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Pics and ticklish fates Anonymous 09/01/2021 (Wed) 03:48:28 Id: 7caf9c No. 206
I’m doing a copycat thread here because I’m impatient and 8kun is having a temper tantrum. If you haven’t seen the other thread, the purpose of this thread is for people to post pictures of various body parts, and have other people reply with what they would do to them. The original one was made for feet but I’m not so into that so I’m opening it up a little bit more. Let’s start with me. I’m 19, female, and yes I know I’m a little chubby, I’m working on it. Also sorry for the bug bites the mosquitos get vicious at this time. I’m pretty ticklish and have always enjoyed it, but not so into the whole borderline non-consent type deal, though you can say whatever you want, I won’t stop you. I’ll tell you that my ideal scenario is being treated softly, cuddled, and teased. I’m a big baby and I might cry if you’re too mean to me. I also have lots of giggles to go around and will probably start laughing before you even touch me.
>>206 >I’m a big baby and I might cry if you’re too mean to me But here's the thing, that only makes me want to be meaner to you :( Sorry, I don't choose how the sadistic part of my brain works. That being said, I can play nice, but I'd ask you to play nice in return too :) That is to say, if I don't get to be a mean 'ler, then you're going to have to be a really subby 'lee for me. I'd straddle you completely unrestrained and simply go to town on that soft looking belly and, like a good girl, you're going to have to keep those hands above your head and let me get my fill of those cute giggles. Think you can handle it? I don't mind the bug bites, I'd be all over you with kisses, raspberries and letting my fingers kneed that doughy midsection, or squeeze your hips and sides, or seeing how much laughter a finger twisting in that cute bellybutton can get out of you... Plenty of teasing too, about how you're just the most adorable 'lee ever who can't have enough of my tickles, about how I know you love when I push all your buttons so bad you can barely breathe, about how if you put your arms down you're going to owe me a much more intense session later... To finish it off, I'd get under your arms and really test your resolve (I'd love to see a picture of those -I'm positive delectable- pits of yours by the by). If you can take my tracing, scratching and digging up there for a few minutes, I'd count myself more than satisfied with my little tickle pet and finish our session with plenty of cuddling and very soft tickles just to make you smile, and, of course, only the highest praise for such a good little 'lee. If you can pass this small test, you're just perfect material for a 'cuddle-tickle-pet', methinks, and I'd be more than happy to keep you by my side and go to sleep every night to the sound of your cute laugh as I tease and tickle you into a giggly mess.
These are pics of my friend's feet. Size 8, 19, female. She's insanely fucking ticklish, and her worst spot is her feet, especially between her toes. She's a bit of a ditzy girl, but very sweet and lovable. She'd definitely fight being tickled with all her might, and probably start laughing in anticipation before anything even made contact with her feet. When she starts laughing really hard she goes silent followed by some really loud squeaky gasps. It's pretty adorable.
>>209 Good size and scrunch, even better that her feet are her worst spot and of them her toes. I'd love to get my teeth on her big ones. You're lucky. A fighter and a ditz sounds like an interesting combination.
>>208 Holy crap. I don’t even know what to say. I’m blushing and you gave me tingles and I’m literally just. How do I even respond to that?? It sounds perfect. I’m a HUGE sub so that really won’t be a problem, and I’m generally not a big squirmer if I’m having fun (unless you get to my thighs, then I can’t help you). I think what really kills me is the praise. I want to be so good for you, I want to behave so you can give me even more kisses and tell me just what a perfect little lee I am. Also I will try to get you that armpit picture eventually, just as thanks for absolutely making my week, but I’m going to need a little bit of time.
>>212 Take as much time as you need, I'm sure it'll be worth it ;) Also, showing me those pits and telling me all about how those thighs would get you to really squirm inmediately puts you in the right path to earning lots more soft tickles and compliments, along with plenty of teasing~ But it could also get you in trouble though: I'm a devious master you see? And hearing my precious little tickle pet's thighs (which I'm sure are super soft and just an absolute pleasure to tickle too) can turn her into a squirming out of control 'lee, I would not possibly be capable of resisting the temptation of sneaking my hands down there during one of our cuddle sessions and just really letting you have it. I'd be at your ear too, whispering about how I know you can't take it, that it tickles so bad, but I'm so proud of you for doing it for me, and about how good you're being for laughing yourself crazy under my hands, right until I had you completely melted into a little puddle of submissiveness and giggles that only yearns for my affection and my touch, and can't control a single muscle in her body. Now, of course, just to be fair, such a dastardly thing to endure would earn you as many kisses and caresses as you could possibly need to recover and become a giggly bundle of sunshine again, along plenty of remarks about how crazy I am about my tickle pet and how I simply can't have enough of her precious giggles and perfectly ticklish body. A fair trade, mayhaps? Glad to hear I made your week :) Hopefully this makes it a little better too.
christening the new pics board with some feet pics. here you go!
>>226 cute soles, you're banned from footwear
>>226 Delightful to see that our favorite asylum patient has made her way over here, you even brought gifts! I'd caution were you point those tootsies though, they're liable to get nipped in these parts, very liable. In the previous iteration of this thread you mentioned a tickle talk/roleplay service, possibly Discord. Discord seems perfectly fine to me, either private chats or a public server. Whatever you deem best for us to share how we'd put the screws to you. If it's roleplay you're after, Discord seems quite app for it, you can even tease via it, in addition to this thread. Personally don't concur with the above anon about banning you entirely from footwear, I'd rather it be more conditional, and by conditional I mean you only get to cover up if we give our approval.
(3.13 MB 3120x4160 IMG_20210901_210140591.jpg)

(3.01 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20210901_210416452.jpg)

(5.45 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20210901_210057030.jpg)

Pastebin guy from the other board here to submit my feet. I am all about the non-con, bad ends, what have you. Do your worst anons, the worse the better.
>>242 Looks like you have no right to shoes, your ankles will be forever locked in those cuffs, you're a tickle slave for the rest of your life and all you can do is struggle in your bonds until you pass out, then it begins again.
>>239 hiya!! <3 im a little hesitant to do it because virtually all the discords in 8kun have gone to shit, but also a place for me to compile my pictures, have others share theirs, talk tickling with you all and offer a roleplay service (ideally, roleplaying the fantasies/dream scenarios of others) would be neat. i think for now, all pictures and tickle talk and such shall be the delightful price of $0.00. i should be focused on what privileges i can earn during my internment, anyway ;P since im stupidly broke and scant for time, if anyone is interested in an rp service sort of deal, just let me know and i can give my discord. it’s a free 800 words from myself so that you can evaluate my ability or tweak preferences for writing and such.
oh and, for those of you that are new or refugees from the previous board— here’s everything I’ve posted so far.
>>256 missed a picture.
>>254 I get where you're coming from, I believe I was on the original Discord server for /tk/ (Actually still haven't bothered to leave even though I haven't touched it in years) and share a similar feeling that after growing too large it began to go down hill. In contrast, I've found using Discord to chat with friends one on one has been a wonderful experience and great for fetish talk and sharing material, I imagine it would be quite conducive to roleplay as well. May even be able to work something out with the group chat function if a bunch of anons pawing at you is your heart's desire. It's very kind of you to offer yourself up to the perverse whims of others, likely dangerous too with what we can concoct (Though I think we shate some tastes in common). I'm delighted to see you acclimating so well to your new home and accepting the reality of the situation, it has been a treat to have you as a capt-, I mean patient, and your treatment hasn't even truly begun. I'd be estatic to further discuss your therapy regimen over Discord. >>256 That first picture is exquisite, I'm a sucker for a cute pair of big toes bound together.
>>259 well, a) glad i could please you! and b) feel free to add me on discord, guv#6919
>>260 if anyone else is interested in the rp service thing— feel free to add me there!
>>260 Notified you about scheduling an appointment. You've pleased me more than you can guess, I can only hope I've repaid or can repay even a fraction of it.
>>242 I like that you already have your ankles locked in chains, like you're already prepared for your fate. You know what, you seem like the kind of guy who deserves to be strapped down to have his feet fucked against his will. You mind if I use these soles for my own twisted desires? I have bad news, it doesn't matter how you answer, because you're in no position to escape. It's really just a formality.
>>206 Fats posting their L’s
>>268 Not cool, we don't mock anyone posting their pictures here.
>>268 Can you please shut up and appreciate a beautiful body? God, how sad you are so freaking pitiful that you can't see the perfection in a cute belly like that and you have to spit shit like that to make others feel bad
>>268 Now Anon you know you shouldn't throw stones from glass houses.
>>267 Fortunately, if I did unwisely say no, enough tickle torture will make me have to say yes. I can't even blame you for it. I'm the one that decided to post my feet up here like a tease!
Henlo~ :} I am 18 and a half, male, chubby and curvy, about 4/5ths femboi~ =w= Oh my fucking stars, anything that involves any part of a mouth on my belly will end me =w= Despite this tidbit, I w i l l be bratty with you~ Oh, and those last two sentences are bull - I am, in fact, not ticklish =v= Sorry to burst bubbles~
>tfw no gf that let's me tickle her
Femanon here showing my super ticklish size 5 feet. Give me the best you got!
(48.41 KB 720x711 pain peko.jpg)

>Many anons showing their feet >No anons showing their armpits
>>847 i feel you anon, i feel you nothing better than a pair of sweaty armpits you can lick
>>208 Wow
>>860 A little much? :(
>>214 Sorry it took so long! I was busy and I’ll have to admit, a little insecure, so I kept putting it off. I don’t think it looks so nice but I hope my armpit can do something for you.
>>881 The only problem with that armpit is that it's currently on my screen and not under my fingers. That and that I now can't stop thinking about it and how crazy I'd love to drive you by digging around in there or lickling it until you can't take a second longer, and it's making a mess of me. Seriously, that is lovely, thank you so much <3 Don't feel insecure, your body is beautiful and your attitude is the best, you have no idea how attractive I find it in a 'lee that they would willingly put such a sensitive spot at my disposition (even through a pic lol). That alone does more than just something for me :) And I'm sure I'm not alone there either! That being said, if you were my cuddle-tickle-pet you would be in big trouble right about now: not only would I be all over your pits exploring them with every tool at my disposition and making sure to map every inch of sensitive skin for future reference, but you'd be permanently banned for wearing sleeves, I'd demand to have such lovely pits ready for light tickle torture, kisses and plenty of licking 100% of the time, thank you very much. Sorry, they look too good, and you'd have to pay for making your Master this hot and bothered somehow...
>>881 Ain't tryna troll but dark patch of skin under your armpits is often a sign of prediabetes, if it smells heavy too (like smells worse than usual) than that's another sign; I'd see a Doctor if I were you. Better safe than sorry, anon
>>886 Thanks for being concerned, but it’s always been like this. I think it’s common in Hispanic people. I do get checked regularly and last I checked my blood sugar levels were okay. Thanks for being concerned though!
>>884 Awwwww thank you so much!! You always make me feel shy!! Of course I’d expose myself to you, because we’re both after the same thing, right? One thing that always drives me nuts is when somebody runs their fingers down the underside of my arm. That’s another one of the spots that always makes me squirm… I usually can’t take it for more than half a minute lmao.
>>891 i dont believe you, we need more pictures for research
(1.33 MB 1198x792 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.47 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.77 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)

Had some pics on the original thread but here ya go, nerds. Bi dude with some sensitive size 10s. Go wild
>>1119 You need to be held down, soles facing up while my sharp nails work on those nice soft soles!
(1005.04 KB 718x1125 7643874267.png)

(1.04 MB 666x948 73874387836.png)

