll through and make sense of. I've included the (current) version of 8chan.moe, 8kun, and halfchan for quick comparison. I feel a bit unclean after visiting them, but I think ours is the best of the three. I'm going to run 100% width by a few people as an ad-hoc A/B test and see what's preferred. If fullwidth gets a good response I'll switch to it.
>>1593 Looks basically identical to me besides the lack of spacing on the sides and smaller images by default. I think if you want to nit pick down the minor details you're best off just making custom CSS. >>1594 >The Vichan catalog fits a lot more cells, albeit much smaller ones. It's similarly overwhelming. We went a bit bigger so it'd be easier to scroll through and make sense of. I don't personally mind the size of the cells on this site. I just hate giant blank spaces for no reason. They're useless web 2.0 retard design in my opinion. If you want to cater to retards you could always just put a drop down menu to adjust the cell size by various percentages, but really people should be taught how to customize their CSS instead of being fed retard buttons. Trying to find default CSS everyone agrees with seems like a waste of time.
Catalogs (and Home) now have settings included. The captcha desync looks like a CloudFlare cache issue. I've forwarded it to Acid.
>>1596 Doesn't seem to work. Clicking the settings button opens a little box that says "Settings" and nothing else. And the custom CSS still isn't being applied.
>>1598 Try now.
>>1599 yes it works now
>>1505 I hate how "bloat" has become a meme buzzword in tech circles. I saw somebody unironically call grep bloat.
(58.91 KB 630x630 3402943_0.jpg)

I've been trying to read the website from the loo, but there seems to be a problem with opening images in multiple tabs. More specifically: >Opening pictures by tapping their thumbnails loads them, though sometimes the pictures crash >Opening a single picture in another tab by pressing "Open" on its thumbnail works... <...but attempting to open a second picture overrides the first "Open" command and loads the last picture tapped <Opening multiple images by selecting to open in another tab returns a request error Currently an issue on both Icecat and legacy versions of Firefox
Mobile has been something of an afterthought and there wasn't enough time to rework it before the last update. I'll see if we can reproduce this and fix it. Feel free to complain about anything else wrong with mobile. There's a lot. At some point we'll just overhaul it.
It's nice that you integrated some of my fixes and added dimensions to images. You can remove this leftover stuff now btw: .uploadCell img:not(.imgExpanded) { max-width: 225px; max-height: 225px; object-fit: contain; } You could also make video thumbnails lazyload and give them dimensions. A thumbnail is a thumbnail. Just an idea.
>>1610 I'm not sure I want to ditch the CSS yet, if only to maintain parity with upstream. But I'll float it with Stephen; controlling thumbnail sizes entirely via the backend would be more convenient and intuitive for new LynxChan admins. >video thumbnails lazy load You mean for webms? Or for youtube links? Webms should already have lazy-loading and dimensions.
>>1611 Webms, mp4s, other types of videos. >Webms should already have lazy-loading and dimensions. But they do not.
Please make it so board redirects don't give (you)s like it was on 8chan(openIB), please that is all.
>>1606 That's pretty much the one thing I care about so
>>1635 Mobile revamp is high on our priority list for a reason. I'm hoping we can provide the best imageboard mobile experience once we're done with it, but it's a lot of work. Will take some time.
(18.46 KB 256x256 reload.png)

