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CP spammer BO Anonymous 09/23/2021 (Thu) 19:07:06 Id: 000000 No. 4171
the new BO of /b/ is the same guy who spammed /b/ with CP a few months ago please get rid of him and replace him with some other guy, anybody really
>>4171 herdnigger seethe
>>4171 darwin mad he got fired. eat shit darwin
>>4173 it's true though, he won't be BO for long anymore
>>4175 seethe more herdnigger
>>4174 I didn't get fired. That doesn't make sense. I got demodded, which is very different. >>4176 cope and seethe about it
(25.50 KB 406x336 gas.jpg)

>>4171 true i saw him do it
make Head the new BO, he already was a BO once and he was decent
>>4181 he really did though
>>4185 where
A BO of /b/ has no real purpose beyond messing with banners and word filters since absolutely everyone evades non-existing bans and do whatever they want either way.
>>4185 The mods saw you do it, stupid bitch, they know.
>>4188 So no proof then?
>>4189 i got proof
>>4189 It doesn't matter, retard tranny, the admins know. You can keep acting coy though, pedo rapist.
>>4190 me too, proof is pretty easy to find how come that retard has none? >>4191 They can consent stay mad
>>4192 im sure i could find some, but i don't even need it
>>4193 i have proof ur gay
>>4194 You don't even need proof he gay
>>4195 >You don't even need proof he gay proof? XK
>>4196 It doesn't matter, retard tranny, the admins know. You can keep acting coy though, pedo rapist.
but seriously, take away this guy's BO and give it to Head or someone else, anybody else
>>4197 >retard tranny stopped reading there ERR
>>4198 See he gay he wants to give head
>>4199 Nice dubs buddy
>>4202 yeah GR
why do I neever get any digits? What am I doing wrong??? don't tell me you guys are actually actively trying to get them lmao
my id has 6 repeating numbers lol ZKKK
what the hell are those random characters supposed to mean?
>>4204 Because you gay
>>4207 that;s not how you use because
>>4208 Weird i'm pretty sure that's how i used it.>>4208
captcha mode activate trannyjanny poggers pepejam cunnylicious NNY
>>4209 >>4209 stop derailing this thread, child molester
>>4211 This thread never was on any kind of rail.
>>4212 its on a rail we run train on mods PPN
>>4212 >BO of a board spammed this site with CP That's the rail, that's what you did. You shouldn't be a BO here or anywhere, you should be in jail.
>>4213 >we run train on mods Darwin crying he's isn't mod anymore
>>4215 Do you feel powerful now you're a BO of a board on a deadchan?
>>4214 You mom was the first porn actress that recorded a full 90min special feature with dogs.
>>4217 Is this a normal insult in Poland?
>darwin is some weird half dog half human freak chimera makes sense explains a lot was ur a dad a pitbull IIGTT
>>4218 Sorry i thought we were throwing unsubstantiated accusation at each other, i must have misread the room
>>4220 hahahaahahahha epic hahahahaahahahah but seriously you spammed /b/ with cp and you sholdn't be a bo of any board here
>>4221 > you spammed /b/ with cp so? NNLYYY
>>4222 I don't care myself tbh but if the admins weren't schizos and at least slightly consistent in their policy he should have his bo taken away.
(120.72 KB 1080x1080 1611673219049-224.jpg)

This is my first post in this thread and likely last; no idea who you've been replying to as there are lots of TOR-posters here. I haven't done anything wrong as pointed out in the other /site/ threads, but keep pressing I suppose--
>>4223 >i am incredibly autistic and suffer from OCD globals please be consistent before i start bashing my head into a wall cope tranny die
>>4224 >this is my first post <id has 46 posts ok tranny
>>4221 Well now the cat is out of the bag, i'm not bo of any board i was just yanking your chain
>i-i just spammed cp to make a point, guys!!!!! lol who really believes this? >>4225 stfu... just stfu
>>4227 >>4224 very transparent samefag
>>4229 meds
>>4230 you raped children
>>4191 >>4229 >samefag >0000 look at my vpn
still kinda funny how they ignore this I'm 100% sure they know although Acid is also a schizo he probably thinks I'm trying to gaslight him assuming he even looks at /site/

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