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(1.25 MB 1095x730 unknown.png)

Special Requests Thread 8: Ain't it Great? Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 01:08:27 Id: f122f1 No. 21210
I hope someone has this
Did the other thread hit its limit and I'm looking for that too
(1.21 MB 1378x933 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21212 Yeah
(6.96 MB 3010x2690 PatreonPic_May2022_1.png)

>>21210 >Makes your waifu less visually distinct Psssh… Nothin Personnel… Kid
>>21223 Thank you and did this one have varients?
>>21226 Thanks
can someone update yourhardnerdcollectr on kemono? there has been, like, 2-3 plugs of new art on her patreon that hasn't been updated.
(420.19 KB 509x680 ClipboardImage.png)

does anyone have the rest of this set? preferably the text version, but either works its not on his kemono
>>21244 my brother in christ that is literally free on his pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/92324437
(1.63 MB 1200x1098 ClipboardImage.png)

does any1 know if there is more to this illustration??? or is it just a single drawing type thing. i really wanna see more of this.
(475.33 KB 800x732 ClipboardImage.png)

(478.01 KB 800x732 ClipboardImage.png)

(484.51 KB 800x732 ClipboardImage.png)

(485.78 KB 800x732 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21258 my man how about you do some digging yourself before berating someone else, its a request board.
>>21274 >berating ??? what
>>21274 I don't think you understand what the term berating means, dude
>>21223 >no twine feet It's shit, take it back. Ring on the toe and the scratch marks are pretty good, though.
>>21270 Oh for fuck's sake, what happened?
>>21287 normies bitched about his tickle content and he got self conscious and deleted it
>>21287 He realized he can't be taken seriously as a professional animator while making childish and cringe tickling animations. Unfortunately they have been saved https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rxE7e4yZ6baMZcmd_skkJWDOFi7BCdI2
>>21293 Only like 3 of em are missing from his ng i cqn see, unless im blind
>>21274 lmao shut up you ESL retard
could someone update schizopunk's kemono.party or alternatively hand me some of those links?
(318.08 KB 1080x2159 2.jpg)

(778.14 KB 879x1200 1.jpg)

Anybody having this comic and minding to share?
Anyone got this
Anybody have the Layla pics from tkgeek? (Also pls none of that lapis bs again)
>>21325 Don't worry, I like his stuff too
Does anyone know any ways to unpixeal any art cus now I'm seeing shit where fucking tickling is being pixelated
Does anyone know any ways to unpixeal any art cus now I'm seeing shit where fucking tickling is being pixelated
>>21223 2018 really was the beginning of the end for wtfeather
>>21376 Agreed. Sad to see an artist with that much skill go to hell.
>>21288 That's not what happened. He just stopped doing it because he wanted to break out of the niche.
>>21288 Not quite. He didn't delete all his old stuff, he just stopped doing it because he wants to make more money by doing less niche content.
(89.95 KB 1200x630 wjiZFapVsfU7uIBpekeNM0AY.jpeg)

(116.20 KB 1200x630 iOO4B78Oj3mbhkqYT2j2m9ji.jpeg)

(152.71 KB 1200x630 wjhybXxApjXzu9LJY7xvtzWv.jpeg)

(157.94 KB 1200x630 kJA92kFavGS7Nx8NsPGhpAqY.jpeg)

Anyone got these from Arisuyoku? https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc
>>21290 > do you have the one of jill valentine?
>>21391 seconding
(3.02 MB 2623x3619 1.jpeg)

Anyone got this?
(4.17 MB 2300x2000 Tickle_maiden.jpg)

Anyone got omegazero01 may pack
>>21223 >Makes your waifu less visually distinct I mean that's the WTFeather MO. Take iconic characters, strip them down and remove everything that makes them iconic or hide all of their body so that they're easier to draw (or copy most of the details from a previous model) and the only thing you really have to work on is the hair. And even then he sometimes fucks that up. I rarely get anything out of any WTFeather art because it's just naked women with vaguely recognizable hairstyles being held and tickled in a purple void in the same poses over and over.
>>21413 I like his pics
>>21414 I just want him to do more of the r6 girls like the ela and iq one that one if good
>>21399 >>21391 updating kemono right now
>>21438 Link?
(10.18 MB 2732x2796 Thieves_vs_yakuzas_p2.png)

