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Male Tickling Thread Anonymous 01/18/2021 (Mon) 21:11:12 Id: abe7bb No. 14
Obligatory male tickle victim thread. Slightly killing the boners of f/f-onlies since 2021
Edited last time by Flatty on 01/25/2021 (Mon) 01:23:35.
I misspelled "Slightly" and that's something I'm gonna have to live with for as long as this thread exists.
(3.78 MB 2971x2215 1625512179665.jpg)

(1.26 MB 1983x1584 88889365_p2.jpg)

(655.44 KB 1668x1668 89118103_p1.jpg)

(1.64 MB 2973x2227 89511713_p1.jpg)

(1.26 MB 1983x1584 88889365_p1.jpg)

(1.64 MB 2973x2227 89511713_p0.jpg)

(126.03 KB 1280x1627 E7whkDjWYAANuHO.jpeg)

(1.76 MB 3464x2732 88610111_p0.jpg)

(901.69 KB 3024x1610 88674821_p0.jpg)

(447.88 KB 1337x1246 88799802_p0.jpg)

(1.49 MB 3603x2476 88626882_p1.jpg)

What's the name of the artist of the previou post? The f/m gang tickling pics
(1.05 MB 3410x2886 STXB821.jpg)

(1007.08 KB 3410x2886 8ElpeBb.jpg)

(602.52 KB 1200x899 Heroes.png)

(146.16 KB 500x321 jObFaii.png)

(213.01 KB 700x900 yrrqfud.png)

(520.97 KB 1280x1190 g6mktGm.jpg)

(699.86 KB 1200x1000 zzrhoRH.png)

(266.95 KB 1000x1000 FAlTfB1.png)

(150.34 KB 638x1252 ebbd80x.jpg)

Here's some nipple tickling.
Ryu is a favorite of mine although I don't know how soft his feet would actually be due to walking around barefoot all the time.
I wish persona guys got it more often
Scott is cute.
Does anyone have the uncensored version from n° 22?
Does anyone have the uncensored version of n° 22?
(165.73 KB 940x1020 lOZpPm0.jpg)

(287.23 KB 1229x2048 jM83g4m.jpg)

(99.98 KB 894x894 lKe2fdD.jpg)

(137.96 KB 1064x751 BRDMc3q.jpg)

(499.73 KB 2048x1755 8E0cCGm.jpg)

(162.85 KB 1200x630 Untitled.jpe)

(3.47 MB 3500x5000 Untitled (1).jpe)

(3.86 MB 3500x5000 Untitled_1.jpe)

(4.05 MB 3500x3839 Untitled_3.jpe)

(5.08 MB 3500x5000 Untitled_2.jpe)

(5.60 MB 3500x6163 Untitled_4.jpe)

(3.08 MB 3500x5000 Untitled_5.jpe)

(4.19 MB 3500x5000 Untitled_6.jpe)

(2.78 MB 4018x3261 Untitled.jpe)

(3.04 MB 3500x5000 Untitled (1).jpe)

(3.50 MB 4100x4181 Untitled (2).jpe)

(140.97 KB 665x523 EmhhUwhXMAEKarb.jpeg)

(113.07 KB 665x493 EmhhUwjXYAMjEsj.jpeg)

(197.19 KB 595x842 EhYt0gkUcAI6p2E.jpeg)

(154.33 KB 665x583 EmhhczpW4AA-yAO.jpeg)

(182.84 KB 611x665 EmhhUwhWEAE70Vf.jpeg)

(105.24 KB 446x665 Emhhk4LXUAA3OPJ.jpeg)

(122.76 KB 507x665 Emhhk4KXYAAP_jS.jpeg)

(134.67 KB 472x665 Emhhk4JW4AIKqN2.jpeg)

(151.81 KB 582x665 EmhhczqWMAE4M0r.jpeg)

(117.39 KB 665x506 EmhhshCWEAA9VTs.jpeg)

(142.71 KB 665x495 Emhhy8qXYAEB-cb.jpeg)

(102.39 KB 438x665 EmhhshBW4AIxshM.jpeg)

(198.81 KB 804x1008 Emhhy8rXYAMro2g.jpeg)

