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(322.58 KB 2048x1366 ExB8ef1WEAE337J.jpeg)
I want to create a new sub board who do i contact Anonymous 05/26/2021 (Wed) 00:19:51 Id:fc30ba No. 2893
You see that lightning bolt on the top of the page on the left side? Click on that to make an account. This place seems to be pretty dead when admins don't even want to answer basic questions, btw.
>>2908 Actually Codexx answered this when this same person asked earlier, on >>>/c/ They also asked on /b/ before this I think it was ignored because of that Could say the answer should be given because this is /site/, where it sort of belongs, but someone looking for that answer and needing to ask for it probably isn't going to open the catalog and search for if it was asked previously So it'd just be a waste of time
>>2909 >he probably wont read my reply so it's okay for me to ignore okay, mr mod
>>2910 I think it makes sense. If you're the type to look for if the question was asked already, you're probably the type to have found that information already, and not have needed to ask in the first place. On some boards, the idea of answering it in these conditions could even make people angry. Lurk moar and the like. Gatekeeping in that manner has a lot of pros and cons to it. I can see arguments in either direction. To me, it's a pretty neutral matter. It wouldn't be too deep of spoonfeeding, but it's also completely unnecessary since the person asking for it already got the answer.
>>2911 Okay. I personally don't really care too much for "lurk more" circle jerks because people tend to abuse it to mean that everybody that does things differently must be doing it because they are new. Anyway, what is the policy on banning Tor posters? Someone just posted cp from Tor so I banned him for a day. Is there really a point for permabanning Tor users? Because when I tried to post myself I couldn't at first because my node was banned.
>>2912 I don't know, I assume there is no policy site-wide, just board specific. So, ask your BO? I don't know what site administration would say, but it's probably "do whatever you want for your board" regarding how harshly to ban and for what kinds of IPs.
>>2909 I haven't had the time to check /site/ every day this week. I happened to see the request in /c/ under recent posts. The answer is the same, though. Sign up, give an e-mail, validate the address, you can create up to 3 boards as long as the name isn't taken yet. If the name is taken, you can submit a claim via e-mail to any of the admins. >>2912 >Is there a point to permabanning Tor posters Not really. Tor users coming from an IPv4 node don't have an IP, so the only thing you ban is their bypass. They can generate another one. Some IPv6 nodes will have IPs (and IDs, so they won't show as 000000, we're working to fix this) and so you can ban them, but then you're effectively banning that Tor node and all users who pass through it indefinitely. Like >>2913 said, it's your board and you can set the ban policy. We've moved away from issuing permabans at a global level. Shorter bans encourage upset users to take a time out instead of immediately evading, and malicious actors are going to immediately evade anyways. Why ruin that VPN node for everyone who comes after? At some point, we'll lower the length of the default "permaban". We will probably clear out all existing permabans sitewide at that point. We cleared them out globally some time back, but not ones issued on boards.

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