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(287.54 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)

Operation Organic Activity Anonymous 06/04/2021 (Fri) 22:58:47 Id: 3c7c11 No. 2992
Since you faggots (Cakekike and Acid) are already prone to degenerate social media shit-posting, I figure it's time to put those normalnigger proclivities to use and attempt to generate activity in a minimally intrusive manner. This ought to be done through utilizing the various social networks and platforms that have been developed and grown over the recent years, such as federated pleroma/mastodon instances like shitposter.club, peertube, and decentralized LBRY video hosting either through the odyssey platform or desktop application. >the fuck would you even post to these places to generate activity An "official" pleroma 8moe account could post every time a new site update occurs, or the result of hunger game events for boards. Hypothetically it could even be configured to make an announcement every time a new board is created, but that's probably a bad idea considering this site has zero curation on board creation and announcing [Insert pedonigger board here] is god awful optics. Regardless the objective is to generate discussion and discovery about the site in a way that attracts new users that are less likely to be completely cancerous faggots. And by consistently "advertising" the site on platforms that are generally used by autistic individuals to begin with you can maximize the quality of users attracted. Advertising the site on places like twitter and reddit is met with disdain for good reason, the kind of retard using these sites is not the kind of person anyone here wants to interact with. But if the advertising campaign is focused exclusively on platforms that align more closely with the ideals of an imageboard user, privacy, security, anonymity, decentralization/federation, it'll increase site activity while inviting users that are most likely to conform to the existing culture. Anons should discuss which platforms are acceptable, and how they should best be used. A pleroma instance, shitposter.club for example, could be used for site updates, hunger game announcements, and things like that. Maybe even announcing special event threads. An LBRY account could post video content created by anons, such as game night clips or other OC related to the site. Shilling campaigns are a double edged sword, but I think if we have productive critical discussions about how best to approach it ITT we can do it right.
(957.29 KB 480x262 boop.gif)

My board /vr/ which is currently inactive due to the small userbase could definitely use some proper shilling. I'm down for this Decentralized networks totally share like-minded individuals to those of this site.
We’re going to have to reBuild the entirety of /interracial/ from the ground up because the last BO ragenuked the place. It’s probably difficult to garner new posters for a NSFW board on places that don’t like porn being posted so I don’t know what to do about social media. Maybe just advertise on 4chan or reddit I guess but I’d rather start elsewhere. Welcome to new ideas.
>>2994 Kill yourself
Focusing on smaller platforms which are privacy and free speech focused may alleviate many of the concerns. We could probably do more to advertise events in general, and I would like to get Attention Hungry Games running again soon. I was actually just looking at hosting a Pleroma instance last month, but put it off. I'll revisit the issue after 2.6. I've perhaps stretched myself too thin trying to update the site, the backup tool, and the streaming service, though, so I will look at what instances are out there which are reliable and like-minded. >>2994 If you guys want the board restored, I probably have a backup from within the last few days. I The new BO will need to reach out to me directly (codexx at cock dot li) to confirm they want this.
Aside from making official accounts on the Fediverse, I think anons should try to promote boards for specific topics on platforms dedicated to the same topics. For example, the loli/shota boards could be shilled on ATF and baraag, /fur/ could be shilled on FA, /fast/ on Sonic forums, /hisparol/ on Hispachan (since that's where the board originally came from), /v/ and /vr/ on video game forums that aren't completely cancerous, etc. >>2993 Another idea I had was to use the board message sections to crosslink related boards. /b/ links to /c/ and /hebe/, /c/ links to various boards (including /vr/), and the loli-shota boards link to each other. This increases their visibility when one of the boards isn't visible in the top navbar. >>2994 Speaking of /interracial/, what are you going to do now that there are two boards for the same thing (3 if you count /2dblacked/)?
(55.00 KB 600x342 request.jpg)

(118.42 KB 1080x1080 delivery.jpg)

(474.01 KB 1400x933 kowloon.jpg)