(10.10 MB 2732x2796 Thieves_vs_yakuzas_p1.png)

>>21433 Here ya go
>>21441 juzi and arisuyoku on kemono.party
(105.26 KB 1200x630 3MMyqeuIWxncdBj8K3D24FUM.jpeg)

>>21450 Thank you!
>>21502 Holy shit man, $60 subscription??? Wtf is this guy on
Can someone link arlioth kemono page I can't find it
Yea does anyone have any of these? Cuz someone needs to put Arlioth on kemono
Anyone got this one from Briel’s patron?
>>21244 >>21258 >>21325 >>21326 lapis please >>21274 nice resolution you got there bro
Can anyone give some good Foot fetish and Tickle fetish Sims 4 animations?
>>21554 Second
(102.21 KB 705x874 20220519_182551.jpg)

(43.54 KB 308x444 20220519_182554.jpg)

(41.37 KB 705x246 20220519_182556.jpg)

(314.60 KB 1200x630 98465791_p0.jpg)

Does anyone have this?
Can someone please put Arlioth on kemono 😭
Anyone got the Jinx pic from badpierrot?
(79.94 KB 800x450 cdc.jpeg)

Twomario week 2 May?
(2.48 MB 3277x2000 DoubleLucille_Pink.jpg)

(1.36 MB 2714x1821 NaotoShirogane_YuNarukami.jpg)

(4.99 MB 2000x3000 Ningguang_Shenhe.jpg)

(175.20 KB 1200x630 lJDF4pKFpkCJNGtvH9WNwkjn.jpeg)

(105.26 KB 1200x630 3MMyqeuIWxncdBj8K3D24FUM.jpeg)

Anyone have this new one by Kandenrem?
Does anyone know who the artist is
>>21834 CollaredKid
>>21834 Thanks and have he done any other aot people
>>21272 Whats the appeal here?
>>21847 Idk I fully understand feet and belly but a tail I don't get but I'm not going to judge.
Anyone got
>>21832 seconding this
Anyone have this comic?
Looking for this bulma set, Im new to 8 chan made a whole new threat accidentally xD Yeah help would be apreciated!
>>21893 Second
>>21954 sadly only some, but still thank you! If someone has some tickling variants from this set please share them with us :D
(6.38 MB KYU03.pdf)

(5.47 MB KYU04.pdf)

Does anyone have these since Neko doesn’t have a kemono page
>>22013 >Me, poring over my writing and trying to figure out how to get a tickling scenario I want to see on the page to be realized in a realistic and engaging way >This fucking comic opens with the first page being "I'm a spy! Oh no, there's an evil spy! She's tickling me now!" Why the fuck do I bother, guys.
Does anyone have that direct-to-video animated hentai movie of three spy girls getting tickled on a table with tiny mechanical hands, like in the Fujiko scene?
(60.63 KB 823x864 artoria 2.jpg)

(1.60 MB 3508x2480 artoria 1.jpg)

Does anyone have hedgehog19's april set? The senran kagura one. The kemono link leads to the march one somehow.
Anyone got BP's latest stuff? Would be much appreciated!
Hello! I search corrective measure, someone please?
(2.95 MB CM01n.pdf)

>>22223 One of my FAVORITES, enjoy =)
Finally, more hololive. Anyone? Ty in advance
>>22242 I just checked her patreon and it's literally $3 to join. Are people here so cheap that they wouldn't give that much to support an artist they like?
>>22243 >Not pirating from Aza-chan
>>22243 The same can be said for all of the poorfags who are on here begging for paid content here, in the Kemono thread, or in the video thread. Ignoring text posts and just looking at pictures of tickles is the most peaceful way to browse this board.
>>22246 > Comes on the request thread to talk shit about people requesting stuff So are you trolling or just an asshole?
(10.40 MB 2700x4327 17RoKvI.png)

