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(406.83 KB 570x489 Trash.png)

2.6 Changelog Codexx Root 08/02/2021 (Mon) 07:42:53 Id: 70ccc8 No. 3436
Changelog 2.6.0: Libertarian Edition Policy You may now request your board have custom JavaScript enabled. All custom JS must be non-obfuscated and compatible with the AGPLv3 license so both users and admins can check for malicious usage. You may not redirect users off-site, nor track them in any way. A number of pages have had their wording corrected. These pages have now been vetted by an attorney. "Wrong or Expired Captcha" should now occur less often. Style & Markdown CSS has been reworked. There should now be fewer files and a simpler hierarchy to traverse, along with less contradictory rules. This may break compatibility with some themes, but fixing them should be easier than making them. Please look at any of the site themes for an example of how to style a custom CSS file. Dice rolls now support adding and subtracting, and have had some bug fixes. Lain Theme Added Moe OS Theme Added Secret Themes Added Fixes Fixed some features not working correctly with replies added by WebSockets. Captchas should no longer reflow the page Filtered threads will now be hidden on the catalog. Filtering by ID should no longer filter the thread if the ID is associated with the original post. Functionality Trash Bin has replaced Deletion. Posts removed by moderators will now be moved to a trash bin so they can be restored. Removed posts will now be auto-filtered when updating via WebSockets. Files can now be stripped of their name on disk. Currently must be applied to all files on a post, and it will replace their name with their hash. We are interested in feedback regarding per-file options and generating/masking the name instead of using a hash. Hiding files should now work without JavaScript. Inline Replies have arrived! Please let us know how they can be improved. Bottom Replies have also arrived. Files above a board's file size limit will now be flagged before you begin uploading. Coming Soon Reply Link Improvements Mobile Rework Better Webring Integration WebSocket/Refresh Improvements Please report any bugs you may find below. If you can give exact steps to reproduce, then that's even better! Thank you all for your suggestions, contributions, and help identifying bugs.
Bottom replies should show under images on posts without text. Instead they show up next to the images making them look like they're apart of the post message. See >>>/v/378640
>>3441 Noted. Expect a fix sometime tomorrow.
>>3436 There's a weird minor issue where the number of posts an ID is more than expected when hovered over. For instance when you posted just now, it said your ID had 3 posts instead of 2. It seems websocket related (whatever updates the screen, as opposed to a stored variable), because a manual refresh reveals the correct number.
>>3436 Feedback: It looks like shit and runs much the same, neck yourself you fucking retard.
>>3436 >You may now request your board have custom JavaScript enabled. All custom JS must be non-obfuscated and compatible with the AGPLv3 license so both users and admins can check for malicious usage. You may not redirect users off-site, nor track them in any way. I think there should be a warning somewhere to indicate that a board has custom Javascript enabled, like a JS icon next to the board name and on the board list (similar to the one used for SFW boards). >A number of pages have had their wording corrected. These pages have now been vetted by an attorney. wat >Secret Themes Added I found them, but how do I enable them? >Inline Replies have arrived! Please let us know how they can be improved. Please refer to >>>/v/378669 and >>>/v/378677 >Files above a board's file size limit will now be flagged before you begin uploading. FUCK YES. You don't know how painful is to upload heavy files at 500kbps only to get an error at the end because one of the files was 4kb bigger than the limit. Now, if there only was a "cancel upload" button it would be perfect.
>>3443 I noticed this with new posts. If it's happening on existing posts then the websockets are the likely culprit. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out where there's double-counting. >>3444 Checked. Only the dead can know peace... >>3445 >Custom JS Icon I'll see if I can mod that into the backend easily. If not, I'll pass it onto Stephen and it should be an easy tweak for 2.7. >enabling themes Under Settings->CSS you can import a CSS file. You will need to provide the full path from the site's root. >file size limit flag Let me know if you encounter any issues with it. It was added this week and hasn't seen extensive testing, but it should be working.
(311.31 KB 1920x1080 8chanfuckedagain.png)

How do I fix this? it looks like shit and I can barely navigate this shit.
>>3447 CTRL+F5
>>3446 >Under Settings->CSS you can import a CSS file. You will need to provide the full path from the site's root. Oh, I thought there was a way to add them to the theme selector because they already are listed on the JS code. >>3447 Clear your browser's cache.
>>3448 Thanks bro, that fixed it.
>>3449 You could mod the custom JS to add them to the list. They will probably end up on the list eventually.
>>3446 Definitely a double count when a new post is added by live updates by the looks of it. Existing ID post counts which haven't posted upon said update are unchanged.
As a side note, updating my custom themes to the new sheet was easier than expected, and visual changes done when selecting a theme or applying custom CSS seem to load much faster.
>>3453 I'm glad to hear that. The hierarchy is a lot flatter now, so there isn't a big dependency chain. Additionally, a lot of redundancies have been removed, so the files that remain are smaller. Tons of credit to our resident CSS expert, Cube, He's primarily responsible for the overhaul and he did a great job with it.
>>3454 Yeah, it was easier now that the default themes are smaller. I just had to save Yotsuba P's CSS, add my changes, and remove a couple of things that already were covered by the theme.
(292.53 KB 1877x504 _ck_-_Cooking.png)

(282.22 KB 789x684 _ck_-_Cooking1.png)

If a thread doesn't have any replies, the next one down now wedges up to the previous thumbnail unless the page is too small to allow it.
>>3456 Add this to your custom CSS and tell me what happens: div.innerOP { display: inline-block; max-width: 100%; }
>>3456 Good catch.
(306.29 KB 1591x761 _ck_-_Cooking.png)

>>3457 Seems to fix it
when you click on the arrow that expands in the menu to delete / report threads from within threads it doesn't work anymore for me
also a more important thing, I can't seem to be able to delete posts from the latest postings page or from within threads, only from the index
>>3436 >Inline Replies have arrived! Please let us know how they can be improved. I echo what anon mentioned earlier about stacked inlining and also being able to close the inlined replies clicking the same link that opened them. Without the former the functionality is not really useful, and the latter just kind of breaks the flow otherwise, plus on every other imageboard that implements the feature you close inline replies clicking the same link that opened it. Regarding this last thing, please consider coloring the links that created the inline reply, see images 1 and 2 from >>344. I also noticed that you can't expand images on inline replies (also mentioned on >>344), which is something that would be useful. Finally, I see I also mentioned back then navigating to posts on ctrl+click (instead of inline expanding them), which is useful in certain situations but not completely essential. >Files can now be stripped of their name on disk That's gonna be useful. I was using a script manually so far.
I don't even know what inline replies are supposed to be...
The board index breaks if I have any thread or post hidden on that board, even if the hidden thread/post isn't on the current page of the index. Specifically, the icons for the post menu (the arrow) and hiding menu only show up for the first post listed on the page, for the rest they're missing. Any filtered threads/posts are shown and any collapsed images are uncollapsed. It seems to be just the index that breaks, the catalog and threads seem to work normally. Additionally, it seems that trying to hide a post from the index (before the above issues) hides the OP instead. When you first hide it it will hide the right post, but the next time you load the page it will be the OP instead of the post you hid. Hiding from within a thread works fine. I've cleared cache and everything and replicated all of this on multiple browsers.
On an unrelated note, I'm actually unsure how to unhide a thread or post. They don't show in the settings like filters do.
(3.68 KB 477x120 fix it negroman.png)

