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(140.26 KB 450x399 1565879475627.jpg)

User Support / Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Codexx Root 12/13/2020 (Sun) 04:48:24 Id: a20824 No. 1650
This is a catch-all for site troubleshooting, such as features not working as intended, or for discussion of global rules, policies, and administrative decisions. If you're a regular user and have an issue, post here and we'll do our best to resolve it. Resolved petitions may be merged into this thread for posterity.
This is Mark's, aka Jewcy Boy, new imageboard after the pig farmer fired him, right?
Well, yeah.
>>6 Not quite. Mark was involved in its creation but is not an admin or global staff.
(165.42 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

So, when are you guy's going to fix how the global rules are listed?
(22.95 KB 445x336 mda14.jpg)

>>9 You gave him the most important board on the site, despite knowing that he can't manage a board without continuously sperging out and driving people away. Why even bother with the whole site if you're just going to deliberately fuck it all up?
>>29 i wonder how is markymark going to buy cake now that he doesnt have his jimbux anymore. will he A) get a real fucking job or B) try to monetize /v/ for his own selfish gain.
(397.53 KB 640x360 latenightbusinessgondola.webm)

Look at how active /v/ is. People actually enjoy getting sodomized by Mark. It's a fucking personality cult.
(137.28 KB 287x500 kaguy.png)

>>40 Most people don't give a fuck about the jew
>>41 If it were possible to not give a fuck about him, his boards wouldn't be so disastrous. Sooner or later everyone has to deal with Mark.
(3.90 MB 1920x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

Can I upload images from tor?
It worked, nice.
(83.95 KB 720x687 lp)

Can we PLEASE have a /leftpol/ board. There are two boards dedicated to fascism for FUCKS sake.
No wonder you're a lefty. You're either too unobservant to figure out that you can make your own board here, or you expect everyone else to do things for you (why not both?). Have some self respect, anon.
>>89 loli sinnamon and maple are the cutest
>>99 I, for one, would be okay w/ a lefty board.
(37.43 KB 500x503 ganowicz.jpg)

>commie is too retarded to figure out how to make a board >"hey admin could you please just do it for me" Like pottery
>>99 >>103 You have the whole world to post right now. Haven't you been watching the riots?
>>100 >>104 I was not expecting for the ability to make boards like on 8chan
>>106 Are you going to make one, leftyanon?
Seethe more, commie
Why the fuck are all of the icons so bright. 3/10
(95.05 KB 1766x474 leftydead.png)

>>99 There are three /lefty/ boards, which are dead as fuck because most people here swings to various degrees of the right and because most leftyfags are on bunkerchan. Anyways, /leftypol/ is free to be claimed, so if you still want it you can contact Acid for an ownership transfer.
sorry for being a retard but who runs this site and does mark mod here? i cant stand mark. ty for answers.
>>29 >You gave him the most important board on the site, wow so mark does actually mod on here then? i just came across 8chan.moe today so i didn't know. lol fuck that shit, im out. bye
>>928 >>929 He runs /v/. He isn't a global volunteer though, just a BO like anyone else could be if they created an account an board.
>>950 I got no problems posting regularly on here if it weren't for Mark. But like the anons above I just don't feel "comfortable" with him around. Too many bad memories kek. I've had enough so to speak. I wish the site the best tho.
>>962 This is an infinity style imageboard. If Acid prevented Mark from owning a board then he would set a precedent for banning people from board creation arbitrarily. I hate cakekike with a burning passion more than anyone, but his association with this board after they stopped taking financial support for him is no longer a concern. There are a number of legitimate reasons to refuse to use this site, but Mark's association with it at least these days is a difficult argument to make.
>>963 just w8 until mark takes 8chan over from acid. you know it will happen at some point right? then you will understand how vile he is if you don't already. and i rather not deal with any of that that tyvm :)
>>963 mark bad, me no use site. he touched us badly before
>>964 You realize that Mark is more technologically illiterate than even your average Anon is, right? He's literally physically incapable of running a website on his own. I can and often do go on and on about how fucking retarded Acid is and how much of a nigger Mark is, but I very much doubt Mark is anywhere even on the list for people to gain control over the site at any point. If Acid and Codexx are to be believed there is a sizeable number of people working on it behind the scenes. If you want a reason not to use this site let it be how cancerous Acid acts or some shit instead of a silly intangible reason that can't be falsified.
>>966 >If you want a reason not to use this site let it be how cancerous Acid acts or some shit instead of a silly intangible reason that can't be falsified. you have a crush on mark or something?
>>967 I'd kill Mark if I had the chance, right after I killed you for being such a retarded nigger.
>>968 you need to change your tampon m8, it seems to be chafing you something fierce
I have no problem with Mark's discovery of imageboards in 2013, that's beyond the issue here. What the continuing issue revolves around is his need to inflate his personality cult and retain gamergate threads that have lost not only their relevancy but also their purpose. The board is being shitted up with nothing but off topic politically motivated threads loosely associated with video games to appease a select few homosexuals who follow Mark's footsteps very closely and scoop up any shit he drops on his short walks to and from the kitchen. It doesn't matter at this point he's gained the ownership of the board, its what he's going to continue ramming down the site until its dried up and eroded sand in the wind as every other imageboard that's surfaced after the fall of 8kanker. inb4 jewboy gets maf, because I am right
(4.52 KB 398x40 Untitled-1.jpg)

Yo, Acid, can you help me out with this? For some reason I'm missing the icons for the catalog, account and all the other navigational shit that usually appears on the top of the page. Am I missing something? Is it a problem on my end? Currently using Firefox Developer Vers.
>>1047 Those icons are served via a font that can be found at https://8chan.moe/.static/open-iconic.otf or https://8chan.moe/.static/open-iconic.eot If you open your developer console, do you get any errors or warnings? In particular, anything about failing to load some content? Have to modified the CSS, or do you use any theme management add-ons?
>>1048 >If you open your developer console, do you get any errors or warnings? In particular, anything about failing to load some content? The console doesn't show any error, am I supposed to look for something specific? >Have to modified the CSS, or do you use any theme management add-ons? Not really. The only ones that may bother it are Ublock Origin and NoScript but they're both set to allow everything on this site. I tried to download the page as well and I can't see them either way.
Ah, I also have a cookie-destroying plugin activated. May that be the problem?
>>1049 I was just curious if you could reach them directly or if the connection was being obstructed somehow. I just wanted you to check the console on the off-chance it reported some kind of issue. Easiest way to debug something like this is if the browser tells you the problem. >>1050 I wouldn't think so. It might cause issues with the webm default sound, the radio script (when it's in use), or logging in, but the font doesn't use cookies at all. You can also try flushing your cache and reloading (ctrl+f5). I'm reasonably convinced the issue is on your end, but I'd like to help track it down just in case. I'm going to ping our frontend guy and see if he has a few minutes to help diagnose.
My first instinct was the same as >>1048 Are any of those showing up in the network waterfall? The codepoints that the icons occupy are pretty far out of the way of everyday use characters, so it's not surprising that they don't show up. >>1049 >I tried to download the page as well and I can't see them either way. Yeah, Lynxchan implements those icons in a CSS file. I prefer umatrix to ublock origin, so I don't know what options it has; is there any chance your font settings are overriding the first party settings?
>>1052 >I prefer umatrix to ublock origin, so I don't know what options it has; is there any chance your font settings are overriding the first party settings? Don't think so, it usually displays fonts just fine. >>1051 >You can also try flushing your cache and reloading (ctrl+f5). I'm reasonably convinced the issue is on your end, but I'd like to help track it down just in case. I'm going to ping our frontend guy and see if he has a few minutes to help diagnose. Just did so but saw no improvement. I'll try something else.
>>1053 I more meant some toggle on ublock to prefer denying all fonts over allowing first-party resources. Gonna have to agree that it's on your end though.
>>1052 >I prefer umatrix to ublock origin, so I don't know what options it has; is there any chance your font settings are overriding the first party settings? Don't think so, it usually displays fonts just fine. >>1051 >You can also try flushing your cache and reloading (ctrl+f5). I'm reasonably convinced the issue is on your end, but I'd like to help track it down just in case. I'm going to ping our frontend guy and see if he has a few minutes to help diagnose. Just did so but saw no improvement. I'll try something else.
I'm also on Firefox Developer Edition, and have uBlock. It's never been an issue for me. I have caused Firefox to fail in other ways. Maybe try a full cache flush, or a reboot? I've noticed Firefox gets wonky when I've had it running for a long time; eventually something breaks, or its temp directory gets full/locked-up, etc. Wouldn't shock me if this was a similar issue. How about this: load up the profile manager and create a new profile, then launch the browser with that new profile. If the issue persists, then it's a problem with the install or Firefox is having trouble with saving/loading the data locally. If the issue is fixed, that narrows it down to one of your settings or add-ons.
>>106 ... What? This place is called "8chan.moe" and that was the whole point of the original site that it was based on. It's called "infinite chan" because it has infinite boards. Get it?
(2.75 MB 1056x2035 tamamo race back.png)

QUESTIONS, ANSWERS, AND GENERAL REQUESTS GO HERE UPDATE MESSAGE - NEW UPDATE 10-26-2020: Thanks to our nice hosts and some wizardry in the caching system the lolis have been restored to the clearnet. They can only be linked to or accessed from 8chan itself, and all are invited to list if they would like to. Welcome back, and sorry for the trouble. ------------------------------------ Tonight's work is done. We fixed 2 small bugs and are also now GEOIP blocking Russia, China, and the JIDF. 8chan.se should be working again soon, along with custom error messages for the tor boards. --------------------------------------- We're back! I just relaunched 8chan.moe on the new server. Thanks to Codexx's hard work on the 8ch.moe clearnet proxy the site was never forced completely offline, but it's certainly good to have the main domain back again. I would like to go over the current site situation and plans from here on: At the moment the new server is running the same HTTP accelerator cache that we set up on the old server, but this cache is being used as a remote proxy. Except instead of being a stopgap like 8ch.moe, this is a robust setup that proxies the entire main site and serves it from the egregiously powerful new hardware. This setup has been placed behind Cloudflare as an extra security layer, but this layer is optional by design. We do not need Cloudflare and the site will not suffer much without it, so them cucking out is only a minor concern. While the main site is being served by the proxy, we will slowly transfer over LynxChan and the site databases to the new server so that we can run everything natively on that hardware as well. This way the older server and the new act as backups for each other. If one goes down, the other takes over serving the site and downtime is minimal. We can keep this up for a while, and with even modest crypto donations, indefinitely. From here we will gradually make the LynxChan move and probably implement new proxy rules to serve site content faster. We now have a multi-layer fallback system - not in our pockets in case of need, but running and ready to go at a moment's notice. And beyond those we still haven't touched the nuclear option yet. We have made significant strides improving Redchannit as well, and it now functions similarly to the main site in all ways but thread user IDs, and believe it or not we're working on a fix for that just for your convenience. Loli boards are currently only on tor, and will remain as such for at least a while as we sort things out with the host. I sent a message to the admins of the panda asking for their advice, so we'll see what they say. In the meantime I ask that any such content be kept there. My next tasks tonight are to port over the .se domain and to implement the GEOIP blocks on the Russians and a few choice others. UPDATE 9-18 9:51 The host has confirmed our server has been ordered, but they have us in the queue to the delivered and set up on Monday. So Monday night will likely be the earliest time we can start the move, which will take a few hours. We will leave the current site up as long as possible while this goes on so we can post regular updates on our progress. We're also going to implement at least one fallback plan in case of any kind of unexpected problem with our new hosts. The dev team are as tired of this shit as you guys are, but we're gonna fight. ------- As you know the main site is "sort of" back up via 8ch.moe and Redchannit.org. Its time I gave a detailed account of what happened and what has been going on behind the scenes. On 9-16 the Russian government internet censorship department sent Vanwanet an ultimatum about our site. Since Vanwa has parts of its business in Russia, the Russians basically told them to get /tot/ and /delicious/ off their networks or Russia would kick them out and block their CDN. Vanwa immediately contacted us and told us to remove those boards or get nuked. So I removed them. We then worked a very long night moving all that sort of material to the Tor service, off of Vanwa's network entirely, and we added in /sm/ and /loli/ for good measure. I also requested that Vanwa block all of Russia from being able to see our site, which they agreed to. Satisfied that we were gucci, we dusted our hands off and went to bed after what had been a hard day and a very long night. On 9-17 at about 1:30PM I got a notice from Vanwa that our service was suspended. I checked why, and it was because the same Russian agency had just sent a mountain of further complaints to Vanwa. Vanwa only forwarded me 5 of them, but of the five 2 were orphaned images left over in the database from /delicious/ and three were from a loli thread that existed on /h/. I presume the others were the same. This should have been a straightforward fix, but because the Russians sent a separate legal complaint for each individual image, it must have looked like an avalanche of shit. Vanwa panicked and pulled the plug on us without notice or giving us time to address it. They also went beyond by actually terminating every site on my account, which also took down Redchannit. This was unexpected, and trying to get Redchannit.net back up has caused a DNS pileup where the domain changes are not propagating correctly. When we realized this we spun up a second Crescent Isle at Redchannit.org in about an hour. The tone of the conversation I had with Vanwa during and afterward did not leave me feeling like we were going to be reinstated any time soon. Thus we activated Plan B. The site is going to be moving to a new server and routing through a different, in-house CDN. We're going to eliminate the "trusted others" that are always the weak link in the chain that allows for deplatforming to happen. As much as we practically can, anyway. The new server is being set up now, but its on foreign hours and setup takes one business day. I received a support ticket a couple hours ago that they're working on it, but they didn't have the processor I wanted so they upgraded to a nicer one. We will be IP blocking Russia and Germany off the bat, but the new host is otherwise pro free speech, and is (one of) the hosts that serves the Panda. If these guys don't work on Saturdays then the new server may not be up until Monday, so Codexx activated 8ch.moe in beta to get everyone back together in the meantime. Since we're moving to Plan B I'm also assembling the pieces for Plan C, because it will be next if anything goes pear-shaped with our current course. Plan C is full-proxy bunker mode. We're going to test some provisions of it (like the 8ch.moe site some of you are using right now) on the current setup and the new server too, to make sure its ready to roll out if needed. For the moment, we wait for the new server setup to finish and then Codexx and I are gonna get to work.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 10/27/2020 (Tue) 10:22:27.
>>1138 >But all the big solutions cost money, and none of us are rich That's how the DDoS racket works: play by (((their))) rules or good luck getting the shekels to create an alternative, goy.
>>1140 I've got ideas for doing it on a budget. There's a few other hurdles, of course, but we've been putting the pieces in place for the past few months. All this has done is accelerate things a bit.
>>1138 >This begins by GEOIP banning all of Russia The RKN's demans are even more simple: russians shouldn't see those boards. So geoip-hiding a few boards is the sufficient minimum for complying to those demands.
>>1142 And, preemptively, another popular thing that RKN wants banned: suicide instructions. It's that silly.
>>1138 >and probably Israel for good measure That's why I like you
>>>/delicious/ has been restored. Missing a few days of posts but otherwise in-tact. I am working on >>>/tot/ next. Going to take a little longer. Might not be up until tomorrow.
Take the onion pill and all your problems go away
Is the site getting DDoSed now? Seems it intermittently works and then breaks.
>>1151 We're tweaking the rules for what pages are blocked, and we're rebooting the server a lot to ensure the cache clears properly and rebuilds the config. Should be good now.
(577.53 KB 2952x3633 smoking twintails.jpg)

I think we're finally done. What a day this turned into. Varnish is now fully configured, so enjoy the site being faster. Monday I'm going to work on enhancing Redchannit to make mod tools and post editing work. Sorry for rebooting the server like 8 times, but making sure nothing was going to break was very important, and this isn't a regular maintenance day so I was kinda winging it. We have endured yet again. Have a good night anons.
>>1138 >solution to censorship is preemptive IP bans The irony. Just go full .onion, this will have the added benefit of filtering out the VPN shills and the election secondaries. Also, geoblocking won't stop governments for going after your host again, because the whole shtick is about them having power and everyone else being their bitch: technically complying is not enough and will never be enough, they require full submission.
>>1143 >when you made things so shitty that you have to prevent people from figuring out how to fucking kill themselves
>>1154 >J-just send it into onionland That would reduce the userbase by half at the very least. >muh governments I'd focus more on the malicious actor trying to get the site shut down.
>>1155 >trying to prevent people from killing themselves >the country that invented Russian Roulette
>>1156 >That would reduce the userbase by half at the very least. Then more people should learn to use tor. Honestly tor should just be baked into default browsers. The main reason for .onion sites has nothing to do with the opsec of the user accessing them. There's no reason a standard browser shouldn't have tor built into it and only utilize it for onion sites.
>>1153 You are a legend, Acid! Thank you for restoring /delicious/, even though it's not on the main 8chan.moe site itself. I don't mind using both redchannit and tor, but tbh I'd prefer the redchannit option from now on. Again, thank you.
>>1156 >That would reduce the userbase by half at the very least. If half of the userbase can't figure out how to onion, then they get what they fucking deserve. If the site dies because of that, then nothing of value will be lost. >I'd focus more on the malicious actor trying to get the site shut down. Onion would completely and utterly eliminate copyright claims as an attack vector, but that aside governments are a much more serious opponent than some autist. >>1159 >I'd prefer the redchannit option Fucking amateurs
>>1160 ah yes the ol' "we could lose half our users" meme hi moot how's google
(99.54 KB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

Just tested posting there. Let me know when you guys had got the posting system back up and running.
(15.16 KB 474x280 facepalm_01.jpg)

>>1162 I forgot to unlock it after the import. Try now. Board has been transferred back to Lincoln. He'll need to redo board settings, banners, volunteers, etc.
Edited last time by codexx on 09/17/2020 (Thu) 11:05:27.
>>1163 Awesome! Just tried it, and fixed. Thank you as always, Codexx.
>>1161 >losing any amount of users is taboo >if you disagree you want to see us fail If the community is so small and fragile that it cannot survive without luddites who refuse to use tor, then the community is already dead in all but name. 8chan didn't become relevant by carefully trying not to drive away users.
>>1164 No problem. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.
>>1162 >discord >windows 10 >chrome >AVG antivirus >2 ad blockers <Speedy05 I almost wish this was a parody, but I know in my heart it isn't.
(32.42 KB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1166 Well, there is one thing. I can notice that I'm not a Mod/Volunteer there anymore. Before /delicious/ was removed, there was a BO (Lincoln) and two volunteer (Superior_Dragon and Speedy05, aka yours truly) Would my status be restored, or would I have to chat to the BO first?
>>1168 Board was created from scratch and not an actual backup so that's why it didn't restore volunteers. I didn't remember the names. I went ahead and added both of you as volunteers.
>>1162 Get some tech advice, I beg you
>>1168 you can enter to delicious? Sorry, i´m a little idiot with these things XD
(9.98 KB 234x250 1428262417640.jpg)

>>1171 >XD
>>1169 Thanks, mate. When you said " created from scratch", who's the current board owner? I know Lincoln used to be the board owner before this whole Russia mess.
>>1172 >facebook frog >cuckchan filename You managed to be worse than the hue monkey.
>>1169 Also even though I'm a volunteer, I can't seem to edit/delete stuff without getting messages like "Could not delete. Would you like to try another password?" and "Your referral doesn't match the host." Sorry for so many messages btw. Again, thank you for all of your hard work.
>>1175 /delicious/ is Tor-locked and your ID implies you're not using it, that may be the problem.
>>1174 >stop enjoying things if other people enjoy them too Hipsters are faggots.
>>1173 I restored him as BO. >>1175 Are you using redchannit? This is a bug since Crescent Isle is beta software. Acid is going to take a stab at fixing it some time this week. For now, moderation actions must be done through the Tor Browser.
>>1178 Thank you very much, mate. I'm usuing redchannit atm, but I could always use Tor for moderation uses. Again, thank you for your hard work on keeping /delicious/ alive. I doubt we'll have it on 8chan.moe again, but at least it's still on the clearnet.
>>1179 It's really the least we can do. >I doubt we'll have it on 8chan.moe We're not giving up on that so easily. We have some plans. I spent some time discussing it with Lincoln last night before he went to bed. I'll let him fill you in on the details.
Thanks for fighting on this one. It's good that people are holding the line.
>>1174 >>cuckchan filename fucking newfags
>>1162 >>1171 And this is why going full Tor is a bad idea. Too many people who can't into anything more complex than Chrome.
(11.22 KB 300x300 1599981232676-1.jpg)

Do you guys use an modified version of LynxChan engine?
>>1183 It's an opportunity to get them to learn about it, then.
(312.05 KB 448x336 1599572916807.png)

Also, how theres so many files store if the boards are in constant cycle? Does it have anything with the store files on disk option?
>>1186 >stored Fixed
>>1138 >and probably Israel for good measure. lol. >>1155 It's hilarious, isn't it?
So, are there any mods in random? Because some actual pedo is fucking posting that shit, and I'm hoping there are mods who are working on ridding that vermin.
>>1142 >So geoip-hiding a few boards is the sufficient minimum for complying to those demands. Sure, until a loli post on a non-loli board is reported to them. Better to protect all boards since loli is allowed sitewide, with the exception of particular board rules.
Since you've hidden /loli/, /delicious/, /sm/, and /tot/ you should also hide /fur/ and /rule34/ too for the time being.
>>1167 He's one of the mods for /delicious/, along with SuperiorDragon. They're shit, and I'd unironically take Tewi over them.
Acid, you're a faggot for your behavior back on Fatchan and you're a cuck for AsukaBlacked.png, but you have my respect for being the first one to actually have their shit together in regards to heavy deplatforming attempts on imageboards. Everyone else either died, cucked out, or hasn't been targeted by way of obscurity. >>1183 >Too many people who can't into anything more complex than Chrome. If means keeping out retards like >>1171 it sounds like a net gain.
1195 By that logic, why not have a temp ban on fictional underage content? It seems to be causing a lot of trouble to the point /b/ is having some actual ped post actual shit
Seems it was already cleared out anon.
The engine of the site is unmodified vanilla lynxchan, yes. Our frontend is quite gucci though.
While that is thankfully gone, there is still a person going around posting actual kid photos that while aren't the sexual shit, it's crap that needs removal in /v/ imo.
>>1203 I smell honeypot. I'm not taking that bait.
(65.66 KB 395x400 gtfo~4.jpg)

>>1203 the same fag is currently spamming /v/. Tell maku to get his fat ass on it.
Do we know who the fucks been spamming trashware and bait links all over the place today? So annoying
(157.66 KB 1024x768 ZLyhdoq.jpg)

I feel I am merely okay at best. I have drawn off and on since 4 years ago, but I feel like I can improve if I start doing more of it by the day. Any books that I can read on how to improve?
(44.20 KB 500x500 1599479279791.gif)

>>1200 Did you like my dog pics?
(80.20 KB 853x480 didn't need to see that.jpg)

>the entire site is now off the clearnet, including redchannit >the only way now is through Tor Being a lolifag is tough nowadays.
(17.12 KB 255x255 make it end.jpg)

