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(1.69 MB 1920x1080 120.png)

Tickling Captions Episode III: Revenge of the Pits Riverman 08/31/2021 (Tue) 01:17:46 Id: cb8e9c No. 177
8kun has fallen, post captions to pay respects.
(1.14 MB 1615x1228 tri-maid.png)

(1.38 MB 3200x1699 tri-maid2.jpg)

(1.03 MB 1976x1308 tri-maid3.jpg)

(1.54 MB 3474x1158 irresistible.png)

Happy to repost some of the good stuff, in case anyone missed them the first time around.
(607.06 KB 1744x1138 Tri-witch.jpeg)

(3.13 MB 4544x3888 tri-soap.jpg)

(1.84 MB 4967x2361 tri-elf.jpg)

(3.25 MB 4098x2581 Demoness.jpg)

(7.28 MB 8500x4362 tri-price.png)

and if Tri finds his way here and sees this, I am quite happy with that last one. It was a twist I did not expect, being in it for the coin. But she'd get all my money just the same, and despite her apprehension she has to be doing that on purpose.
(438.83 KB 1136x972 story4.jpg)

Praise be to Tri Should you find your way, please make us all hard once again
(3.00 MB 3800x2048 121.jpg)

Guys I'm not dead, it's okay, I swear! And I'm sure other captioneers are around too. I just happen to be an old coot that doesn't want to part with the remains of 8kun just yet. But I'll cave in and spread my stuff over here too, just so there's less of a chance someone that might enjoy it misses it: picrel's the latest. I've also started giving away obligatory reqs on the other board (as in, requests I'm under oath to take no matter the pic!), partially because 'The Fall' took away a bunch of pics I wanted to work on so I'm free all of a sudden, and also to try to get a little more action going and hopefully cheer someone up after this whole fiasco. The rule this time around is that only the first request after each of my contributions gets selected though, so you'll wanna be quick in order to get in: the current one has already been taken, so you can try to get in on that the next time I post if you're interested (I'll do it over here too next time too! Probably more fair that way.) As I said on the other thread, this is but a small hiccup, I'm sure. /tk/ shall keep on keeping on, as we have in the past. >>190 I am right here, and I'm glad to hear you liked it. And I'll be leaving open to your interpretation all regarding that terrified 'lee and her terribly ticklish body yet cunning and ambitious mind. >>191 Again, thank you very much for this, River. >>192 Anon, your words... It's like a boner for my emotions, like my heart is getting hard! Could this be... love? Could it just be poor eating habits and lack of exercise? Either way, I hope you're happy to hear, I have found my way.
>>199 A "heart-on".
Well, time to go digging through my files to see if I can find the ones I was trying to get captioned.
(1.32 MB 2322x3863 Rune Factory Melody.jpg)

(62.10 KB 484x759 chara07a.jpg)

(596.13 KB 1905x1242 84578057_p1.jpg)

(1.08 MB 941x1302 CentaurSpring.png)

(1.27 MB 4096x2560 D4U1ApFXsAE6a4I.jpg)

There we go. Found a bunch of the ones I'd wanted to see captioned. Looking for some teasy F/M captions, hopefully.
I, too, have found my way here, despite my current MMO obsession. >>199 >Could it just be poor eating habits and lack of exercise? You change that right now, sir. The world needs your gift for as long as it can have.
(2.99 MB 4400x2400 122.jpg)

The last instacaption (don't know if that name will stick tbh), taken by none other than our dear Color Anon, is ready! Truly a better man, he doesn't get off to the monstrous torture and horror story scenarios I usually come up with, so don't expect a lot of spice, but hopefully it's still plenty flavorful. Now, I'll probably only do a few more since 8chan.moe seems to have been decided as the definitive 8kun replacement and things will probably settle down sooner rather than later. I also don't want to spoil you guys too much and risk our neat little deal here losing its specialness, so lets keep it for big ocassions yeah? All that being said, the offer is currently still going and the next slot is officially open, so hit me with your best shot! Remember, only the first request is guaranteed so stop wasting your time reading this and go! And btw, reposting reqs from the previous thread or just bumping stuff from this one is perfectly acceptable too. >>216 Simple, elegant, effortless. You deserve the slowest clap in the world. >>225 >You change that right now, sir Many ask Tri for captions, but only a few ask Tri to stay safe and healthy, even though the latter also do it so that he can keep making captions. Glad to have you here man :) I'm sure the usual gang will show up shortly too and we'll have this place teeming with degeneracy and the suffering of 'lees that deserve so much better in a jiffy. >>228 Holy shit that fourth one is old, like damn! I haven't seen it in literal years. And that dragon one too. I'm positive I'd die cringing if I read those old things, but I gotta say, it warms my heart to know some of you guys deem my stuff save worthy. I truly appreciate every single one of my own you and the others have reposted, it's a really sweet feeling.
Just posting to see if anyone else is interested. There's so little good tickling fiction about Panty and Stocking, and I've been wanting to see them get tickled out of their minds for ages. Whether it's a teasy sister/sister tickle torture session or being tickled out of their minds by ghosts, or interrogated by the demon sisters, I'll take anything.
(266.31 KB 1200x1263 1359778759075.jpg)

>>244 This is Kneesocks, but I'm throwing it out there to share.
>>244 Rejoice
>>236 If possible, I'd like to bump the ones at >>221
>>236 This one turned out great! As for the color request you might have, go ahead and post it lol, I already color stuff for other people and expect nothing in return other than a thanks of some kind.
(981.37 KB 3604x2152 01 Juri's Permanent Imprisonment.jpg)

(2.19 MB 2272x1812 02 Ifrit's New Life.jpg)

(8.57 MB 5096x2480 03 The Oni's Demise.png)

(2.39 MB 3212x2339 04 Mamimi's PSA Shoot.jpg)

(5.82 MB 5150x2919 05 Sammy's New Home.png)

Well shit. We were having such a good time in the last thread too. Nothing lasts forever, I suppose. Guess I'd better do my part and repost the stuff Tri's done for me in the past for posterity's sake (and anyone else who might be interested in them).
(3.21 MB 3000x2339 06 Nino's Eternal Paradise.png)

(2.83 MB 3826x3001 oYOrW8u.jpeg)

>>272 And here's the last one, along with the picture to go with my latest, yet unfilfilled RQ for Tri. >>236 Heyo. If you need me to repost the text for my latest RQ, I can easily do so.
>>272 >Well shit. We were having such a good time in the last thread too. Nothing lasts forever, I suppose. Guess I'd better do my part and repost the stuff Tri's done for me in the past for posterity's sake (and anyone else who might be interested in them). We should have moved here ages ago, 8kun's software has always been terrible and unreliable and run by incompetent boomers. I don't actually know if 8chan is run by incompetent boomers but at least it runs much more smoothly.
(1.56 MB 2660x1162 123.png)

Well, I figured I was done bullying Dawn, but here I go again. Probably the last of the pokegirls for the time being, unless I can find another one that would do good for some f/m POV tickles or something else that stirs that desire in me. About the piece: plenty of foot loving action in there, so watch out if good old boring footfag sensitivies trigger you. That being said, I threw in quite a few bones for the pitfags of /tkr/ too. They are my kin, after all. So, the next slot is officially open! Again, only the first req directed at me specifically applies, so godspeed and good luck. Multiple images may be requested, but if you don't specify which one you want then I get to decide which one I'll work on, since it is a single slot. Also, repeat offenders need not apply: let's give everybody a chance, yeah? Other than that, bumps, weird shit, and anything else goes! >>248 >If I may kindly implore you I'll have no such thing, for this is your right. I was tied by honor and duty since the very moment you replied. I did, however, take the liberty of choosing the pic, since it was a multi image post. Hope you like it my dude. >>258 It is not possible, for you're too late! I'm sorry, but you need to be quicker on the draw, friend, better luck next time... which is right now! Go, go, go! >>264 >This one turned out great! Thank you, kindly. And nah, don't worry about the request, 's all good. Although I will say, feel free to post any other images you might be interested in seeing captioned: if I give any of those the old college girl try we can start a fresh trade off like you'd proposed in a previous thread! >>272 >Nothing lasts forever The sweet irony of saying that while posting those pics, if that was intentional you should be a writer. And if it wasn't, you should claim it was! Thanks for sharing those (and giving them titles, which are quite nice btw) >>273 I can still access that in the previous thread, but I did need the pic so thanks again. I'll still save the text though, just to be safe, since 8kun and its whole situation is still snafu.
(3.06 MB 2025x2700 92064954_p0.jpg)

(439.07 KB 1380x2048 E-UMjxzVcAARFYd.jpg)

Here's some nice ones...
>>300 Hopefully I'm not too late again to bump >>221
>>221 I'd also like to bump, specifically the last one
Hey there Mr. Writer man :D figured I'd throw you some metaphorical bones in the form of a few pictures to maybe write about if your heart desires it. You do God's work
hopefully this gets posted to tickling caption thread, anyway this is my request thank you.
(5.77 MB 2480x3508 Loli_bondage.png)

>>300 Yo I got a great pic if you want to bully more loli's Tri! ^-^
Some requests for anyone who’s up for it, preferred if you have some knowledge of the characters. 1) Pyra (red hair) and Mythra (blonde hair) tickling each other in a tickle fight (I guess over to see who’s stronger but a different situation is fine if you have a better idea for it). 2) Zelda wanting to become a knight and quickly regretting it when the “training” starts 3/4) Boa Hancock captured and tickle tortured in Impel Down >>300 I don’t really mind doing trade offs but I think it’s probably better to just suggest whenever.
Does anyone have the Untitled Doki Doki Project pdf tickle fic from the 8kun caption thread?
My obsession with this kind of POV knows no bounds, but I digress. I'm really itching to see a nurse scenario involving either of these images. For instance, the image with the nurse using a stethoscope would be great for a good "tickle examination"-like scenario. Something like she's playfully giving you a typical checkup while "accidentally" sneaking in some pokes and teases until eventually going all in with full-fledged tickles all over your upper body. I'm all into that. The other image I get the idea of a fun scenario involving this rogue nurse playing a bit of a game with you. As the image suggests, she's gesturing you to keep quiet, all the while she plays and torments your sensitive spots. You try to muffle your laughter as much as you can as not to draw attention to the people outside of the cubicle. Why? Maybe you're just that embarrassed over how sensitive you are, idk. Up to you. Indulge me if you will.
>>342 Is this it?
>>345 I also had it saved since I was the one who wanted to see it in the first place. glad to see people still sharing it
>>345 You got it. Ty for the clutch save
Gonna leave an old fave, hoping it gets a cute but intense accompaniment :3
(1.31 MB 1892x1066 92843734.png)

>>317 I went and gave one of them a messed up attempt. I'm much more of an upperbody guy, but evil tickling is always evil tickling!
(3.77 MB 6100x2560 124.jpg)

Alright, alright, looks to me like we're settling nicely in our new home and we've moved past the The Doom of 8kun pretty much seamlessly. With that in mind this next slot, which is now officially open, will be the last of the reqs you can expect me to take with one 100% certainty. After that, it'll be business as usual, and I'll be free from these shackles and get to pick and choose whatever I'm the mood for. But for now, I'm yours to do as you please! Last chance, so don't miss out. Again, quick reminder: only the first req adressing this post specifically applies, bumping previously posted pics counts, if you post/bump more than one pic and don't specify which one you want I get to chose, if you've already participated I'll ask that you refrain from doing so again, and other than that, go crazy, I have no say (or very little, rather) on what I get to do next! >>313 You are not friend, this time around it's all yours. Enjoy. >>316 I owe no allegiance to you, knave! But I like spoiling anons rotten, so here! >>317 Selfishly assuming you mean me, thanks! But please, Mr Writer Man was my father, call me 'that one weird guy, who doesn't seem to have anything better to do than writing tickle smut', or Tri, for short. >>335 Oh, I'm always down for some high octane depravity. I'm currently busy with other stuf, so it might take a while tho. Or if you get in here early you can just force my hand and do away with my excuses! >>339 Very well, I shall rumminate on this. Top tier pics btw. >>342 >>345 >>346 I'm also glad to see that! Being I'm still around, I could've reposted it myself, but it still feels rather nice knowing people find it interesting enough to save and/or ask for it. You guys feel free to let me know your thoughts on it! >>357 Oooh, that took a turn there, I didn't figure we were gonna be the perpetrator. Very nice man. I don't know what it says about me (and maybe I don't really want to kek) but I find the idea of a ticklefag finally snapping after months of perceived teasing by an unsuspecting victim and doing something horrible quite fetching. I suppose maybe I've just been on the receiving end of (probably) unintentional ticklefag teasing one too many times.
>>358 You did really good on this one! Hopefully I'll get to see your expertise on some of the other pics of post >>221 at some point (Especially that first pic, because I'd love to see a caption of Melody using her soft broom to tickle and tease someone who enters her bathhouse).
>>358 >Or if you get in here early you can just force my hand Guess who's early? Now it's time to tickle abuse a loli~ >>335
>>358 Throwing this out there should the previous two Anons not qualify for whatever reason.
>>361 I think I know that. I was saying I hoped that at some point in the future I'd get to see the other pics in the same post be captioned.
>>362 He did say "first come first served" and you did specify an image, so I'm pretty sure you got the last slot.
>>363 That is true. Apologies for the assumption on my behalf.
>>364 It's fine dude, as much as I wanted that pic captioned it's my own fault for not responding sooner anyway.
>>366 There was a similar pic to the one I was thinking of (though it was by a different captioner). I've included it just for inspiration sake
(510.70 KB 1300x1079 story3.jpg)

