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Princess: the hopeful Anonymous 08/19/2021 (Thu) 10:24:00 No. 371
So get out your d10s. We are doing this world of darkness sailor moon style. This game is a fanmade system for the new world of darkness. That being said it mostly seems to act as a new hunter supplement, as opposed to a new gameline. At it's core it's the rules for being a superhero in the wod. But more than that it provides the narratives and in game allegiances to run a sailor moon campaign in this grimdark world. Looks fairly interesting. I haven't played any nwod games though, and so can't speak for how it actually plays out on the game table.
Can I be a pretty waifu?
>>372 Yes! You can anon.
>>377 Ok I'll be the pink haired Genki Girl and you be the blue haired Shrieking Violet. Now we need a red haired Tsundere.
>>378 Now your talking anon. I'm actually interested in this.
>>379 Is it just two us?
>>381 Unfortunately yes.

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