>>1209 Hopefully it will be fixed. I hope anons are smart enough to find the onion link if they didn't save it. I'd also like to say that tor is slow as balls and the captcha images take ages to load. This is suffering.
>website actually got suspended from vanwanet >even redchannit got suspended as well shit just got real huh
>>1211 Vanwashit was just as cucked as cloudflare, I guess.
(196.86 KB 1440x1080 screams geometrically.jpg)

godfucking dammit, not again
>>1212 They just lost the only business advantage they had over them at the very least.
I should probably ask, do other boards that allow loli need to go TOR-only as well or is it just these ones for now because they're the only ones that have attracted attention?
>>1214 Yeah, we know they can't be relied on now, at least.
>>1215 I have /d/ and that probably should be taken off the Clearnet
>>1212 >>1214 >>1216 According to Acid, The Russian Government threatened to basically kill all their sites that use Russian servers if they didn't immediately nuke 8chan. It's difficult to argue with that kind of hardball speaking from a "you need money to actually defend free speech" perspective: >>1069 >>1066 >>1215 It's probably just the individual boards -- (((whoever))) did this only focused on /delicious/ and /tot/, and completely ignored anything else.
There's a lot of sperging going on in the zzzchan thread
>>1124 >>1126 >I implore you to count the number of terrible posts or spam attempts on this site and its boards and see just how many of them are from tor vs the clearnet. I hope you're seeing what's going on over on /v/ and here, faggot. We've just be turned Tor-only and we're STILL getting spammed.
>>1138 I wish Delicious didn't have to be onion only. Any kind of censorship, even exclusive boards to this kind of site seems like a capitulation to terrorist governments.
So which part of ToS got so violated that vanva suspended the site?
>>1225 Not much we can do either way. Unless a magical server outside space operated by anons in Cambodia is made, it's basically impossible to for anyone to get threatened by governments and not cuck out for their safety/business. I'm not even confident Acid's Plan B will be as good as he's bragging about.
>>1227 Eventually retards are just going to have to accept the reality that tor is the only path forward. And when that day comes they'll all jump ship to discord and reddit and become normalniggers.
>>1228 Ironic, considering that the biggest users of tor are third worlders trying to get on reddit, facebook, and youtube.
>>1227 There's always some uncertainty. We have a lot of backup plans, it's just a matter of what's quickest to implement and what we can manage to bring online in the next day. Plan B isn't going to be the final step whether it lasts one day or one year.
>>1227 The "plan B" is at least a lot more flexible in terms of hosting and getting it back online, as opposed to having to deal with a middle man like Vanwa. It wasn't something we wanted to use, but I am glad acid developed it.
>wrong answer or expired captcha >wrong answer or expired captcha >wrong answer or expired captcha >wrong answer or expired captcha >wrong answer or expired captcha >>1216 >"vanwa has our backs!" >they actually don't People need to learn that most are cucks and will not have your back. Acid was naive to believe in them
>>99 >have the entire rest of the internet to cheer on your kike beliefs >come to one of the few places that has a few people who don't like it and expect to be welcomed By the way, what's it like having all major corporations support the same social values that you do while still trying to claim to be 'against the system'? Kill yourself.
>>1231 I'm sorry to be a downer but I don't think it'll work, the same people that have threatened upstream providers will do the same again and then the new solution will find itself without a connection.
>>1232 >>wrong answer or expired captcha >wrong answer or expired captcha >wrong answer or expired captcha >wrong answer or expired captcha >wrong answer or expired captcha Please someone sort this once the big fire gets put out.
>>1233 If you think any major corporations are even slightly socialist, let alone communist, then you clearly have no idea what those words mean. Trannies and anti-racism marches are neither socialist nor communist. Please point to a single corporation pushing for the abolition of copyright, investment banking, or private property. That's not to say that /leftypol/ or similar boards are much good. It's just annoying to see people endlessly repeat utterly retarded, nonsensical claims about them. It's a bit like hearing the MSM describe a toy airgun as a "military-grade assault rifle". It just shows that the person saying it doesn't have the slightest knowledge of the topic.
>>1236 Things marxists and all major corporations have in common: >anti-racism >feminism >materialism >trannyism/commodified concept of gender >commodification of sexuality/'free love' >anti-anti-semitism >rejection of borders and support of immigration >rejection of non-temporal forms of identity And things they don't have in common >private property issue So yes, they share the same social values. Marxists are hypocrites who in reality act as footsoldiers of the same system they claim to oppose, and fight against those who actually oppose the system. Furthermore, if you think that 'socialist' is a synonym for 'communist' or 'marxist', you're the one who has no idea what he's talking about. Socialism was historically nationalistic and existed long before Marx's false attempt to redefine it as anti-nationalist. True socialism is nationalist. https://archive.ph/78Um8 https://archive.ph/KdvV6
>>1235 Yeah, it's extremely frustrating to post anything at the moment.
>>1209 >Being a lolifag is tough nowadays. Only in English-speaking zones or absolute freedom-hating shitholes like Russia and Germany. Communities in other languages don't give enough of a fuck about loli porn to try to take down. >>1211 >>1212 Ironically, Kikeflare is better for porn-related sites because they have the muscle to tell Russia to fuck off and block them, and because even loli porn sites are less of a PR nightmare than non-PC opinions. Vanwa still is a better option if you're going to host opinions that aren't approved by SJW (aka the entirely of /pol/ and 90% of /v/), though. >>1215 Vanwa nuked the domains because Puting complained about ONE loli thread on /h/ after the loli and shota boards were moved to Tor.
>>1235 Captcha de-syncs Visit 8ch.moe/captcha.js in another tab and fill out that one. I'm going to work on it. But this configuration is only supposed to be temporary. Redchannit.org is working and has fewer problems.
It's a shame that loli boards such as /delicious/ had to be Tor only for a time being. Like I said on the boards, Russians (not the citizens) can go suck their dicks for all I care. I'm sorry about what happened.
>>1243 There's a new Tor portal they can use in the meantime: redchannit.org
>>1244 Already using it lol! Thanks though!
>>1242 Thanks for the advice. That does seem to work better. >>1240 What annoys me is that Vanwa make a big deal out of providing "absolute freedom of speech", but they clearly do nothing of the sort. They're just another company who will defend certain preferred types of speech but are happy to throw other types under the bus.
>>99 No, fuckoff
I just want to post anonymously, complain about VIDEOGAMES, and occasionally call anon a nigger when he has a bad opinion. I don't see why this is so hard to do these days, but I am glad you are working hard to ensure we can do this
I just have to say this. Russian are faggots.
>>1243 I'm really pissed for defending /pol/ now. I supported their free speech on the assumption that their dipshit politicians would support mine, but I mean, fucking /pol/ is the reason Russia acts like they shit don't stink
>>1255 >I supported their free speech on the assumption that their dipshit politicians would support mine Rookie mistake, we went over this in the 30s already.
>>1255 What the hell are you talking about? Were you expecting Trump himself to overturn Vanwa backstabbing us or something?
>>1255 >I supported their free speech on the assumption that their dipshit politicians would support mine Yeah, that was never going to happen. /pol/ only really care about their own freedom of speech, and the politicians they support are just as corrupt as all the other mainstream politicians. >fucking /pol/ is the reason Russia acts like they shit don't stink I wouldn't go that far. I very much doubt that "legalize loli" would have appeared in any list of diplomatic demands in USA-Russia diplomatic talks no matter who was in power. The political game is almost entirely about military and economic power. The opinions of voters don't even factor into the decision making process.
>>1255 >/pol/'s politicians /pol/ has politicians? I thought they considered all rightwing politicians to be cuckservative jew-lovers.
>>1255 What the fuck is up with all the glow nigger posts like these all the sudden? We were more or less clear of them for awhile but suddenly this place has some issues and there are a bunch of "I can't believe I supported X I'm now X!!!!" cuckchan bot posts.
>>1259 >/pol/ has politicians? It's an Estasia situation: one moment some politicians are based and redpilled and you're a kike shill if you doubt them, the next moment suddenly they're ZOG puppets, always have been, nobody ever liked them, and you're a kike shill if you dare to say otherwise.
>>1260 >everyone who dislikes /pol/fags is a spook What an awfully convenient delusion
>>1262 >/pol/fags What's a /pol/fag exactly? Is there one in this thread? Which politicians do these alleged "/pol/fags" endorse exactly? I'm very curious about this enigmatic creatures you're talking about.
>>1259 They basically follow the same logic as the "Settle for Biden" idiots. They might not like the Republicans much, but they'll still support them just to keep the Democrats out.
>>1263 >this faggot again You'd have an easier time claiming the sky can't be blue than pretending /pol/fags like yourself don't exist. As an aside, it's amusing to see the rightoids barely catching up with SJWs and their "SJWs dont' exist, you bigot" bluff.
>>1263 >Is there one in this thread? I think Id:000000 might be one.
>>1265 Can you provide is so much as an inkling of a definition here? Perhaps quote a post that embodies what you are attempting to describe? Perhaps the fact you're so routinely asked to give even the most basic description of your boogieman is telling to the fact you're a disingenuous faggot, anon. I've asked the most clear and easy to answer questions I could possibly muster and you still dodge them. It must be exhausting to be so perpetually fucking dishonest.
>>1267 You're literally the one and only anon that tries to pretend that /pol/fags don't exist, your posts began less than a week ago, and you should kill yourself.
>>1268 Did you forget to include your argument?
>>1267 It's pretty obvious who he's referring to. A /pol/fag is a stereotypical user of /pol/. They rabidly supported Trump in 2016, call everyone they dislike a nigger kike shill cuck, and love to talk about the day of the rope. Like all imageboard stereotypes (eg. /b/tard) it's a pretty crude generalization, but it still roughly describes a certain type of poster. Of course the group being talked about will never accept the generalization, but that's just part of standard mott-and-bailey tactics. There's hardly any point giving straight answers like this because everyone has already made their minds up and will just ignore anything they don't like. Debates on the internet are "won" by whoever has more time to waste typing out spurious arguments and accusing the the other side of doing the same.
>>1270 That's an adequate description for someone that doesn't appear to exist, at least not here and now. I'm not retarded, I know what he wants me to think a /pol/fag is, I just don't know who he thinks in this thread, board, entire, site, or even across the entire webring is supposed to embody this persona. The only logical conclusion here is that he has a fundamentally different idea of what a "/pol/fag" is, because the standard usage of the word in it's application towards rabid trump fans is not representative of literally anyone in this sphere of imageboards. You'd be hard pressed to find a single soul that won't openly despise trump for being a kike loving retard. So he's either using "/pol/fag" as a boogieman to dismiss anyone he doesn't feel like engaging with in good faith, or he has some radically different definition of the term than I do but for whatever reason refuses to define it. I think from there it's pretty easy to deduce which of the two is more likely.
>>1270 Don't bother trying to elaborate, that faggot is gaslighting and tries to sell the idea that /pol/fags don't exist. It's even more transparent than the 2014 takeover.
>>1138 Consider fwknop for Plan C.
>>1255 I'm sorry, but what does /pol/ have to do with this? Also, please never bring this shit up on here, because I really don't like hearing about it as that board makes me feel uncomfortable. So fuck off!
>>1274 Tits or gtfo
(125.67 KB 357x271 megucas.PNG)

>>1275 Nah, I'm good. kthx
>>1276 Tits or GTFO
Question, I'm trying to post a picture that is 3000x3000 but the site keeps blocking me from doing so. What is the maximum size per picture?
>>1278 There isn't one set, but what happens is the command to make the thumbnail breaks on images that are above a certain size, or possibly those wish extreme aspect ratios. But we're not actually sure what the limit is because it's something arbitrary from a tool that just happens to be used. Once things settle down I'll see if I can fix this somehow.
>>1257 No, I expected having a site with freedom of speech, full stop, no matter what, meant exactly that and if the Nazis wanted a place to talk shit, we'd get one too.
>>1274 Hey, I fucking hate /pol/ too, but 8Chan founder Jim Watkins was Qanon all along, and brought all those nazis here, so we gotta live with it
>>99 Consider >visiting a predominately leftyfag site >going "Whaaa I want a /pol/" >then witness the avalanche of being told to fuck off and die So go fuck yourself and as others have pointed out do it yourself if you're so married to being a retard.
>>1255 It's all part of the plan. The left baited the Internet Right into going full churchoid and totally burning their libertarian wing. Now they've thrown the Boomer Right the supreme court, so that the Internet can be shitlawed up by a bunch of 130-year-old justice ghouls who are all about a half-quaff of baby blood from Valdemaring into mung. The outcome of all this is that the left gets to totally discard the past ten years of fuckups and censoriousness and go back to being the Cool Edgy Party, the only people who can hook you up with fun, while the right gets stuck with manhating frigid Catholic schoolmarm radfems and smug, tranny-obsessed frog Twitterfaggots. And the best part is, being the Cool Edgy Party is like running from a lion: you don't have to be faster than the lion, you just have to be faster than the other guy. When the right runs things, baseline discourse bullshit level is such that all you have to do to be recognized as a trenchant social genius is to say shit like FOOTBALL DUMB, and you're George Fucking Carlin. It takes all the pressure off them to be actually smart or significantly less awful. They played us for fucking fools.
I didn't mentioned this earlier, but OP talks with very normalfag-tier speech patterns. There's also the fact that they're completely ignorant of being able to make boards, the existence of a /leftpol/, or the fact that there being two fascism boards on 8chan is meaningless because they are dead like every other board that isn't /v/ Are all /leftypol/ users like this? Is the sky blue?
(1.96 MB 360x360 INTENSE loli power.gif)

>>1279 Okie Dokie thanks, I tried spoilering the file and surprisingly it worked! That's a convenient workaround, thanks for the heads up, you should probably mention it in the faq or something.
>>1184 The engine is unmodified but we do have some addons loaded. I think the only thing active at the moment is some markdown tweaks and the Tor IDs feature. Most modifications are accomplished via the frontend. >>1186 You can store as much as you have room for in the database. Or you can export it to disk which makes db dumps much smaller. Dumping to disk also makes it easier to move files to another location if you run out of room.
(14.99 KB 446x432 d alema.jpg)

>>1285 If this ends up being accurate I'm going to be so fucking mad
(32.78 KB 298x268 (Breathing).png)

(14.47 KB 556x334 (angry_potato_noises).png)

>>1288 Could you please send me the addons? Any tips?
So can we expect to be able to connect to this website securely?
(1.07 MB 868x1228 Asuka ears bl.jpg)

>>1292 The new server will be running Varnish cache with the Hitch SSL terminator plugin, so HTTPS will be working properly post-move. The only reason it isn't now is to make the 8chan.moe address redirect work. tl;dr: Some time Tuesday.
>>1292 Stop being a clearnet nigger and just use Tor?
Why does 8chan.moe (dead link) use cloudflare now on clearnet?
So are boards like /delicious/ and /loli/ being behind a torwall only going to be a temporary thing? Because redchannit doesn't work for me. I click "I agree with the terms, let me access the content" and nothing fucking happens. And I don't want to attract unwarranted fed attention by using tor.
>>1295 Temporary while we get stuff moved around. DNS will take time to update. >>1298 It's temporary but it's probably better we try to fix redchannit for you. Do you have cookies enabled?
(66.83 KB 1089x456 addons2.png)

>>1299 Yes. Would NordVPN possibly be causing the issue? There's also a possibility that it's one of my addons causing this and maybe it's not on your end. I'm using Palemeem 27.9.4 (last version before the Web Assembly pozz kicked in) with a number of addons for blocking js and other shit except for trusted sites. (Most browser exploits are through js, so this is low risk even if the browser isn't the most (((up to date))).) I make fresh profiles from time to time and don't always use the exact same addons. It seems to work well, but I've noticed that basically any functionality involving a # in the url doesn't work at all. Sneaking suspicion that NoScript might be the culprit, but it's hard to test, especially since the PaleMeem devs only have v28 and upwards available and Legacy Collector shutdown a little less than a year ago.
Figured out the issue. I had just session cookies and not all cookies enabled and needed to allow js. Not exactly an ideal arrangement, though.
>>1300 Have you tried installing Classic Add-on Archive and downloading noscript from there? Also why are you using the latest version of Pale Meme?
So what about the content that still is or might be posted by some posters? such as on fur with their cub smut or on hentai with the loli smut?
(3.95 MB 2221x3508 Asuka back from space.jpg)

>>1303 /hentai/ and /abdl/ will probably need to move that content to the tor boards, or set up their own loli sub-boards that I can move to tor for them. /fur/ is probably safe, being literal and obvious nonhumans. I'm not enthused about having to relegate loli to tor protected status as long as it remains legal, but we live in current year and now have at least one government trying to fuck us. I promised when we started that I'd go to bat for those boards to the best of my ability and I'm keeping that promise, but for now they're safer on tor. Also I just fixed the bug that 8ch.moe had that was doubling up user IDs. Or at least I believe I've fixed it. Please let me know if you see it happening on the main site at all.
>>1304 Why would adult baby diaper love have loli in the first place?
>>1305 Couldn't tell ya. As admin my job is to police global rules and work with software. What a given board allows is their business.
>>1306 I'm curious, but what's your personal take on cub loli and shota shit?
>>1302 Wasn't aware of that. Will take a look >Also why are you using the latest version of Pale Meme? Did you mean aren't? A number of reasons such as Web Assembly pozz but also things less DOM support so that possible spying through HTML5 is more difficult. And like I said, most exploits are through js so if you're blocking it you're still pretty safe. >>1304 Any estimated timetable on when everything with the host will be figured out and we find out what the final policy on the loli boards will be moving forward? Perhaps going tor only could be a board option setting which admins could override in the event of more deplatforming attempts.
>>1280 Okay, but what does /pol/ have to do with Vanwa's betrayal? This was about Russians getting triggered over loli, not bad goy opinions.
>>1309 An idiotic /pol/fag thinking that if they voted for and supported politicians that /pol/ liked those politicians would represent their interests since they were both hated by the left, not realizing that none of those politicians would actually fight for their interests so much as enact their own laws against their interests.
>>1304 Is the thread on /u/ still safe considering Putin hates LGBT anyways or does it need to be removed?
Is /tot/ not yet restored, or am I just doing something wrong on my end? When I browse there through Tor I just see an empty board. >>1305 Because diapered lolis are cute. The fetish is more about general regression than anything unique to adults.
>>1310 >/pol/fag Who?
> We will be IP blocking Russia and Germany off the bat out of curiosity, why germany? did they start shit in the past that I missed?
>>1315 Presumably because of /pol/
>>1304 You should make /cb/ a tor only board too as I'm not going to moderate against things like shota.
>>1313 Acid hasn't restored it yet. He was busy trying to get the original domains back up. >>1315 Probably as a preemptive measure. Germany is known for sperging out over stuff like lolis and people saying nigger. >>1317 You could put a message telling people to post shotas on /sm/ and keep /cb/ for older boys.
(366.38 KB 2280x1553 GalaxyDX979.jpg)

>>1317 /cb/?
>>1318 >You could put a message telling people to post shotas on /sm/ and keep /cb/ for older boys. Why would I do that? I don't care if /cb/ is a tor only board or not. I would probably make it tor only if I had the option anyways.
(32.56 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)

>>1318 >You could put a message telling people to post shotas on /sm/ and keep /cb/ for older boys. What is the cutoff point for people not sperging about loli/shota? For example I'm guessing Mable would be out but what about Wendy? What about Rei or Asuka? Sailor Moon? The boys thet Po~ju draws?
>>1322 nigger just type it into the URL what's wrong with you
>>1322 http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/delicious/ You'll need the Tor browser (or Tails, Whonix, Qubes etc.).
>>1318 >Acid hasn't restored it yet. He was busy trying to get the original domains back up. Thanks, and no worries. I understand everyone is under huge pressure right now.
>>1324 Thanks
>>1304 Again, you're doing god's work. I'm glad to have 8chan.moe back in general. I'm definitely looking forward to the day when /delicious/ returms to the clearnet properly.
>>1327 I just tried this link: https://8chan.moe/delicious/catalog.html We're technically back. But either way, I'm not too sure if that method will work in the long run. Let me know when everything's back up again.
>>1321 >What is the cutoff point for people not sperging about loli/shota? For most normalfags is anything shorter than 5ft without tits and with a baby face. For me, is when they develop secondary sex traits (pubic hair, wider hips/shoulders, tits in case of girls, muscles in case of boys, etc), >>1322 https://redchannit.net/delicious or https://redchannit.org/delicious The same goes for /loli/ and /sm/. >>1328 Alternatively you can tell everyone to use redchannit.net since that portal lets people see the index.
>>1291 I don't want to open up the repo just yet because there's a few half-finished addons and I want to clean them up or remove them. I've included the two activate addons, however. One adds our extra markdown and the other forces Tor users to have 000000 as their id. The only other addon we're using is "sageBox.js" which is provided in Stephen's repos. >Any tips? Plenty, but I'd need to write a pamphlet. Can you be more specific? Did you have any questions in mind?
>>1332 another test.
>>1329 >For me, is when they develop secondary sex traits (pubic hair, wider hips/shoulders, tits in case of girls, muscles in case of boys, etc), This kind of shit makes me fucking white with rage because it's never really "just" "loli or shota". It's femboys, and traps, and petite girls, and anyone without an underevolved chimp endocrine system. It's a war on beauty -- real beauty, not 80kg tit cumbrain degen shit. They're making our world uglier for nothing I can see beyond the sake of humiliating and degrading us. I want revenge. I want to choke them with beauty like they've been trying to choke us with ugliness.
>>1336 >80kg tit cumbrain degen shit. (Sorry to any /hyper/fags who felt slighted by that. Being fucked with for this long has embittered me.)
>>1337 Why are you saying sorry? loli and shota are clearly disgusting. But idk if we both want that banned entirely. My saying is that as long as it's kept away from public eyes and ain't being forced like LGBT nonsense, then whatever. Still a sicko.
>>1336 the cool part is not only do you get jlullaby thicc futa mommydom shit shoved down your throat but also antis are fucking retards who can't understand human words or arrange them so not only do you gotta eat shit but the proximal person making you do it is a downie. you are forced to abase yourself before mouthbreathers and 14-year-olds who were too stupid to avoid getting groomed into being moralfag child soldiers gotta get that extra little twist of the knife in there
>>1339 I think it's wrong to describe them as moralfags because they clearly aren't upholding any coherent set of morals. They're just using "morality" as a weak excuse to perpetrate a very immoral witch hunt against innocent people who have a particular sexuality. I'm absolutely certain that lolicons are on the right side of history, while the "moralfags" will eventually be recognized as the censorious bigots they are.
>>1340 Don't get me wrong, lolicons and whatever else are okay. But their interest is not a sexuality. Fuck, that just sounds wrong man...
>>1340 I think projecting incoherent moral standards is what makes someone a moralfag in the first place. They just spout non-sense because at face value they feel like something is wrong without understanding why it is. Discussing the actual moral and ethical implications of loli and porn in a coherent and productive manner on the other hand isn't really moralfagging. It's just interesting conversation.
>>1341 Actual psychology researchers disagree with you, and their work has been published in peer reviewed journals. I still draw a very hard line between 2D and 3D. The whole reason that going after lolicons is so stupid is that they're the ones who aren't doing any harm.
(234.38 KB 1557x675 netflix show.jpg)

(1.65 MB 1111x1154 boy celebrity.png)

>>1343 The "moralfags" draw a hard line between 2D and 3D as well; they're just on the other side of that line is all.
(34.05 KB 1040x222 resetera leftypol.png)