>>22242 Ask and ye shall receive.
>>22268 Actually, both
Does anyone know any art of her. I could only find one thing and its not even fucking tickling sadly.
>>22305 There isn't anything with her as the lee as far as I know.
>>22306 Ik sadly that's a cool pic. I just want to find one here those little ball arm things are tickling her feet that look like the ones from Mostlyfunstuff
>>22351 Seconded
Does anyone have one of these two from ElectricChimera?
>>22396 Second
>>22435 Thank you very much Anon!
>>22454 I would love to see a fj vid but if I find any tickling vids I'll put it here
>>22013 You wouldn’t happen to have any other MTJ pub comics would you? I’ve been dying to read hysterical cases #3
>>22454 Would definitely love to get some videos of hers. I've scoured the internet but had no luck in finding any.
>>22454 Would anyone else here have videos of asiansolequeen??
>>22416 seconded
Anyone have this?
>>22488 Erick, ask only one time, don't be dense child
By any chance, do you also have any of these 3?
Anybody have the individual pics for this? It's got some tickling in there, but I'm mostly wanting the one circled in red.
>>22510 Second and I wonder how long it's gona be until someone requests for the new dazident evil thing
>>22509 Thank you Lemme!
>>22454 need to see the tickling ones
>>22535 > soles Into the trash it goes
>>22509 Im unable to open the files. Can you upload them to a google drive or MEGA? Maybe Dropbox?
(137.61 KB 1200x630 29OHyX6mxLfNPjivrcRCNdex.jpeg)

Anyone have this from Arisuyoku pls 🙏?
>>22549 Bumping this!
>>22510 thirding this
>>22547 the files should be ok, they are just in this weird .ts format. They can be opened with VLC media player or even standard windows 10 video player https://mega.nz/folder/LJ9XyRra#2WMeqUC28g63-2bGHETV9Q
DazidentEvil's Charlie pack is now on E-Hentai. here https://e-hentai.org/g/2237086/cc1634dea6/
(130.80 KB 1200x630 X1OVmtXi4u0zca3pIZnxzRWD.jpeg)

(137.61 KB 1200x630 29OHyX6mxLfNPjivrcRCNdex.jpeg)

https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc/posts PLS tell me someone has these
Was anyone able to download the april or march videos from Stimulating Reflexology? The may one's are still up
>>22588 Or any patreon-only clip from them
Does anyone have this?
(4.79 MB 3988x2959 Aqua1.jpg)

(6.20 MB 3972x2932 Aqua 2.jpg)

(5.83 MB 3972x2932 Aqua copy 2 nt.jpg)

here is this but someone will have content mrblemont273
(6.69 MB 2765x2894 96599648_p0.png)

(3.84 MB 2765x2894 98399095_p0.png)

does anyone have these?
>>22635 And this
Anyone have avijustfeet 100 discount code? Cus his kemono is useless now
>>22636 >>22635 Would love to see those too. Especially the one with darkness and ela
Anyone got the full of this?
>>22635 >>22636 Second I just wish kemono would be useful for it. I want to see aqua and daki so bad
>>22669 Seems like you need a code to get it from gumdrop.
(6.70 MB 4500x3375 Kawa1.jpg)

post the other 2 alts plz and thank u
>>22636 >>22635 Hold up would mrbelmont273 release these later or are they pivi exclusive
>>22719 They're exclusive, I looked it up. You're never going to see them unless you pay.
(1.20 MB 1399x808 98860995_p0.png)

Posted as a separare thread by mistake but anyone got this by Teichikun?
>>22720 FUCK that fucking stupid. You know I love you all so does anyone want to be my hero
(616.20 KB 891x897 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have it?
(118.17 KB 1024x633 ClipboardImage.jpeg)

Someone update imtheguy97 with this plz or show me the inkling pic of it at least
(118.17 KB 1024x633 ClipboardImage.jpeg)

plz show me the full version of the inkling pic or update imtheguy97 on kemono party plz
>>22720 even if you pay, you cant get them now, Belmont is far too stupid and he hasn't uploaded old pics to mega
>>22814 Seriously I thought that he would send you the pics if you ask
https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/97505384 Is there a kemono for this artist (and this specific work?)
(11.41 MB 4600x4497 83.jpg)