(67.98 KB 600x450 87298359_p0_master1200.webp)

(68.36 KB 600x450 87298359_p1_master1200.webp)

(83.62 KB 600x450 87298359_p2_master1200.webp)

>>732 Does anyone know the name of the artist from this one?
>>735 bdsmtoall
(726.56 KB 3264x1632 jWkg5vd.jpg)

Anyone paying for Cadomiumu’s patreon?
>>820 While we're on the subject how about his locked twitter account? I've been trying to follow but he never accepted.
>>821 It’s really not anything that amazing. He hasn’t posted new art on there since July and it’s all untranslated stuff involving a disembodied foot. Well drawn, but his main page is better. He mainly uses this account for retweeting.
Honestly, this was a pretty big waste of time, y'know... You're just gonna be left with sweat-covered fingers... I'm not gonna laugh or anything, so you should probably just... y'know, put your fingers away. Unless you actually *like* the smell of my sweaty feet on your hands. That'd be pretty weird, y'know. You really wanna have to deal with *that*? Yeah, I thought so. Just go ahead and... sliiiiide those fidgety digits away now, K? (he's stalling...) By Alptraum472 I always enjoy when an artist add a little story with a pic.
>>821 >>822 Is that the account where he was posting the Hand vs Foot comic?
>>896 Yeah it’s literally all “mr big foot” stuff.
By redjack_036 Seeing a ticklish Endeavor is always fun for me.
(398.63 KB 800x1138 1615036889217.jpg)

By Jon/st05254 The blush and bit of drool are nice details. They even got in a foot for some tickling.
>>1141 Always loved this one
There was a japanese picture on deviantart by a reuploader with a boy being tickled (supposedly by his mother as a punishment but the images do not show who does it), I think it was 4 images, at least in one of them his feet are immobilized by a metal thing. Anyone got it?
>>1252 It was monochrome.
>>1286 Very nice pic. Where does it come from? Do you happen to have an uncensored version?
>>1361 oh hai Shinn is dat u
(1.16 MB 1280x1014 image_2021-09-27_190626.png)

(177.18 KB 1920x1200 Tumblr_l_124797472642296.jpg)

(255.50 KB 1316x1646 Tumblr_l_124804660971138.jpg)

(339.05 KB 1316x1662 Tumblr_l_124801964721181.jpg)

(354.06 KB 1316x1339 Tumblr_l_124807588917471.jpg)

(174.47 KB 1920x1200 Tumblr_l_124793590404670.jpg)

(1.04 MB 1316x1010 Tumblr_l_124732537015255.jpg)

(1.35 MB 981x2048 Tumblr_l_124742090723654.jpg)

(214.24 KB 1268x1054 Tumblr_l_124660653655438.jpg)

(312.16 KB 2048x1332 Tumblr_l_124782662818269.jpg)

(306.73 KB 2048x1332 Tumblr_l_124784681507637.jpg)

(1.06 MB 1920x1200 Tumblr_l_3481952469000.jpg)

(646.92 KB 1640x2360 92276757_p0.jpg)

(619.37 KB 1640x2360 92276757_p3.jpg)

(466.61 KB 1640x2360 92276757_p4.jpg)

(532.65 KB 1640x2360 92276757_p2.jpg)

(518.42 KB 1640x2360 92276757_p1.jpg)

(446.01 KB 1640x2360 92276757_p10.jpg)

(551.40 KB 1640x2360 92276757_p9.jpg)

(392.42 KB 1640x2360 92276757_p11.jpg)

(28.99 KB 600x863 92276757_p12_master1200.webp)

(26.11 KB 213x233 Lilac_Cookie.png)

personally i don't like male tickling, but i do have a small fantasy that may as well be posted here, has it ever happened that you come across the "silent type" character who's strong and at the same time partly femenine? i like to believe those kinds of guys are deadly ticklish and use their seriousness as a facade as to not get poked, picture very much related.
>>1961 Oh fuck, I want to snap that cookie in half. What a good, good choice anon. I do admit I find it interesting that you don't like male tickling but do have males you want to see tickled. Maybe you like male tickling a little more than you think.
>>1972 i definitively consider myself a fetish chymera of sorts, i'm into a bunch of shit, but i keep males on the down low, even if i have friends who are male and like to be dommed, i still keep myself to girls, but i can absolutely make some exceptions if the guy fits my criteria, which is extremely specific. that said, i thought this thread was the best place to share my toughts about it, and i'm glad you agree with this one at least.
>>1995 I bet your male sub friends would love for you to work them over. Give it a thought now and again.
(767.25 KB 146x139 1612743349772.gif)