the side catalog option looks like it would make navigation smoother since there would be no need to click catalog or index first before checking any updated posts on the board. But there's a couple of issues with using it, one is that there's no auto-refresh for it like in the main datalog, and when you open anything that takes you to a new page, and then open another thread, it's gone again. Would adding an auto checkbox and adding an option in settings to that makes the side-catalog persistent between moving from one board's thread to another board's thread, be possible to implement?
>>1731 Correction, anything that takes you to a new page that isn't through the side-catalog.
The sage button still doesn't work.
Can you guys make it so that when IP hoppers are banned, the site compares it to their browser cookies, and still manages to ban them? Similar to how (You)s still appear despite if a users changes their IP.
>>1745 Yes. But anyone that is switching ips would also clear their local storage, is very trivial and more convenient than switching ips.
>>1738 It does, it's just silent. When the sage box is checked, the thread will not be bumped, however there is no other indication that you have saged. If you check the index and your post is the latest in the thread, and it definitely bumped said thread, please let me know and I will look into it. >>1745 As Stephen said >>1752 it's actually easier to evade this than to hop IPs. We'll be doing a test run with Proof of Work (PoW) soon. PoW means it takes time and CPU cycles to generate a bypass, so it can be used to discourage this sort of behavior.
Changelog 2.5.1 Hovering over a reply that's within view now correctly underlines the reply link, to match tooltip view. Relative times should now display correctly in tooltip view. Some additional consistency tweaks to reply info. Changelog 2.5.2: Moe Christmas Edition Snowfall added for non-mobile users. You can disable it in Settings -> Other -> Disable Snow. Cockmas hats for every thread. Fixed a bug where tooltip replies highlighting your own posts would linger on the Latest Postings page. Fixed a bug where Ban+Delete options were not triggering deletions properly. Known Issues When viewing one board's catalog, clicking on another board in the topbar should take you to their catalog. Webring boards aren't always appended to the board list after a server restart, and it's unclear what causes them to come back. Investigating. Webring addon might also be causing a memory leak. Investigating. Site downtime tonight was related. Websockets still not working over Tor. Cause unclear. Inline replies Replies under post Mobile layout needs work Reply info only appears for JS users Side catalog should remember if it was open between all page loads.
>JS snowflake animation that moves fucking characters over the screen causing constant page reflows takes 12% of my CPU. Might as well mine Bitcoins at this point, niggers.
>>1778 >his PC is so shit, white dots take up 12% of his CPU Turn it off in the settings, then.
>>1780 The snowflakes are unstable, they crash browser tabs even while not taking up significant CPU usage. Obviously it doesn't really matter and you can just disable them, but unstable bloat is still unstable bloat. The snowflakes should have been a static gif or something instead of reactive niggerscript.
>>1781 >The snowflakes are unstable, they crash browser tabs Works on my machine :^), but I'm hardly the best testcase.
>>1782 Something can work and still be bloated shit.
>>1780 They probably take a higher percentage on your PC two. However they only move when the tab is active, so when you have your task manager selected you don't see it, you double nigger. Also Mark is now mining Bitcoins to post. Funny how I made a joke about mining Bitcoin >>1778 and now he's literally doing that.
>>1787 >...so when you have your task manager selected you don't see it, you double nigger. Then snap Task Manager to the other side, turn on the snow and screenshot the results, you triple nigger, >Also Mark is now mining Bitcoins to post. Proof?
>>1788 He literally made a post about it. May no longer be up. "You just have to click post and wait three minutes while your computer solves a hard math task" That's literally what KC does.
>>1788 He's probably referring to the Proof of Work test we had the other day, assuming he's not just a D&C nigger. PoW forces your computer to solve a random mathematical problem in order to get a bypass, which can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. To make up for this, bypasses lasted longer and granted more posts per bypass. I think the average was about two minutes but don't quote me on that. Regardless, the test is over and PoW is no longer deployed, at least at the moment.
>>1788 >Proof? The meme is that the proof of work bypass functions similarly to websites that mine bitcoins using the clients browser resources. Though the proof of work bypass is so quick and uses so few resources that with the few hundred people that post here I doubt it would even make a few cents even if it were using that processing power to mine coins.
>>1791 >I doubt it would even make a few cents It's still gay and jewish.
>>1792 It's a system to defeat bot spam. It wouldn't be profitable to use it for anything else unless this site scaled exponentially. And it's a feature the hue tranny baked into lynxchan 2.5 unless I'm mistaken, so it's not even specific to this site.
(25.59 KB 400x462 disdain_for_plebs.jpg)