>subractan dice roll 1d20-80 = 0
>>3471 still does not go in the negatives bub
(171.83 KB 602x441 i said fix it negroid.png)

>>3436 >>3470 >filename
>>3436 This looks awful on the phone, what have you done?
I cleared cache to get rid of that first disaster, and things seemed fine at first, but hovering over a reply no longer pops up the post it's replying to at my cursor, unless the post in question is also on the page. This makes the overboard a little less useful and also cross-thread and cross-board replies are less convenient. Latest Posts shows deleted posts that are in the trash bin, leading me to mistakenly try to delete them and be told I can't. Mild confusion before I realized the trash bin thing.
>>3476 Oh also for some reason when I click images and videos, they don't enlarge/play on the page, they open a new tab for the full thing
(88.97 KB 448x570 retard.jpg)

You broke your fucking site you retard.
>>3478 Clear your browser cache and cookies and reload the site.
>>3476 >hovering over a reply no longer pops up the post it's replying to at my cursor, unless the post in question is also on the page Same issue. >>3477 >they don't enlarge/play on the page, they open a new tab for the full thing Having that issue randomly as well. Some open fine, some go new tab.
>>3480 I'm finding the images issue is less common for things at the top of the page, almost 100% if I scroll past a few threads. Actually, so far, IS 100%. This is mostly by checking the overboard.
(60.30 KB 805x795 8ch anon.png)

requesting custom.js for /404/ user name: 404
Quick Reply is missing, replies aren't being shown on the post, and opening images opens them in a new tab. I'm on Firefox 52.9 ESR
Javascript seems to not load at all now? The site defaults to the non-JS version.
>>3482 Enabled. Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties. Interested to see what you do with this feature. >>3476 >>3477 >>3480 >>3481 >>3483 >>3484 Ctrl+F5 sometimes does not clear everything, or it will still fall back on cached files later. Try switching site domains (for example, if you normally use .moe, try using .se) or forcibly clearing all cached data for the site. The process for the latter varies by browser.
>>3485 >forcibly clearing all cached data I had already done that, as ctrl f5 is rarely doing anything on my browser. My issues, however, persist.
Before this new patch i was able to use the filter ID to hide the whole thread, now it just hides the OP, why tf was that changed?
>>3486 I'll look into it and try to rule out a cache issue. >>3487 The OP was decoupled from replies as part of filter improvements, but hiding the OP should definitely hide all its replies still. I'll be sure it's taken care of.
(12.22 KB 544x116 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3488 Well, i hided the posts, but after f5ing they returned and now this error shows up on the developer console.
(663.35 KB 2132x1159 ClipboardImage.png)

It seems that the board list's IP counter has been stuck for 12 hours. >>3495 Do this >>3457
>>3497 thank you, that fixed it.
(68.03 KB 1279x225 busted java.JPG)

Console is turning up the stuff in the image
>>3436 >Inline replies The post numbers you click to inline a reply are at the top of the posts, but the replies appear at the bottom. Pretty disorienting, especially for longer posts where you can't see the reply you just clicked without scrolling down. You should either put the replies at the top or the links at the bottom. Also as others have said the seperate close button and inability to embed a whole chain are a pain.
>>3497 The UIDs on the boards.js page, or the UIDs listed in a thread? The UIDs on boards.js refresh once daily at midnight GMT. >>3499 Fix incoming. >>3500 Fixes to inline will come. Bug fixes are priority right now. We'll keep tweaking inline until it's the best implementation out there, though.
>>3503 UIDs on the boards.js page. I'm sure they updated every hour like the other fields.
>>3504 They only update once daily with the IP count from the previous 24 hours. And they'll probably set themselves to 0 tonight, but hopefully I can trace that bug one step further.
I'm trying to moderate my board, and it keeps asking for a password whenever I remove/ban posts.
>>3506 Are you using Trash Post or Delete Post?
ctrl+shift+r worked for me to fix the main shit, still does not fix the two problems i screenshoted, try it anyway if ctrl+f5 doesn't do shit
Exactly what happens when you click on "Disable Proof of Work Solver"? Also is possible to disable the automatic hiding of deleted posts?
I can't lock threads nor unlock them, unless i use the "Latest Posts" option. Same with the reports, if i report something in the index, it doesn't appear in the reports counter
Minor (?) bug I found when making a new thread: after pressing the reply button you won't be redirected to the new thread, you'll just be sitting at the catalog and it'll look like your captcha didn't go through. Also another minor bug is if you grab the corner of your post box and drag it to resize the message window it'll only extend to the right and down instead of keeping all of the post boxes and stuff centered like it used to.
>>3511 >Also another minor bug is if you grab the corner of your post box and drag it to resize the message window it'll only extend to the right and down instead of keeping all of the post boxes and stuff centered like it used to. Seems to be the case with the quick reply pop-up window too.
>>3509 >Also is possible to disable the automatic hiding of deleted posts? not to my knowledge, i also want to disable it
>>3436 Codexx, the mod tools are broken fix them you fucking idiot.
>>3516 Please specify which tool is broken. We pushed some fixes but you may still have older versions cached. Broken mod tools are top priority fixes. >>3514 >>3509 >disable auto-hide There was supposed to be an option for that, but there isn't, so it must have slipped through the cracks. Update soon. >>3511 >>3510 Checking these out.
hey >>3518 fix em >>3470 >>3471 >>3472 >>3473 >>3489 >>3457 also you can't click on the post number of an inline post and have it appear in the reply box to respond, you might want to look into that >>3508 and spread the ctrl+shift+r info around in case it can help someone else
(11.64 KB 583x52 japan.png)