Wait, wait, wait, I better get in here for some quick clarifications before I even have a chance to work on anything. Fierce competition this time around, jesus. >>359 >>362 You definitely would have gotten the spot anon (by like 30 seconds, good god), at least to the best of my understanding, unless: you're the same person whose req I just answered under a different ID, which could happen under some circumstances in 8kun, don't really know over here, OR you're specifically saying you weren't gunning for the slot and you were just putting it out there that you'd like to see that pic captioned at any point in the future. So please, do clarify if either of those two things are true, otherwise, you can expect that pic coming up soon. That being said, thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I'll also ask though, you mean another pic like that, right? Or do you happen not to be aware of picrel from the previous thread (which I didn't write!), which happens to fit your description pretty much perfectly? It's one of my personal favs. >>360 Hold up, let's see where we stand here, that loli may or may not have dodged a bullet there. >>361 And you friend, I'm afraid, are just the third spot either way. But hey, fret not! I really like that pic and I loved that show, so there's a non-zero probability of it happening either way. It would almost assuredly happen if Moeka was in there, but alas...
>>367 Ah shoot, now that's just confusing. I also found it, as you can see, lol. But, word about those clarifications? Are we saying you did want the slot, and you're not the same anon that bumped those pics for the previous slot?
>>369 I am the same anon that bumped for a previous slot (I dunno why my ID changed unless it was linked to my IP address or something).
>>370 >>371 Hopefully this post clarifies. But yeah, hopefully you'll take on the caption idea I had at some point in the future.
>>371 Ah, there we go. Thank you for being honest! I'm pretty sure something like that happened on 8kun too yeah, it used to happen to me all the time, at least. >>372 It has been clarified, yes. And it's a possibility, certainly, although I've personally got my eye on those harpies from that particular post. >>335 Bad news missy... >>360 And good news for you!
>>373 The harpy pic was also one I was hoping you'd take on at some point (hopefully as a more teasy-tickly pic with some ticklegasms). Also, I think I'm gonna have to give myself a nickname so that way the ID situation doesn't happen again.
>>373 Sweet! Thanks so much Tri! Can't wait to see what kinda torment you have planned for her~ Also btw I'm not entirely certain, but I think the girl's suppose to be a kid version of Yang from RWBY?
>>374 Excellent, then I'm sure it will all work out swimmingly in the end. And don't worry about the nick, chances are you won't need it unless I make this a regular thing. Which I've actually thought about, oddly. It's kinda fun seeing what you guys can throw at me. Don't know how enjoyable it is to everybody else though, so I probably will just go back to the way things typically work unless peeps show interest. >>375 You can thank me later, when I figure out what I have in store for her myself lol. And really, young Yang? The source gave me a different name, but I'm not really familiar with her either so we can go with yours if you'd like.
>>376 I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing some more of the pics I've posted captioned in the future, and I'm interested in potentially having you do that first come, first serve basis for captions.
>>376 Well I found the pic on Discord and don't know the source, I just assumed it was Yang cuz of the hair lol And honestly I like the idea of a tough lil girl being broken with unrelenting tickles lol
>>368 That's quite all right, I merely saw the opportunity by chance and so scrambled to find a suitable picture I liked. It seems the other two Anons having been looking forward to an opportunity like this, so it's better that one of them won. Happy to hear you enjoy that piece as well and that you may tackle it someday. I'm unfortunately not as familiar with Steins Gate as I'd like to be, but I enjoy Kurisu and Suzuha's designs (Maho seems good too and I can see the appeal in Moeka) and the scene depicted is up my alley. Though honestly I think it's the reactions (And feet) that really sell it for me, especially Kurisu's imploring and Mayuri appearing absolutely terrified of what she is about to be subjected to.
(5.48 MB 2480x3508 Loli_Yang_edit_1.png)

>>376 Here, I got an edit of it done to look more like Yang even ^_^
Heads-up: If I find some free time, I plan to caption one (opr both) the Boa Hancock ones from here >>339 And maybe one (or more) of these >>343 Naturally, Tri is free to go ahead if his spurge of productivity takes him to them before I manage to. >>358 Great job as always!
My humble request. Thanks in advance!
(7.13 MB 5550x3508 125.png)

I know it's kinda of a 'closing the barn doors after the horse has been stolen' type deal, but I'll still spoiler any loli content I work on for the sake of not shoving stuff down your eyes you may or may not be comfortable with. It's also a pretty dark one too, so just... take special care with this one. So! That concludes the last of my obligatory reqs, and I'm now free again! However, I'll openly admit this was a lot of fun. This might just be my tiny sub side acting up but I liked being pushed around to write some stuff I maybe wouldn't have given a shot otherwise. So, here's what I'll propose: if you liked the experience of forcing me to do your bidding too, and would like to see me repeat it in the future, speak up! Enough peeps showing interest might convince me to do it more often. If nobody really cares and/or some of you dislike it, I'll probably just save it for special occasions, which is fun too. My only concern with this first come first served basis is that it might discourage newbies who maybe don't hang around here as much and might end up never getting in in time, but at the same time, that also rewards those of you who look at the thread more often, which is cool. On the other hand, what I really, really like is to give you all the chance to push me a little bit and, most importantly, give anons with particular tastes a chance to get catered to, should they be quick enough (looking at you, xeno anons, haven't heard from you in a looooong time). >>377 Thank you, nice of you to say man, and I'll take note, rest assured. >>378 >>382 Alright that seals it, Yang it is! Oh, and I forgot to ask if that was cool, but I was really mean to this poor lil' thing, hope you don't mind. And that you find it enjoyable too, anon. >>381 Oh yeah, the expressions is where it's at, I love that too. And take any chance you can to familiarize yourself with it anon, show's quite good, and the VN even better. And alright man, glad to hear it's all cool, might suprise you one of these days with something neat for that pic. And as an aside, just putting this out there for anyone that might've noticed it, has BadPierrot aka Umojar been getting like, really good recently? Guy's always been above average, but something about some of his latest pics has just really gotten me going. >>383 >Tri is free to go ahead if his spurge of productivity takes him to them before I manage to. Well that's not happening now that you told me if I wait long enough I might get to read one of your stories for any of those, lol. And thank you, kindly!
(62.98 KB 470x493 E6ABlXOVoAU1m1b.jpg)

Was going to put up a couple pictures/prompts/requests since that's fun, but there's already some good stuff in here I don't want to cut off, like... >>221 Those harpies. For some reason they're in love with you, and the birdbrains can only express their love through tickling. Doesn't help that it's repeatedly turning you on, too. >>343 These nurse pics are amazing, and the ideas there deserve a good caption. >>358 Excellent as always, Mr. Tri. Those two make for an irresistible duo. Keep up the good work, thread! And don't you dare run out of teasy f/pov pics to caption, or I'll have to add mine to the mix!
>>428 Hoooly shit Tri, you outdid yourself with this one! I absolutely love how mean it is, how she try's to be brave even after hours of cruel tickling, it's amazing~ Honestly it makes me want to commission a pic of lil Yang gettin tortured just so you'd caption it, I love it that much~
I said it once and I'll say it as many times as necessary, this RWBY drawing by artist Bad-Pierrot has too much potential for a backstory, from how she got into that situation and what happened next with that pair of soft vulnerable soles.
(1.49 MB 1850x1200 tickletest1.1.png)

(1.26 MB 1607x910 tickletest1.2.png)

here are the 2 I wrote in the last thread as well, I adjusted the formatting and corrected some typos as well.
>>442 I did that like 2 years ago but the old 8ch got nuked and the caption went with it. I'd have to check if I still have it somewhere.
(1.50 MB 2453x1433 cynthia.png)

Someone requested this ages ago on the old board and I never got around to it until now, even though the actual content really caught my eye (get fucked, Cynthia, you deserve it). Finally got the inspiration to work on it tonight. Hope the requester migrated, and if you did and you see this, I hope you enjoy it.
>>454 Nice one! Not the requester, but I'm glad he made it, bad endings are just the best.
Alright, before I forget, I'll share my own stash, even though I think some might already be in Riverman's collection from earlier. Forgive me if they're all old stuff, I love me some classics.
These first two I requested myself, and a based captioneer did a wonderful job with them, and the last one is one of my own that Color Anon, being the kind soul that he is, colored for me when I hit 100 caps. >>444 Heh, you saved me having to post those two myself. And thank you for posting some others of my own as well!
(6.30 MB 5600x3288 126.jpg)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming! >>339 Yo! Now, here's the thing man, I know you don't necessarily love the nightmare scenarios I typically work on, so I try to keep myself under control when I'm making stuff for you, but this one... kinda got away from me. It's not that bad, I don't think! But then again I'm probably not best judge for these types of things... So here's what I'll do: I'm giving you carte blanche to go ahead and tell me if I went overboard with the spice and ruined your meal. I still have the draft on me, and toning it down a bit would be pretty easy, so just let me know what you think and we can get a mild option going if you'd like. >>429 Thank you, kindly! And btw, I believe there was a mention of a certain out of line maid in need of a good tickling to put them back in their place in the previous thread, and you suggested some wonderful potential pics that I sadly failed to save in time. So, if I may... >>430 Very happy to hear you're that pleased anon :) I've had other people suggest commissioning pics that I could then caption in the past, hasn't actually happened yet, but I'd be more than happy and honored to oblige if you can ever spare the cash and go ahead with it. It'd also be quite sweet to see a pic of 'lil Yang really getting wrecked too, gotta say~ >>454 The requester migrated alright, because I believe that was me! I think I brought it up discussing how to best destroy Cynthia (suck it Champ, and your garchomp's an asshole too) myself for a previous cap. Gosh, being the one receiving a request is pretty sweet too hehe I love it anon, that's my shit right there. From the breaking down of a proud and strong character that doesn't think tickling is going to be that bad, to her being forced to observe her own suffering in excruciating, clinical detail and the wicked mental degradation into a fate-worse-than-death scenario where nothing remains of her but a ticklish husk, this is just filled with juicy details that I love to fantasize over. Excellently well done, I sincerely thank you.
>>509 Hey, no kidding? It warms my heart that I may have accidentally fulfilled your request, especially since I went deep on the psycho shit you specifically are into. Enjoy that subtle call-out in the section about the monitor showing her expression. But jokes aside, it felt good to finally get this one out. It's been on my mind since it was posted.
>>452 Yeah, that one spot on. Atleast someone saved it, means I don't have to scour my own computer, so thank you for that. >>442 This is the one I was talking about. Though probably not enough tickling for your taste, which I do apologize for.
(79.74 KB 848x1200 Ezz4wvWUcAcEcbF.jpg)

Tyr'ahnee's a character that's overdue and underused in my opinion, I think she's just adorable and begging for some hip goosing.
>>509 >I'd be more than happy and honored to oblige if you can ever spare the cash and go ahead with it Oh, definitely gonna make that happen now~
This thread got filled up quickly. I put this together real quick to contribute since I haven't in a while.
(1.34 MB 2234x1589 81337270_p0.png)

I don't think there is a bunch of content with Tyrande and this one at least doesn't feel as if it pushes what's believable. >>428 I might actually own the VN and seen bits and pieces of the anime, it's really a question of time more than anything else. I'll be on the lookout in case you ever take a crack at it, feels like there could be a good scenario behind it. As for Umojar, I observed years ago that if the content of a picture was something he personally liked, it would be above par. I imagine now that he has a Patreon he is raising the bar to attract and keep patrons. Honestly it's not surprising, if you've ever managed to see any of his non-fetish work, it blows his fetish pictures out of the water. Not sure if he just as more passion or is merely trying to cover his track by sticking with a certain style for his fetish work, doesn't hurt that people like it. Now more than ever in the US I'm not sure if people can get away with it being known they drew any kind of porn if they want to work elsewhere in the industry.
>>522 Nicely done! I had hoped for having the lady in question give a few ticklegasms, but this one is really well-done.