>>1286 /leftypol/ was mostly redditors and resetera users.
>>1344 Who the hell made that kid live through hell on the right? Jesus... >>1343 Really? Just a fyi, I'm not trying to hate on loli,shota,cub, what have you, but just the aspect of it being a "sexuality". I thought that term was for someone who was an adult and was either gay, bi, or hetro. And no worries, I do too as well. I do wonder why so many normaies complain about fiction shit, but let companies like Netflix run scott-free.
>>1346 >Really? Just a fyi, I'm not trying to hate on loli,shota,cub, what have you, but just the aspect of it being a "sexuality". I thought that term was for someone who was an adult and was either gay, bi, or hetro. Yeah. Michael C Seto has published on the topic, but he's not the only one. A sexuality is basically just a pattern-matching function which is linked to arousal and in some way hard-wired into the brain. Nobody really understands how it all works, but all manner of variations are theoretically possible. "Straight", "gay", and "bi" are just boxes which 99% of people more or less fit inside. From a biological point of view it would be much more surprising if sexuality was always limited to one of those three categories and mutations never occurred.
Mods, can you deal with the fucker(s) who keep posting that shit here? And by shit, I mean fucking CP. There should be a global report ready listed.
>>1336 >It's femboys, and traps, and petite girls Isn't really difficult to differentiate the average trap/femboy from the average shota. Traps and femboys tend to be taller and more feminine (longer hair, wider hips and bigger ass) than shotas (less curves, shorter limbs, sometimes even have baby fat). They look similar to the experienced eye, but anyone who's into gay shit can tell them apart. Same with petite girls, who almost always are taller than the average loli. Regarding the actual point, this war on beauty is a consequence of various movements, including fat acceptance (liking thin bodies is bigotry), radical feminism (rejecting the old idea of femininity to the point of becoming the exact opposite of it), leftovers of American propaganda (you aren't pretty if you don't have huge tits & ass or more muscles than Hulk) and the endless crusade on pedophilia (everything short without chests is pedo shit). Unfortunately, lolis, shotas, traps and petite girls represent everything these groups hate, hence why so many people want to get rid of them. >>1338 >My saying is that as long as it's kept away from public eyes and ain't being forced like LGBT nonsense, then whatever. That's the thing. For decades lolicons and shotacons stayed in their own little corners of internet away from the rest of the world (even general purpose hentai sites had separate areas for loli/shota). Is normalfags and spergs who actively look for shit they don't like just to demand to get it destroyed. Loli/shota porn doesn't harm anyone (maybe shock people, but that's all), but retards still want it banned along with the little corners of internet that hosted it for decades just because they don't like it. They want to turn the entire internet into their hugbox. >>1346 >>1347 I always considered lolicon, shotacon and their subgenres as fetishes or paraphilias, not as a sexuality or something similar.
>>1350 >That's the thing. For decades lolicons and shotacons stayed in their own little corners of internet away from the rest of the world (even general purpose hentai sites had separate areas for loli/shota). Is normalfags and spergs who actively look for shit they don't like just to demand to get it destroyed. Loli/shota porn doesn't harm anyone (maybe shock people, but that's all), but retards still want it banned along with the little corners of internet that hosted it for decades just because they don't like it. They want to turn the entire internet into their hugbox. That's annoying for sure if no one is harming anyone here. What's also ironic is some of those who complain about lolils are actual pedos. Still, what do you say about those who use loli and other subgeneres for harming actual children? Imo, they should get an additional charge for loli and other smut just to stay in prison longer. Or hell, let there be vigilantism to kill them. >I always considered lolicon, shotacon and their subgenres as fetishes or paraphilias, not as a sexuality or something similar. Oh really? Sorry if I was confused there since it was a bit bizarre how you worded it.
>>1351 >What's also ironic is some of those who complain about lolils are actual pedos. Yep. Even in Japan this is becoming more frequent: https://archive.is/xQgN8 >Still, what do you say about those who use loli and other subgeneres for harming actual children? I don't know of a case where loli/shota porn was used against real children (unless you count telling underage retards to watch Boku No Pico when they ask for anime recommendations as harming children). Can you post examples of this situation? >Imo, they should get an additional charge for loli and other smut just to stay in prison longer. Or hell, let there be vigilantism to kill them. There are cases where somebody charged for possessing real CP gets additional charges for possession for having loli/shota porn in the mix, but that's just an excuse to give the accused more years in jail and possessing loli/shota porn alone usually doesn't have the potential to put anyone in jail (at least not in murrica).
>>1352 >Yep. Even in Japan this is becoming more frequent: Wow, what do you know, seems those who really shout out the loudest are the ones who have skeletons. Of course, the UN is no bystander either, as I remember hearing 40,000 actual pedos inside their organization. Fucking christ... >I don't know of a case where loli/shota porn was used against real children (unless you count telling underage retards to watch Boku No Pico when they ask for anime recommendations as harming children). Can you post examples of this situation? Not really examples, just heard of some twitter users who stated that. It's far out of reach, but if this made loli or whatever else of that genere banned, who's to say that fucking furry porn or animated porn of characters like Mario, Yoshi, or just adult characters won't either? Not saying to ban anything, but most don't even seem to think this is possible and just only want their shit to be protected, but when all of hail Mary breaks loose, they start pleading others to help out. Fucking hypocritical asshats. But really, I think it's only a small handful amount of actual pedos who take this advantage for their own fucking gain, considering how some furries are known for zoo shit and from what I heard, grooming fucking kids. I believe that would count since trying to provide any porn for a person 17 or younger is illegal and rightfully so imo. >There are cases where somebody charged for possessing real CP gets additional charges for possession for having loli/shota porn in the mix, but that's just an excuse to give the accused more years in jail and possessing loli/shota porn alone usually doesn't have the potential to put anyone in jail (at least not in murrica). While you aren't wrong for the most part, there was that one guy named Christopher who had some loli manga through the mail and got arrested for obscene charges alone.
*It's not far out of reach*
>>1353 >just heard of some twitter users who stated that Well, that still doesn't show that loli porn is being used to harm children. >but if this made loli or whatever else of that genere banned, who's to say that fucking furry porn or animated porn of characters like Mario, Yoshi, or just adult characters won't either? Actually all forms of porn can be considered illegal on America due to their stupid obscenity laws that demand the use of an incredibly subjective test. Even if nobody is harmed, something can be declared illegal because it's "obscene" (aka the judge and jury don't like it). >there was that one guy named Christopher who had some loli manga through the mail and got arrested for obscene charges alone This is an example of why obscenity laws are pants on head retarded. The poor fuck got in trouble for buying a genre of porn daddy state didn't like, even when no real person suffered for the creation of the material (as opposite of CP, where children may be coerced, tricked or threatened to take part on its production).
Whats up with the forbidden boards? They are only for tor now or something?
>>1355 >>1353 Relevant link for this conversation. https://archive.is/SfVB0 The actual article is locked behind a payment/subscription but the abstract gives enough information.
(419.13 KB 2086x1162 Figure 1.png)

(383.72 KB 2090x1124 Figure 2.png)

(309.08 KB 2102x1134 Figure 3.png)

>>1357 I found the study: http://www.hawaii.edu/PCSS/biblio/articles/2010to2014/2010-porn-in-czech-republic.html I'm going to post the results since they're the most interesting part. SEM means Sexually Explicit Materials. Most obvious and most significant of our findings is that the number of reported cases of child sex abuse immediately dropped markedly after SEM was legalized and became available (t = 6.7, df = 32, p < .001) (Fig. 1). The incidence of reported child sex abuse, following this original precipitous decline following the governmental switch in 1989, did increase in incidence for a few years to peak in 1995 and 1998 but then again dropped in number following a downward trend that had begun prior to democratization (Fig. 1). From 1989 to the present, there has been a steady population increase. Statistical analysis using Pearson's r for the relation between the number of males aged 15-64 in the population and cases of child sex abuse found a negative correlation (Pearson's r = -.787; p = .001). Reported cases of rape did briefly pitch upward following the change to democracy and the availability of pornography but then returned to its frequency seen during the period under communism: between about 500 to 750 cases a year. Considering the complete post 1989 period, the number of reported rapes did not increase after SEM was legalized (t = 6.7, df = 32, p < .001).2 This stability was maintained despite a significant increase in the male population aged 15-64 over the years from 3,225,960 in 1971 to 3,726,148 in 2007 (Pearson's r = .98, p < .01, n = 37). Statistical analysis did not show any correlation between the number of men in the population and the reported cases of rape (Pearson's r = -.064; p = .701). The so-called lesser sexual offenses of indecent exposure, peeping, etc. also decreased significantly following the legal availability of SEM (t = 9.57; df = 20, p = .001) (Fig.1). In comparison with our findings for the sex crimes mentioned following democratization and porn availability, the number of societal crimes of general murder, assault, and robbery rose significantly. Murders associated with robbery or with other non-sex related motives increased sharply (t = -6.8, df = 20, p < .001) (Fig. 2). Murders associated with sex related matters –small in number at any time--did not increase (t = -0.3, df = 23, p = .77) (Fig. 2). The number of reported sex related crimes decreased significantly from the pre-switch period to the post period, (t = 5.3, df = 32, p < .001), whereas the number of reported nonsexual crimes increased significantly (t = -19.72, df = 35, p < .001) (Fig. 3).
>>1356 >They are only for tor now or something? Yes. Acid moved them to Tor as a preemptive measure while he sorts everything out, but they may have to stay there forever (depending on what 8chan's host tells Acid): >>>/v/112876 >>>/v/112886 >>>/v/112890 >>>/v/112903 In any case, you can access them through redchannit.net and redchannit.org without needing to install Tor.
(53.88 KB 692x282 cant archive.png)

Why can't I archive threads? What can I use to archive a thread if archive.today and archive.org only save the pop-up disclaimer that appears every time you enter Redchannit (the regular 8chan.moe domain isn't an option)?
(735.00 B addons8ch.gz)

>>1331 Well, how did you config to thumbnail files like that? Why the front end last images on the index doesnt work on a new install, is it normal?
Either archiving is disabled globally or you are not a staff member on that board.
>>1369 >archiving is disabled globally Must be this since I'm a BO. Oh, well.
>>1367 Forget it, i just read the documentation and i am exploring, managed to do it. kek.
>>1359 that's not currently working, for some reason
>>1377 Try with the HTTP version. The secure one fails to load on my end: http://redchannit.net/site
>>1378 Thank you Anon.
(306.80 KB 800x295 ShekelSniffer.png)

I get "403 Forbidden, varnish server cache." when trying to access certain boards, tried on multiple devices, on tor and clearnet, and through multiple VPN's to make sure the issue is server- side (I am technologically retarded and didnt know what "varnish server cache"meant till i googled it). I hope you manage to get this fixed soon, was enjoying having a place to autistically shitpost again pic unrelated
>>1381 Those boards are temporarily Tor-only to fend off a deplatforming attack. More news will follow soon. For now, you can access it via the Onion link http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/ Or if you can wait for redchannit.net to come up it will be available there. Redchannit is currently down due to some DNS issues with the registrar, and we're working on resolving it ASAP.
We don't currently have Archives enabled, because of the storage requirements. The Archive button is supposed to provide you a link to archive.today for the page you are on (or a search for all archives from the board if you are on an index page). I'm not sure why you're getting a direct LynxChan error instead. We'll look into it when redchannit is back up. We'll also just look into hosting our own archives at a point.
what happened to delicious? is it just gone now? tried going to https://redchannit.net/delicious/ but now thats gone too
>>1384 Redchannit is having some DNS issues but it should be back up soon. You can access via Tor Browser in the interim.
>>1386 It's down, use the web2tor proxy www.goatse.cc/?page=delicious/index.html
(126.72 KB 810x867 ya done fucked up.png)

Acid/Codexx, if you're still trying to decide how to go about handling loli/shota and similar contentious content, if I may make a suggestion, perhaps the following: (1) Have a second type of spoiler/NSFW category for this material. Meaning, as an example, BOs categorizing boards as having this content. Or on different boards, having a checkbox to tag something as contentious material the same way you would spoiler a NSFW image. (2) Hide the material by default, and have a option on the site to make this material visible, but before doing so, have the user acknowledge in a disclaimer as per >>>/v/112898's suggestion that they won't hold the site liable, that they are 18+, and the usual legal mumbo jumbo. >>1387 Isn't working correctly. Pic related. Either you didn't follow the directions setting up the proxy correctly or the instructions weren't clear and glossed over one or more important details.
>>1388 Cuckchan's disclaimers have nothing to do with preventing their host from shutting down the site. Cuckchan is literally ran by feds, and when I say literally I actually mean literal federal agents have been in control of that site for over a decade. So any speculation about how cuckchan manages to stay online is utterly meaningless. 8kun bans loli content, the entire reason for this site is because of that. Not that I disagree with having some some of bypass feature to unlock "edgy" boards, within reason, but in the case of severe bad actors like the fucking Russian government threatening the CDN I very much doubt it's going to do much of anything. At best it prevents drive by goons from finding anything worth reporting to their government handlers.
So is redchann.it still supposed to be down?
>>1390 Eeeyup, it's down, as I kept getting the "page cannot be found" error. RIP /delicious/
http://redchannit.net/delicious/ is down again. why dose the internet hate fake people porn?
>>1392 I dunno, but I'm getting real tired of the constant need for tor.
>>1392 It's a DNS problem. Acid has a ticket in with the registrar but hasn't heard back yet. He might try putting a call in. This happens every time we change the DNS for our domains with them and it's becoming inconvenient. >>1393 We'll have some news soon. We want to get it back on clearnet in some form in the near future. Acid has had a rough week and his cat got sick, but we'll have some kind of status update soon. We've got a lot of good options, and want to solicit feedback to select the best one. Once that's determined, we'll work on implementing it.
>>1394 aw his cat is sick? i hope its gets better
Its happening again. I made global reports some time ago, not sure if they got deleted yet.
(285.60 KB 1032x1600 RCO016_1583407542.jpg)

>>1138 >Israel Why?
Is there a way to upload multiple images over the 8moe onion without JS? I can only upload one image on the 8moe onion without JS. If there is no possible way for now, try to implement it soon.
Even when you turn off auto update threads still keep getting updated with posts. Just happened today so unsure if the problem will persist or not
I've been dealing with the "switching IDs" problem for a while now even after Acid supposedly fixed it. Moreover, I'm currently on Tor and discovered that it doesn't give me the usual 00000s ID. What the hell's going on?
>>1402 Can you specify your Tor configuration? Specifically: >Are you using Tor Browser or a regular browser and running Tor separately? >If the latter, did you already have a bypass while using an IP before switching to Tor? >What URL are you using to access the site via Tor? The switching IPs issue was more-or-less determined to occur with people who had both an IPv4 and IPv6 address. It seems like their connection switches between them. It's possible this is a result of Cloudflare using different IPs depending on what part of their network you're routed through. Either way, that will hopefully be a non-issue soon. But we're going to be working on the site over the next couple days, so we'll try identify the issue. >>1400 I'll examine the refresh script and see if there's anything that might turn it back on. Might be a non-issue when the next update releases, though. >>1398 I'll ask Stephen about this tomorrow. I wasn't aware of a cap for no-JS users, but there might be one. Only question is how hard it would be to change it, and if there's a reason why it's not supported yet. >>1395 His cat got some medicine and is apparently doing well. Thank you for your concern.
>>1403 Tor Browser, and I'm using 8chan.moe. This isn't only a Tor thing, it's also happened with my regular browser. What should I do assuming it's my IP fucking up, just in case it isn't cuckflare's fault? I don't usually fuck with that.
>>1404 Oh hey, it's back to normal. May as well try clear then.
Testing number one.
>>1406 Test number 2
>>1404 I would just check what your IP is. Possibly using a tool (or site) this will give both your IPv4 and IPv6 address. It seems like the case that people can get two IDs based on switching between them. I've never seen a Tor connection get an ID before. The problem being, your posts with IDs have an IP associated, and a hash of that IP was generated by LynxChan and used for both the ID and for moderation purposes. Would you be willing to get your IPv4 and (if available) IPv6 IPs and send them to me in an e-mail? My current address is codexx@cock.li. I am really curious where the IP over Tor Browser is coming from, and I'd like to rule some things out.
>>1408 Assuming this post using Tor has an ID attached and the problem didn't somehow resolve itself, then I'll contact you. I just want to shitpost normally and if I suddenly can now, it's all I care about.
>>1409 Looks like it's fixed. I'm still super concerned about the cause. If it happens again, please grab your IPs (and try to visit an IP-revealing site via Tor Browser, too) and send me a message.
Where are the public ban logs for each board if they exist?
(22.55 KB 1155x233 ClipboardImage.png)

Obviously IP addresses aren't shown so it's not really that informative. I don't know if it records tripfags
>>1412 > I don't know if it records tripfags It does not.
>>1403 Hasn't happened since so it may have just been nothing (in case my id changes, I am >>1400 )
>>1310 >/pol/ is one person >I don't know what being anon is Just stop posting you fucking newfag. Did your mommy get you on Tor?
>>1410 >>1409 >>1408 Nevermind that, ID's switching again and I just had the "ID on Tor" thing again. I'm sending you a message.
>>1416 This post itself is case-in-point as I'm on Tor right now and got this ID.
What happened to /tech/? It's totally blown out...
(106.24 KB 804x436 ksnip_20201023-084942.png)

(949.65 KB 1457x641 qanon-8kun-map.png)

Isn't this something we should be concerned about? http://archive.vn/3pBF9 Looks like this sites IP address and the ddos protection is dependent on the pig farmer.
>>1422 I think that's old, from when we were with vanwa
>>1422 No, that map is 1-2 months old. I'm not sure why they haven't made a new one. That article contains a number of errors and omissions, and lumps us in with "QAnon Sites" despite there being no presence here. A tour of comment sections discussing this article demonstrates that the average reader has no idea that the core 8chan audience of 2014-2018 has ditched 8kun for alternatives. They're too busy talking about how much child porn there is and how the QBoomers are hypocrites and probably pedophiles. We no longer have any relationship with Vanwa. Our new host provides their own DDoS mitigation, and we've got a couple more just like them lined up. Failing that, we can fall back to Tor and Redchannit until heat dies down. There's lots we can do in the coming months to shore up defenses, so we'll continue to work on that. I expect some of them will come to fruition after we get the next update rolled out.
I have been mostly out of the loop since the stupid ass QAnon surge of 2018, pretty much haven't visited an imageboard since. Can someone give me a quick rundown on all the events of everything the past few years? Or is it really as simple as >old 8chan got increasingly shit >smaller other boards popped up Just really want to know where I should even go for the comfy 2014-2015 8chan feel, I miss real imageboards and the internet sucks without the close-knit group of anonymous faggots. Love you guys thanks
>>1425 8chan was going to shit in terms of general quality, but it shut down because cloudflare refused to service the site. Ron and Jim proceeded to spend the next 6 or 7 months doing god knows what. Meanwhile during the sites downtime the webring was formed, and many smaller sites popped up and joined it. The community migrated to those sites, the main ones being Mark's vch, julay, anon.cafe, smug, plw, and fatchan. Each site essentially addressed a collective of boards, vch - /v/, julay - /cow/, anon.cafe - /r9k/, smug - /a/, etc. When 8kun came back online it was functionally unusable. Not for a few days or weeks, but for months. Half the time you could only access it through tor, and even through tor it was broken and buggy as fuck. There was no explanation for why a site that worked fine through tor for years was suddenly completely fucked, as Ron communicated basically nothing. Mark eventually deleted vch and forced everyone to move to 8kun permanently despite much protest. Very few other boards that had a webring presence bothered to migrate to 8kun, only /animu/ was the other major board to be retarded enough to follow suit with Mark's decision. Eventually enough people got tired of questioning why there weren't any loli boards being migrated to 8kun and Mark was forced to publicly accuse Ron of banning loli. Ron proceeded to remove Mark as BO and Mark ditched the site. In his infinite wisdom he roamed around the webring, that he previously spent months slandering but that's another story, looking for a place to migrate to. He landed on fatchan and claimed /v/ there. Then he got clowned on and relentlessly bullied by anons for a myriad of reasons for an entire afternoon. I can't even recall all the blunders he made in the fatchan meta thread there were so many. I guess the biggest two was him going on a massive censorship spree because some anon asked if they were working with THQ nordic, and the other blunder was him forgetting to IP hop and defending himself in the third person with the same ID he used to capcode post with his BO capcode. Eventually he got bullied so hard he deleted the fatchan /v/ board all together. Then another anon remade /v/ and it kicked off as a pretty active successful board. Eventually Mark got Acid to make this site and shill it as the new 8chan. Mark made his /v/ here and literally no one migrated and everyone just stayed on the fatchan /v/ under a new board owner. This site essentially remained irrelevant and dead until fatchan started getting fucked with by a bad actor emailing the site host and the admin couldn't be bothered enough to deal with it so he shut it down. Then /v/ migrated here back into the warm embrace of Mark's arms. It's more of a tale of /v/ than a tale of 8chan. Most other boards have been doing just fine on their respective webring sites.
(94.10 KB 540x703 samus ride.jpg)

>>1426 Alright, thanks. As much as a clown Mark has always been it's good to have this place and the webring.
A shill has been posting 3DCP, likely a member of the khazar mafia, in order to shut the site down for truth..err (((hate speech))) like typical. Just a feeling.
Sadly I can only upload one image with JS disabled. LynxChan fucking sucks
>>1430 Report it on sight please.
>>1432 CP getting posted on /v/.
I took care of it. They've been doing it all day. If you see CP then global report it. Any globals refreshing the global report queue will see it.
When you load a thread from a restored browser session on firefox the replies to a post act as if you clicked on them whenever you hover over them. This persists until you've refreshed each tab.
(13.60 KB 144x144 fatman.png)

bestchan coming frew
(429.51 KB 744x1052 Asuka moon.jpeg)

>>1426 This is honestly pretty accurate. I had a bad feeling when Ron was "deliberating" on the 2d loli issue and reached out to Mark after he was fired by Jim and lost the old /v/ board. We talked and I told him a bit about an old idea I had for an imageboard site and we compared notes on domain names and software and things before we decided to just go for it. He put up money for part of the server fees and I got to work. The test site at 8chan.me got deplatformed almost immediately, and we brought in a guy who is WAY better at CSS and javascript than I am to help. We bounced back as 8chan.moe, brought on the old /tech/ BO as co-admin, and we've been running full speed ever since. When /v/ settled on Fatchan I resigned us to hopefully picking up some of the small boards that old 8chan had, like /ck/ and /sw/ and that we'd join the webring before all the crazy drama got started. A few weeks? later Fatchan got nuked and the admin threw in the towel and most anons came here. The Russian government deplatformed us from Vanwanet over 2d loli so we switched gears to an in-house CDN and a new host picked from the ridiculous list of backup plans that Codexx and I have worked out. We've also been contributing a bit to Lynxchan's development, with at least one of our ideas being baked into the new version 2.5 onward. >>1437 I'll bring this up with the dev team today.
>>1437 Can you give your exact browser version? Are you using any add-ons to save sessions or the built-in session manager? I've been unable to reproduce this bug so far.
>>1440 Tor Browser Bundle, built-in session manager. It's not that big of an issue if you can't replicate it easily. Refreshing the tabs is simple enough.
>>1431 Just hold ctrl and select the images.
Just testing to see if it works. https://8chan.moe/delicious/ https://8chan.moe/loli/ https://8chan.moe/sm/ https://8chan.moe/tot/ Again, thank you so much for the info.
>>>/t/2 This thread is pinned to the overboard.
>>1445 Fixed.
>quick reply box can fall out of the viewport when resizing big gay also for the love of god make pressing enter submit the captcha
Seeing lots of doubleposts, even some tripleposts. Site when down on all domains including the onion for a bit. What's going on?
(468.33 KB 800x840 Asuka Rei swap.png)

>>1455 So the old server is where the core of the site is still located until we finish the move and the 2.5 upgrade. For some reason the OS on that server was having kernel errors and showing page errors at certain memory addresses. The system was soft locked and refused to reboot remotely. So we backed everything up offsite, Codexx did prep work in case we needed to move everything tonight, and then I forced shutdown on all the system processes manually until I could hit the brakes and make it reboot. Once it came back up everything was peachy. We're gonna keep an eye on it.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 11/01/2020 (Sun) 04:42:32.
Hey Acid, what does it mean if a board has been abandoned?
>>1457 It means the BO hasn't logged in for 30 days. If someone wants to claim that board they can send a request to the admin email and we'll look at handing it over to them. Mods of that board get an unofficial first dibs if they want it due to having experience, but it can go to anybody.
>>1458 All right, thanks.
Are images not working for anyone else? As well as the boardlist?
>>1460 I have problems when opening the images of the last 3 or so posts in a thread. Most images work for me.
>>1461 Can you link me an example thread anon?
>>1460 Check and see if something in your browser settings is blocking the referer header. The board list won't load without it, and neither will images.
>>1462 Excuse me, I clicked away. Currently, the election thread: >>>/1391/ The bottom posts fail for me.
>>1466 Not they work. Clicking the thumbnail yield the broken image, clicking open file works. Reloading the thread fixes the issue.
>>1467 Now*, Jesus Jetskiing Christ, I'm tired. It looks like the first 5 minutes or so the images are not yet accessible or something?
BO of /de/ here. My board is kinda dead but it's the only German board anywhere. So pls don't kill it. I know there is KC but there you have to run a cryptominer in order to post and cuckchan is cuckchan. Why does login.html 404? German internet is a harsh place. Linking to something that could be illegal is illegal too.
What happened to all my banners? They all disappeared.
>>1469 Welcome back. We've been working on merging in some of your changes for the next update. Just log in occasionally so it doesn't go to claims and we will keep it around. I'm not sure why login.js is 404'ing. It works fine for me and the rest of the board staff. I'd be happy to help you diagnose the problem, though. Does it work on other devices? If you have a VPN, does it work from other countries? >>1470 I'm not sure. Possibly related to the migration, but nothing happened until a few hours later. Might be a Mongo hiccup, but it seemingly only affected board assets and not all files. Still, it's concerning and I am trying to find the cause and work on a solution. I'll look for a way to restore assets. For the time being, my recommendation is to just reupload assets you have. If you don't have a copy laying around, let me know and I'll see if I can retrieve them from a backup.
>>1463 the referrer thing worked. Thanks
>>1471 >I'm not sure why login.js is 404'ing. Now it works again.
>>1470 >>1471 My board's assets were also wiped, both banners and spoiler image. No problem reuploading on my end but I wanted to report it somewhere and I wasn't sure if reuploading was going to make things worse.
>>1474 Shouldn't make things worse. Everything gets hashed so if there's a conflict when restoring it should be for the exact same asset. But I need to do more research before trying to perform database surgery. Still, this is (almost certainly) my mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience. If I can't find a convincingly safe way to automatically restore then I'll just put the backup up somewhere and manually reupload people's assets for them. Let me know if it happens again, or if any other files suddenly break. If so, that's a far bigger issue.
(128.00 KB 1873x284 Capture-1.PNG)

