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8chan Broadcasting Service Codexx Root 11/17/2020 (Tue) 09:20:00 Id: 3ae7e9 No. 1519
This is the official support thread for https://watch.8ch.moe/ What is this site? A place for anons to stream anything they'd like. You can stream any video you'd like, and users can join chat anonymously. Streams can also be embedded elsewhere for easy sharing. Chat is built around XMPP, so you can connect with any Jabber client. Streams are generic RTMP streams, so you can connect and view them directly. For example, you can watch a stream in VLC instead of on the website. What can't it do? So far, no emotes/images in the chat. This should be available soon. Theme support is poor. The site can have one global theme. User-selectable themes and channel-specific CSS coming soon. The site supports uploading videos and storing clips, but these features are currently disabled. If there's strong interest, I can make it available, but I'd need a way to pay for storage space. Why should I use this? The goal is to provide anons with an easy, convenient way to get a media stream. Other sites actively police uploads to enforce "community guidelines". It can be inconvenient to share some media as a result. The site isn't working well! Leave a reply here describing the problem. If you're having performance issues, I can help diagnose. If the site is being used heavily and begins to struggle, I can download more RAM to make it go faster. I'll be doing some streams myself in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for announcements.
How do you stream?
>>1548 Create an account, and then a channel. Each account can host multiple channels. Then, visit your channels page and select the channel you want to stream on. It should expand into a network graph. Look for the settings gear on the left. This page will provide a stream link and key. The format is rtmp://watch.8ch.moe/stream/[stream key]. You can drop that into anything that supports streaming media. OBS is the obvious example, but I've been doing my test streams just using FFMPEG. I believe the encoding must be H.264 MP4. It's recommended you set there to be 1 keyframe per second. Once you start streaming, it will automatically go live.
Streams don't seem to load over any tor connections.
>>1551 I haven't done any testing with Tor and can't guarantee it will work. There's very little information on sending RTMP streams through Tor. What little I can find implies it is possible, but it might require streams sending at a lower bitrate. Enabling adaptive bitrates might solve this. I'll do some testing in the near future to see if I can identify the problem and get Tor working, but since streaming is high-bandwidth and requires low latency, I can't promise I'll ever get it working 100%.
>>1551 >>1555 I did a bunch of research into this a while back while considering a censorship-proof, tor-based youtube type site. The max average streaming bandwidth you have over tor is ~300kbps. It can be done, but its gonna be hard.
>>1555 >>1556 It seems to be working more or less fine now. Probably some stupid tor node bullshit. I recalled watching Mark's election night stream just fine over tor so it was weird it wasn't working.
Can you stream vidya?
>>1559 Well I'm glad it's working. I still can't guarantee it'll always work, especially not for every stream, but I'm glad it's working sometimes. >>1567 You can stream anything you'd like. OBS works with it out of the box. It's recommended to set it to 1 keyframe every second because this is what the server is optimized for. It works just like any other streaming service. You're welcome to stream anything that doesn't violate US law.
>>1569 How should the settings look exactly I'm still not sure if I'm doing it right. My stream looks a bit better than it did at first with these settings that i got to through some trial and error but i still don't know what I'm doing could be missing something obvious because i haven't really done much streaming. The most annoying thing was the color, in my preview the color looks perfect but in the stream itself the color was slightly off. In the game the red of some outfits looked orange and for anime the colors were a bit more saturated and maybe darker. Not sure if it was actually an issue or my eyes are playing tricks on me or it is the monitor i had the stream on.
>>1572 As far as I know, the server isn't doing anything to video streams. I'd compare the preview side-by-side with the stream on the same monitor to verify colors are different. If there's a difference from your source file, the issue is probably with OBS. I'd cap the bitrate at 3500 Kbps, which is what the server' is (supposed to be) capped at, and maybe disable Psycho Visual Tuning in case it's playing with color values. But changing the bitrate and keyframes really shouldn't affect color that much. It sounds a lot more like a difference between two monitors. My secondary monitor is washed out and has terrible color reproduction, but it's not obvious until I compare something on both.
I surprise how easy it is to set it up.
I went ahead and created a board specifically for listing/shilling your channel, organizing events etc. Please come visit >>>/watch/!
Is there a way to disable the chat box, I'd like to watch some movies with some anons but we don't want to use the chat box for complete anonymity.
Its be careful with how you do emotes/images, cytube has run into a bit of potential security concerns with whatever ranging file hosts. Maybe whitelist it outright to known legit hosts.
>>1617 The chat was disabled by default for me had to tun it on.
The 8chan stream service says 500 internal server error.
>>1627 I was just about to say the same. I paused the stream and said something on mic in case it was still working for some. According to OBS I'm still streaming. I noticed everyone suddenly left so i refreshed thinking it had to be an error then I got the 500.
>>1627 >>1628 I have rebooted the server and doubled the toaster's power as a precautionary measure. I'll dig through the laws and try to figure out what happened.
>>1627 >>1628 >>1629 The software relies on Redis, and it ran out of memory. I've allocated more RAM to the VPS and rebooted. Should be fine for another couple months at least. Since the site has a decent following, I'll look into building my own hardware for it. This will allow higher bitrates and adaptive streaming, among other features.
I don't know if it's possible to delist sites of your own accord from search engines but I'd consider doing it if possible. The DMCA sniffers corporations have are getting increasingly advanced and now scan livestreams in real time on (((twitch))) for any (((copyrighted))) music and take instantly submit takedown requests when they detect anything. At some point you could see them even submitting auto takedowns over copyrighted images and shit.
The "forgot password" page only send me to 500 error page when I finished input my email address
>>1633 And no email send to the address
>>1633 Forgot to reconfigure that after the last install. Give me a bit to map it to an SMTP server. >>1631 I can add a robots.txt that asks scrapers to not visit. Scrapers can choose to visit anyways. I'll go ahead and do so. And possibly add user agent detection so their bots need to deliberately fake being a user.
I don't know how easy it would be to implement but i think a theater mode like twitch has would be nice.
>>1519 Is the software behind watch.8chan.moe open source? Willing to contribute and interested in running my own instance.
>>1710 Yes. I didn't write it but am working on my own contributions to push upstream. You can find their website here: https://openstreamingplatform.com/ (https://archive.is/8uiHv) And their github is here: https://gitlab.com/Deamos/flask-nginx-rtmp-manager Unfortunately, their developer chat is in (((Discord))), so be aware they might expect you to communicate through that. >>1709 This might be possible to add via the theme manager. >>1633 >>1634 >>1637 Still haven't configured SMTP; my apologies. Webring took up most of my time this week. I'll work on improving this service soon.
>>1711 Awesome, thanks.
Its been brought up by some viewers a couple times that they'd like quality options since they have poo internet and can't always stream source. I think 2 options should probably do it. Source quality and 480p.
>>1779 I've enabled Adaptive Streaming, so it should now try to provide multiple streams. Let me know if it's not working, or if the toaster explodes from the stress.
>>1779 >>1786 Adaptive streaming has been disabled once again. The server has enough horsepower for about 2 streams and that's it. 3 pushes it to 100% CPU. I need hardware with a dedicated GPU or a much beefier CPU. I'll see if I can tweak it to only generate one alternative bitrate per stream, which might keep things manageable.
(1.52 MB 635x457 Thyhopeconsumed.gif)