(1.24 MB 696x1154 34134838138.png)

i never realized this thread lived on, ill gladly throw myself back in the fire bi, guy, and some size 16s probably not ready for what you may throw at me lol
>>1277 They look incredible anon, perfect for nibbles and kisses and plenty of lickling to melt you into a giggly puddle, and, of course, for some really dreadful nails to scratch all over. I think I would tie them neatly in some padded stocks, toes spread apart nice and tight, and spend a good couple hours exploring every inch of skin on those beauties. Once I'd mapped out your hot spots, I'd alternate between lazy scratching and really quick brushing over them, until you were crying in hysterics, all while giving you plenty of tickle talk and teasing, like a good tickle toy deserves. And don't expect any amount of begging to get you a break you tease, but feel free to plead as hard you want. Although if a footjob from those deliciously soft looking soles was on the table, we might be able to strike a deal... (Love the black nails btw! Quite striking in contrast to how pale and delicate they look, particularly in the third pic)
(1006.72 KB 720x1280 443438348348.png)

(552.87 KB 1008x1892 20210817_130828.jpg)

>>1278 oh god i think just the licks and nibbles would break me. tickles wreck me anywhere, but those just go right through me. and i think a footjob could certainly be on the table, i haaave wanted to try giving one..... or, y'know, you could just use them how you please while you've got me like that 😘
>>1280 >stirrups Positively lovely. Trying to cover up a bit of weakspot perhaps? Those arches do look awfully tender. An if lickles are the way to drive my submissive little tickle toy wild, then you're in big trouble. With how absolutely flawless those look, you'd have to bare me for hours just going to town on them before I allowed you a break, I'd just not be able to stop. They deserve nothing but adoration and I'd be happy to provide it one thorough and extremely ticklish lick at a time <3 If you lose your mind laughing all the while, well, that's just the delicious icing on the cake. >i haaave wanted to try giving one You'd be a natural, I'm sure. Just picturing that softness around me is already wrecking my shit anon, any guy would be addicted to them after the first stroke. And giving such an open invitation is just asking for trouble you silly thing~ You'd be stuck as my personal tickle/footjob slave forever, always there to drive crazy and pleasure myself with at my leisure. But don't worry, I know how you tickle sluts are, I'd be sure throw in a few ticklegasms in there when I'm feeling magnanimous... At the price of plenty of post-orgasm punishment, of course :)
(1.56 MB 960x1280 746138318.png)

(594.04 KB 960x1280 3843813848.jpg)

>>1281 oh you're an absolute villain, anon! though i can't say some long lickle torture doesn't sound like fun.... and i've only been tickled post- once, and it was just devastating, so i'm sure you'd have quite a bit of fun with it
>>1297 Hmm, teasing and lickling those delicious soles until you're a horny wreck, forcing ticklegasms on you until you can't think straight, then abusing all that built up sensitivity until you scream for me to stop amid hysterics and then taking advantage of your tired body and those poor tortured feet to satisfy my raging lust? Sounds quite fun, yeah :) The rest of your body looks like it'd be a blast to play with too btw~ Tell me, would some soft feathers teasing that cute butt and attacking your erect cock earn me some giggles? A bit more than that, perhaps? What about that upper body? Looks to me like tying you spread eagle and nibbling you all over until I find out and you can barely breath would be more than called for. All such a pretty submissive boy deserves, really. (And thanks for all the pics btw, you're seriously driving me nuts, those stirrups do wonders for me lol. Very, very based of you anon~)
>>1297 Fuuuck Anon, those toes are killing me!~ Also I agree with >>1315 I gotta know if your cock is just as cute and ticklish as those feet~
(160.33 KB 960x1280 384318117-2.jpg)

(4.30 MB 1920x2560 916873184.png)

(726.77 KB 1920x2560 212135444545.jpg)

>>1297 >>1315 >>1316 oh man. ive had a soft paintbrush used on me before and that was enough of a tease, nevermind a feather. as for the rest of me, well, soft feathers sound maddeningly teasing, especially once you hit the right spots! god, the nibbles, though.....i'll give you a tease and confirm that they are VERY effective, and i don't think there's anywhere where they wouldn't tickle like mad
>>1297 I like to imagine coming home after a stressful day to the knowledge that my tickle slave is down in the basement, already strapped down to a bondage device, forced to wait patiently for my return. You'll be sitting alone in the darkness, strapped down so tight you can only wiggle those adorable little toes. Your stomach sinks as you hear the basement door open. The lights flick on. The sound of footsteps thumping on the stairs down. Your heart is pounding in your chest. "Long day at work today," I would say. You already know what that means. You would beg to give me a footjob. Promise you're a good boy and that I don't need to tickle torture you today. You'll do whatever I want. I don't even have to untie you, you know how to give a good footjob while restrained, you'll plead. "Yeah," I'll say, uncapping a bottle of oil and slowly approaching your quivering, bound body, "but the footjobs are so much better after a couple of hours of tickle torture."
(692.91 KB 2640x1980 20210922_110618.jpg)

New guy here and thought I'd contribute an armpit pic since we need more of those. Pretty ugly looking pit but hope it satisfies someone XD
(65.73 KB 960x1280 4534534533.jpg)

(71.83 KB 960x1280 83737377.jpg)

(73.36 KB 1280x960 99943444.jpg)

>>1319 >>1320 it sounds like you're going to have to take turns with me. i'm not sure if i should be excited or concerned though, and maybe its morbid curiosity (or a bit of masochism) saying this, i do wonder how long i'd be able to last. though, uh, i may regret that curiosity
>>1319 >>1328 You're so tickle slave material <3 With how sexy and flawless your whole body seems to be, it's a wonder nobody has picked you up the streets and carried you to be their ticklish fucktoy forever and ever (I'm not certain I'd be able to help myself tbqh). And you should be concerned anon, you've already confessed that nibbling and lickling you all over would be a fine way to drive you crazy with laughter, and if being showered with my ticklish attentions gets you hard at any point, you can be sure I'll milk that ticklish cock until you have not a single drop left, after a good while of soft feathers abusing it all over of course, and absolutely destroy your body after each ticklegasm to boot. And teasy tickle sluts such as yourself get no safeword privileges, so all you would be able to do would be bearing it all while trying not to lose your mind (spoilers: you will). And those thighs and that tummy man, hnnng. Just imagine wiggling fingers slowly approaching them to squeeze and knead and abuse every bit of sensitivity, all while knowing very well that the moment you break down and start laughing uncontrollably the tickling is only going to get worse and won't stop until the anon you've teased so is satisfied. How about you tell us about yourself a bit too hmm? Any fantasies you'd like to share? Any favorite spots, tools? It can only help getting anons riled up about your body, which you seem to love~ >>1325 It'd look a lot better tied up, stretched taut, oiled up and after a good half hour of brushing~ Pit pics are always appreciated anon, thank you very much
(60.46 KB 1280x960 4537379373.jpg)

(65.05 KB 1280x960 24527434334.jpg)

(712.79 KB 1920x2560 813844686448.jpg)

>>1328 >>1332 hah, bold of you to assume i'm not already somebody's ticklish fucktoy! i know these things about myself for a reason 😉 as for fantasies and such, well....i must admit it's not just one of mine to be gang-tickled, but one of my partner's as well. as in, they want me to be gang-tickled too. so take joy in knowing that i would be well and truly hopeless, as even my own SO is more likely to tell you my secrets than save me! as for tools, well, so far there isn't anything that hasn't worked on me! nails, paintbrushes, feathers, toothbrushes (normal ones too!), hell, even the little pinwheel thing i can never remember the name of (which is a special kind of torment when you tease the right spot with it btw). only thing we haven't tried yet is hairbrushes, which i look forward to with both excitement and dread.
(405.83 KB 384x472 734878773.mp4)

(96.66 KB 960x1280 1573873465.jpg)

(153.17 KB 960x1280 3874318543435.jpg)

>>1336 >>1332 i figure if im going to tease talking about some of my favorite spots, i might as well include some teasing pics as well c: it's hard to pick a specific one because im sensitive all over, but i do always appreciate attention paid to my feet.... there's also a nice spot on my armpits that drives me wild when it's tickled slow (though slow tickles are torture in general lol). my hips are a hell of a spot, too! i think they're the spot where i first learned just how badly nibbles and licks tickle. oh, there's also my waist, which is a really weird spot. usually i can hold the laughs back for a little bit before i burst, but i, like, physically can't when i'm tickled there (even if it's just silent, which doesn't take long for me to start going in and out of). i have a bunch of places that are way more ticklish than it, but there's just something up with that spot
>>1332 No problem! Happy to contribute to the cause and volunteer my armpit up for some ticklish torment. Seems like a fun time. With that said, yeah I agree with >>847 - kinda wish more armpit pics were uploaded here :p Also yeah, my pits would look that much better after a good brushing and tickling session, won't it? Getting my pits tied down and mercilessly tickled till the point of sweating has always been one of my biggest fantasies~
>>1338 Well with so many ticklish spots I personally would just challenge you to a tickle fight that I know I would win. I'd target all your sensitive spots one by one. I'd let you tickle me back too but only for a little bit! Once I get a hand on your soles I'd slowly take off your footwear and you'd know you've already lost. My finger would meet your soft smooth soles in those sheer socks that do little to protect you. Resistance would be futile, my fingers would dance effortlessly across your feet and you wouldn't know whether to beg for more or beg for mercy. As you finally admit defeat I take my prize, you feel your sheer socks get pulled off and your stirrups are pulled off your arches. Your bare soles are completely exposed and are immediately assaulted by my fingers. An explosive wave of laughter overtakes you and you're unable to hold back your enjoyment over the whole situation. That kind of reaction would deserve a reward. You feel a warm tongue start gliding up your soles and crawling in-between your toes. It illicits giggles and moans from you. The fingers return on your other foot causing you to become confused. Ticklish laughter or pleasure from foot worship, your brain can't choose. I wouldn't even stop you from grabbing your clearly erect member and finishing the experience for yourself. Though if you finished the tickling and worship would still continue until I'm satisfied. Then and only then would I place my cock in-between your saliva covered soles and ask for a footjob.
>>1336 Well now I'm just hopelessly jealous :c Although it's difficult to stay upset when you keep sharing those incredibly sexy pics and juicy details <3 Hmm, anon, sounds like it'd be genuinely impossible not to get obsessed with punishing you with tickles if I ever had a chance to get my hands on you and make you squeal. Admittedly a part of that would be retribution over having me slobber over you like this lol It's cool your SO would be down for some gang tickles! Not only is it a gift for the world that they aren't trying to keep you all to themselves (I don't know that I would be that noble tbh haha) but it conjures the image of 20-30 nails encroaching on those soles like a circle of wolves and just wrecking the absolute fuck out of you, which I can get behind :) >>1338 >that vid God, just pure, undiluted seduction. And hearing about all your hot spots certainly doesn't help, phew. I'd personally love to hear more about those pits and how to best abuse them and make you pay for no other crime than being way too sexy and way too much of a tickle slut btw~ (pics would be doubly appreciated of course!) Would alternating between slow and thorough lickling and nails moving lazily over the soft skin be best to make you scream for me? Or maybe a nice thin, precise little paintbrush endlessly teasing that spot if I wanted to make you cry with laughter? Or perhaps...? We need to know anon! And your waist huh? Don't know how you and your SO handle PDAs, but that spot just sounds perfect to tease you in a public space with to me. Try not to turn into a giggly turned on mess during the family reunion type deal haha. I mean, you can drive any ticklefag wild just by stretching your arms up and leaving yourself wide open, so it seems only fair we get a way to fight back Those sheer socks are precious btw. So, on or off, which tickles worse? >>1340 Such dangerous talk! Don't you know around these parts shameless tickle sluts get tied up and left to the mercy of dozens of anons to have their way with? I'm already cracking my knuckles in anticipation. How do a couple of hours of slowly drawing circles on the center of those pits before digging in for some seriously intense tickle torture sounds like to you? Nevermind that, you actually get no say in the matter, you only get to lose your mind laughing and take it like a good tickle toy.
Well, here are my unfairly ticklish armpits. Let me know what you think.
(19.59 KB 352x223 41sZBgYEubL.jpg)

im sorry bros but this entire thread tho https://youtu.be/RSpjR5mv_h0?t=9
(55.21 KB 960x1280 7218888.jpg)

