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(54.83 KB 736x459 E38eYL_UcAIoBEN.jpg)

Looking for a Few Good Men - Global Mod Recruitment Drive Anonymous Board owner 09/08/2021 (Wed) 00:53:50 Id: 2cc1af No. 3983
EDIT: RECRUITMENT ENDING SOON We will stop taking applications at the end of this week. If you're still considering applying, please do so soon. With the LynxChan 2.6 upgrade finished and a little bit less on our plate, we're now ready to start taking on more global volunteers. I want to lay out a bit of what you can expect: >We're looking for autists who lurk the site a lot. The more time you spend with a tab open, the better. >We're especially looking for at least 2 people in the 4am-8am America time (CST) hours. >We're looking for people who give a shit and want to help, but who aren't looking to be overbearing mods. >Globalling is low-volume but high uptime. It's easy, but being vigilant can be boring. >You need to be dependable. Everyone takes breaks, but you can't just no-show for weeks at a time. The site needs you, and you need to act like it. If these things are mostly agreeable to you, please contact us at 8moeadmin@protonmail.com with the following: >Your account name (or TBD if you don't have one yet) >IRC handle (if applicable) >Have you ever modded before? If so, for how long and on what site? You don't have to name the board if you wish to keep it private. >What your most common available hours are to do your jannying. >A sentence or two describing why you wanna help and why we should trust you. >We don't need or care about your dox, but if we like you we might ask for a phone number in case of site emergencies. Here is what Global Modding is like. >Tab open, occasionally refresh site homepage looking for CP or obvious spam, such as PPH shooting up to 500+ for no reason. >Check Global Management -> Open Reports page. Quick scan for CP and other Global Rule violations. Ignore all the other reports - as a global they are not your job. Leave them to BOs and their staff. >If you identify a problem such as an ongoing spam attack or a persistent CP poster, notify the admins and spend a while camping out on the Latest Postings - Sitewide page to help clean it up. >Every once in a while, team up with the rest of the global staff to deal with "all hand on deck" shitstorm events. You should make the regular, boring sweeps 2 to 4 times an hour and clean up things you find as needed. Most of the time there will be nothing, but when things do come you might spend 10 minutes scrubbing it into the trash or camping on a persistent spammer until he gets bored. You can shitpost with us in the dev chat and get other people to help if you need it. What you get in return for this important service: >A steady diet of Hot Pockets >Scorn and ridicule from anons :^) >Sekrit insight into the backend of the site and whatever we're working on down the pipe >Secret, arcane Internets knowledge and all the myriad and undefined powers that go with it >A direct line to the admins for bug reports, concerns, opinions, and suggestions >The satisfaction of knowing that you, personally, are helping keep this place alive and online >Our gratitude. No, literally. Our global mods are awesome. Feel free to ask questions in this thread if you would like to know more.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 09/21/2021 (Tue) 02:36:18.
>giving random faggots hungry for power control over the entire site Looking forward to witnessing the shitshow that will result from this. It only worked on 8chan because the globals had their boards as collateral and wouldn't abuse their power out of fear of losing their board.
>>3983 Well thank God. Maybe this will finally solve the problem that we've been having.
>>3984 You can't have your cake and eat it too. Do you really want mark to be allowed to be a global again?
>>3987 Mark would already be a global if he wanted to be.
>>3988 Mark should go take his mandatory clotshots in Jew York and drop fucking dead.
>>3989 You can always go to zzzchan to escape mark.
>>3988 <Mark would already be a global if he wanted to be. He got fucking denied in the /v/ meta thread.
>>3991 and he said he's going to leave /v/. what the fuck does his word mean? he's a lying scumfuck kike.
>>3990 Or I can stay here and tell him to kill himself on a daily basis.
>>3983 genuinely considering applying but one question, should we save the cp before deletion, whats the etiquette on this?
Ugh, these fucking edgelords >>>/b/74508 are trying to spam your email. I hope they don't actually spam it. Fingers crossed they don't do it.
(811.70 KB 850x1201 Asuka smoking fave.jpg)