In case it's not reported (haven't seen it so far), there is no space between the filename and dimensions of images.
>>3521 >negative dice I didn't touch dice, aside from some minor fixes. The behavior is the same. >navbar jumps to second line Has been an ongoing issue since the site launched, and it bothers me daily. When I find a good permanent solution, it'll be implemented. >Threads bumping into each other Went live earlier, but there's no accounting for cache. >ctrl+shift+r Is the same at ctrl+f5. Either should work. Nuking the entire cache or switching domains works better. >>3522 I think it's there, just tiny. Will see if it can be improved with a CSS tweak. Was hoping to redo the entire media box at some point to be more legible and take up less space.
>>3518 I cant delete posts, ban people, pin or unpin threads, basically fucking everything!
>>3524 >ban, pin/unpin, etc Some changes are now live that should resolve some of these issues. Please clear your cache and try again. >delete Are you using the "Trash Post" option or the "Delete Post" option?
>>3525 Im using both, also what the fuck is "trash" post?
>>3526 Deletion is now a global-level function (unless you have the password for the post). BOs and Vols should use "Trash" instead, which places posts into a recycle bin where they can be recovered.
>>3527 That's fucking retarded! Oh look the admins or sleeping and some faggot is spamming or spamming pizza, gotta trash the post but still keep it on the servers! WHAT THE FUCK OR YOU SMOKING!
>>3528 >or Damn it I meant "are".
>>3528 >>3529 To a user, there is no distinction between a trashed and a deleted post. The content is no longer accessible. The posts are automatically removed after a set time period, and admins may remove posts sooner than that.
>>3530 Good god that's retarded, so the local BO has no way of deleting pizza or illegal spam permanently, also trash post still requires a fucking password and I cant ban+trash post either. Jesus Christ this is a fucking disaster!
>>3531 Trash post should not require a password. We're figuring out what the deal is with Ban+Trash.
>>3532 Nothing fucking works. Not trashing, pinning or banning and I've already nuked my browsing/cookie/cache history into oblivion. Good god who's autistic idea was to implement this retarded nonsense.
>>3533 I'd like to go step-by-step and see why your mod tools aren't working. Do you get any errors in your debug control (ctrl+shift+i) when you attempt to lock/pin posts? Alternatively, I've sent you a message on Twitter, in case it would be faster to coordinate there.
>>3485 >Enabled. Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties. Interested to see what you do with this feature. i tried uploading dollchan.js , worked on previous lynxchan boards with custom.js >SEE FILE RELATED does not work here >here's a basic one i got from "Rodent" on smelle.xyz last year var embedButtons = document.getElementsByClassName('embedButton'); for (var i = 0; i < embedButtons.length; ++i) { embedButtons[i].click(); } im a js retard, but this is a basic command that clicks the embed button automatically, or so it was explained to me.
>>3536 >embed button clicker js from smelle.xyz that doesnt work either.
>>3536 >>3537 I know custom JS worked previously. The only difference now should be that it's enabled on a per-board basis. I'll continue investigating tomorrow.
Images are still open in new tab, post with replies doesn't have anything attach to it, the whole report/hide post button disappeared somewhere. Nuked cache/sessions/cookies a few times already. Everything works if I create a brand new profile for the browser though. If anyone knows how to properly clear cache on Waterfox for this to work do tell.
>>3539 Not sure about Waterfox Classic, but if it's the Waterfox tracking current FF releases then there should be an option under Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies and Site Data. I think clear data will let you clear ALL site data, and Manage Data will let you do so by site. That should permanently resolve the problem. You can also trying accessing from a different domain for a day or two.
I can't pin threads with the arrow now on my own board. I'm logged in.
>>3541 Try refreshing your cache with ctrl+f5. If that doesn't work, please open the developer console with ctrl+shift+I and check the "Console" tab. See if there are any errors. If so, take a screenshot or copypaste the error here.
>>3531 >Good god that's retarded, so the local BO has no way of deleting pizza or illegal spam permanently, Yeah that seems like a major oversight and a bad idea unless there's going to be a policy where globals are constantly keeping a check on trashed files and nuking the outright illegal ones.
I don't have access to the moderation tools anymore.
I CANNOT MODERATE MY FUCKING BOARD!!! I'm the damn BO, and all the moderation tools are gone. The ONLY options I have are "Report", "Global Report", and "Delete post". The only recourse that I have is to go directly into the thread, select the posts with problems by clicking that checkmark next to the offending posts, go to the bottom of the page and ban the trouble makers, then reload the page, reselect the posts, THEN, go back to the bottom of the page and delete the posts belonging to those posters.
>>3546 CORRECTION! You cannot even go into the threads and delete the posts. How you have to do it is that you FIRST have to have one of the posts reported, THEN go onto your management page and select "Open reports", click on the post number to go into the thread, THEN be able to moderate.
(102.72 KB 456x628 1310028780848.jpg)

>hover over reply >doesn't go away
Are trashed posts automatically deleted from the trash bin after some amount of time, or will they continue to pile up forever?
>>3544 >>3546 We just pushed an update to fix this last night. Please clear your cache. If the issue persists, please paste the output of your developer console by pressing ctrl+shift+I and checking the "console" tab. If the menu isn't loading then there is likely an error. >>3548 Same instructions. What browser are you using? >>3550 Deleted after a set time.
(115.47 KB 510x326 ClipboardImage.png)

Every post with an attachment looks like this, with these annoying spaces. Refreshing and deleting cache doesn't change anything.
>>3551 >Please clear your cache. This is in private browsing (IOW, no cache). Across all my devices and their respective browsers.
>>3546 >>3547 This seems like a duplicate of a bug that was fixed earlier -- it might still be held in a remote cache somewhere (i.e., not on your machine) depending on your location. Can you confirm the error in your browser console (Ctrl-Shift-J)? The error for that specific bug looks something like postingMenu.js:832
(97.99 KB 546x296 FUCK.png)

Everything has been fucked since the update, clearing caches, cookies, and refreshing constantly does jack shit. Using Waterfox Classic 56.3.
this update is fucking lame. top and bottom options should go back to where they were.
(67.43 KB 302x293 Mokey Baby.png)