(28.46 KB 720x1280 4257327373.jpg)

>>1338 >>1350 i must admit, that does sound like fun....and also how it would probably go down lol though i don't know if you'd need to ask for a footjob, at that point it might be a given! not that i think i'd have anything left in me to resist with anyway, i think you'd have worked me over too well
(76.02 KB 960x1280 77184684.jpg)

(69.50 KB 1280x960 83441384888.jpg)

(67.95 KB 960x1280 84384433444.jpg)

>>1395 >>1357 >SO i think you're right on the nose- ever since my SO learned how ticklish i was, they've been an absolute fiend. i could be just sitting in a chair, minding my own business, and they'll come over and go straight for my armpits. when of course i collapse into a giggling heap, they'll look me in the eyes and tell me "arms up". and don't worry, i've already been told i'm going to get it in a public space sometime as for gang tickles....i can barely take just one person motioning they're going to pounce on me, let alone several going for the same spot at once. i get reminded every time lol >hot spots i think the pics should give you a good idea ;p as far as pits go, it's a little hard to say! licking is definitely the worst (or i guess for you, the best). i have very vivid memories of experiencing that for the first time and fervently for it to stop. between nails and brushes, it's kind of a toss up. brushes are more reliable at hitting that maddeningly gentle tease consistently, but put some lotion on and nails can get so much worse. im undecided with the socks, needs further testing (i hope the format change isn't too jarring, trying to make it a bit easier to read lol)
(2.86 MB 478x848 1221343_mt.mp4)

>>1398 if you >>1350 >>1357 liked the sock vid, you may like this too
Ever come across a pair of feet that just too ticklish for their own good? I could breathe on these and she'd giggle. Smelling and massaging her feet are delicate operations. Foot worship turns her into a cackling mess. Straight up tickling? Futile unless she's strapped the fuck down. My girlfriend is the most ticklish girl ever who, in her words, "hates tickling," but somehow ended up with me. She has, however, learned that she's an absolute tickle monster when she lers me.
>>1431 as for me, I'm just a guy who's tickle tortured a lot of girls over the years but this most recent girl has been doling out revenge pretty damn often. i'd be interested in hearing how people would tickle torture us (either individually or together)
>>1399 so freakin hot, your bf is a damn lucky guy
(91.85 KB 860x572 3859.jpg_wh860.jpg)

>>1398 Gosh, I was right to imagine your pits would look positively delectable. I can see why they'd go straight for them, and that arms up bit is so my thing lol, I'd love to make you present all your weaknesses on a silver plater, specially under pretense of worse torture if you refuse (note that I'd do my best to send you to tickle hell regardless, so that might be a bit of a vain threat hehe). And knowing lickles up there would drive you crazy is almost too good! I'm telling you anon, this is a dangerous game you're playing, teasing us with such a sexy ticklish body: I don't think any amount of begging and/or safewording could tear me apart from those pits if I had them all to myself and my tongue, it would only make it all the sweeter. Sorry anon, tickle sluts get abused until they cry, I don't make the rules~ Oh, and I'll gladly volunteer to test that sock thing :) We might need to spend a couple hours together and you might end up a sweaty, teary, semi-delirious laughing wreck by the end, but I promise we'll get to the bottom of it. (No concerns with the formatting btw, all's good on my end) >>1399 You're killing me anon, damn. Those deserve to be in stocks with feathers slowly tracing every inch of their skin for literal years for the crime of torturing me by only letting me watch. Such a teasy tickle toy, I hope your SO gets you good next time, for the sake of all the anons you've made horny here. >>1431 >>1432 You're both lucky to have each other man, damn. She looks gorgeous and so do her feet. And you're quite a sight as well. Big feet like yours are specially satisfying to destroy and that upperbody is just fucking hot by all accounts. I'd love to tie you up next to each other, both of you in stocks but facing one another kind of like picrel, but keeping your arms up and your gf completely free (other than her feet, of course), and then just really letting you both have it. And since your gf is just that deadly ticklish, I'd essentially extort her through tickle torture into joining me in destroying you :) Sounds like she'd be quite easy to convince, but I'm a mean bastard so I'd probably torture her anyway, maybe into begging me to tickle you instead, and once we get to you... Let's just say I'd love to see how far I can push her into pushing you, constantly egging her on with sudden bouts of tickling and insisting she needs to tickle you harder. As for you, you're getting no mercy. I wouldn't be satisfied until we'd utterly savaged your sexy body: those feet are getting the brushes until you're screaming for us to stop, calling yourself our tickle slut and everything else we feel like torturing out of you, a just reward for the lucky ticklish hunk... Sorry if that's a little too intense lol. Cruelty is my favorite tickle tool :)
(52.64 KB 960x1280 873737323.jpg)

(58.58 KB 960x1280 7277227.jpg)

>>1399 >>1434 not wrong! ;P honestly. i'm pretty lucky too. i was so anxious to fully open up to them about my, ah, 'inclination' towards tickling. turns out i should have said something much sooner. i thought i may be opening a door; i was opening the floodgates lmao >>1451 you're just relentless, huh? i'd have to keep my arms chained to my sides around you, just to keep you off me. though now that i think about it, that's probably a very regrettable decision. sure, one spot is safe, but there's still, y'know, everywhere else lol >socks and teasing come, young knight, and seize excalibur. your prize awaits ;P and i have an idea as to what awaits me next time, and all i can say is Uh Oh
(618.73 KB 1920x1080 IMG_20210620_213508522.jpg)

my fate?
bumping for interest
(2.29 MB 4160x3120 20200706_151330.jpg)

I'm curious what y'all would wanna do to me~
>>14108 I would passionately make out with that big foot anon. I'm talking kisses, nibbles and lickling all over every inch of those soles, paying close attention to your reactions to find out exactly what spots make you laugh the loudest and squirm the most so I can really let you have it right there and drive you crazy. Same for those toes, I'd softly bite and lick them individually, then get into that really tender spot in between them too. I wouldn't even tie you down, I'd just wrap myself around your leg and give the rest of your body all the room you want to trash and squirm while you lose your head laughing for me, knowing your foot is all mine to lovingly torture without mercy until I'm satisfied with your cute laughter and useless begging.
Putting this here too. A friend of mine's feet. She's not very ticklish on the rest of her body but everything from her thighs and below are ticklish as hell. Her feet are heavenly soft too. Initially, she wouldn't really care if you tickled her and she'd almost welcome it but eventually she'd start fighting and tell you to stop. She's shy too which makes it cuter. What's her fate?
>>14136 They're gorgeous. Hearing she's shy does make me want to be mean to her though, I have a thing for breaking the cuties, sorry~ I'd tease her softly at first, some quick scratching here and there, maybe using a massage as an excuse just to get her all giggly and blushy, just enjoying that softness you talk about. But when I start really digging in and she tries to fight back, we're breaking out the stocks, and I'm really letting her have it. Since she's *that* ticklish, I'm using the toe ties right away too, I don't want anything stopping me from giving those soles a proper tickle, my nails are dancing over every inch of them no matter how much she tries to escape or tell me to stop. And, of course, she's not getting out without a taste of the brush. I'd rub some of that mosturizer on them and brush away, until I see your friend figurately melt. I'd tease her all the way too, about how cute her soft feet are, and how beautiful her laughter is, and how much I love seeing her lose her mind for me. I'm not stopping until she's lost all shyness in the chaos of sensations and ends up a mess of tears and sweat begging for mercy, I'm sure that'd be an insanely hot look for her. Afterwards I would give her an actual massage though, maybe even some worship of those beauties if it doesn't tickle too bad, and I bet it'd be a treat to see her come down from the uninhibited state of ticklish frenzy she was in before into her cute shy self again.
(123.89 KB 662x752 2242434.jpg)

(217.71 KB 640x808 24245254.jpg)

(889.16 KB 1380x1534 54135455.jpg)

(944.49 KB 1560x1172 9874237375.jpg)

(158.18 KB 582x1076 452424-2.jpg)

Adding my girlfriend to be put at everyone's mercy. She's very shy about her feet, except when she's being a tease with them. They're small and super soft, and extremely sensitive- she can't handle having them tickled at all. She's like that head-to-toe too, which makes her very fun to tickle. When she's in the right mood, though, she loves it, even if she's fighting it the whole way
>>14160 Oof, anon, that fourth pic with her arms up is killing me. A tease that loves it but fights it all the way huh? Sounds incredibly fun. Stretching her arms with an exaggerated yawn and flaunting those pits, suddenly dropping those cute little feet on your lap and wiggling her toes suggestively... Killer stuff, and just perfect to go all out on her ticklish body and make her regret it later. She looks and sounds like she would be crazy satisfying to tickle into submission without bondage, just taking advantage of her revealing clothes and that extreme sensitivity you mention. I would love to get ahold of her when she's left her guard down and just go to town goosing her midsection and thighs until she's out of breath and I can really overpower her. I'm thinking holding both her arms above her head with one of my hands while the other one plays with her pits, teasing her with a single wiggling finger and watching her freak out because she knows once I'm really letting her have it under there I won't stop until she's crying and I've gotten her back for all that teasing. Same for those cute feet btw, I feel like I could use my own legs to hold her down and just sit there comfortably with one in my grasp for hours, dragging a nail up and down the soft pale skin with a smug look, watching her get more and more desperate and breaking down in cute giggles until she's begging for mercy. Good stuff, lucky anon.
(1.45 MB 2312x3024 325418578.jpg)

(544.53 KB 1560x1560 384684838.jpg)

(77.39 KB 720x1280 87452745358.jpg)

(845.34 KB 1560x1560 74848334438.jpg)

>>14160 >>14175 You're not that far off from how it can go without bondage! She'll try to fight hard but just touching reduces her to giggles, you don't even have to move your fingers. Once you start, though, she'll really lose it. (Last pic has some fun context- her shoes and socks got really wet while we were at a park, so she had to take them off to dry. There were plenty of people around when I took the pic, along with some onlookers who were VERY interested the second her shoes started coming off and kept sneaking peeks the whole time, which made her very shy)
Here are my best friend's feet. Latina size 8s. Shes a huge tease because she knows shes hot as fuck, especially her feet. Im super lucky because a few years ago she let me worship them and gave me footjobs. This is still my peak as a footfag and I cum buckets every time I remember the experience. Shes also ticklish as fuck and is basically the person that awoke my tickling fetish. Used to tickle her all the time when we were in high school, so I know some interesting things about her soles. Light tickles on her soles dont do much to her, but deeper firmer tickling drives her insane. Her death spot is her arches. One time I locked her foot on an armlock and curled the fingers of my other hand into a claw. This claw then dug straight into her arch and I slowly spider tickled. Instant silent laughter. All she could do was to try and free herself by kicking me with her free foot. But nope, I just kept tickling. Had to stop eventually as she was running out of breath. She has a very sexy choking, husky laugh that is hard to describe, but when you hear it you know shes completely losing it. Oh, and shes also got a very bossy, confident attitude, and can be a total brat when shes in a mood. Im sure a hairbrush and some baby oil while shes secured to some firm stocks would tame her real quick ;)
Here are these if anyone is interested in tormenting a pair of size 16’s
Be creative!
another thread of dudes posting their feet and saying "I'm a girl btw guys!" god it's like DeviantArt leaked onto here. what's next, some guy showing pictures of silicone feet and saying it's his GF's?
>>17308 I fucking swear there's some uncontained SCP in random image boards that makes people spontaneously choose violence like this
>>17123 >Be creative Alright, hear me out: a futuristic device that connects the sensations on those sexy soles to an app I can control remotely to make you my literal tickle toy whenever I feel like it. Going somewhere? Nope, you now feel exactly like two wide brushes are going to town on those arches and you can only fall apart in desperate laughter, uselessly swatting and kicking the invisible tickler away. Riding a crowded bus? Try not to cum in your pants in front of all that people from the sensation of my mouth lickling and sucking on each of your sensitive toes while I circle my sharp nails very slowly over the balls of your feet. Been a bad boy, not calling me Master like I asked you? Maybe I just leave it on the maximum setting a couple of hours, see what's left of your mind after going through the most intensely ticklish sensation you could possibly experience for however long I see fit. If I feel the need to use your feet to pleasure myself, I'll just set it to slow feathers trailing all over every inch of the soft skin until you come to me, begging to let me fuck them so you can stop being a giggly blushy turned on mess for even one second. And who knows? If I ever get tired of playing with you on my own, maybe feel like sharing my tickle toy with the world, I could leak the password to the ticklishness of those delicious looking feet on a certain imageboard, and let the people there decide just how much punishment they should endure. And, btw, the number of people playing with them at the same time influences how intense all those sensations feel quite strongly...
>>17310 It's been like that since ever. For some reason the majority of people who's willing to show feet for free on the internet it's gay dudes. Women only share that Sort of pics if they can profit out of it
(98.81 KB 1440x2272 Img.666290.png)