(702.47 KB 1020x1200 91392764_p3_master1200.jpg)

(851.20 KB 900x1200 92538306_p0_master1200.jpg)

(957.46 KB 852x1200 D19tqoW.png)

>>428 >And as an aside, just putting this out there for anyone that might've noticed it, has BadPierrot aka Umojar been getting like, really good recently? Guy's always been above average, but something about some of his latest pics has just really gotten me going. I agree! And frankly he's not the only one; BillVicious is another artist that has come a long way from his balloon titties days. And many others. It's actually quite fun to watch their styles grow and mature. >>454 I'm not that big into foot-tickling, but this was pretty nice. The way you portrayed her losing her mind at the end was pretty neat. >>509 Pretty hot work. Love to see a girl being broken out of her wants by some mean tickles. >>522 Ow man, that was pretty damn great. Loved the idea of her trying to scout the reader with the motivation of revenge while teasing us with how ticklish she is. Revenge tickling makes me diamonds without fail.
>>509 Thanks for the caption, this one turned out great! In regards to the dark stuff I don’t like, the only thing I don’t prefer is stuff along the lines of eternal tickling torment or doom. It’s pretty clear Zelda is being tortured as well so makes sense it would be a bit dark.
some pictures id love to see captioned, if anyone wants to of course.
>>586 Oh man, that Fire Emblem one gets me thick as hell. I don't feel confident captioning it because I don't know shit about dick about Fire Emblem, but Camilla having her big feet and soft armpits tortured while her massive boobs bounce up and down against her will makes me drool, and it happening alongside two of her (I assume) friends is just icing. This is one of those pictures I had a fantasy for, but I don't recall what it was. I feel like maybe it was an interrogation, which it often is with me, where Camilla is trying really hard to convince her two teammates to not give up info while she's gagged and couldn't surrender even if she wanted to, all while her two friends are just laughing and crying and spilling all of Nohr's secrets as easy as you like. Camilla's eyes are probably that wide because she knows that the interrogation has proven more than fruitful even without her involvement, and now she's going to be trapped as a tickle slave in the dungeon potentially forever, especially since Hoshido can surely cover up the harboring of a war criminal. Or something along those lines. Related to that, I've been thinking a lot about Corrin lately. I kind of hate Corrin on principle because I feel like they're being marketed DIRECTLY to this specific community, and it really feels too easy. You can't make me like a character just by making them barefoot, Nintendo, even if that does theoretically give me a boner. And plus, from what I know of FE, Fates is just bad all around, despite having some god tier character designs. And while I don't think Corrin is one of them (this game has Camilla and Rinkah, this twig bitch never stood a chance even without shoes), I think they're like royalty, right? Like a prince/princess? And I was always under the assumption that the story was about them and how important they are and how both factions want them on their side, and for some reason that gives me just this insufferably "anime smug" attitude about them where they're just so sweet and perfect and whatever side they choose is clearly the right one (until you get both games and choose both sides or whatever for the real ending), and they can turn into a dragon and their hair is perfectly color coded to their armor...like Corrin is not a Mary Sue in any way, I don't think, but they give me a Mary Sue "energy", if that makes any sense. Anyway, so this was a long and belabored thought about why for some reason I love seeing Corrin tickled, especially when it's legitimate torture, and for some reason ESPECIALLY female Corrin, despite me preferring males. Corrin being specifically a princess and having all these weeb qualities just ramps up that "she's what a 14 year old anime fan thinks is cool" aesthetic that makes me want to see her suffer and cry and admit defeat. I want a scene in Fates where she's being tickle tortured by the enemy, and you can keep choosing whether to hold out or give in, but the longer the scene goes the more it keeps prompting you the same thing over and over until you finally don't get a "hold out" choice anymore, you have to choose "give in" and you just watch the scene play out after she accepts her fate and you get a big ol' bad end. And then it deletes your save file. Fuck you. This was the picture that got me thinking about it, this witch-trial looking scenario. I'd write a caption for it where she's suffering at the tongues of these generic guards but I wouldn't know the first thing to do with it. Someone break her.
(1.38 MB 3320x1448 Corrin HATE HATE HATE HATE.png)

>>598 Oh, Anon! The deepness, the gratuitouness, the sheer pettiness of your hatred has set my soul ablaze with the spark of inspiration. I've never played Fates, nor do I care for Corrin, but I can't stand still after seeing such a display and not try my best to oblige. I did took the liberty of selecting a different picture, one that best fit the things that make me go diamonds. I hope you enjoy it, though. I truly did my best.
>>601 I'm so torn between wanting to jack off and laughing my ass off from the absolutely ridiculous premise that you basically just took my rant, which got completely out of hand by the way, and turned it into the premise for a tickle caption. It keeps bouncing me back and forth between that sweet, sweet display of torture, while also hitting that weird fascination I've had with tortured lees being told they deserve their fate so much that they begin to internalize it, and then slapping me in the face seeing the words I literally said in the caption reminding me of how ludicrous my little spiel was. It's funny, it's hot, it somehow manages to hit on kinks I don't even think I've mentioned here, and it's fun to see what pictures inspire my fellow degenerates, even if it's not the one I offered. 8/10, but most of the docked points are entirely personal issues on my part and have nothing to do with your quality.
>>602 I also just noticed the filename after I posted this. I'm laughing all over again. Holy shit this thread rules.
>>602 I'll gladly take an 8 if it comes with a few bonus smiles on your end.
(1016.58 KB 2140x1494 Clerk.jpg)

I haven't actually played Pokemon games in ~20 years, but came across this picture and had a sudden impulse to write this caption. Something for lovers of feet and tiddies alike.
(1.91 MB 2750x1750 127.jpg)

Now, don't mind me, just posting some privately requested furry stuff (triburner1@gmail.com, in case you're wondering, or want to send me hatemail or spam or something). It's nice to get out of the routine of 'anime girl #102' for a change. >>514 >especially since I went deep on the psycho shit you specifically are into. Enjoy that subtle call-out in the section about the monitor showing her expression. Yeah, that kinda just worked out huh? And I totally caught that, lol. I did a similar thing for OP's picture too, calling out us psychos, but I sure wasn't expecting it was gonna come back around to me haha. Glad to hear you could finally express that particular creative streak man, the result was very enjoyable :) >>521 I'll be excitedly waiting then anon~ >>522 Goodness gracious, that's some good stuff. I love it man, the idea and the execution. God, just potentially ending up as a working tickle slave yourself is so fucking hot to me for some reason, A+, fucking saved. >>531 >it's really a question of time more than anything else Ah, I gotcha. It's tough man, but good luck with that, if you ever do have it and wouldn't rather spend it on something more important it's a fine way to spend some free time. And you might be on to something, both with him sticking to his "fetish style" and with it improving for the sake of his Patreon too, guy's kind of incredible when he gets serious. >>565 >BillVicious Oh yeah, for sure, that guy just flew under my radar for the longest time, just to show up in my feed one day with instant classic after instant classic and quickly become one of my favs. Aza comes to mind for the same reason, and I'm sure I could name a bunch more, but you get the point. And thanks, glad to hear you liked it dude! >>584 Thank you, kindly! Very happy to hear it was to your enjoyment man, despite my sadistic self taking over without my consent kek. I suppose you're right, it's probably all the dark little details already in the pic that brought that out (non con, all the begging, the implication of a really long session, etc.) I'll make a mental note regarding your tastes for the future then, friend. >>598 Oh lord, that rant, my sides hahahaha. >>601 And then this, my god! Hahahaha. Just perfect, couldn't have been written better. The exact outlet needed for all that pent up rage and sexual energy, excellent job man. >>609 Oh, that's hella neat too. I love how much character you gave to those two grunts, specially the tickle obsessed one, that was really fun (and hot! 'lers that are clearly getting off on it are sexy as all hell). Good job my dude! And psst, a little secret: I've been doing Pokegirls a lot as of late right? Haven't touched a game since Gen3 nor have I ever seen an episode of the show. Keep it between you and me, yeah? Man, some good stuff happening in the thread! Makes me quite happy.
(1.12 MB 2252x1340 interrogation.jpg)

It's a nasty job, but someone's got to do it...
(790.89 KB 2000x1200 128.jpg)

>>516 Excellent charater choice, super hot, cool design, rarely used, I simply had to do something with her. I hope you deem it enjoyable. >>693 Good stuff man, those wrongful interrogation scenarios are so wicked, gotta love 'em.
(777.03 KB 792x777 DQSvDhyUIAAOeHQ (1).png)

I may have found another one for a teasy F/M caption (hopefully with ticklegasms aplenty from this maid's hands, tail, and tools).
>>718 As much as of a pure non-con loving creep as I am, that's pretty damn hot dynamic as well. High and mighty queen getting overcome by her dark and taboo (for someone of her station) submissive tickling fantasies and having herself locked into her own torture dungeon only to regret it gravely within first seconds, but getting an orgasm of lifetime many torturous hours later and thus developing a masochistic addiction to ticklish agony would make a great longer story as well.
Some endurance training.
(1.80 MB 979x1490 779235_ryu2-art_ashley.png)

I would adore if someone could do an expression lock caption. All that desire to laugh and thrash and cry, with nowhere to go, just sounds perfect to inflict on someone.
(2.44 MB 2600x1579 129.png)

Again, don't mind me, just doing my own stuff over here and sharing the results, spending some quality time with the waifu. As a 'ler this time around in a POV thingy, because the pic Color Anon did me the kindness of coloring last time had her getting positively wrecked and it seemed only fair (and also because Alter gives dom vibes for days, fucking look at those eyes and try not to melt). >>723 >developing a masochistic addiction to ticklish agony Oh yeah, that's some good stuff man, totally headcannoning that's the backstory for that cap from now on. Glad to hear ya liked it my dude! >>739 >endurance training. Serendipitous synchronicity!
>>739 Are these blank slate one-off characters, or is there some series I'd need to know about to make a meaningful story?
>>775 Blank slates you can do what you wish with them.
(3.05 MB 2334x1679 nohrians.png)

>>586 I made an attempts with the FE one. I only played Birthright and dropped it near the end, but I think this is decently lore friendly. Maybe.
>>718 >>774 Both of these are fantastic additions, Tri. The taboo desires of the sultry Queen that must be sated, egging on her pleaser with her irresistible body and promises of just how ticklish she is. Who could resist? And then we have an all too perceptive but well meaning(?) servant discovering those same taboo desires of yours and making sure you won’t have the energy to be distracted by them. Her cold, analytical taunting is perfect, although her dedication makes me wonder if she’s not enjoying this more than she’s letting on. Intoxicating, even if I don’t know where this character is from (I rarely do). >>631 Oh, and I can’t forget this one up here! A five for one! I can’t figure out which reaction is my favorite- the one that unconvincingly keeps insisting she’s not ticklish? The one that actually stretches herself invitingly rather than try to squirm away? The one with the weak spot she can’t hide for a second? It’s so hard to choose, although personally I can’t resist an insatiable character like Kira there. As always, keep up the good work whenever and as often as inspiration strikes you!
>>791 wow that was pretty good! great job!
>>791 Any and all Camilla love instantly gets the "absolute legend" status from me!
(2.20 MB 2600x1490 130.png)

It's that time of the week again boys, join me for some high impact tickling violence, or stay away if you prefer not to get off to the over the top suffering of helpless 'lees. >>751 I gave it my all anon, cause this pic was just a joy to work with. I love it, the character is adorable (which to my dumb sadist brain it only means I should be even meaner to her), the situation is just pure evil, and honestly, that artist's whole gallery is something I'd love to see captioned and/or caption myself. Plus expression lock stuff is highly underrated: I love laughter about twice as the next guy, but the idea of being completely incapable of reacting as you lose your mind to the torture is just insanely hot to me. I had a similar pic of Yotsugi from Monogatari in the previous thread that I'd hoped to get to at some point in the future, but sadly it was lost during The Doom of 8kun and I haven't thought about it since. All that being said, I hope you find this to be enjoyable, let me know what you think! >>808 Thank you, kindly! I really appreciate it C, and I genuinely mean that too, getting feedback on all this stuff is what makes it worth it. Plus, I had a feeling those were right up your alley lol. Character is Saber Alter from Fate btw, and that picture of hers is speaking to my saberfag/pitfag soul. >As always, keep up the good work whenever and as often as inspiration strikes you! And so I shall! I'd love to add 'forever' but truth is I'm probably going to slow down quite a bit during the upcoming days as I deal with other stuff in my life rather that coomerisms. I'll still try to update often, we'll see how that goes, but hopefully other anons can keep the thread going if I fail to be here as much as I'd like.
What did this poor girl do to deserve such cruel and merciless punishment???
>>850 You have well and truly knocked it out of the park this time, this is one of your best captions ever. Please consider more of the expression lock stuff, that's just amazing.
(273.90 KB 1649x1828 brushy.jpg)

(523.77 KB 1200x600 fateticklemachine.jpg)

(393.81 KB 1080x2026 machine.jpg)

More inspiration. Sometimes I think about how tickle torture could promote a fear of everyday objects. One think I love in any story is a lee screaming "NOT THE BRUSH!" or something along those lines, showing their incredible fear in the face of something so normal and unassuming.
>>850 Ooh, this one was actually on my to-do list of captions I wanted to do. Much like you and the requester, expression-lock is something I'm a very big fan of, and yet it's so rare. That's also a new term I've never heard for it! In my small circle of those who enjoy it as well, we've dubbed it "suppression", though I can see the appeal of both terms. That said.... AAAAAA THAT'S SUCH A GOOD CAPTION.
Saten Ruiko from the Toaru franchise. Plenty of nameless organizations would love to test some machine tickle torture on a poor level 0 I'm sure.
>>916 Where are these from? Saucenao isn't finding anything and I've searched through Pixiv manually and can't find them either.
>>936 He put them on his fanbox I believe. I've been thinking she needs some intense tickle torture for some time now, so I commissioned this set of her in some kind of tickle machine last month. It came out really good. Worth every penny imo.
(354.98 KB 666x1000 66027460_p1.jpg)

(857.68 KB 786x1100 66027460_p0.jpg)

Perhaps one of these two is captionable?
(5.39 MB 3000x4088 v1 (2).png)

Or maybe this one?
(3.57 MB 3136x2676 tri-fox.png)

>>978 Asked and answered, so let me bring it back for you. At least, an almost identical image. >>964 That second one is very captionable.
>>983 I thought I'd lost that one, but I was thinking of something a bit more intense for the one I posted (though I may just caption it myself potentially)
(1.19 MB 1527x2160 l5evJzwrJYk.jpg)

>>850 Good way to celebrate the new WarioWare game Also please help in my time of need, this picture is dying to be captioned
(3.54 MB 2000x2500 69990777_p0.png)

>>454 >>509 Why the malice?
(162.43 KB 1902x863 save the princess.png)

