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Faceless thread Anonymous 01/08/2022 (Sat) 22:07:48 Id: e92a13 No. 11271 [Reply]
Who doesn't love a faceless lee? Helmets, masks, lack-of-face in general, whatever. Post 'em if you got 'em.
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>>14637 Swear i've never even seen some of these before! Great stuff. Makes me miss QQ a lot, what a terrific artist he was... Well, all we can do now is cherish his memory (and art). A mighty feast indeed!
(3.25 MB 2528x2032 Blackbeauty.png)

(3.56 MB 2528x2032 bbtext.png)

Love Quinton's Black Beauty and spent way too long coloring the two uncolored versions of her
>>28895 Absolutely awesome coloring here.

Hypno Tickled art Anonymous 05/08/2022 (Sun) 23:32:09 Id: b076ee No. 21044 [Reply] [Last]
Here's a really REALLY niche side of the fetish. Tickling where the lee gets hypnotized, mindfucked, or other mindplay while getting wrecked. Like turned into a tickle slave or just to break them even more. This is a niche kink so I expect this to die quickly but see if there's any art Nabbed these pics from another thread cause they fit the vibe.
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(687.64 KB 2063x1400 Kaa Y Misty.gif)

FireFox Art Thread TkLover 03/22/2022 (Tue) 21:19:21 Id: 97c21d No. 17348 [Reply]
Hi guys, i think we must do some thread with artworks of this talented guy, feel free to share he's artworks. i'll start with few of them
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I wish he still drew stuff

(1.61 MB 1280x1280 My_3x3.jpeg)

3x3 Anonymous 11/06/2021 (Sat) 12:02:42 Id: 4dc37c No. 6128 [Reply]
I was horny and bored, and I thought it'd be fun to make a thread where we try to fill a 3x3 with characters that would fit the description. I tried to limit myself to one character per franchise to make it more fun, but you don't have to. Template at https://kapwi.ng/c/aBN65i6_ZE
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Strategic, unforgiving bump. Its a nice thread.
>>17662 Poppi's a perfect lee because, no matter your preferred lee, you could just program her respond to tickling in that way.
As a flex of waifu superiority, I have made a 3x3 entirely out of Artorias except for the one Mordred because I ran out that I pulled from every moneygrabbing event, timeline or multiverse I could find. I also revived OP's dead template link with my own, which you can find here: https://kapwi.ng/w/_1HYIY_iOG Just hit revert back to this version on the oldest one before you use it or after you're done using it. Anyways, the 3x3: Loves It / Surrenders: Saber Lilly. It's just common sense, really. Big sweetheart that loves to laugh and all things positive, will probably openly ask for more in between bouts of cute giggling. Fun for days. Loves It / Tries To Keep Dignity: Lancer Artoria. I figure a more mature, less tragically wound up version of Artoria would probably find something outrageous like tickling a king harmless, maybe even get a kick out of it or think it cute. Wouldn't accept either just taking it or acting like it's big deal though. Loves It / Fights It: Mordred. Would die or kill you before ever admitting it, but we all know she's just a daddy's girl under that tomboy act, and would crumble into reluctant happy giggles with just a scratch under the chin. Big kicker though. Loves It And Hates It / Surrenders: Santa Salter. Just a kinder version of Salter, who I'll go over later. All you have to do is call it your christmas wish, although it'd probably be better not to push it too far. Loves It And Hates It / Tries to Keep Dignity: Lartoria Alter. Just a meaner Lartoria, not much to say. More likely to disapprove of childish frivolities, and yet... Less likely to miss the kinkier side of tickle torture, probably. Loves It And Hates It / Fights It: Saber Alter. Bit of a controversial take here, I feel like. I think OG Alter would've fit better on the 'Hates It' row, but later depictions tend to make her a lot less of a hardass, somewhat dorky even. As such, Artoria the girl comes through and makes her find herself not dreading an intensely out of place sensation like tickling. Would never admit it to herself, or her tickler, of course. Hates It / Surrenders: MHX. This goofy thing would crack like an egg and end up a tearful mess repeatedly screaming 'I GIVE UP' amid hysterics. Moving on. Hates It / Tries To Keep Dignity: Saber, the OG. Stern, solemn and stoic makes her an easy pick for this spot. Absolutely can't handle it and finds it humilliating, but way too proud (read, stubborn) to ever admit defeat by such unbecoming means or to let go and lose all composure. Up there with Lilly in terms of how much she can take, although for entirely different reasons. Hates It / Fights It: And finally, Zero Saber. She's supposed to just be past Saber, but they behave so differently I might as well. Same reaction to tickling though, just a lot less dignified. More screams of the 'Unhand me, knave!' and 'Cease this nonsense at once!' variety. Also way more likely to crack and end up begging for mercy.

Well, I'll post these images to put aside the comments of those pedophile piece of shit

(1021.20 KB 4000x2250 IMG-20211223-WA0000.jpeg)

(3.14 MB 4624x3468 20211223_080132.jpg)

(3.40 MB 4624x3468 20211223_080226.jpg)

Feet Pics and Ticklish Fates 2.0 Anonymous 12/23/2021 (Thu) 13:25:40 Id: 6bfd93 No. 9880 [Reply]
There was a thread like this on the old board. Premise was that half of the posts would be anons uploading pictures of their bare soles (or a ticklish part of their body) and the other half would be people responding on how to torture or otherwise have fun with them. As always, expect mostly male feet here, but who knows, there could be some surprises. I thought it was a pretty fun premise and wanted to bring it back. Ill even be the first to offer up my soles since Im in a very horny mood currently and imagining how I would get wrecked by the people here makes me jittery in a good way lol. Anyways, here are my soles. Early 20 year old bisexual latino guy. Feet are us size 7.5. They are erogenous zones for me, so getting tickled is both hell and heaven for me. Im down for pretty much anything, so get creative (or sadistic if thats what youre into).
24 posts and 30 images omitted.
(60.09 KB 710x1125 IMG_2922.jpg)

(361.06 KB 1586x1982 IMG_1150.jpg)

(203.36 KB 1024x1366 IMG_3904.jpg)

(83.79 KB 1024x768 IMG_3907.jpg)

(168.49 KB 1024x1366 IMG_4209.jpg)

Putting my friend's feet here. Her legs and feet are sensitive as hell. Her feet are so damn soft, and she'd definitely fight if tickled. She's super shy too. What's her fate?
My own soft size 10's. 30 year old m lee. Do your worst you fiends!
>>13784 KINO FEETS,

When they ask to be tickled 09/10/2022 (Sat) 00:08:24 Id: 381e80 No. 28787 [Reply]
Thumb: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uKxKkSnLFlg What are your thoughts about this theme? I’ve seen a bunch of videos over the years where the girl is asking the viewer (usually first person POV) to tickle them. A lot are pretty lame but some can be pretty hot as well. But either way, post videos or art where the lee is asking, demanding, commanding or begging to be tickled.
>>28787 It’s pretty hot if you turn your brain off. If mot you realize it’s some girl talking into a camera while someone else tickles her feet. I much prefer amateur or semi-amateur vids where it’s clear the tickler is enjoying themselves and just happens to be filming it
>>28787 It's absolutely adorable in real life and something that can't really be replicated with acting. When you've got a partner that knows your kink and purposefully says "come on, tickle me!" in that sincere, teasing way, it's the hottest fucking thing. Especially when they keep egging you on. Like "You can tickle better than that!" Amateurs sometimes do this alright.

(66.58 KB 639x847 hiro06.gif)

(72.87 KB 897x528 hiro07.JPG)

(70.55 KB 632x805 hiro08.JPG)

(46.30 KB 540x688 hiro11.JPG)

(37.23 KB 349x480 hiro17.jpg)

Post the OLDEST shit you got Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 02:12:46 Id: f6ed88 No. 755 [Reply] [Last]
Oldfag here. Pretty sure Hiro M was the very first ever Japanese tickling artist, at least as far as what we saw here in the west.
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>>24615 I tried to save what i could at the last minute, but conveniently the site itself went to shit in the last few days up, so everything was slow and buggy. Then when going through them, i ended up deleted a ton of what i thought were ones that got downloaded twice, but were actually other pictures. A true shit show.
Do I win?
anyone have this old pic of Alice from the American McGee games getting her stocking feet tickled?

Black-Asian/Whites Anonymous 05/09/2022 (Mon) 09:29:46 Id: e39549 No. 21060 [Reply]
Going through collections and I notice there's a real lack of this, would love to get a thread going to encourage more of it!
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(227.49 KB 723x1106 uAoVPLv0vV0.jpg)

(217.86 KB 300x100 Heavy approves.gif)

>>28588 > also torturing them into wanting kisses

Ticklish Facial Expressions Anonymous 06/28/2022 (Tue) 01:16:48 Id: aa1718 No. 23936 [Reply]
Simultaneously the best and most underrated aspect of tickle fetish smut. Post your favorite, talk about the ones you like and the ones you don't.
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>>28476 >she who's gonna tell him...
>>28415 Theyre sexy.
(882.02 KB 3869x4096 E2JN8ejWYAQfqE_.jfif)

(2.68 MB 2727x2294 E2JF2QyX0AI0ih6.jfif)

(1.75 MB 2106x2988 E2JIPyiXoAEjlxQ.jfif)

Make the eyes say it all

Ticklish Fates (♀ Edition) Ticklish Fates (♀ Edition) 05/28/2022 (Sat) 23:24:37 Id: 1e701e No. 22135 [Reply] [Last]
So I figured separating this thread by gender would be more useful so that lers can look at lees that they’re attracted to, as opposed to having to scroll through swathes of images to find a male or female lee according to your orientation. I posted some pics on the old board, so I’ll just get this thread started by re-posting them here. Anyone is welcome to make a male version of this thread, btw, but as a lee I don’t have any pictures of men’s feet, lmao.
Edited last time by Flatty on 09/01/2022 (Thu) 23:44:32.
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>>28481 I mean, if you're gonna phrase it that way, don't we just pretend to be nice to everyone for social reasons?
>>28497 Yeah, that's exactly why we stopped bullying the faggots and they took that oppurtunity to spew their bullshit everywhere. If she had stayed normal, they would have either killed themselves, been closeted or would have just eventually seen that those who try to become trannies get shunned and got help to be normal.
>>28515 *they, not she. Fucking autocorrect I swear

Self tickling Anonymous 12/31/2021 (Fri) 13:04:27 Id: 584813 No. 10485 [Reply]
Want something done right do it yourself
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(876.65 KB 963x830 ClipboardImage.png)

(423.99 KB 1024x615 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.05 MB 1024x1191 ClipboardImage.png)

i love self-tickling as well, because it fulfills two of the best scenarios for me: when the tickler is being tickled, so when the predator becomes the prey (technically that's true for one person, haha!); and, as a 'lee, i kinda need to improvise usually, when there are no ticklers around to have me at their mercy... so, let me post few drawings i had on my disk. i've got more of them somewhere, but couldn't find it right now. also, let me share my entire collection of self-tickling videos, which i gathered through last few years. you'll find here some professional productions (like FTKL), half-professional (OF) and completely amateur (tumblr) vids. i hope you'll like it (and if so, dedicate some good fap for me xD)! and in case you also have some "educational materials" like those pics or vids, don't hesitate to post them here as well ^_^ the link: https://mega.nz/folder/iskTHSBA#lxsgsbT025LpLSjVph29OQ actually, what came to my mind right now, is that: maybe people from other threads, i mean "Ticklish Fates (♀ Edition)" and "Pics and ticklish fates" would like to make some self-tickling pics and/or vids and wouldn't mind to share them here? it's always something more than posting just bare feet and bellies (yet still hot!)... if they're brave enough 3:) lastly, i've got a short list of clips that i couldn't find anywhere around the web, but i feel they could be pretty hot as well - does anyone happen to have those, willing to share? https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/9697/7501033/elans-self-tickle-instruction-hd https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29443/14222359/sabliques-self-tickle-joi-1080 https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/36032/25998049/the-tickle-goddess-within-velma-transforms-into-curvy-bombshell-who-loves-to-tickle-hd-mp4-1080p https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/61921/24965363/eve-self-tickling-instuction https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/61277/25253101/self-tickle-fantasy https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/112750/17682694/self-tickling-ellis https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/107564/25133077/self-tickling-maddalena

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(2.19 MB 4469x2623 92730855_p0.png)

(477.88 KB 3908x4195 92487717_p0.jpg)

(2.82 MB 3746x4488 92487643_p0.png)

(3.07 MB 5017x3736 92487789_p0.png)

(3.58 MB 3809x4250 92071585_p8.png)

ArisuYoku thread Anonymous 09/13/2021 (Mon) 16:29:31 Id: c8195b No. 904 [Reply] [Last]
post em if ya got em
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(3.68 MB 5437x4377 ANJA.png)

(2.82 MB 3622x3434 NTlYzsmNfLr7rzXqdDYWEz1F.png)

(3.25 MB 3622x3434 gwhjSnKFQX1dxP7LIxTDO014.png)

Before anybody asks for it ^^
(127.14 KB 1200x630 p9UgvTcSq4IuxPy24mQFrsFd.jpeg)


Pawfeather Anonymous 09/30/2021 (Thu) 01:02:50 Id: b895f7 No. 1982 [Reply] [Last]
What the fuck happened bros?
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I feel nothing but contempt.
>>8219 Go back to Twitter, you degenerate.
>>8241 Oh god, how I miss Topin and Stipplewiltz. Could care less about his current shit.

ticklejapan tickler Anonymous 08/23/2022 (Tue) 22:32:23 Id: 33e03d No. 27496 [Reply]
Anyone know any more ticklejapan videos with this tickler? Plus her name if it ever came out, can't find the actual names of the videos so don't know who they are. https://vjav.com/videos/189122/japanese-tickling-spy-torture/?fr=189122&rp=1 https://vjav.com/videos/315313/spy-tickling/
9 posts and 22 images omitted.
Anyone got any good f/m japanese tickle content?
(132.52 KB 240x340 image_2022-09-02_192624569.png)

I've been trying to find this clip in full but it isn't available to download anywhere on the studios english stores. https://duga.jp/ppv/fetishworld-0068/ It's listed here and on one other website but it requires a japanese phone number for SMS confirmation. Fucks just let me give you money :(
>>27496 That producer made a tickle video years ago that I have been trying to find. It was something like a girlfriend getting her feet tickled until she passed out. I wish I had an image at least.

(5.00 KB 300x168 download (5).jpeg)

Hardcore tickling videos Anonymous 04/06/2022 (Wed) 18:32:50 Id: 836698 No. 18608 [Reply]
post and discuss any hardcore tickling videos you know of! anything with non-stop tickling, crying, begging, yelling, squealing, heavy bondage, sensory deprivation tickling, etc!
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>>18608 Tickle Intensive have a number of very good ones. https://www.boundhub.com/videos/436208/ti-ebony-stocked/
(184.55 KB 220x275 bruh.gif)

>>28020 >does not give her a break except to switch to the brush >gigantic cuts at 1:13 2:13 3:11 4:24 and 5:18

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