>>1792 <Mark is mining cryptocurrency >"actually, Acid just implemented a PoW bypass that kind of works similarly but not nearly as intensively" <"y-yeah but it's still bad" Fucking faggot. And why do you retards keep confusing Mark and Acid to be the same guy? Does your hatred for the Jew blind you so much that you can't tell that they have two distinct typing styles, one posts Asuka pictures in almost every post, and that one is a fucking BO and the other is the actual admin? Every fucking time I see some faggot bitch about the site administration, they always think one does the actions of the other or that they're the same person. What the fuck is up with that?
>>1794 I think it's just funnier to pin things on mark despite knowing he has no involvement.
>>1788 I did that's how I came to the 12%. It seems to vary maybe it goes up the longer you have the page open. Atm it's at 6-7%. However that's still compared to fucking ZERO PERCENT without the stupid script.
>>1731 Have an overboard catalog alongside an overboard side-catalog with auto updating as you suggested ought to be a high priority feature. Ideally both would be customizable as to which boards were included. Also the side-catalog should have the option of being pinned to any side of the screen, not just the right or even limited to the sites at all. Having a top bar or bottom bar catalog would be nice.
>>1594 Vichan's catalog looks superior to the other two
Can we get some info next to posts saying when they were made relative to current time? I know we have timestamps but I'm not sure what timezone they're using and it would be nice to see at a glance when someone posted especially for messages where people say they'll be back in a certain amount of time.
>>1864 There's literally a relative time setting in the options. Click on the cog in the top bar.
Can the banner filesize limit be increased? 400 kb is a bit pitiful considering our low traffic
>>1888 Disregard, I was unaware it was raised to 1 MB That's awesome, props to the site people. If it weren't for the lack of traffic this place would be even better than OG 8chan, but at least my board is getting some activity so I can't complain.
>Feature Requests RSS feeds for reports so they can be swiftly reacted to.
(1.68 MB 845x1127 12.png)

fix image hover and make gallery mode something that is a gallery and not a slideshow, tyty
>>1898 >fix image hover What is wrong with it? Please provide your browser version and steps to reproduce.
If you can retroactively apply (Deleted) to posts then why not retroactively apply ban messages to them?
Oi website owner. Buy GME stock to fund this site. It keep getting higher
Live updating seems to time out pretty consistently as of late. Lynxchan a shit I've literally never seen jschan time out then proceed to just never recover without manual intervention. My internet could be out for hours and jschan would still start updating on its own when it comes back online. HUE TRANNY CODE FUCKING SUCKS
Idea: replace the current visual implementation of crossposts. Instead of having a post's thread of origin between quotes (like this >>124915(13234)), why not just have a message informing users that a a post is from another thread (like this >>124915(cross-thread))? Is more visually pleasant in my opinion. >>1901 Speaking of [Deleted] posts, I think the message should stand out more, maybe with bold text.
>>1901 >why not ban messages Currently the websocket API doesn't send that. I asked Stephen about it, and am optimistic the spec will be updated, probably for the next major release. >>1915 >Speaking of [Deleted] posts We can style them to be more obvious. I've also asked Stephen to use separate signals for "post removed by moderator" and "deleted by user". Currently, a (Deleted) post can be either. The only way to verify is to check logs, which I don't think most users will do to verify a post was removed versus self-deleted. >Idea: replace the current visual implementation of crossposts. I haven't been super thrilled with the implementation either, but numbers are shorter than "cross-thread". How about a shortening like (XT) to designate it's cross-thread? Would that be acceptable? Currently these are all handled via JS but I plan to have the backend template these in soon, so now is the best time for a revision. >>1914 This should only happen if the connection is broken for an extended period of time and fails to reconnect multiple times in a row. But if you'd like, making it retry forever is a small tweak.
>>1916 >But if you'd like, making it retry forever is a small tweak. Inconsistent connections is something you should account for in times of excessive VPN and TOR usage, so yes.
(40.50 KB 308x228 example.png)

