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LynxChan + Aleph 2.8 Changelog: Re-Animated Edition Codexx Root 06/28/2022 (Tue) 03:31:18 Id: cca955 No. 5978
We're bringing the dead back to life with this update! As usual, please leave bug reports and new feature suggestions in this thread. It will be the designated tech support and changelog thread until the next major release. See previous thread: >>4917 Features Added Flash embed support; We have created >>>/f/ as a board dedicated to SWF files Added three new themes to the dropdown, Hispita, Hispaperro, and HispaSexy. Additional Hispachan themes are available in the /.static/css/ directory. Mobile view now supports slide-out menus for navbar and side catalog. Try swiping! Modals should now work better on mobile view Reply previews are now disabled on mobile view Added smooth-scroll option Added three new themes to the dropdown and four new hidden themes Pasted images now default to their SHA256 hash instead of "ClipboardImage" Spoilering images, editing posts, etc should no longer mark posts as deleted when using websockets Tor users will now receive an ID based on their bypass Board URIs can now be changed Threadwise r9k is now available and can be enabled by board owners Bugs Fixed HTML literals occuring in subject lines on the catalog Fixed webms/mp4 thumbnails not lazy-loading Fixed catalog images not lazy-loading Fixed thumbnails being cropped on mobile view Code tags should no longer extend past a post's width Filenames now wrap within file's container Board rules can now be deleted Policy Whitelisted WAV files Disabled webring until memory leak can be identified and fixed Languages Updated some pages to translate frontend strings Added Spanish Frontend translations Added French Backend Language Pack Coming Soon Better language support; we're just getting started! Oekaki Special Thanks AestheticAnon for the Hispachan themes /ac/'s BO for helping with the Spanish translation
How can I toggle the language?
>>5978 >Threadwise r9k is now available and can be enabled by board owners FINALLY
(231.69 KB 1072x2186 IMG_20220627_234936.jpg)

Uhmm... How do i fix this? It's in the desktop version too
>>5981 Flush your browser cache completely and reload the site.
>>5981 Hard refresh the site, it should be working now.
(21.82 KB 750x826 undefined.jpg)

>>5982 >>5983 Thanks, it worked very well
>>5979 If you're a board owner, you can set the preferred language of the board. If you want the language sitewide, you need to set language priority in your browser. The site should recognize these and serve the appropriate version of the page, if a translation exists.
I was thinking if you could consider adding a tool for Board Owners to move threads to other boards and receive thread requests from other boards, like they were discussing here >>5905
>>5978 Cool update m8
(212.32 KB 720x1600 Screenshot_20220627-231535.png)

Threads don't show on the catalog
>Also "Actualiar" should be "Actualizar"
>>5988 works for me
>>5978 I dont understand how to acceso to the hidden themes ;_;
>>5992 1. Go to https://gitgud.io/8chan/Aleph/-/tree/master/static/css to see the full list of available themes. 2. Go to https://8chan.moe/.static/css/xxx.css, where xxx.css is the name of one of the themes. Example: https://8chan.moe/.static/css/yukkuri.css NOTE: you can copy the CSS code from the GitGud repo too. 3. Copy the content of that page and paste it in the CSS section of your settings window (the gear icon). 4. Enjoy the theme. If you want to use one of these themes in your board, save the .css file from the GitGud repo or from the matching .static/css link on 8moe.
>>5993 Thank you very much! Good to see Hispabook made it too as facepalm ;´)
(43.96 KB 1129x484 Screenshot_45.png)

(27.90 KB 993x491 Screenshot_44.png)

I think i found two bugs When i try to change the .css of a board it says: (Board not found) And, in the hispa themes it should be something in that space?
(104.60 KB 2130x1348 black 8moe.png)

(53.89 KB 2130x1348 white 8moe.png)

(447.95 KB 7500x5100 8moe symbol.png)

