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Fetish pet peeves Anonymous 02/14/2022 (Mon) 00:03:54 Id: aaf477 No. 14343
Not cringe, not hate, just things that crop up in tickle fetishry that irk you on some level for me, it's when artists give human feet to characters that clearly don't have them because they can't fathom tickling any kind of foot that isn't fully humanoid. Even worse if they have normal human toenails growing over fur, looks cursed.
(46.86 KB 167x197 1607028812982.png)

This head and feet in stocks or a wall setup. I try not to judge footfags too much but they make it so hard when they constantly keep reminding you that the only parts of a woman they care about are the feet and maybe the face. I seriously get the feeling that some of them would prefer women to be something like a goomba; just a pair of feet attached to a head. Reading something labeled as a tickle story and it's 90% detailed description of feet. In these the tickler will usually say something like "let's explore another part of your body" and move from their big toe to a smaller one like it's some kind of interesting change. The same few characters getting spammed in tickle artwork like they don't already have dozens of pictures you can look at if you want to see them tickled. Especially if the pictures are essentially the same set up as a bunch of the ones that came before. I know plenty of people here love Tifafag for commissioning I don't know how many pictures of her, but I'm just wondering why anyone would spend so much money to get dozens of the same picture. >>14345 Also this. People are way too obsessed with the TMNT scene and this motherfucker keeps showing up so often I'm beginning to think a large portion of this community is sexually attracted to him. It's a mediocre scene and the April part lasts all of 5 seconds.
>>14352 I love feet but I hate these too. It's just not interesting. Also a personal problem but I don't like toe ties at all cause I think seeing the toes wiggle is a huge part of the fun.
The people who commission several different artists to essentially draw the same picture over and over again. This isn't even necessarily a fetish thing, either. I've seen the same thing done in non-sexual art and its just as annoying. >>14343 This so much. Nothing is more uncanny than a clearly stylized cartoon character drawn with realistic looking human feet. It's just a fundamental lack of aesthetic consistency.
(7.33 KB 581x483 1642978126298.png)

(16.38 KB 878x533 this_cat_is_fucked.png)

(10.43 KB 417x378 ClipboardImage.png)

(355.71 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14373 Your cat is cute, I'll use her to make a point. I'm a big fan of eldritch abomination as ticklers, but I absolutely hate when they try to cram in a huge bald human face as a tickler. It's not very common but every time I see it I cant help but hate the expressions they come up with. That and overly weird lees as well. There can be very good weird victims but people like lord-reckless just tries so hard to make them extremely uncanny, i don't think its even in the realm of pornography anymore
(101.26 KB 374x291 ClipboardImage.png)

Tickle fakes, I hate these and there are so many of them
>>14374 agreed also lmao
>>14374 I won't lie that 3rd pic is hot as hell and I have zero idea why
>>14375 Holy shit, absolutely this. I swear DA is riddle to shit with this garbage
>>14352 Tifafag is based wtf
>>14343 >Human feet and toenails >On furry character Same. Like I can forgive humanesque feet on SOME characters (mainly: they always wear shoes/we've never seen them bare) but human toenails instead of claws are a deal braker to me. Shit doesn't even make sense
I really don't like ballgags mixed with tickling. I feel they defile the whole meaning of tickling itself, which is laughter.
The amount of Patreon exclusive art, like damn but this wouldn't be so bad artists posted good tickling art along side but no, Wtfeather especially, they post patreon exclusive tickling and the freebies are foot art with no tickling, kinda bs if you ask me.
Any type of gags, vibrators, dildos, etc. Anything that distracts from the tickling itself honestly.
>>14428 Oh nyooooo, I can't get free art, how will I ever survive in this cruel world. Seethe harder!! >>14343 Anything furry with human feet is nothing short of an improvement!!
>>14432 Bruh its not that i dont get free art, its that they post the tickling in patreon while all we get is foot focus
When they take the socks off without tickling them first. It's a 10 minute video, I'm sure the footfags will live with 1 minute of sock tickling. Even worse with art where they could easily make a variation with it.
>>14432 Holy shit what a trash tier take. If you want to fap to generic anime humanoids go do that, the point of furshit is to be different.
>>14345 Oh god, that makes it look like he doesn't have a moustache, it's just extremely long nose hairs combed to each side.
>uploads video >"I'll name it "tickle"
>>14472 That KK Slider one is fucking horrifying
(1.03 MB 1280x829 ClipboardImage.png)

