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(36.82 KB 1200x282 1200px-Freenode_logo.svg.png)
(44.26 KB 648x299 logos-freenode.png)
Freenode Implodes Anonymous 05/22/2021 (Sat) 02:03:48 No. 4145
https://archive.is/SMqgj Most of the Freenode staff has resigned and moved to Libera.Chat now that Andrew Lee (or maybe someone from PIA) dun goofed with allowing corporate takeover of the site. Some might have considered it blown out of proportion: https://archive.md/b39Ic Gentoo might migrate soon, too: https://archive.md/DVhWz
Freenode is a honeypot that blocks Tor. Does Libera.Chat block Tor?
>>4165 The site plans to allow it eventually: >Libera.Chat is not yet accessible by Tor but we intend to have this available soon. https://libera.chat/guides/connect
Looks like Gentoo, Arch, and Artix have all moved to Libera.Chat. Tor is supported there now, too.

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