>>5995 >When i try to change the .css of a board it says: (Board not found) What's your board's name? >And, in the hispa themes it should be something in that space? Yes. Each theme has its own logo. Turns out nobody made logos for the new themes. Here are some templates in case somebody wants to make the logos.
>>5996 It´s /av/ >Turns out nobody made logos for the new themes Time to call /arte/
>>5997 Odd, really odd. Can you post here the file you're trying to upload?
>>5998 I cant, it says is not a valid format, but its the Hispahack theme (Moepheus.css) from the GitGud
>>6001 I tried it in a test board and it worked perfectly. What happens if you change something else. Change the language to English and try another .css file.
>>6002 I put the preferred lenguage on none and still doesnt allow me to change it, i also tried facepalm and another one but nope
What causes the "watched board" star to be inconsistently sized with custom themes? Also I've run into an occasional issue of pictures not expanding correctly when clicked on. I'm not completely sure how to reproduce it but it's happened a couple times at least. >>5996 lol
>>5988 Having the exact same problem
(165.66 KB 1366x768 Before Clicking Image.png)

(181.61 KB 1366x768 After Clicking Image.png)

Some images display as incredibly small when clicked now, requiring opening the image in a seperate tab to view it full size. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Pic related, clicking the image barely increases its size from the thumbnail.
>mfw I reported some of those bugs >>5978 I don't have sound in .swfs and in general it feels they're running with very low performance. Is this normal? Posting from tor browser. Also, I didn't see any mention of this, but is the exceeded quota bug finally fixed? Otherwise some nice QoL updates in this update, but I feel there's still a lot to iron out. >>6012 >see post >try to expand image to see what anon's talking about >image won't expand the irony is through the roof today.
>>5978 OMG everything is broken, I'll gonna try to post a picture, let's see (please, work!)
>>6012 >Anyone else experiencing this issue? Yep, me too.
>>6015 Make sure you clear your browser cache and that you have us whitelisted in any privacy addons, then try again.
>>5978 OMG everything is broken, I'll gonna try to post a picture, let's see (please, work!) It didn't Even the captcha doesn't work, it's so frustrating.
>>6015 >>6020 Oh my God, this is Hilarious.
>>6020 Try using your balls.
>>6012 Same here
(1.36 MB 688x688 v2.mp4)

(12.86 KB 670x143 wd.png)

>>6012 I noticed that it only happens when uploading several images, but when uploading only one image it changes to full size as before. I'm getting annoyed that when you open an image it sends you further down the page instead of staying in position. Also, the icons of this bar do not appear, in my case using the Windows 95 theme, and others report the same in the other themes.
(170.06 KB 1080x1088 IMG_20220628_142557.jpg)

Sometimes the replies repeat themselves, i don't know if it's because of the connection of the poster, or because of the changes Here's an example (altought, not the best). Other thing, it's that the images are a bit slow in their charge, when i click in them to expand them
>>6012 Came here to bitch about this issue
>>5978 You've exchanged the ' " problems for other problems. >>5988 When I open the Catalog there is a delay before threads appear. Even if that information is in the cache this delay still occurs. There are times when catalog threads will appear for a split second then vanish for the delay before re-appearing. Although the information is already there it is being hidden for a moment before showing it. >>6012 I've had this happening too. Already purged browser data and refreshed. Images are not expanding properly anymore. Expanding videos is not affected. After trying various things I made a dumb fix for image expansion using custom CSS, however.. 1. expanded images can go off page (a single or first image in the post shouldn't though) 2. expanded images do not push other content away / cover content @-moz-document domain("8chan.moe"), domain("8chan.se") { /* Temporary Image Expansion Fix */ .imgExpanded {position: absolute !important; z-index:1 !important; max-width:96%;} } This CSS should let you at least regain some of that functionality. The width value is present in the html, but affects nothing unless I change position to absolute.
(12.28 KB 400x400 media_EgL4FVIU0AAnWug.jpg)