So a post came up in the "save the princess" thread here >>977 (hopefully that links right), and I was just immediately inspired by it. I mean, immediately, this is a new record for how fast I saw a picture and then captioned it, this shit was within like a day or two. Please enjoy, you low-key closeted f/m loving tickle sluts in the thread.
Aight, so a couple of things: 1. I was right, I'm gonna be unfortunately busy for a while, so you can probably expect a drop in activity coming from my end, and maybe more worrisomely a drop in quality as I have less time and energy to spend on these. Bear with me please, tis the most I can muster. And 2. I've discovered stressful times like this bring the worst of my sadism out of me, so if you have a req of someone you want to see absolutely destroyed with no regard for their rights as a (fictional) human being, then now's probably your chance to request such a thing lol. Let's just say there's an increased chance of me picking it up and using it to let off some steam. >>987 Far be it from me to let an anon down in their time of need. Again, sorry if it's less than my usual my guy. >>872 Thanks man, that's real sweet. Means a lot hearing I might not be losing my capacity to deliver just yet. And I'd gladly work on more, I can only hope they get requested more often! >>876 Ah, dang it. Gosh darn it. Frick. Haha, I always do this man, in my blind rampage through the requests of the thread, I trample over the hopes and dreams of my fellow captioneers and cheat myself out of reading what I'm sure would've been a wonderful work. Glad to hear you liked it though! And yeah, that stuff is great, I didn't have a term for it either, but I think both work fine too! >>983 Oh, that old thing, nice. Pretty sure there was another variation of that foxy maid too, although it might've died with 8kun. >>1021 Don't know lol, I just thought the other anon expressed so much disdain for her and joined in. Kick 'em while they're down sort of a thing. >>1022 Nice, good stuff man. That thread's been tempting me for a while too.
>>1023 Here are some that deserve to be destroyed
>>1023 There was another variant with that same maid, except it was with different tools.
(752.29 KB 1418x798 screenshot0002 (2).png)

(553.34 KB 1418x798 screenshot0004 (2).png)

(525.33 KB 1418x798 screenshot0001.png)

Also found a few different monster girls who could be cheeky, teasy 'lers for F/M tickles with lots of ticklegasms (The first and second ones are my favorites)
Shit, I have so many to comment >>693 I love me some interrogation scenario, and while I actually enjoy more the actual break-down of a subject that *does* have the knowledge in question, I can definetly appreciate a "victim is doomed" scenario and this one is quite loveable. >>718 Oof, man. Top-tier teasing and the "the tickler who fails at his job will be tickled as punishment" bit is something that never fails to get me hard. Great fucking job. >>774 And this one too. Loved seeing her getting more and more vicious/dominant as the caption progressed. I'm not into Fate (something I should work to correct), but the characters are pretty fucking hot. >>791 Really loved this one. Camilla is such a top-tier character design, and you made great work by portraying how utterly broken her companions were. >>850 Haven't read the caption yet (foot focused, Loli, just not my thing), but: >Character is Saber Alter from Fate btw, and that picture of hers is speaking to my saberfag/pitfag soul. I command thee to act upon thine impulses. >>1022 >Please enjoy, you low-key closeted f/m loving tickle sluts in the thread. Why must you call me out so? Enjoy I did. >>1023 Pretty good as usual. Pic don't do that much to me, but it's a solid work.
>>1032 >Why must you call me out so? The-Tickling-Master more like The-Ticklish-Master cootchy cootchy coo am I right
(605.81 KB 1250x850 peach9.png)

(700.45 KB 800x1200 peach10.png)

>>1023 Take care of yourself, Tri, remember that all of us are entirely secondary to your actual real life. That said, if you're looking to let loose some sadism, here's some opportunities to take an important, powerful woman who has nothing but everyone's best interests at heart and is doing her best for her people, and make her open up her kingdom to things that will assuredly destroy it and ruin her and everyone else's lives. I enclosed two so you could pick the one you like better. Remember, the people with the most also have the most to lose.
Does anyone have the captioned picture of Astolfo being tickled from the old 8kun threads? I don't have the picture on me for reference since it's lost but he was being tickled by two maids in it from what I can remember.
>>1048 I gotchu
(2.22 MB 2000x1200 bowsette abs caption.png)

POV: Stronk Bowsette lets you touch her abs
(54.35 KB 564x785 1614816405943.jpg)

(276.00 KB 1278x1500 817JKDdwNRL.jpg)

Could someone do an f/m caption of these, please?
These two drawings have a lot of potential.
(4.11 MB 2894x4093 alter1.png)

(471.58 KB 2894x4093 alter2.jpg)

(982.79 KB 900x1500 alter3.png)

(403.24 KB 1248x1685 alter4.jpg)

(1.65 MB 1100x1842 alter5.png)

>>850 I can appeal to that soul, although maybe not both aspects of it at the same time. Will say that those cold eyes that seem to pierce through you and see right to whatever deep secret you're trying to hide... its very effective.
I don't know enough about Hazbin stuff to give this a fair shake, but something about this picture really gets me. The anger of the soon to be 'lee. The feet much too plush and vulnerable for their own good. The way she's forced to smile even before it begins. Good stuff, would love to see someone just absolutely demolish her.
(820.81 KB 1116x1600 RON012_auto_x2.jpg)

An all time classic...would love to see what devious story could be attached to this
>>1135 This is just... uncomfortably racist. I don't even give a shit about that sort of thing in porn but whoever drew this has some issues.
>>1162 To be fair, all non-whites are subhuman.
>>1163 >Bringing /pol/shit into a fetish board
(399.21 KB 600x404 image_2021-09-18_205347.png)

>>1162 Genuinely curious, not trolling. Am I seriously this blind?? The hell is "racist" about this picture??
>>1174 It’s racist due to the exaggerated and stereotypical depiction of Asians that was common like several decades ago in more racist times. They were depicted like this in order to paint them in a negative light and to make them look more evil. I’m not a fan of this one either but I don’t care too much about it.
>>1181 I wish more artists colored the soles of dark skinned characters right, like this.
>>1174 The dudes are drawn like WW2 yellow peril propaganda. It's not the worst thing I've ever though seen seeing as they don't have buck teeth or fu manchu mustaches.
>>1135 >>1163 yeah see this would be why I didn't want to come to 8chan. Their weirdo normies are absolutely gonna sneak in and post bait like this because they can see the link on the main page.
>>1199 I wonder who moderates this board, though?
>>1162 Yeah, not gonna lie, the pic does wonders to me, but the oof factor is through the roof. I *did* consider maybe captioning this with a take of this being a super racist, propaganda-ridden WW2 poster, but I'm still debating the idea and frankly there's a lot of pics that deserve it more and don't bring those complications. >>1163 Go fuck yourself, my dude. No one wants your shitty takes.
Going to show my ignorance here, but how do you make captions, exactly? Use the writing tool on Paint after copying the image onto there? Been mulling over giving one of these a chance.
>>1205 That's how I do, yes. Or sometimes I use Photoshop just because it's easier to re-engage the typing tool and changing things if I fuck up something.
>>1206 I see, thanks. Might give this a go and see how it turns out.
>>1207 Paint.net is another tool that's decent for captioning.
>>1208 I'll try Paint first and see how I do, but I'll keep it in mind, thanks. Also, the Dawn caption pics having a running story was well done with it developing Dawn's reactions to the tickling. Nice job by them that wrote it.
Oh hey since this got colored does anyone wanna try captioning it?
(928.61 KB 3400x1600 132.png)

Yes, I did use up the shot at making one of these the weekend afforded me on dick. No, I'm not sorry. Yes, traps are indeed gay. And no, the dick being smaller than 5 inches doesn't make it not gay. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. >>1048 I doubt you were expecting to get a different Astolfo pic from asking for that one, but uh, I hadn't done a trap pic in a while, reading that old thing got the engine revving, one thing lead to another, and here, a thing for you and any other interested parties. Cheers! >>1026 I didn't go for either but I still appreciate it man, Darkness' existance is literally begging for endless ticklish abuse. >>1027 Ah, I was right. Well, maybe somebody could try to make a series out of those. >>1032 Thank you, thank you! Your thoughts are always very much appreciated my dude. >I'm not into Fate (something I should work to correct) I can't seriously vouch for the entirety/most recent iterations of the franchise, mainly because it's fucking gigantic and I've barely even scratched the surface there, but I thought the original VN+its sequel+its prequel were genuinely great, although I'm probably horrifically biased because I developed a not-so-minor obsession with the character in question while reading it that doesn't seem like it's ever going away. A fine way to spend a few days worth of reading if you're ever so lucky as to have life throw them your way is what I'd call it. And then there's the smut. Of which there's a metric crapton of. And that's the real fucking kicker, isn't it? >I command thee to act upon thine impulses. I listen and I obey. Eventually. >>1036 This kinda joke makes you deserving of some serious tickle torture imo, but being one of the crazy bastards on this board you would probably like that. >>1038 >Take care of yourself, Tri, remember that all of us are entirely secondary to your actual real life. What are you talking about, you guys literally are my life. Heh, but I appreciate it man, I clearly like making these a little too much, a reality check is not uncalled for. And thanks for the pics, they're definitely on my radar. >>1063 >dubious but willing hardass ticklee+sensitive shredded abs You're fucking killing me here man, good god. >>1135 >>1162 >All time classic >This is just... uncomfortably racist Oh god, my fucking lungs. Sorry man, not to dogpile or anything, this little interaction just genuinely cracked me up. I clearly have no business judging anybody's taste, so nevermind me. >>1184 Now different colored soles, that's something I'm completely on board with. >>1204 >I *did* consider maybe captioning this with a take of this being a super racist, propaganda-ridden WW2 poster, I honestly wouldn't think that very hot (I don't really like the pic myself) but I can totally see it working, it'd be amusing at the very least. I really can't blame you from staying away from it tho. >>1205 MSPaint has worked fine for me for ages now, although there's probably way better/more sophisticated ways of making these. I had a little tutorial on the previous board, but it was honestly complete overkill, it's Paint, I'm sure you'll figure it out. Best of luck! >>1210 >Nice job by them that wrote it. And that would be me! So thank you, kindly, always happy to hear about folks finding these pleasant.
(1019.10 KB 1280x720 gotmelike.mp4)

>>1093 ... I've been inveigled. One of these coming up later.
>>1233 Hey Tri, do you happen to have the futa Anchovy/Chiyomi caption from the old thread?
(2.42 MB 1800x2400 æµêOÄ+î¦_A.png)

(2.61 MB 1800x2400 æµêOÄ+î¦_B.png)

(3.15 MB 1800x2400 æµêOÄ+î¦_C.png)

(3.35 MB 1800x2400 é¡é+é«éFôzùO.png)

I also forgot I got some of these pics from a pack I bought a long time ago. Kinda a waste since it's actually part of a 'lab report' style series with a pretty well made mock up of a tickle torture report, but considering it was in Japanese and in a PDF file, I'm kinda out of luck reading it. Oh well, there were some good pics at least. I would be interested if someone did a caption based on the first 3 pics.
(3.00 MB 2000x2200 æµô±Ä+î¦_A.png)

(3.46 MB 2000x2200 æµô±Ä+î¦_B.png)

(3.87 MB 2000x2200 æµô±Ä+î¦_C.png)

(4.21 MB 2000x2200 æµô±Ä+î¦_D.png)

>>1260 Here's the rest of the pics. Beware though, the last two might be...a little overboard.
>>1162 Honestly, the stereotype factor didn't play into my thoughts when posting this. However, it's stating the obvious. Not only is are the lers here super racist charactures, but you'll see more of this in some of BAC's work. But yeah...there's something icky about them. >>1204 I'm much more captivated by the woman, especially as she stands (kneels?) in juxtaposition with the impotence of her tormentors. She's absolutely stacked and the idea of tickle torturing her out of her mind is hot because she has this impossible body built for tickle torture...that's delicious. I really wish the lers here weren't...what they are. >>1163 Fuck off.
(107.42 KB 800x600 1529103848563.jpg)

>>1233 Hmhm, so do more willing hardasses with sensitive abs. Got it. Loud and clear.
>>1276 Then perhaps I could provide you with some images to consider? ;)
>>1289 Fun fact: the artist for the OC in the third pic has actually drawn her getting tickled a few times. So she is "canonically" ticklish, so to speak. Also if I am to give my personal most wanted however, I would especially like to see the FIRST one captioned out of these three lol
>>1290 >Fun fact: the artist for the OC in the third pic has actually drawn her getting tickled a few times Show pics pls
(1.46 MB 2204x2220 87664217_p2.png)

(1.57 MB 2204x2220 87664217_p1.png)

(4.81 MB 3840x2160 89703820_p1.png)

>>1295 Here you go, chief
(472.18 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)

(421.73 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)

So, i've known of this images for a while, always tough it was caption-worth(? My idea was something about it having gone for hours and hours without end, for no reason at all other than "fun" There are 2 images but i think only one is needed, still posted both for election.
>>1344 So is that a loli version of chun-li or just a really big ugly bastard?
>>1233 I can agree with having someone make a series based off of the pics of that teasy kitsune maid (even more so because there's plenty of them to choose from).
>>1354 I mean, in the Street Fighter universe, it could literally be any of those... Or both.
(1.99 MB 3382x1380 12076557.jpg)

>>1022 >you low-key closeted f/m loving tickle sluts in the thread Okay then, I'll make something related to my very specific f/m fantasies. Not going to make a habit out of it though, since by specific I mean very specific.
>>1408 Writing captions about terrible things you want done to you is self-care.
(1.55 MB 1280x1657 image_2021-09-23_210911.png)

(1.47 MB 1280x1657 image_2021-09-23_210920.png)

Just a tickle fight between catgirls, hopefully this will provide some good inspiration
>>1423 I'm so sorry, but I love unresolved cliffhangers. >>1426 Can't argue with that.
(319.47 KB 2048x1734 EkdrWttVMAAFD0U.jpg)

(745.32 KB 2048x1533 Ei8Kop_UcAAQyb5.jpg)

(1.20 MB 2732x2048 E0XpI_ZVgAYFeAr.jpg)

(2.19 MB 4096x3065 E5_x3B6VgAAGrp1.jpg)

>>1423 >>1453 Looks like you're making your own, Anon. Luckily this artist has a lot of other stuff. Will it be strapped to an exam table and tickled with some kind of experimental oil? Tickled to take his meds? Given some TLC in a spongebath? Tickled by volunteers? in a chair? Or something different?
(57.45 KB 537x463 pulltheplug.jpg)