(7.50 KB 425x313 Capture-2.PNG)

(24.42 KB 1874x194 Capture-3.PNG)

(7.03 KB 374x269 Capture-4.PNG)

>>1468 >Now*, Jesus Jetskiing Christ, I'm tired. It looks like the first 5 minutes or so the images are not yet accessible or something? I've been experiencing this recently too. Maybe for the past week or so? When a new post first comes up, the thumbnail loads fine (screenshot in pic 1). If I try to open the image in a new tab, the error page shown in pic 2 comes up. If I just click on the thumbnail in the post, the dead link icon shows up, as in pic 3. After a few minutes, trying to open the image again changes the XID on the error message (pic 4). At some point, the image becomes available, but I haven't been able to work out when. I've been trying to open that image in my screenshots for 30 minutes now as a test, and it still won't work, but the next 2 images posted in that thread are working just fine. There were some images of cute grils I wanted to look at yesterday that were broken, but they work fine now. So the problem does seem to fix itself eventually. For what it's worth, I'm using Waterfox. There was a mention of checking the referer header setting earlier in the thread. I double checked that, and it's enabled. If there's any other information I can provide, just let me know.
>>1476 Quick update on this, it's been 40 minutes since it was posted, and now I can open up that image I was testing with just fine.
>>1476 >>1477 I think I may have experienced the same thing, but I didn't think much of it since it only happened once. I'm coincidentally on Waterfox too but I doubt that has anything to do with it.
We'll look into it. Likely a problem with how Waterfox handles referrers. I can't promise a fix, though. We can't compromise the hotlinking ban without some of the boards going dark, and as far as I know Waterfox is the common thread connecting these issues. But we'll see what we can do. Acid knows the configuration for that better than I and he should have time to look at it in the next few days.
Add AV1 webm support already. All other alt IBs already got it.
>>1479 Just had it happen to me again right now. I opened Firefox ESR to give it a try and the behavior was the same. After refreshing a few times on Waterfox the image started working but still wouldn't work on Firefox, although Firefox seemed to got the same XID every time I tried to open the image so it may have been cached. After a while it started working on Firefox too. Is there anything I can capture to help a diagnosis if it happens again?
>>1476 Were you on .se or .moe, and have you tried the other to see if it changes anyhthing?
>>1471 Yeah it would be nice to have my board assets restored, if you can try retrieving them from a backup that would be good. Board is /gts/.
>>1484 Waterfox is based on Firefox ESR; they're basically the same browser with different default configurations. If possible, could you try in Chrome or a standard Firefox release and let me know if it persists? We're going to test out Waterfox and Firefox ESR this Monday and try to find a fix for this issue. If you want to capture the packets, you can go to your Developer Tools, open the Network tab, and open a page that is affected. Scroll to the bottom so lazy-loading images start to load. If a thumbnail fails to load then a request should return an error. Open that up and dump the headers. That's where we'll look first on Monday. >>1486 I'll make sure to grab your assets when I move them over. Planning to do it soon. >>1483 It might work after the next site update. If not, I'll look into it. I'm compiled FFMPEG with support for it but haven't had a chance to test it yet. I think webp support is in, though.
>>1487 >Waterfox is based on Firefox ESR; they're basically the same browser with different default configurations I think that's only true for Waterfox Current and I'm using the classic version. I'll keep an up to date version of Firefox at hand too in case it happens again. >If a thumbnail It's not thumbnails that fail to load, it's full sized images when you try to open them either in a new tab or inline. Let me know if you want anything else considering the scenario is a bit different than what you had in mind. Also holy fucking shit these captchas are god awful.
(332.58 KB 1469x996 Capture-1.PNG)

(34.81 KB 768x314 Capture-2.PNG)

>>1485 I've been using purely .moe until now. I just opened up a second tab with the same thread using .se, and started comparing images for each one of them. I was able to find a case where .moe was working fine, but the thumbnail won't expand inline on .se. Weirdly though, if I right-click and open the image in a new tab on .se, that still works. This seems like a really weird bug to me. I'll keep an eye on both .moe and .se, and update with any other information I can find out.
>>1488 Okay, that helps narrow it down a little. Basically, some JavaScript is called in to replace the thumbnail with the original image when you click it. But you need to have the referer match the host when this happens. Same troubleshooting step applies. If you can have the network tab open and record the issue happening. The request for the image MUST send a response code, and we can use that to help narrow the problem down. >captchas are god awful They're temporarily set to Hard because of spam, but we'll reduce them soon. >>1489 Same as above, open your Network tab in the Developer Tools section and see if you can record the error. A bunch of green 200s are loaded assets. A red one is an error. Probably 403 or 404, but identifying that will be helpful.
>>1487 >I think webp support is in, though. WebP is worse than JPEG. Wait for AVIF. Chromium already supports it. We just gotta wait for ffmpeg and Firefox support.
>>1426 >Most other boards have been doing just fine on their respective webring sites. /hgg/ had to jump sites several times. Really killed their momentum, just like fat/z
(62.56 KB 1914x330 Capture.PNG)

>>1490 It's a 404 error. Thanks for all your work on this.
>>1493 Get the request headers if you haven't closed it yet nigger.
>>1494 From a different failed image because pic related >Request headers Host: 8chan.moe User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0 Accept: */* Accept-Language: en-US,en-US;q=0.7,en;q=0.3 Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br Referer: https://8chan.moe/v/res/146229.html Cookie: __cfduid=d12f03c2922d1125fddfa0defa24dff561604629924; captchaid=5fa8b8248f24e01ea830ff91; captchaexpiration=Mon, 09 Nov 2020 03:36:48 GMT; bypass=5fa8ad96403b301ea1ebeb17 Connection: keep-alive >Response headers date: Mon, 09 Nov 2020 03:33:21 GMT content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8 x-varnish: 150636525 retry-after: 5 cf-cache-status: HIT age: 85 cf-request-id: 064ca9d3920000ced8998fd000000001 expect-ct: max-age=604800, report-uri="https://report-uri.cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/beacon/expect-ct" report-to: {"endpoints":[{"url":"https:\/\/a.nel.cloudflare.com\/report?s=ky3xB98J8xQoB9OkVcduwTuQPmBBLYrtRRm%2Bgp1tuy0qaEE2TkKahb%2BJiMFUJfkOZIRaIUawaXaSFDGzk39E7Hz5D%2Bh3A8eYeD4%3D"}],"group":"cf-nel","max_age":604800} nel: {"report_to":"cf-nel","max_age":604800} vary: Accept-Encoding server: cloudflare cf-ray: 5ef478cc1d0fced8-IAD content-encoding: br X-Firefox-Spdy: h2
(6.75 KB 166x166 1565754436109.png)

>>1495 >Referer: https://8chan.moe/v/res/146229.html Codexx/Acid are up for some fun tomorrow
>>1495 I just tried a minor fix, so see if anything is better. Monday night I'm gonna be testing a bunch of browsers like Pale Moon and Waterfox for compatibility issues, but the more info we have the better.
(182.48 KB 635x670 cat.png)

>>1474 >Maintenance Complete. Board assets should be restored >mfw assets are duplicated now
Is the refresh timer going to 10 minutes when you click off of a tab intended behavior? I've noticed when I click into a tab it's counting down from 600 then switches to 5 seconds a moment later.
>>1497 It looks like your fix worked, I haven't had the issue pop up at all today. Thanks!
>/v/ and /pol/ are the top two boards >every other board is dead >/pol/posting invades every other board It's just like home. Why is the site so dead? It's as empty as all the other altchans. Did everyone from 8chan original just quit imageboards or go back to 4chan?
>>1507 Literally every single board besides /leftypol/, /pol/, /co/, /v/, and maybe a few others were at a decent pph since 8chan's inception. Almost all other boards, specifically the lucky one's like /film/ or /x/ had 1 person posting per day, and that's at the very top of their game. This is the way it always has been, always will be.
>>1507 We've actually grown quite a bit over the past couple weeks. Our pageviews are up about 40% and UIDs sitewide are up 25%. Slow and steady.
>>1510 That explains why the quality of posts has fucking plummeted and the number of people openly admitting to being cuckchan cross-posters has sky rocketed.
>>1511 Cuckchan apparently had some issue a couple days ago and people are migrating (not en masse). Remember to bully all halfchan fags until they fit in or leave
Jschan can display captcha's in the post forum without needing to refresh to page (forgot if lynxchan can do the same dynamically), and will eventually remove them automatically as well without a refresh. Would be nice to see this place implement something similar. The most annoying part about captcha's is not knowing when they've been disabled and accidentally continuing to fill them out.
Dumb question, but how do I add custom fonts to my custom theme?
>>1514 Eventually you'll be able to upload them as a normal file and then reference them. For now, you have two options: convert the font to Base64 and embed it in the CSS, or you can post it to a file sharing service and we can manually host it in our static folder for you to use. I'll look into font uploads to the site after the next upgrade. All other board assets (images, sound, etc) should be posted to >>>/res/. >>1513 Currently, I don't believe it does this, but I can implement it.
There's a jackbox game night if anyone is interested at the cytu.be/r/jackbox1 channel
>>1507 >Why is the site so dead? Because RonMark strung everyone along for 6-8 months thinking 8chan was going to come back, and then it did(n't). If this place cropped up a few weeks after 8chan shut down it would likely have 10 times the userbase.
>>1487 Still doesn't work. See >>>/v/155035
/* Royal Theme */ /* Based on Yotsuba B. Credits to 8chan.moe and Badchan.xyz */ @import "./syntax/foundation-modified.css"; :root { --background-color: #2B181E; --background-gradient: #2B181E; --text-color: #c5b184; --contrast-color: #3C212A; --menu-color: #472732; --background-highlight-color: #3C212A; --horizon-sep-color: #3C212A; --border-color: black; --marked-color: #472732; --marked-border-color: #472732; --marked-text-color: var(--text-color); --board-title-color: #bfa977; --index-text-color: #000333; /*DEPRECATED --board-shadow-color: rgba(105,10,15,0.6); */ --link-color: #f9c440; --link-hover-color: #d00; --navbar-text-color: #462F2C; --table-every-other-color: #e0e5f6; /*--button-color: #eceff6;*/ --sfw-indicator-color: navy; --subject-color: #fff394; --thread-navbar-background: #A4815E; --thread-navbar-color: aliceblue; } body { background: var(--background-gradient) no-repeat; color: var(--text-color); background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom,var(--background-color) 0,transparent 260px); font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } footer { margin: 1em 0px 1em 0px; } #dynamicHeaderThread { background-color: var(--contrast-color); color: #472732; } .topBoards a, .innerPost, .sideCatalogCell, .sideCatalogMarkedCell, .divPages { background: var(--contrast-color); } .catalogCell { border: 1px solid var(--horizon-sep-color); background: var(--contrast-color); } .floatingMenu, #quick-reply table, .modalDecorationPanel { background: var(--menu-color); color: var(--text-color); border: 1px solid var(--border-color); } .diceRoll { color: #fff394; } .modalTableBody input[type="text"], .modalTableBody select, #themeSelector, #modalAnswer, #cssInput, #jsInput, #postingForm input[type="text"], #postingForm textarea, #quick-reply input[type="text"], #quick-reply textarea { color: var(--text-color); background-color: #171717; }
(518.66 KB 512x512 zombiegwen.jpg)

This is just a test This is just a test This is just a test This is just a test This is just a test This is just a test This is just a test This is just a test This is just a test This is just a test This is just a test This is just a test
Mods, can you do something about the fucking CP spammer? I legit can not enjoy /b/ without having to encounter that filfth of whoever fucking think that it's alright to do and post that shit.
>>1541 8moe isn't the only site being spammed with CP scams. I've seen identical posts on multiple small imageboards.
>>1541 >>1546 Indeed. Just make sure you report it globally. We have email alerts for the global vols to help speed things up. Part of the problem is that they like to drop it on /b/, sometimes inside of threads, and its harder to catch on our normal sweeps.
>>1463 Just wanted to say it worked, thanks
>>>/v/159980 Redchannit.com works much faster than the .net domain, almost on the level of the main domain. I noticed that the auto updater doesn't work properly (it stops altogether, forcing you to hit Refresh to make it work again), and while that doesn't represent a big inconvenient to me some people may find it annoying. The real test will be having to solve a captcha per post and the default 24h captcha. On the .net domain sometimes captchas take a ridiculous time to load, to the point of expiring while they're loading or while you're sending your answer, and to make things worse Lynxchan would stop serving them after X amount of time because you were requesting too many captchas.
Can we get those deleted? I already posted Global Reports in Comics and /B/. There goes my good day now...
Update, there's more of that shit in Comics What the fuck is going on? Is there a fucking raid going on now?
The best you can do is global report it the instant you see it. It's not a "raid" but is instead one dedicated spammer who likes to spend his waking hours here. Thank you for your help.
>>1570 They seem to be doing drive-by posts on /co/ and /b/ 2 or 3 times daily. I deleted some this morning too. Fucking pedos, man.
Come on, if you love that shit, post it in one of the NSFW boards.
>>1573 Ain't that the truth. It's like they WANT to put 8chan users on the FBI list, let alone wanting 8chan to be taken offline again. I swear, if they try this shit on /delicious/, I'd take them down in a heartbeat.
>>1585 It looks like it targeted /delicious/ but it was just one. Good thing it was removed because I didn't even see it, because I really don't want to see that shit.
>>1601 As the board volunteer, I can confirm that would be the case. In fact, they seem to target the board at least once a day. We need a stronger Captcha to fend off those pedos.
(55.68 KB 757x302 randomBanner.js.png)

add the fugging onion-location
>>1607 You mean the one linked in the announcement?
Another day gone, and /delicious/ had at least 5 CP attacks. We need a better way to stop these hellbent pedos from destroying 8chan. But how?
What's up with the https://zone-telechargement.xyz domain? It has working HTTPS which means the server has a certificate for it.
>>1612 Can't people just redirect through a different server?
(185.32 KB 1324x720 fool us, ehd.png)

Now they're trying to fool /delicious/ by posting anime images instead of RL ones (but they still post links) I mean, I’d hope that 8chan itself would try to integrate some way of preventing people from posting CP or deep web links at all. Just cut them off automatically somehow. Would certainly save some time.
(4.18 MB 1536x2048 Asuka sit grump.jpg)

>>1612 So we've been fiddling with this a bit tonight. It seems someone, or (((someone))) took that domain and set masked forwarding up on it to point at this site for reasons unknown. The domain is on cuckflare and they set it to enable HTTPS only. Basically HTTPS between you and CF on their cert, and then HTTPS from CF to us on our cert. It is unknown why someone would do this, but it is now blocked.
>>1621 Can you give an update? I noticed the .se back up and not .moe
(333.52 KB 640x480 Bessie.png)

.moe is missing features that are greatly needed for this kind of thing. Features such as words filters were super useful for scrambling "no-go" links. It bought time but can still be improved like blocking the post if it detects a filtered word.
Kek I thought there was a problem with the site until I noticed I was browsing 8kunt because I left the tab open and forgot about it.
>>1568 >Pedofucker this isn't necessarily a pedophile. certain chan owners are known for shamelessly spamming CP to eliminate their competition.
You shouldn't perma-ban IP's even for CP since you've knocked out a shitload of tor nodes and the onion isn't at feature parity and sometimes doesn't load. Bans are pointless these days and perma-bans do nothing but inconvenience legitimate posters.
>>177130 I don't what lynxchan's gvol tools are like but you should look into upping your game. Seems like things linger for too long too often.
>>1638 Meant to cross-board link >>>/v/177130
(90.24 KB 604x428 lolikot.png)

>This ban absolutely extends to "jailbait" and other borderline material. But why? Candydoll and the like is legal in the US. Seems like arbitrary rulecucking to me.
(7.14 KB 189x199 OoO.png)

What exactly does the "Live updates" at the bottom of the page mean? And when I hover over the green dot, it says "Websocket OK". What is a websocket? Please explain for a brainlet.
(19.10 KB 525x295 get.jpg)

Sersly, who the fuck keeps on doing this shit? I'm starting to get tired of this single or fucking radi of fuckers.
(251.67 KB 603x807 those holes.png)

Can we finally move the post limit beyond 751? That was only implemented on 8chan by Hotwheels because threads became unstable at the high post numbers they were regularly reaching post-exodus. It didn't used to have a limit at all when 8chan was slower. 8moe seems infinitely more stable and I think we'd be able to push it up to 1000 or maybe higher, I don't see a reason to keep that bit of legacy code. Will we ever have animated thumbnails again?
(355.61 KB 1228x840 asuka gamer.jpg)

>>1644 This could be interesting. I might do a site poll or something on it later.
>>1644 >>1645 You shouldn't raise the post limit until you have a "Show last X# of posts" feature so low end hardware doesn't get fucking niggered when opening a massive thread.
>>1641 Regular updates: all posts made in a certain period of time (10 seconds on 8moe) are displayed at the same time after the backwards counter located at the bottom ends. Any post deleted during that period of time won't appear when the updater refreshes the thread. Threads are automatically refreshed after fixed periods of time or by pressing the Refresh button. Live updates: all new posts are displayed as soon as they're made, and deleted posts are "updated" to display a (deleted) message next to the poster's name. Threads are automatically refreshed when a change is made or by pressing the Refresh button. 'Websocket: is the thing that makes liveposting work. It "listens" to changes made in the server (in this case, changes done in the threads) and then uploads the client's (you) side to reflect these changes. In other words, it checks if new posts were made and displays them in your browser as soon as possible instead of waiting for the thread updater to do something.
>>1646 What about an option that loads threads 50 or 100 posts at a time, with a minute or so in between?
>>1648 Sounds convoluted. Just loading last ~100 posts only on initially clicking the thread is good enough.
HEY ACIDMIN Can you add an option for BOs to unlist their board from the webring and enable it by default for all boards due to how many boards there are (this is a infinity-style imageboard anyways)? The 8moe boards will end up heavily cluttering the webring list.
>>1658 I don't really understand the concern of them cluttering it. It's not like 90% of them get enough activity to even show up near the top. Having a bunch of 8chan boards at the bottom of the webring doesn't seem like a problem. One of the most useful aspects of the webring is being able to see when weird niche boards had recent posts that you may never discover. I think the way it is now is fine. But people should still have an option to opt their board out of the webring listing of course, just on the principle of agency. I just don't think it needs to be an opt-in option or opt-out by default to "declutter".
>open browser >random pajeet shows up You changing the thread OP confused the absolute fuck out of my brain for a solid minute.
I know webring support is in alpha state, but I should mention that it only lists zzzchan and smuglo.li
>>1661 Where are you even seeing the webring on here?
>>1661 The webring is a sort of reciprocal arrangement. Smug and Zch were the first ones to add us to theirs. >>1662 Check the boards list anon.
>>1658 >>1659 So the webring sorts boards automatically. Its literally running qwith the default code minus like 1 obvious bugfix and changing how the names appear. Codexx has talked about rewriting the plugin to do other stuff like this, but its more of a long term project.
>>1663 >Check the boards list anon. Oh I guess I didn't realize it was listed in some retarded way and had to scroll down. >>1664 The interface on anon.cafe is alright, but I'm sure you guys want something more elegant and integrated so do whatever.
>>1663 >The webring is a sort of reciprocal arrangement. Smug and Zch were the first ones to add us to theirs. 8moe is listed on anon.cafe's board list and webring page, but cafe's boards are nowhere to be seen on 8moe's board list.
(291.75 KB 1360x1254 my board setting.jpg)

>>1490 >They're temporarily set to Hard because of spam, I'm a BO of new board, For the past month I'm certain we only have 1 post every 2 day. So can't what >>1651 said be applied to took captcha off my board anymore? I would like to took them off.
Acid already replied but I might as well also cover it. >>1658 I'll add an option to manually unlist boards when I rewrite the addon. Like Acid said, I strapped a few bugfixes to the same addon Julay and Cafe use, but it's clear it was written with a limited board list in mind. >>1659 BO agency is a priority. Once I rewrite this should be a simple toggle to add to the board settings page. >>1661 We have a peering agreement with them. I'm working to reach out to other admins. I established contact with cafe a few days ago, but haven't asked them yet. The other admins are difficult to reach. Currently we're agreeing to peer anyone who peers us back who also predominantly hosts 8chan bunkers. >>1662 >>1665 The addon puts them at the bottom of page 1 because it was written with some assumptions about the size of a given site. Having infinite boards complicates things. This was raised as a concern before we joined and the consensus seemed to be "just add it anyways". Some of the other sites have dynamic sorting systems that make it less of an issue. >>1666 I disabled the recursive crawl. The blacklist function in the addon is janky and throws a bunch of errors by default. I'm not actually sure how it even works; seems like it functioning is a bug. Any attempts to fix it break the entire addon. And when it tried to crawl dead boards peered by other sites, it just threw more warnings. For the sake of our logs and for simplicity I decided to just not recurse. Sites we list show up, but ones they list do not. But cafe has the original functionality, so they're probably recursively pulling us from /a/. I'll be reaching out to Cafe's admin to add us explicitly soon, and we'll add them back. >>1667 That's strange. Could you please let me know either the name of the board or your login username? If you're not comfortable sharing them here then send me an e-mail at codexx@cock.li.
>>1668 Almost every site in the webring is showing 8moe boards on their webring list. If you're going to disable crawling, you should do the right thing and add these sites to your list. These are the ones who are displaying your site's boards in their webring board list: https://planches.4feuilles.org/webring.json https://alogs.theguntretort.com/webring.json https://anon.cafe/webring.json https://erischan.org/webring.json https://fatchan.org/webring.json https://kind.moe/webring.json https://smuglo.li/webring.json https://trashchan.xyz/webring.json https://tvch.moe/webring.json https://zzzchan.xyz/webring.json Prolikewoah, frchan, late.city and sportschan all have fucked up webrings that have been broken for some time. The only one I give an honest chance of being fixed is prolikewoah. But the rest of these sites are displaying 8moe so you should be fair and display theirs. don't be a faggot
>>1668 >Currently we're agreeing to peer anyone who peers us back who also predominantly hosts 8chan bunkers. If 8chan.moe wants to be part of the webring then you should implement the full webring behavior. That means picking up peers from other peers' "known" field, not deliberately leaving out the peer discovery functionality so you can play site politics with "peering agreements".
Dumb question, but where can I see all the banners of a board?
>>1672 Board owners can view all their banners in the banner management page, but unfortunately there's currently no public page for that. I'm planning to ask Stephen to put it in 2.6. Failing that I'll write an addon for it.
>>1673 Why have you only added anon.cafe so far? 10 sites in the webring are displaying 8moe. You on the other hand are only displaying 3.
>>1670 >If you're going to disable crawling, you should do the right thing and add these sites to your list would this have something to do with my suggestion to deter copyjew bots from scraping the site
Congratulations on being a nigger. anon.cafe has blacklisted you already and you deserve it. Others should follow suit unless you make the wise decision to start being a white man and include the rest of the webring sites and fix crawling. Also fix your boardlist, you prioritize a bunch of dead 8chan.moe boards with no PPH and put a bunch of active webring boards all the way at the bottom where they're hard to find.
>>1678 >site doesn't fix its webring implementation within 48 hours and you start sperging this hard Maybe you should go lose your mind over the fact sportschan's webring has been broken and pinned them to the top of the webring despite seeing virtually no activity for weeks at a time. Of course there's little reason to care about this if you're a normal person not going on some autistic vendetta because it really isn't that big of a deal, but at least then you could claim some degree of consistency. I'm all for busting Acid's balls when it comes to webring shit since he's been such an insufferable bad faith nigger about it in the past, but I don't think losing your fucking mind over a test implementation of the webring on blacked.moe is worthwhile.
>>1679 Nigger I brought up sportschan along with 3 others, can you read? >>1670 Of course not because you're a nigger. This case is different too, this case is a bunch of niggers not adding the webring sites to their webring implementation because of "peering agreement" bullshit that they made up. That's not how the webring works. It's one thing for sportschan to be run by lazy niggers who don't fix anything vs. a bunch of people actively choosing to be niggers.
>>1680 You just mention that theirs is broken, I see no calls to blacklist them. I don't think an admin not deploying your fixes within 15 hours is grounds for a webring blacklist. As I said, sportschan has been pinned to the top of webrings for months and I very much doubt you went around declaring they be blacklisted, and that offense is worse, even if it's a bug. If or when it becomes clear that blackedchan is deliberately appearing on peoples webring but not reciprocating then they should be blacklisted. I don't think 1 or 2 days is long enough to accurately determine that to be the case. It very well could be the case, but your DO IT NOW LISTEN TO ME NOOOW OR ELSE approach makes you sound like a complete fucking d&c goon.
>>1681 >Maybe you should go lose your mind >currently losing his mind and getting angry >I'm all for busting Acid's balls >currently sucking acid's balls whatever you say acid
>>1682 I was hoping you'd last longer before disengaging from this conversation. You're almost as bad as Acid when he claims I'm a bad actor for calling him out on his bullshit d&c comments.
>>1683 >I'm for calling out people on their bullshit especially when they're being bad faith and disingenuous! >someone pulls some bullshit bad faith "we only add people who have entered our peering agreement terms and conditions goy" and is called out >You can't call him out! Go be mad at this other thing instead because it's worse imo yeah, no. literal logical fallacy, "because X and Y problem exist, you can't complain about Z problem/this somehow makes Z problem less bad" also you're a nigger
None of the redchannit portals work anymore. redchannit.net was turned into a video platform, and redchannit.com's Refresh button doesn't work anymore, forcing you to refresh the entire thread. Another thing about the video platform, I recommend you to disable animated thumbnails because they cause a strain in both the server and the client's PC.
>>1681 >I don't think an admin not deploying your fixes within 15 hours is grounds for a webring blacklist. >pilpuling this hard What fixes you quadruple nigger? It's not that they're not fixing something, it's that they deliberately chose to break it in the first place. They said in >>1668 that they're using the exact same plugin that cafe and julay/alog use. The plugin works fine on both cafe and julay/alog with full peering but this admin claims they "fixed" it but coincidentally crippled peering after coincidentally being told by Acid to include the ability to not show certain boards.
It should now update properly And I've e-mailed the admin of cafe and asked them to double-check that everything is kosher, and to add us if it is. I think there's been some miscommunication about what the issue is. The crawling was disabled because the webring addon for LynxChan throws errors when attempting to remove blacklisted entries, and I was trying to avoid our logs being spammed. "Peering agreement" just meant I had confirmed with the other admins they were fine with us linking them. The goal was to avoid being a nuisance and to take things slow as a beta test in case the addon caused any conflicts, but it came across as not reciprocating, and for that I apologize. Either way, it's working now. The Known field in the JSON populates and the boards list now updates with crawled boards. There's still some issues to hash out and quality of life improvements to make, and I'll happily take feedback on those.
>>1687 >It should now update properly Testing redchannit.com with Websockets disabled (live updates don't work on redchannit, so I disable them) on Safari. 1st attempt at sending this post redirected me to a page with the message: 0 threads and 0 posts were successfully deleted. Click here to be redirected.
>>1686 Imagine your post aging this poorly after only 5 minutes
>>1688 I sent that post on Pale Moon because on Safari it always redirected me to contentActions.js. That redirect is now happening on PM too. I'm now posting on 8chan.moe Updates don't work on any of the browsers. The quick reply window doesn't work anymore either.
>>1686 wholly btfo tordup
>>1689 Imagine sucking the dick of a site where the admin posts his waifu getting blacked.
>>1688 >>1690 I'll investigate. We've changed nothing on the frontend in the last week, and I wouldn't expect the webring addon to break posting. Liveposting on Tor is an open issue. I made some tweaks but it's still not working.
(9.08 KB 268x284 laughs in sand.jpg)