>>1916 >I've also asked Stephen to use separate signals for "post removed by moderator" and "deleted by user". Currently, a (Deleted) post can be either. The only way to verify is to check logs, which I don't think most users will do to verify a post was removed versus self-deleted. I think Removed by X is too long. Would using (Deleted) for self-deleted posts and (Removed) for posts deleted by mods be clear enough? >I haven't been super thrilled with the implementation either, but numbers are shorter than "cross-thread". How about a shortening like (XT) to designate it's cross-thread? Would that be acceptable? I made a quick example to show various graphical ways to implement the cross-thread message and to indicate that a post is dead without needing to hover it (right now deleted posts have a chance of be displayed as cross-thread posts instead of scratched or non-clickable text).
>>1920 >I think Removed by X is too long. The plan is just to say "Removed" and "Deleted". I was being verbose to clarify the difference between them. Currently the websocket interface makes no distinction; a deletion is a deletion so there's no way for the tag applied to indicate who deleted it. The backend has to provide a separate flag for that. >cross-thread post display I'd be interested in hearing some people's opinion on it. There's still time to gather feedback and get a consensus. If nobody else comments on it, I'll point some people to this post to gather thoughts. The arrow is a good idea. We use the Open Iconic font, so something from there https://useiconic.com/open would be easy to implement. The "random", "fork", and "share" icons seem promising. Most unicode symbols should be fine, too. >Not Found, Deleted, etc Going forward, tags will be baked into the post instead of added with JavaScript later, so they need to be something that can be known at the time the post is made. Whether the reply is to the OP of the current thread or to another thread entirely can be known; updating when a link dies isn't really feasible with the current architecture, and having a script check every link in a thread is potentially a major performance hog. If we do find a way to do it, a dead link can be signaled by removing the link and having it revert to normal text.
(502.75 KB 709x666 ClipboardImage.png)

(6.77 KB 84x115 tts.png)

I want to brazenly copy an idea from PLW I ran across. How the hell would a TTS board work? Forgot to spoiler lewds.
>>1928 Why would you implement this into a site instead of just doing it with your own computer. I'm certain there's some retarded browser addon that'll TTS whatever text you highlight or some stupid shit. This just sounds like retarded feature bloat.
(1.45 MB 2000x1975 aeiou.png)

>>1929 The point would it would be forced on unless I guess you full noscript. Do not ask how a genius thinks.
I have a webm that youtube-dl made that seems to not post properly, or my browser went full retard. Here it is upped temporarily on cockfile if you wanna test posting it yourself. https://a.cockfile.com/iHpnd.webm
I tried it on a few chromium browsers and also waterfox so it's not that it's just not rendering. I converted it again from .mp4 to .webm with ffmpeg here.
>even converting didn't help I bet it's that it's 60fps then.
(36.07 KB 300x350 1205197993901.png)

(50.68 KB 704x396 konata_chocolates.jpg)