(112.43 KB 1440x2347 Img.189333721.png)

(82.68 KB 640x1136 IMG_7463.PNG)

(2.63 MB 1440x2261 Img3477719974.png)

Adding my girlfriend in too, ticklish all over and can't stand it really, just tolerates it cause she knows it's my kink. Feet are definitely her worst spot but hips, thighs and pits are bad too
>>17715 Tbf, women are more likely able to profit off of it. I can tell you if I knew I'd get a decent chunk of change from showing my feet I'd absolutely do it. Ez shit.
>>17773 She's adorable, I love it. Her sides and hips look perfect for goosing until she's crying and begging for mercy, but knowing she's the girlfriend of a tickle sadist like you, my fantasy is to tie her sensitive feet right next to yours and brush them until you're both losing your mind with laughter, begging for me to tickle each other instead of you. You better believe I'm torturing those buttery soft soles until you both betray each other because of the overwhelming ticklish stimuli, no matter what it takes: brushes, feathers, nibbling or lickling. I'm torturing those sexy soles until those nerve endings are burning with ticklish intensity and you can't take a second longer. and would much rather me torture a loved one through intense and unending tickle torture instead of you.
>>18180 That's is absolutely cruel and evil and I love everything about it, can post more if you'd like, for more teasy descriptions of course
>>18281 Bring them, especially if we get to see those sensitive pits of hers and/or your own ticklish body anon. I hope you don't change your mind when your brains are melting as every one of your worst spots is mercilessly teased and tortured.
(112.43 KB 1440x2347 Img.189333721.png)

(231.90 KB 1440x2262 Img1157843317.jpg)

(98.81 KB 1440x2272 Img.666290.png)

(212.66 KB 1440x2260 Img98766372.jpg)

(214.76 KB 1440x2264 Img899533526.jpg)

>>18301 Enjoy, one quick one of my own ticklish pits too
(989.38 KB 3216x1808 IMG-20220325-WA0005.jpeg)

>>18385 >pasty >0 muscle definition >weird bruise on ribs 2/10
>>18385 Don't listen to that guy, I'd absolutely wreck you. Those pits and ribs are positively begging to be tickled.
(1.87 MB 1440x2333 IMG111176.png)

(2.09 MB 1440x2326 IMG_122789.png)

(1.97 MB 1440x2296 IMG_48921.png)

(1.87 MB 1440x2340 IMG.png)

>>18391 Absolutely, those pits deserve to be destroyed. >>18384 She's gorgeous anon, looks amazing. I'm thinking those beautiful legs should be tickle abused while you're made to watch. Picture it, your gf, absolutely tickle destroyed, goosed, scratched, teased and tickled all over those sexy thighs and feet (tights on first, ripped open later), while you can only watch. You want to join in you say? Sure thing, have your pits absolutely destroyed while you're jerked and your gf begs for mercy. If you want to cum after all that tickling turns you on, you're giving us permission to do with the both of you what we want, you little tickle slut~ I'm sure after enough teasing on your erect dick while your significant other is tickle tortured, you won't mind us keeping you both as our tickle pets. >>18437 Great, that last pic is just begging for it. I'd dig into that soft belly and listen to her lose her shit in hysterics, enjoying her sexy body contorting and shaking under the intense laughter. She deserves it for having those delicious looking thighs and UP~ Afterwards I'll get to those delicious looking pits in that sexy sports bra. They just turn me on too much anon, I'd lickle and tickle them until she was thoroughly broken, hope you don't mind!
>>19038 Absolutely don't mind at all in fact I actively encourage it. I have others I could maybe upload sometime but gotta blur her face out
(1.20 MB 3024x4032 image0-8.jpg)

OP here again. I forgot about this thread and was totally shocked to see my tummy while scrolling. Here's a much better picture!
>>19079 I just want to take away your right to shoes and scratch your soles freely
>>19200 I don't know OP, looks like you need to raise your arms to show those pits. If you fail to comply we will have to make use of that tummy until you surrender yourself to the anons.
>>19214 Other anon here but I would tickle your soles with your socks on, then try to tickle them off your soles, the harder you make it, the harder you get tickled. For every giggle you let out in the meantime I would extend your punishment after with 5 minutes.
>>19200 Seconding >>19212 here, there's plenty of soft pinches, wiggly fingers and raspberries in store for that gorgeous soft tummy of yours if you don't follow suit. Some goosing of your hips and very slow scratching all over that seductive lower belly, along with some very mean teasing words whispered in your ear to ensure you can't think straight and can only laugh yourself silly for us, will be added to your sentence upon further resistance. Compliance, on the other hand, will earn you a lengthy cuddle session and more than enough loving but intense tickles to melt you into a giggly mess like any good 'lee deserves.
Ma dick nice and hard from fantasy of your feet in front of my face while I enjoy every texture of your padded skin. Your toes wiggling and feet curling make me just Horny to non stop tickle you a good while. :3
>>19214 Really I'd love to pin you down and use my short, but sharp nails to relentlessly tickle your soles, hold your toes back and nibble on your heels and under your toes, and dig in between each toe with my nails until you're a giggling, squealing toy and beg for mercy, then I'll write "Tickle Slave" and "Barefoot Bitch" on your soles, and you'll never be free or safe from tickle torture again
>>19214 Nice house. Very quiet and domestic. I think I'd like to kidnap you in your own house, put you in tight leather cuffs, and start filling the house with bondage equipment, turning it into your own little tickle dungeon. I'd make you crawl on all fours between the rooms, throwing you on whichever bondage device I feel like. Maybe the padded bondage table in your bedroom. Then, when I'm done tickle torturing you for now and you're laying there all sweaty and exhausted, I'll just leave you bound to watch hours tick by slowly through the shifting light in the window, waiting with dread for me to come back and make you crawl somewhere else in your house-cum-torture-chamber where your punishment will continue. It may be years before I feel like you've served enough punishment to atone for teasing people online with your bare feet but you can take comfort in knowing you deserve it and you'll be a good girl from now on.
>>19276 I'd love to tie your socked feet together and brush the hell out of them, slowly pealing the socks off to expose the heals and then targeting them
>>19276 Once you're broken into being my obedient tickle slave I'm going to make you hold your toes back for me while I scrub them with a brush, don't you dare let them go until I'm done or you'll be spending the night immobilized and blindfolded, bare soles out, anticipating tickle torture that will come as I please
>>19212 >>19223 I dunno, surrendering myself to the anons is starting to sound pretty good right now. Be nice to me, I'm sensitive!
>>19347 No niceness for unruly prisoners~ You're getting restrained with your arms up and made an example out of! We'll be having our way with your belly, starting very, very slow. Just caressing and scribbling every inch of that soft sensitive spot, paying special attention to your bellybutton and relentlessly teasing your lower belly too, until you giggle your head off for us and we find out exactly where and how to best torture you. And then, the real tickling can begin. Pinching the delicious flab, digging in with sharp nails, blowing raspberries right on your belly button... That sexy soft belly is begging for it, and we're going to give it to it, no mercy. You better be ready to laugh yourself crazy! And then, once we're satisfied with your begging (it'll be a while), we can move up to those pits and those breasts you're so afraid to show us...
>>19347 >>19348 Don't forget that having more than 1 person handle someone so sensitive means that they will get overwhelmed. Which just means that it should be very easy for us to just break her with teases alone, anything more than that and well, I guess we will have ourselves a new tickle trophy. No spot needs to go unturned after all. Going for your pits, feet , sides, thighs, neck and whatever else looks like a fun place to play for hours and hours. The more you beg the more torture will come, so I hope you can keep shut for your own sake.
(1.10 MB 2944x2208 fffffff.jpg)

(1.09 MB 2944x2208 ffff.jpg)

Alright, degens. Soft n' sensitive size 10s for you. Go wild.
>>19360 Are you the kind of person who goes barefoot in their house often? Because if so, you deserve to have a degen like me break into your house, shove you face down onto your bed and tie your arms behind your back and your ankles together, soles facing up to the ceiling so I can scribble my fingertips all over those soft size 10s. Size 10 is the narrow middle ground where you either have smaller male feet or bigger female feet, and honestly I don't care either way, I just want to use those bare feet for my own sick pleasure.
>>19360 You're going to be a good barefoot bitch and cross those ankles for me while I hold your toes back and scratch your arches or you'll be pinned down having your soles scrubbed red with a brush
>>19399 >>19366 Good, good. That's what I'm here for.
>>19585 someone needs a tickle master huh? you wanna lose your right to shoes and get tickle to tears every day? I bet I can reduce you to tears just with my nails, and you're still getting your soles and toes brushed just because
Hey op, do you role-play at all?
Size 11, 23M. Not really sensitive, but would love to make them more ticklish.
>>20306 Lets see how "not really sensitive" they are when your toes are held back and my sharp nails are dragging down your bare soles, giggle once and i own them
>>20306 Wow, you unironically have the best soles of this board at least. Ever considered foot modelling? Post more pics And yeah, those pinkish pads under your toes are definitely created to be mercilessly teased.
These are mine. Size 10, a little bit ticklish
>>20306 Looks fake tbqh
>>20438 What do you mean?
>>20439 I mean it looks almost like it was digitally improved or something
>>1398 There hasn't been enough said on how delectable your feet look in those stirrups. I may not be quite as sadistic as some other Lers, but I am quite an affectionate one. I would love to have you cuddled in my lap, peppering your neck with ticklish kisses and nibbles while my hands are free to skitter around your underarms or lightly trace my fingertips over your sides and ribs, one hand occasionally dipping lower to knead your hips and inner thighs, or even tease what I can only assume would be a quickly hardening cock of yours. Your feet would get the bulk of my affection though, and if it's licking that really gets you, then you'll have no shortage of it from me. I could spend hours tracing every contour of those erogenous soles with my tongue and gently biting and nibbling those pillowy soft feet to the sounds of your musical laughter. I hope to hear plenty of moans and giggles as my tongue snakes around each of your toes and my teeth gently nip at the pads, my hands randomly switching between gentle massaging and mad skittering along the rest of your feet before tracing and tickling their way up your leg to your desperate erection to tease and stroke it. I would love to bring you to multiple, mind-blowing ticklegasms, but on one condition: I don't think I'd have to explain it either as you feel my cock slide in between your heavenly soft soles and a quick tickle under your toes to get your feet moving. I wanna hear you giggling all the way until I cum, so I'll be teasing the outer edges of your feet as they pump up and down my shaft. There will be more tickle-cuddling for you after the fact. Nice light tracing over whatever parts of your body I didn't explore to my satisfaction beforehand with both fingers and tongue alike, gentle but enough to get you giggling and squirming in my embrace as I toy with your hypersensitive, post-orgasm nerves. I love giving my lee a mix of affectionate pleasure and good old tickle torture.
(338.91 KB 1280x960 2.JPG)