Does anyone here do stories on commission ? Raunchy content preferable
Alright lads, I've got a slot of free time later on and I'm feeling like recklessly throwing it away on a req, so I'm opening up for business. Next request adressed specifically to this post gets worked on by me, with only minor restrictions applying. Bumping previously posted stuff is fair game, although if I've already promised I'll work on your req at some point all you'll really be doing is moving it up on my "schedule", which is fine too. And that's that. Now go! >>1259 I didn't, but a kind anon over here >>191 did, so here. I'm actually glad, because I really like how this one came out. >>1276 Haha, you... you sneaky so and so, how dare you tease me like this. You better live up to it~
>>1568 I do, and I plan to open a new batch/queue soon. Hit me up on notes on dA. Be advised, I'm writing at a snails' pace lately, so don't expect to have the story in your hands anytime soon.
(688.32 KB 1820x680 133.jpg)

Might as well put it out there, I'll be taking the next req as well, mostly because I'm feeling lazy and don't really want to make a decision about what to work on next. That being said, I probably won't be answering it until later, still busy with life. So, same old, same old: only the first request specifically addressing this post counts, repeat offenders need not apply (in this case that only means the previous guy, the count has restarted from the last time we did this), bumping's fair game, and only very minor restrictions apply, so feel free to go crazy. >>1583 It's a done deal. I went for the first one because those two are some incredibly iconic sex idols (not that the others weren't, mind you) and I believe I've never before had the pleasure of working with something from Mr. Pirata3, the man himself, whose work I've greatly enjoyed over the years. Hopefully he doesn't mind me ruining his pic a little bit by tacking on my stuff. Anyways, let me know what you think anon! Also sorry, the proportions of this thing are just unwieldy, it's probably impossible to look at the pic and read at the same time unfortunately. >>1259 I forgot to add, sorry it took 84 years, haven't been looking at the thread that often. >>1408 Dope, everything by that artist deserves a cap man, guy's scenarios are so creative and devious. And you did it more than justice, god bless. >>1426 Clarifying question, is writing about the horrible things you'd like to do to others seen under the same light? If so, I might need to give my therapist a call, got a couple of captions I'd like to share. >>1499 Pretty sure I did one for the first pic here a long time ago, although if it wasn't saved/hasn't been posted already it probably wasn't among my best.
>>1616 Absolutely not, only the f/m tickle sluts have rights. Sadists like you deserve to be put on the rack and tickled yourselves. You know, I said that and I was really digging through my collection trying to find a nice male lee for you to caption just to take advantage of you asking for requests, because you know I love taking advantage of your good nature, but then I saw this old QQ pic of Phasma getting her gigantic feet punished, and honestly I felt like not only would you like it but you'd also do a good job with it. So you dodged a bullet in being forced to caption another male lee.
Faggot here. Could I gay it up here or should I start a different thread for that shit?
>>1620 The worst that happens is your request gets ignored, but I'm positive there's multiple people in these threads who like male lees. I should know, I'm one of them. That said sometimes I slack on ideas because the right one has to hit me just right and sometimes they just don't.
Feeling something for an f/m POV scenario where I'm relentlessly tortured by a tickle-crazed lunatic. Like, she's the one who has ME strapped in a straitjacket that ends just below my ribcage, and goes to town on my ticklish tummy and hips. Food for thought lol
>>1616 I really enjoyed it, I've wanted to see a Mai one for some time and you did a great job. And yeah, if the pic is wider than it is tall there really isn't a good place to put the caption, so don't worry about it.
>>1620 sure why not. bonus points for any bishounen
>>343 Bumping these
Anyone else want to be tied up and have cute anime girls say nice things to you and make you feel fuzzy and warm while torturing you?
>>1719 Too wholesome for me. I'd rather they relentlessly tease and taunt me over how ticklish I am.
(360.75 KB 1214x1720 IMG_20210921_184906.jpg)

(344.06 KB 1291x1648 IMG_20210921_184935.jpg)

(368.27 KB 1291x1648 IMG_20210921_184934.jpg)

A few requests
Okay so, real talk: Anyone willing to take caption commissions? And if so, where could i find you?
>>1921 Taking caption commissions seems odd. It's hard to say how much of a price you'd put on such a small piece of writing, and you have to consider that you're also getting paid for using someone else's art. It feels like captions in particular work best as a "please do this for me, I'll be your best friend, I'll send you feet pics" sort of request thing rather than something you pay for.
Commissions? Fuck yeah I'd take commissions. I have a writing bachelor's for quality assurance and I did these two: Admittedly not my best writing work, but you know, there's a little more motivation with even a small amount of money involved.
(572.45 KB 1845x1013 nami robin.jpg)

Color Anon 2's power level is unimaginable, and they were nice enough to translate these two pretty cute images of Robin and Nami getting tickle tortured. I took their translations from the thread, fancied them up a little bit, and just slapped them right between the two pictures. They resized weird, so they're different proportions, but I'm sure we can all ignore that and enjoy two innocent women getting tickle tortured by absolute degenerates. Again, this is just a basic translation of what the actual text in the picture says, and that was all Color Anon 2. I simply edited it a bit so it read better and gave it a little polish. I hope you all enjoy.
>>1921 Hit me up on deviantart. Commissions are easy to pump, so I'd be down to take onw.
>>1940 CAPTIONS* are easy to pump.
>>1938 Nice to see that you made the translation read better. I’m not the greatest at English so I just write whatever sounds close when translating. A lot of Japanese phrases either don’t make sense in English either or the English equivalent doesn’t sound right cause it isn’t used that way. I’m not good enough at English to make stuff make more sense either, like with the Saber translation I did a while back which doesn’t properly convey the original meaning because I couldn’t figure out how to word it in English.
>>1950 Believe me, a lot of Japanese to English translations just take a very direct approach to what the words say, and it comes off sounding very stiff and weird. It's pretty common to focus on translating the words, and not the tone or style. It's probably a lot easier that way too, because there's a lot of little quirks about Japanese that just don't translate well. What's your native language? It must be rough to be translating through so many languages in your head, it's great that you managed to do as good a job as you did. Hopefully if we all work together we can make some translations that sound great.
>>1344 Seconding this one, it's a great image set. Not Chun Li though, it's an original character wearing a similar outfit.
>>1029 Ah MGD, I would rather go for the girls being tickled since they are quite calm and collected in-game. (Also, I have a major hard-on for those kinds of girls being tickled)
(521.05 KB 1091x1544 image_2021-09-29_192147.png)

new wtfeather post i felt was caption worthy
Max and Chloe are kidnapped by some mysterious stranger and are awaiting another brutal tickle torture session... or something like that, I'm uncreative, so maybe someone has a better idea for this pic.
(1.09 MB 2876x1732 a.jpg)

>>1499 I liked the first image so captioned it, feel free to give me feedback
(308.37 KB 654x1200 machinepunishment4.jpeg)

(1.95 MB 3470x1456 134.png)

Ayo, new thing, get it. I'll take one more req right now, will probably deliver next week, where the flatline that has been my captioning for the last few weeks will probably experience a small bump (might actually deliver more than one piece in one week, imagine that!), so if you're interested, get in here. One more time, from the top: only the first request specifically addressing this post counts, repeat offenders need not apply, bumping's fair game, and only very minor restrictions apply, so feel free to go crazy. Cheers! >>1618 >Threatening me with a Good Time: The Post Anon, I... am quite happy with the pic you chose. Like seriously, you got me figured out, that's right up my alley, I'm still crushing on QQ's art even years after he stopped posting, and I can barely forgive myself for not having done something with a pic of his earlier. I tend to gravitate towards his more inhuman characters, admittedly, but women in armor are kinda my type, so it evens out. Hopefully you get something out of this too, let me know what you think. And sorry, pic's got the same proportional "issue" as the last one, so you're probably going to need your reading glasses or to zoom in like crazy to properly read my wall of text. >>1620 I'm too late to give my input it seems, but I would've gladly welcomed sosig over here. Not saying I definitely would've worked on any of it, I kinda have a type (bishounen, twinks and other pretty boys if you must know) and not too much interest otherwise, but it certainly wouldn't have bothered me. >>1639 >Feeling something for an f/m POV scenario where I'm relentlessly tortured by a tickle-crazed lunatic Aren't we all? Top tier pics my guy, although I won't tackle them right now. >>1677 Most excellent! Glad to hear it man, that's a character I was happy to work on too, just the way she's dressed is enough to make me want to tackle the lass into the ground and tickle the bejeezus out of her for triggering the fuck out of us ticklefags with so many exposed spots. Kinda got a chance to do that I guess, ha. >>1721 My brother of african descent. >>1921 Hmm, yeah I tend to agree with the first anon, writing up something to go along with a pic could be seen as taking advantage of someone else's work to make a buck. I suppose it's not too dissimilar to just asking for a short story and going "oh and by the way, use this as inspiration", hmm. I'd at least advice you and anybdy else considering taking the offer to keep it on the down low, we probably should try to avoid rustling any artist's jimmies if we can. >>1930 >It feels like captions in particular work best as a "please do this for me, I'll be your best friend, I'll send you feet pics" I feel inexplicably indected by this post and I don't really mind. >>1938 God bless the lad, and you too anon, that's damn nice. >>1950 >the Saber translation I did a while back which doesn’t properly convey the original meaning Ah shoot, that's unfortunate to hear man. But it does make me appreciate the work you do a bit more Color Anon-kun, both in the coloring and the translating department. And same for the rest of you based people over in the color thread, by the by, stuff's been getting pretty good over there as of late. >>2110 Yeah, that's some good stuff, can never go wrong with that guy's material. Well done anon. >>2154 Oof anon, good lord. Sometimes even a quick look at a pic is enough to get my blood pumping and my mind searching for ideas, and this is just that kinda shady shit I'm talking about. Won't make any promises about working on it, but it's a nice contribution nonetheless.
(1.58 MB 1920x2208 pedido_number_1.png)

>>2192 Hey Tri, guess who's back asking for more loli tickles?~ Oh, girls from a Transformers cartoon and the toothbrushes are tiny Decepticons. Do with that info what you will lol
(16.33 KB 239x400 yes hahaha yes.jpg)

>>2192 >6 foot tall or taller with suitably large feet >Armored woman >High ranking in a fascist military operation >Having their most inhumane torture techniques exploited on her as a test or display of power >Threats that she'll be demoted or worse if she breaks making the stress levels high >Again, MASSIVE fucking feet that are helplessly ticklish >Damningly teasey torture operator who knows the victim is in their hands >Express, direct detail on how utterly fucked she is either way, whether she gives in or not I had a gif of Jeanne from Let's Learn FGO Manga cheering for this but given the context I think this is a more suitable reaction image. Literally the only downside is it's hard to read and enjoy the art at the same time while fapping. So I had to read this elegantly with a fine drink, appreciating its literary quality and judging it to my taste personally, with no influence from my lower half, and it FUCKING RULED. Dual monitors for gaming or content creation? No, dual monitors for more efficient fapping. Image on one screen, high quality tickle torture snuff smut on the other. >I feel inexplicably indected by this post and I don't really mind. Are you giving, or receiving?
(13.87 MB 6500x5762 ShakaBrah.png)

>>2045 My apologies if you were looking for more direct tickle torture, but to me this just begged for an anticipation piece.
>>2207 "shakabrah.png" killed me. I wasn't thinking much of anything tbh. I'm not a very creative person in terms of story ideas, so you did a far better job than I ever could, thanks.
>>2207 I don't know much about the game except the whole time rewind thing, but that was pretty damn hot as an anticipation scenario. Describing people freaking out about getting tickled is underrated.
(2.19 MB 3250x2208 135.png)

So, I misestimated my workload for the weekend, I got some free time, let me take a look at the thread and oh my god, It's happened again folks, run for your lives! Nothing is sacred, no loli is safe, and nothing's stopping the degeneracy train. Hop on board or get out of the way! I'll open one more slot, probably the last one since there's some good stuff in the thread I'm itching to get to. You probably know the rules by now, but if you don't: only the first request specifically addressing this post counts, repeat offenders need not apply, bumping's fair game, and only very minor restrictions apply, so feel free to go crazy. And that's that, I'll probably visit later this week. Toodles! >>2195 Ah, our resident turbodegenerate lolichad. How goes it? Love this character's design btw, absolute cutie. That, of course, only means it was all the more fun to absolutely mess her up. Hope you're happy anon, another poor innocent little girl has been sent to the ticklish slaughter for your entertainment. Oh, and no sarcasm, btw, I actually just hope you're happy with it, lol. Let me know what you think! >>2198 Fucking hell, that breakdown is making me want to read it again myself. Really happy to hear it man, I was hoping to do right by QQ's work and I'm glad to hear I apparently succeeded. And I'm sure that Jeannu gif would've been fitting, she should be celebrating she's not the one getting it... this time. >So I had to read this elegantly with a fine drink, appreciating its literary quality and judging it Funny thing, that's how I always picture the fine gentlemen in this thread enjoying my literature. >Are you giving, or receiving? On a good day? Both :) >>2207 >ShakaBrah.png >you could say life is indeed... strange. You absolute fucking creature of the night, I don't know if I should smack you across the shops or kiss you on the lips. God bless you man, that was a joy to read, the bit about them holding each other's hands was both dark and adorable, I love it.
>>2317 Oh, can I get one more from >>221 ? More specifically, the orange-clad maid?
(369.26 KB 498x498 jeanne HOORAY.gif)