(848.80 KB 1280x829 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14472 He's right though, it's a pretty massive improvement Even if they sometimes have pad i cant bring myself to like actual dog paws. Stylized feet all the way. Not that the artists cant make nightmare fuel like what you posted though
>>14479 >it's a pretty massive improvement it's really not. the pic on the right's ok, though. Cause it doesn't raise the question of "does this anthro have fur on the bottom of their soles".
>>14479 The second one is fine but you're still wrong
(45.08 KB 471x694 EXPLAINTHISSHITGOD.jpg)

>>14481 AND ANOTHER THING >anthro has human feet >soles same color as the rest of their fur >still has sole wrinkles like it's skin >has that sole blush too I know its not real and doesn't matter but it aggravates my autism
>>14479 Anon, who’s the name of the artist? I like the style of plantigrade paws.
>>14493 Bound raccoon b0ss https://www.furaffinity.net/user/theboundraccoon/ good luck getting a comm, rarer to get than Caroo giving a shit >>14479 I was talking about that shit where they humanize it too much....like to where it literally just looks like a human foot with different coloring nails and all. Plantigrade with claws and stuff is cool, because you can still have variety; claws, pads, no pads, fur on the bottoms, furless on the bottoms, two tone colors, etc
>>14472 Instead of showing proper examples to counter the argument it proceeds to show complete autism. Runs in the family anon?
(39.51 KB 564x496 b0xv0bpuni231.jpg)

>>14352 >This head and feet in stocks or a wall setup I know this is kind of the wrong place to say this, but I actually really like this setup, even as a guy that doesn't get off to feet exclusively. It's not without issue; it can very easily devolve into an excuse for artists to be lazy (and it often does/has), it makes me terribly worried about the 'lee's spine and the goomba example proposed is actually nightmarish. And still... I see the appeal. As a pitfag, one of my favorite parts of tickling that spot is that it allows the 'ler to be up close and personal with a 'lee. There's something really special about getting right in their face and observing every detail of their expression as the tickling drives them wilder and wilder, it gives the chance to look into their eyes as they wordlessly plead for mercy in ticklish anguish or to passionately make out with them and literally feel the giggles coming out of them. Now, feet are based, but they're also literally the furthest you can be from allowing the same thing. So, this position solves that. It combines one of the advantages of pit tickling with a different tickle spot and I can appreciate that, even though pits are still typically what I'm gonna go for when I want that. I'm also a big fan of single spot tickling. Full body stuff is insanely hot, don't get me wrong, but the oppossite, a 'lee having a single spot targeted and that being enough to completely break them because they're just so fucking ticklish there, really does it for me too. And this setup exploits that to its maximum degree: the 'lee has been reduced to the body part being tortured and their one outlet for all the crazed reactions. Their entire world is that spot and all the torture being forced upon them through it, it's the only thing they can think about, it's the only thing they're allowed to think about... And although, truth be told, I think mummification does this aspect one better because it shows the bondage that's denying the 'lee any contact that isn't the tickle torture going on (and it opens it for different spots to get the works instead of feet too), I still really like it here. And finally, when I'm feeling a bit edgier and I want some of that dark, messed up tickle torture fantasy stuff, the whole 'mounted on a wall like a trophy' thing that often accompanies this setup is pretty fantastic too. It's dehumanizing, it's psychologically scarring, it makes sure the 'lee feels like nothing but a tickle toy whose value lies entirely in their suffering for others' entertainment. They're literally nothing but a body part to torture and one to hear and see them go crazy. It appeals to that filthy part of me that wants to know the 'lee is suffering hellishly and tasting ticklish despair. And yeah, it's not associated with this 'trope' of sorts necessarily, but whenever it is, it's a huge plus. Alright, that's enough of me playing devil's advocate. Don't let me stop you from disliking it, I totally get why it's divisive to say the least and yes, it is totally overused, but I don't think it's just footfags that genuinely only care about feet that can find it appealing.
>>14500 heres some actual examples dont look right
>>14512 Ngl that first one looks completely fine in my books. But holy shit the second one deserves a special place in hell
>>14518 I personally don't mind either way, unless we go completely feral than it just looks wrong. Humanoid feet look fine, the same but with pads and claws look good too, but I just strongly prefer plantigrade over digigrade
>>14525 Thankfully digigrade feet aren't all too common in furry art (from what I've seen at least)
>>14529 >>14525 >not liking long soles no accounting for taste, I guess
>>14531 Bitch I love long soles but digigrade is still fundamentally build different
(1.43 MB 3600x2800 FLI6zCAXwAIvrgg.png)