(455.61 KB 960x1280 3.jpg)

(407.33 KB 960x1280 1.jpg)

My boyfriend has made it clear he wants to be involved in this thread. He's unbearably ticklish to an incredible degree, and he loves nothing more than the fantasy of being tied down and subjected to cruel, heartless gang tickling. He wants to have his feet presented before a gang of tickle-hungry degenerates to do whatever they want to, and as his loving boyfriend I am forced to support him in living out his dreams. Make him regret his actions, /tkr/.
(326.73 KB 702x1278 4354335.jpg)

(159.31 KB 1280x960 54372222.jpg)

(79.37 KB 1280x960 5435435545.jpg)

(63.71 KB 960x1280 43.131551.jpg)

>>1398 >>20663 Wow, you really know how to make a boy blush! It sounds like you would do a great job putting me through the wringer and teasing everything you'd want out of me. I'd be a broken, giggling mess in no time.
>>268 based
>>20830 This is a fetish board pretty much everyone here is fat. Besides chubby girls are based and if you say otherwise you're a coward.
>>20700 You'd better be careful out in the open showing those amazing feet off... someone may just follow you on your walk and with just one moment whisk you away. Thrown into a car seat, tied down and driven far off somewhere. Then those shoes come off again and those stirrup soles get ravaged for hours with the only breaks being when your captor has had enough skin to skin contact and would rather suck on those painted toes and nibble and lick those wrinkled soft arches. Though perhaps you take such good care of those feet hoping someone does that to you one day....
(151.00 KB 714x1236 35418755.jpg)

(140.40 KB 764x1220 32154364.jpg)

(154.07 KB 715x1280 4354545.jpg)

(266.07 KB 920x852 3549354.jpg)

(797.38 KB 714x1244 54137833.jpg)

>>20700 >>20835 Then I hope whoever carries me off is kind enough to show me a little bit of mercy! Though I'd be lying if I said I didn't take such good care of them juuust in case something like that happened...
>>20860 There would be mercy given on days where you would be forced to not walk around at all. Your feet would be pampered and loved. Moisturized and gently cleaned leaving them flawless and then locked away under soft slippers and warm socks. Only for the next day to be treated to relentless tickling and worship on the freshly pampered skin. You would make the perfect foot slave and I'm sure you'd treat your master as well as they treat you~
>>20860 >>20700 Awww, you seem like such a good, submissive little tickle pet, especially with how well cared for those soft feet and pretty painted toes look, that I'm sure I'd have no issue being merciful to you after whisking you away somewhere private to adore your helpless, sensitive body with loving kisses and ticklish caresses. With how sensitive you claim to be, I'm sure I could wear you out plenty with incessant, loving licks up and down your soles for hours while I drain you dry with ticklish orgasms. I'm warning you though, if I find you with dirty soles like that, I'll be cleaning them off myself first with some warm, soapy water and the most ticklish scrub brush I can find.
(3.76 MB 4624x3468 20220507_115900.jpg)

(3.12 MB 4624x3468 20220507_121825.jpg)

(3.35 MB 4624x3468 20220507_121726.jpg)

Offering mine up. These wrinkly soles of mine are aching for some punishment
(42.82 KB 715x1280 321387.jpg)

(150.53 KB 1248x912 52416758.jpg)

(83.69 KB 808x1280 3587354.jpg)

(68.25 KB 1135x912 58748354.jpg)

>>20869 The pampering sounds wonderful, but I'm not sure if I'd survive the next day! I'd try to do my best to treat my master well, I'd need to if I ever wanted to have the possibility of earning a break. >>20881 I try to be a good one! It's satisfying to be rewarded for it, though it's not uncommon for my reward to be more tickles haha.
>>21012 Oh, rest assured, the majority of your rewards will be tickling and the myriad orgasms that'll come with it. Perhaps your reward could be getting to choose where I tickle you next and what I'll be tickling that spot with. I'd love to hear what you come up with through your desperate giggling. I also DID mention before that I'm quite an affectionate Ler, so I might reward a good, submissive Lee with foot rubs, sole kisses, and a lot of cuddling while you catch your breath. I sometimes think I'm too soft as a dom lol, but I just love spoiling a well behaved tickle pet. >>1399 I neglected to mention earlier that I love the way your toes wiggle in that little clip. Those soles look irresistibly soft, and I may have to punish you for being such an excellent tease with them. I'd love to see more like it or hear what your musical laughter and moaning sounds like.
(51.36 KB 1280x960 78373377.jpg)

(98.18 KB 1280x960 874135455.jpg)

(63.42 KB 1280x690 228787.jpg)

(63.71 KB 960x1280 43.131551.jpg)

>>21012 >>21014 It's in my nature to be a tease, I can't help it! But I'll do my best to be a good tickle pet and earn those lovely-sounding breaks, even if it means being less of a tease
>>21014 >>21041 Cutie, the only problem with your teasing is the part where those stirruped feet aren't in my lap with my cock pressed against one lubricated sole by its stirrup strap with the toes of the other foot in my mouth being licked and nibbled on. Then you can tease me all you want... as long as you can handle the tickling I'll dole out in response. Lubricated feet make for amazing footjobs, but are so vulnerable to fingernails...
(70.55 KB 960x1280 45234343.jpg)

>>21041 >>21054 Hmmm, you're right. Quite a double-edged sword there! Maybe I'll be able to distract you by making use of my lubed soles!
>>21054 >>21113 It WOULD be pretty distracting to have those slick soles enveloping and stroking my shaft, though you wouldn't hear me complain, only moan if you're doing especially well. The question is: would YOU be able to focus on that footjob while I keep on tickling under those precious, slippery toes? We could make a little game out of it to see who can keep the other more... distracted. Btw, that position you're in is a bit risky there my little tease. I'm a pretty lanky guy, and my arms might just be long enough for me to reach up and start kneading those soft, curvy hips if yours.
(53.79 KB 1280x740 997277.jpg)

(59.50 KB 960x1280 32737837.jpg)

(188.44 KB 960x1280 746138318.jpg)

>>21113 >>21119 Mmm fair point. I probably wouldn't be able to! You'd just have to enjoy the feeling of my feet squirming while you tickle them. And I'd definitely be in trouble if you went for my hips! They're one of my worst spots haha
>>21119 >>21172 Your oiled soles wiggling and squirming along the length of my cock while my fingers dig into each ticklish crevice under and between those delicious toes? I think I'd quite enjoy that. I've read your older posts here too, so I have an idea of just how vulnerable your hips are. I think you mentioned something about licks and nibbling wrecking you there? I bet it's that lovely crease where your hips meet your thighs, isn't it? Would you like my warm, wet tongue writhing in that spot? My teeth gently nipping at your hip bone? Or would you be too focused on my fingers skittering up your inner thigh to start teasing your erection again? I wonder if I could find some fun little tickle spots around your groin...
>>209 Bringing back poor Lily for tickles. Write your most brutal, cruel, neverending tickle scenarios for her crazy ticklish feet and I'll post more pics :)
(55.35 KB 715x1280 5348455.jpg)

(56.91 KB 715x1280 3484422.jpg)

(53.95 KB 1280x720 3357888.jpg)

(70.08 KB 960x1280 66725777.jpg)

>>21172 >>21180 Okay yeah you got me haha. I wouldn't just break, I'd shatter! Reduced to a giggling, squirming mess instantly.
>>15262 Your big feet deserve to be locked into a heated box in which they become sweaty and smelly, then tickle tortured with nice soft feathers.
Some people have told me that they think my boy feet are cute. What do you think? I love being tickled with long pointed nails
>>21180 >>21211 Affectionate ler back again! It's been a while, but I wanted to see if you were still around here to show off those lovely size 16's some more while I tease you with the details of how I'd flush them pink with tickling.
>>21431 I like them, but i want to make you cross your ankles while I drag my sharp nails along them
(48.15 KB 816x1280 68544784.jpg)

(50.53 KB 689x1280 8746874.jpg)

(68.29 KB 728x1280 984354.jpg)

(31.49 KB 715x1280 3564684855.jpg)

(994.32 KB 3264x1824 5418455.jpg)

>>21211 >>23066 I'm still around! And happy to share more c:
>>23092 i love those stirrups, good boy
(527.15 KB 631x632 1597459019367.png)

>>23085 show us your dick
>>23066 >>23092 Glad to hear and good to see you again cutie! I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing your delicious feet in stirrups. I wanna take my sweet time with you, starting with a nice, relaxing foot massage. Plenty of lotion and affectionate rubs to relax your soles and make them even softer and lubricated. Of course, after I start gently skittering my fingers up and down your soles, I'll get to see how much more sensitive my massage will have made you.
I probably shouldnt share these but what the hell Im horny. Here are some upperbody pics of me, with my face masterfully censored in each. One at the beach, one at a friend's jacuzzi and one when I modelled for a spa. My upperbody is hella ticklish, but my back is the killer spot. I was actually giggling in the massage picture because the lady was touching my back, thats how sensitive it is. Rest of my upperbody has plenty of spots too, you just gotta find them. And Ill leave them unsaid for imaginations to go wild. Oh and also, have some obligatory feet pics too lol. So that the ticklish package that is me is complete.
I wanna be tickled so fucking bad til I get nuts Sharp Nails please! ~
>>23117 The snug, thick soles tease me. Just for you, I’ll sharpen and file them. Feel free to scream as much as you like, because I won’t leave those beauties alone for a few hours.
>>21421 A heated box you say, that would make them extra sensitive and I would probably go pretty crazy from the constant fluffy feathering of my feet. Real question is for how long tho~?
>>23119 Oh~ I'd be pleased to tease you with my thick soles I'd be laughing a like a crazy if you do that ~ Ohh just by thinking about it makes me get hard
(1.09 MB 1770x3267 20220615_170018.jpg)

(2.61 MB 4000x3000 20220615_165928.jpg)

18 theymab NB, do your worst.
>>23121 Holy fuck that bit of sunlight poking in is making them even more inviting and making them tease me even more. I’d definitely give those creamy arches and the areas under those pudgy toes some quality attention.
>>23124 Uh huh?~ Then I'll keep teasing you with my thick and ticklish soles~ (If you want I can send you all the pictures of my feet you want ~ no for business, just want to tease)
>>23126 You little tickle slut. For that, I’m keeping those big feet of yours for weeks of ticklish attention. (Please do.)
>>23134 Then DM me on discord ~ Len#7234
>>23135 I regrettably don’t have discord, but I think I’m more than content with the scrunched up soles you’ve displayed here.
(150.53 KB 1248x912 52416758.jpg)

(222.32 KB 999x1280 53452245.jpg)

(1.79 MB 3264x1824 35151.55.jpg)

>>23095 c; >>23106 I can tell you right now that that would be a very effective warm-up! Especially when I don't see it coming- never fails to make me squeal haha
>>23106 >>23184 Goooood, cuz once I start working those plush soles over, I don't think I'll be able to stop. Your giggling must be absolutely addictive to hear. I'd just have to keep one foot pinned to dig my fingers under your toes and draw out an endless stream of your precious laughter while I take long, slow licks up and down the length of your other foot. Would my tongue feel like a relaxing massage if it stroked your soles slowly enough, or are you so desperately sensitive that it'd tickle anyways? I'd love to know what turns you on more, my skittering fingers, or my amorous licking? (PS: Love the Kindred plushy lol.)
(651.31 KB 3053x3681 FT4Q_OmWQAEYVMx.jpg)

This might be the most childish and cringe thread on the entire board
(2.67 MB 1814x2592 IMG_20220615_235158.jpg)