>>1997 hear me out, i run a specific DND campaing for two male friends who love being tickled and the purpose of the campaing for me is to try out as many wicked methods as i can come up with, on DMs i have a guy who i haven't talked to in a while who wants me to domn him via roleplay with his self insert, and i have a friend who i know is in this board and who's shown me his OC various times getting licked silly and naked, i've tried it with guys and it doesn't get me running, but i can make my exceptions.
>>1998 >i run a specific DND campaing for two male friends who love being tickled and the purpose of the campaing for me is to try out as many wicked methods as i can come up with Wait holy shit this rules, more info on this
>>1998 fucking based female anon, we need more chicks like you
>>1961 Ugh, get away from me with your trap shit. Even silent trap shit remains trap shit. >>1998 Or in other words, cybertickling. Why bother and put DnD in there?
>>2030 >trap shit Sometimes I think /tkr/'s taste can't get any worse, and then shit like this happens.
(198.48 KB 955x863 bool23.jpg)

(566.94 KB 1220x932 lain2.png)

>>2003 >>2017 >female nah, a dude here >DnD because i enjoy the aspect of roleplaying in a DND more than the actual rules, my DND is heavily homebrewed, with just stats for attack, deffense, support and speed (though i've been thinking about adding charisma, but idk, it's better to just roleplay it), right now a big fox with a rather large potbelly and a slightly bulky but mostly normal looking dudes are stuck in tangle forest, a forest known by the locals to have a plant that fuels itself on salt water and noise, thus it has a tendency to spread its vines around the forest to catch unsuspecting pray, which it then tangles in and drags close to the bulb to go on a fulll-body tickle treatment, lucky (or unluckily) they haven't been captured but they almost got knocked out on the first set of vines; their objective right now is to reach a temple where a ghost spirit is going to trap them in a time loop, with each time that they fall into a devious tickle trap time will be reset but echoes of their past will be kept within the trap they got captured in, which pleases the spirit in said temple. >>2030 >comes to a thread about male tickling >gets angry when males are being tickled fuck off retard, at least i came here willingly.
>>2042 Yes, that's the problem, that you willfully contaminate the only men's thread here with this stuff. I do not know who seriously with such clothing and such a drawn physique still thinks that these should be men? Fuck off with it and look for one of the 2 million other women's threads for the trap shit out.
>>2054 Wait, wait, wait... So what you're really saying is... Traps aren't gay? BASED Man, there's so much bitching over nonsensical stuff like this going on in tkr as of late, I don't know what happened or where these fuckers came from, but it's quite entertaining.
>>2055 This is not about whether fall are gay, they are, I never claimed they weren't either. The point here is whether they look like male and they just don't in the pictures. This is the male tickling thread, not the gay tickling thread. If it was the gay tickling thread, I would be fine with it. But it isn't.
(77.89 KB 600x1189 image0.jpg)

>>2057 >They are dudes but don't look like dudes therefore they don't belong in the dude thread
>>2057 Oh boy. Alright, I'm not even gonna try to unpack that one, I'm just gonna straight up level with you, for the sake of civil discourse. This is the male tickling thread, yeah? As in, a god-given dick and balls between the legs, XY chromosomes and otherwise non-female humans, however you define them? So a trap, that is, a boy that looks like a girl but is still a boy, by definition, fits in. If that's upsetting to you, I'm afraid you'll just have to deal, because as long as the character is canonically male, they fit the thread. Simply put, no matter how much you don't care for them or try to rationalize why they, despite being males, shouldn't be allowed in the male thread, you have absolutely no power to prevent anyone from flooding the thread with girly looking boys if they really wanted to, meaning any amount of criticism towards anyone posting them is nothing but a glorified tantrum. But hey, fret not, things aren't that dire. Trap tickling threads are a thing for a reason you know, most people into those cuties don't like the more manly stuff shared in these threads, so they mostly keep to themselves. Ffs, there's what, 5 trap pics currently in the thread? 6? I reckon you'll survive, you can take it anon, I believe in you. And hey, if you absolutely cannot, and your blood just boils at the idea of the manliest of threads on the board getting even an inch of cute dick in it, here's an idea: spare yourself the trouble, set up a nice burly thread, and fill it with the biggest, heariest, toughest men in the land, all getting tickled out of their wits for your amusement. And feel free to kick any cute girly boy out of there with extreme prejudice if you feel like it. So, what's it gonna be? Nice, polite, good-internet-etiquette behaviour? Or another useless tirade about 'contaminating' the male thread with, uh... males?
(30.43 KB 468x347 EddyPlz.jpg)