(919.84 KB 3420x2800 FLI6zCsXoAA33aX.png)

(890.27 KB 3420x2800 FLI6zDRWQAcAsv7.png)

>>14533 and?
>>14534 >Sole >Where the soul resides
Footfags are the biggest autists of this autistic enough fetish.
>>14549 And that's why they're based
>>14549 I'm not so sure I'm a footfag cause I'm not into feet in-of themselves, I just enjoy them as a tickle spot. I guess thats why Im not fussed about claws or paws or hoofs or other 'exotic' foot forms, as long as it fits aesthetically and has some soft spots to poke and tease, I'm happy.
>>14371 This guy here. To clarify, it's about aesthetic consistency. I get the same kind of reaction from having a simplified human cartoon character drawn with overly detailed anatomy, pick your tickle spot. >>14375 Tickle fakes get a similar reaction for a similar reason. There's a very clear disconnect between the parts of the overall image that just don't add up.
I don't mind normal porn fakes but I've never seen a single tickle fake that looked good. I guess ticklefags are lazy.
>>14746 And people have patreons for tickle fakes, that people actually pay for Still blows my mind
>>14511 nigga you fr typed all that shit out about fictional illustrated tickling porn please re evaluate your life
>>14773 Please stop larping as a Twitternog
>>14778 >larping >on the internet
(1.14 MB 1022x1432 image6-1.png)

>>14773 >nigga you fr typed all that shit out about fictional illustrated tickling porn
(781.10 KB 465x971 1543851151_help.png)

>tickle vid of cute asian model >doesn't laugh when tickled, just moans in discomfort
>>18624 Goddamnit do I ever feel your pain, bro.
>>18624 Like 95% of Asian clips do this. I've never understood the appeal of them and I have no clue why Asian women are supposed to be the holy grail of tickle videos. They either make animal-like squeals or appear in extreme physical distress.
>>18624 No fucking kidding, I'm generally very attracted to Asian girls but fuck me, they almost never make good tickling content.
>>18633 I think it's a cultural thing? Like they do it on purpose because it's the "sexy" thing to do in a lot of regular porn. I notice it more in Japanese stuff than chinese or korean, who seem to be more eager to laugh, but it could just be a coincidence.
(271.38 KB 1202x453 00004jp-18.jpg)

>>18635 It's funny, I've had this exact conversation with my gf, and the answer is basically yes- you subconsciously mimic the cues from the porn you've grown up with. And so much of Asian porn plays off ideas of the girl's reluctance and humiliation (especially in Japanese stuff, but most Asian countries watch Japanese-made porn). That's what the male audience finds hot to watch and the female viewership finds hot to mimic, seeing a girl fight it and protest and have her composure broken down, rather than explode into giggles and screams. I've teased her about making 'Asian-porn-agony noises' instead of laughing whenever she's tickled. I guess it makes Asian tickling stuff an acquired taste. The best is when they try to put up the facade but can't help it, and the tickler finds the spot that makes them burst out laughing even through all those moans and protests.
>>18639 I was definitely aware it was an act of sorts. I lived in Japan for a while and can say that when people just innocently give each other a little playful tickle, no agony porn noises come out. It's entirely in the context of porn.
When artists get mad when you don't pay attention to the 5 pages of "muh lore" of milktoast 4th grade backstory to a fetish OC. You're not a writer, you make smut, stay in your fucking lane.
I can't stand the fucking ones where it's a fucking child in it. If u like that shit u need help
>>14352 while we’re at it… >the wtfeather face Why does he insist on drawing the same awful expression, copy and paste, over and over again…
>>19256 It's so boring and he always resolves around the same franchise all the time. Like I love his style of drawing but one drawing a month should not cut it. It's just annoying that it takes that long cus I have been waiting for over 2 years for him to make anouther seige pic but that's never gona happen at this rate
>>19259 Fucking auto correct Resolves was supposed to be revolves
It's a huge peeve to see a cute bellybutton tickle pic that leads to a gallery full of fucked up navel torture. I click because they have one or two pieces that are tickling but then 95% of their gallery is blood and legit torture or things being forced painfully into the navel. Huge bait and switch.
>>19263 Navelfags got it rough bro, feel bad for anyone who's only into them. There's almost a universal overlap between artists drawing navels being tickled and navel ryona.
(304.56 KB 542x952 ClipboardImage.png)

