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(169.76 KB 657x527 75662674121.jpg)

8chan Board Directory Anonymous 06/22/2020 (Mon) 07:14:10 Id: ccbb2b No. 269
This thread is dedicated to listing the various boards of the site in order to increase its visibility. If you know of a board that may be of interest to others, add a link to the board along with a brief description. Hidden boards welcomed as long as their BO are ok with being mentioned here.
Here's a list of all the boards (public and hidden) I could find, plus a brief description: >>>/2dblacked/ - Acid posts here >>>/A/ - Dead board made by a retard who forgot to disable the caps lock key >>>/B/ - Dead random board >>>/Bleached/ - Joke racebait board >>>/GUP/ - Dead board about Girls & Panzer >>>/Midor/ - Dead board about Midori from Space Patrol Luluco >>>/V/ - Dead joke board >>>/a/ - Dead anime board originally taken from an autistic spammer >>>/abdl/ - Diaperfags who love to lewd board-tans >>>/abyss/ - Blackpills but more pretentious (and dead) >>>/agdg/ - Dead. Use the general on /v/ >>>/anime/ - Dead failed anime board >>>/animu/ - Same as above >>>/b/ - Shit >>>/barndom/ - An autistic Pole posted porn there >>>/blacked/ - Dead racebait joke board >>>/bleached/ - Same as above >>>/blg/ - Where all of the blogposters on GG should go >>>/brownpill/ - It's exactly what you think it is >>>/c/ - Dead random board >>>/cb/ - GamerGate HQ Gay porn >>>/christian/ - Dead board about Christianity >>>/ck/ - Surprisingly a not dead board about cooking >>>/ckn/ - Dead joke board about chickens >>>/co/ - The second most active board, also Frank is a faggot >>>/code/ - Dead board about programming (socks) >>>/corona/ - Dead board about Coronavirus (oh the irony) >>>/cow/ - Joke board created to troll julayfags >>>/cow2/ - Same as above >>>/d/ - Dead joke board about diuckgirls >>>/dam/ - Somebody's dam waifu archive >>>/de/ - Gestapo >>>/delicious/ - FBI posts cartoon lolis here >>>/egy/ - Dead edgyptian bunker >>>/fast/ - Dead board about Sonic >>>/ft/ - Dead >>>/fur/ - Yiff in hell >>>/furry/ - Yiffed to death >>>/g/ - Gondola >>>/geekkon/ - Dead Greek board >>>/gts/ - Board about hueg girls created after a night of porn in the GG threads >>>/gurps/ - Not even a single post was made here before the BO died >>>/h/ - Where the people that post porn every time a GG thread is made should go >>>/hikikomori/ - Neets talking with other neets (as if this wasn't the case on every board) >>>/hyper/ - 2D XXXXXL girls >>>/icup/ - iCup board that is dead because everyone moved to anon.cafe/icup >>>/int/ - Thankfully it's dead >>>/ita/ - Dead pasta board >>>/japan/ - Attention whore birds shitpost here >>>/jp/ - and nip nong ching chong to you (it’s dead) >>>/k/ - Dead commando board >>>/l/ - Dead loli board >>>/leftpol/ - Dead lefty board >>>/leftpol23/ - Another dead lefty board >>>/leftypol/ - Lefies sure love death :^) >>>/liberty/ - Lolbertarians that came from julay >>>/loli/ - CIA posts anime lolis here >>>/lolifox/ - Dead rusky board >>>/loomis/ - Dead board about drawings >>>/mai/ - Dead board about waifus >>>/mark/ - Dead joke board >>>/meta/ - Rude joke board >>>/monarchy/ - Royal bootlickers >>>/mu/ - Dead just like the quality of the music industry >>>/nemunemu/ - Trap board with zero content >>>/newsplus/ - Where half of the people on GG threads should go >>>/pac/ - biracy :DDD >>>/pdfs/ - PDFs >>>/pol/ - Where the other half of the people on GG threads should go >>>/pol2/ - Another dead random board >>>/quests/ - Dead board about quests >>>/reddit/ - Epic memes and jokes >>>/rpg/ - Dead board about RPG >>>/rule34/ - /h/ but for cartoons and hidden >>>/site/ - The meta board because a faggot stole /meta/ >>>/sm/ - /christian/ bunker Shotacon >>>/tech/ - Dead board about technology >>>/test/ - *''[doom][moe]test[/Moe][doom]"** >>>/tg/ - Dead board about traditional games >>>/tisa/ - Personal archive of a fag who loves panties >>>/tr/ - Dead torrent board >>>/tv/ - Shit >>>/u/ - Dead yuri board >>>/v/ - My friends are here >>>/vg/ - /v/ but slower >>>/w/ - Dead board for wallpapers >>>/wg/ - Even deader board for wallpapers >>>/wholesome/ - Dead board for vanilla hentai >>>/x/ - Schizos hide here
You managed to miss >>>/t/ but listed two dead technology boards.
(200.10 KB 960x716 1503248400690.jpg)

>>708 This is depressing. Hatechan will probably take years to recover, that is if things don't get crazy in real world.
>>709 fugg
>>708 >>>>/geekkon/ - Dead Greek board είσαι τυφλός, μου φαίνεται ρωσικό.
Where did all the Euros and non-english and non-russian boards go? Seems the only ones who made it is /ita/ and /de/
Zchan is back with its former /v/ staff in charge: https://zzzchan.xyz/
>>766 Now the url looks like a true honeypot.
(160.39 KB 750x750 touhouPleaseRespond.jpg)

If anyone wants >>>/christian/ post your account name here. I only grabbed it because I figured it would end up like /tv/ early on, but I don't think sitting on it is any better.
>>708 What happened to /japan/? It appears to be totally gone.
The BO was using it as a bunker and apparently deleted it.
>>1035 >>1036 The users decided to leave the webring entirely to avoid further attention and play Soku in peace. BO was waiting for the Infinity Cup to end to pull the trigger. If you need any of the threads or images, they are archived.
>>1037 Man, that sucks. I had just found another anon with whom to discuss Muv-Luv, too. Thanks for letting me know. I guess Smug is the next best place for that sort of board?
We need a /tg/ or equivalent.
Okay I'm dumb. Where is the Board List? I swear I found it yesterday but can't find it in my browser history and I can't find it in header/footer.
(19.90 KB 313x70 royal.png)

(12.47 KB 486x109 win95.png)

>>1725 Its look depends on the theme you're using, but it's always the second button from the left on the header/footer.
>>1726 Thank you. I don't know why but I clicked every button in header except that one.
(200.17 KB 1000x941 itwasadarkandstormmynight.jpg)

>>269 >>>/s/ A board dedicated to collaboratively spinning yarns - that is, telling /s/tories to and with your fellow anons. No prior writefagging required, just a willingness to do and improve.
board listing should go by PPH instead of users otherwise pedos behind 7 proxies are always ahead
>>3843 For once, the torposter speaks truth.
>>3845 On the other hand, an overemphasis on PPH encourages shitposting to get on top boards as opposed to engaging in slow but meaningful effortposting.
Can I shill my own board in here? >>>/nra/ - No Rules Anime I expect it to be overrun with shitposters and spammers, and that's ok.
>>269 Advertising >>>/sig/ It's basically a board dedicated to self-improvement in areas more than just physical appearance.

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