>>1692 >falling back on the old blacked.moe shit when your TORnigger FUDpost was BTFO within five minutes Never change, Dolphin
>>1692 It's just as entertaining when random retards blunder as it is when acidkike blunders. No poster is immune from mockery. Though you idiots at least seem to know the concept of shame, acidkike unfortunately does not.
>>1694 >your TORnigger FUDpost >Dolphin whatever you say nigger, keep sucking asukablacked.png dick
>>1688 >>1690 We're having trouble reproducing, specifically using Pale Moon. Could you guys open up your developer console and post any errors? On Firefox this is Ctrl+Shift+I and it might be on Pale Moon as well. I'm not sure about Safari. Specifically the "Console" tab. There should be a content-src error and a samesite warning but anything else is potentially a lead. Edit: or post pictures of the page you're taken to.
Edited last time by codexx on 12/15/2020 (Tue) 02:04:51.
(2.65 MB 2179x3500 Asuka casual cross.png)

>>1685 Redchannit.com works normally, and .net is intact but currently disabled to test a video site system using its server. Your issue with .com is that Redchannit carries over the main site's default settings, including the one that uses Websockets, which don't work over the TOR connection. When using Redchannit, click the cog icon in the left side of the 8chan topbar for Settings, and then go to Other and choose Disable Websockets and Save. The update refresh timer will now work normally. This has been tested on Firefox and Chrome, but if you're on a different browser or it gives you an issue please let me know here.
(35.57 KB 600x246 BwZd3P_IEAABF66.jpg)

>>1668 >Currently we're agreeing to peer anyone who peers us back who also predominantly hosts 8chan bunkers. >>1687 >"Peering agreement" just meant I had confirmed with the other admins they were fine with us linking them.
(580.83 KB 1920x1080 WP Lain.jpg)

>>1700 I'm sure everyone would have just been thrilled if we just slapped every webring board on there without talking to some other admins first or fixing our bugs first, too. No I suspect you'd just be complaining about that instead of this. For the record, Codexx has been working on this for a couple of days, and it was a buggy beta when we first announced it. Its getting better, and a fully improved version will likely be coming along sooner or later.
>>1701 >I'm sure everyone would have just been thrilled if we just slapped every webring board on there without talking to some other admins first Why wouldn't they be? That's what every site on the webring does, except for 4 sites that have broken implementations and realistically probably deserve to be blacklisted too. If you're not playing dumb, and I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you're not because I don't know you, you need to understand the entire purpose of the webring. It's meant to be a large community effort made up of many smaller communities. The advantages of doing so are numerous, but it only works if everyone is on the same page. For example, almost every site in the webring giving your site exposure and this site seemingly not wanting to reciprocate really rubbed me (and others) the wrong way. The better option would have been to test webring functionality to see if everything works (which you can do) without requesting webring site owners to add you to the webring. Once you have everything working you could request someone to add you to the webring, and that would automatically get synced with (most) other sites. I want to believe this was a genuine accidental blunder on part of you and codexx and whoever else so I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and drop it now.
>>1702 >I want to believe this was a genuine accidental blunder on part of you and codexx and whoever else so I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and drop it now. What we were trying to do was to start deploying it with a couple of the other sites with pre-arranged permission, work out the kinks, and then roll the whole thing out when we were happy with the plugin and code. Which is actually where we are now (sort of, the plugin still needs some work. It functions but it really does throw a lot of errors when it shouldn't), but we originally wanted to be a bit more diplomatic about it, if that makes sense. Instead it seems to have been held up as a snub against the sites we didn't immediately peer with, when that was never our intention at all. I'm sorry.
>>1703 >I'm sorry. You actually you seem genuine so I'm forgiving you even if nobody else does. As long as this site now is set on making sure the webring is implemented correctly I hope other anons aren't too hard on you anymore. But yes, the webring automatically crawls for sites and I guess you guys missed the memo on that. Also welcome to the webring, kek
>>1701 >I'm sure everyone would have just been thrilled if we just slapped every webring board on there without talking to some other admins first or fixing our bugs first, too. No I suspect you'd just be complaining about that instead of this. Why would anyone complain about that? The only difference it makes is that you'd have downloaded webring json files from 13 sites instead of 2. >>1703 >What we were trying to do was to start deploying it with a couple of the other sites with pre-arranged permission Then why'd your admin at >>1668 say >Currently we're agreeing to peer anyone who peers us back who also predominantly hosts 8chan bunkers. and cripple the webring plugin to remove peer discovery? Besides, you don't need pre-arranged permission to grab another site's webring json file. Anyone can do it with a browser. Webring sites advertise their peers and boards to everyone. The initial shit was bad enough but these deflecting excuses are just insulting.
>>1697 I don't have that problem anymore, so I can't reproduce it. It simply disappeared after a while. For the page it sometimes redirected me to, it was http://redchannit.com/contentActions.js Shit's weird man. >>1698 Clicking on "Disable Websockets" is the first thing I do when I use Redchannit, so I doubt it had anything to do with it.
Quote linked posts will show relative time in minutes but not in hours, and I presume this is the same for days and months.
So basically, the webring's supposed to link every other site the one's we're peered to automatically, but Acid's fucking up somewhere? Is that why PLW still isn't picking this site up despite everyone else doing so (even Julay oddly enough)?
>>1712 PLW was abandoned by its original admin and the current one is just keeping the site from literally shutting down and nothing more. Their addon is out of date and will likely never be updated.
>>1712 The addon is barely hacked together spaghetti code that works whenever it wants. Remember that the first iteration of the addon literally leaked server and user IPs to other webring users.
>>1712 PLW doesn't pick up ANY new sites.
Changelog 2.5.1 Hovering over a reply that's within view now correctly underlines the reply link, to match tooltip view. Relative times should now display correctly in tooltip view. Some additional consistency tweaks to reply info. Current Issues When viewing one board's catalog, clicking on another board in the topbar should take you to their catalog. Webring boards aren't always appended to the board list after a server restart, and it's unclear what causes them to come back. Investigating. Webring addon might also be causing a memory leak. Investigating. Site downtime tonight was related. Websockets still not working over Tor. Cause unclear. Inline replies Replies under post Mobile layout needs work Reply info only appears for JS users Trying to do a better job keeping everyone posted on small updates and tweaks between the major releases. I'll also try to keep a running list of what's on my mind and needs to be done. It's not comprehensive, but if you don't see an issue you care about on the Current Issues list then feel free to remind me. Squeaky wheels get grease.
Any plans for PPD in the board list or webring stats?
>>1720 I'd like to do PPD and it wouldn't be hard to do for local boards. I'll see if Stephen is interested and if not add it to the list of addons. PPD for webring is a little more doing but it's possible. It's certainly on my to-do list when I rewrite the addon.
>>1717 >When viewing one board's catalog, clicking on another board in the topbar should take you to their catalog. I don't know if anyone would expect this behavior. More like a feature than an issue. >Replies under post Please make this the default CSS, it would trigger so many retards and it's the objectively superior layout. >>1720 >>1721 The entire webring should probably adopt PPD instead of PPH. But I don't know how feasible standardizing that is.
>>1696 >being this /pol/ You are lucky you are not banned from the get go
(534.34 KB 832x1119 what.png)

>>1723 Was this supposed to be a sick burn?
>>1722 >I don't know if anyone would expect this behavior I had a complaint relayed to me about it, and PLW appears to do it. Not sure if this is a quirk of their frontend or what. I wouldn't have expected the behavior either, but it was filed as a bug. If people don't want it, I can mark it "won't fix". Vichan + Infinity doesn't appear to do it, either. In cases where a feature's benefit is unclear I usually use "what did old 8chan do?" as a tiebreaker, but I do see some utility in being able to quickly jump between catalogs for those who rely on catalog view. >I don't know how feasible standardizing that is The hard part is getting a consensus from enough sites, combined with implementing the feature in three separate codebases. Implementing it in LynxChan should be trivial and adding PPD to our webring.json alongside PPH is easy enough. Next LynxChan update is in about 5 months, so I'll circle back around to site development before then and if I can get everything working in time I'll try to sell the other admins on the change.
>>1733 Hi, i added PPD to jschan so its ready for whenever the webring supports it. Sounds like you can implement it for lynxchan without too much trouble. Now we just need smugloli admin or somebody to agree to work on the cruft that is tinyboard+vichan+infinity code.
If anyone has been having issues with the captchas being wrong the first time, this appears to be a CloudFlare configuration issue previously thought fixed. I've notified Acid and he'll look into it once Redchannit's maintenance is done. >>1734 Good timing; thanks for dropping by with the info. It's good to know support will be there. I'll ping the admin of Smug soon and see if he can request support for it from Tenicu. The vichan implementation is here: https://gitlab.com/Tenicu/infinityaddon-webring I would expect us to have support go live some time in late May, based on LynxChan's 6 month release cycle. I have no idea what the turnaround time on this would be for Vichan instances.
How long does it usually take the account confirmation email to go through? I'm using a cockmail address, airmail.cc, and when I tried resending the confirmation email since it wasn't showing it up, it informed me that the one sent will expire on the 20th.
>>1739 usually no more than 10-15 mins.
>>1739 Actually, for the first time I'm having the issues I always here about others having with cockmail. The server just disconnect. I hope this won't be an issue.
>>1740 Went through finally. Claim request sent.
>>1742 Done. Welcome aboard.
The /tot/ autist made me aware of a real problem, loli boards clicked from other sites webrings 404. Bls fix
(373.85 KB 1099x1007 Asuka smug content.jpg)

>>1744 The board being blocked from direct linking won't be going away, but I can do something to make it less annoying for anons. Added to my list.
>>1747 Could it be possible that /delicious/ and the other boards redirect to redchannit on the webring lists? Or maybe a transitional page could be used in these cases. By the way, I have a couple of questions regarding how the blocks are applied: Full images on the entire site are blocked from direct linking, preventing image searchers like SauceNAO from working, but thumbnails seem to be completely unblocked, making reverse searching them possible even on the loli/shota boards. Is this an intentional decision or just an undiscovered mistake? Another thing, how do you deal with loli/shota content outside of their dedicated boards? /h/, /abdl/, /fur/, /v/ (lol) and a couple of hidden boards like /rule34/ and /2dblacked/ have loli and shota threads full of lewds and porn that can be hotlinked.
>>1715 >Remember that the first iteration of the addon literally leaked server and user IPs to other webring users. No it didn't. Where'd you come up with that?
>>1758 The LynxChan addon would definitely leak the server's IP address if unmodified. JSChan's webring support is baked-in and has a Tor proxy option. Not sure about Vichan's. The dropdown menus some sites have might also leak your IP to every site, since I believe it makes the request for their webring.json from within your browser. Of course, if you're using a VPN or Tor then it should proxy the request as well, but you should be aware it's pinging from your device.
>>1754 I'm working on something, but this is interesting: >thumbnails seem to be completely unblocked This is actually a glitch due to the HTTP accenerator caching thumbs and serving them from the cache. Its most likely a bug I missed in the code execution order, so I'll see if I can fix it.
Can Mark or a mod delete >>>/b/4415 ? Head is a retard who just keeps deleting posts in the thread instead of the thread itself, keeping it constantly bumped. Thanks.
>>1769 Thank you based goldenrod. At least someone with a brain here. Please fire Head for being an awful retard mod and treating /b/ as his own playground, ignoring the users.
>>1770 We asked Head to leave the thread up while we tested a couple of things.
>>1771 Then fire yourself and the entire administration for experimenting on the users while at the same time failing to actually mod.
(286.50 KB 575x788 Asuka lance chibi.png)

So the proof of work captcha is now enabled. We'll leave it up for a while and take feedback on it. It was activated due to a wave of botspam that hit a board earlier tonight. How it works When you get your bypass captcha for posting the system will make your computer solve a hard math problem before it lets you post. Its a neat little engine that makes any kind of spam a real pain in the ass. The algorythm it uses is based on hashcash, kind of a proto-bitcoin from way back in the day. It makes a math problem thats easy to create and check, but hard to solve. Hence "proof of work." What you need to do Nothing. Just enter the captcha like normal and wait. Depending on how fast your computer is, it will let you in within 1-3 minutes and complete your post while its at it. Isnt this annoying? In return for putting up with it, your bypass now lasts longer and is good for many more posts before you have to renew it. It should be less annoying than spam, and allows mods to effectively ban people even on TOR and VPNs if they're fucking up threads, spamming, niggerpilling, etc. Is this permanent as of today? No, just a test so far. But it may become a regular fixture. If you're unable to get the bypass to go through even after waiting 10 minutes or more, email us at 8moeadmin at protonmail.com and we'll check for bugs.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 12/22/2020 (Tue) 06:17:17.
(41.24 KB 2236x100 1.png)

(25.01 KB 1222x78 2.png)

(30.33 KB 718x116 4.png)

(26.59 KB 640x106 3.png)

/sm/'s BO here. I think I found a bug in my board message. Right now it looks like in the first pic, when it should look like /loli/'s message (2nd pic). Additionally, all of the links in the message point to https://8chan.moe/sm/%3Ca%20target=, when they should point to their respective boards. Here's how I wrote the message: The lewd sphere: [/delicious/](https://8chan.moe/delicious) | [/loli/](https://8chan.moe/loli) | [/tot/](https://8chan.moe/tot) | [/h/](https://8chan.moe/h) | [/fur/](https://8chan.moe/fur) Also redchannit.com seems to be using broken or incomplete fonts. The special symbols aren't displayed correctly, but only on that specific domain (3, 4).
>>1775 Thanks for the heads up. It was a case of the frontend caching a bad fetch. I passed your link issue on to Codexx.
>>1776 Thanks for the help. I can confirm that the fonts work fine again on redchannit.
>>1717 >Hovering over a reply that's within view now correctly underlines the reply link, to match tooltip view. In case it hasn't been reported yet, the underlining of the reply link in the tooltip/popup is not yet completely bug free. For posts that have been added by the auto updater, the first time you hover over a link to them the reply on the popup isn't underlined until the second time you hover over it. Probably something isn't being properly initialized and it's initialized the first time you view the popup and only takes effect the second time the popup is displayed. Additionally, I think the text that says a post is deleted isn't shown on the popup (or at least isn't for replies added by the auto updater), which is an issue when a lot of replies have been removed from a thread like when niggerpill is around. Perhaps it would be a good idea to add an additional option to auto remove posts that have been deleted because in some cases you need to keep refreshing the thread to get it to a state where it's viewable with any kind of coherency, but I think this may be too big a task and ultimately I'm not sure if it's worth it outside of the #GG general.
Either stop perma-banning tor nodes for CP needlessly or fix onion web sockets. Pick one or both, or neither. No one spamming CP is going to be affected by a perma-ban. All you're doing is fucking the pool of IP's anons have to use the site. Perma-bans are fucking retarded and you gvols are retarded for using them.
What the fuck does the bypass check tickbox do?
How many file types are supported? The about page only mentions jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, png, ogg, webm and mp4, but I've seen people upload pdf, zip and txt files as well. Also, is the file limit 32MB for every image included in your post, or for everything on it?
>>1805 The About page is outdated. I've added a few additional file types since then, including webp, AV1 webms (not technically a different MIME, but still a distinction), pdf, zip, rar, tar (gz and bzip), and txt. I've also tried adding support for fonts but they still don't work for some reason. Those should be supported eventually. >is the file limit 32MB for every image 32 is per-image, but each post has a maximum size of 40 MB. They can be adjusted independently. Note that boards can set their own limits on number of files, max size, etc, as long as they're lower than the global limits. >>1797 I think it's for site without mandatory bypasses, in case you want to use one. So it's somewhat vestigial on this site. >>1796 LynxChan actually shouldn't be banning nodes because it doesn't record an IP from Tor posts to ban. That said, there is an issue with IPv6 exit nodes since Tor does not provide a full list of them. We need an IPv6 Tor DNSBL and I've yet to find a good, up-to-date one. You'll know you have an IPv6 exit node because you'll get an ID that isn't 000000. Using the .onion address should circumvent this entirely. If you're receiving someone else's ban messages via Tor on the .onion address then please report that, because that shouldn't be possible. That said, we've been experimenting with much shorter ban periods for all offenses and seen good results so it should be a non-issue in the future. We'll clear out old permabans soon.
(354.95 KB 2546x1476 1.png)

(837.60 KB 2560x1468 2.png)

(820.56 KB 2560x1468 3.png)

>>1776 Redchannit's bad fetch problem returned, and is worse than before. Now the entire layout is broken and even some things don't work at all (like quoting a post by clicking on its number of the file picker). >>1806 >zip, rar, tar (gz and bzip) Are split files (like .zip.00X) supported?
>>1807 >are split files supported? Good question; I hadn't tested this until now. The answer appears to be "no". The first part has the header information needed to validate the file's MIME type, and subsequent parts are indistinguishable from a binary blob. You might be able to get around this by splitting files beforehand and archiving them separately, but this is obviously a bit of a pain. But I'm not sure there's a solution for this problem. >Redchannit There was a fix applied to bad fetches on Thumbnails and it's possible the same fix will work for other assets. I'll let Acid know when he's on.
Why is the site so dead? How does 8kunt manage to be the top known altchan for activity when it's legitimately impossible to post without constant "ERROR 0"? >>1774 I'm real happy that my sandboxed raspberry pi 3b+ has to do this shit to post on a dead website. So thankful. Christ, even 4chan's google recaptcha is a better idea than this.
>>1811 >Why is the site so dead? Because it hasn't been shilled anywhere and most people these days on the internet are isolated to their little goyscord communities. Because of the kind of audience that the webring sites have captured after years of being fucked with it's unlikely for them to spread by word of mouth. Everyone has become significantly more in tune with the basics of OPSEC, refuse to use sites ran by sketchy people that run proprietary software, so on and so forth. And because the audience has become so hardened and pissed off over being incessantly censored and deplatformed people are incredibly resistant to shilling. Gaining activity isn't actually all that difficult. I could list dozens of places that would attract at the very least not completely abhorrent posters. >matrix servers >fediverse websites >any of the various free speech/open source as a principle social media platforms If someone actually wanted to put the effort into shilling this site and the webring in general it probably would be very effective, and could arguably be too effective and bring in waves of insufferable newfags. I think people should be more focused on stability than activity for a good while longer. Shilling brings so much bad that I don't know if it'll ever be a good idea. At the very least sites aren't hemorrhaging users and I think that's good enough. If you remain stable for long enough eventually a happening will occur that brings legions of retards here, it's inevitable and I fear that day. I thought voat.co going down might be it but it seems like we dodged that bullet somehow.
Zero images currently on the site Message on a direct link is: Error 404 Not Found Not Found Guru Meditation: XID: 506040210 Varnish cache server
>>1820 That's a feature, not a bug. Direct linking images from the site is purposefully broken.
(10.91 KB 644x140 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1821 I meant when clicking on it. Here's a picture, which apparently can be seen by youse guyses Maybe my new addon settings are fucking it up brb
>>1822 Yep, some addon bullshit I'm just retarded
(261.14 KB 800x1020 Asuka stretch.jpg)

QUICK STATUS REPORT The site has received its first crypto donation. Just a few bucks, but I'd like to say thank you to the anon responsible, and now we know that the crypto donation system is working properly. Please see the "Donate" link in the site footer or the links bar on the main page if you'd like to chip in too. The server is a beast and the bitch ain't cheap. Have a great new year anons!
>>1811 >How does 8kunt manage to be the top known altchan for activity when it's legitimately impossible to post without constant "ERROR 0"? By sheer infamy. Being known as the site that created GamerGate*, produced mass shooters**, got shutdown by CloudFlare and other companies, and now is the home of the Qanon conspiracy/movement/terrorist group does a lot for your image. The moment somebody from this site goes full retard, an epic real life movement is coordinated, or a mass exodus happens on 4chan (or another "big" site) is when 8moe will be popular. >>1826 >The server is a beast and the bitch ain't cheap How big and expensive are we talking about?
(329.93 KB 1190x672 Asuka perfect lay.png)

>>1827 Newest Core i7 with 64GB of RAM and 4TB of drive space on a fat pipe with built-in DDoS protection. The performance issues with the old server annoyed us both, so we went all out on what Codexx and I could afford to pay for in the long term. The upside is that it gives us a lot of room to grow - 8chan could explode 10x in size overnight and the server would barely blink. The downside is the pricetag, but free speech hosts are expensive.
The link to board log on the catalog page doesn't work, and that link should be available on every page when browsing a board, not just the index and catalog.
>>1837 Good catch. I'll make both rules and logs a little easier to find, and fix the link on the catalog pages.
/sm/'s BO again. Sorry for bothering (and on new year of all times), but the markdown for adding links on the board message still is broken, and I use it to give users a quick access to the other "hidden" boards.
>>1844 I haven't forgotten. Holidays and the stream have eaten into my free time. I can fix it manually but I'd like to figure out why the markdown is being processed incorrectly.
>>1844 >>1845 Managed to track down the cause and patch it. Feel free to try again. If it still doesn't work, let me know.
>>1845 >>1846 It works again. Thanks a lot.
(211.96 KB 1257x960 ClipboardImage.png)