>>3997 It's the public contact email, it gets spammed 24/7 ever since the site went live. Proton are kinda faggots but they have good spam filtering, so let them wear themselves out.
>>3996 Global vol deletions go in the trash bin by default, which purges every 48 hours. The etiquette is to trash anything that violates global rules and allow it to be permanently deleted from the trash. Do not save anything yourself. If we receive a law enforcement request or need to report a CP poster to authorities, the admins handle that using the data from the trash before it is purged. That's all.
>>3999 So is unlinking CP from the trash redundant? I've been manually unlinking the images from the posts once they are in the trash since I can't delete the entire post.
>>3994 <his word More like Acid straight up telling him nein while avatarfagging as his waifu
>>4003 >He'll make random people begging for power global mods but not the guy who does it for free all day every day moderating the only living board on the site Does not compute.
>>4000 I believe it is, but Codexx can confirm it.
>>3998 hey cuck kill self tbh
>>4009 + thanks for cleaning up /b/
>>4004 <Does not compute That's because you're retarded.
>>4000 >>4008 The post will be wiped at the end of 2 days in the trash bin, so it's not strictly necessary. Upside of unlinking it is purges the image from the server immediately. But once it's in the trash, it's only visible to board volunteers and globals. At that point, its days are numbered. Either method is fine, but leaving a post in the trash and escalating with a global report lets us investigate and act on it globally, including bans for the user and the file's hash.
>>4016 also you fap to it before you actually delete it you forgot to mention that part
>>3983 you better have something cool planned for tommorrow like a giant star of david in the corner or a vaccine syringe or someshit if nothing happens I will literally never come here again
(39.68 KB 768x576 SloanInQuarters.jpg)

>>4019 >if nothing happens I will literally never come here again I highly doubt you will leave, and your usage of Tor to post this just proves it.
Are board owners allowed to become global volunteers?
Upon signing up how long are we expected to hold position as a global mod?
>>4027 Until your inevitable suicide.
>>4027 For as long as you reasonably can. Nobody is chained to it, but you'd be asked to help find a replacement before departing. >>4026 We'd like to avoid that, but if you really feel up to it go ahead and send an email.
I applied, I don't mind helping around and deleting illegal content whenever I see it. I spend a good chunk of time on this site while doing other things, some days I might not be able to be here but I hope that won't detract from my willingness to help, I just want to be another helping hand.
>>4029 >help find a replacement how would we be expected to go about that? how long will applications be open
stupid faggots
make me a global I promise I'll do my best not gonna bother sending a mail that's just gay as fuck
>>3983 Be careful who you pick. There are a few ppl trying to get admin so they can wipe /b/
(199.18 KB 720x920 1611673219049-453.jpg)

>>4039 Darwin is a retard. Don't even consider him. >>4040 People can't actually wipe boards--it goes into a trash bin that can be easily restored. So the people who you claim are trying to do that are wasting their time-- >>4041 Disagree.
(739.13 KB 1280x720 faggots.webm)

>>4041 Agreed.
>>4041 You make a very good point.
>>4040 /b/ deserves to be erased if the BO refuses to step up
>>4016 >The post will be wiped at the end of 2 days in the trash bin Sorry to go a bit off topic, but is this legal? You are knowingly hosting CP for 2 days every time someone posts some, even if not serving it publicly. Also considering people with trash bin access (vols/BOs/gvols) may be from different parts of the world, can you be sure this doesn't put them at risk?
>>4046 Stop being retarded, by killing yourself, preferably.
>>4042 kys fun hating autist
>>4047 >okay your honor yes, my client did have ten thousand vhs tapes of kids getting fucked, but it was in his trashcans your honor! I'm gonna start storing my illegal drugs in trashbags, thanks random lawyer!
>>4049 holy shit you really should kill yourself
>>4035 bump >>4041 fair. Is there even a reliably consistent pool of regular users who they could handpick for promotion anyway
(330.61 KB 1032x6619 _8moeLogs.png)

(642.99 KB 1293x3382 _8moeDarwinLazy.png)

>>4042 >Darwin is a retard. Don't even consider him. <Some logs of him posting a meme thread about him ignoring reports while CP was being posted Also, it's been 6 hours since he's been banning and deleting random shit on /b/. Have there been no globals on in the past 6 hours? Hopefully this recruitment drive helps that-- Promote me to /b/ Board Owner please. Thanks. t. silvia
>>4056 reminder that this guy slandering me is the same guy who spent weeks spamming /b/, including with cp
Why can't I create a board when the front page says I can?
>>4058 You need to validate your e-mail.
>>4056 Seconded.
>>4056 Silvia is goddamn pedophile whos only pissed at Darwin because darwin is pretending to delete pedo threads for once in his fucking life. To be frank they should both be fired.
>>4056 give alina/sylvia /b/ delete darwin
>>4062 >give the pedos the entire set of keys to the insane asylum Worst idea yet.
(78.87 KB 1080x1080 1611673219049-308.jpg)