>>5978 >Added Flash embed support Broken on Pale Moon and Ungoogled Chromium >Mobile view now supports slide-out menus for navbar and side catalog. Try swiping! You idiots! I have ONE demand when it comes to mobile posting, and you morons ignore it each and every time, GIVE US ACCESS THE FULL PC INTERFACE WHEN POSTING FROM MOBILE!!! I HATE the way all sites are now gimped whenever I access them from my phone, and there's not a damn thing I can do to solve it.
>>6025 >Sometimes the replies repeat themselves Usually it has to do with the internet where this place is hosted. Tends to happen alongside connection errors when they have issues that last for a short while.
>>6031 >Broken on Pale Moon and Ungoogled Chromium SWF files are supported by Ruffle, a JS/Rust Flash emulator. Pale Meme doesn't have the JS required, and ungoogled Chromium probably has it disabled. >You idiots! I have ONE demand when it comes to mobile posting, and you morons ignore it each and every time, GIVE US ACCESS THE FULL PC INTERFACE WHEN POSTING FROM MOBILE!!! Ironically, the new layout made available a lot of functions that were missing before, including the settings panel and the watcher.
>>5978 >Added smooth-scroll option The fuck does that mean.
yo i wanna see how many seconds ago something was posted when i hover over the time, ya my brain is that lazy. is it possible?
>>5995 >no logo There's a logo set in the CSS and it's on the server, but it's not displaying for some reason. Will be fixed soon. >CSS not setting That's odd. I was unable to reproduce the issue. If you'd like to e-mail me with your board and the CSS file you're trying to upload, I can try doing it myself. It's also possible the connection died during the attempt and that was the default error. >>6004 >What causes the "watched board" star to be inconsistently sized with custom themes? Not sure. What boards does it happen on? >>6011 >>5988 We're looking into it. Can you open your browser console (open dev tools with ctrl+shift+I and go to the "console" tab) and report if there are any errors? You can >>6024 Will investigate. Thanks for the extra info on images not resizing properly. >>6025 They're probably clicking again to get it to send, and it's causing two posts to be sent to the server. We're looking into the connection problems, but they might be out of our hands based on network connections in Eastern Europe. >>6031 I can't promise Flash support on all browsers. I'm not sure what the incompatibility is; Pale Moon supports WASM now apparently. Ungoogled Chromium should work fine if you are on a newer version. If the player loads and an error message occurs, please post that message. >>6013 No sound on Tor is a known issue related to Tor security policies. There's nothing we can do about that. Apparently setting dom.webaudio.enabled fixes it. I'm not sure why Tor has that policy disabled by default, but they do. >>6031 Nothing is missing from the mobile version. There is now more functionality than there was before, and it should be easier to access than having to stretch your thumb all the way to the top of the screen. >>6030 I'm aware of the catalog delay and am looking into it.
Edited last time by codexx on 06/29/2022 (Wed) 03:20:20.
(12.08 KB 394x202 ?.png)

>>5978 Where is the french language plox ?
>>6037 I forgot to add it. Should be configured now. Note that the Italian and French translations are missing a lot of the new strings added with 2.8. A number of strings will be broken on boards using these languages until it is fixed. The latest version of the file can be found here: https://gitgud.io/8chan/Aleph/-/blob/master/languages/eng.json I'd love it if someone could translate (and will be opening a translation thread on this board soon to facilitate additional translations) but I must warn that this is a moving target. I currently have tokenized a large portion of the user-facing part of the site, but there are still a number of smaller pages and elements that need to be translated.
(84.29 KB 1049x423 label.png)

(16.91 KB 602x174 lbl.png)

(6.55 KB 562x86 lebal.png)

(33.92 KB 913x113 horsed.png)

>>6037 OK after reloading the page, french option is present but when I activate it it shows lot of errors. >>6038 >A number of strings will be broken OK just noticing lots of strings are not even translated and are replaced with labelshit. I will rework the translation. Also look at 4th pic (horsed), some filenames are hovered by the icons of the next file.
>>6039 Fuck the images are not supposed to be this little.
>>6040 They're not, they just don't expand all the way. That's another bug we're working on. >>6039 Sorry about the strings. I'll propose a fallback for incomplete translations to Stephen tomorrow; I see no reason it can't check 2-3 different files in descending priority to find a valid string. I'll happily update fra.json when you have an updated translation. There is quite a bit that has been added, so it will probably be a few hours of work. And as I said, more is on the way.
>>6013 >Also, I didn't see any mention of this, but is the exceeded quota bug finally fixed? Niggers, this bug is still present, god dammit. >>6036 >Apparently setting dom.webaudio.enabled fixes it Thanks, I'll look into it. It's rather awkward that the audio in videos and such works fine except for this. Is the low performance also a normal thing on tor or is that the way it's supposed to work and therefore pointless to debug it?
>>6036 >There is now more functionality than there was before, and it should be easier to access than having to stretch your thumb all the way to the top of the screen. Have you actually tried using the site on a mobile device? Giving us the PC interface, the way it functions on PC is the ONLY way sites should be designed for accessed on a smartphone. To show an example of why I cannot stress this enough, I can't quote posts anymore from my phone because, adjust the highlighted text on my phone results in the overbar or the catalog clogging up the screen, and removing them also removes the highlight tool that I was using. Stop trying to make things "better" for the "unique" way phones are designed and give us the PC interface. It will save you far more time to have one unified design that spans all devices than having to design, optimize, and debug two different designs for two entirely separate devices.
(289.17 KB 623x2105 FYI.jpg)

