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(31.56 KB 260x418 art.jpg)
Censorship Anonymous 02/15/2021 (Mon) 23:47:32 Id:000000 No. 1951
What is going on with the censorship on this place? Many posts on /pol/ from yesterday disappeared, including innocent post about teeth brushing and sugar. Are you funded by dentistry industry? Or run by jews?
>>1961 Censorship is what cucks do, so this site is a "cuckchan" I am not cuck and I will not allow you to censor me, so I will stop using this Jewish honeypot
8chan.moe and /pol/ board are controlled opposition, owned by jew. He locked highest quality thread ever on /pol/, without any justification. >>>/pol/8217 He quietly removed this post three times and all posts made by post author. >>>/pol/8205 I am not posting here anymore until they replace the jew with another jew.
>>2072 Have you tried making your own competing board on blacked.moe to btfo the jew anon?
>>1951 >faggot refuses to have a rational argument >instead opts to act like a defensive faggot and get beaten by a superior shitposter from the promised land >get blown the fuck out when he realizes his entire argument is collapsing on out of itself >failed highschool physics so opted to go to bdsm community to get abused How does that make you feel?
>>2072 >closing a thread and locking it as a BO because you don't like it holy shit what a trash owner
>>2907 The guy is a schizoid who has been making incoherent posts in threads for months. In fact, he's actually accused me a few time of deleting posts from the board (Including posts that were NOT deleted) both on here 'AND ON FUCKING 8KUNT. That's in addition to the fact that you can go to the meta thread and see how insane the guy is as he's been bitching for months over some shit that didn't even occur: >>>/pol/1063 I'll admit that I'm not perfect in operating /pol/, but I have no idea what this Torfag wants.

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