Anyone got this?
Is the person that updated mrbelmont273 here?
>>22897 Anon he hasn't released anything new in almost a year, he's just been translating old works to Chinese and re-releasing them. Ironically enough he said he wasn't releasing anything new because he found his works on sadpanda.
(84.59 KB 857x857 IMG_20220610_023041.jpg)

Does anyone have this from chaztheweasel?
(125.20 KB 1200x630 ejMBRnH2t7QySCpyXdK7IR8P.jpeg)

omg plz
Does anyone have whywhatwhys newest art?
(481.71 KB 1920x2010 asdsfs.jpg)

Anyone got this?
>>22933 Nope because some fucking genius on kemono thought to not put in the pics
>>22937 Thats because the artist uses a system where they DM the passwords to some "Gallery Links". Meaning updating the kemono does absolutely nothing yet someone keeps doing it lmao.
(5.05 MB 2560x1266 unknown.png)

>>22723 There is also this.
Anyone got this?
(345.08 KB 901x862 99064955_p0.png)

Anyone got this one from Dan-5000?
>>22933 who are they?
>>23116 Dan Schneider
(543.89 KB 760x551 ClipboardImage.png)

Would appreciate if anyone had this
>>23131 It's like he's not even trying anymore lol
>>23131 my brother in christ that's literally on his kemono https://kemono.party/patreon/user/937942/post/67573962 its just not colored
(1.08 MB 1600x1084 FVZtJkaWIAATHtU.jfif)

Does anyone have this to share?
Anyone got this or any of TrappedDreamer's animations?
Does my waifu need her feet tickled?
>>23211 Why you would want them is a better question.
>>23043 Seconding this please. The Black and White is great, I need the colors in my life.
>>23188 Seconding this
(1.48 MB 1200x630 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.37 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic_Jun20221.png)

>>23131 Here ya go
>>23237 I mainly enjoy his art style due to the crazy reactions and wiggling toes.
(120.73 KB 1076x605 Screenshot_20220619_232724.jpg)

https://voarl10.fanbox.cc/posts/3606642 Anyone have the asuna trapped pic?
(5.13 MB 2200x2455 yn8GBA3SAIYr1hDCg0E6IbUb.jpeg)

>>23416 forgot this one, here ya go
Anyone got it?
(289.50 KB 671x350 ClipboardImage.png)

(367.98 KB 676x354 ClipboardImage.png)

>>23416 >>23417 Thanks a lot! Maybe you have one of these? pls
(5.34 MB 2200x2900 ATGy2jc4C91nHVTmBf9qoHcE.jpeg)

(4.98 MB 2200x2900 vzoI4NKMdctkCJ2Cshavqj37.jpeg)

(5.14 MB 2200x2900 q3NR9SblhCFLxdVCWOrEYSV9.jpeg)

(5.19 MB 2200x2900 uuWUJxgXTnXhA5tWwPX634qG.jpeg)

(5.28 MB 2200x2900 jRU5YEWlW9k9C8ZV5Am62qfo.jpeg)

>>23451 sure do, the Watame one is what I subscribed for haha. Will get the Ayaka one uploaded too
>>23466 there ya go, mate. I'll update the kemono while I'm at it
>>23466 >>23467 Bless you!
>>23286 Seconding This artist it's excellent
(7.24 MB 3508x2480 1(4).png)

(6.25 MB 3508x2480 1(5).png)

(435.47 KB 669x467 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have this by chance?
(217.11 KB 1200x800 tn9fn6EoqHGQuUqXdsv9FLXL.jpeg)

>>23561 Man, I feel fucking robbed for having paid for it. At least I updated the kemono, so go check it out there.
>>23562 holy shit, that's a disappointment. thanks for updating anon, bless you.
>>23562 What are they under on Kemono? I've had a look and can't see them.
>>23562 man that's disappointing. Cheers anyway for taking one for the team, anon
>>23565 cleaninghousetk
>>23562 There's a belly tag in pixiv, but I wonder why there's toes and feet tag too
(29.28 KB 945x298 ClipboardImage.png)