Filters do not work, expanding images inline doesn't work, have to manually refresh the page for new posts to appear, have to manually refresh the page to remove filters, cannot quote posts without refreshing the page, replies don't show up on posts ever, posts don't appear when hovering over their links, everything is fucked.
>>3557 >Using Waterfox Classic 56.3. I'm using 2021.04 and it works fine. Not trying to excuse legitimate issues but 56.3 must be pretty old if it's still using the older format for versions.
>>3560 Everything worked fine until this update, and I don't feel like updating this browser since there's probably all sorts of added spyware shit due to them being bought up by an ad company, and it would probably break being able to use flash.
>>3561 >Everything worked fine until this update That's fair. I hate with a passion how easily websites break. Ironic that it's a technology and protocol stack that was supposed to make things more flexible and compatibility easier. >I don't feel like updating this browser since there's probably all sorts of added spyware shit due to them being bought up by an ad company That's also fair, but for what it's worth I needed to update and did a thorough check of what the version I'm using did before updating and it was clean. I did a long ass post on /t/ about what I found if you're ever interested in upgrading.
(49.43 KB 410x406 tools on normal mode.jpg)

(42.21 KB 434x280 tools on mod mode.jpg)

(11.65 KB 214x172 hidden star.jpg)

(7.70 KB 270x46 empty bar.jpg)

(310.93 KB 1648x1301 windows.jpg)

>>3546 I have similar problems. Mod tools disappeared from the "Latest postings" and "Moderate thread" pages, but are available in the "normal" version of threads (the one normal users see), Additionally, post links on the "Latest postings" now send me to the "mod version" of the thread instead of the normal one, something that didn't happen in previous updates. I have wiped the cache and cookies as specified and tried on both the .moe and .se domains with no result. Two more bugs: - There's a star in the logs page that adds empty board links that can't be removed. You can try it at https://8chan.moe/logs.js?boardUri=site or any other log page.>>3546 - some elements on windows don't resize properly anymore. For example, the upload file button on the quick reply window has a fixed width and position, and the settings panel has a fixed height that clashes with the textbox inside it (which can be resized past the external limit).
(166.22 KB 2406x1300 windows 2.jpg)

>>3563 Forgot to mention. The first 3 bugs are present in both Librewolf (Firefox) and Iridium (Chromium), while the one involving windows is only partially existent in Iridium (pic related).
(11.05 KB 318x313 1615877147267.jpg)

>still no overboard update
suggestion: when browsing the latest postings page you'll be able to see if a post is deleted or not, because now there is no way to tell, which can be a bit inconvenient
(212.95 KB 534x576 8chan Server.png)

Have a little patience guys, it's being worked on. This update was important for a few reasons, not least of which is letting us safely hire more global mods. All the complaints will get ironed out. We do still have jobs and lives to attend to, so it'll take a couple days is all. Keep leaving feedback, we're noting everything we get.
Quick reply box is working now but after ctrling, f5ing and clearing the cache even on the .se site which I don't remember using before this I still have images opening in new tabs. Why the electric hell would this functionality be changed?
>>3569 Works on my machine, clearnigger.
here's another issue: trying to edit a post results in a 'board not found' notification
I'm also not seeing any way to hide or filter posts. Niggerpill is doing his thing again and until the mods show up I need a way to keep his shit from touching my eyeballs.
I'm not fully sure about this but when you IP delete posts all posts but the one you selected from get fully deleted, instead of being sent to the trash bin.
(4.79 KB 114x129 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3572 Select the circle with a cross on the post. Pic related. If these aren't showing for you, check your developer console and post any errors. >>3569 The functionality wasn't changed. But almost all of the CSS and JS files were refactored, and if even one is cached from a previous version then it can cause problems. >>3571 Will investigate. >>3573 Will also investigate.
>>3571 >>3576 I have experienced this same issue just now Also still getting problems with replies appearing when hovering over the >>postnumber Even ones one the page will have problems randomly, seeming to work the first time I hover over, but not appearing if I hover over a second time Bless your heart trying to tackle everything happening
>>3577 I was about to mention the same error. Hovering over a post number works only once, and after that it will do one of 2 possible actions: - move you to where the post is located (reloading the tab if you entered the thread by pressing [Last] instead of [Reply], even if the post is one of the last replies) - (if inline replies are enabled) open the reply inside of the post as expected, with the possibility to do it multiple times
>>3577 >>3578 Can you guys open the developer tools (ctrl+shift+I), go to the Console tab, and then reproduce the hover tooltip issue on backlinks? I would expect an error to appear, and it would make it faster to fix.
>>3576 Done.
>>3576 I Inspect Element'd the links, it looks like the target attribute of the <a> tag has been set to _blank, which is opening stuff in the new tabs.
>>3581 Do you find that some images on a page (without reloading) open inline but others do not?
>>3582 Literally just checked this and had all the images opening inline... Looks like either whatever was going wrong has been fixed or my cache finally cleared. Though I am now experiencing the issue where hovering over a reply link causes it to get stuck on the page.
>>3579 The thing is, I don't see anything on the console when it happens. And what's weirder, this bug happens only when I'm on the "trimmed" version of a thread, not on the "full" one.
>>3584 So this is happening on board indices, but not on thread pages? While that narrows it down, I can't seem to replicate this. Are there any other errors present, even those which seem to be unrelated? And do these replies have an upload or something that distinguishes them, or is it any preview?
(1.64 MB 1260x640 test.webm)

>>3585 >So this is happening on board indices, but not on thread pages? No, it happens exclusively on thread pages when you access them through the [Last] button. >Are there any other errors present, even those which seem to be unrelated? Nope, nothing involving 8chan. >And do these replies have an upload or something that distinguishes them, or is it any preview? All replies. Here's a video showing the problem since it seems that I'm bad at explaining things.
>>3586 What browser/platform are you on and what version are you using?
>>3570 When hovering over a quote to see the post it can expand off the bottom of the screen. I feel like this wasn't a problem previously and hovering over post quotes properly contained themselves to the viewport.
>>3588 That's definitely a regression.
>>3587 Librewolf, Iridium and Safari, all on their latest versions. Tried on both .moe and .se
Some changes were pushed Clear caches again and try once more. Not every issue will be fixed, but I think most of the major fires are out. Still looking into Custom JS and the Delete by IP thing.
(89.51 KB 1206x785 Capture.PNG)

Posts show up on hover somehow won't disappear.
>>3592 Any errors in console?
(8.15 KB 929x92 error.png)

>>3592 >>3593 Small correction: it stuck the second times you hover over it. First time works fine.
Firefox Dev Edition guy here, thanks for fixing most of the glitches. The only problem I still have is that whenever I hover the cursor over a reply, the replying post remains overlayed on the screen and doesn't disappear once I move the cursor.
I've temporarily disabled the Sage textbox while doing some debugging; writing "sage" in the e-mail field should still work. >>3595 >>3594 >>3592 We just pushed an update which should fix this. It may take some time to get through the cache, and once it does, you may need to clear your local cache. >thanks for fixing most of the glitches Thanks for having patience while we work through them.
if you inline a post wile on the main board that is well inside a thread and then ctrl click the post number on said inlined post, it opens something like this /*the board*/#q*post number* instead of opening the thread on a new tab and directing you to the post you clicked
(78.67 KB 1920x745 errors.png)