(1.26 MB 1581x2842 20220701_141310.jpg)

(1.14 MB 2084x2674 20220701_141428.jpg)

Have fun :)
>>23508 We can all tell you're just afraid and embarrassed of how steamy and fidgety you'd get if you posted your feet and read all the ways we'd tantalize and tease them until you broke, silly anon~
(994.32 KB 3264x1824 5418455.jpg)

(617.98 KB 1561x2272 5135455.jpg)

(1.17 MB 3264x1824 351885555.jpg)

(3.38 MB 4608x2592 35485555.jpg)

>>23184 >>23507 Oh, it'd definitely still tickle! Honestly I feel like sometimes the slow licks tickle the worst haha. They're a special type of killer, though, because the split between how good it feels and how bad it tickles never fails to turn me into an incoherent mess (though licks in general tend to do that to me)
>>23507 >>24172 Then that should be very un/fortunate for you, because licking is my favorite, especially heavenly soft feet like those. I could keep at it forever just stroking my tongue over ever inch of your soles, nibbling your heels and outer arches, and suckling each toe one by one while my tongue dips into the sensitive crevices between. I absolutely love how sensitive you sound, but am I going to have to tie you up if you're that ticklish, or can you hold those cute feet still for me and take it like a good boy? If you can, I'll reward you with some affectionate cuddling too. I'll hold you nice and tight and gently trace your sides and hips with my fingers while my tongue gets your neck. I might even run my tickling fingers over that stiff erection you'd no doubt have by then. Would my tickle toy like that?
(563.93 KB 1410x2217 20220703_191227.jpg)

(2.50 MB 4000x3000 20220703_190941.jpg)

Cont. from >>24148 with some new angles And to >>24172 - I just think you're in need of a good foot scrubbing, especially with that third pic. Might have to hold you down as the brush makes you squeal. I don't know what you sound like but I have a feeling your laughter is cute. Might give them some more gentle pampering later for being a good toy. I'd also give you some time to subject me to torments of your design, of course, too~
>>24172 I love it when this cute femboy posts feetpics. Im a huge tickleslut/lee myself and its hot as fuck to read everyone's responses to him and self insert as the receiver of everything people here want to put him through. Keep em coming.
>>24265 Post yours, slut.
>>24265 soles out now slut
>>24275 >>24279 Ive posted these before but Ill do it again since I think theyre the best feetpics Ive taken so far. (Also, apologies if they come out upside down or something, this website sometimes does that for some reason.) My ethnicity is hispanic/latino and theyre US size 7s. Buying shoes is annoying as hell due to how small they are lol. Another fun detail is that they are erogenous zones on top of being ticklish. Foot worship drives me wild in all the fun ways ;).
(251.33 KB 1115x1280 78527888.jpg)

(222.32 KB 999x1280 53452245.jpg)

(3.62 MB 4608x2592 72547888.jpg)

(1.46 MB 3264x1824 42824544.jpg)

(1.23 MB 1600x3200 452888844.jpg)

>>24172 >>24178 Oh my. Yeeaah, you're going to have tie me for that! I can hold still for a little bit (and by that I mean I'm just twitching, not actively squirming), but not very long haha And I might like that, yeah ;p >>24255 Mercy please! Soapy brushes are, like, devastating to me. I'd have to inflict the same torture on you! >>24265 I'm very pleased to provide! And to receive all the torments and tortures everyone's keen to put me through, even though there's no way I could actually take any of it haha. Y'all would break me real quick lol
I got some more stuff for you degenerates, now with new painted nails.
>>24265 Same…
>had femboy phase >took loads of thigh high pics in miniskirts >deleted them and thought I moved on >now regrets getting rid of all my shit bc strangers online could have teased me I have two of the worst ones left over though :/
>>24572 just make new ones silly, you do want to get teased about having those cute thighs tickled right?
>>24587 8chan actively trying to turn people into helpless femboys
>>24592 ofc, turn them into the best kinda femboy. the tickle slut type who doesn't even want to defend themselves!
>>24595 Holy shit how nefarious, no remorse
posting for the first time here because I just did my feet up all nice and pretty by washing and applying lotion to them after a long day of work. what do you think? ps if it looks like my nail polish has faded a bit thats because it has pps not a speck of dirt thats a birthmark
>>24676 >>24677 I like your feet! You're my tickle slave now, deal with it :3
>>24687 oh nooooo what ever will i do?
(2.21 MB 600x334 38.1 (3).gif)

>>24753 Accept you're a tickle slave with no right to shoes and giggle forever like a good barefoot bitch, that's what you'll do~
I offer these size 16’s to the board, no mercy and no limits, please be as cruel as you want.
>>24899 >size 16 You definitely should get into tickling clips production as a lee
>>24899 Is the second pic also your feet? If yes I wish your amazing size 16s in the lowest level of tickle purgatory, surrounded by succubi who will kiss, lick, and of course tickle your soles every single hour of every single day, using common tickle tools and tools that would make any mortal mind shatter. Naturally you will never pass out down there, and they’ll never leave those succulent beauties alone for even a second. So I hope you’re ready to lose your mind.
>>24899 How do you like the sound of being a public tickle slut, no right to shoes, bare feet always out for a brush or pair of nails to torture?
>>24924 Well I have thought about it, would need to find one hopefully close-ish to me, but you think they are good enough for that?
>>24938 The second picture is 100% all me, giant feet and all. Well I think the demons down there would have a lot of room to tickle and I would be in for a very long eternity, I can only imagine what hellish tools they would have down there…..only question is, how do I get down there ;3
>>24941 Well I think I would ask where would I sign up for that~? Also only if you promise to use oil with those brushes.
>>24899 Those feet need to be bound up nice and tight with not even room to wiggle your toes. They need to be mapped out with a pen to mark all of their most ticklish spots like that last pick you sent, only in greater detail. A nice numbering system, 1 - 10, written on your feet for what spots are most ticklish so everyone can see the best spots to make you scream,. And at the end of the day? Well, nice soles like that should be scrubbed clean. Of course, this means you'll have to have your feet mapped out every morning, but oh well. Your fault for having huge, handsome, ticklish feet.
>>24952 Oh gosh that is a pretty wicked idea, pens always tickle like crazy!! Well it would be interesting to see if constant attention or special treatment could make a spot previously not as ticklish, more ticklish than others!! Well the scrubbing sounds like pure hell and would make me more tickly I’m sure (Like Oils, Heat play, lotions, constant tickles, etc))
>>24951 Just write "Tickle Slut" and "No Right To Shoes" on your soles and display them, tickle slut~
(520.91 KB 1476x1743 20220716_004322.jpg)

The council shall decide my fate.
(231.60 KB 300x300 1515695660379.png)

every comment on every pic in this thread is "you will spend the rest of your life permanently ticklized" >>24998 REALLY pretty feet though. 10/10, deserving of permanent ticklization.
>>24998 Too nice to not be sent to the tickle asylum
>>24999 This is a very different Anon, foreverial ticklized and loving it
>>25002 Ok, how the fuck do i get rid of names permanently? I want to stop tripfagging but it keeps putting the goddam name in the entry field every time I make a new post.
>>25003 Delete your cookies for this site
>>25001 Oh? Go on anon. I'm the one who did >>24255 and >>24148 btw :)
>>24949 Definitely. Might use regular pedicures, lotioning up and socks before bed to render them utterly soft so even a female ler won't resist going to town on them with her mouth. I'd watch that clip lol
So many beautiful ticklish parts ❤️❤️❤️ I wouldn't mind tickling or being in the recipe ing end of any of this 😍😍 behold my fav toy for feet
(1.39 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20220206_152518.jpg)

Sorry didn't upload image
(2.76 MB 1920x2560 IMG_20220717_013940_196.jpg)

(40.10 KB 311x242 s-l500.jpg)

>>25063 Brooooooo
Not sure where else to post this, but I had an unusually vivid dream last night (don't remember much of it) of waking up in a dark room with my arms crossed behind my back and my legs bound my to the ankle in some kind of metal cuff. I was lucid enough to recognize it wasn't reality (and having dreams about being tortured and actually feeling pain does happen on occasion but that's not important) so I figured I'd just lie back, endure, and wait to wake up. So I was very surprised to be tickled on the feet for a decent period of time. Don't remember the sensations after waking but I do remember 1) thinking of how unusually intense it felt for a dream 2) distinctly remember trying to yank my legs out but being bound at the ankle and 3) that I did actually wet the bed for the first time since childhood (anonymous forum, whatever). Woke up about half an hour ago, currently washing my sheets and eating breakfast so sorry if the post doesn't make sense. Will try and replicate last night's circumstances again obviously.
(5.02 MB 4608x2592 38748654.jpg)

(3.02 MB 3264x1824 354354534.jpg)

(2.69 MB 3264x1824 9452788.jpg)

(2.09 MB 3264x1824 354384.jpg)

(1.78 MB 3264x1824 0450545.jpg)

>>24333 I'm curious, how do you all feel about outside pics?
(1.18 MB 3264x1824 4897564.jpg)

(429.22 KB 1824x2019 487954.jpg)

(279.36 KB 1189x1898 6874548.jpg)

(304.38 KB 1475x1930 4987954.jpg)

(314.51 KB 1349x1977 9849874.jpg)

>>25436 Or, in this case, pics taken in public?
>>25437 I’m now fantasizing a mob of subway goers surrounding you, maybe taking off your hoodie and using it’s sleeves to tie your arms to the metal pole that’s attached to the chair before pinning down your ankles and tickling all over these beauties.
(445.10 KB 1338x2194 46876.jpg)

(1.13 MB 3264x1824 46875.jpg)

(1.14 MB 3264x1824 684787498.jpg)

(466.33 KB 1824x1907 68745968.jpg)

(389.01 KB 1358x1968 4987684.jpg)

>>25437 >>25438 Oh, that would certainly be a fun scenario! Now I'm thinking about it too~ I hope they wouldn't check my bag for anything they could use on me, because I'd be absolutely screwed in that case haha
(1.06 MB 3264x1824 7275557.jpg)

(109.98 KB 929x1280 989874984.jpg)

(1.28 MB 3264x1824 2589.jpg)

(1.28 MB 3264x1824 654545.jpg)

(1.18 MB 3264x1824 216847.jpg)

>>25485 Some more that I wanted to add
>>25485 If you’re carrying feathers, brushes, or fuzzy string in that bag then you absolutely deserve to have them used on your soft soles and adorable toes you little tickle slut.
(1.63 MB 2944x2208 20220528_211703.jpg)

(1.56 MB 2944x2208 20220528_211719.jpg)

I went to a convention a few months ago... I'm personally a pretty big fan of cosplay feet pics, so I decided to take some before I took the cosplay off. These are pretty much the only pics I think are any good from the set, though, but I still hope you guys like them anyway
>>26226 Looks like you have some extremely cute soles. Cosplay pics are hot. You ticklish?
>>26229 Thanks~ I'm super ticklish~ Especially so when at the time, I had just gotten done with ~12 hours of walking around at the con in the boots, so my feet were super sore. But being on them so much at once makes my feet feel super soft and sensitive when I'm finally able to take stuff off, so I guess that's just a bonus~
>>26238 Makes sense. Being at a con all day is surely gonna make your feet tired and sore. Even more so in cosplay shoes. Still, your feet look nice even if they are tired. I guess you should feel lucky that nobody snuck up to give your soles a good tickling in their tired state ;3
>>26239 Aww thank you~ I mean I gueeeeess you could say I was lucky, but Idunno, I don't think I would have complained if someone suddenly tickled my feet after all that walking~
>>26280 Betcha wishing your soles got a nice feathering or brushing after that long day
nice feets itt
>>26295 For suuuure Honestly even on a normal day I get sent into fits of giggling if someone even holds my feet, I guess just the anticipation of the feelings is enough to send me into giggles on its own~
>>26297 Sounds like it would be too easy then. Just walk on up to you wiggling fingers and it sounds like you’d completely fall. Better yet if you were barefoot. You’d be just so easy to tickle
>>26298 I really would actually aha Tbh years ago one of my best friends was helping me do my nails for the first time, and she couldn't even hold my feet without me just, crumbling into giggles. It was *really* hard to stop
(1.13 MB 3264x1824 785158.jpg)