>>23562 that's really scum
>>23562 People are just realizing this guy is a fucking tool? His art is so bare minimum fucking bland and boring, every piece is a disappointment.
Anyone have this?
>>23571 CHTK is making shitty artists think they're hot shit, Most of the artists part of that group are messed up anyways...
>>23573 I remember when he just did animations. They were great too. The dva one is a classic
I fucking hate CHTK, it's like their only goal is to get a bunch of artists just to paywall their content and now they're straight up baiting
(148.27 KB 720x1512 Screenshot_20220622-171602.png)

Anyone have this from Bad Pierrot?
>>23573 speaking of CHTK being shit, i refuse to believe anyone saw this and actually thought "this is a GREAT rendition of chel getting tickled! I'm so happy I paid for this! it looks just like her!! this artist has certainly earned their pay!" thanks for the kemono update tho anon
(29.14 KB 173x298 1615571018269.jpg)

>>23588 CHTK is like a very shitty tickle art cartel trying to plug the most basic tickle pictures. Nothing but simple stocks and now footboxes. They have nothing to do with the theme of the characters whatsoever. If people are paying for this then you ain't no friend of me pal.
>>23589 Everytime I see "footboxes" I inch closer to death
>>23547 Anon pls I beg you give me Y'shtola with color since you have access to Codricor (>>23043)
>>23589 "Pay me so I can waste it on half ass commissioned."
>>23591 What are footboxes
>>23591 Eh, I kind of like them as long as I know the feet are actually connected and it's not a magical portal or some shit. Does not make any sense for someone to be walking around with their feet both in one corporeal space and another, or maybe that's just my tism. But the idea of someone trapped with only their feet exposed, unable to see what's going on, is pretty hot. Like blindfolded but worse.
>>23601 Half of caroos gallery
Does anyone happen to have that old "the interrogation" comic featuring Violet Parr that Knismotik did? he seems to have taken it down off his Patreon.
>>23564 Yeah, it was. You're welcome. >>23566 Thanks, buddy. >>23568 >>23569 Yeah, at least I got fooled instead of being stupid, because, c'mon. >>23579 Yeah, I fell for the bait because it was Megumin, my bad. >>23588 Jesus fucking Christ, this is disgusting. Yeah, just fucking imagine someone actually paying for this shit wanting to see Chel. It's so goddamn lazy. Man, I am pissed. Anyway, you're welcome; I had no regrets updating the kemono, let him lose money too.
>>23110 just gonna bump this rq
>>23604 Same I really like the premises of foot walls and foot boxes but yeah I can see why people think they're lazy
>>23637 How... how the fuck did I miss it... ffs I'm a retard. Thanks for pointing it out anon, my dumbass appreciates it.
Does anybody have the NSFW versions of this new pic from Billy Buddy?
Does anyone have the first 2 issues of tickling in space by chance?
(112.97 KB 746x652 16534134326553414872.jpg)

>pirating from Aza-chan
>>23816 she's not gonna fuck you, bro
(13.08 MB 5133x4818 w2hG-958.png)

>>23780 Azamuku does not miss.
>>23816 >this exact response yet again
(206.43 KB 800x450 A.png)

Anyone have the variants? Please
>>23850 >5 options >not 9000+ Nitro is slipping
can anyone update juzi's fanbox
>>23816 Thank you, I really hate these fuckers who reposted my art for free
>>23897 For the record, I'm the real Azamuku-chan. And to add, I really could not care less if people decide to pirate my content. I've come to terms that pirating is inevitable with my gallery, but I believe I've got enough supporters to sustain my career with it happening. So go ahead. Post my art for free. I don't care anymore. Oh and to the guy who keeps doing that cringey "pirating from aza-chan" reaction posts, you should probably stop. Only seems to serve the community to encourage piracy lol
>>23901 I also like to be tied up and restrained while 5 unknown men tickle my defenseless body till I pee.
>>23897 >>23901 >>23904 I don't know what's real anymore.
(46.95 KB 933x580 FL7GAdJXoAMSZjt.jpg)