I guess my problem would be easier to figure out if I put whatever was in the console at the time of this post.
>>3596 I'm still getting the weird reply hovering bug. Cache cleared, browser restarted. Has it gone live yet? It's making the site borderline unusable.
I still get this >>3571
>>3596 The error displayed at >>3586 seems to be fixed. Thank you.
>>3601 But now I'm having a different one: the quick reply box doesn't clear after submitting a reply.
(452.36 KB 2560x994 console logs.jpg)

>>3602 Here are the logs I got when making this post.
(32.32 KB 909x216 reply ghost bug.png)

(415.91 KB 580x711 Buddhapproval.png)

Things are working a bit better now, I can hide shit again so I don't have to deal with Luciano or Niggerpill anymore.
Oh thank god the reply bug seems to have been fixed
>>3605 So it wasn't my imagination paying me a prank, there really were top/bottom buttons in different places. >>3607 Let's see.
Yep, it works now.
>deleted posts are now automatically hidden to aid the rampant censorship on this site Very cool.
>>3602 This one will take some time to work around. >>3604 We've removed the use of this member, since some browsers do not support it. >>3605 Are you on mobile? Do you have a preference for those buttons over the top/bottom ones on the navbar? If you are on mobile, we are working on a movile UI revamp which should alleviate many of the problems. The interface is admittedly a mess on phones right now. Reworking the CSS and JS was a necessary first step which is now complete. >>3610 You can disable auto-hiding under Settings -> Other. Auto-hiding was enabled by default to prevent spammers from disrupting threads for users with WebSockets enabled. You have the same access to removed posts you did before. The ability to see deleted posts is not going away.
>>3611 >You have the same access to removed posts you did before. The ability to see deleted posts is not going away. You used to see deleted posts and now you don't unless you take extra steps that nobody is going to take, aiding in silencing the people that those who abuse their power want silenced. Not only do you not hold them in any way accountable for baselessly censoring dissenting opinions on a site that purports to value free speech but you help them in undermining the very thing you pretend to stand for.
>>3612 If you disagree with content being removed, you should bring it up with board owners who set local rules and enforce them. Global staff don't tell them how to run their boards. >Extra steps nobody is going to take I am sure quite a few users have already toggled the option in Settings. It takes a few seconds to restore the old behavior. The new system simply kneecaps spammers. We can't guarantee deleted posts don't have illegal content in them, and users shouldn't have to worry about leaving a thread up and coming back to that if they don't want to.
>>3613 Why do you expect me to buy that you're just an impartial observer of a thriving ecosystem that can't be expected to interfere in it when in reality all the activity here is devoted to a single horribly managed board that willfully shits all over the idea that popularized the site this one is a namesake of and in doing so serves as a poison in its veins? What gave you the idea that protecting people from seeing something they don't like should take priority over someones ability to be heard? Do you not see that as being totally antithetical to the principles this site is supposedly run in accordance with? To me it's just a showcase of the mask slipping and it isn't the first time either. I think you should just end the charade already and continue following in Jim's footsteps by rebranding the site.
(8.32 KB 172x26 45.png)

>>3611 i'm not a phonefag. this shit now appears here. it used to be next to [archive] [refresh]
(24.70 KB 1328x123 fag1.png)

(39.43 KB 1330x221 fag2.png)

(32.77 KB 1334x190 fag3.png)

(39.40 KB 1327x219 fag4.png)

(26.69 KB 1324x124 fag5.png)

>>3610 >>3612 >>3614 oh hey, if it isn't the local autispedo, you didn't like being called out on the suggestion thread( >>3355 >>3356 >>3369 >>3390 )? tough shit, and yes i do plan on calling you pedo ass out each and every time you pop out with your same tired old talking points, like niggerpill... ah, that gives me an idea, you shall henceforth be known as pedopill, enjoy your new nickname, pedo... and no, this site will never change name, enjoy. --------------------------- on an unrelated note, if you people could do something so that the quick reply window doesn't get so tall that you cant push the reply button without shrinking the page, it would be lovely, thank you (also bringing into attention this >>3597 post of mien since you said you wanted to make the inline post system here the best it can be, if not outright the best on all the image boards)
>>3616 >Inline tweaks Coming soon, now that pretty much everything works except for custom JS for some reason. >QR too tall Limiting it explicitly for every window size is hard, but we can try. Are there specific circumstances causing it to bump off? Are you extending it yourself by increasing the textbox size, or is it falling off because of files being added? >>3615 Those have been there for at least a year, if not longer. I actually thought we removed the other buttons a year ago. I'll see about adding them back.
>>3618 Different anon but choosing a single file makes the box too long for me to click reply.
>>3616 Is saving me the trouble of having to reiterate by capping my talking points and posting them preemptively supposed to be a threat? Why should I care? You'd be of more help if you didn't post the same cap twice every time though. I look forward to seeing you spreading my messages without my involvement at all when you mistakenly assume anyone with a similar opinion must be me like you have done once already.
do you have measures in place that block javascript? >my thoughts you may or your js does not work. has anyone been successful with custom.js? i have not.
>>3619 I'll see if we can lock it somehow. What resolution is your monitor set to? Could you upload a screenshot of your window so we can see what it looks like for you? >>3623 It was working previous (before we disabled custom JS entirely), but hasn't since the update. The CSP should cover the custom JS, so that should not be the issue. It seems like it's not actually templating the script in, which might be a result of changes made during the refactor. Either way, this is the next big bug to fix, so it should get sorted out soon. Apologies for the delay.
>>3618 i'm not sure if they were there, but [bottom] was there. thanks for looking it. hope to see it back.
Sage doesn't work.
(24.89 KB 291x317 wackity.jpg)

>>3624 >Apologies no need for that, ill be happy when the bug is fixed:^)
When you unlink a file, it automatically hides the post as if you had deleted the entire thing and since it also reads (Deleted) most anons think that their post simply got deleted. I can't spoil files from the Open Reports page either and I think that it still doesn't work from within a thread either.
>>3631 This appears to be caused by a lack of specificity with the backend -- when a "delete" WebSocket message is sent to a user, there is no distinction between image unlinking and post deletion. Actually, there is a slight difference I found when trying to replicate this: on image unlinks the posts the message says to delete are repeated about a dozen times. While a fix could exist in the frontend scripts, I'd rather nip this in the bud and target the backend.
(10.76 KB 383x168 faggotry at work.png)

