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(10.12 KB 1131x720 20190906021613.jpeg)
/interracial/ Anonymous 06/02/2021 (Wed) 17:40:08 Id:bbb74c No. 2950
What happened to 8chan.moe/interracial/ ?
>>2950 The global logs don't show anything regarding that board, so I suppose it was deleted by its board owner.
Oh damn, nice. This is actually great news
>>2951 I wonder why the board owner would do that.
>>2953 Guess he realized how cringe it was
>>2955 It must be embarrassing having to delete your own board.
Wasn't that acid's board?
>>2950 Acids favorite board was deleted?
>>2960 Who's acid?
(41.56 KB 280x268 1 shekel pls.png)
>>2961 The guy in this meme
>>2963 He looks like he is about to raise the interest rate on my mortgage.
I noticed in the times I saw /interracial/ in the overboard that one of its most active threads was about the "post-fap shame and regret carried by the fetish", so it's possible that the BO finally broke down and deleted everything. >>>/v/322429 lol, I was right.
>>2974 Why do board owners flip flop so much? Either stop creating boards that you don't have full certainty in, or.... just be persistent.
>>2975 When has this happened otherwise? The flurry of boards from the guy that made pb, eeeehhhhh, moe, and so on really doesn't count I like the way /b/ does it. Run the shitshow for a while and then pass it off to the next person. The previous was my favorite, he was a shitter I could relate to fundamentally.
>>2976 It makes this website feel more and more unstable, 8chan in general has already been through so many different domains in of itself. For this imageboard to be an alternative or substitute of 4chan, it would need to be more stable.
>>2977 I asked when it happened otherwise, you didn't answer. Those moe boards area nonsense splurge by one guy, and the board themes aren't concrete. There is no community set up and then dropped. /b/ doesn't get deleted, the BO changes and a bit of atmosphere shifts, but it doesn't change who goes there. The boards are, by majority, incredibly stable. I really don't get where you're coming from. And, still, I think we have a fundamentally different perspective. I like the feature of making boards and I like that boards can be made with a limited scope that has a lot of enthusiasm early then explode when that initial momentum runs dry. It never goes stale that way. This doesn't happen, you're mistaken. But if it did, I think that'd be fine.
>>2978 >I asked when it happened otherwise, you didn't answer. Concerning 8chan.moe? This website is fairly new, I was referring to the older 8chans.
>>2975 >Why do board owners flip flop so much? Because no sane person would be willing to moderate for free a place full of people who hate them. Eventually they worn out or get bored and leave, or go full powertripping retard and make choices that end up killing the board. >>2977 These are completely different cases. 8chan moved through different domains because external powers kept pushing for its deplatforming, not because the owners were stupid (they were, but at least they kept the site up until they ultimately became powertripping retards and ruined it in a different way).
>>2981 >full of people who hate them That's a point. Can't really do anything about that. The healthiest boards will always be the ones that attract a naturally friendly audience, like >>>/c/ Otherwise, the nature of hte internet means hostile people will come around, and you need a good level head to know how best to address that and how to divorce yourself from seeing your role as BO or volunteer from being an identity. You are not the BO, BO is just a tool you use to maintain the board as needed. Any time you see yourself as the BO, you'll lose some of that sanity. Eventually, things will deteriorate.
>>2982 I suppose instead of calling them Board Owner, just call it Main Mod, who is simply the first janitor. It will reduce the ego of them thinking "I own this board" or having them develop an unhealthy obsession "I am the board owner, I must take care of it like my own baby". Its obviously just psychological effect but what else we can do. >You are not the BO, BO is just a tool, an identity You are right, something many Mains mods refuse to acknowledge because this is the only thing they have some control over.
>>2974 >post-fap shame and regret I doubt blacks are even a sizable demographic for blacked shit, its mostly cucks and women. Many nigs don't watch black women shit too. There was a 3dporn artist who started doing blacked nigger shit. Turns out he was filipino and got cucked irl by a white dude and lost his shit.
>>2987 I bet most black guys would be weirded out by this blacked fetish. By only being seen as walking sex machines.
and its back

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