>>23904 >>23901 >>23897 shit shit shit shit
>>23908 They're not Aza, I'M Aza, and I say: consume more microplastics!
>>23637 Why do these 404
Do we have a thread for avijustfeet since now his kemono is useless
>>23918 Well it's nice to see the other board went down
Anyone have the hedgehog19 yelan set? kemono aint working for it
Can someone put Caoyue's new art? It looks really good
Does ANYONE have a video from tickling paradise that was called something like Carpet tickle? It had a black girl, i think Hollywood rolled in a carpet having her feet tickled by rose, then they switched positions after a while. I cannot find this video even on tickling paradise's page.
edited the new wtfeather together
Anyone got this from Ijigen? https://ijigen.fanbox.cc/posts/3755352
(20.46 KB 721x321 1656672394377.jpg)

Does anyone have this from granatrix?
>>24127 Bless your soul
Anyone have these two by chance?
(22.94 MB 5000x4333 quetzal 2.png)

(23.28 MB 5000x4333 quetzal 1.png)

(816.86 KB 1195x795 mommies.png)

>>24147 You can always count on this board to ask for paywalled things the second they're posted.
>>24171 Thanks
(106.23 KB 1200x630 B8qzeWA5RM3D6r562uHB2W1Z.jpeg)

I hope you all know piracy is childish and cringe, don't you know that real adults pay for things?
Does anyone know who the artist of this is, and if there is more by them? I'm under the impression it's older, but know nothing other than that.
Anyone have this one? Love his stuff, used to be subscribed, will be again at some point.
Please two Mario July week 1
Does anyone have this? I suspect it has multiple variants so if it does, mind posting them too? Thank you in advance
hi, i'm quite into self-tickling :3 but there aren't much good videos for that. i recently found few more on clips for sale, do you happen to have any of them and could share? or maybe some other from you collection? thank you in advance ^_^ https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/9697/7501033/elans-self-tickle-instruction-hd https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29443/14222359/sabliques-self-tickle-joi-1080 https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/36032/25998049/the-tickle-goddess-within-velma-transforms-into-curvy-bombshell-who-loves-to-tickle-hd-mp4-1080p https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/61921/24965363/eve-self-tickling-instuction https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/61277/25253101/self-tickle-fantasy https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/112750/17682694/self-tickling-ellis https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/107564/25133077/self-tickling-maddalena https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/26344/18417268/tickling-punishment-self-tickling-feet-tickling-nylon-tickling-wmv https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/9697/2481160/annabelles-model-interview-self-tickle-instruction https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/142761/23656539/self-feathering-natasha-tyler-part-1 https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/120773/24726171/how-to-tickle-onyxs-feet-hd-mp4 https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/197577/26178209/stocks-self-tickle https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29443/25631127/tickle-wrestling-entertainment-pt-76-tickle-tangle-tapout-1080-mp4 https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29443/25162087/tickle-wrestling-entertainment-pt-67-that-voodoo-that-you-do-1080-mp4 https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29443/25132839/tickle-wrestling-entertainment-pt-65-amazon-tickle-challenge-1080-mp4 https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29443/25336945/tickle-wrestling-entertainment-pt-70-foot-tickle-free-for-all-for-four-1080-mp4 https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29443/25419025/tickle-wrestling-entertainment-pt-73-fiending-for-feet-1080-mp4
>>24363 Hi, try to ask that in the video tread
Does anyone have the rest of this comic. And does anyone have this PSD from Nitro?
The Comic is from LucasKMart btw
(1.07 MB 1200x824 Linwell2.jpg)

Does anyone have the rest of this? From bnn https://bnn.fanbox.cc/posts/3515281
(31.07 MB 7680x4320 Carly and Sam.png)

(5.32 MB 2000x3000 Mae.png)

>>22933 I have this and the Mae one
(146.78 KB 1200x630 tyCXHqunkpX4XOVJKDeCjnpN.jpeg)

(221.69 KB 1200x630 Wyermo34DbMGm2WY40MXynCy.jpeg)

>>24427 Do you have this too 😅?
(3.09 MB 7680x4320 Uzaki and Zero Two.png)

(18.48 MB 4320x7680 Yor 01.png)

(18.60 MB 4320x7680 Yor 02.png)

>>24443 do you have the Byleth one?
Anyone happen to have this animation? https://www.patreon.com/posts/jessica-tickled-65379615
>>24427 Do you have any of these I've been after them for a while
(3.84 MB 2765x2894 98399095_p0.png)