(12.27 KB 466x96 6.png)

>Can't Delete post >Can't Trash post >Can't Mod effectively Mind you, I'm just trying to clear up some threads that got derailed. Imagine if we had to handle pizza spammers. What the fuck gives, mate?
>>3633 Don't show him that stupid. Funniest part of the update.
>>3633 Please open your developer tools (ctrl+shift+I) and check the console tab. Do you get an error when trying to use mod tools? As a fallback, you can use the Moderate Thread button under the refresh. This provides no-JS mod tools. Select the checkboxes for posts to action on and then view the Forms at the bottom of the page. We've had some issues with modtools and pushed fixes, so this will help us determine if it's your cache or there's still an incompatibility with your browser. >>3631 >Can't spoil files Will investigate. >Unlinking marks posts as (Deleted) I think I have an idea why this occurs. Cube already checked this out and replied and I just skimmed right over it. I'll speak to Stephen about a fix upstream. >>3627 Stephen apparently did modify the way the script loads, so we've modified our CSP. It appears to be loading some data now, but I haven't tested it with an actual script. >>3634 Who do you think copypasted that guide into the page? I'm leaving it because I suck cocks >>3626 See above. SageBox is disabled due to some potential instability with the update. Use "sage" in the e-mail field for now.
Edited last time by codexx on 08/06/2021 (Fri) 05:57:57.
>>3635 Well congratulations genius, you broke the spoiler system now whats the next step in your master plan? test
>>3636 Nah I just typo'd like a retard.
(183.46 KB 500x500 1354772969363.png)

>>3635 >edited
>>3618 and with the captcha part of the quick reply box, the reply button gets completely hidden also posting the pics i used to test and take the two pics, since someone might want them, i pecked them at random.
>>3636 Crashing this IB. WITH NO SURVIVORS
>>3640 Can you post the entire window and not just the QR box?
>>3641 I dont know man. Thats a big IB
(4.13 MB 1208x900 wrk.webm)

What's the status on webring? Is it removed intentionally or what? I won't ask you to restore it for my sake, but I load it personally to keep track of various imageboards so I'd like to know if it's meant to work or if I should remove it.
>>3646 At this point why bother, they never want anything to do with 8chan again due to letting a /hebe/ pop up, and refuse to listen when told it was kneecapped and died, because of "better safe than sorry" logic that continues to make exceptions for tvch and alog.
>>3647 I don't give a shit what someone else thinks, I just want to know if the json API is going to be usable again because I'm using it.
>>3642 ...what do you mean? the problem resides with the quick post element, why would i cap more that it? i already said the sources of the problem, adding files and/or the captcha box.
>>3646 >Is it removed intentionally or what? I probably forgot to manually bump the engine version, so LynxChan is probably not loading it. Assuming nothing broke, that's a quick adjustment. >>3649 It's hard to tell in the images; is the Reply button being kicked below the frame of the QR window somehow? Or is the bottom of QR falling below the total height of your screen?
>>3650 ok now that clears up what you meant, second is waht happens, it goes below the "browser's page presentation vertical limit" so to speak, even if you place the quick reply window literally touching the top... matter of fact here is a screencap of me ctrl+"-"ing(which you can see by the size on the text) and with just the vertical increase caused by the pictures(which im posting as well in case someone wants them) one shrinkage of the page is enough, but i think i might have needed to do 2 ctrl+"-" when the 2 tier captcha(one on the quick reply box and one extra that pops up) is active. (although just to clarify, no the first thing(QuickRep frame breaking) does not happen, rest easy on that front)
(76.05 KB 401x768 Peggy_7.png)

(25.46 KB 710x543 Atleast_she_tried.png)

(38.33 KB 806x601 Peggy_13.png)

(213.11 KB 1236x1257 1369461911410.png)

(89.80 KB 1352x557 zzzzzzz.png)

>>3651 ok, it seems that what i used to take the screenshot before is eating the quick reply box... for some whatever fucking reason, this one should be it, although keep in mind that i used the screenshot command to take the pic, and that makes it so the pic is a bit smaller vertically to how it actually is, currently with tee QuiRep box from that cap there is a bit of clearance until it touches the bottom of the page again, about a mouse cursor's distance(the left flat vertical edge) also could you do something with copying the text on the posts? for some reason even though the post clearly has more than one line, whenever i copy the contents they get pasted in onto a singe line, im on linux, if that might have anything to do with it
(21.94 KB 400x321 cookie.jpg)

>>3652 Are you on an ultrawide monitor? >also could you do something with copying the text on the posts? for some reason even though the post clearly has more than one line, whenever i copy the contents they get pasted in onto a singe line, im on linux, if that might have anything to do with it Unfortunately this would require a tweak to the backend and would also require updating every post in the database. I've got some ideas for how to fix this, but it will probably need to be done upstream. >>3646 >>3648 Apparently there are some incompatibilities with the addon and LynxChan 2.6, so I'll need to do some further investigation. I didn't do any testing of it because I was planning to have a replacement webring addon ready for this update. I'll see if I can duct tape it together, though. Edit: It looks like it's working again.
Edited last time by codexx on 08/06/2021 (Fri) 22:35:01.
(39.79 KB 934x240 upload in progress.jpg)

Is it just me, or does the "reply" button on the form at the top of the page no longer indicate the progress of submitted files? Here's it compared with the same button on the quick reply window.
>>3655 >Are you on an ultrawide monitor? not really, its 1366*768 >require updating every post in the database. does it? can't you just retain the post that exist like they are and just make it so that new posts are stored properly?
>>3656 same thing here. i've made replicate threads because of that.
(299.42 KB 1651x1227 apu checking in.jpg)

custom.js soon? thanks for putting up with me:^)
>>3677 Soon. Having a back and forth with Stephen right now and then I'll trace through the templating later tonight if I need to.
>>3436 This may just be a speed issue, but ever since the update, it seems more common that I have to manually click refresh instead of auto-loading new posts with live updates, when on the onion site. It is not consistent.
>>3679 Onion refresh is pretty broken. We're unsure why websockets doesn't work. That said, I'll check out the refresh script. It's a bit wonky.
>>3677 Oh, and still digging. I out of the house most of today, but I will have plenty of time tomorrow.
When I made a new thread there was no indication that the thread had been posted. The captcha just refreshed. Accidentally made the same thread 3 times because of this.
>>3696 and [bottom] isn't brought back to its place. what are these fags doing exactly?
(1.94 KB 307x75 replies.png)

