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/ss/ games? /ss/ games! Anonymous 06/06/2021 (Sun) 02:10:22 No. 323
Lets have a thread for all games /ss/ related! Played some /ss/ game recently? post it here! Working on an /ss/ game? post it here! Got ideas for an /ss/ game? post it here! Let me start by posting a few I know about. First is probably the most popular recent /ss/ western game. Insexual awakening. Play as a little dude, play minigames, fuck your family and whoever else crosses your path https://f95zone.to/threads/insexual-awakening-v1-0-sex-curse-studio.13421/ https://mega.nz/file/SGYzzKRT#c2mKtFDO43zCWGtUPkSIgWEkWLDRafiIIQDRd_RCvr4
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(541.67 KB 1069x588 ClipboardImage.png)
>>323 Summer memories. Japanese game about a kid going to visit his aunt and cousins during summer. Wash dishes, have sex, play cards, motherfucking go fishing Cool little pixel artstyle and had dlc not to long ago that added new characters and stuff https://f95zone.to/threads/summer-memories-plus-v2-03-dojin-otome-kagura-games.54613/
>Directly linking to Fag95 I'm afraid for this board's future if we're getting overlap from that site already.
(524.54 KB 512x384 MILKING_FARM.gif)
(507.44 KB 294x233 FOREST_OF_THE_BLUE_SKIN.gif)
(166.16 KB 1366x768 DEGREES_OF_LEWDITY.JPG)
>>323 I'll list some of the ones I've enjoyed Milking Farm Top-down stealth in an attempt to escape the succubi actively hunting you, interspersed with simple puzzles and the failstates being either incredibly well animated 'grapples' to mash out of, or decent VN scenes. Easily the best straight shota h-game I've ever played, highly recommend. Only complaints are occasional fetishes I don't care for, and a few luck based puzzles. DL: https://workupload.com/file/SyqmCgwLhfK Forest of the Blue Skin Exploratory sidescrolling action platformer with medroidvania abilities you get from capturing some of the many monstergirls scattered around the map. Great animations and tons of monstergirls to find, heartily recommend. Unfortunately some of the mechanics and capture methods are really obsucure, so an online guide is probably needed. Currently there's both an A and B version, I've only ever played A. DL: http://forest.x.fc2.com/download5.html Degrees Of Lewdity Text-based open world RPG in which you play as an orphan in a new town full of rampant pedophiles. Can be customized completely, most importantly forcing the gender/genitals of all NPCs, and disabling unwanted fetishes. Occasionally the combat can feel repetitive but the diverging paths playthroughs can take more than makes up for that. DL: https://vrelnir.blogspot.com/2021/04/degrees-of-lewdity-version-02241.html
>>326 >linking to the page that updates links if they change oh no what a terrible idea. Shut up nerd
>>328 Games generally don't update so frequently that a F95 link is specifically warranted. There's also alternative aggregates too. The only reason to even mention or link to F95 is if you're shit out of luck for options. Its userbase is filled with nothing but ESLs, cucks, and ESL cucks obsessed with incest and DAZ who inconsistently allow and disallow shota and loli content.
>>329 I've never read a word on the site, just got the links and left. Why do people go out there way to get upset at things
(15.00 MB 1636x920 2021-06-10 07-09-31.mp4)
I'm working on a ss game, but it'll mostly feature human on furry & monsters.
>>330 You sound like you're among its userbase, really. >>361 I recognize that character. Will there be small pp or big pp, or both? Are you in need of voice actors?
>>362 I'll have both sizes. At the moment I'm not in the need for voice acting. Could be something to look into once I have more made.
>>361 >>366 oh hey I recognize them from sad panda. Always thought the ss and /ss/ joke was so obvious that it should be used more. Cool to see a game being made hope to see more
https://play.aidungeon.io I've been using this thing to jerk off for the last week and damn these have been some of the best faps of my life. >Use custom prompt >Create some scenario where you're a little boy >Explore a little bit >Slowly taking things in a sexual direction >Find out going too quickly makes the algorithm cockblock you because "muh minors" >Decide to "visit the house of a notorious pervert" rerolling the result until it's not an old man >Help the cougar her pick out an outfit to go to the park in (this bitch really went with nothing but a thong and a dog collar) >10yo fantasy me ends up with some woman's tongue up my ass in the middle of the park >Cum gallons I do wonder if I'll get a visit from law enforcement though kek
>>368 AI Dungeon is pretty bad about recognizing you as a minor, or the detail gets swept to the back burner pretty quick. So, /ss/ stuff is pretty easy to pull off, or easier than doing loli. I'm waiting for NovelAI to start their beta, and hope they can be good competition against the Mormons at AI Dungeon.
>>368 This has been pretty fun. Got lost as a 10 year old, picked up and seduced by a milf, taken to her job and pegged through out her shift and now shes riding me behind the bushes at the park and turned into a werewolf lol.
>>368 used to loved it but the devs isntalled a filter and have a mod team trying to delete anyting that can be considered under 18
>>323 what's your dream /ss/ h-game look like? All h-games are pretty similar how does it play, is it a VN, rpg, platformer, one of those slave trainers?
>>391 Either an open world platformer life simulator set in a small continent in which you spend a childhood filled with sexy women, monster girls and kemonos, or a brothel management game whose plot concerns a group of orphan shotas in a busy city who prostitute themselves to women in order to make a living. By the way, while not a game directly focused on /ss/, I recently installed Honey Select 2. Would anyone be interested in screenshots or characters made with it?
>>392 yeah go ahead maybe not in this thread though, throw it in the 3d thread or make an OC thread in case other people got shit maybe. either or
>>391 Monstergirl OG Xcom with Xcom soldiers being shotas and capturing monstergirls to marry them to your troops.
>>391 I personally would like something like the Klub 17 just you know, not a unoptimized janky mess lol. I'd say some of the most fun I've had with erotic software is through that program, fine tuning animations for /ss/ and editing and making my own little stories through the sequencer. Otherwise I modded Skyrim to allow for /ss/ and I wish that was something more games could have happen. It was just nice to be able to have my amazon warrior babe going around the world and saving the day but then having her shota husband to bang at home as well as picking up and humping every boy she came across. If people made more quest mods or what have you to flesh out that sort of thing to run along a whole game that would be perfect. I know it all started with Oblivion and Fallout has some mods like that but they pale in comparison to skyrim's.
(980.45 KB 870x744 123124255134.PNG)
>>401 I disliked using it due to how ancient the game itself is(That is, TK17 being based on 3D Sexvilla), how uncanny valley its visuals are, and how paywalled everything remotely decent was. If you're curious, there's Virt-A-Mate, which looks to be for people who want a more modern TK17. Its community paywalls shit out the ass, and it uses Daz models as a base for everything, so it's still uncanny valley. It's also not really toaster-friendly either, and of course you'll have to look through niche or obscure places to discuss or find aggregate /ss/ content, and even then most places that allow it are more into loli instead. Anyways, I'm trying to recreate my characters in Honey Select 2 It's a lot easier to make shotas in it compared to 1.

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