>>2317 >On a good day? Both :) Tri, one day you're gonna wake up and on your phone is gonna be a picture of your own soles that you don't remember taking from an angle you couldn't possibly have gotten, and it's going to have a caption going into agonizingly sick detail about how the picture taker is going to tickle every inch of them mercilessly. Also in case you want that gif here it is, I find I get a lot of use out of it as a reaction image.
>>2317 Oh my god, It's perfect! The way the brushes drive into her tender skin without any mercy at all is delicious, and I really appreciate you sliding me some lewd pussy tickles too~ And I can tell you did your research on this cutie too, I really do have a thing for ticklish tomboys lol
This is ripe for a fantasy tickle story
(628.34 KB 1920x2715 dangerbone.jpg)

Saw this picture, thought of those captions about previously strong and capable robot/android/cyborg girls reduced to dolls who's only value comes from their immortality and infinite capacity for full-body tickle torture. Of course, including a firmware patch every now and then to increase her sensitivity exponentially, so the torture is always getting worse. Wouldn't want her to get used to the eternal gargalesis, right?
>>2405 This is something very specific which that exact picture inspired me to write, but I hope it's OK.
(977.53 KB 2208x1920 Hanks_Tickle_Torture2.png)

>>2317 >>2340 Heya Tri, It's the loli chad again. I got a second part to my last pic cuz I am in LOVE with your caption for it, if you wanna write for this one too some time in the future I'd be honored. ^-^
>>1087 I forgot to mention that the characters in the first picture are Kiki and Senior Witch from "Kiki delivery service". While those of the second are Fionna and the Ice Queen from "Adventure Time"
>>2418 This is awesome, what an excellent set up. You're a great writer.
Just wanted to let y'all know that I have a Keep2Share premium account for the next month for reasons so if anyone here wants vids just hit me up in the relevant thread
>>272 these ones really good esp the mamimi(?) one idk my idol lore but the artist loves these heavy immobilization stuff and the captioner did them justice are they not around this board tho
Thought that this could make for a good pov caption
some more suggestions, a couple of these got lost in the last board.
This image was published in another thread, as it caught my attention I will leave it here in case anyone is interested.
Whether it's cruel anticipation, hardcore brutal tickles, or both, I'd love to see a little thing made for this poor girl here :3
(772.89 KB 2000x759 136.jpg)

Yo, here's the last of the previously arranged reqs for the time being, some nice mean spirited f/m POV tickles for the esteemed ticklees of the thread, who deserve so much worse. So I'll be sticking around for a few days, will probably post a couple more caps this week, hope you lads are having a good one, and cheers, see ya! >>2319 That indeed you can. I wonder why maids and tickling go so unbelievably great together. Is it all those tools they have access to? Is it the fact they can teasingly call you master as they absolutely destroy you with them? In any case, I hope you find it enjoyable friend. >>2337 We don't have to do this dance anon, we both know you have the picture, we both know I deserve it for my crimes against fictional men, women, children, robots, demons, furries, pokemon, aliens, the occassional entirety of some given species etc., just post it and let my heart sink in horror at the prospect of finally getting what I've always had coming while my confused and overwhelmed mind wonders why I can't help being hopelessly aroused by my own ticklish doom. Oh, and the gif is nice too :) >>2442 >>2340 Ah, speaking of my crimes. Nice man, that's the kinda shady shit I can get down and dirty with. You can expect something with in the far future. Terribly happy the previous one did so much for you too, it's always a joy to find my job satisfying others. And you know, breaking tomboy lolis is not half bad either. >>2405 >>2418 Fuck. Yes. God have I been waiting for the return of the ticklish androids from the previous threads, and I'm so glad the first of this one landed in such capable hands. What an absolute joy to read man, I love it, one of your best. >>2490 Very, very based of you River, thanks. >>2596 They are in fact around for this board, since they are in fact me! Glad to hear you liked them man, we have a bit of syngergistic deal going with the anon that requests those, so I'll definitely make another one sooner or later. You may look forward to that, if you're so inclined. >>2614 Yeah, I'm also happy to see these pop back up after the Doom of 8kun, really neat stuff here. I'm calling that second one for later down the week cuz hot damn, it just speaks to me.
(978.31 KB 1280x1024 lolidom.jpg)

Time for some lolidom? I wonder what got him into this situation...
>>2639 I did. I love it! You did great.
More pov inspiration coming at ya
>>2711 I know I've seen the first one (the elf) captioned.
Can someone please add araghen to kemeno.party he is surprisingly not there or update mrbelmont273. If this is not where requests go can someone please comment the link to that.
(1.68 MB 1788x1788 2021-10-05 10.47.12.png)

Can Anyone make a story out of this Tifa art?
(359.22 KB 1425x578 137.jpg)

Here here, as per promised, you're gonna have to deal with me sticking around for just a few more days. Ah, so many captions to make, so little time. >>2614 Man this was a joy to work with. I haven't got a clue who the character is, so I made it my own thing and I absolutely loved it: the pic, how it came out, everything. Which always makes me kinda nervous, btw. I'm always worried I might end up making something that's too much ‘’for myself’’ and everybody is just going to kinda shrug and not really get it. Oh well, hopefully that's not the case. And hopefully you don't mind that I didn't do the legwork with the research on this one either. Let me know what you think anon. >>2648 Thank you, kindly. Glad to hear it man. >>2716 Yup, I'm certain, it was on the old board. Or the old old board. I'm also pretty sure there was some drama regarding it last time it got captioned? But I never really knew what it was about. >>2723 Man, that's such a hot premise for a cap, I'll get right on it.
>>2730 Thanks man I would buy the comics from agraghen but I'm trying to save up for a commission for empiricalsmut and if u don't know who he is look him up. He makes some of the best art.
>>2711 >>2716 >>2730 Yes, it has been captioned. Here it is. The drama was because the art was changed (not for the caption - the altered art simply existed and was the one posted) and the artist flipped out. The drama wasn't because of the caption as far as I remember, just the existance of the altered art.
>>2711 >>2732 Oh yeah you're right, in the second one the girl looks cuter, maybe the artist was jealous that someone did a better job then they did
>>2730 I was not expecting this one, and it was awesome. If this is doing it for yourself, I'd happily see more of it. I can't get enough of the woman who teases and entices the reader with her ticklishness (much like those knight pics and the confessor you did a while back). even 'a tiny feather caressing your abs..' Delicious. The enhanced tickling capabilities she has and just might have you experience was icing on the cake. Very good stuff.
>>2470 >>2639 Thanks, that one was fun to write. It made me think of other fetish logic scifi scenarios, might really write some if I come across good pictures.
>>2734 Eh. The edit makes her look more "generic anime girl". But I guess if you're into that.
>>2755 And the original makes her look more "rapist Voldemort". But I guess if you're into that.
>>2755 >Proper facial structure is a generic anime trait
>>2639 >>2596 oh nice I'll look forward to it berhaps request one of my own sometime too >>2792 wrong thread my guy
>>2828 The link to the requests page because I have been trying to find this
>>2828 If I can get my hands on this I'm try to see if that guy adding the good story's to the pics wouldn't mind if it's free thou
(5.15 MB 6999x3000 138.jpg)

And the next entry in my little library of perversions is here! Full of teasing words, humilliating secrets, hopeless imprisonments of eternal tickling, silly girs that won't admit their shameful turn ons even to themselves, and surprisingly little actual tickling. Get it while it's hot, if that sounds like your thing! Pic this time belongs to a little series btw, the rest of which can be found over here: >>272 >>273 If you really want more context than that though, you'll have to hunt it down in JuriAnon's breakdown of every pic from the old caption threads on 8kun. Also, not to be too much of a bummer, but my time here is ending. For now, I mean, of course, I'm not dying of my debilitatingly boneitis just yet. I'll see if I can deliver something funky for you guys tomorrow, but if not, I'll get you something nice at some point next week, and will return to my ponderous pace of upload for the inmediate future. >>273 Yo! I got a thing with your name on it, check it. Now, here's the full story alright, I started writing this as a more traditional short story with a clearer timeline of events and more detailed descriptions, but the length of the damn "short" thing got out of control, even by my standards, and I got real worried it was running out of steam in the middle. So I scrapped it, started over with a different approach, got through the whole thing, only to realize... I think this is the first POV cap I've done for our series? And I have no idea if you even like those. So now I've got a piece that I actually think works, but I'm still thinking I might've fucked it. So I'm giving it to you man, but I'm opening the floor for discussion. Let me know what you think, if I screwed up I still might be able to salvage the remains, I haven't trashed the original draft just yet. And if you think it works, then no harm no foul! I really don't mind writing or thinking this much about this one, because I love this pic, the 'lee's expression, the set up, your idea for it, it's all gold, so I'd be downright ashamed if my cap didn't match the quality of the rest of those. So yeah, talk to me man, let's hear each other out. I should also add I didn't go with the Muv-Luv character Chizuru we talked about, but since I didn't really have that much info for the OC either I did take some details from her personality and character, just for fun. And also, to whoever wrote up the original caption seen here >>178 I still think yours is better guy, thing's a classic. >>2731 Whoops, I was actually joking mate, I didn't realize you had actually gotten lost on your way to the request thread (which you can find here btw, >>108 although I think you figured that out). But hey, if you do get your hands on what you're looking for, chuck it in here, if it gets my or somebody else's attention something nice might come out of it still. >>2732 Ah, there it is. And I see, that's how that transpired. I guess I can see how someone would find that upsetting, kind of unfortunate though, caps not half bad. Guessing from the style I'd say that was done by that one top bloke that started the original captions thread, but I don't really know that tbch. >>2737 Heh, I figured you'd be all over that. Very nice to hear it man, having that much fun with a pic wouldn't be half as enjoyable if I was doing it solely on my own. Oh, and I'm a sucker for that stuff too, I'll see about keeping the thread stocked in that regard if I can at all. Thanks for the words! >>2738 Than I will pray that you do friend, cause hot damn, I need more of that in my life. >>2796 Well, that kinda worked out funny. Didn't have to wait much huh? Once you put all that stuff back on the forefront of my mind, it was a done deal. Hopefully this next entry does it for you too man. And sure, throw in as many reqs as you want. I probably won't work on all of them, but there's a non-zero possibility that I'll work on any of them. >>2847 >>2848 Over here friend >>108, and don't let me stop you from requesting that if you do find it.
>>2851 Hopefully we'll get to see some of the monstergirl pics get captioned by you at some point (I'm particularly fond of the tengu at >>1029 myself because she looks so smug and teasy that she might be a perfect 'ler).
>>2851 No worries dude, I do enjoy POV captions, and I happily welcome this one too! You really cranked up the teasing aspect on this one, and I love it all the more for it. Another hit from the master himself. That other draft you got intrigues me to say the least. I'd like to see it myself, though I wouldn't want you to stress over it. I'll take some time again to think about my next request in this series, and I hope you'll still be up to the task. You're 90% the reason this series exists.
You guys ever think about putting this stuff on a booru? Would preserve all this cool stuff.
>>2918 That might be a pretty good idea.
>>2926 >>2918 I could host one but if I do it will be on tor because I do not want to be DMCAed by entitled manchildren a(u/r)tists who are upset that people dare to share their artwork. The question is, are you people willing to use tor to access it?
>>2851 aye not a long wait at all it seems this ones a different take interesting I'd like to say, not from the perspective of the character itself like the others. I'll be sure to throw some your way for sure probably gonna be from Juzi or the like >>2935 a drive would probably be better/exists already
>>2948 A google drive is not a booru, you can't search by tag. It also only allows the owner to add stuff. It also accepts DMCAs.
>>2935 Couldn't you just use the existing caption or tickling boorus?
(5.85 MB 7850x3048 139.jpg)

(60.40 KB Chizuru-draft.pdf)

Alright, last one for now, I promise. I'll get back to you guys later. All this talk about a booru intrigues me though. I'd be cool with that, even if it requires the use of tor, the little scare with the Doom of 8kun did make me think we should probably start being more organized with these things, there's so many already and more keep popping up, we could do with a better system. Thanks to some smart anons that thought ahead not a lot was lost last time, but I'm certain some of it was, and that's a bit sad. All that being said, I have no idea what to do or how to do it and I'll just happily follow whatever you guys decide, if anything at all. >>1087 >>2448 Here, a thing for you. I went with a much cuter angle than I usually do, not any less intense though, because I feel like that's what the pic and the character called for. Not that it wouldn't be fun to absolutely wreck Kiki's body and mind of course, this just didn't feel like the right vehicle for that. Let me know what you think man, I'm also eyeing that Fionna pic rn although I can't make any promises for the time being. Also, sorry, the proportions of this thing gave me such a headache, it might be impossible to read along with looking at the pic. On a different note, this is the first pic of Bebob's I've ever worked on, and I'm nervous as all hell because I'm pretty sure he visits the place and I'd feel awful if he dislikes what I've done here. So please Mr. B, if you're reading this and are unhappy that I attached my drivel to your artwork, please, don't sue me, I promise I'll right my wrongdoings and straighten my wicked ways, whatever it takes, you name it, sepuku included. >>2854 It's certainly a possibility anon, although they aren't at the top of my list rn. There's just so much good stuff man, I can't spread myself thin enough. >>2914 Ah, what joy your words bring JuriAnon. Thanks man, very nice of you! I'm very humbled to hear you think that much of what I've done here, and will gladly continue to collaborate with you in the future. I look forward to whatever devious ideas you come up with next! And about the draft, I mean I got it right here, I'm just gonna share it. It was supposed to keep going about Chizu's fitting with her straightjacket, which we didn't get to see in the previous pic, still no tickling but plenty of teasing about how she flusters easily, and how she's so ticklish she's already panicking and won't last a second in the machine proper, and then about her secret fantasies and how she always had the potential to be a tickle fetishist (she wasn't in this one) because she always felt aroused by the thought of other people having control over her and abusing that, then some ominous vague threats if she didn't start behaving which ended with her waiting for her team of operators as her preparator leaves the room with her tied up and forced to watch another vid of a 'lee that wasn't as good as Mamimi and got absolutely fucked up until she gave in (maybe Juri's, don't know). So yeah, thing would've kept going for at least another full page and I just don't know if I could've kept anyone's attention for that long. It would've also looked ridiculous as a cap, with tiny, tiny letters, although that's never stopped me in the past. You can also see other differences, like the preparator is a lot more subdued and Chizu's a lot more fiery in this one, stuff I couldn't quite fit into the previous one, things like that. Oh, and also, if some parts are kinda wonky or don't quite make sense, do forgive me, there's some stuff in there I was planning to go back and fix later once I had a better idea of how everything was playing out and then, you know, didn't. >>2948 Yeah, I took a risk there, hopefully it paid off. At least I know it did for the requester. And yeah, throw me some stuff man, we'll see if we make some magic happen. >>2985 I suppose that would be a possibility as well, I didn't know a caption booru existed and I've never used the tickle booru, but hey, it'd probably work just fine, right?
(411.51 KB 1707x2048 IMG_20180519_221512.jpg)