I don't know when you added this as a Vivian theme across boards but nice, thanks.
Does ban appeal do anything? banned because I got mistaken as nigerpill.
>>1854 They go into an appeal list. If the appeal is for a specific board, Globals do not touch those unless they are also volunteers for a given board.
>>1855 I guess I'll have to wait until saturday. It's a shame because it was an interesting time to discuss stuff.
>>1856 >waiting for a ban to lift Tell me how you found 8moe and I'll give you the secret ban evasion tool
>>1857 I could use Redchannit but it's a bother. Also, I would probably sperg about the ban and I don't want to act like Aaron and any other sperger.
>>1858 >opening another tab in your browser >a bother How do you even get out of bed in the morning if you're this retarded?
What does block bypass needed to post mean?
>>1860 Site wide cookie based captcha that's valid for a number of hours.
why isn't the onion site working you fucking morons. Fix it jannies what the fuck is wrong with you
>>1867 There may be an attack on the Tor network going on right now. I just sent an email, but I'll repost it here: >As of writing this, the Tor directory authorities have failed to come to a consensus after multiple consecutive votes effectively crippling v3 onion services. I won't get too technical in this email (that can be found here https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/33018, https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/40237, and https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/40239), but you should be aware that the availability of v3 onion services are susceptible to DoS attacks on the authority servers. You can find the consensus statuses of the directory authorities here: https://consensus-health.torproject.org/consensus-health.html. > >Until this issue is fixed, I would ask that you set up a v2 onion service and publish its address along side the current v3 one (http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/) if you don't already (I couldn't find it on the homepage or on /site/) and inform tor users (and redchannit users) to bookmark both addresses. Despite their deprecation and ultimate removal slated for October 2021, v2 onion services aren't as reliant on the availability of authority servers and have yet to be affected by the current outage.
>>1867 I am here to complain about onion being down, too.
An explanation of some TOR-related issues. I'll spare you all the boring howtos of what the tor network is and what the onion does and get straight to the two issues that affect this site. "I'm posting on Tor but I have a normal thread ID and an IP address!" This is caused by the way Tor tracks their exit nodes. Your Tor exit node is the last hop on the hidden network that your connection makes before actually reaching our server. Its IP address is what the server sees as "your" IP address. Tor exit nodes come in two different flavors: IPV4 and IPV6. Tor themselves publish a list of IPV4 exit node IPs, and Lynxchan compares "your" IP to that list to say "aha! A Tor user! Give them the black ID and blank their IP address!" This works just fine. The problem is the newer IPV6 addresses. IPV6 is "new" on the Internet. The tech is actually several years old but is only recently coming into wide adoption and Tor is finally seeing a large number of exit nodes switching to it. Great. The problem is that IPV6 addresses are just big "blocks" - meaning that each base IP can have a shit ton of "sub IPs" - that your data can come from, that Tor has decided that keeping a list of the millions of possible exit node IPs is impractical. Thus there is no list of these Tor exit nodes to check against when trying to spot a Tor user. So Lynxchan throws up its hands and says "lol, must be a normal user!" and gives you a regular ID and sets the Tor exit node IP address as yours. There is no way to fix this until Tor decides to start maintaining such a list, but people have pestered them about it since 2018 and they've remained stubborn about not doing it. The current outage >>1868 seems to be correct. The service is back up now, but if this keeps happening we'll look at adding a designated V2 address for resiliency purposes.
>>1871 code monkeys and BO If and when big tech goes after 8chan.sev please don’t relocate to America Alt tech only safe outside of America like bitchute and subscribe star We have to face the fact alt tech is only safe outside of America Please consider setting up in Brazil, southeast Asia, Poland, and Russia Thank you
>>1871 >>1872 Sorry posted on the wrong thread. Nevertheless is there a plan if big tech goes after 8chan.se?
>>1873 Multiple.
>>1871 wait i don't understand. Does this mean that I have do disable IPV6 in Tor?
>>1875 No, you have no control over it and neither do we. I'm looking into some third party lists that purport to keep track of IPV6 nodes that we could borrow, but no promises.
How do I find a board's rules? I can't find the list for >>>/v/
>>1882 Ignore this. I found it. Text was too small for me to read without zooming in.
https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/globalRules.html Bestiality (2D or real) is allowed here, right?
(140.15 KB 128x128 glaceon suck.gif)

>>1886 Boy, you don't waste time do ya Straight shooter I like that
>>1886 2D is fine. Congress passed The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT) in 2019, which specifically bans "animal crush videos". As such, we cannot host content where real animals are abused.
>>1892 At least 2D is fine. Got it. >>1887 My board already allow furry.
Is there something wrong with the sage? I checked off the box and put sage in email for good measure, but it doesn't really register.
>>1897 Sages are "silent", so there is no indication if a post was saged or not. The only way to tell would be to look at the catalog and see if the thread bumps afterwards or not. I just tested it to make sure there wasn't a regression; seems to be working fine.
(245.13 KB 1002x848 overboard.jpg)

(126.66 KB 959x337 sfw overboard.jpg)

(56.67 KB 893x358 my setting.jpg)

I’m BO of /ai/. I remember setting my board to SFW and chose to not index it. Recently I check the index setting but my board/thread doesn’t appear in SFW overboard, just the normal Overboard.
>>1911 Marking a board as SFW must be done by globals. You must put in a request to have a board marked SFW. Boards are assumed to be NSFW by default. I have marked your board as SFW.
(55.89 KB 359x512 zhore161832.jpg)

>>1912 >. You must put in a request to have a board marked SFW Hmm. I swear I saw option to mark it as SFW during board creation process, maybe I misremember it. All fixed now, thank you.
(108.92 KB 850x1268 Asuka suit pose.jpg)

Hello anons. Its been a little while since we had our last one of these. Last time around it was necessitated by the Vanwa/Russia debacle, and I'm happy to report that this time we're just doing it as a lazy general for your benefit. Expect it to be stickied for a few days and then allowed to drop until the next one. How we're doing Pretty darned good. >The Proof of Work captcha system has proven itself out very well, tamping down on spam that previously was quite a problem. >/b/ has a new BO and has made a recovery into a small but active board, as have /pol/ and /delicious/. >We have joined the webring, and while the plugin is a major source of headaches the system overall functions for users. >Codexx's streaming service is seeing consistent use and feature development and anons seem to like it. >Redchannit is running with 100% uptime after the last upgrade and batch of bugfixes. The improvements made to its caching system were ported over to 8chan and improved performance here. >The site is stable and the server is running like a top. Transparency Report Between 1-21-21 and 1-26-21 we received two law enforcement requests (our first ones ever) for a user's IP address over content they posted. One of these came with a subpoena (court order) straight from the FBI. Lynxchan software doesn't keep much for records unlike sites like Facebook or Reddit, but we do follow the law and so the IPs for those two users were handed over as required. This was done by us taking them individually from the server ban records, so no other users were compromised or data handed over. Somewhat concerning was the speed at which the first request, the one with the subpoena, was made. The user had posted some premium grade glowie bait on 1-21. Literally "hey kid, wanna blow up a federal building" tier. They got banned and deleted shortly thereafter, but the FBI had a grand jury convened and a court order issued within just 5 days. They are not fucking around, so please be vigilant in global reporting posts like that and remember to keep an eye on the site's canary at the bottom of the footer's Legal page. Issues and problems >The webring plugin is a mess. Every time I check /var/log/syslog on the server for something its just massive walls of errors given off by the plugin, and it causes a persistent memory leak that requires us to reboot once a week. Fixing it is an ongoing long term goal of Codexx's. >Donations are thin. We're hopefully never going to be reduced to e-begging as long as we have jobs, but seriously donations would help. The server is a 64GB 16 core monster with lots of bandwidth and the bitch ain't cheap. Our total operating expenses are about 400 dollars per month. See https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/donate.html if you want to help out. >As per the transparency report above, we are now officially on the radar. Between this and Gahoole of tvch.moe getting (illegitimately?) raided for CP a couple months ago, its a fair bet that the entire webring is being watched. >The TOR network is under attack on and off. When the network's auth servers are being DDoSed it makes it impossible to resolve any site with a V3 .onion domain, including ours. We're waiting to see what the TOR developers do to fix it. Further development >Codexx has made good strides on his imageboard scrape/import software Channel Changer. >We're tinkering with a tor-based video archival service. >A communications server for things like Mumble chat and IRC is being fiddled with. >The next version of Lynxchan is under development with some nice QoL fixes and an improved PoW that's less harsh on mobile users. >A new mobile frontend for the site is coming. We have a new admin! Some of you have probably noticed that Parias, AKA Goldenrod has been an admin for a little while. When we started the site my idea was for an admin triumvirate - a sysadmin, a software admin, and a moderation admin who oversees global rules and board moderation issues. With three admins, if one drops out, disappears, or burns out there are two more to take over. Goldenrod has been a global vol for quite some time and done a good job of it, including working on a gvol moderation handbook, so after some deliberation Codexx and I agreed it was natural to offer him the third slot and he accepted. As an additional plus he has been around with the community for a long time, and we want senior staff to be people who know anons and anon culture. His intention is to maintain his Goldenrod account focused mainly on /v/, and perform his limited admin duties as Parias to avoid confusion over admins moderating boards. That about wraps it up. See you guys in another month!
Tripcodes don't generate correctly...
>>1925 How so?
(419.80 KB 396x223 anime-panic-gif-8.gif)

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but does anyone know what happened to the cafe? I just was there a couple of days ago, and now neither the clearnet nor the onion sites work. Did they get shoah'd?
>>1932 I was lurking there maybe day before yesterday. Taking a peek around this doesn't seem like a planned maintenance or normal outage. Fingers crossed they come back but they might be dead.
>>1932 >>1933 I'd send the admin an e-mail to ask but cockmail is apparently having some kind of backend outage at the moment according to their homepage and I can't access my account. Admin should be aware and working on it, but it might take time or be out of their control.
(1.25 MB 468x498 ascared.gif)

>>1933 Dammit. Hopefully they can pull through whatever it is that's going on. Guess we'll find out soon enough. >>1934 >cockmail is apparently having some kind of backend outage at the moment according to their homepage Their homepage won't even load for me. Ffs, what the hell is going on? Is there going to be another purge? Is there going to be a happening?!
>>1934 >>1938 Their datacenter stopped announcing one of cockli's whole netblocks because a spam RBL listed them for port scanning, which is allowed on cockboxes. Now millions of IPs, both commercial and consumer are listed for spam. Complete bullshit of course, and the list is demanding huge fees (basically a ransom) to be removed from their list. Vincent Canfield, owner of cock.li/cockbox twitter for more: https://twitter.com/gexcolo
>>1938 >>1939 According to this post on smug: https://smuglo.li/support/res/1.html#5472 If cafe is using cockbox then the outages are related. Not sure why this affects their onion address, though. I'll see about moving e-mail providers tomorrow and then reach out to independently confirm the problem and see if there's anything I can do to help. Seems like Vincent is working non-stop on the issue (business hours permitting) so hopefully the issue will be resolved for everyone soon. Also, apologies for the broken captchas. It seems like CF is continuing to cache them despite us them to stop. We'll keep investigating.
The cafe is back
>>1941 The clearnet site is, but not the onion. This has got me thinking, though: is it possible we'll have to create our own email servers in addition to our own imageboards? I don't know much about that end of things, but is it doable to create a private email server specifically devoted to imageboard administration, without using a conventional hosting service? Surely, there has to be some way to use P2P or something, right? Though I guess P2P would make connection strength extremely unstable.
>>1942 >The clearnet site is, but not the onion. Confirming that the onion cafe is now working too.
>>1944 Thank God. I'm still a little worried as to what the problem was, but it's good to see they survived.
>>1892 Me again. So while looking for imageboard for it I found a forum that use a Russian AntiDDoS service called Hoster. I have no idea about using site protection like that but can anyone in charge here look it up and see if it is a feasible option in case whatever you currently use drops their protection?
>>1946 Under no circumstances will we use a Russian anti-DDoS provider. Vanwa relies heavily on Russia for their infrastructure and it already resulted in problems. Even without Cloudflare, we have mitigations in place and believe we could survive on bare IP with no proxying if need be; the service does provide a bit of convenience. If you do find a non-Russian, non-Chinese anti-DDoS service with a free speech/all legal content allowed guarantee we'd be interested to hear about it, though.
Very late but zzzchan is back as well
>>1947 Vanwa no longer peers with ddos-guard or a reseller. they are peered to Psychz Networks and VegasNAP LLC (aka Fiberhub).
Are post dates available?
>>1962 Could you clarify what you mean by post dates? Every post has a timestamp, and there's an option for relative times. Please clarify if that's not what you mean.
(74.53 KB 900x600 monkey-pc.jpg)

Can board owners @import open license fonts from custom css? >Or am I retarded? @import url('http://fonts.cdnfonts.com/css/marcellus-sc'); .boardHeader p#labelName { font-family: 'Marcellus SC', Garamond, serif; }
>>1965 I think custom fonts don't work (yet) unless you encode them as base64.
>>1965 Your issue is that you're trying to load off-site assets. This is blocked by the Content Security Policy (CSP) which only allows scripts from our own domains (plus any site we allow embeds from, which is basically youtube, invidious, and 8chanTV). This is in place to prevent, for example, a Board Owner hosting an image offsite and then using it to harvest IPs. Since the site has to host files anyways, it's not that big of a compromise, and we opened >>>/res/ to hold files for board owners indefinitely. Even besides that, CDNs can snoop on users and we want to minimize that. At least with the embed links, no requests are made unless you hit the button. However, the site still has issues accepting fonts. We've whitelisted the MIMEs but it chokes on them. I'll poke Stephen about it again. In the meantime, if you'd like us to host the font in our static folder I would be willing to do so until we get the upload situation squared, and then you're welcome to upload it yourself. Font MIMEs are hell and despite adding like 5 of them for a single filetype, sometimes it will validate as a different type. I found a copy of the font you want and was able to upload it over at >>>/res/47 so you can open that and reference it in your CSS instead of using the CDN. If you try to upload a font and it fails, please zip it and upload here or rehost on a filesharing site. I will manually confirm the MIME and add it to our whitelist, and then it can be uploaded Per >>1966, you could also encode them as base64 and paste them into your CSS file. That works too.
Edited last time by codexx on 02/20/2021 (Sat) 03:03:49.
>>1967 >our issue is that you're trying to load off-site assets. Yea I figured as much, I just hadn't seen anything about it in any thread. >if you'd like us to host the font in our static folder I would be willing to do so >then you're welcome to upload it yourself. So if I'm reading correctly, you would need to download it yourself to host in the static folder. Then I would need to upload it myself to >>/res/ when your font issues are solved? Here's a download link if that's the case: https://www.cdnfonts.com/marcellus-sc.font Thank you!
>>1968 I just updated the above post when you replied. I got a copy of the font and whitelisted its specific MIME. There's a copy on >>>/res/ already. I will just have to manually validate any other fonts with issues going forward. For some reason, fonts are very inconsistent in their labeling.
>>1969 >>1967 thanks a bunch
>>1963 >every post has a timestamp Not from what I can see. I'm on mobile, so maybe this doesn't affect desktop users.
>>1972 Ah, yeah, mobile has many issues at the moment. We're currently working on a total overhaul of the mobile experience. If there's anything else you find frustrating or any suggestions you have, please leave them here.
(179.43 KB 1348x737 spoiler-issues.png)

>>1965 >>1967 One more question for you. I accidentally deleted the spoiler image from my board. I reuploaded, but spoiled pictured still showed default image, not custom one. Seems to be the same issue as >>190 and >>194 I recently post a picture with spoiler, and the custom one shows up for the new post, but not the previous ones. (pic related) Any idea why?
>>1979 The spoiler is determined at the time of the post, so it's not retroactive. Changing the custom spoiler will change all previous custom spoilers on the board because it replaces the old one at the same location (the same URL), but if your board doesn't have a spoiler then it just defaults to the generic one, which is hosted in a different place. Essentially, uploading a new one will update the image at the custom resource location, but will not change existing posts to use a different location if they're already pointing to the generic one. I'm not happy with this behavior either. I've spoken with Stephen about adjusting it, but I'll ping him about it again. It would simplify things both for board owners and for my import script. It should be possible to just set all spoilers to the "board custom" location, and then introduce a redirect in that spot if one doesn't exist.
Edited last time by codexx on 02/21/2021 (Sun) 03:20:58.
Is there any way to view multiple imageboards at the same time? I hate having to open multiple sites especially for the same board.
>>1981 Like some form of mirroring?
>>1982 more or less. theres a bunch of imageboards on the webring and its annoying to have to go to all of them, so it would be nice to go to one place that just pulls all there posts from a certain board like /v/
>>1983 I've kicked around the idea a lot over the past eight months and I've often wanted the same myself. I've got some ideas for how to do it. That said, the best implementations require other site admins to go along with it. It could work as a sort of Webring 2.0 if there's enough buy-in, but a lot of work would need to be done. Personally, I've always wanted a federated 8chan. Being multicentralized has helped in some aspects and hurt in others. A true federation could add redundancy, make boards easier to find/access, restore a sense of unified community, and allow site admins to only really host content they want to. Once I get all the major features done for the site, I'll look into some options and maybe play with some prototypes. If it goes well and other sites are onboard then maybe it can happen.
>>1988 Imageboard federation is a very complicated subject. An individual might want to be able to view the catalog of all /v/ boards at once, but the different /v/ boards have different rules and cultures. And it goes against the general imageboard ethos to just ignore those rules and cultures and let people interface with both at the same time seamlessly as if they're serving the same purpose and audiences. Imageboards aren't like typical social media, they're much closer to forums than they are any of these microblogging platforms which are the biggest players in the federated spaces. I find the concept of federating imageboards kind of incompatible with how they've typically operated, though I'm not opposed to it outright. I just haven't heard it explained in a way that makes sense and can't think of a way it makes sense myself. Federated microblogging platforms are curated on a user by users basis since people have individual accounts and persistent identities which is why they work. Anonymous imageboards can not be curated on a user by user basis which poses many problems when attempting to federate them together. Don't get me wrong any push towards more decentralization is good, but it also needs to make sense and not destroy the essence of the boards and their uniqueness.
>>2001 There's definitely challenges, and not just the difficulty of a secure implementation. One simplification would be if every board was "unique". This creates problems given the current situation, with some boards splintered, but would be in line with the 8chan promise of the BO setting the standard for the board. That said, there are workarounds. I believe many federated social media services allow both control over which instances they federate with as well as some fine-grained controls. You're right that the average user cannot easily control which threads/boards they pull from in this hypothetical, but it would be feasible for moderators to control if a post is right for their site or not. If deletion on the original host propagates, but those nodes were allowed to remove it from their own catalog, that might be sufficient. There's also some other options besides federation that could work as a stopgap. But the biggest barrier still is sites playing ball, agreeing to more integration than currently exists, and then grafting that onto three different platforms.
>>2004 https://zzzchan.xyz/tech/thread/845.html#845 This thread is about P2P software solutions but a lot of the concepts might be applicable in federation.
(287.10 KB 2544x1800 Asuka goth KFC.jpeg)

Monday Maintenance Complete I didn't get to everything I wanted to do tonight, but I refactored the caching system's control code from top to bottom. >When you git gud and can turn sections with 19 lines into 2 lines. This should provide a host of improvements. >Faster page and image loading >No more cross-domain errors between .moe and .se links >Better modularity for making changes later should the need arise >More secure hotlink and image blocking >Eliminate the bug that occasionally cached images from /.global/captchas/ resulting in incorrect expired captcha errors Report any bugs found here, please and thank you.
>>2012 >Eliminate the bug that occasionally cached images from /.global/captchas/ resulting in incorrect expired captcha errors This was a problem every time I let a quick reply window open for more than 10 minutes. Thanks.
how come when i link media, whether it is a video or image, it 404s?
>>2017 It's to prevent glow niggers from linking off-site and hyping people up to report 2D content.
>>2017 See >>2018 I am working on a way to make it less aggressive.
>>2017 We don't allow offsite linking to images or certain boards.
>>2018 >>2019 >>2020 well that fucking sucks
Would EPUB support be possible at all? PDFs are the objectively worst way to share books (unless it's got lots of diagrams or someshit I guess).
>Error 404 Not Found >Not Found >Guru Meditation: >XID: 679351751 >Varnish cache server Get these errors every once in awhile, entire clearnet site is inaccessible for awhile as every page outputs the same error. Only seems to happen on the .moe domain.
>>2034 If you're posting via Tor, use the .onion and you won't encounter those. Plus performance will be improved.
>>2035 I'll post using the onion when it gets a functional thread auto updater.
>>2033 Added. let me know if there's other eBook formats, or if you find epub files that won't upload. Zip it and upload it here. Sometimes extensions have multiple valid MIMEs and we haven't added all of them. >>2036 Touché. I'll revisit the issue.
(900.46 KB 1770x1006 acidman.png)

geoblocks removal, when?
(2.79 KB 783x26 epub file.png)

>>2037 >>2041 Upload works. The download works but with error: the file downloaded is the /.media/<string> without an .epub extension. The file does work if the .epub extension is manually added to the file.
>>2042 >>2041 Disregard (some of) that I suck cocks: Using the normal "Save Link As..." method makes it work normally: the file name is preserved and is marked as .epub The click-on-link download does do what I mentioned in here though >>2042 where it lacks an extension.
>>2042 >>2043 Do you use Windows?
>>2044 Yes on this case
>>2045 Then be sure you're actually changing the extension. Newer versions of Windows (8 and 10 for sure, possibly 7) don't rely on the filename for the extension anymore, but actually retain the original extension in the file's properties. If you download a file with no extension, Windows is probably confused about what type of file it is. Make sure you've actually changed the file type and not just the name. You can see an example by naming an image "file.txt". XP and older would instantly assume it was a text file and open it as such. Newer versions will not. I will look into why the file only has a hash and not an extension. Probably as a fallback for generic file MIMEs.
>>1972 >Not from what I can see. Do you 100% browse 8chan from phone? Like you never use pc browser?
>The Revengeance (>>>/v/243036) and Fug (>>>/v/244807) GG threads were deleted two hours ago because of the /v/ GG thread limit before I could even save any images from them Dammit Mark/Acid/Goldenrod/Vols, you really should've waited to do that for at least one, two or even three more threads were created (which would've likely happened within the next couple of days), now I hope if it's possible for those two aforementioned threads can be restored from a backup with all the files intact. Otherwise my other choice would be to post in the current GG thread asking if anyone has the files from a metric fuckton of Archive links (I have 67 links in my draft all going to various posts in those threads, pic related doesn't even show all of them). I'm going to bed after I post this so I hope they'll get restored before I get up and if that happens I'm going to be an extremely happy man. I remember that Smug/a/ was able to restore their pre-November threads back in mid-December following that one spam attack after someone complained in the cafe thread afterwards that one of the mods deleted them for no reason, so I hope that it can also be done here too even though the imageboard software is completely different.
>>2060 Restoring them shouldn't be a problem, but I'll try to have a long overdue talk about how to preserve the old threads without them piling up.
Why is the site dead? >>2020 That's retarded.
>>2012 Any update on being able to inline replies?
>>2074I Still a work in progress. Getting it to behave correctly and work smoothly has been something of a pain, and some of the revamps we're working on are higher priority. With some luck, it'll be in the next major release.
how can i download images and such on mobile? i use firefox on android. it just says failed every time
>>2076 Great to hear. Eagerly awaiting!
>>2060 >>2061 Well since those two threads are now on >>>/gg/, I've noticed that all of the files in both of those threads are missing, which doesn't help my problem. I hope they'll be restored as soon as possible because again, there's some things that I really wanted to save from them.
Why is tor posting/ posting with out cookies such a bitch? You fill out the no cookie captcha, then you get the long red code and are told to put that in when youre asked for a captcha later... but when you do so you just get told that you need cookies for captchas to work and you go and fill out the no cookie captcha again; ad infinitum. Am I the only one with this problem?
I see ASN's being exposed to board owners still hasn't been addressed. I recall this concern being brought up quite awhile ago. It's pretty significant so I'm surprised it hasn't been dealt with yet.
>>2136 I'll look into this to see if something broke in our frontend. That isn't the intended behavior. >>2140 There has not been a new release of LynxChan since then, and we typically only make major backend changes when there is an update to the backend. More to the point, in general ASNs are a poor method for identifying users, but can provide BOs with a tool for identifying when traffic from a specific network is troublesome. It's far less identifying than an IP address. If you have any examples or write-ups of de-anonymization attacks utilizing ASNs then I'd be happy to read it and work on a solution to mitigate. I'm not really sure what could be done at this stage, except perhaps hashing ASNs.
>>2146 As far as I'm aware ASN's can be used to discover user locations down to a fairly concerning degree. Board owners even being able to see users countries is problematic, let alone states or cities. Hashing them is appropriate.
>>2147 How can you find someone's location from just a 3-5 digit number?
>>2147 If a BO really wants to know your origin country, they could just make location flags mandatory. It would probably be more reliable than ASNs.
>overboard plastered in spic shit Non-english boards shouldn't be indexed in the overboard.
>>2150 >If a BO really wants to know your origin country, they could just make location flags mandatory That reminds me, location flags also need a checkbox to opt out of them when posting. Mandatory location flags is retarded and vichan had the ability to opt out.
I found an error i think, but i dont know if im doing it wrong or what, so im just gonna show it and ask if there's a correct way or something: When you put /roll {5D100} Obviously it can be done with any kind of dice, not just a 5d100 with the D instead of a d happens this: 5D100dundefined = 0 What is supposed to be after the, in this case, 100 so there wont be that dundefined? and, if this question is answered in some part of the posting zone, were is it that i cant find it?
That sperglord* is making new board and he make more post in 3 days than my board in 5 months. This make me looks pathethic. *I find out he is a touhou and kantaifag
(13.01 KB 528x323 ClipboardImage.png)