This thing is not working on some boards.
>>6045 Same thing is happening here.
>>6042 We're talking about teaks to the hourly limit and if we need to make an addon to be happy with it. Will hopefully reach a decision soon. Performance isn't great. Flash was always pretty bulky and "emulating" it doesn't make it any faster. Maybe once the emulation is nearly perfect there will be a greater emphasis on performance, but it's not something we have control over. >>6044 That's a bug and will be fixed. If you want the desktop layout, you always have the option of asking your browser for desktop mode. >>6045 >>6058 I've seen this happen and am working to reliably reproduce. Will look at rolling a fix out soon.
(58.29 KB 720x405 1456988688428.jpg)

I remember reading something on the general meta thread regarding that the webring addon has a memory leak so they are going to get rid of it and since the top board used that webring as input you are going to decide the top boards with monthly Hunger Games, how about that?
(5.45 KB 413x190 firefox_lMW6SFOssl.png)

This shit keeps popping up in all of my tabs. I never want to see it again.
(972.95 KB 3000x3000 hispita.png)

(936.19 KB 3000x3000 hispasexy.png)

>>6036 >There's a logo set in the CSS and it's on the server, but it's not displaying for some reason. Will be fixed soon. Use one of the logos made at >>>/arte/484. These two are too neat to be ignored.
(9.94 KB 309x99 maintenanceImage.png)

(9.92 KB 300x100 custommaintenanceImage.png)

Also thoughts on pic related?
>>6076 2nd is much better.
(12.90 KB 300x100 8ch_default.png)

>>6078 Thanks. My idea is to replace the default maintenance banner (left) with one that is similar to 8moe's default banner.
(66.54 KB 613x525 this kill the crab.jpg)