How the fuck do drawfags work so well even with so many of them across different boards and threads? How do they find new places to posts? I guess they have a booru to centralize them but still how
>>2992 I agree pretty much on everything you've said. I've always maintained that it's necessary to do some amount of advertising to attract new users or otherwise user count will continue to dwindle unsustainably. I think the idea of doing more focused and targeted advertising is a good compromise, at least to start somewhere and see where it goes. Unfortunately I'm not the most knowledgeable in terms of where it'd be good to advertise on. >>2998 >I think anons should try to promote boards for specific topics on platforms dedicated to the same topics This is also a good idea but the issue remains that finding people that don't have a stroke when someone writes NIGGER is hard.
>>3018 >Unfortunately I'm not the most knowledgeable in terms of where it'd be good to advertise on. Well that's part of the reason for this thread. Compile a list of sites/platforms where anons could shill the site without needing to be as worried about bringing cancer over here. Most of the sites in anons "software/sites to give attention to" list are good starts. <General social/shit-posting pleroma/mastodon sites (twitter-like) >anime website: https://anime.website/ >Free Speech Extremist: https://freespeechextremist.com/ >Shitposter Club https://shitposter.club/main/public >Neckbeard.xyz: https://neckbeard.xyz/ <2D Art, 2D Porn >baraag.net: https://baraag.net/ <Video hosting/Youtube alternative sites >LBRY: https://lbry.com/ (desktop app) >Odysee LBRY Web Front-end https://odysee.com/ There are also peertube instances for video hosting which are federated, but I'm unsure which ones are the best to use. But any of the above sites should be good for ideally tasteful shilling of any kind. If a handful of dedicated anons got into a good rhythm for shilling I think it would increase activity significantly. But there also needs to be things happening for shilling to take place as well. Events and such. People could come to this thread or another and get anons who have social media accounts to spotlight new boards or threads they want posted, or maybe to upload videos they made to LBRY.
>>2992 8chan.moe is hard to find its virtually non-existent on the search engines. Gotta get the word out either via a couple Youtube vids or spreading the word on social media. Either that or advertising on niche communities though that's already been tried before by advertising on all other chans and they are dead.
>>3064 >jewtube I think it's better to focus on the free speech and privacy oriented alternatives to major platforms. The goal shouldn't be to simply attract the most amount of people, but a concentrated kind of user.
We need to get people from jailbait sites to set up shop here. Start pressuring Acid to allow it.
>>3082 >>3083 "We need pornposters from this dead site who have nothing to say and drive off other people to come to this site" Every time you post is more disingenuous than the last
>>3084 And who exactly am I?
>>3085 Anon, it's really not healthy to have other people decide your identity for you. You need to find it in yourself to know who exactly you are. Care for yourself, do some soul-searching. I hope you find a strong grasp on who you are so you don't feel the need to go around asking other people to do it for you. Good luck.
>go to make shill post on (((8kun))) since there are some lingering retards there >the site is still fucking broken and posting doesn't work half the time
>>3102 On this topic it might be worth it to delve into obscure dead imageboards and direct people here. Possibly bad taste to advertise on small boards but at this point I think it's important there's a few mentions of it here and there since literally no one knows this place exists.
>>2992 is everyone here dumb or something? ADVERTISE ON 4CHAN.
>>3107 Sounds like you're missing the point. Not to say that advertising on cuckchan selectively can't be beneficial, but it's more complicated than simply spamming links to 8chan.moe on cuckchan. Cuckchan completely word filters basically every variation of the word 8chan, so you can't even direct link to here if we wanted. Which is ironically another reason why maintaining the 8chan brand was fucking retarded, but I digress. People are very unlikely to try and find a website someone is shilling called 8*cha&n(dot)moe as you desperately try and circumvent the filter. The only instance where you could bring someone over from there is if you were actively conversing with them and told them about this place, which would require being an avid cuckchan user which most (I hope) anons aren't. What I propose is the normalfag anons that participate in larger social media leverage that hobby to namedrop the site in places that make sense and places where there isn't overt opposition. What you want to do is capture the rare kind of user that puts forth significant effort, ideally even potential board owners. It doesn't matter what kind of community for the most part, occult, literature, anything within reason as long as it generates quality posts.
>>3017 not them, but i guess they use bookmarks.
>>3108 >What you want to do is capture the rare kind of user that puts forth significant effort, ideally even potential board owners. It doesn't matter what kind of community for the most part, occult, literature, anything within reason as long as it generates quality posts. The main issue with this is that these communities are too little too hard to find. Unless you are referring to places such as the IGN forum. https://www.ignboards.com/
>>3107 The most retarded idea of all.