>>2055 Traps? Not gay? Suuuure they arent. Go ahead and post it in the female thread then, afterall if theyre not gay than suuurely your other straights will accept it, no? Lmao I LOVE you fags who go through every hole JUST to swear you're not gay, all the while you're playing with cocks. Wake up, its the 21st Century, no one cares if you're gay, and you dont have to spam pride emojis and go on about eating ass in the Twittersphere, you dont have to act or dress a certain way if you're a faggot. But please go on about saying how traps are straight and how you're 1000% super straight while playing with cocks. This is hilarious.
(191.20 KB 640x360 image_2021-09-30_230422.png)

Just look at the graph and find out for yourself
>>2066 >>2069 Lol, my dudes, try to follow along. The traps not being gay thing was a joke at the expense of an anon with some.... 'interesting' ideas. You were having a lot of fun there it seems, so I hate to break it down to you, but I'm a comfortably bi man, and I fap to traps as easily as I do to bara and cute anime girls. So you just wasted a bit of your time, but hey, you got all that out of chest at least, right?
(2.67 MB 498x498 we-do-a-little-trolling.gif)

>>2071 >>2069 what if I dont care about the graph? what if i dont care about the jokes? what if i just wanted to make hoes mad?
>>2072 >what if i just wanted to make hoes mad My advice would be to try harder.
(46.21 KB 640x656 y.jpg)

i only wanted to share some stories that i thought you guys would like, what the actual fuck...
As if by magic, the shitposting is sorted. Anyway, can we go back to posting art? I don’t know why the tickling community is full of so many screeching autists.
Nothing like a good riot .
(1.08 MB 1280x651 image_2021-10-01_175629.png)

(817.54 KB 1598x975 image_2021-10-01_175742.png)

(846.24 KB 1399x914 image_2021-10-01_175851.png)

(876.19 KB 1033x1092 image_2021-10-01_175900.png)

(759.10 KB 1292x942 image_2021-10-01_180115.png)

The Trollangina Challenge Pages 1 through 5.
The Trollangina Challenge pages 6 through 10
The Trollangina Challenge Pages 11 through 15
The Trollangina Challenge pages 16 and 17
(3.74 MB 3013x4104 93258386_p4.jpg)

(4.60 MB 3013x4104 93258386_p6.jpg)

(4.81 MB 3013x4104 93258386_p7.jpg)

(309.42 KB 2048x1544 E7ibn8CVoAUytEo.jpeg)

>>822 Another
Where did you find this again? Don’t see it on their profiles >>2586
>>2555 Fuck this one is good, only way it could be better is if he got his navel tickled too.
(600.80 KB 1600x980 Tiger-Tickles.png)

It sucks that this thread is dying. We’ve gotta unite in our faggotry. What is the oldest piece of male tickle art that you guys have saved? (Pics not related)
(58.81 KB 500x408 etienne1.jpg)

(61.13 KB 432x330 toon024.jpg)

(65.07 KB 500x400 etienne2.jpg)

(58.53 KB 339x500 malex5.jpg)

(90.40 KB 600x449 jockscolor.jpg)

Old stuff
(73.28 KB 470x600 bed.jpg)

(159.21 KB 554x600 comm saud.jpg)

(218.35 KB 480x360 greek.jpg)

(258.60 KB 486x374 LORT.jpg)

(345.38 KB 481x578 golden staues.jpg)

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