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(246.92 KB 498x498 161237293782.gif)
I'm getting schizo Anonymous 06/08/2021 (Tue) 20:58:29 No. 4402
Hey, /t/. I've always heard about: "Google fucks your privacy", "Microsoft is a fucking botnet", "If a software doesn't give his code, probably is a spyware", etc. I'm very worry about this, so I want your help. Maybe my ignorance it's the cause of this... Really Microsoft/Google/Social medias steal persona information?, where can I get information?, some tip/recommendation?, or all this is just a bait and I'm a fool for believe them.
just read any "do you accept?" prompt instead of mindlessly clicking "yes" you fucking nigger retard, you dont need anything else, they fucking tell you everything theyre doing you fucking nigger retard nigger
(567.39 KB 2048x1524 161001043390.jpg)
>>4404 It's just works. Thanks.
>>4402 if you want to generally unfuck your shit pronto get a computer from system76, purism or starlabs. to avoid/mitigate the hardware Cpu backdoors (AMD PSP and Intel Management Engine) On the topic of google, amazon, microsoft, all social media being spyware Yes yes they do that's how they make money. In reality you can only half avoid them so at least use a search engine that doesn't claim to harvest all your info like duckduckgo. if you want to completely avoid them use almost exclusively the tor browser (as it's currently the best browser for privacy and run Yacy search in private mode for your own personal search engine ( you can set it up to be accessible through tor ). it's not open source it has a back door and if it doesn't the government will gag order and force the company to put one in.

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