>>4061 >>4063 You don't need to defend anyone--the logs are plenty proof to the contrary. The past 2 weeks I've been doing something like 75% of the moderation (including deleting rule-breaking pedo stuff, so not sure why you even mention that when it's both wrong and irrelevant), whereas Darwin has done--what? And Chai is still MIA.
>>4041 Fuck, you're right. Guess I have to send an application now out of an autistic sense of duty, even though I really don't want to.
Make Silvia the admin of the entire site and fuck off.
>>4069 >exchange one annoying self-obsessed avatarfag with another In what way is this an improvement?
>>4070 Silvia doesn't like nigger dicks unlike Acid, is almost certainly not a fat kike unlike Mark, and has a personality unlike Cuckdex. Silvia is the future, even if his investing advice is shit.
>>3983 Every single time recruitment happens. I strongly consider it but what stops me is the pressure. I have nothing to do all day I'm the perfect candidate time wise I just don't like the idea of responsibility. I'd like to just casually moderate without any pressure. There are so many times I see pizza get posted at odd hours and it often stays up for hours and I can do nothing about it. Things like that are what I would like to get rid of. I would check the reports and likely do a lot more than I intend to and it would likely be effortless and I would think my past self's worries would be silly. The description certainly sounds fine.
>>4075 >I'd like to just casually moderate without any pressure. You can. It's what I do.
>>4075 you kinda sound like a faggot though, totally unlike me
>>3983 Can you make the mods on each board public? Add a feature where you can click a button called "moderators" and it loads a new page showing you the moderators and volunteers for that specific board. This will help with transparency, thanks.
>>4078 seconding this i can't keep up with all these damn namefags
>>4078 Yeah this would be especially useful for trying to see who are the board owners.
>they don't know /b/tards remain braindead as ever.
(110.96 KB 1080x1080 1611673219049-417.jpg)

>>4081 Know what? Enlighten us--? >>4078 Good idea.
>>4082 Know how to suck on deez nuts, lol gotteem
>>4084 that would have been funnier if you didn't type it in text and only posted the audio.
>>4060 thirded
>>4086 >would've been funnier True, but it was still funny
>>4091 Eh, it ruined the art of surprise since we all knew what was going to be in that mp3.
>>4094 Ok spoilsport, you just wish you'd done it first
>>4097 he's right though. You ruined your own joke.
>>4056 well? any word? globals dont give a shit? okay yeah that sounds right
<t. torpedo on damage control
(163.78 KB 554x255 sdsdsd.png)

its over, i have taken control of the site hand over the site or we will strike you have been warned
Hey listen, I need a body. A full body of a young 16 year old black male. Alive. Please be hurry to reply.And I'll talk to you later bye. Dots killing me! 000771786000
>>3999 Wait you actually sell anons out to the feds?? I wouldn't be admitting that publicly if I were you!
>>4154 (((CP posters))) are not anons.
I'm a global hotpockets now, but I have some questions about how things work: - Does the open reports page show all reports made or just the ones made with the "global report" button? I was about to close a couple of reports until I realized that they could be local ones. - Similarly, does the Appealed bans page list only appeals for site-wide bans or does it include appeals for board-specific bans? - Should I purge known ban-evaders (like niggerpill) when I spot them, or do I leave their posts to local janitors?
>>4165 Hey I know what you should do! Fucking kill yourself you subhuman rat! Preferably in the most painful way possible.
great you took the most mentally ill posters of the site good job loser
>>4170 Yeah making kazu a global mod has got to be the dumbest idea yet, a random stranger would be a safer bet. It's like they totally forgot why /hebe/ exists and the total shitstorm it caused.
>>4179 >the total shitstorm it caused. that was because the average /v/irgin is a fat spergtard loser though
>>4180 Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
>>4182 woah you're clever, give me anotherb great analogy!!!
test 8chan.moe

(68.35 KB 949x647 _8chanRulesClarity2.png)

For the new global vols who might have missed these posts on /b/ from a while back. I circled a part that seems relevant-- TLDR: Stop deleting text-only posts, and certainly don't ban for them. Thanks.
>>4238 You think they care? There won't be any repercussions because they're targeting the "bad actors", it's the same problem /v/ has had from the beginning only now it's being applied to the entire site. Anyone they have a personal grievance with is fair game because they know they'll never be held accountable.
(143.25 KB 1080x1080 1611673219049-92.jpg)

>>4239 Well it's still new and I think everyone is learning--I'm not trying to single anyone out or anything like that. Just a few wrong calls which will hopefully be ironed out. I only post on /b/ so I don't really care how they moderate other boards, but on /b/ it should be strictly enforcing the global rules--even leniently, though that's personal preference.
>>4240 you're a trash bo I could've prevented this

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