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(4.65 KB 200x200 dollarsign.png)
Consumer Advice Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 07:18:24 No. 4
Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.
>>3820 I looked around for old cards and it's not really worth it. It's either retards thinking an used GPU is still worth 96% of the original price or the shittiest cards. Though from looking around for specs it seems the 3070 isn't really that better from the 3060, I figured it would be the poorfag GPU but it's really good even when compared to the 20 series. I'll just hope my GPU doesn't explode and try and wait it out for a cheap 3060.
>>3824 Unfortunately the silicon shortage has broken the entire market. People are selling early-cycle 2060s for above MSRP. It's a great time to sell but an absolutely terrible time to buy.
>>3824 >>3845 Since desktop parts are in no sight, should I get eluktronics or whatever named laptop? I heard they are the better ones in value, I don't want pre-built which being expensive and have trouble upgrading anyways.
>>4083 I'd just wait for parts to become available. CPUs should come down in price in the next few months, and GPUs some time next year.
Have any one heard or used Trust.zone VPN? I searched for different options using this comparison chart https://www.safetydetectives.com/best-vpns/#comparison and looking at the information here: https://torrentfreak.com/best-vpn-anonymous-no-logging/#trustzone Is it trust worthy/secure? Does it usually have downtimes? My main usage is to protect my privacy, use torrents and use it to bypass certain website blocks my ISP placed on my end. Normie usage you could say. Privacy for me is fully required but is not tinfoil levels of avoiding the government or being persecuted. I'm not going to do anything ilegal. Also just for reference, I'm not in US or 1st class country. I'm in a 3rd world country but don't have to worry of gov censorship.
>>4107 Never heard of it. Just stick to Nord or Mullvad or something else with a reputation.
>>4108 Thanks. I get what you mean and i'll check more on Mullvad but I have another question: Isn't it better to avoid VPN services that could comply with the 5/14 eyes ?
>>4117 Even if they're not active participants, you're going to be routed through networks that are sniffing all kinds of data. In theory, if it's encrypted and the provider is uncooperative you're as safe as you can get. If they don't keep logs, like many claim, then there's no real legal basis for taking action against you. Your only real option to guarantee avoiding 5 eyes would probably be a Russian or Chinese VPN, which will almost certainly record and steal the data themselves. With 5 eyes, your risk is limited to unconstitutional national security letters or their willing cooperation. I'll take that over Russia any day.
I find it tough to pick a headset. I want something with good audio input and output so I can be a g a m e r but I read that "gaming headsets" are just an excuse to drive up the price. I see the opinion that beyerdynamic is good, but all the mic-attached headsets are labeled gaming. Maybe gaming is just a red flag if you're in the market for headphones only? No mic? I want a headset that will last as long as a gaming PC, roughly 10 years, but so far plantronics, turtle beach, and... spellond? have failed in my PC's lifespan. 11 years and also needing a replacement The worst was turtlebeach.
>>4151 If you have the space and patience, consider getting a boom mic along with a decent set of headphones. I thought everyone giving me this advice was just a memelord, but after getting some Sony MDR-7506 headphones and a cheap Audio-Technica mic, along with the bits and bobs it needs, I realized two things: >combined, the cost was only slightly more than your average Logitech gaymer headset >the individual quality of both my incoming audio and outgoing voice were orders of magnitude more satisfying Granted, I have a ton of desk space and my own office/computer room, so the real estate required to have a larger mic setup don't affect me as much as they may affect you. But I'm completely satisfied with the setup I have; those headphones are really good for the price and the rare times when I need to use voice comms I always receive compliments on my mic quality.
>>4152 I'm too mobile with it. Ideally I have a really long cord and be able to sit outside with it, 5 feet from my computer, but it's not that big of a deal. Might be worth getting an extension cord. Anyway, point being a mic that I have to physically carry would be a bother. I do appreciate the input, but it doesn't seem right for my situation.
>>4153 >physically carry By that, I mean in my hands, rather than it being attached to the headset
(184.81 KB 800x533 lamp-after-771428.jpg)
>>4153 >>4154 By "boom mic", I meant a heavier microphone that is secured to your desk via a boom/scissor mount (pic related; not mine but illustrates my point). There are also little tripod mounts for microphones - many come with them, in fact - but they transmit way too much desk noise in my experience. Definitely not your standard newscaster-style hold-it-in-your-hands microphone, obviously, because that kinda defeats the purpose.