(1.29 MB 3025x1745 Eve history Caption.png)

>>3039 Without a doubt, it is in my top 5 of the best tickling stories that I have read (and it is not to be conceited but I read a large number), from the dialogues of the characters that make the story entertaining and fluid, to how you tell the events having fidelity (and even creativity) with the image. I think the best thing about the story was how you develop the relationship between two quite opposite characters and fun to watch. Because on the one hand, Kiki who is cheerful and innocent was overconfident with the proposal, digging her grave when she got into that awkward situation unaware of the consequences, which resulted in being betrayed by her cat, showing an embarrassing show and being at the mercy of Yuko who did not bacillus to enjoy tormenting her ticklish feet, pushing the poor girl to the limit in order to earn money. While Yuko, being mocking and ruthless, was quite intelligent in deceiving her, not losing the beneficial opportunity to be delighted with the laughter and reactions that her victim produced, using nails, pens, brushes and all kinds of tools that can attract more public, taking advantage of impotence. of Kiki due to the ties and her need to raise funds by any means possible, even if it makes her hysterical. In addition, I must emphasize that I liked that sentence that you included in the fourth paragraph "While that eased her mind of the thought of Yuko licking her feet, which made her feel many emotions too complicated to unpack right there", since it opened the possibility of that maybe Kiki enjoyed the idea of ​​Yuko licking her feet, because unlike Yuko's nails it could be a more pleasant and enjoyable sensation. As if that were not enough, you made reference to that iconic scene from the movie "Certainly not as bad as cow tongues", where a couple of cows licked Kiki's foot while she was sleeping peacefully, a scene that actually aroused the fetish of many people when they saw it (me included). Certainly a great detail on your part, to enrich the reality that the young witch is really ticklish, especially on her feet. On the other hand, do not worry about the size of the letters or the lengths that your paragraphs may become, for that there is the "download image" and the "zoom". What's more, I really wish the paragraphs had been longer, so wide as to publish an official book, but that would be asking too much of you, what you did is enough and I'm happy with it. In the same way, there is no hurry with Fionna, I am aware that it can be heavy or exhausting to write so fast, because of that it would be best if you order your ideas slowly and develop the content calmly. And that I think is it, at least in my opinion I feel that you did a very good job, given that I am quite satisfied and really enjoy reading the backstory that you did for the drawing that I requested. So I really thank you for taking some of your free time to write this great and fascinating story in one of my favorite Bebob drawings. I'm sure Mr. B would be proud of the work you did, so don't do Seppuku XD, your subtitles are amazing, engaging, entertaining, creative, fluid and have an aura that seems to reflect originality. That said, are you by any chance the same person who captioned this image? because I have that feeling.
(1.17 MB 1170x1564 image0.png.jpg)

Where my boy that makes the story's I finally got it so can u please make a story
>>2851 So would you mind making a story for that
There's something nice about taking pictures not intended for tickling fetishism, and turning into that. It's part of why I love this thread. Such as this, for Fire Emblem Three Houses fans-- which brings the thought to mind of Edelgard and Dorothea, both pining for their professor's ticklish attention. Cooing into either ear all the different ways THEY would be the better ticklee, and why Byleth should choose one over the other. Too tired to caption myself lately, but this was on my to-do and I figured I'd throw it out there for anyone else who finds the premise desirable.
>>3331 Wait so are u the guy that does the storyes
>>3348 Sometimes? I've submitted like, three things here, I think. There are several people here that 'do stories'.
>>3410 Oh I thought that was one guy
(8.62 MB 5904x4088 nian_caption.png)

Nian from Arknights was in SERIOUS need of some midriff tickling, so I took matters into my own hands. This is my first time writing anything like this, so feedback is appreciated.
(1.17 MB 1170x1564 image0.png.jpg)

could some one please make a story for this I would appreciate a lot
>>3423 Why are you so incredibly obsessed with this picture?
(490.32 KB 482x350 ClipboardImage.png)

(51.80 KB 250x250 ClipboardImage.png)

(840.77 KB 800x590 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.08 MB 1992x3155 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.33 MB 849x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3039 alright here are a few that seemed like it would fit well within your, lets graciously say, expanded fetish lore universe you made with jurianon no rush just suggestions, probable affiinity leading to the catgirl one. and feel free to ignore the arknights (sisters)one, just a personal favorite that others might be interested in, or berhaps you too who knows. I can see what you mean by the rabbit hole there and honestly I can see it working if you were committed to writing a full on short story instead of captioning it instead (the mamimi video is being used already wut) >>3420 ah Nian, always a tease While I'm not particularly fond of belly tickling its a good read, especially for a first time write up as you say. Probably don't use vibrant bright ass colors for text though lest you give your readers astigmatism or something
>>3432 Because I have a thing for soldier women
>>3433 I'll never not be mad at the fact that this May pic has her armpits exposed and *super* enticing, and yet nothing tickling them.
>>3596 who cares lmao
(6.95 MB 3161x2296 file (2).jpeg)

>>3596 Here you go
>>3607 She doesn't like mudkips? Tickle her more!
>>3601 I mean, no one, but we complain about inane shit in this thread all the time. >>3607 You, sir, are based as all hells. >>3609 Agreed.
The original setup was for the armpits to be untouched to add a narrative that it was going to happen later, I ask forgiveness to all UB fans for this transgression:(
>>3642 You are forgiven, my son, so long as you don't get mad at >>3607 for tinkering the art.
(3.04 MB 4500x1962 140.jpg)

Alright gentlemen, and I suppose possibly the notorious femanons of the board, here's my weekly visit. Things are settling down a bit as of late for me so I might be able to drop by a little more often if everything goes alright. Keep the reqs and ideas coming if you can please, I love coming to the thread and finding it full of new potential caps to get my hands on. Ah, I should also add, spoiler warning for this cap if you haven't seen Steins;Gate yet and think you might want to give it a shot, there's a couple of plot points that I bring up that might diminish the experience later. >>361 Yo, as I said, non-zero possibility of it happening. I hope you find it enjoyable despite not having the full context man, this was rather fun to write. Let me know what you think! >>3235 Ay, how nice of you man, I seriously love reading anon's opinions on my humble contributions, and fully detailed breakdowns like these are just such a joy, you have no idea. To add a bit to your thoughts, my favorite and perhaps central idea throughout that whole thing, mostly because it was really fun to me, is that of Kiki being genuinely unaware of what a tickle fetish is despite being pretty much a symbol of it in our community, and sort of being surrounded by it too: many want to tickle her or see her get tickled, Yuko's obviously getting a kick out of it, and she herself finds the idea of Yuko lickling her to be something else rather than just torturous, but she's still innocent and clueless in the end. Oh, and also, Senior Witch goes nameless in the movie, so I just got the name from her VA, I thought it sounded cute. But that's enough rambling about my own stuff, it's cringe, so I'll stop. I'll just conclude by saying it warms my heart you got so much out of it man! I'm very humbled to hear you'd put it anywhere near your top 5 and hope you find the rest of my work similarly pleasing. Like that Eve one, which I did write! I feel rather good about that one too, one of those that just came out right. I hope you got a kick out of it too! And also, I really, really hope you were right and Bebob didn't mind my story. Because, wouldn't you know it... He's right here. And again, thanks a lot for the comment man, I really appreciate it. >>3264 >>3423 Hey, good for you man, you finally got your hands on it. And hey, I'm down for spoiling anons rotten, I'll chip in to increase your obsession with that pic, so yeah, leave it to me, I'll gladly take your req. I need links though, I don't know who that chick is, so unless you want me to come up with my own context, link me to her wiki or otherwise explain who she is please. Also let me know if you have any specific ideas/do's/don'ts with it, let's personalize this thing, I want it to be good. Ah, and more importantly, it'll probably take a bit, I haven't had as much time to work on these as I'd like lately, and there's other stuff in queue to boot, so your patience will be appreciated anon. >>3420 >Everything that made Nian's midriff so enticing was now working against her; the curve of her hips gave Rope a clear path to tickle along, her smooth skin allowed for clean strokes, her toned body only made her more ticklish, and her small tube top resulted in that much more room for Rope to work with Fuck me, this is your first try? I got some feedback for you: do it again. Like, a lot. Please. >>3433 Alright, really nice man, some of those are right up our alley. I'll have to do some consultation with JuriAnon to figure out how and/or if these fit into our EFLU (kek, it's perfect) but you definitely have my attention. And yeah, you're right, a short story would've probably worked a lot more nicely, but honestly even after putting out that one incomplete DDLC fic (it's earlier in the thread, in case you're curious) and getting some positive reactions, I'm still not certain I can make something compelling that breaks the 1500 or so word count. Oh, and btw, you're responsible for the Mamimi vid bit, you calling attention to that old thing is what got me going in the first place. Also, would you have me caption that one or this one >>3607 ? There's a lot of uh... potential for the both of them lol. Fucking amazing, drawnons are a gift to this world. >>2914 So, what do you think man, want me to add bits and pieces to our world on my own every now and then? If you have any ideas you'd like to see done with some of these I'd love to hear them, but if you don't, then they can be self-contained vignette type stories that can sort of enrich our ever expanding universe and the infinite number of ticklees being turned into tickle sluts by our devious corporation. >>3642 I'm just gonna pretend I'm not screaming internally and add that open and vulnerable tickle spots are hot to me even if they're left untouched, so from me you can expect the pardon of a pitfag that has no business judging you in the first place.
Here u go man https://callofduty.fandom.com/wiki/Helen_Park And take ur time I'm just happy ur willing to do it for me Oh and can u leave out the guy ops from the story if possible
>>3039 >>3678 Heyo. Sorry for a relatively late reply, but IRL stuff got in the way until now. First off, great draft. I'm split between wanting to see this story completed and not wanting to waste your time on something you've already scrapped. Second, in regards to >>2948 and>>3433 : Damn. I never fucking thought other people would take an interest in this project, if you could call it that. I welcome any other additions by other anons, with a couple "rules" to keep in mind that I myself follow when considering pics for this universe, using >>3433 's third picture as an example: 1. The straitjacket is a must. I've memed myself into considering straitjackets the corporation's standard "uniform" for subjects (I know they're different designs in every pic, but shhh suspension of disbelief tells me it's a standardized design with minor adjustments to fit every subject). Subjects being naked besides the jacket and/or the jacket keeping their breasts, genitals, and legs/feet exposed is a big plus too. Our corporation likes to keep as many weakpoints as possible exposed. (Sorry, armpit lovers, but my brain ain't wired that way). 2: The subject must be bound in a way that suggests the bondage itself is not causing them any discomfort. One of my biggest pet peeves with stories regarding long-term bondage is when the bondage described sounds exceedingly uncomfortable. It's admittedly very hard to strike that balance IRL with any kind of bondage, but again shhh worldbuilding brain tells me the corp's figured that shit out and subjects can be kept in a position like that indefinately with no adverse effects on physical health. I admit these criteria severly limit the number of pics that I can use as caption fodder for this particular project, but I wanted to be as clear as possible about what I personally consider as "fitting" for the setting I and Tri have set up. I'm also willing to hear out exceptions if the idea's good enough! That pic I used as an example, I've already got an idea brewing about the caption. My next post within the next day or 2 will probably detail my idea behind the request, so stay tuned for that, if you're interested at all.
>>3688 One last note, in regards to exceptions, >>3433 's fifth pic has me intrigued, to the point I'd say go right ahead and make it a formal request to Tri (I headcanon what's happening in the pic as "Her straitjacket 'uniform' is in the wash right now but her operators didn't want her to miss out on tickles and orgasms in the meantime"). It certainly ticks all my other personal boxes, so I'd love to see something written about it. Whaddya think, Tri?
>>3685 I almost always do the awful, dark, non-con, bad end stuff, but shit, the story wrote itself. I don't play Genshin so I have no idea if the personalities are on point here but shikata ga nai.
Two pictures by the same artist, I want to believe they tell this kind of story. I got no idea about the character in the picture, so I made her just an unfortunate cocktease. Pictures by https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/44047660/artworks The tickling pics had been purged from his pixiv gallery but they can be found from the foot tickling thread. >>3712
>>2627 Bumping myself so it's not forever lost in the sauce Pls anon ;-;
>>3688 motherfucker, bro wtf. The initial group of pics I had selected out for Tri were all the same setup of straightjacket, stocks, toe ties that one could almost be convinced that they were all the same image taken from a YCH. so I thought I'd vary up the selection ....not that I particularly mind, if anything its right up my alley and that very reason why Tri's captions intrigued me in the first place. unfortunately I didn't keep up with 8kun much until it died so I don't know of what pics you've encountered yet but I got some stashed that fits. >>3678 I'll let you guys decide on which of those I sent. I wouldn't mind the fifth as Juri suggests. I still have to appease. and I'm yet to find an image that I really want captioned at the moment >>3749 https://twitter.com/akanefujimiya/status/1261545595770073090 that's an Idom@s girl, so is the other one who specifically I don't know but I remember from the tags in jp I don't encounter cockteases much in tickle lit but you've captured the essence albeit short. good work
>>3749 Holy shit the fact that you nailed a very specific fantasy I was obsessed with a few weeks ago is wild. For a while now I've been really into the idea of cute girls being tickled until the submit and admit they deserve the torture for whatever reason, or get so desperate to get out that they start promising increasingly more drastic sexual favors. It's hot as fuck and this is exactly that, with a girl who potentially really deserves it. Fuck yeah, this rules. Also the filename is hilarious, love a good sense of humor.
(195.79 KB 540x592 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.05 MB 7000x3472 141.jpg)