(579.08 KB 2884x1824 685488.jpg)

(577.11 KB 1824x2630 54222.jpg)

(986.10 KB 3264x1824 321822245.jpg)

(1.11 MB 3264x1824 224158.jpg)

>>25486 >>25554 I'm completely guilty of that 😅 In there I have all kinds of brushes (paint, tooth, hair, etc). feathers, oil, rope and cuffs, etc etc I take it most places. Just in case, y'know? ;P
>>26320 Fuck those under the desk shots are hot. Sure would be a shame if your ankles were tied to the legs of your chair and someone was toying with those feet while you're talking to people through discord or some shit. Gotta hold back your giggles or risk getting outed as a ticklish little bitch.
And now to add myself on the chopping block again. Don't leave me hanging, degens. What're you doing to me?
(1.03 MB 4624x2604 20220527_100728.jpg)

My mom's foot A 40 y o woman
(1.24 MB 3264x1824 1402746025.jpg)

(1.03 MB 3264x1824 0444736211.jpg)

(1.31 MB 3264x1824 0646508884.jpg)

(509.54 KB 1152x3155 1106504634.jpg)

(2.69 MB 4608x2592 0130280092.jpg)

>>26320 >>26689 Joke's on you, my friends already know I'm a ticklish bitch! It's probably my worst-kept secret haha. Hell, even my coworkers know it, and none of them have even made a real attempt to tickle me (well, barring one but she doesn't work there anymore and nobody else was around to see it so I'm not counting it lol)
>>27130 dude come on, thats your mom. got more?
>>26226 Noelle cosplay, based anon
(1.56 MB 2640x1980 20220812_225334.jpg)

Okay so this might be weird but this is a tickle fetish sub so Um Pontiff Sulyvahn is already barefoot, and I just finished my cosplay of him... did you guys want... feet pics of him?
(4.19 MB 4608x3456 20220324_203414.jpg)

(4.35 MB 4608x3456 20220324_203424.jpg)

>>27163 My feet, for reference 10/10 ticklish
>>27163 >Hey I'm cosplaying this character >He just happens to be barefoot haha that's kinda funny right >Boy it sure is a shame how this cosplay leaves my helpless feet so vulnerable haha >You know if you ever wanted a chance to tickle this character this is probably your best chance haha >I mean it's just ogling the character's feet, right, haha, it has nothing to do with me haha Nice try. I see through your act. Tickle sluts who act like they're not tickle sluts are the ones that need to be broken the hardest, especially ones with such soft-looking, wrinkled soles.
>>27166 This. >>27163 >>27165 You need to be stocked, and teased as your shoes and socks are removed slowly. Pressing a face to one foot as a nail slides up and down the other before getting to the good park of breaking you. Hard. Really hard.
>>27167 >>27166 This entire thread is brimming with horny men that want to tickle torture me im not used to this attention
>>27172 *this entire board Scuse me
>>27172 This is what happens when you put up an act, trying to pretend you aren't a tickle slut that's perfect to be teased while your toes are pushed back and teased and watching you bounce on your ass because of it.
>>27173 I mean the thread is certainly correct too. Foot size and how ticklish you believe they are on a scale from 1-10 please, where 1 is barely ticklish and 10 is unbearably ticklish. Make it easy on us so we don't have to sit here and bully you for it.
>>27175 Size 9 ish. Probably closer to 10. I lotion them every day before putting on socks, so they simmer and get very soft throughout the day Its weird, when I get tickled on my feet (doesnt happen very often) it makes me super jittery and jumpy. I cant sit still. Prolly close to an 8 or 7 dependjng on where you tickle Also, yes on Sulyvahn cosplay feet pics?
>>27179 My question is how you'd react to a rampart foot fetishist getting a hold of you.
>>27179 >Also, yes on Sulyvahn cosplay feet pics? I don't see why not, I won't turn down extra feet.
>>27180 Well you see, im very gay so um Id wanna please that rampant foot fetishist... id let him lick my feet and sniff them. Id get my nails painted whatwver color combo makes him the horniest. Id also give daily footjobs, and build a collection of nylons and thigh highs And also cuddle him
>>27183 You know it's not a huge surprise that you're gay, but it is just the slightest disappointment that we're not "converting" a straight.
>>27183 You are literally the perfect lee. To be tickled, those feet enjoyed, loads blown on them, brushed off and then edge you until it's time for bed and then continue edging you in the morning. >>27185 This concept is both odd, but at the same time make even I raise the most questionable boner.
(1.93 MB 4032x3024 IMG_8924.jpg)

(1.78 MB 4032x3024 IMG_8902.jpg)

I quite enjoy cosplay as well, as well as gay horny men
>>27186 >This concept is both odd, but at the same time make even I raise the most questionable boner. It's quite simple. You take a straight man and put him under the control of a gay man. The gay man relentlessly teases the straight man sexually, exploiting his fetishes, getting very touchy-feely, and very likely edging him over and over again. This continues until the straight man admits that he wants it and begs for the orgasm at the hands (or mouth, or feet) of the gay man. Repeat this process until the poor helpless straight man is brainwashed by their desperate need for orgasms. It's a touchy subject because it's very non-con and involves some sketchy views of sexuality, but if you can put that aside it's really hot.

(602.56 KB 2560x1440 20211029_212352_HDR.jpg)

(671.78 KB 2560x1440 20211029_212244_HDR.jpg)

(798.85 KB 2560x1440 20211029_212145_HDR.jpg)

Any terraria fans?
>>27190 No, I know the concept I mean it gives me the most confused boner because I'm not supposed to like such an idea but I do. And as a lover of non-con shit that makes it better/worse. I don't care about polotics because this isn't /pol/ >>27191 Someone please get this man a pair of stocks please. He needs to be put in them.
*Oh noooo I accidentally leaked my address and full name on this board, I certainly hope no gay men come to my house in the dead of night to kidnap me and use me for the forseeable future, that would just be the worst*
>>27193 >>27193 >No, I know the concept I mean it gives me the most confused boner because I'm not supposed to like such an idea but I do. Oh, I apologize, I thought you meant you didn't get the concept. >And as a lover of non-con shit that makes it better/worse. I don't care about polotics because this isn't /pol/ That's fair, I just figured I'd cover my ass just in case. We're all degenerates here.
>>27196 It's all good. We are in fact all degens. I see myself more as a Dom/Top but not going to lie the concept of being of someone else's mercy, held up like how you explain does make me shutter. >>27195 Don't make me fucking do it I swear to god.
>>27197 Knowing this is place, if I did, someone most likely would kidnap me to use me. /srs for a second, ive shied away from a lot of sexual interactions cus I am dead scared of Stds and like, dying. Im a very anxious person believe it or not
>>27198 I mean I don't know if I'd fuck you, but trust me I'd milk or edge the shit out of you so you need not worry about std's from me.
>>27198 That's a fair fear. But don't worry, you won't have to worry about STDs with forced footjobs and relentless feather-tickling of your cock until you beg for a single stroke.
>am I an idiot for wanted to be ticklenapped rn >fuck, I am horny >I already know its a very bad idea but now I wanna leak my address >I feel funny
>>27201 Hornyposting aside don't actually leak your address, I'm positive you know enough to not do that but I know being horny can really fuck with your mind. I assure you as horny and degenerate as we all are, we're all much too lazy to actually go through with ticklenapping you.
>>27202 Yea yea, I get ungodly post nut guilt sometimes, so im just uber horny posting Um, I dunno if this is frowned upon within this community, but does anyone here rp? My discord is { Prismatic }#4770 Im so deep into subspace right now aaagh
>>27165 Holy fuuuuuck you posted some amazing feet pics. That second especially is just aaaaaaah. You were blessed with a very tickleable pair of feet, and you’ve truly earned a lifetime’s supply of tickles.
>>27203 I gotchu homies. Though most would prefer not after some bad experiences. >>27206 This
>>27191 Socked one is easily my favorite here for the pose you’re throwing out. Also, I like your socks and think your feet are cute socked or bare and wanna tickle them regardless.
(1.71 MB 2640x1980 20220817_213741.jpg)

(1.76 MB 2640x1980 20220817_213812.jpg)

(4.32 MB 4608x3456 20220817_213024.jpg)

A little bit of sock lint from being in those socks all day, anyone care to lick that off for me? Thaaaaaanks >Babe what if we kissed on the spongebob sheets
>>27210 The irony of this is that apparently our pretty boy here enjoys being called a good boy. And he's a very, good boy for providing us with these great pictures. I think we'd all agree with that, and I think that he should be in the middle of his room, being praised and having it whispered into his ears. Maybe while enjoying the rest of his body~!
>>27211 I'm gonna explode I wanna be all of you guy's good boy <3
>>27212 hey...! I remember you from the caption thread. it seems we loved your captions so much that we've made you into a submissive little slut who's begging to be our tickle toy. do you think you deserve what we'll dish out on you? torture. how does it feel to be the one captioned, cutie?
>>27217 I keep getting called adorable and cute, if I am getting captioned ma'am this is one of those captions that has ruthless tickle torture and wholesome, cuddly stuff as well-
>>27210 The Deltarune and Undertale posters look nice. Also >is wearing nothing but socks Forget a tickle slut, you're just an all-around slut. And your body's nice enough that I'd say you deserve tickles all over.
>>27233 I cant help being a slut when boys are so handsome and cute!
(1.75 MB 2640x1980 20220818_092204.jpg)

(5.06 MB 4608x3456 20220818_092051.jpg)

>babe wake up feet and booty pics
>>27247 You really are adorable, I 100% want to rim you while listening to your hysterical laughter~
Hey handsome boys Um What poses did you want me to do for your pleasure?
>>27269 How about some feathers on this cute dick of yours
>>27272 Perhaps :)
>>27200 You mean like this?~
(5.21 MB 4608x3456 20220820_074044.jpg)

(5.23 MB 4608x3456 20220820_074036.jpg)

Fresh from the shower
(1.11 MB 2592x1944 1018545038.jpg)

(301.35 KB 1080x1920 1108985581.jpg)

(243.43 KB 1080x1920 1970901617.jpg)

(336.39 KB 1058x2128 1215958664.jpg)

(632.57 KB 1645x2559 1900339710.jpg)

>>27138 I'm curious, does a fit like this strike a chord with anyone here? I have the feeling that there may be a few of you who enjoy it!
>>27392 My god youre hot, seriously I could really massage those feet for hour straight, those fishnets and that nail polish is adorable. You look far too much like a dommy mommy for me to tickle you.
>>27392 All of my neurons have been activated
(519.26 KB 1171x2592 0157064476.jpg)

(1.32 MB 2592x1944 0209010855.jpg)

(730.04 KB 1380x2592 1810659405.jpg)

(672.65 KB 1203x2592 1075499912.jpg)

(265.97 KB 1080x1920 0234530863.jpg)

>>27392 >>27418 >>27424 Aw, so sweet! I'd gladly accept, those boots are killer on my feet. By the end of the night, I had taken them off and was just carrying them with me as I walked around barefoot. I'm sure that's a sight you'd all love to see; those soft soles of mine bared, exposed for everyone to see! I was at a party, and I definitely noticed a few drooling stares~ >Look like a dommy mommy Oh, hon, it's more than just looks! I'm equal parts ruthless dom and hapless lee. So when I'm being tickled, I'm more than happy to give! Fair warning before you take my offer, though- I tend to break my toys~
(268.02 KB 1080x1920 0603189177.jpg)