I think board list only show top 100 boards now? It is still bigger than other (even 8kun top at 50) but RIP small boards visibility (/tg/). (I know I can still see them in page2) >>5996 >Each theme has its own logo. Neat
>>6060 >Flash was always pretty bulky and "emulating" it doesn't make it any faster >Maybe once the emulation is nearly perfect there will be a greater emphasis on performance <Ruffle <WebAsm <Rust <Javascript <HTML5 <webbrowsers >emulation is nearly perfect >performance Holy fuck.
>>5978 I see that in https://8chan.moe/boards.js the SFW and abandoned indicators were converted to icons. It would be nice if hovering the mouse pointer over these would show their meaning (otherwise new users might find it a little confusing). By the way, is there a way to prevent side panels from opening when you swipe left or right in mobile view? I find it quite annoying (for example, when I zoom in or scroll the page some of the panels open by themselves), besides there are already buttons that serve that purpose. >Added Flash embed support There's also Lightspark ( https://lightspark.github.io ) in case Ruffle proves too much trouble, though I don't know if it can be transpiled to Javascript. >Additional Hispachan themes are available in the /.static/css/ directory. >four new hidden themes In case anyone is curious, in >>>/hispachan/20292 they left a couple of ways to activate the hidden themes more easily. >Pasted images now default to their SHA256 hash instead of "ClipboardImage" In that case you could clarify in https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html that it is possible to paste images from the clipboard since there are those who do not realize that (at least in my case I only knew it when someone commented it in a thread). I also take the opportunity to mention some things that I would like to see in a future update: * Thumbnails in SVG files. Maybe you could use https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9853325/how-to-convert-a-svg-to-a-png-with-imagemagick to generate them. * Being able to filter boards by language as proposed in >>5865. * Date format based on language. An "easy" way to implement it would be using the Accept-Language HTTP header (server) and/or toLocaleString() (client). * That on mobile you can see the statistics of the boards list. It would also be useful to have some clarifications about PPH, Total Posts and Users as in Endchan. * Button bar above the message box to format text (at least with the most common tags). I'm already used to put the tags from memory but it is certainly something that would make to hispachaners feel more like in "home". * Upload cbr and cb7 files (curiously, it allows uploading cbz according to my tests). Initially it would be for >>>/ac/ and >>>/co/ but other boards could also benefit from it in the long run. * Search inside the boards (which would be quite useful to find posts of which you only remember a few words). * When merging threads, create a redirect from the old thread to where it belongs. * Some way to indicate that you are the OP of a thread on boards where the name is disabled (perhaps using the same password as for deleting posts?). >>6012 I think I found a workaround by modifying the thumbs.expandImage() function like this: thumbs.expandImage = function(mouseEvent, link, mime) { if (mouseEvent.which === 2 || mouseEvent.ctrlKey) { return true; } link.parentNode.classList.add('expandedCell'); var thumb = link.getElementsByTagName('img')[0]; if (thumb.style.display === 'none') { link.getElementsByClassName('imgExpanded')[0].style.display = 'none'; thumb.style.display = ''; // TODO: Autodetect default uploadCell max-width link.parentNode.parentNode.style.maxWidth = "260px"; if (thumb.getBoundingClientRect().top < 0) { thumbs.scrollToPost(thumb); } return false; } else { link.parentNode.parentNode.style.maxWidth = "inherit"; } var expanded = link.getElementsByClassName('imgExpanded')[0]; if (expanded) { thumb.style.display = 'none'; expanded.style.display = ''; thumbs.scrollToPost(link); } else { var expandedSrc = link.href; if (thumb.src === expandedSrc && mime !== 'image/svg+xml') { return false; } expanded = document.createElement('img'); expanded.setAttribute('src', expandedSrc); expanded.className = 'imgExpanded'; expanded.style.width = link.dataset.filewidth + "px"; thumb.style.display = 'none'; link.appendChild(expanded); var maxwidth = Math.min(link.parentNode.getBoundingClientRect(), maxwidth); expanded.style.width = maxwidth.width + "px"; var rect = expanded.getBoundingClientRect(); expanded.style.height = ((link.dataset.fileheight / link.dataset.filewidth) * maxwidth) + "px"; } //remove image on expand if (thumbs.hoveringImage !== undefined) { thumbs.hoveringImage.src = ""; thumbs.hoveringImage.remove(); } return false; }; Although it would be necessary to find out the value of the maximum width of the uploadCell class in case some theme uses a value other than 260 pixels. >>6035 >is it possible? Yes, Hispachan had that option (perhaps inside the backup of >>>/hispachan/2913 you can see how it was implemented). >>6065 It only happens to me when I lurk the chan from the phone and then disable the wifi for a few hours.
>>6060 >We're talking about teaks to the hourly limit and if we need to make an addon to be happy with it. Will hopefully reach a decision soon. I don't understand, this happens to me when I try to post for the very first time on a new browser session (tor browser delete all site data once it's closed), so this being some sort of issue with limits doesn't make sense. Additionally when I can't post on the .moe domain I hop onto the .se domain and then I can send the post I couldn't on .moe just fine, so it's either something with the .moe domain specifically, or something with the user settings, since that's also per domain. The only setting I change is the board theme but I don't really change it for .se since when I go there it's just to submit a specific post, but this being the problem doesn't make a lot of sense either. Furthermore the error seems to get fixed at random, sometimes I can post straight after I open the site, sometimes it takes 10 minutes, and sometimes I can't post in the whole day (12+ hours). Lately it seems to be a lot better and I can post immediately or soon after I open the site, hence me believing it was fixed a few days ago. Once the error gets sorted out I can post throughout the rest of the day without issues however, so again some sort of issue with limits doesn't make sense to me. Having to hop between domains and copy paste post contents and re attach all the files in the right order and re set all the post options for 12 hours is frustrating as hell, hence why I bitch so much about this. >Performance isn't great Alright, good to know. I was just concerned it could have been something on my end. >>6108 He's probably talking about development focus.
I always user the header bar to return to the index of whatever board I'm on, but now the current board's name is grayed out. Stylistically, I like it, nice little CSS touch. Functionally, I hate it, put the link back on it.
>>6060 >If you want the desktop layout, you always have the option of asking your browser for desktop mode. Just tried that out, and I think I found the problem. All the issues I have with the site while mobile posting are exclusive to iOS.
If I click on some of the images in a thread some open in full size other just expand a bit but look like they load again, you can do a view image and most of the time you can see the full image in its full size.
(133.21 KB 1091x937 here.png)

