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(273.89 KB 375x523 Manifest Destiny.png)

Custom Magic set feedback. Anonymous 07/05/2021 (Mon) 23:07:50 No. 316
Hello I'm working on a MTG set with the intent of what i t might have looked like if it was made in 1995. I'm disgusted by modern Magic, and long for the games of old. The set is called Reflections. I was wondering if I can get recommendations and feedback on cards, as well as for a few art recommendations. I'm trying to keep all the art from the public domain.
(318.97 KB 375x523 Rock.png)

(323.05 KB 375x523 Tower Shield.png)

(305.54 KB 375x523 Scrying Orb.png)

(336.40 KB 375x523 Sword of Blood and Earth.png)

(312.70 KB 375x523 Titans Goblet.png)

(311.08 KB 375x523 Sword of War.png)

This will pretty much kill of the artifacts in the set, with one more coming in the next batch. Then artifact creatures, followed by white. >Sword of Blood and Earth and Tower Shield are meant to invoke the old 'equipment' style cards. >Scrying Orb basically lets you scry 1. >Sword of War is a combination of Sword of the Ancients and Tears of Rage. Titan's Goblet could probably be better, but it's hard to guard repeatable life gain in Old School.
(328.12 KB 375x523 War Golem.png)

(319.92 KB 375x523 Bronze Pegasus.png)

(377.87 KB 375x523 Cleaning Robot.png)

(352.27 KB 375x523 Flesh Golem.png)

(315.06 KB 375x523 Violin.png)

Violin cuts off Artifacts, and these artifact creatures. War Golem needs flavor text.
(309.51 KB 375x523 Changeling.png)

(315.88 KB 375x523 Creation.png)

(317.65 KB 375x523 Excalibur.png)

(332.87 KB 375x523 Paint the Horizon.png)

(334.07 KB 375x523 Reflecting Glass.png)

(302.58 KB 375x523 Angelic Gift.png)

(281.42 KB 375x523 Alvin the Cynic.png)

(331.90 KB 375x523 Angel of Prophecy.png)

(325.42 KB 375x523 Angel of Sunrise.png)

(271.84 KB 375x523 Angel of War.png)

Someone please interact with the magic the gathering fag. Hes the only other guy here, and I really hate card games. Don't make me do it guys.
>>349 I'll be honest, I'm partially just posting this here so I can post them on forums elsewhere. I would like more conversation though. Are you the Whitewolf guy?
I am here
>>351 Do you like the cards?
>>350 Yeah. Never got into TCG or CCG. I briefly played some of the star trek tng card game in the late nineties. >>354 They do look nice. >>351 Hello fren.
(308.84 KB 375x523 Chivalry.png)

(311.04 KB 375x523 Angelic Intervention.png)

(313.39 KB 375x523 Aunt Jane.png)

(350.47 KB 375x523 Beautiful Maiden.png)

(320.42 KB 375x523 Britonian Longbowman.png)

Beautiful Maiden was a take on the original name for the card "Exile" which was "Marriage of convenience". Chivalry is part of a 5 color common cycle.
>>357 I do love the art you find for these.
(300.11 KB 375x523 Dragon Slayer.png)

(333.97 KB 375x523 Church.png)

(320.66 KB 375x523 Cleaning.png)

(309.08 KB 375x523 Crusaders.png)

(303.68 KB 375x523 Divine Blessing.png)

>>358 Thank you. I feel the art is some of the most important part of a card. There are plenty of stinkers in early Magic that are fondly remembered thanks to their stellar art. Church was one of the first cards I designed for the set, and was the first card to have the flavortext for Alvin the Cynic. Bands with Others was a mechanic from Legends that wasn't featured on a single creature, Divine Blessing is designed exclusively around that art.
(329.85 KB 375x523 Enchantment Ward.png)

(302.62 KB 375x523 The Eternal Wall of Xilbala.png)

(307.85 KB 375x523 Eager Squire.png)

(336.39 KB 375x523 Effective Cover.png)

(323.91 KB 375x523 Elysium.png)

>>361 Lol at effective cover. Whatever works on the battlefield.
(297.85 KB 375x523 Fair Lady.png)

(307.49 KB 375x523 Farmer.png)

(319.70 KB 375x523 Fortfication.png)

(315.53 KB 375x523 Funeral Rites.png)

(305.52 KB 375x523 Gossipmonger.png)

>>362 Exactly Nothing interesting in this lot tbh. Though I like Gossipmonger and the design on Fortification. I also like the simplicity of Farmer.
(330.89 KB 375x523 Kwanazee Warrior.png)

(324.99 KB 375x523 Hurrah.png)

(325.91 KB 375x523 Knight of Old.png)

(297.76 KB 375x523 Knights Title.png)

(321.95 KB 375x523 Kwanazee Tribe.png)

I'm aware Knights Title is a strictly worse Dub.
(293.50 KB 375x523 Limbo.png)

(329.05 KB 375x523 Land Development.png)

(323.67 KB 375x523 Law.png)

(319.83 KB 375x523 Leadership.png)

(315.57 KB 375x523 Leech Healer.png)

I really like Land Development. Limbo is part of a 5 color enchant world cycle. Law was an attempt at a balanced balance I submitted Leech Healer as one of the concept on how to bring back poison counters in the Great Designer Search 1.
>>363 Yeah I like the art for farmer, and the art on funeral rites. It's all very classy though.
(273.54 KB 375x523 Mercy.png)

(328.80 KB 375x523 Lord of the Realm.png)

(289.62 KB 375x523 Love.png)

(284.47 KB 375x523 Martyr of Self Harm.png)

(336.05 KB 375x523 Masons.png)