So! I realized it's been a while since I've written a truly spicy f/m POV pic and decided to remedy that. I think the result really scratched that masochistic itch for me, but as always, I'm eager to hear if it did something for you guys as well. Again, as a somewhat self agrandizing reminder that assumes any of you care, I'll still be going much slower than my usual pace for the upcoming times, but I'll try to drop by and bring goodies a bit more often. So yeah, if you have reqs you think might benefit from my particular style hit me up, let's see if we can make something happen. I'll still continue to soldier on through the caption-worthy images already present in the thread, of course, but always having new options to pick from is rather nice. >>1639 >Feeling something for an f/m POV scenario where I'm relentlessly tortured by a tickle-crazed lunatic I hope you're ready anon. This whole tickle obsessed crazy girl trope is ridiculously underrated imo. Like I know it's the most overwhelmingly confusing feeling to be so horny for someone that's genuinely derranged and wants to tickle-fuck me up, but I still find the idea of someone who's esentially the chaotic personification of the most basic and darkest instincts present in us ticklefags being obsessed with my laughter and my ticklish suffering to be incredibly arousing. I hope you find it enjoyable anon, let me know what you think! I'll also add I'd worked on another pic that hit this particular tone before, with a deranged girl tickling the fuck out of the POV while also being completely and helplessly obsessed with him, I regrettably didn't save it, but maybe someone knows the one I'm talking about and did save it. If they share it, I have a feeling you might find it interesting and I would really appreciate it too. Oh, also, I still might use your initial idea in another pic featuring this girl, I'm positive I have to come back for more of this ruthless torturous stuff at some point. >>3683 >>3684 Aight, perfect, you can probably expect it later on the week man. Knowing a bit more about her I can at least tell you rn, I can see the appeal, this is gonna be a fun one. >>3685 >>3693 Gotta say anon, I'm loving these. I've my eye on Medusa, personally, but I feel I should ask first: do you have any specifics you're expecting in mind? POV, teasy tickle talk stuff (*/f stiil I mean)? A random story about the character being tickled? Let me know, I'll otherwise just go with whatever I'm feeling at the time of making it. >>3688 >>3691 >no pit tickling allowed Those pics are truly set in the darkest timeline. I think the rules are fine and fair, that set up is kinda what defines these pics in the first place so that just makes sense, and it's surprisingly common too, so we have options to have some fun with there. I'll just throw my pitfag brethren a bone on the side to make up for excluding them (and probably start with that 5th pic that does have some pit tickling in it just for the lols too, ha!). I'm quite happy you have an idea going already man, I look forward to hearing all about it. Oh and about the draft, I'll leave the decission of whether I should continue it or move on in your hands. Going back to it wouldn't be a bother, and it was quite enjoyable to work on it in the first place, only real reason I stopped is I got concerned the out of control length combined with no actual tickling would just end up alienating anybody that tried to read it. But hey, if you like it, that's good enough for me. I will say though, I'll probably turn it into a short story in order to make it work, so a caption it probably won't be. So yeah, tell me what next step you see fitting and I'll get right on it. >>3743 I haven't got the slightest hint of knowledge of Genshin stuff, but I know a good cap when I read it. That was delightful anon, the grim dark stories might be your forte, but don't be afraid to get out of that zone of comfort every now and then: if this is the result, I'd love to see it more often. >>3749 The offering of sexual favors, even degrading and embarrassing ones, in a desperate attempt to stop the torture will never not be the most delightfully dark result of some good old tickling. I absolutely love a 'lee that has it coming and gets it worse because of her own actions man, that was great! >>3778 Very well! I'll see what I can concoct here then, and we'll see the results at some point in the future. If you ever do find an image you really want, I'd love to see it too.
Has anyone here by chance saved the Spidermon (from demon slayer) caption that was posted on 8kun?? Seems I didn't save it, which is a shame as it was a really good one.
(561.95 KB 1600x702 Salem's Prize.png)

>>3862 I'll look to see if it's in my archives.
>>3861 Anything POV, teasing tickles or character story would do. I did select images with what I thought was high caption potential, also because I am a massive pitfag, hence the general theme. I actually have done a few and posted one in 8kn before its demise…of course I didn’t save it but it was about a princess in a dungeon, the picture was pretty unique. If anyone has it saved please share.
>>3861 Bro I love it. I absolutely love the ruthlessness in her words and her deranged attitude hits perfectly. While I'm not personally one for dick teases, it definitely fits and I'm sure plenty will get a lot out of it. >This whole tickle obsessed crazy girl trope is ridiculously underrated imo. GOD it really is. There is so little content out there for this kind of ler and it upsets me. I'm all for very playful and dominant lers, don't get me wrong, (I am the one who requested that Taihou caption from a while ago after all lol), but sometimes I just get the craving for getting absolutely destroyed by a tickle-crazed psychopath with LITERALLY no mercy. Shit gets me going. You capsulated that very well here. >Oh, also, I still might use your initial idea in another pic featuring this girl If you did that would be absolutely amazing, as I am a sucker for lers cooing, taunting, and teasing the hell out of me for getting me to squirm and buck over tickling in a specific spot (specifically my belly, since I'm that kind of upperbodyfag) Anyways, great work my dude. Thank you much for doing it!
>>946 What artist? I'd like to commission them.
(406.01 KB 2048x1810 EnXozKgW8AAk1E_.jpg)

(1.89 MB 2000x2791 74344619_p0 (2).jpg)

Perhaps one of these two could work for a 'ler?
Been away from the thread and likely will continue so for a while. Just dropping by to say that >>3743 and >>3861 were pretty neat. >>3678 is too feet-focused for my tastes but I liked the worldbuilding about horrible future interrogation techniques and Moeka's anxiety over being tickled.
(357.50 KB 2048x1560 FCGbzbSVQAAyzu2.jpg)

I'm getting major teasing vibes from this one imo, anyone wanna give it a shot?
>>3864 I really, really like them breaking down into scared little girls. Blake crying for mommy, Ruby screaming for Yang. The latter especially, she can't even respond. Makes me want to see something more personal for Weiss.
I humbly implore the powers that be to caption these pics of glee.
(780.92 KB 1200x900 93050011_p0_master1200.jpg)

(272.95 KB 1412x1000 image1 (5).jpg)

(782.53 KB 1200x797 89183691_p0_master1200.jpg)

(2.29 MB 1991x1422 1633859631029.jpg)

>>3862 Here ya go
You guys seem like good writers, do you have any general advice that people should keep in mind when writing this stuff?
(2.00 MB 2400x1769 pFm6hKzK1oBezvIt7ORMRrJM.jpeg)

>>3861 Alrighty then, IRL once again got in the way, but here I am with my next request (with a repost of the image in higher quality if ya need it). The subject pictured here is Ceobe (see-oh-bee), a dog-girl hailing from the Arknights universe (the same universe Ifrit comes from, for those not in the know). For her caption, I would imagine in addition to the normal tickling/pleasure stimulation of her sessions, she is also bombarded by auditory stimulation, which is amplified due to her blindfold. It could be simple phrases of praise from her operators, snippets of other subjects enjoying their "torments", bits of negative reinforcement to punish/guilt-trip her into succumbing to her torture, or perhaps even all that mixed togother to really scramble her brain during her sessions. Possibilities are endless, wouldn't you say? Since Ceobe and Ifrit are from the same universe, I also wonder if it might be possible on your end to incorporate her into this caption. Of course, if you can't do that, then don't feel pressured to! And finally, regarding that unfinished draft, I still really want to see a complete product out of it, so if you're sure it won't interfere much with your other obligations, go right ahead and see what you can hash out! I love your stuff, Tri; and I'd love to see a complete short story from you. So with that post out of the way, I once again ask you to take all the time you need to make a satisfactory story and caption. I, as always, am VERY patient and can wait as long as it takes.
>>4158 Yes thats the one!!! Thank you so much!!!
Random things sitting in my downloads. Figured they'd make good suggestions for here, if they happen to strike inspiration with anyone.
(2.36 MB 3300x1564 142.jpg)

It's that time of the week again folks! And it's extra spicy, this one, for no real good reason, so the faint-hearted and kind of spirit are adviced to sit this one out. If instead what you want is to see beautiful, powerful and sophisticated women reduced to fearful begging and crying from some relentless scratching at their vulnerable soles, then get in here with the rest of us for your fill of ticklish cruelty. >>3264 >>3423 Yo, I got you something. It's the tried-and-true formula of 'female operative captured and tortured by ruthless and atypical interrogator', I do hope you don't mind more than a couple cliches and plot contrivances. I realized on my 'research' that this lady is right up my alley, so I had quite a bit of fun messing her up, and I think it shows. I look forward to hearing if it's to your liking friend, I know you cared about the pic so I'd love to hear it if you think I managed to add anything of value to it. >>3884 Excellent! I'll get on that. And I do remember the pic, but I'm saddened to report I didn't grab a hold of it before the Doom of 8kun. So much was lost man, it's a damn shame. We should really get to organizing these in a more reliable place. >>3892 Ah, how wonderful it is to hear of another satisfied requester. And the renowned Taihou-anon huh? I shoud've known from your belly tickling suggestions, I would've happily thrown in a jab or two in there about it being your weakspot if I'd made the connection. Very happy to hear it man, I'll see about making that irresistable psycho chick getting you just right next time, I can see her becoming a recurring tickle assailant in the thread. >>4029 Thank you, thank you! Always happy to hear it man. And I have been throwing the footfags more than a few bones as of late haven't I? Gonna have to work on that, the only thing I enjoy more than spoiling anons by cattering to their every want is sharing the love among all sorts of ticklish interests, not just the popular ones. And do come back when you feel ready please! Your stories are always missed. >>4152 >>4155 Oh yeah, I'm down River. I've got my eye on that first pic by ArisuYoku and both the pokegirl and Kiki. Only problem is that first one isn't in Arisu's gallery anymore and I actually don't know the character, so I'd have to come up with some ridiculousness if I wanted to work on that. So if you (or anyone else) knows who she is do tell, I'll give it a shot. Or I might just make that Kiki one a sequel to my previous entry with hers, if that sounds appealing to you or any other interested parties. >>4159 I'm seriously underqualified to give advice on the subject of writing, but I've got a couple of basic tips if we're talking specifically about captions. I'd suggest you focus on aspects of the pics you personally enjoy and ideas you find engaging so you have an easier time getting into it, there's plenty to choose from in the thread but you can bring your own stuff as well. Be descriptive and try to go into detail with whatever you find most interesting, be it the 'lee's internal experience and their outward reactions or the 'lers technique and attitude, that sort of stuff. Tickle fetishistic worldbuilding is always fun too. If you need ideas or just want some inspiration you can read up on some of the older stuff in the thread you find enjoyable, or try to talk it out with some of your fellow anons, I personally would enjoy discussing or throwing some ideas around. Try not to feel too pressured about the length in any way, I've written some gigantic text walls that have worked nicely and some of the shortest caps in the thread are among my favorite too. Lastly and most importantly, get in here and get writing! No better way to get better than practicing, so don't be afraid to dip your toes in, captions are a chill business and the anons around here are super supportive. Tackle some requested stuff and you might just make someone's day, even if you're not perfect at it. We're all rooting for you anon. And that's probably about it? Idk, just for good measure, do some cardio, call your mum, go easy on the french fries. >>4174 So devious, I love it. Bringing Ifrit into it? I can definitely do that. Sensory overstimulation in the form of both tickling and endless teasing tickle talk to absolutely scramble her mind is so my jam man, you can expect that one in the future for certain. And I'll give that draft a go too then! I do believe it'll work quite well as a really short story rather than a really long caption, and frankly, I can't wait to mess Chizuru up some more, still totally in love with that pic. And as always, thank you kindly for the encouraging words man, they really do mean a lot. >>4223 Oh, I am so in the mood for Shoto tickles right now. I feel obliged to ask though, are you maybe expecting something more focused on Ochako and Jiro as 'lers? I'd be down for some of that too, but what I'm feeling is the need to make a mess out of the most serious boy in class. Wouldn't wanna dissapoint you if you were expecting something coming from a different angle, so I'll wait for your input before giving it a go.
>>4256 >I'd be down for some of that too, but what I'm feeling is the need to make a mess out of the most serious boy in class I am not Endless-Forms so I cannot speak for them but I would like to put in my vote to FUCK THAT BOY UP.
>>4256 As much as I'd love to be selfish and say "why not both?", my first instinct is as follows: FINISH HIM.
>>4256 Also also, here's some more angles/alts of the same scene, so you can pick whatever tickles your Shoto/fancy.
>>4275 >>4273 BASED AS FUCK
>>4256 Yo thank you so much for doing that for me I appreciate it so much
>>4275 Are you a femanon?

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