(173.98 KB 453x786 ClipboardImage.png)

(620.00 KB 1280x1496 ClipboardImage.png)

I fucking hate it when people decide to take a png of a character, and put a shitty feet drawing in front of them. Do people actually think that this is hot? Do people actually see this as foot art? I could throw this together in like 10 seconds in google slides. As an addon to this shitty practice, it sucks when the person takes a picture of a fictional character and puts some real-ass feet right in front of them like it's not weird or anything. At least try to put some effort into what your doing. When you're looking for some good foot art of a character and all you can find are these shitty images, it frustates me to no end.
>>19268 I need some bleach. I fucking hate it when artists draw the character really well and then half-ass the feet, i'm on about when its meant to be a normal foot and they fucking only put like 3 or 4 toes, WHY?
>>19270 ... uh. Anon? It's because they don't draw "the good part".
>>19270 That's not what I meant. I get that it can be hard to draw feet. (of course you should still try) But what pisses me off it when they take a pre rendered and pre-made png (that they didn't make) and then just slap a picture of some shitty feet in front.
>>19357 As far as I've seen tho, it seems to only be shit I see on DA, where most retarded, no talent artists reside. Hopefully it stays there tho
(102.79 KB 398x264 ClipboardImage.png)

(387.21 KB 500x500 1515045698948.png)

>people describing feet as 'meaty'
>>28122 I love meat and I love meaty feet
>>28123 I love meat in a culinary aspect but the word is anti-erotic to me Same when people call thighs 'meaty' or refer to boobs as 'sweater meat', feels gross
>>28124 Meaty is this very specific kind of THICK for feet, it's like this association between thick and juicy and something you want to fill your mouth with. I don't know how else to describe that
>>28123 meaty feet just means plump feet, which i am 100% down for.
>>14375 This, picrel belongs in a cringe thread >>19268 This too but it's actually so cringe it makes me laugh so it's ok imo >>18624 >Or even worse The girl is actually ticklish and has a cute laugh but the Asian guy doing the tickling is an absolute awkward autistic retard who just weirdly pokes the lee's feet instead of lightly scratching/playing with toes etc so she just laughs a couple of times during the vid because he's done the right thing by accident. That shit gives me a rageboner every time Another thing I'd like to add is when the lee is extremely ticklish and instead of playing with her, making her squeal with light touches/soft feathers which would already be very ticklish for her, the tickler goes absolutely apeshit and makes the lee scream like they're in extreme pain for 10 minutes. I enjoy extreme tickle scenarios tho but only in artworks because it's different and I don't feel bad for the lees. Bleufetish being the only exception because they usually do amazing verbal teasing while wrecking the lee
I hate kids
>>29735 wym he's based
>>29736 They follow porn accounts and aren't smart enough to keep their mouths shut and expose everyone to underage liabilities because they're retarded
>>29735 They dropped their crown
(486.30 KB 1536x2048 20220922_093940.jpg)

>>29743 That's the good shit, nice thick soles that you could faceplant into. Could absolutely do with a good hair brushing, though.
Tickle fakes that have absolutely zero effort involved. Look, I get it, it's going to take A LOT of effort to make one that looks seamless. Even dtka66's pieces have little things that put pictures into the uncanny valley. I can tolerate a difference from trying to force several unrelated images together. But then you've got people who blow up images so you have a grainy, stretched subject slapped above feet in stocks. Or some feet were cut out poorly and you can still see bits of the image it came from. Or the subject they're using is just staring, maybe scowling, lips pressed together, yet they threw in a speech bubble going "Hahahaha I'm going insane." If that's your personal private fap fodder, whatever, good for you. But am I supposed to believe you made that picture in 10 minutes, saw all the clear mistakes, and went "Mmm yeah the whole world should see this picture"? And then I don't know what's worse, the "artist" then getting angry that people pointing out the mistakes, or the commenters who respond "Oh yeah that's so fucking hot amazing job!"
>>29765 >That same stock photo of a padded cell that they always use
This low-quality shit filling my DA suggestions for no good reason. https://www.deviantart.com/ticklerhi/art/Gel-in-the-Tickle-Box-931120025

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