>>4155 but I'd have to hold it in my hand to take it outside
(37.63 KB 640x640 1488923157454.png)
My moto G5+ is falling apart so i need a new phone sim/sd tray no longer works so i'm making do with the 32GB it came with and no phone data, 2GB RAM isn't enough for anything these days, 3.5 jack is busted so i'm forced to use wireless buds and the battery duration is pitiful, barely 3 hours, 5 if i just use it for music, budget is $200 because i live in a place where theft while commuting is common and i am an absolute retard who drops his phone frequently and doesn't use it for anything outside of the alarm and wasting time at work. >what exactly do you need Something with an acceptable SoC and amount of RAM (midtier snapdragon and 4GB at least), expandable storage (i can overlook this one as long as it has 64GB at the very least), 3.5 jack and custom ROM support, i don't mind importing or using old phones. Locally i've considered the following: >Moto G7 Plus SoC is a little weak but everything else is alright, the only problem is that the fucking thing is made entirely out of glass and i don't trust myself not to break it in under a month, plus it's still kinda expensive for being nearly 3 years old ($200). >Pixel 2 Great specs, $150, almost bought it until i took a closer look and saw it had no expandable storage nor 3.5 jack. >HTC 10 Basically my dream phone, the store was selling it for $100 but the back was all scratched and the battery duration was bound to be ass since it's a phone from 2015.
>>4191 If you like Motorola phones then I'd stick with them. Their low-end devices are the only ones I know of with decent build quality, headphone jacks, and removable batteries. Are they perfect? No. Is storage sparse? Yes. But they're affordable and not gimped to be more like Apple, and they let you unlock the bootloader. >SoC is a little weak I don't think a single phone released in the last 5 years is underpowered. You don't need that many resources to run most apps. Maybe if you want to use it for shitty VR, or emulation, you might want a little more oomph, but even the Moto E can handle a lot of that now.
>>4215 I'm not really a fan of motorola, but i've used their phones since forever (razr>g1>g4p>g5+) because they're reasonably cheap and have good enough specs, but this time i want something that will last me a lot longer, thus why i want a phone with a more powerful chip and at least 4GB of RAM, preferably 6GB. >moto E7 The specs suck and mediatek SoCs never get many custom roms, the E7 Plus however does look a little more interesting, 4/64 with snapdragon chip, expandable storage and a 5000 mAh battery, and it would cost me around $160 if i were to buy it locally. I guess i'll go take a look at it tomorrow and buy it if i end up liking it.
(46.77 KB 1200x631 1 JW9qFdQXL6YfXrumaTz4jQ.jpeg)
(98.66 KB 900x675 IBM_building_via_Twitter.jpg)
Not your usual consumer advice question, but does anyone know of a good source (Like a book or documentary) that details the rise and continued demise of IBM and AOL?
(44.19 KB 576x1024 1604461774666.jpg)
I'm the guy who asked for a $150 phone, i ended up buying a galaxy S7 since it has everything i could ever want and more (SD820, 4GB RAM, 1440p super AMOLED screen, expandable storage, no camera bezel shit and fucking physical buttons). Was a little worried about the battery, but then i realized i was not going to get anything better for 150 dollars, and i can get around the SoT by flashing a more battery efficient rom+kernel+micro G, plus it's not like i don't have a power outlet right next to me 24/7. The only downside is that it uses micro USB, but it's not like i expected anything else on this price range. Pretty happy with my purchase, let's hope it doesn't explode or anything, because it had no warranty on the store and samchink no longer manufactures these things.
>>4320 >phone not even once
>>4320 Happy for you anon, researching phone purchases is hard work. I'm surprised such an old model has features that good (and also that you were able to find one). If you're going full degoogled with MicroG do tell us how it works for you, I'm curious about other people's experiences. >The only downside is that it uses micro USB Why is this a downside? I've only seen people complain about USB-C, though mostly because of not having cables available since everyone still mostly uses Micro USB.
(91.90 KB 310x356 1503640310869.png)
>>4321 >>4325 Welp nevermind, turns out i wasn't thorough with my research, as the variant i bought (G930T) cannot have its bootloader unlocked AND it can only be rooted if it's on stock nougat (it's not), the battery duration isn't terrible considering it's 4 years old, but unless i lower the screen resolution to 720p it gets so hot that it can legitimately burn a hole in my pocket (this can be fixed, however it requires a kernel manager, which needs root, which i cannot have), no wonder it was so cheap, to top it off the store i bought it from has a "no refund/returns" policy, and if i were to pawn it off somewhere else i can only expect between 70 and 100 dollars (i paid $140). A damn shame because something newer with the same specs would set me back at least $400 and it would be brick sized, have a ugly camera hole on the screen and no physical buttons.