Typing 8chan.moe/b/ directly into the browser produces this. You have to go to the base URL first and then click on /b/. Very annoying.
(765.00 B 135x40 Connection_Failed.png)

fixing the error prompt that pops up when you make an error using the will help to know what does need a fix, what does needs to be deleted, and what does need to be added to make the codes work...
>>2164 Strange, it should be passing up the error. Could you post what you're trying to use without the tags? And which tags are you using? I will attempt to reproduce.
>>2165 the tags are: \tiny - {\tt -} \xcancel{-} \texttt{-} \textsf{-} \\textup{-} \textit{-} \textbf{-} \sixptsize - \sf - \TeX - \scriptsize - -\raisebox{2-}{$-$}- \projlim - \overline{\text{-}} \tiny - And the text is always -"Test De Espacios"- and its the same no matter if its inside of the {} or just next to those who doesnt have the {}, the only one that differs from this is the raisebox, in which case i put it like this te\raisebox{2pt}{$st con espac$}ios Also, idk why but i think some of those tags doesnt allow spaces, or i left out something that makes those tags accept them, these are tags that i know doesnt allow spaces: \mathfrak{-} \mathcal{-} \mathbf{-} \mathnormal{-} \mathscr{-} But, if im not wrong these simply doesnt work with spaces because they are made for maths, not for normal text paragraphs
(53.12 KB 675x801 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2166 Most of these work for me, and the ones that don't return an error. Connection Lost is often thrown as a fallback for other problems while posting, but parsing the latex should not be the issue.
>>2167 i failed at telling this: replace the - on the tags with the test de espacios, and just copy the raisebox as it is, because i missplaced one - on the raisebox that doesnt have any text, im sure that in that moment you will end up getting that direct Conection failed instead of the prompt that tells whats wrong. If you are lazy enough that you dont want to replace every - with "test de espacios" i will post it now so you just need to add the $$ at the start and the and to make it work \tiny test de espacios {\tt test con espacios} \xcancel{test con espacios} \texttt{test con espacios} \textsf{test con espacios} \\textup{test con espacios} \textit{test con espacios} \textbf{test con espacios} \sixptsize test con espacios \sf test con espacios \TeX test \scriptsize test con espacios te\raisebox{2pt}{$st con espac$}ios \projlim test de funcion \overline{\text{test con espacios}} if you are able to post these ones then i will accept that idk whats happening with my error prompt
(23.17 KB 658x249 ClipboardImage.png)

(33.26 KB 451x338 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2168 I had one line that threw errors (and a couple I accidentally broke in my haste) but otherwise it works. Send an e-mail to codexx@cock.li and I will try to work with you to determine the cause.
>>2169 If its just the projlim i will fix it and try it, those were the last ones that i were trying out, thanks for the help
(496.23 KB 864x1536 Screenshot_20210328-225137.png)

Not the guy from earlier, but I also have that font bug near images. I went to some webfont site and it showed up fine, so I don't think it's disabled. Using latest bromite from f-droid on android 11, I don't see a setting to actually check if remote fonts are disabled though.
>>2173 Your image looks fine. What do you think is wrong with it? The issue I'm hunting is the one where all the icons are boxes.
>>2174 oh, the icons just looked odd amd I'm retarded, disregard
>>2175 I think they'll take some getting used to, but we're trying it out. It's a bit cleaner and takes up less space than the text. There's more improvements coming, especially for no-JS users. I wasn't actually going to launch it yet, but I was tinkering with ///this text\\\ and had to push an update to the CSS to achieve it. Although it seems like some of the CSS files are expiring sooner than others. Hopefully that will kick in soon.
>>2163 Direct/hot links to certain boards were disabled as a protective measure against trolls who report things with the host. As far I know /delicious/, /loli/, /sm/, /tot/, /h/, /b/ and the board list page are disabled. >>2176 May I ask why you chose to use /// \\\ for chink text instead of a different combination or order of characters?
>>2185 Slants seem appropriate for a chink
>>2186 \\\ /// looks more like an angry chink in my opinion.
>>2185 That's so retarded. As if people checking those reports can't think of going to the root domain first. You're just inconveniencing legit users.
i'm a nigger
(800.42 KB 1258x948 prooh.gif)

Can you check if /v/ really fell to Tengu or if it's just April Fools shitposting? Had a pretty good reply to a deleted thread.
(3.30 MB 326x326 [000756].mp4)

Well the entire catalog is nuked HAH
(8.53 KB 551x78 ClipboardImage.png)

I cant sage and hide the shit that i dont like, fix it or im gonna rant as hell because i cant be on my tree house happy without having to see those low quality posts that damage my cornea
(94.34 KB 868x398 a.png)

(411.24 KB 808x1283 b.png)

>>2209 Yeah, for some reason the "hide" buttons don't appear in all threads.First pic is /site/'s index, second pic is this thread. I wonder if the change in CSS that was needed to implement ///chink text\\\ caused this.
(83.49 KB 1207x659 EuyxEQGXMAY1ozV.png)

Markus what's the link to the YouTube video discussed here?
>>1650 Did you idiots seriously hire a known shitposter who deletes boards for a laugh as a gvol? What the fuck were you thinking, were you just too starstruck by HAHA HE RUINED JULAY HE'S /ourguy/ to think for one second that the reason he'd want to be here was to fuck with everyone's hated kike?
(1.83 MB 1790x1220 1617321949047.png)

delete /interracial/. thank you
(50.65 KB 533x297 TIME.jpg)

Out of idle curiosity, is there a refresh rate on appealing permabans? Kazu nuked me on /v/ and then declined the appeal so if it doesn't get heard out by someone who ISN'T retarded then i'm gone forever.
>>2219 Not to my knowledge, but I pass the message along to Mark and Goldenrod. Additionally, it might be time to move the /v/ meta thread here so that users can participate without needing access to /v/. I will bring up the matter with them.
>>2220 Years ago mark couldn't be bothered to maintain /metav/ so i doubt he'd care to use /site/ for it. It'd be useful for people who can't air their grievances on boards to have a thread for it but i also assume anybody with an axe to grind would just make their own thread.
>>2221 quads
The hide\filter button has suddenly started disappearing for me if I reload a page, but only on certain boards and not on others? This board and /test/ work fine for example but /v/ doesn't. What has changed?
>>2225 Gotten a few reports of this and I'm looking into it. Hoping to have it fixed tonight.
try posting >wrong captcha Solve captcha >You are banned! wait for 3 days >ip range Reset IP >pic too big >Error: You are banned. it is actually from whoever use this previous dynamic IP but this ban no longer apply This is why we call them cuckchan Why don't the system just told me everything that wrong with my post instead acting like such defunct burreucrat? Why make people go through hoop if your are just gonna putting an invisible wall in front?
>>2227 The absolute state of clearniggers. How embarrassing.
>>2209 >>2210 >>2225 Forgot to mention I patched this yesterday. Please let me know if the issue continues.
Is the 8moe mumble server still a thing? I don't see it in the mumble server list anymore.
>>2231 For some reason, Mumble hasn't updated the certificate despite it being renewed, and the cert needs to be valid for it to show up in the global listing. I'll see if I can get it to update.
https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2430440 This is what "being tolerant without guideline" does to your site
>>2232 What's the IP?
>>2235 Use mumble.8ch.moe to resolve it. I can't promise the IP will remain the same.
>>2212 Please answer this, Marky boy.
(104.98 KB 1918x866 Capturess.PNG)

Can't load images on 8chan.moe domain. Gives error : <Content Security Policy: The report URI (about:blank) should be an HTTP or HTTPS URI. <Content Security Policy: The page’s settings observed the loading of a resource at https://8chan.moe/.static/js/validationWorker.js (“worker-src”). A CSP report is being sent. Using Icecat and Basilisk gives error, disabled ublock/umatrix. Using redchannit images load correctly. Using chromium based browsers work too.
>>2242 Isn't icecat on some ancient version of firefox? Just use librewolf
>>2242 Does Icecat disable referrers by default? I think the CSP error is unrelated to the images not loading.
Why is my shitty country even geoblocked to begin with? just want an explanation. t.JIDF
>he's back lol
So yeah, dunno where to post, but I'm having an issue with the board owner from /co/ and apparently he deleted one of the posts on the Serenity Manga thread. I asked him why did he deleted my post on that thread and he complained about my username on here, calling it "namefagging". I dunno what his/her problem was, but this kind of behavior is unacceptable, and I don't want to risk my ass getting banned over a stupid username. If any staff has any suggestions, please let me know, because I've never seen this kind of behavior on this site like at all. Thanks!
I thing the latest update to the site introduced a memory leak.
>>2251 You'll need to explain where you think the problem is. The last update was entirely CSS, and the last update to rework the JS was months ago. >>2249 Board Owners are allowed to run the board however they'd like and create any additional rules they wish. Globals can't force a BO to allow names. There's even an option in the board settings to disable names entirely.
>>/v/286179 While theres no explicit nudity, puffy nipples isnt considered an NSFW tag? Or it was blatantly ignored because of the others four pics that doesnt have puffy nipples on them? Whichever the anwser is, puffy nipples is being taken as a NSFW tag by whatever site you visit, considering it SFW is very rare by itself...
>>2256 >>>/v/286185 the first one needs spoiler >>>/v/269053 literally nipple... >>>/v/264061 dong >>>/v/223188 what kind of content that is NSFW could be on the first image? >>/v/219386 the second, just a little nipple slip i can keep going on and on, i already reported in time and not even one of them deleted. Kep da gud work bois.
(2.63 KB cake v1.txt)

8moe will be one year old in 5 days according to the daily graphs page. I want to make a theme based on the colors of a cake as a way to celebrate the site's "birthday", but I can't figure the looks right, so here's everything I made so far in case somebody else has a better idea. The background is located on >>>/res/70 and has more variations.
>>2255 >>2256 >>2257 I've spoilered the images in the last post. But on the whole, the site has a very relaxed definition of NSFW imagery. As long as sex characteristics are covered, it's fine. I'd recommend webms with NSFW content be spoilered at all times, in case the thumbnail isn't what one expects, but for gifs/videos with NSFW content I'm not sure how valuable the spoiler is except as a warning to not click it at work. Then again, spoilers are more often a barrier to prevent users from having to see NSFW content they're not comfortable with; I don't know if anyone is actually browsing at work or in front of family. Plenty of content not subject to the NSFW rule would probably still not be welcomed in certain environments. >>2260 Looks great! I'd recommend selecting a [code] tag theme, since the default is pretty blue and can blend with the background. You can also control whether a theme lightens or darkens the background behind the code. The site's exact launch date is up in the air; it wasn't public on April 21st, but it was public by May 1st. That said, we prefer to just continue celebrating the October date, and I will roll out the theme then. Please let me know if you have any other holiday themes; I'm awful at CSS and we don't currently have any.
>>2254 Well yeah, like if there's a rule about it, then they should at least let the person know about it rather than being a total dick about it. Thanks for the tip though.
>>2262 >larping this hard Embarrassing
(1.99 KB pure.txt)

(2.54 KB Yotsuba_P_v2.txt)

(3.03 KB Royal_v2.txt)

>>2261 >I'd recommend selecting a [code] tag theme, since the default is pretty blue and can blend with the background. You can also control whether a theme lightens or darkens the background behind the code. I honestly don't know what you mean with this or how to do it. I would appreciate if you can explain this so I can implement it on my theme(s). >The site's exact launch date is up in the air; it wasn't public on April 21st, but it was public by May 1st. >That said, we prefer to just continue celebrating the October date, and I will roll out the theme then. I see. >Please let me know if you have any other holiday themes; [...] we don't currently have any. This is the first holiday theme I make, hence why I came here for feedback. I may try to make Halloween and Christmas themes when the time comes, but they'll probably be simple Yotsuba B recolors (like this cake theme) and not something more complex (because I can't into actual programming). >I'm awful at CSS Me too. Before it I made the (IMO) grotesquely bloated Yotsuba P, Miku and Royal themes by editing random parts of Yotsuba B's .css file and figuring out how things changed, but nowadays I use /pure/'s (R.I.P.) custom .css file that is 10x smaller and only changes some of Yotsuba B's parameters instead of having a full copy of everything, including a lot of stuff that is identical to YB's. Files attached are the original /pure/ theme and versions of Yotsuba P and Royal based on it. I'm uploading them so you can see the (big) difference between them and the garbage I submitted some time ago. I should mention that all of the files lack the [code] tag thing because I don't know how to add it (if I remember correctly, you or the other admin ended up adding them because I couldn't it figure out). Once I learn how to add code tags I'll put them on the themes.
>>2265 For what it's worth, I think you do a great job. Way better than I could do. I've scrapped a number of themes over the years. My sensibilities with color are right at home on GeoCities. >Yotsuba P and Royal I think I already pared those down before adding them to the dropdown, but I will compare the new versions and see if they're smaller. Every theme (except the Penumbras) are built on top of Yotsuba B, and we deliberately used variables to make it easy to change colors without copypasting. It's unique in that it has a lot of the structure and style built into it, while the others mostly just reassign variables to new colors. For making a theme, I usually start with one of the others for this reason; they're already pared down. We're actually working on a CSS refactor to bring Yotsuba B in line with the others, reduce the dependency on Yotsuba B for page structure, and make themes both more consistent and also easier to make. That's the goal anyways. I'd actually like it if you shot me an e-mail (codexx at cock dot li) sometime. It's been pretty unreliable lately, but it can work for establishing contact and for non-emergencies. You've been contributing solid themes and I'd like you to have access to the latest updates so you can futureproof/update them in the future. And your opinion on some tweaks might be helpful. We have someone dedicated to handling CSS for the site, but I'm sure he could do with some help. >Selecting a default code theme Code markdown now highlights syntax, and there's a bunch of themes available for that. You can test them using the dropdown under Settings->Other. Every theme on the site also imports a code highlighting theme, since using the same one for every color scheme just wouldn't work. For example, if you check the version of Royal being used by the site, there's some imports at the top. @import "./tomorrow.css"; @import "./syntax/atelier-sulphurpool-dark.css"; First is an import of Tomorrow to get the dark theme defaults, and the second will pull in the highlighting for Atelier Sulphurpool Dark. Everything under the syntax directory is specifically for code highlighting. There's also the background. By default, Tomorrow (and dark themes inheriting from it) will get a darker background behind the code, while Yotsuba B and its light derivatives get a lighter background. Here is the snippet from Tomorrow: code { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.15); } There is a matching snippet in Yotsuba B. That all said, the goal of the refactor is going to be to minimize imports. But this is the system we're using for the time being, inefficient as it is.
Edited last time by codexx on 04/18/2021 (Sun) 11:39:17.
Didn't 8chins moe had a video uploading site, what was the link of it again?
>>2279 No uploads, just streams. https://watch.8ch.moe See >>1519 for details.
>>2280 There was a video uploading site, it was called tortube or something.
>>2266 Sorry for the late response. I got busy with real life stuff and totally forgot to check this board. >I'd actually like it if you shot me an e-mail (codexx at cock dot li) sometime. It's been pretty unreliable lately, but it can work for establishing contact and for non-emergencies. You've been contributing solid themes and I'd like you to have access to the latest updates so you can futureproof/update them in the future. I appreciate the proposal, but I'm not sure if I could be of any help with my extremely limited technical abilities. The best I can do code-wise is to replace color values, add small details and pray that they don't break everything when I resize the window, and that's something that is better done after the main themes are finished, so in any case my contributions would be in the form of ideas, something that is better to post here since other users can give their feedback. >And your opinion on some tweaks might be helpful. We have someone dedicated to handling CSS for the site, but I'm sure he could do with some help. Speaking of them, here are two proposals I've considered for a while: 1. Give a better format to the blotter at the top of the page. The text detailing the fallbacks can be turned into a simple link to a post or page detailing everything (/sm/ has a link pointing to >>>/res/55 that lists the current domains and some contact links), with maybe a second hotlink for the onion domain since that's what most search for during emergencies. The disclaimer (8chan.moe is a hobby project..) could be moved to the bottom to save space, too. 2. Replace the default color used for pink texts (#FF28FB) with one with a better contrast. The current default color (used in Yotsuba B, Vivian, Redchannit, Windows 95 and both Penumbras) has a really poor contrast, specially with light backgrounds. A better default tone could be #BC245D (used on Miku) for "clear" themes and #DE3E80 (used on Royal) for "dark" themes. Vivian is a special case where none of the two proposed colors work, so for it I recommend to use #910E38 or change the background color used for replies. If anyone is curious to see how these colors look like you can paste this piece of code in the custom CSS settings: .pinkText { color: #910e38; } /* #bc245d (best for light bg) /* #de3e80 (best for dark bg) /* #910e38 (for vivian) >>2279 >>2281 That service was a a mere experiment located on redchannit.net that was removed some weeks ago. The current service is a Cytube instance.
>>2281 >>2282 Ah so it got taken down, good to know.
I think the language selector for boards is broken. /ita/ and /hisrol/ are in English despite having their native languages available.
>>2282 I ended up finding #fe2020 for light themes and used #de3080 for dark themes. I think #910e38 might be a good solution for Vivian, but it's a bit purple. I'm open to tweaking either the reply color or the highlight color, as long as it retains the general green/purple/orange theme. Honestly, if you want to tweak the entire theme you can be my guest. It's a real challenge to get multiple shades of green, purple, and orange to play nicely with each other and if you can capture the spirit while making it more legible then I'm all for that. Pinktext, Greentext, and replies are all hard to read on Vivian. >Fallbacks and Disclaimer taking up space I've pushed for this a few times, the admins can't reach a consensus on this. Some feel having these at the top is beneficial since it makes them hard to avoid. That said, I think maintaining a fallback.txt for people to save is the best method, especially with how many alternatives we have. I'll bring the issue up again and see if we can agree to pare it down a little. At least we de-bolded the disclaimer and the fallback. >>2305 We forked our FE before FE language packs were available so there might be a digression. I'll keep an eye out for these as I port the FE to 2.6.
Edited last time by codexx on 04/25/2021 (Sun) 01:47:20.
(2.25 KB test.txt)

>>2306 Not gonna lie, the Vivian is a mess impossible to fix. I tried to change its colors to improve the contrast, but ultimately it turned into its own thing, defeating its purpose. Here's the WiP theme, I really don't know what to do about it anymore, sorry.
>>2308 Your take is pretty good as its own thing. But I'm not sure it's possible to reconcile 2-3 garish colors and make them cohesive. I've got a few ideas for tweaks to make things a little more tolerable. Might play with them if I have spare time before the next major update.
(27.36 KB 1893x276 Untitled.png)

Javascript issue I guess? Threads aren't refreshing. Even with websockets disabled it counts down to 0 and then never refreshes. Using Waterfox Classic, latest version (2021.04.1). Was told to post it here.
>>2312 That's definitely the issue; that's the part of the script that handles refreshes.. Odd that disabling websockets doesn't fix it. I was hoping to rewrite and better integrate the websocket and refresh parts of the script. I'll be sure to do testing on Waterfox. Sorry for the inconvenience.
>>2312 For what it's worth I'm using an old version and it works just fine.
>>2314 It might be a change in security settings made during the latest Waterfox Classic patch. I'll check out the release notes and see if there's anything relevant.
>>2314 Yeah, it worked fine for me too until the other day.
>>2313 It's a bit of a finicky browser sometimes, thanks. Here's the patch notes for the version I have https://www.waterfox.net/blog/waterfox-2021.04-release/
>>2317 >Security patches from latest ESR. I'm assuming it's this. Do they pull security patches down from Firefox ESR?
>>2318 I think so yeah, at least the version I use.
Browser just updated again and it works now. Sorry for being a pain. Apparently the browser was blocking ports it isn't supposed to.
>>2321 Thanks for the update.
Sorry if I'm being retarded, but is there any way for users to customize the boards list on the top of the page? I don't mean site-wide, obviously, but on an individual user basis. It'd be really handy if I could avoid having potentially several porn board links there at all times, for example, and even better if each user could limit what shows up there to their preferred boards. No idea how hard this would be to implement if it isn't already.
>>>/b/6094 This thread is filled with borderline content of IRL children, and pictures of IRL children in general. As with all pedoniggers threads they eventually lead to pedoniggers pushing boundaries to see what they can get away with.
Can you remove Kazu as a mod so we can lower the amount of pedos on the site?
>>2345 >>2346 Back to Reddit newfags.
>>2347 I forgot to add that I do not consider shota and loli to be cp. And if anything, reddit has more pedos with all the trannies on the site.
>>2348 Obviously no one is talking about loli. It's the retarded pedophiles openly discussing their degeneracy that's the issue.
Newfaggot filth, go back.
>>2349 >It's the retarded pedophiles openly discussing their degeneracy that's the issue. Exactly. Something has to be done about them. I just wanted to throw the loli thing out there in case someone thought I was referring them.
>>2351 >dee genny wa ceeeeeee GO BACK NEWFAG
>>2352 Guess what, nigger. I'm bisexual and have had sex with men and women. So you're criticism of me doesn't even work. >That spelling of degeneracy >All caps redtext You're the one that has to go back, right to the void where you belong
>>2353 Shut up newfag.
>>2345 >>2346 >>2349 I agree. These pedos are leaking into other boards and posts. Allowing them to post in the first place was a big mistake. It's about time for Kazu and them to be removed.
>>2355 >Kazu and them I never made the pedo thread on the first place, you stupid moron. That sht was there since before I became a vol. It was made cyclical because the OP had asked for it to be and it would serve as a merging point and containment thread for all the pedos spamming the board. It got out of hand recently when a bunch of them with a more aggressive posting style showed up, spamming pictures of real children non stop and being generally cuckchan tier shitposters that didn't discuss anything. Earlier today I deleted the thread only for it to be made again twice, for the time being both were merged and pictures are actively being deleted, otherwise they will start spamming /v/s GG and Meta threads again with endless complaints. One of them was posting pictures of children, one that could be considered borderline material, it had a kid inside a bathtub. These files all had Facebook filenames, using the second number string from these filenames will lead you to the parent's FB page. You don't need to be a genius to realize how anyone could use this against the site. i made it cyclical for the time being since one of them was more or less threatening to spam CP all night. I want the thread gone as much as everyone else but i can't think of a better solution to contain these retards, if Rain is fine with me deleting their shit I will do it.
>>2359 >a kid inside a bathtub I love how you're dramatizing this as if it was something that could even remotely be considered cp. Not much more than the face was visible in that picture, which everyone can look at on the public instagram profile I have taken it from by the way. >These files all had Facebook filenames, using the second number string from these filenames will lead you to the parent's FB page This is false. Instead of justifying why you made the thread cyclical and didn't delete it sooner like the good goy and enemy of free speech you are, you should rather justify why you want to purge content that doesn't violate any of the stated rules from the site.
>>2360 Some of you pedo fuckers keep actively testing the limits of what is and isn't allowed. I'll keep deleting pictures of children unless i'm explicitly told otherwise by Rain or an admin.
>>2359 >I never made the pedo thread on the first place, you stupid moron. He never said you did, but you did make it cyclical. Nice Freudian slip, pedo. >it would serve as a merging point and containment thread Containment has failed every time it has been tried. You're just giving them a home base. >or all the pedos spamming the board. Spam doesn't get containment, it gets banned as per global rules. And pedos should be global banned too. >It got out of hand recently when a bunch of them with a more aggressive posting style showed up This is what happens when you give them an inch. >otherwise they will start spamming /v/s GG and Meta threads again with endless complaints. >i made it cyclical for the time being since one of them was more or less threatening to spam CP all night. That's called giving into terrorism, faggot. You're a vol on /v/ too. Take care of it.
>>2361 >testing the limits Can you describe what type of images you mean? I must've missed them all because I haven't seen anything close to borderline material, not even any NN modeling Candydoll-type shit.
>>2362 >He never said you did He didn't say it, but it is something I've seen thrown around along with other accusations. I was just preemptively making it clear. >Containment has failed every time It's a temporary solution, I just need the word to rain down on them. >Take care of it. I must definitely do >>2363 Said bathtub picture i mentioned before and the pictures being mentioned here >>>/v/303929 this last thread they have is an ultimatum to be fair, i'll go nuclear on their asses if they don't stop it.
>>2364 That /v/ post I quoted was the wrong one. It was this one >>>/v/303888
>>2364 >I was just preemptively accusing him of saying something he did not say and calling him retarded for something he has yet to say Ask my how I know hot head is in the triple digits while your IQ is in the doubles. >It's a temporary solution, I just need the word to rain down on them. If you haven't gotten it from Rain yet, you need to go above him.
>>2364 I don't see a useful description in the post you referenced, it just states that they were pictures of real children and the person who posted them "probably" jerks off to them, implying that matters. How is that pushing the limits? With the girl in the bathtub I wasn't trying to post anything controversial, quite the opposite. I chose it because not much more than the face was visible. It kinda amuses me how you seem to have lost your shit over that picture, that wasn't my intention.
>>2359 Complying with the demands of pedophiles is never a good solution, but this also seems outside the scope of what an individual BO can accomplish. This should be addressed at an admin level and all pedophile discussion should be banned. And /b/ styles boards should be banned as well. Without focused boards limiting the kind of content that can be discussed or uploaded subhumans will invest wherever they can find a foothold. As much as it might be admirable to attempt a rigid stance on free speech, it's clearly not sustainable and some limits need to be put into place.
(106.41 KB 476x710 1506021272.jpg)