>>3112 All small communities are hard to fine. Even this site is hard to find. That's why people need to put in some work and discover good methods for increasing discoverability in productive ways. You could spam links to this site all day every day on cuckchan and I don't think that would result in basically any measurable increase in activity in the long-term. I suppose sticking with that line of thinking what you could alternatively do is try and find underlying niche threads within individual boards and direct the dedicated users of those micro communities to this site. Kind of like how the BLACKED fags did. For example one might go into a fighting game general thread, or even a discord, and make a well meaning sounding post about how 8chan is still alive under new administration and link to a fighting game thread. And you could do this for probably dozens of communities on cuckchan I would say. So maybe cuckchan shilling isn't the worst idea. But personally I'm not going to engage with it because the site is literally unusable unless you have an IP that it doesn't block to use and even then you might have to deal with getting banned for shilling this site. It just feels like more work than it's worth with the amount of bullshit you need to put up with from IP ranges being banned to having to solve jewgle captchas just to make a post. But if there are those willing I think I've laid out a decent approach to it.
>>3114 Paid advertisements can also be a method, but obviously there would need to be funding coming from somewhere. Most likely from 8chan's global moderation team.
>>3114 >All small communities are hard to fine. Even this site is hard to find. Apparently not, given the state of the E3 thread over on /v/.
>>3107 That's what I've been telling to other anons on alt-chans in the past and they still don't get it. 8moe will never grow unless it advertises in major, more visited sites. 4chan is the only major imageboard with significant traffic and has largely become more active since the collapse of OG 8chan after it got deplatformed by Cloudflare in the midst of the El Paso Shooting. Even the advent of Discord, Reddit, and other social media sensations largely powered by the Smartphone were not enough to kill 4chan. The only way to pave way for a major competitor to 4chan is by siphoning the users from that major board, very much like Brennan did when the whole Gamergate was at its peak a couple of years ago when he was shilling 8chan imageboard constantly on 4chan's /v/ while 4chan's mods/globals were censoring discussion on video game censorship because Moot sold out to feminists like Anita Sarkesian. It may very well have to be done again in order for 8moe have its presence known. 8kun is dead, Josh's 9chan was an absolute failure, so may as well make 8moe the one to fully succeed 8chan properly and to avoid making the same mistakes as OG 8chan did that resulted in the sites collapse. Acid, and the admins of this incarnation of 8chan tolerate a wide variety of free speech and content compared to how it was under Ron/Jim Watkins and seem more responsive to moderation compared to how it was under the Watkins.
>>3114 We can advertise 8chan on select boards on 4chan to bring a variety of users in here while minimizing the cancerous ones. But this advertising has to be consistent and done by anons that are skilled with changing their IP addresses. 4chan blocks VPNs so changing ones IP is key and more importantly consistency at least doing twice a week. If you have the time and have a couple of the guys here advertise there pretty sure we will get a good influx. All 8chan.moe really needs though is a proper /a/ and /tv/, both which require abit more work but other than that it has enough to work with though /hebe/ could spook several anons.
/hebe/ ought to be removed since we already have /loli/ and /delicious/. Lolita and jailbait will never be allowed in the clearnet so no point in pandering to that crowd.
>>3127 It's mostly about finding people willing to do the shilling considering how locked down cuckchan is about preventing most IP's from posting. I'm certainly not going through the effort of being able to post myself. At best I could find specific threads for people that I think would be good to recruit or suggest they make boards here. But we need dedicated people willing to do the posts themselves or make social media accounts if we're talking about things that aren't cuckchan shilling related. >>3128 I do think pedophile boards like /hebe/ are more harm than good. But I don't think Acid is going to change his position on it so it's not really worth thinking about. It's been discussed at length multiple times and he hasn't really budged. At least it's no where near as bad as it was back on original 8chan and the board is mostly heavily restricted.
>>3128 The loli and shota boards forbid the discussion of pedophilia and related subjects, something /hebe/ focuses on. They can't be compared, and trying to send the pedo talk to the loli boards only would cause problems.
Posting attention hungry games arenas. iConquer - It's like Sid Meier's Civilization https://brantsteele.net/hungergames/r.php?c=776AtoQO Nippon Daisakusen! Great Battle of Nippon! - Anicent Japan returns! The boards become warriors in training & fight to the death! For the emperor! https://brantsteele.net/hungergames/r.php?c=EG3qoLk6
>I want to shill, where should I post? There are a lot of small communities on cuckchan that would migrate well into this site. Boards like /trash/ are home to many threads with hentai addicted weirdos that would fit in well with a dedicated board here. By pointing out the large file sizes and multiple images per posts that this site has you can attract the porn dumping communities pretty easily I would hope. By targeting the small niche boards on cuckchan you can attract smaller more dedicated communities that are more likely to create entire boards with worthwhile posters or content rather than just the inane soyjak spam that occurs on the big boards. <https://boards.4chan.org/trash >8chan is word filtered Consider using images to shill url's instead of text, but try your best to make your posts organic and well meaning, otherwise you risk your post looking like bot glownigger spam.
>>2992 Sounds fine to me.
(209.30 KB 536x602 consider the mya-nee.png)