Changelog 2.5.3: From Russia With Love Edition Foreign language support is here! As a start, boards can now default to Italian. Reverted a change to word wrap that was preventing posts from wrapping correctly. Fixed board logs link on catalog not working. Added banners to catalog pages. Fixed an issue with webms relying on keyframes would fail to generate a thumbnail. Improvements to post highlight behavior. Fonts should be whitelisted now. If you can't get a font to work, report it at >>>/site/1650 Banners on all pages now default to 100x300. This should reduce page redraw and encourage most boards to maintain a standard banner size. I recognize some boards already have larger banners, and may want to mix-and-match sizes. If you'd like to return to the old behavior, here's a snippet you can add to your board's custom CSS which will disable the change: #bannerImage {height: unset !important} You can, of course, also hardcode different heights if you'd like to prevent redraw but have banners that are a different size. Known Issues: Some posts aren't being highlighted when linked to. Some WebM issues. See below. Websockets can fail to reestablish and will not try again. Some features still JS-only. Side catalog improvements. Inline replies and Bottom Replies. Tooltip replies on mobile (at least Firefox on Android) will not go away. Mobile in general is pretty unpleasant. >>1949 >>1937 >>1936 >>1935 I will look into it. I've also noticed a few webms generating no thumbnail and receiving a generic one instead. Edit: Applied a fix for your particular issue. Still not sure if it's the same problem as the generic ones. >>1928 I will play around with this in my spare time.
Edited last time by codexx on 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:07:34.
Would be nice to have the Webring on the nav. >>1833
Languages Have Landed I've noted it in the last changelog, but it didn't actually requite a tweak, we just didn't have any translations until now. We did a trial run last year with German, but LynxChan has updated its localization capabilities and the old files are incomplete. The BO of >>>/ita/ has been kind enough to provide me with a complete translation of the default language pack. As such, Italian is now our first fully-supported language. This is an excellent first step towards supporting a worldwide community. Boards can now default to other languages by selecting their language codes under Preferred Languages on the Board Management page. Users with different language preferences in their browser can get alternatives across the entire site. Something incorrect? Please let us know. It's possible not everything we've added to our frontend has been translated. If you see any text that needs translating, please let us know where to find it and we will do our best to correct it.
I know phonefags aren’t shown any mercy, but nav button for settings and top/bottom buttons would be handy.
>>2014 Yeah, scrolling all the way up/down is pretty inconvenient. Same for lack of access to settings. I'll be sure they get added back in the revamp.
>>2016 Also being able to toggle off and on the top boards list in the settings. I've just been using this in the CSS: #navTopBoardsSpan {display:none}
I feel like an overboard catalog is long overdue and would help with people using more boards.
(1.71 KB 347x146 ClipboardImage.png)

Kindly requesting an indicator on which page a thread is.
When you get the block bypass captcha wrong it automatically changes the captcha, which is fine, but if it's going to auto change the captcha to a new one it should also wipe the input as well so you don't need to manually delete it.
(15.48 KB 500x100 EX.png)

Idea: Implement secondary banners located under the main ones that promote random boards similarly to how cuckchan has been doing for over a decade. Said banners would be SFW so they can be displayed in all boards, have set dimensions, randomly rotate and contain links to their respective banners. A newsletter at the top of the page could be displayed inviting everyone to create promotional banners for their boards, and while anyone could contribute with designs for their favorite boards, it would be up to the respective BO to decide if the banner is good to represent their board(s).
>>1971 How can I create and submit a translation pack? I was considering translating the site to Spanish for the guys at /hisrol/.
>>2171 Attached is a zipped .json file which has the default language pack. Translate everything inside the quotes. Then I'll look everything over and set it up on the site's end.
>>2177 Are special characters (like Ñ or Á) supported, or do I skip them?
Also do I left things like "errRequestTooBig" untranslated, or are they part of messages?
>>2178 Special characters are fine as Unicode is supported. >>2179 No, leave the left-side values alone. Those are correlated to the messages on the right.

(53.60 KB 1084x240 error.png)

Alright, here's the translated language pack. Special credits to the guy from /hisrol/ who proof read it and made some corrections. I need to point out that I couldn't fix this segment because in Spanish the word "global" needs to go after "reporte" in order to make sense. I considered translating the whole thing to "Usuario X cerró globalmente un reporte..." (User X globally closed a report...") but chose not to do it because that's not the intended message.
>>2184 I"ve added the language pack and switched >>>/hisrol/ over to it. I'll speak with Stephen and see if multi-part lines can be neutral to grammar.
Did you change the fonts? Every text looks a bit smaller and thinner today.
>>2202 The fonts have not been touched. Did you make any changes on your end? I don't think we use any webfonts, excepting the icons and doomtext, so if your system configuration changed it might be reflected in the site.
Could you guys make an "overboard" for that only lists the states that you favorite. For example, if I press the star at the top of the page for /site/, /v/, and /loomis/, and then it goes to the "personal overboard" it only consists of posts from those boards.
>>2211 I'll keep it in mind, but LynxChan is generally allergic to serving custom pages like that. Then again, the bulk of the templating is already done and cached by that point, so it might be feasible with minimal additional overhead.
(447.27 KB 751x534 Dust Off.png)