500 Internal Server error during UT stream.
(8.80 KB 320x200 rocket-ranger_16.jpg)

>>1799 Twitch does some major dangling transcoding at streamers with partnering, affiliates, and other sketchy garbage they hide. Maybe just a live viewer count # trigger would be acceptable.
Clicking the "my channels" leads to a 500 internal server error been like this since the whole site died a couple days ago and haven't been able to get to my settings to grab my stream key since i changed my settings in OBS for twitch and when i tried to switch back the settings for streaming here they had reset.
>>1849 This sometimes happens when the chat module fails. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It was working when I brought the server up, but sometimes it just fails. I'll try kicking it once the Uncommon Time stream is over for the night.
>>1849 >>1850 The chat daemon has been slapped and should behave now. At least, I can access my channel list again. If you continue to have problems, let me know.
Is there a way to link 8ch streams to cytube?
>>1889 Yes. From a channel's page, find the "Share" option (can be in different places depending on if chat is enabled or not) and there should be an iFrame Embed option. Copy that. On Cytube, there is an "Embed iFrame" option next to the Embed Media button. Paste the HTML you copied earlier and it should embed. There are some issues with scrollbars. You can fix these with CSS by disabling overflow. Might also be able to reduce the size of the embedded object a little by playing with the width and height parameters. It seems like Cytube expects a particular size and the streaming platform defaults to one slightly too large.
(482.17 KB 682x690 ClipboardImage.png)