>>2369 >all pedophile discussion should be banned How do retards like you even find their way to these parts of the internet? Are you from Reddit? Sad how retards like you are destroying imageboards, but I guess this is how it is. Go ahead and enjoy your inaccessible safespace site, with Tor- and VPN-posting heavily restricted just because you can't cope with people discussing things you don't want to see, you fragile little faggot.
>>2370 Kill yourself pedonigger, nobody likes you.
>>2371 Seethe harder.
>>2370 If you fags could contain your autism and stop trying to push the boundaries of the site rules and even the law then no one would give a shit about you. But you can't and you've proven time and time again across multiple sites that you can't be trusted.
>>2372 Anon, you made this post >>2349 so I thought that you would agree with me? I'm clearly not talking about loli if that's what you thought9
>>2373 Or you could just punish the ones that do push or overstep the boundaries and leave the rule-abiding users the fuck alone. But that doesn't seem to be an option for you faggots because you already made up the "inevitable" outcome in your mind. You should seriously think about renaming the site though, you obviously don't want to have anything to with 8chan legacy and the mainstream normalfags you'd like to attract will be put off when they hear the name.
>>2374 He didn't make that post, that's just a tor node he happened to get that was the same as mine from earlier.
>>2374 No I haven't made that post, your gay IDs either don't work properly or the guy who made it happened to hit the same Tor exit node I did.
>>2375 >You should seriously think about renaming the site though, you obviously don't want to have anything to with 8chan legacy and the mainstream normalfags you'd like to attract will be put off when they hear the name. You're correct the site should have never been named after or associated with the 8chan legacy. Even Fred was a degenerate pedonigger who punished gvols that deleted literal onion links to CP because "technically onion links aren't illegal they're just text lol". The first thing that comes to peoples mind when they think 8chan is that site that for years had a retarded cripple bend over backwards to defend borderline CP being hosted on his site. No one around today wants anything to do with that shit regardless of how integral it was to the "8chan legacy", which is why no one gives a single fuck about 8chan's legacy because 8chan was shit in many ways.
>>2378 The first thing that comes to peoples minds is /pol/ and the Q larp bullshit they saw on HBO. I.e. everything the dumbass pigfucker and his autistic hapa spawn brought on. Pedophiles discussing things being a threat to its existence is a thing that only exists in your head.
>>2375 >you obviously don't want to have anything to with 8chan legacy and the mainstream normalfags you'd like to attract will be put off when they hear the name. I don't give a fuck about normalfags, it's glowniggers that I don't want to be attracted here nor do I want anyone else to have a good reason to deplatform the place. >>2379 Discussing maybe not but posting pictures is a different matter.
>>2378 Fred never did that.
>>2380 Nobody cares about it on kohlchan either.
>>2359 I'm from the pedo thread and you are outright wrong. The posters spamming things are also shitting up OUR thread, and we also don't want them. If you could actually manage to deal with them without nuking everything else even tangentially related that would be great. Literally go look at the thread, the moment the posters you are complaining about show up, all discussion dies. This is what was happening last thread too. The fact of the matter is that the pedo thread does not break the rules, nor do the vast majority of the pedos you want to purge. You are being threatened by them because you are antagonizing us and threatening to punish us for something a single or small group of posters are doing. I know you know we are trying to cooperate, as at the very least I have been reporting every post I can clearly identify as the posters killing discussion. I would also like to further put forward the idea that the spamming retard may not even be pedo, as never once have they shown any interest in doing anything other then spamming the same set of images and posting short replies containing no substance whatsoever. Never once have they engaged in any topic of discussion that every other pedo had jumped on, and even actively tries to shut this down. Please actually do something to solve this issue, because nuking our thread isn't going to make the spamming retard go away, and it's just going to make the problem worse by making more and more posters angry enough to lash out. I am perfectly content to stay in the pedo thread. I am perfectly content to never post images of 3d children, and I never have in the past. I am happy to adopt a cooperative and mutually respectful relationship, but it takes two people to do that and you have not made fantastic choices towards achieving this end.
Borderline and spam is being deleted in a timely manner. The new "no pics" rule is fine. I'll be less lenient on lifting bans in future. Y'all need to chill.
>>2383 >I'm from the pedo thread and you are outright wrong. The posters spamming things are also shitting up OUR thread, and we also don't want them. Well if that's the case then you need to take pre emptive steps against them. Is there any way to turn off image posting and break links on a thread by thread basis? If not then that's a functionality that Codexx needs to add stat.
>>2383 >>2384 >>2385 Images aren't the only issue. Harboring and enabling pedoniggers to openly discuss their desires and degeneracy is retarded and bound to cause issues. It's basically fed posting taken up a notch, and fed posting is banned/deleted so therefore pedo posting should too.
(101.58 KB 400x349 chad lg poster.png)

You are all fucking insane tb­h.
>>2387 >my OC from /fascist/ here Weird feels, but based.
>>2386 >Harboring and enabling pedoniggers to openly discuss their desires and degeneracy is retarded and bound to cause issues Don't you remember the crackdown on loli and pedo on 8kun? How did that go for everyone?
(237.93 KB 506x704 hitler.png)

>>2388 heil'd
(95.02 KB 375x823 heilception.jpg)

>>2390 what does it mean
(133.62 KB 962x932 hitler and little girl.jpg)

>>2390 He was /ourguy/
>>2389 Loli != pedo. Only pedophiles conflate loli with pedophilia.
>>2393 >t. pedo in denial back to the GG thread with your fellow cucks
>>2393 Loli is pedo, dummy t. pedo
>>2389 I remember when half a million fucking delusional boomers invaded the site and and the head boomer in charge himself pandered to their every little whim to the detriment to the true anons.
>>2396 That's not how I remember it at all. I remember it being an imageboard with a high level of freedom of speech run by a based cripple, then a boomer came in and tried to run it in a sustainable manner, still generally allowing freedom of speech but cracking down on stuff like kid pics and whatnot. Then the cripple left, had some wierd-ass "revelation" that his purpose in life was to spend considerable resources undermining and destroying the site which he had created, partially succeeding, but the site still clung to life for a while. Then the boomer also went mad and banned loli for a while, and everybody left except /pol/acks and Qanons.
>>2398 >a based cripple wew
>>2398 >>2398 >I remember it being an imageboard with a high level of freedom of speech run by a based cripple. He never believed it. It was a ploy to gain more users.
>>2399 Around Genetic Mistakes, Caution Ye Take Near a Man in a Chair, Beware
Somehow I can tell that all of this is Agent Johnson and his cabal's fault. I've seen this behavior (posting toddlers and girls from FB/IG combined with cuckchan-tier responses and samefagging) in the past on 9chan, zzzchan and multiple Patchans, and every time the one responsible always namefagged as Agent Johnson or any variation while posting the same images again and again.
>>2402 Well I've begun to wonder if there's a 3D party trying trying to play different parts of the site against each other to disrupt the site. Just out of nowhere >>>/v/304700 this post appeared apropos of nothing in the GG thread. I'm beginning to think this is some glownigger ops of some kind or or. Either that or it's some of the same crowd of fags that keep trying to start board wars and have a hateboner for Mark and Acid and really want cakechan to fail. Either way I think that the best course of action would be for the thread on /b/ to be closely monitored and modded when necessary and for other boards owners to baleet anything that spills out onto their boards. But most importantly ignore, ban, and delete agitators anywhere on the site.
>>2405 That was me, and I act alone. I think this may actually be a standalone complex. A variety of actors playing different roles each for their own individual purposes without any sort of communication or cooperation, yet inevitably all working towards the same conclusion. Regardless of being aware of the phenomenon, my position will not waver. Gas the pedos.
>>2406 Are you also the same person that posted shortly afterward about how society needs to do away with free speech? >>>/v/304712
>>2407 It already has. Anyone that thinks it hasn't is delusional.
>>2408 And you support the end of free speech? As a general principle?
(297.28 KB 500x743 Sakurako_loli_stealer.png)

To the /hebe/ apologist, reminder that, if it's okay to fuck kids, then it's okay to fuck toddlers. ****
>>2409 Free speech as a general principal ends itself. It's a power-vacuum for censors, where the goal is to be the first censor to get your foot in the door and cockblock all the rest whom you disagree with.
>>2411 Then why even care about imageboards at all when you could just go to twitter?
>>2412 Because I don't agree with those censors. Those with similar beliefs to mine failed to get in the door before it was closed. It's a lost cause.
Site is going to get vanned because moderator doesn't want to kick pedos off the site. What a fucking joke.
>What a fucking joke. Ikr
how to make board bls helb :DDD
(10.03 KB 720x36 01.png)

(159.38 KB 649x566 02.png)

(10.49 KB 295x256 03.png)

(149.93 KB 638x578 07.png)

>>2420 1. Click on the lightning button on the top navbar. 2. Create and account on the Register section. 3. Log in with your newly created account. 4. Somewhere in the options there's a Send email confirmation (or something like that) button that you need to press. 5. After ~30 minutes an email will be sent to the address you used to create an account. 6. Click on the link in the email to verify your account. 7. Go back to your 8chinz account page (use the lightning button) and create a board using the respective form for it. 8. Customize your board in its respective board management page. 9. Shill your board on the GG thread to get users. I'd recommend you to check the board list and see if somebody has made a board similar to yours before creating one so you can be a volunteer for it or even claim its ownership if it's abandoned.
>>2418 >Site is going to get vanned because moderator doesn't want to kick pedos off the site look as it stands right now there are probably plenty of options if the current host vans us. If it happens THEN maybe bitch about pedos
>>2418 >because moderator doesn't want to kick pedos off the site. Which moderator?
>>>/v/305035 is being spammed with CP and there isn't a single mod awake to deal with it.
>>2424 lol the state of cakechan
>>2424 >/v/ermin ni/gg/ers whines about the big ebil le pedos on /b/ where actual kid stuff gets instabanned <up for hours on /v/ lol
>hebe is now trending Goodbye 8chan.moe.
>>>/v/306308 Reposted from /v/ meta >/hebe/ has Sherry Birkin 3DCG porn up right now. The actress who she is modeled after was 11 when the game was being made. >OP claims that many of it comes from the /delicious/ thread for the same subject. >I don't know about the legality of this but considering the board it's being posted on this is bad news >It also has another webm which according to the filename features Natalia Korda, another Resident Evil character modeled after a real child. >Just as an example, AllTheFallen's booru doesn't allow this photorrealistic content and lolibooru doesn't accept it anymore. Just another reason /hebe/ needs to be banned. The SFM 3DCG thread on /delicious/ needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb too. I'm pretty sure there's Sherry in ther too.
>>2436 I am /hebe/ BO I am unaware of any global rule that forbids 3dcg content. I just checked the global rules to be sure, and the rule concerning children spceifically says "real". My understanding is that this means 3D and that what was posted involves only fictional characters. If this is not the case, then any violation of global rules is due to a misunderstanding on my part and will be corrected as soon as a site admin informs me on the matter.
>>2436 Gas /hebe/ and all the pedoniggers now. /site/ declares that lewd 3dcg is against the rules. This is what we've been waiting for. Deus vult & Allahu akbar
>>2437 Computer-generated pornography featuring characters based on real children is prohibited under US law as per the PROTECT Act of 2003. Please delete the related files immediately. If you need assistance please ask in this thread.
>>2439 I assume it was as simple as hitting "delete" on the OP
>>2439 Damn. Somebody tell me who the fuck is Sherry so I can delete the files on the affected boards.
>>2439 While I'm here, mind telling me about the post deletions site admins did on my board? To my knowledge, no rules were broken, so I'm curious on the reasoning. I'm especially curious to know why site admins visited >>>/hebe/ to delete posts but ignored the thread that was an issue. I may have misunderstood the rules, but surely the site admins do not have the same misunderstanding.
>>2441 Sherry Birkin. Feel free to simply globally report any webms/images featuring her model that you come across and I can take care of it. I will also be combing the media catalog.
>>2437 3DCG is fine. 3DCG modeled on a real child is not. The PROTECT act is very clear that the artistic protections which shelter the content do not apply once a real child is depicted.
>>2439 So is loli.
>>2441 She's the girl from Resident Evil 2. Specifically we're talking about the version for RE2 Remake. I've heard that version is based on an actual actress. I don't know if that's true or not or ho much she's based on the actress. I do know /delicious/ already forbids Natalia Korda though.
>>2445 I understand this now, however I don't know how I could differentiate between the two without knowing the details of it's production. I also am not familiar with the particulars of what does and does not qualify as CP under United States law, so assume I don't know it's illegal if it's not 3D.
>>2448 Memorize the physical characteristics of every child on Earth, obviously!
>>2444 Nah, it's ok. I'm a vol on /delicious/. I just have a hard time telling her apart from other characters, specially when the animator changes her hair.
>>2449 In all seriousness, I don't think it's reasonable to expect me to know without being told what is or is not based off real children. I doubt I'll even remember every webm that was offending and I doubt anyone else could either. Since it also slipped past the mod team on /delicious/, I think it would be fair to consider this kind of case something that needs to be global reported and properly ID'd with the help of site admins. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.
>>2451 I actually kind f am being serious, but the unreasonableness of that is baked into the fucktarded law not the BO side of things. It's probably by design so they could go find a kid that happens to look like a CG pic then claim the CG pic is based on the kid after the fact.
>>2452 I wouldn't know. I would just like the same treatment as every other BO gets. I am happy that the issue could be resolved quickly and without drama, and if the site admins want to discuss the particulars of the global rules with me they can reach me by the email attached to my account. I hope any future issues see similarly smooth and cooperative resolutions.
>>2453 Well good luck sucking the fat kike midgets that run this dumpster off enough for that. Maybe send Acid some pics of a nigger raping his mother and he will take you into his good graces, Mark you'd need a cake, I don't know what degenerate shit Codexx is into. Probably furry vore.
>>2439 To clarify this post, >>2447 has the right of it. The model used for Sherry Birkin's character specifically in the Resident Evil 2 Remake is modeled after a real child and therefore falls under the forementioned law and rules.
>>2451 Globals will be more than happy to help. We don't expect everyone to know was is or is not offending. But if reports are opened saying "this is based on a real child", that needs to be investigated. If such a child exists then it must be removed. >>2453 You're being treated the same as any other BO. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. You can always contact us via our public e-mails as well, or ping us on Rizon and we'll be happy to clarify any issues with you. All we care about is removing illegal content from the site. >>2454 >I don't know what degenerate shit Codexx is into. Handholding, headpats, and neurotic goth girls, in case you're looking to offer a bribe.
>>2456 Reddit-tier tastes.
>>2455 Is there a way to unlink and delete individual files without being redirected to the front of the board every time? There are lots of pics containing Sherry, but I don't want to nuke the entire post because other unrelated files would be gone too.
>>2459 At the moment? Probably not, but I'll keep it in mind for the next patch.
Heads up they were posting cp in the meta thread, again
(692.08 KB 1193x1611 patch.jpg)

>>2461 >they Johannes 'Patch' Eichmann and the herd. Pic related, conveniently labelled since he has done that shit for years.
>>2461 That was the 3dcg I think.
>>2459 Honestly it would probably just be easier to nuke the thread and start a new one with specifically a no Natalia and no REmake Sherry DNP advisory in the OP.
>>2463 You might be right, one of them is claiming now that the CP deleted from /b/ and the GG thread was 3DCG as well. Their fucking gayops never stop. Several anons were there, it was real shit.
>>2465 You really should take your meds for once, retards.
>>2465 /cow/ is known to be monitoring this whole thing so I wouldn't be surprised if they were trying to add their own layer of shitstirrion on top of everything.
>>2466 Ideally take all of them at once and mix it with alcohol.
>>2469 I don't think anti-psychs are lethal. You're better off with opioids.
Actual CP was just posted on /hebe/.
>>2471 Yeah, you're the one who posted it in your typical delusional anti-pedo rage.
>>2471 BO of /hebe/ Yes, and it was almost instantly removed and the offending user banned until the next millennia.
>>2465 I don't know about /b/, but the stuff in the GG thread wasn't CP.
>>2460 Alright, I think I deleted all of the illegal files. Took me more time because I was clicking on unlink and delete instead of delete post because I wanted to be sure that the pics didn't stay in the servers.
>>2475 You still need to edit the OP and make a clear DNP list which can be added to over time when necessary.
Can't wait until this site goes down, because it's fucking shit!
(256.97 KB 516x526 1409630808061.png)

>>2474 I'm willing to agree that nudity and naturalism isn't explicitly pornography but it still falls into the categories of "why are you posting this", "why are you posting this HERE", and "most sites aren't accepting of this sort of stuff for legal gray area reasons". Kind of the same reason people get nervous when someone just posts a bunch of little girl pics that're fully clothed and largely innocent: there's clearly something suspect going on with those posts, almost like a subconscious obsession with the poster that should be either called into question or outright rejected. Post images that're relevant to the post you're making and not because you really, really like that picture; incidentally i'm not happy with the shotafag haphazardly posting his shit in the GG thread but i'm probably the only one who's offput by his obsessions.
>>2478 8chan was still up even after multiple terrorist attacks, it was just cloudflare that dropped it. There are many sites less rulecucked in regard to both children images and politics that run with absolutely no problems. Stop scaremongering, please.
>>2480 blacked.moe 'anons' (especially the GG newfags) have never been to any site but Reddit prior to this one.
>>2476 Sorry, I don't make the rules. I only follow them to make sure the entire site doesn't go down. >>2477 Done. I still think everyone are overreacting, but what can be done.
>>2475 A better solution will be coming in the next update.
>>2483 8blacked really needs a final solution.
You people deserve everything you get. When will you learn that cowardice will not spare you the axe?
(144.81 KB 975x625 1.png)

>>2381 He did. smuglo.li admin and /a/ BO here, hello. The very first thing I did as a GV was delete a thread from /b/ featuring TOR links to CP sites. Fred was not happy about that (pic related, you can see the thread here https://archive.is/Vnj8K). To be maximally charitable to the cripple, it was only a couple of months later he changed his mind and instituted the Dost test (https://archive.is/WYgom). This remained 8chan global policy until the site's demise, and 8kun institutes the same rules. To be clear, /hebe/ runs well afoul of what even 8chan (barring the first 6 months) ever allowed, even before the Jim era. The other GVs and I regularly issued permabans over such content. If not clear, in the context of a board titled after 'hebephilia' and featuring comments affirming sexual relations with children ANY photograph of a young-looking girl, clothed or not, likely runs afoul of the criteria >6. Whether the visual depiction is intended or designed to elicit a sexual response in the viewer. Under the law as it stands, that board likely is not protected under the 1st Amendment, and makes the site as a whole a massive liability. This is compounded by the questionable decision to choose '8chan' for the site's moniker, a name permanently etched in the minds of law enforcement and the public as a designator for terrorist activity. Several webring sites have already defederated 8moe, and as things stand we have no choice but to follow suit. The admins appear determined to repeat all the mistakes of 8chan, and we cannot be part of this mess.
>>2490 Dost isn't and has never been law.
>>2490 You should go take a look at Kohlchan if you want to see what a board with real free speech looks like. It's more active than the entire webring combined. Also, funny to see the owner of a site with the word "loli" in it whine about things that aren't laws when you'd probably fall under a similar bullshit interpretation.
>>2493 Literally if they couldn't post images then the problem and concerns would cease.
>>2494 Nope, as evidenced by the whining about /pg/ in the /v/ meta thread.
>>2490 Any chance you'd consider re-listing us if, for whatever reason, Acid decided /hebe/ was a mistake? I don't want all of us to drift further apart than we already are
>>2496 >I don't want all of us to drift further apart than we already are All the boards are connected, it's just 8moe that is being cast out.
>>2490 You will regret, I will DDoS smuglo.li Fuck webring
>>2497 Caused by meaningless moralfaggotry, fearmongering, and ignorance of the law.
(((>>2498))) (((You)))
>>2499 Acid quick, delete this post, it's so perfectly on the (((nose))) of your faggotry.
>>2497 Don't be obtuse, you know what I mean. Ever since Tarrant screwed everyone over, all the boards have been on tiny islands barely keep their heads above water activity-wise let alone keeping in contact with each other. Drama like this causing brother wars and severing ties only worsens it.
>>2502 >Tarrant 8ch was up long after Christchurch newfaggot.
>>2503 Granted, but no one ever brings up El Paso or the other shooting in regards to the shutdown. It's always just Pewdiepie Man. I figured the feds just used him as their carte blanche.
>>2503 It didn't last a year. It started the hit on the website and soon after we ended up with 8kunt.
>>2504 >>2505 ADL got pissed about El Paso and the low effort synagogue attack in Germany. Tarrant didn't bring shit dwn on it. Also imagine having ever been such a faggot you went to 8coon.
>>2505 >>2503 I'd like to remind you that even those terrorist attacks didn't get 8chan de-platformed, it was cloudflare that stopped supporting and after that the admins decided to take 8chan down.
>>2507 >>2506 I might be getting shootings mixed up. Yeah Cloudflare dropped 8chan but it was likely due to fabricated social pressure when every (((news company))) and (((web journo))) started pointing fingers at the site.
(70.63 KB 1458x256 1620783375437.png)

Acid what the fuck are you doing. We're getting kicked out of the webring and pretty soon no one will want to visit the board I've been contributing to because of /hebe/.
>>2509 >posting a screenshot of a post that is in this thread Yeah, "we" are getting kicked out of the webring...
(29.89 KB 996x111 ksnip_20210511-195845.png)

>>2510 Obviously got the pic from another board and just clicked to only show the most recent post. I'll agree we're probably at the point of no return.
Concern trolls and genuine users concerned about /hebe/ and the site read this: >>>/hebe/711
>>2507 >>2508 It was the ADL retards, read my fucking post before replying to it.