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[Request] Replace the Board List with the Webring Menu Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 03:58:58 Id: 487115 No. 1880
8chan.moe's boards page sucks all kinds of ass >Search is broken >Sometimes 404s for no reason (I think because of a caching issue) >No way of ungrouping boards from sites >Looks ugly as hell >Hidden behind a nondescript sandwich icon which links to a new page, instead of just being a list on the topbar Can't it be replaced by the plugin used by most of the other sites on the webring, either the popup menu or the dropdown one? They're both vastly superior to this. Thanks.
Bump. It's time to address this acid/codexx/whoever.
(282.88 KB 850x1148 Asuka moo.jpg)

Codexx has been working on and off with an improved webring plugin, but he's focused on real life right now. We're both in coast mode for a little bit until things shake out. A better sorting function instead of just having them all jumbled into the boards page is probably in the cards, but be patient. We got pressured by anons into implementing the existing webring plugin as-is and my poor syslog has paid the price already. You'll notice that none of the main lynxchan sites have the dropdown menu and its all tied to the boards list where the default sorting setup is what we have now. When we do our own version of the plugin we'll do it right. Edited for clarification.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 01/26/2021 (Tue) 05:08:31.
>>1905 >You'll notice that none of the main lynxchan sites have the dropdown menu Every lyxchan site in the webring has the dropdown except for fch and late city, and their webring implementations are completely broken. Keep in mind I don't excuse this and they should fix theirs, but please do not try to claim that lynxchan sites in the webring do not use the dropdown. Because that's wrong. Anyway thanks for the quick response, hope your webring boardlist is done well and featured prominently somewhere in the top bar, similar to jschan's implementation.
>>1906 >other LynxChan sites have a dropdown That's my mistake. They have it on their board pages, just not universally. My mistake. Also would like to clarify: LynxChan separates frontend and backend. We installed the backend change, which provides the meat of the functionality, but did not apply any frontend changes. We tend to do those with major patches, if at all possible. I would like to revisit the navbar in the next revision. We're short on space there, but I have some ideas to make webring navigation simple.
So it's been like a month, what's the progress on this? You guys did work on this, right?
(2.38 MB 200x200 1543556580200.gif)

(81.90 KB 630x334 4chanX example.png)

~ Reject the webring. Embrace the affiliate websites list. ~ Shitposts aside, I think the whole webring idea is silly and useless. Having a static page of sites you're friendly (or at least have a NAP) with produces the same effect as the webring and takes 1/100 of the effort. A much more useful idea is to have a cross-site thread watcher and board list similar to 4chanX's where a single customizable board bar can have boards from websites along with "native ones" and threads from different sites are grouped in a single "watcher" window and updated every X minutes. Pic related is an example of how this works. Of course this is complex due to the huge differences between IB frameworks, but honestly I think it would be a much more useful add-on than the current webring idea.
>>1984 Of course. Please keep in mind that, on top of real life obligations, I also need to fix other bugs, oversee frontend changes, prepare for the next version of the engine, and develop any other features. Plus ChannelChanger and 8chanTV which haven't received much attention lately. Rewriting the webring addon is a top priority because of the issues it causes, but it's important to do it right. I'm not putting it anywhere near production until I'm confident it's reliable and performant. I've got a weekend project that might tide people over for the time being.
It doesn't take this fucking long to get the webring up. I doubt you ever had plans to. I hope whatever sites haven't blacklisted you yet end up doing it.
I asked about this before but I can’t find my post I don't know many about running a website but does adding dropdown Webring menu will increase the amount of data to load a page? If yes If Webring is implemented I hope it is implement as a standalone page just like our current Board List t. someone with mediocre connection
Also do search engine crawl to our boards?
>>2268 Yeah, this. It's just parasitism at this point. You can easily access this site from other webring sites but the other way around is impossible.
Let this thread be a reminder that you deserved this.
The only point of sticking the webring as menu instead of standalone page is for people who want to see whats popular recently* (as in the past 3 hours). Anyone who want to look up dedicated board can use the board list as usual. *yesterday stats During dead hour (1-3AM usa time) only 2 boards reach PPH above 4 7-9 AM and 9-11PM only 2 boards reach PPH above 2 post per week would paint the pictures of slower boards
>>2782 Yeah. The boardlist. Where a fucking ton of dead 8chan boards are on top and not intermixed fairly with much higher activity webring boards. No. Fuck off.
>>2782 I have to agree with >>2824. Even zzz, the closest comparison, has the decency to separate local boards from webring boards on its board list to prevent either from being drowned out. On the 8moe list, webring sites are stuffed at the bottom in a manner where they blend in with the rest, making them look like they're inactive dead 8boards instead of part of their own site. Compare and contrast: https://zzzchan.xyz/boards.html https://8chan.moe/boards.js
Do you need help with it? I would reimplement it as just a separate webring.html page that is served statically and updated once a minute.
The Webring List is gone.
(Shaved disc disc brushes attac Nguyen >>1909) (Shaved disc disc brushes attac Nguyen >>1909 )

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