Just tested this earlier, there's about half a minute of delay, which is the same thing I experience on peertube instances that allow live streaming... Is there any way this can be optimized for low latency? If not, are there any other services that are?
>>2138 Possibly. It's running on a toaster in the simplest possible configuration. I am looking at other options, but it will require some time and money.
Site machine broke
>>2191 I just ran the renewal script; something must have broken. I'll take care of it.
>>2191 >>2192 Webserver just needed a restart. Should be good now.
Does it still stream these days or just a random chatroom?
>>2216 We just had some streams today.
It would be great if under "My channels" list the actual channel link would be displayed, right now I had to figure it out by going to the homepage, leave the "search channels" blank and enter my channel through that way, which is counter intuitive in my opinion.
(14.24 KB 210x240 1389340178671.jpg)

(322.90 KB 380x395 1350656314630.png)

Fix your damn broken shit, one anon wanted me to watch his strim and in Firefox Nightly 90a it's The Buffering Community, while in Chromium Portable 92 it's Haiti Earthquake on player auto resizing 10 times per second. This is trully a pig farmer-tier striming solution. Not the fault of the strimer anon as he ran a twatch strim to rule out issues with his upload or whatever.
(515.40 KB 1920x3716 firefox_210422_192859.png)

(951.74 KB 1920x7115 firefox_210422_192947.png)

>>2291 console logs FIX YOUR SHIT
(12.04 KB 257x196 images.png)

>>2291 >>2292 Looks like a client side issue. Did you try using ie9?
Is it possible to get some kind of support for people who don't use Javascript? Right now all of the pages are empty. I'm not expecting to get video streaming to work, but just having a list of videos / streams / channels available and being able to browse them would be good.
>>2887 The site itself is pretty reliant on JavaScript and I don't think there's a way to change that. However, you can connect to video streams via RTMP. Here's an example: Take a stream URL: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/12345/ Swap HTTP to RTMP, "view" to "live", and add the port (1935) after the domain: rtmp://watch.8ch.moe:1935/live/12345 You can drop this into VLC or some other media players to view the content directly without ever visiting the web page.
(133.02 KB 1452x702 kazu.png)

Please do something about fucking kazu.
(11.99 KB 206x244 soda.png)

>>2925 No fucking way.
>>3121 Oh I see this faggot baited me into posting that image.
>>2191 This issue has happened again.
>it should provide a stream link and key Key yes link no. Also recording disabled due to missing role. What is that. What am I missing here.
>>3347 Nevermind got it all figured out.
there's the TV thing why isn't it in the front page? why aren't there any vidya streams? a shame that it's dead promote it more like put it on the front page and encourage anons to use it
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(1.33 MB 1280x720 MARISA ASS.mp4)

(503.57 KB 705x800 1574041973995.png)

(25.41 KB 945x903 Mark Mann the rapist.jpg)

(100.96 KB 679x1200 Mark Fedora.jpg)

(15.43 MB 428x240 Story Time With Mark.webm)

(9.47 MB 640x360 Gayhole Mark.webm)

(143.49 KB 1405x1069 mark the distgusting kike.png)

(3.46 MB 2166x3506 Mark Switch Jude.png)

(1.22 MB 2048x1152 Mark Stand.jpg)

(66.22 KB 1200x675 Mark the beautiful hambeast.jpg)

(164.28 KB 2048x1152 Mark the fat jewish fuck.jpg)

(291.22 KB 944x1000 Mark Birthday.jpg)

(55.84 KB 633x210 Marks a fucking nigger.png)

(909.02 KB 2000x3000 MarkMann.jpg)

(572.46 KB 4032x3024 Mark literally Hitler.jpg)

(91.14 KB 500x246 Mark is a kike.png)

(495.79 KB 1280x864 Marked for death.png)

>>3424 Wtf I love mark now?!
>>3427 it be shoop original image had a bing bing wahoo game on it
(5.18 MB 1402x1052 markis.webm)

>>3428 Nooooooo You don't say Wow Im soooooo shocked and awed

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