(347.90 KB 1080x1080 8chanMoeElement.png)

>>2992 I've made an Element Space for 8chan.moe and added a couple of board-rooms to it to start off with. They're all publicly accessible and can be found by element users in simple room searches. Feel free to join the Space and use it as a jumping-off point to *politely* shill 8chan.moe to other Element users. If you're a cool BO/user, feel free to make your own board-room and add it to the Space. https://matrix.to/#/#8chan.moe:matrix.org
>>2994 I'm not going to tell you to kill yourself but I strongly hope you do Just stop t. cuteboys
>>3795 second t. /tot/
>>3796 actually rephrasing this I want him to kill himself and am saying he should.
Advertise on 4chan by literally buying ads.
It's so odd to be a part of an ancient website war that newfags won't even be able to imagine.
>>3979 >>3108 You know, it's possible to by-pass this by adding the link to an image & making advertisement images.
>>2992 If you want activity, just actually employ some common sense and banish Mark. He is a cancer on every board he touches and him leaving would make the site infinitely more attractive to anyone with any taste.
>>2993 >/vr/ as in old video games or virtual reality?
(179.85 KB 1080x1080 picrelated.jpg)

Here's an image for anons to use whenever they want to talk about 8moe with halfchanners. Remember to be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to shill to everyone you met.
>>4319 I feel like it's hard to convey in an image that the site is a legit successor without looking like just another generic spam link in image format to bypass spam filters. Without any context you would be retarded to enter in that URL randomly because you saw it on cuckchan. Still better than no advertising at all of course though.
>>4320 It's almost like spam is impolite, shocker! (You) post normally and bring it up if the posting allows for it. e.g. Someone's talking about playing vidya with people, you tell a story about how you played vidya with anons on a gamenight here, and post the image with it. It takes basic social skills, which I know are especially rare amongst torposters, but I'm sure you could give it a try.
>>4321 It's ironic that you talk about basic social skills while being this passive aggressive and bitchy about such an innocuous observation about the struggles involved in bringing activity to the site. Chill the fuck out you spastic retard, my post could barely even be considered criticism. Develop some reading comprehension before you go around projecting about your inability to communicate with other humans you insufferable faggot.
>>4322 >torpedo is mad it got called out >torpedo is biting the rage-bait like an all-day sucker Many such cases. Torpedos deserve nothing, certainly not politeness. >inb4 hurr merely pretending to be retarded As a torpedo, you have the benefit of never needing to pretend.
>>4335 Go test out your imageboard buzzword AI on /test/, not here.
>>4335 >muh tor If you're so desperate you want 4cuck brand idiocy, why not go there?
How about advertising on https://poa.st ? They're fast, seemingly growing in trajectory, and full of free speech focused shitposters. Seems like a good bunch to me.
>>4613 >can't view content without signing up Gay, but any FOSS respecting project is probably fine for shilling. Generally I'd lean towards avoiding the Qnigger areas and lean more towards the autistic tech weeb areas though. We don't need more retarded /pol/ shit, we need fun interesting autists that will populate cool boards.

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