this has been happening on and off since yesterday, specifically on /v/ (maybe on other boards but i mostly browse /v/) the thread at the top of the page can be hidden, but all the threads below it lose the hide button and become visible while on the front page. the "hidden" flag remains somewhere in the system, because when you try to open the thread in another tab it shows you the stub, but on the front page all threads that you previously hid pop visible once again, unless they're at the top of the page.
>>2215 I'll investigate. Strange that it would occur just now, but it might be an unintended side effect of some CSS tweaks.
>>2223 I've seen various reports about this bug (>>2209 >>2210 >>>/delicious/12583 >>>/v/277089 >>>/v/277156 >>>/v/277611 >>>/sm/4764) but i personally haven't experienced it. One thing I'm sure of is that this started after the new open/hide icons for files were added.
>>2224 >>2215 Patched. Please let me know if the issue continues.
When is going to be implemented a feature that allows you to mark as seen to those threads that you add on the watch threads list? it makes me nervous to needlessly have to refresh and refresh and refresh until it finally notices i had seen everything on a thread that it keeps telling me has new posts, two buttons, one for every individual thread in the list, close to the X, other on top that allows you to mark everyone as seen.
(188.12 KB 2302x1234 lynxhan 2.6.png)

(51.65 KB 544x1124 lynxhan 2.6 2.png)

>>2286 That's something you should ask to Lynxchan's dev, not 8moe's: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan/-/issues By the way, here's a list of new things that will come with Lynxchan 2.6.
>>2286 >>2310 We take all suggestions. Some of them are major overhauls or require a lot of reworking to make function, in which case I usually try to pass it up to Stephen. Sometimes our modifications filter their way up; for example, we already have e-mail validation for board creation and hardcoded thumbnail heights. Thread watching is actually entirely in the Frontend, so it's actually easier for us to just tweak it.
Another thing that could be useful, for me, is a fully-hiding feature, i don't want to see those threads that i had hidden, not even that "unhide thread x/xxxxxx", i dont want to know anything else about them, i dont want to know they still exist, i dont want to burn my eyes with the existence of those crap that i had hidden. >>2310 Chill, man, if it were something that we should revise everytime we had a suggestion, it could be included on the OP. >>2311 Thanks.
(62.96 KB 642x781 samefag.png)

(37.67 KB 615x467 update.png)

(2.67 MB 1280x720 mbajnrcijde.mp4)

(8.67 MB 960x1920 mbajoagegiw.mp4)

(17.31 KB 592x230 inline.PNG)

(reposting here for extra visibility) This ponyfag developed a way to add inline replies support to Lynxchan (see pics and vids related). He posted the files required on https://smelle.xyz/lynx/res/1916.html#2379 This requires replacing a couple of files on Lynxchan, but since that guy was working on it along with 8moe's (You)s implementation I think it shouldn't cause a lot of trouble to implement this feature on the site.
>>2822 I will investigate compatibility tomorrow. Sorry for not replying the first time this was posted; it's been a very busy week for me in real life. We're currently working to rebase our previous changes on top of LynxChan 2.6, so feature development is on hold, but if it's a drop-in feature then it shouldn't be too difficult. Just need to be sure it plays nicely with the refresh script and websockets, and that stuff needs fixing anyways. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Looking forward to placing this one under the "new features" column.
>>2822 >>2823 2.6 rebase is wrapping up. Just finding a few remaining bugs. After that, inline replies will be priority.
(109.59 KB 600x446 i4oYqFy.jpg)

Are board advertisements doable for this site? Such as having a banner of specific boards on top that link directly to other boards if that's possible? I heard this being brought up in the #GG threads long ago.
>>2838 There's no "advertisement" system. Adding one is possible (it's basically a second banner system). It would require some backend work, though. I wouldn't expect it for 2.6 but I can see about 2.7.
>>2840 I see, thank you.
Why not disable the webring addon entirely? What value does it add?
Could you please make the video thumbnail anything other than the first frame? For many videos this is just a black frame.