This might be my last update for a while since I'm flying back home tomorrow. Lord of the Realm is part of a 5 lord cycle. Martyr of Self Harm is drawn by Pamela Smith, famous for drawing the modern day Tarot deck.
(329.03 KB 375x523 Monk Companion.png)

(315.62 KB 375x523 Ophamin.png)

(297.84 KB 375x523 Oral History.png)

(313.12 KB 375x523 Palace Sentry.png)

(312.57 KB 375x523 Papal Saint.png)

An Ophamin is one of the higher choirs of angels, and is one of the two that often get shoved around in meme's about 'biblically accurate angels'. Monk Companion is one of the many banders I made trying to figure out unique ways to use the mechanic.
(291.73 KB 375x523 Paradise Found.png)

(340.44 KB 375x523 Parlay.png)

(316.94 KB 375x523 Peasant Knight.png)

(347.69 KB 375x523 Peasant.png)

(320.43 KB 375x523 Powers.png)

>>369 Modern Magic lacks class, which is my second biggest issue with it. Paradise Found has a mirror version in black. ' Peasant is part of the cycle of 0 drop creatures. Peasant Knight is inspired by the song of the same name. Powers is one of the Choirs of Angels. The highest rank of warrior angels, they are in charge of regulating heavenly bodies, as well as fighting things 'that threaten reality'.
(345.48 KB 375x523 Steyhelm Heroine.png)

(332.77 KB 375x523 Public Execution.png)

(331.71 KB 375x523 Renown.png)

(315.77 KB 375x523 Restore Magic.png)

(301.31 KB 375x523 Samurai of the Butterfly.png)

Sorry about the delay. I been busy.
>>384 Its a slow website in general. Real life is more inportant, but glad to see your still here bro.
Seems fun and nifty. Main reason it doesn't pass for a "lost" set is the wording isn't a clusterfuck. Big thing of note is >>317 Make absolutely sure you have no way to give black heart to another player when it's on the field, or you've remade Trix.
(304.34 KB 375x523 shooting.png)

>>387 I'd argue its not more complicated or neat then text from Ice Age/Homelands. Which was the feeling I wanted to go for.
(318.67 KB 375x523 Super Hero.png)

(327.46 KB 375x523 Trained Pegasus.png)

(302.08 KB 375x523 Trenches.png)

(302.90 KB 375x523 Turtle Tactic.png)

(334.36 KB 375x523 Wandering Knight.png)

With the exception of a vertical cycle, this finishes off the white cards of the set. I really feel something is 'missing' from it, but I can't quiet figure out what exactly.
(310.79 KB 375x523 Riflemen.png)

(186.81 KB 375x523 Cannoneers.png)

(311.37 KB 375x523 Musketeer.png)

(352.51 KB 375x523 Card Trick.png)

(312.35 KB 375x523 Akashic Library.png)

(333.47 KB 375x523 Atlantian Elite.png)

(341.84 KB 375x523 Atlantian Spy.png)

(316.32 KB 375x523 Boredom.png)

Now we are into blue. Blue has a big use of the much maligned "Islandhome" ability, as well as pirates and the discontinued Ship creature type. A small part in here is for boasting already existing decks, like Fish and Faeries. While others try to tread new grounds, or increase small part of formerly established identity like blue tutor effects and burn. Islandwalk is also a common theme in the color. >Akashic Library is said to sit in the Astral Plane, and control all worldly knowledge. Yes I admit it's broken as all hell, but who doesn't like the occasional broken card right? >Atlantian Elite is just shitty filler that might not make the final cut of the set, but Spy iI feel is good design in both function and flavor. >Boredom is a decent tap enchantment, inspired by Apathy from weatherlight. >Ante never got a chance to exist, but I wanted to experiment with how exactly Ane would work, and other aspects it never fully got to enjoy. Here is one, allowing you to swap a otherwise useless card with your ante, if your opponent isn't willing to raise the stakes.
(342.32 KB 375x523 Disbelief.png)

(336.35 KB 375x523 Change Face.png)

(289.35 KB 375x523 Coastal Wall.png)

(308.44 KB 375x523 Close the Sea.png)

(348.95 KB 375x523 Dara Dreamscaper.png)

>>394 Dara fits one of the two blue legend quota's in the set. I intended to her to have a brother that changed land types in a similar manner, but I never found art I liked. Change Face already has a card that works similar to it. Ditto with Annul for disbelief, but I wanted to keep it in the set anyway.
(317.34 KB 375x523 Ferry.png)

(315.41 KB 375x523 Enchanted Dress.png)

(367.55 KB 375x523 Endless Dragon.png)

(347.30 KB 375x523 Endless Serpent.png)

(319.08 KB 375x523 Endless Winter.png)

(279.22 KB 375x523 The Mary Celeste.png)

(333.79 KB 375x523 Fishers Snare.png)

(291.49 KB 375x523 Kraken of the Seventh Sea.png)

(310.72 KB 375x523 Lighthouse.png)

(342.61 KB 375x523 Longing Undine.png)

(292.40 KB 375x523 Plane Shift.png)

(350.46 KB 375x523 Mystic Interference.png)

(301.16 KB 375x523 Ocean Elemental.png)

(305.90 KB 375x523 Pirate Captain.png)

(301.54 KB 375x523 Pixie Trickster.png)

(343.07 KB 375x523 River Elemental.png)

(321.76 KB 375x523 Port Merchant.png)

(278.95 KB 375x523 Psychic Shock.png)

(324.91 KB 375x523 Reflecting the Sea.png)

(321.71 KB 375x523 Return Home.png)

(317.56 KB 375x523 Sudden Eruption.png)

(305.30 KB 375x523 School of Merfolk.png)

(313.27 KB 375x523 Ship of the Line.png)

(325.80 KB 375x523 Soul of the Sea.png)

(309.41 KB 375x523 Stardust.png)

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