>>4320 >>4334 nigger its a phone. You are not going to do anything more than take calls, search google and watch porn. Considering you're a poorfag you have a great device. Use it well and it will serve you well. s7 battery can be replaced, though its a lot harder. Use it few years and sell for $50.
(11.82 KB 474x282 legion.jpg)
(103.94 KB 600x450 g14.jpg)
Thinking of buying a laptop since gpu's are gone and looked at Asus g14 and lenovo legion 5. I will be needing a webcam (job) and enough gpu to run at 120/144hz. Is rtx 2060 worth over 1660ti, not considering rtx? Is 4800h good enough for loaded task? Around $1000 budget.
>>4340 Mobile gpu performance is a clusterfuck to generalize because the difference in cooling solutions and power target variance. A mobile 2060 in one system could have drastically worse performance than another system. https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=s9jS1c4H5lk See basically all of this channels (Hardware Unboxed) laptop related content for good context and advice. The video I linked in particular seems to specifically mention the gpu's you're interested in, but I only skimmed it. It might answer your question.
I'm looking for a way to allow me to remotely connect into a PC on my local network. Kind of like a KVM switch, but while still being able to use my main PC. VNC or similar won't work because I want to control the PC on bootup as well to make BIOS changes. I guess it'd be like connecting by VNC/RDP into a KVM switch? I could use a regular KVM switch if nothing else works, but I'd prefer to be able to use something to connect to the device from another room if possible.
>>4334 I'm in the same boat as you. I had to settle on a Moto G7+ because I got screwed on phones I couldn't flash either. I figured I could get something similar to my OnePlus, but 6 years later there's still no phone with similar features/performance for the price. I either had to spend a lot more for features while losing others (aux port), or spend less and lose stuff anyway. I was close to giving up and just finding another OnePlus in better condition to replace my dying one. It works well enough for the most part, but there's a lot of little features I'm still getting used to not having (RGB notification, double tap to wake screen, a case that fits properly, a full taskbar without the fucking front camera in the way, actual buttons, etc). Seriously, this model phone for some reason has 0 cases designed properly. My camera has an oval bezel while every case has a circle cutout. Even in the pictures on Amazon they all show oval cameras in a circle hole. It's the biggest complaint on every case but they're still designed wrong. How do they all fuck up and no one fixes it? spoiled for rant
>>4338 I don't think it's going to be worth more than $10 in a few years, but yeah it's a pretty good phone if i'm willing to put up with the shitty battery life and the fact that it gets uncomfortably hot sometimes. I am not planning on replacing the battery though, because i'm 100% sure i will fuck it up and i don't want to sink even more money on this thing, so i i'll just use it until i save up a bit of money, then i'll buy a moto g/redmi note phone, brand new this time. >>4363 It sucks that they completely fucked up phone design somewhere around 2017, the moto G line was my favorite due to being cheap and still offering things that even $500+ phones of the time didn't (expandable storage and removable battery), and starting from the G4 they let you completely hide the onscreen buttons and use the fingerprint sensor to navigate even on the stock rom, too bad they got bought by lenovo and we got nothing but shit phones after the G5 line.
>>4362 There's KVM over IP but those might be pricey or huge since they tend to be only for rackmounted equipment. Maybe there's a chinese 1 pc kit out there who knows
>>4373 >KVM over IP >those might be pricey or huge That looks like what I want, but you're definitely right about expensive. I might just settle with a normal KVM switch + long USB/video cables if nothing else is reasonable.
>>4378 You can get some used ones for pretty cheap on ebay. A quick search pulled up a few switches for ~$40
>>4371 I can get the sealed battery - hot air and pry tools and is out. But what about the shitty camera cutout? The useless dual cameras? Shitty UI with updates to fuck it more up? Not to mention all glass front and back that 90% just put a case on anyway.
Gonna update my blog real quick, hope you guys don't mind. I was able to sell the S7 for $110 to a coworker the potato he'd been using was even worse than the one i previously had, SD410/1GB, mine was SD625/2GB, i asked for the $150 i paid for it, but when he took a good look at the phone he noticed a scratch near the logo (probably my keys) and cosmetic damage on the fingerprint sensor (this one was 100% my fault, i tried to clean it and i ended up scratching the paint), so i had to lower the price because i simply didn't want it anymore. Luckily he doesn't mind the shitty battery life because his phone is always plugged, all he wants is a phone that can handle porn, music and gacha shit at work.
Best dirt cheap web host? I can code my own site up from Linux is need be
>>4437 Just go with DigitalOcean or Linode or something like that depending on your needs. You can get a shared core for $5 a month and for low-traffic static sites that is plenty, especially if you put Cloudflare in front of it to cache pages.

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