Rules of /ss/

1 : Global rules apply, Board rules are subject to change, Board moderation is not required to stay within the bounds of board rules.
2 : No media containing ANY real people, and no discussion of pedophilia, legality of child pornography, or age of consent. No pornographic media that implies it's intended to be consumed by, or distributed to real minors, notably EPI(Early Porn Introduction). Media from a fictional minors POV is perfectly acceptable.
3 : 3DCG/SFM content is allowed, UNLESS: it's photorealistic enough that it appears to be real child pornography at first glance, or it depicts real individuals/uses real individuals as a basis for 3D models.
4 : Any media containing: Violence/Gore(i.e. murder, castration, torture, etc.), Gross/Disgusting(i.e. scat, puke, bugs, etc.), Body Deformation(i.e. vore, inflation, etc.), or any other "shocking" content, must be spoilered.
5 : No threads that are not straight shota related(i.e. "Check out my new GPU!").
6 : No political discussion, shitposting, trolling, spamming, flooding, or gibberish text.
7 : Fullfilled 'Request/Source' threads, as well as questionable URLs, may be removed. Duplicate threads may be removed, or merged with their duplicate.
8 : Unrelated replies to threads(i.e. posting 'catgirl' media in an 'orc' thread) will be removed.
9 : No threads dedicated to advertising or specific source requests, these types of posts belong in the General thread.

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply