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Artists you hate 4: the sperg awakens Anonymous 09/16/2022 (Fri) 11:39:57 Id: 50ccb9 No. 29239
last thread hit bump limit, continue ridiculing spergs
>>29414 >It's not so much hate, I just dislike seeing people pump out the same type of art going on a decade without any kind of self improvement. The kind of people you'd see posting in 2008-2009 still posting the same style with zero improvements. Pretty much how I feel about Darkspeed, even if it's an unpopular opinion. Good for his time, but while there's nothing inherently wrong with his art nowadays, it just feels like nothing's changed between then and now.
>>29423 someone should make a thread about which artists have shown the most improvement
im not naming names but i hate when you're nice to the one dude constantly being shit on on a discord server (tickling related) or twitter and then for the next year your DMS are nothing but endless links to random YouTube videos and RP requests. i still feel bad for them because they very clearly have actual autism but damn if it isn't annoying as hell. it doesn't matter how much you don't reply, how much you tell them you're busy, to slow down with the messages etc. they just keep going. sure i know blocking them is the obvious solution but i can't help but feel bad for them, especially since at first I reached out to them to try to be their friend. either way this guy has single handedly ruined the benefit of doubt for me, if you're in a tickling server and people dislike you now I'm going to assume people have a reason to.
>>29647 discord is a problem, the people on it all day and night are scum, and someone being shit on by even them is nearly always a sperg and piece of shit. you know this, you knew this before you engaged. look at the garbage that the trash of discord spam and applaud: I fucking hate them so much
>>29274 Before I go on, you have the full pic for this anywhere? More on topic though stumbling back into his gallery and trying to cherrypick actual good content just served as a reminder of how fucking disgusting Redscript can get sometimes. It's a shame because I love total bondage scenarios and his Lynn comic with the space elves holds a special place in my horny heart but a good 70% of his gallery makes me deflate.
>>29647 Same, but also with tumblr and dA for me with this scenario, endlessly. I have a modest following and I'm to the point where I ignore 99% of DMs. I just know if I respond they are going to instantly cling on and unload their melodrama on me whether tickling-related or not, and pester me with really shitty RPs where they can't write anything to say their lives (such as responding to a paragraph of detailed text with HAHAHAHHA as if they're laughing at the situation they've cornered me into). And then they'll also start pinging if I don't respond within an hour to something as asinine as "how's it going", which is always a means to allow them to tell me about their friend they love who they can't talk to anymore. Being nice always fucks you in the end.
>>29653 >allow them to tell me about their friend they love who they can't talk to anymore. hahaha holy shit, I've had like 3 different autists plaguing my dms with this exact issue at one point. Is it a sign of autism to take rejection extremely badly or something? most of the time it's people they were into YEARS ago. like 3-5+ years ago and they still haven't gotten over it. people in 3-5 year relationships that breakup get over it in a couple of months, a year maybe if it was real bad, but that's having been in a relationship, whereas most autists why cry about this in my dms we're just told (nicely it sounds like?) that they just weren't into them. and they still have "PTSD" years later from being told they're not getting sloppy toppy from some chick.
>>29665 It most likely is a result of the rigidity in their minds. Like they've evaluated over and over that they should be friends with a person and can't accept any different results. I'm sure that's a lousy way to live, but no amount of crying on a figurative shoulder is going to help. There's also always the possibility they're playing at some obtuse means to engineer their way into someone's confidence by shopping that sob story around. Or they're just whiny annoying fucks like iletyoutickleme
(868.10 KB 719x762 1609557281775.png)

>>29653 good fucking god the unbeareable people i've met too trying to reach out is just fucking insane. >chilling on twitter after eclipse, got friends that still use DA so i go there to fav their stuff and bump it up. >decide to check the 1K notifs i have in store >suddenly notice being tagged >it's some kid making fanart of OCs >the OCs aren't even mine, i don't know why i'm being tagged, but ok >art is clearly poorly traced >still want to give the kid some words of encouragement >"hey dude, i think you should stop tracing and just learn how to draw on your own, it means a lot more and it will make your art stand out more, so hone in your skills and you'll be able to shine!" >the kid likes it >suddenly, getting tagged more >more traced art of OCs of friends of mine >he calls them "gifts" >never drew any of my OCs or traced my art >i guess i'll ignore him from now on >suddenly my senpai comes back, he's done with his studies and he's got a lot more free time on his hands >he decides to stream >fuck yeah i'm hype >buy picarto premium to co-stream with him >first stream he does, the kid swings around >"Wow DQ! i didn't know you still made art!" >i explain that DA is a garbage platform so i'm on twitter and pixiv now >he bombrushes to my DMs >he starts talking to me and stuff, he's not that annoying, so i give him a slip >suddenly one day >"hey DQ, i have this idea about making fanart of these OCs (which again, didn't belong to him) being forced to work as bellydancers in a restaurant, and by the end they get molested" >mfw >"yeah, they lost a very precious ring so they get raped" >kid, i don't think that's a very wise idea >"i'll have to wait and see" >tell the kid to fucking abort >"so what if it's them joking about being raped?" >fucking >"so no rape?" >yes, no rape >the kid vanishes >has never tagged me in anything ever again >spread the word to my friends, who all promptly block him. i will say that it's always a gamble to talk to a new artist, most of them are young so they don't fully grasp interacting with another person, so they're generally awkward, but you can find some pretty chill people, i honestly have been able to do that, but on the other hand, holy fucking shit.
(26.53 KB 412x352 1375086356439.jpg)

>>29676 >"so no rape?"
>>29676 >encounters the most autistic person on da that's obsessed with him >autist draws all his friends OCs but refuses to even touch his MS paint circle tool head ass characters hoo boy the jokes just write themselves sometimes
>>29681 well, you'd think that, but i'm honest to god so glad that he never drew anything for me out of his own interest, i feel like i dodged a fucking nuclear strike.
>>29665 >>29653 was one of these retards that couldn't get over a past relationship named bailey by any chance because I think I've met these autists too
>>29757 man you telling me Benis is one of these guys? i can definitely see it.
>>29786 wait, who's Benis lol we might be thinking of different people
>>29793 >>29786 You two are most probably about the same person. Benis is this person https://twitter.com/BaileyWaifu . Bailey is the name of his catgirl OC. For the longest time he went by BenisWaifu/FunnyBenis. He's always been a very fragile individual trying to fit in. Though ever since he made his twitter it'sll all been going downhill for him. Clout chasing trend after trend, making buddy buddy with the troon squad (anonBB, Vivi, etc etc), and more recently turning his OC Bailey into a persona (right now he's trying to become a vtuber with some god awful voice changer, like quinn tried before.) He recently even had a rant about how he was worried he could never truly become 'Bailey'. After what AnonBB came to the rescue to explain to be he could be a woman if he wanted. The guy is obviously in a bad spot, and has been for a long time. I mean look at him. Fat, hiding under star wars merch and behind a catgirl avatar. I tried mocking these people in front of him a few times to make him tilt but he's been very defensive about his twitter troonbros. He needs a real friend to give him a real reality check, or he's going to go full-on lolcow mode. (not that he isn't already, but things are going to get much, much uglier).
>>29799 Things like this are why I hate people like Anonbb. He grooms people into a miserable state rather than actually getting his shit together. I really hope Benis snaps out of this soon, because there's no doubt in my mind that he'll eventually become part of the 51%.
>>29799 >has very logical and reasonable thoughts and actually knows that troonpills™ aren't going to turn him from a fat dude to a blue haired catgirl >anonbb grooms pushes him to live in delusion i hate anonbb so much. there is a special place in hell for troons who take advantage of lonely and sad people who just want to fit in and groom them into being trannies.
(556.02 KB 816x4225 icarl.png)

(35.36 KB 793x186 fsaffq.png)

Where's that anon who wanted to be cured of their tickle fetish? This ought to do it.
Fuck Juzi, fuck his fanbox, and fuck his staggered payment plan bullshit. You want his old stuff? Having fun shelling out 40 fucking bucks fag, shoulda been subbed earlier. Not even Fantia is this bad.
>>29895 This is the type of Autism I mentioned in a different thread. Why do they even comment shit, why can't they shut the fuck up and keep it to themselves? This is why we need proper bullying to come back.. It'd prevent this sort of thing, and it'd stop groomers like AnonBB and this >>29799 from happening.
>>29893 i spit my drink i don't know what i was expecting but it wasn't that lmao
I don't HATE him hate him but fuck me this guy bums me out. I really love the character choices and the concepts he presents in his pics, but his artstyle is just grotesque.
>>29893 What the actual fuck? Like no really someone actually went out of there way to make this abomination? like what the fuck is wrong with this person?!?!
>>29893 ... I might never sleep again. Thanks for that, faggot.
>>29893 My fucking god. It's them again. I think they use to go by the username teenticklhell or some shit. They were brought up in an earlier iteration of this thread. Pretty much all of their shit is a fucking abomination. Their entire fetish is kidnapping CIA agents and tickle torturing them. I wouldn't be surprised if they are a frequent on the sex offender registry.
>>29953 did this fucking thing change 'CIA agents' to CIA Agents?
>>29954 yes lmao fucking love this place's filters
>>29953 yeah, teen tickle hell is another of his usernames. heard he got banned from pixiv so he's on another site called fanbox now. he has on multiple occasions done 3d renders of dapper gentlemanren getting tickled. there's literally a photoset up on his subscription site called "child tickle trafficking" and another one involving a black woman in the "klu klux chuckle hut". sick motherfucker is peddling horrendous shit and needs serious help.
>>29957 fanbox is pixiv's patreon
>>29957 looks like my comment got understandably filtered to say *dapper gentlemanren* instead of what i actually said which was people not of consenting age, in various scenarios and states of dress that do not belong on a fetish site :))) fuck that guy
The TrannyKron arc begins who do you guys think got to him?
>>29931 couldn't agree more tbh, banger character choices and concepts but fuck man, learn to draw
>>30061 the guy has been at it for YEARS he's DQ tier improvement, that is to say, very very little if any at all. he's at most changed from Ms paint to an actual drawing software

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