(272.76 KB 1080x1920 1160467615.jpg)

(228.12 KB 1080x1403 1838712226.jpg)

(1.38 MB 2592x1944 0894315508.jpg)

(681.80 KB 1824x3190 1059819722.jpg)

>>27427 Some more pics that got cut off from the first batch, plus some extras
(1.21 MB 3264x1824 0215367156.jpg)

(175.48 KB 1080x1258 0510829626.jpg)

(252.89 KB 1080x1920 0717184804.jpg)

(313.00 KB 1080x1920 1450911519.jpg)

(1.03 MB 3264x1824 0359514091.jpg)

>>27427 >So when I'm being tickled, I'm more than happy to give! I meant to say "When I'm not being tickled" haha Whoops!
>>27429 >Big emo/goth look >pink and blue nail polish >fishnets >boots >the absolute creamiest feet known to man >tall Literally 11/10 I literally cant I would sell my soul to look nearly as gorgeous as you. My whole brain would start to jiggle like gelatin if I saw you irl walking down the street, I cannot stress how adorable and I would hardcore simp for you With that being said I really really want to look like you and I will do whatever I need to do to do so
(2.27 MB 4160x3120 20200502_131504.jpg)

Took me awhile to get a decent shot, but I'm curious what y'all would do with my feet?
>>27443 Aaand the thumbnail is upside down, lovely.
>>27443 They are so long. Id have to lick the entirety of them, sniff them, and obviously fuck them. So much surface area to tickle, too, im sure that appeals to plenty of people on here
>>27427 >Oh, hon, it's more than just looks! I'm equal parts ruthless dom and hapless lee. So when I'm being tickled, I'm more than happy to give! That's the best, though. You can be brutally tickled to the very brink of your sanity for being such a tease, exposing your tummy and feet like that. Then moments later make your torturer cry just as hard as they made you. >Fair warning before you take my offer, though- >I tend to break my toys~ I'm willing to take that risk.
Where are the chicks
(493.73 KB 1824x2297 1847239070.jpg)

(465.19 KB 1812x2212 1725113370.jpg)

(1.20 MB 2592x1944 2068283250.jpg)

(936.23 KB 2592x1944 0112833200.jpg)

(1.26 MB 2592x1944 1338608072.jpg)

>>27429 >>27449 I'll absolutely keep that in mind Just don't blame me when you're broken and can't take anymore and I don't stop. You asked for it~ >>27430 Oh goodness, how sweet!! <3 I'm absolutely flattered you feel that way. At a bit of a loss for words haha 😅 Thank you so much! I hope you're fully successful and can reach your ideal look c:
>>27458 I'd let you stomp on me, cannot stress enough how adorable your whole body is. Blow me out of the water
(1.26 MB 2592x1944 1044950077.jpg)

(749.15 KB 1944x2310 1160511067.jpg)

(89.14 KB 960x1280 997377.jpg)

(302.66 KB 780x1244 45345345.jpg)

(98.18 KB 1280x960 874135455.jpg)

>>27458 >>27475 I've got a selection of boots to choose from~ In all seriousness, though, thank you! I'm extremely flattered c: It's always enjoyable to fuel everyone's fantasies haha
>>27514 Sorry to ask but um Is there any way we could private talk? I would greatly enjoy doing so if you dont mind
>>27939 bro...
>>27514 I gotta say the boots and gothic clothing look, makes you the perfect target for some evil tickling, maybe a brush or a slow feather along your foot. ;3
(44.25 KB 800x468 D3F4BAhX4AEwroT.jpg)

>>27941 Let me be cringe
(547.98 KB 1944x2187 1083083700.jpg)

(1.29 MB 3264x1824 0938940508.jpg)

(1.23 MB 3264x1824 1709618705.jpg)

(1.40 MB 3264x1824 0269697400.jpg)

>>27514 >>27939 Certainly! What's your preferred method?~ >>27944 Oh god slow feathers are such a tease! They drive me crazy. Brushes, though.....oof Those are brutal haha. I never realized just how badly they tickled. Not sure which of these I would prefer lol
>>27961 Not making the full journey of saying it outright, but I think you're trying to tell us something with the colors on your toes most visible in >>27392 and now that outfit in the first image
>>27962 4Channer realizes trans people aren't actually evil hellspawn and are kinda hot and cool actually
>>27966 save that for the Schrödinger's shitstorm bringing it up could potentially unleash here. I'm a tranner hanging out on the one arguably sane coomer board of this site myself
(391.43 KB 1433x1779 0283577174.jpg)

(68.25 KB 1135x912 58748354.jpg)

(62.73 KB 960x1280 221515.jpg)

>>27961 >>27962 Nah, just a bold enby with a passion for being a cotton candy bitch haha Not quite trans (at this point, anyway)
>>27514 Absolutely adore those thighs high stockings and those boots! They look even better knowing the gorgeous soles that are so perfectly wrapped up inside of them. It would be a blast to just take your boots off for you and give you a lovely massage after a long day. Slowly but surely working my way into gentle tickles and getting faster and faster as you get warmed up~
>>27961 Haha well for me personally it’s the evil oil and brushes that gets me crazy, but I think adorable feet like yours need build up, so probably the big fluffy feather at tracing your feet
>>27961 Would discord work? Mines { Prismatic }#4770
Also i'm gonna sound mad whiny but unggggghh why cant I look cute like yall I live with my parents and they watch fox news so they would get upset if I started dressing femininely But yalls are too fucking pretty I want it
>>27980 So I guess Any tips?
Well also figured it’s time I posted another picture, since I have a sharpie, what should I write on these giant feet?
>>27983 Barefoot Bitch, Tickle Me To Tears
>>24178 >>27961 I'd actually quite like that as well. I enjoy teasing you and seeing those cute painted toes if yours so much, but playing reply tag over 8chan can get rather draining. If you're ever in the mood for more of my affectionate brand of teasing, I'd love to talk over discord sometime. You can find me as "Xuaren #2967".
>>27985 Well there we go >\\\\>
>>27993 good barefoot bitch~
hi, ive never used 4chan before but i stumbled upon this board looking for a link to a tickling manga i liked. I dont really like anything dirty or sexual, but i really like cuddling and teasing and wrestling. i really like being hugged while tickled and having my arms pinned up and just getting completely bullied. being kissed while being tickled is also just >>>>> i know most are into armpits and feet, but i just really like getting my thighs kneaded and my sides scribbled on. im sorry if im formatting anything incorrectly. i just, kinda wanna be teased aaaa,,
>>27997 You're just a cutie patootie. Extremely huggable, its great you love getting hugged, I imagine everyone on this board would just grab onto you and refuse to let go. Safe to say, we would also enjoy tickling you, but if it gets you the most flustered, light, teasy tickles are whats in line for you while youre trapped in a warm, tight hug
(601.32 KB 1514x2956 1872651250.jpg)

(1.25 MB 3264x1824 0944114052.jpg)

(1.58 MB 3264x1824 1294474314.jpg)

(67.19 KB 960x1280 78373737.jpg)

>>27969 >>27971 God, I'd absolutely love that. Despite being stupid ticklish, I ~loooove~ having my feet touched. I'd be so down for that >>27978 Oh god I totally forgot about using oil with the brushes. In that case, then definitely the feathers haha. Not sure if I would survive otherwise >>27979 >>27990 Sent you both a request!
>>28027 Oh of course you would Survive~ you would just not have any Sanity left ;3
>>28027 Well I'm happy you'd enjoy it so much! Don't worry too much about the encroaching tickles as the massage would last a good long while. So long in fact I'm sure the gentle tickles would even feel quite pleasant~ Also if you don't mind I'd also enjoy speaking to you more on something like discord! If you are open to it send a request to D-Cav#3496!
>>28027 Alright cutie, add me it's "tickling101#7504" if you want <3
>>27997 I'm one of the worst, rp doesn't give me any feeling, and usually I'm focused on destroying feet and on sexual things, but ur belly is so damn cute it'd deserve my worst nibbles...if you stand me being diamond... you should complete the job and post ur feet though, they surely are as cute as your belly
(1.06 MB 3264x1824 0881767757.jpg)

(1.23 MB 3264x1824 1709618705.jpg)

(1.32 MB 3264x1824 0002404116.jpg)

(1.60 MB 3264x1824 0977117967.jpg)

>>28027 >>28044 >>28060 Sent one to each of you! And honestly you're really making me crave a long massage and some gentle tickles. >>28037 You're not wrong! I'd definitely go crazy from that torture haha
>>28075 Wouldn't mind talking to you as well if that's okay with you BigThicc#3600
(1.51 MB 3264x1824 0157795264.jpg)

(2.63 MB 3264x1824 0327575911.jpg)

(1.30 MB 2194x1680 1100570387.jpg)

(113.28 KB 960x1280 124255.jpg)

>>28075 >>28108 Certainly! Sent an invite to you as well c:
(1.68 MB 3408x2556 20220903_201345.jpg)

Throwing mine into the ring, give me whatever your imagination cooks up.
>>27997 >>28133 These are guys. Be careful, don't fall for it.
>>28337 You say that like it changes anything
>>28368 Shut up fag.
>>28380 mad because you busted to a dude, time to hang yourself
I paint my nails so often I may as well go full femboy at this point
>>27514 Would it be rude of me to ask for that Discord too? You have quite a likable theme about you~
>>28463 Loveable sort
(769.46 KB 1824x2603 0334167474.jpg)

(1.93 MB 3264x1824 1882193843.jpg)

(1.64 MB 3264x1824 68743454.jpg)

(302.66 KB 780x1244 45345345.jpg)

(98.18 KB 1280x960 874135455.jpg)

>>28133 >>28511 Certainly! What's your name? I'll send an invite c:
(491.98 KB 1672x2091 2063614004.jpg)

(1.08 MB 3264x1824 2047434249.jpg)

(2.15 MB 3264x1824 6574186.jpg)

>>28582 >>28594 Sent! Font wasn't a problem c:
>>28621 is that ass as ticklish as it looks?
Finally contributing. This pic is a little old but i present my smooth size 10's. You should absolutely not be mean and teasy to them, since there is no chance that i enjoy begging for mercy that i won't get.
>>27980 >>27981 Hm... You should show us your feets & pits so we could better evaluate your situation.
(833.17 KB 1391x2202 1407096398.jpg)

(54.70 KB 960x1280 9942442.jpg)

(1.81 MB 3264x1824 38453.jpg)

>>28621 >>28656 It absolutely is! Plus I'm not used to having it tickled at all so I can't stand any tickles there. Really makes me squirm about lol
>>28660 Adding another shot. Still got some age on it since taken. Plus I was trying to be dumb and highlight my arch with backlight. Either way, same size 10, 30 year old m feet happy to suffer an evil ticklish fate
(936.66 KB 1860x2732 20220922_012009.jpg)

(3.76 MB 4000x3000 20220922_011904.jpg)

>>28242 >Throwing mine into the ring, give me whatever your imagination cooks up. Oh, I'm afraid you're going to regret that anon... Because the only place my imagination goes to with those sexy feet of yours is complete ticklish enslavement. Starting with a thorough clinical examination of all the weakspots that sensitive skin might hide, and ending with complete and merciless overstimulation of your nerve endings. I will figure out where and how to tickle them to make you scream the loudest anon, to make you laugh so hard you think your heart is going to explode, and then I'll use my findings to make your life a ticklish hell. I want you to imagine sharp nails scratching deep into your arches, pointy chopsticks tracing the stems of your toes, brushes going crazy over the balls, your soles pink from abuse, your mind a crumbling mess, incapable of keeping up with the maddening stimulus... And that will be your life from now on. Your feet are no longer yours. They're nothing but my very own ticklish toys. And all you can do about is laugh and cry and squirm and beg in complete submission for mercy for your poor sensitive feet, mercy that I'm never going to grant you.

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