you know how when you hover over the replies to a post, you get a popup sowing you the reply? well inline posts not have that
>>3677 New update: works fine on test but not on production. So now the question is why. >>3696 Working on it. >>3697 Some issues are higher priority, even if they take longer. I'll see about returning them tomorrow. >>3698 Is it supposed to? I'll add it to the list of improvements for Inline.
I found a mistake, you put the webring boards on the board list, they just terribly mix in with the boards on this website. As a joke it's funny, but is it THAT funny. probably not. I'm sure someone will use these websites some day and it's nice that you're willing to show them off jokingly like HAHAHA look at this absolute GARBAGE... you can probably just remove them. I really DON'T want to know about dead boards on dead websites, I don't even want to know about dead boards on this website if you can believe that. Even just leaving one link to each website as a whole is a complete waste of space. I don't even see smuglo.li listed. Is that because it's a terrible place that no one with individual self-respect would sniff at. Well news flash, that's so for all of them, there's not a single good thing about the webring. Remove all these places immediately, or don't, who cares if dead 8chan boards are smothered in the list by dead off-site boards.
>>3700 >Is it supposed to? Assuming that you got the inline function from that guy on smelle.xyz, yes. He has a pony site that shows hot inline replies and other stuff he made (like improvements to the layout for phonefags) are supposed to look: https://nhnb.org
>>3700 >Is it supposed to? I'll add it to the list of improvements for Inline. Yes, the idea being that you won't expand a reply that hasn't been in turn replied to because it's unnecessary.
Users should be able to spoiler images in their posts after posting it like they can delete them.
>>3677 Managed to find the issue and Stephen patched it upstream this afternoon. Custom board JS should now be functional. >>3703 We had a 90% finished version written by our in-house frontend guy, Cube. As far as I know he polished it up. Not sure he looked at any others, but I'll have him take a look at it for improvements. >>3704 Makes sense. Truth be told, none of us really used inline, so the assumption was clicking to inline a reply was a replacement for hovering, but I see now it's a replacement for jumping around the page. Thank you for the feedback.
(227.61 KB 2456x786 example.jpg)

>>3706 >Truth be told, none of us really used inline It's really useful once you get used to the apparent chaos since it makes following multiple conversations much easier.
Ever since the update I've had images break a lot. It can be either thumbnails or full sized images when I go to expand them. It happens fairly often. If force the browser to fetch the image/thumbnail again it works. Is anyone else experiencing the same? >>3706 >Truth be told, none of us really used inline I still have no idea how that's possible, inlining is super comfortable and makes reading threads fast.
>>3436 /hebe/ should be removed. The BO behind that board who owns smolbox.pw is allowing child pornography to be posted to his site. Just go to /lg/ and see for yourself.
>>371 Smolbox admin is allowing CP to be posted on his website. /hebe/ is being used to promote an imageboard to promote child pornography. Codexxx and the 8chan admins should remove /hebe/ immediately and bar the bo from ever creating it on 8chan.moe.
>>3711 >I'm gonna be honest with you, these are getting hard to justify. I hate having to do this, but I do have to keep the site running, so I need to draw a line. Sounds like he's clamping down, if anything.
suggestions: websocket support for the moderation and last postings pages automatically hide deleted posts for the moderation pages
>>3711 >>3710 go back to reddit
>>3708 We're aware and investigating. >>3710 >>3711 I'll check it out. Linking to other sites to circumvent global rules is not allowed. >>3713 I'll see how much we can do without modifying the backend.
(93.76 KB 708x702 hacker.jpg)

thanks for getting custom.js up and running!
>>3715 pic, and i deleted my previous post because i forgot to say that im not Frank.
>>3728 i forgot, here is what Frank spoilered: I'll never know why the site offers a warning system yet treats it like a ban every time. Before the usual Anon freaks, I just wanted to warn him saying he's veering off topic. Yet the damn message still pops up when I leave everything blank.
clicking on a video from an inlined post opens the video as if you clicked the "nameLink coloredIcon" but on the same tab, instead of "creating" a video player like on normal posts.
since you fags only monitor this thread. there's an issue with with the trash bin. if cp is posted and then deleted by the poster or by a vol, it remains in the trash bin. thus it remains on the server. if this is going down i'd like it to be due to a retard shooting up a school, not some faggy kiddy porn. how is this meant to be dealt with? is the vol meant to unlink it? global report? suck a dick and leave it?
>>3735 Having it hanging around on the server for a while is not going to bring the site down. A good faith effort is made at removing it and it's not visible to users unless they already saw it.
>>3736 well i'm not talking about users, i'm talking about vols/BOs. there are definitely pedo vols/BOs in here and i'm sure they're loving this special privilege.
>>3446 Maybe he was asking about the "attorney" part
>>3731 This has been on my radar for a bit. I'm planning to make the tweak on the backend for consistency. >>3732 Will add that to the list of Inline bugs. >>3736 >>3737 >>3738 We'll be lowering the amount of time the posts stay on the server after being trashed. Additionally, we'll be doing sweeps when we can to clear out anything illegal. The important thing is that it be removed from public access ASAP.
>>3756 another thing with inline, inline this post >>3698 and click the pic, instead of acting like normal non-inline post pictures, it opens it on another tab.
>>3756 >Will add that to the list of Inline bugs. Just use the extension used by the ponyfags. It works much better than the current implementation. They are using 8moe's themes so it's fair to use their stuff too.
I think the bug where the quick reply window isn't cleared after making a post is happening again.
Will the next major update address the overboard and side catalog? There are a lot of little basic changes to both those features that would drastically improve post and thread discoverability and it feels a little overdue.
How big is the trashbin? Does it empty itself? How long can things stay in the trash? How to empty the trash?
>>3766 mind sharing with the class what said changes would be?
>>3771 >having an overboard catalog >labeling which threads come from which boards >customizable overboard board list so I don't need to see interracial cuckolding >integrating said custom overboard into the side catalog >keeping track of unread posts in the side catalog like the watched thread feature does >giving weight to individual boards so they need less bumps to remain near the top if they're slow paced
>>3772 ...k, that sound alright.
What's the difference between hide post+ and ID+? Hide ID+ seems to be just hide all the posts made by an ID.
>>3774 I believe it's supposed to also hide any posts responding to the filtered ID. But I recall it being kind of broken.
Is there a way to filter out (or at least identify) trashed posts in the "latest postings" and "moderate thread" pages? They look exactly like non-deleted posts and is hard to tell if they are still visible to regular users or not. Another thing, can the "latest postings" page be changed so it no longer sends you to the "mod" version of a thread when you click on a post's number? That page is really ugly and annoying and is only useful for the rare case where a file needs to be deleted (and not just unlinked) from the servers.
could svg be made post-able?
hey, try getting to a thread while inline post is on, you can't, test it with this post and see for yourself >>>/v/390674
>>3436 For the next update, you should get Acid to settle on some kind of rules instead of making them up as he goes and deleting whatever he doesn't like. Maybe you could have rules that apply to all boards globally, like some sort of "global rules", so people know what is and isn't allowed. You should probably talk these rules over and agree on them too, so you don't end up with situations where you say something is allowed but then Acid deletes and bans for it even though it's not against any rules, for example some edgelord "admitting" to illegal activity (which might certainly be stupid, but legal and within the rules).
>>3785 >some edgelord "admitting" to illegal activity (which might certainly be stupid, but legal and within the rules). But this is a perfectly valid reason to ban someone, play stupid games win stupid prizes you dumb fucking faggot.
>>3786 If so it should be in the rules. But it happens all the time every day without any moderation, there should be some consistency.
>>3756 adding to the trash bin issue. the posts are not in order. hope to see a fix soon. ALSO BOTTOM BUTTON.
(20.23 KB 1055x154 huh?.png)