>>6117 May help
sorry but for the next 2.9 update can you consider adding an extra security for moderated accounts? Add two-step authentication
>>6141 I proposed this to Stephen like two years ago and he didn't seem interested, so it's been sitting on my to-do pile. But backend modifications take the most work to write and debug, so I can't promise it will land in 2.9. >>6117 Can you take a screenshot? Nothing should be grayed-out and you should have all the links available to you at all times on both desktop and mobile view. >>6112 I owe you a full response later, when I have more time.
(75.80 KB 750x238 gray.png)

>>6138 A fair alternative, thanks. >>6150 In this case, if I'm on /arepa/, /arepa/ is gray and not a link, or at least, not clickable.
>>6150 >>6152 Can confirm it acts the same on Librewolf, Chromium and Opera, and in Safari the navbar is replaced with a list similar to the theme picker. Also Live updates don't work in Safari.
>>6152 >>6153 I'm pretty sure that was a design choice, if you are on /arepa/ then it shows arepa's link on the navigation bar gray because you are on that board. I don't really mind, honestly, there are already other ways to return to the index.
>>6155 removing functions is not the best, I did use it as an index with other top boards
About the thumbnails image not expanding, do you work on a solution or do I have to tweak the CSS myself on my board ? >embed .swfs Nice !
>>5978 Anyone else having issues getting to work while using mac book pro?
>>6182 Live updates are broken in Safari. The console returns this message 3 times: >Refused to connect to wss://8chan.moe:2087/ because it appears in neither the connect-src directive nor the default-src directive of the Content Security Policy. >[Error] SecurityError: The operation is insecure. >thread.js:757
There is something I don't understand, why use WebSockets instead of something more compatible like AJAX? If it's due to some technical advantage or something, then maybe you could keep both implementations and use AJAX as a failback when exceptions like >>6185 occur.
>>6180 How does that work, not sure how to fix the problem with the board. It seems to like this on all the boards I view. Some thumbs open to a large image while others do not. Dont know much about web pages and how they work.
>>6210 Yes unfortunately the problem is site wide. Some BO have implemented a CSS fix. And we wait for the staff to implement a proper solution. If you're a BO copy/paste this to your custom.css and upload it in your Administration page. If you're a regular user, try to paste this into the CSS field of the Settings panel. It may work. /*Multiple Image Uploads*/ .multipleUploads .uploadCell:not(.expandedCell) { display: inline-block; max-width: 600px; } found on /404/
About that thumbnail enlarge on click issue, do I imagine it or it was fixed temporarily 1-2 days ago? idk I remember the feature work again but it revert again. could be mistaken.
>>6012 >>6030 >>6180 I've been using this: .innerOP .uploadCell:not(.expandedCell) { max-width: 100%; }
>>6214 thank you for the reply it is appreciated. Be well, I will try your fix.
Update 2.8.1 Fixed image expansion issue Fixed catalog rebuild issues Fixed Top Board link for current board being unclickable All Hispachan themes are now available as hidden themes; some improvements have been made to existing themes
>>6291 >Fixed Top Board link for current board being unclickable Thank you! I feel whole again.
>>6291 Thnaks !
>>6038 I'm working on a french translation (was quite busy lately). Can I open a thread dedicated to translations when finished ?
>>6401 I have opened >>6418 for this purpose. It's been on my backlog for a few weeks. Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort to help translate the site.
>>6419 Nice. Will drop the finest french translation I can.
>>6185 Maybe some of this can help: https://github.com/thelounge/thelounge/issues/580#issuecomment-241863838 https://csplite.com/csp282/ Although it is something that can only be configured from the server side.

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