>Random 520 error constantly >Refresh on half the boards when hit with 520 results in the fake 404 bullshit >gotta head back to the homepage to attempt to navigate back to the board and thread you wanted to view Lynxchan was shit and 8moe somehow made it worse.
Ever since the update, clicking "index" or "catalog" from the moderation version of a page when moderating a thread, just takes you back to the homepage instead of the index or catalog like it should.
>>3775 Will look into it >>3778 Sure, give me a bit >>3784 Will take care of that. >>3788 >>3789 >>3790 Next patch. >>3791 We're working on the 520s.
>>3793 Any updates on your inevitable suicides? What''s the hold up? You have nothing to live for.
>>3798 How about you do it first?
>>3793 >next patch in regards to trash or bottom? or both? i think the trash thing is important but whatever you do you >>3799 Will look into it. Possibly by next patch.
>pictures of little girls in one piece bathing suits as pedoniggers circle jerk about how much they want to fuck them left up on /b/ for 20+ hours Man this site has become fucking radioactive over the last few months jesus christ. The amount of borderline shit that is either slipping through the cracks or being outright tolerated is insane.
>>>/hebe/7882 A thread on hebe literally called "Stealth role play thread". This site is actually fucked, what the fuck is wrong with you acid? These niggers are openly doing everything that everyone said they would. They are skirting every fucking line, posting images as close to borderline as they possibly can on /b/ since they can't on /hebe/. Are you fucking brain dead?
>>3802 Take it up with /b/'s BO, retard. He is a lolbertarian pedo.
>>3804 The content shouldn't be on the site at all so it's not a board specific issue.
>>3802 >little girls in one piece bathing suits Where? Did you report it? >>3803 >Stealth role play thread I don't get it, is that a reference to something? Why is it a problem? It looks like an ordinary discussion thread, and I don't know why roleplaying would be bad.
>>3806 >Where? Did you report it? Yes >I don't get it, is that a reference to something? Why is it a problem? It looks like an ordinary discussion thread, and I don't know why roleplaying would be bad. Stealth refers to the fact that it's not actually role play and they're literally just talking about committing acts of pedophilia. Why else would it be called stealth role play?
>>3807 I see 0 reports about it. I don't know what you're talking about either.
>>3808 Are you a global mod? Because I global report pedonigger shit.
>>3809 I'm not. You should do non-global reports too, if it's on a board that has active moderation. Only global mods can see global reports, and globals tend to be very slow, so board reports are a better way to get it actually removed promptly (unless your goal is just to shit on the board/mods and not actually get it cleaned up). I still don't know what pictures you're talking about, I could have removed them by now if you were actually interested in having them removed.
>>3810 I figured it's pointless as people describe /b/ BO and mods as pedoniggers themselves. But I did a non-global report now.
>>3807 Ah yes, the slippery slope of "if you let them have a board for discussion of pedophilia, they'll try to sneakily get away with discussing pedophilia in it."
>>3799 I have things to live for, the admins don't.
>>3815 I beg to differ, unlike them you offer nothing of value in your continued existence.
pedochads keep trannies out
>>3816 You were born to beg, anon.
>>3818 >>3816 get burned faggot thanks for my bottom button. fix the trash thing
It's possible to empy all the posts in trash? There are like +600 post in my trash since the new patch, and it's a little obnoxious seeing that number increasing. Also, the mod tools and the delete+ban option are fixed?
>>3821 Ban and delete should be fixed. Clear cache and let us know if it still breaks. I've lowered the hold time on trashed posts but older ones won't expire until their originally scheduled time hits. Unless you're deleting hundreds of posts a day, it should drop off.
Fix the 520s you niggers.
>>3826 It's not a bug, it's a feature!
>>3827 i haven't experienced the 520 thing, and i get you are joking, but i want to give an answer to your post as it where serious: "well then, its a shit feature, remove it."
embeded links like from yewtu.be don't work on inline posts
does the staff even check global reports?
Hiding posts doesn't really work. Filtering, on the other hand, works.
hey, are you alive?
>>3856 What about hiding posts doesn't work? Are you getting any errors in your browser console?
>>3436 apparently you can't inline the op
hey, are you alive?
that post view you get when you hover over say this >>3441 glitches and stays up if you delete the post it was generating from(aka this one you are reading in the example im giving) and you have to refresh the page
(25.19 KB 694x137 3298984429.png)

Seeing as Deleted or Trash post are stuck in the Latest Posting until global handles them, could we at least have some indication the post was checked by board mods so we're not wasting our time trying to delete something another mod had already taken care off? Something like pic related.
>TOR users are not allowed to post files. The fuck is this bullshit? Also the index for /v/ has 13 pages now.
(333.63 KB 1080x1080 1611673219049-532.jpg)

>>3817 pedoniggers ARE trannies, you absolute subnormongrel
I started noticing and then using a few techniques to #trick and exploit current vulnerabilities in the psyche of programmers and their targets. It's called #parsing a link. And basically what it does is, it translates the link in the code of the obfuscated intercepted transparent cypher for the encryption of the files and data in transit. So what happens is basically 🤣 you click a link and then it registers the correction in retroactive deformed links that enumerate the packet after it arrives at the location. So it's like shooting at the internet with your mind to try and throw your source of energy at the wrong target. That's like overshooting your destination. And it basically steals the identity of the network operators vestige state. I used it to hack into the united states navy to study cryptography and illegal munitions laws. Good luck.

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