>>24460 And this one
(4.90 MB 2000x3000 Byleth.png)

I found Byleth. I don’t seem to have access to those other ones.
(513.40 KB 310x464 xzibit-meme.gif)

>>23562 >>23569 >>23579 Get served nerds! Oh, and here's a thing. >>24481
>Sometimes also upperbody tickling is cool! Right? And they mock you while they rip you off
>>24517 Meds now
>>24517 >>24520 Shit nevermind my bad I just figured out what you were trying to say. Yeah fuck this guy.
Typo fixed btw. Hopefully it stays that way. Thanks for the heads up!
Does anybody have this by chance?
>>24525 Are people not fucking sick of Yor yet? Holy shit I think in less than a year she's gotten more tickle art than characters who have been around for decades, and it's almost all the same scenario.
>>24526 Given the absolute mountains of art that characters like Tifa and Tracer got within a year of FFVIIR/Overwatch, no I'm not arsed about it.
>>24526 If artists would start drawing her with better expressions then it wouldn't be so boring.
>>24528 >Comparing Tifa, a character who has existed and maintained her popularity since the mid 90s, to a fotm anime bitch that no one will remember in a year
>>24526 Creativity in this community is almost completely dead. There's no reason to stay subscribed to almost any artists patreon when they're just going to draw the same characters tickled in the same way that you've already seen 20+ times.
>>24547 And yet the one time someone did people in this very thread pitched a fit over it.
>>24552 I don't know what you're referring to, but yes, the audience is the source of the problem here. Most of these artists just draw what they're asked to based on patreon polls or commissions.
(432.99 KB 960x540 1.jpg)

>>24545 Being arse for no reason other then to stroke your own ego guess what dude she’s not going to fuck you
>>24554 So many people don't understand this. You're insanely lucky if you can make money on Patreon and the like drawing what you actually want to, most artists almost entirely do flavor of the month waifus based on polls, with maybe one picture per month of what they actually want to draw if they're lucky enough to be bringing in enough that they can work on their art full time. Even then there's a significant number who don't want to do fetish art at all and only do it because they weren't able to make it as a "real" artist.
>>24545 Tifa may have been around for decades but it wasn't until Remake that the art really started pouring in and she became what is probably the character with the most tickle art ever. Compared to her Yor is still coming up short.
>>24526 >>24547 >>24562 >>24565 Ok ok enough before this gets more out of hand let’s get the thread back on track it’s the request thread emphasizes on request no one is forcing anybody to support a Patreon to get that particular pic anyone who does so has no else to blame but themselves
(1.01 MB 1696x2740 Illustration2.png)

>>24200 A lot of artist updates today on Kemono. >>24545 Bluedressfag, is that you?
>>24569 I think that is bluedressfag, >>24545 Stop wasting ur money on an overused hoe and get some real art from someone on pixiv, Kanden must be fed up of you constantly commissioning the same shit
Anyone have the full thing of this
>>24055 I saw your post and I was like I have to do my own.
>>24582 https://kemono.party/subscribestar/user/NitropunkArts/post/78332 This was on his kemono. You just have to go to a photoshop site like photopea and edit the layers to see the other variants
>>24588 I can’t do it. I want to see all the variants
>>24593 You press that and you get to make your own variants
Does anyone have Codricor1's Mayday comic?
>>24605 It's on his kemono I'm pretty sure
>>24607 It is
Does anyone have any more of yueyue/jager's comics past the Miku one? On the topic of Codricor1 there is one of yueyue's comics on his gumroad
>>24619 Should say I'm referring to the newest one and not the "fall of goddess" one
Does anyone have some of Granatrix's new stuff from Boosty? He's got some pretty cool Pokemon pics I want to see. https://boosty.to/granatrix
>>24334 Seconding, still only b&w version on kemono
>>21376 >>21378 frankly I think we're in a wtfeather renaissance the progression is inexperienced furry artist > experienced furry artist > inexperienced uncanny valley human artist > decent human artist some of his most recent pieces, hot damn
>>24643 I don’t know about that chief. His older art was much better. Some of which were taken down. Had he stuck to that style it would’ve been better but he started shading differently and it’s just not the same.
(6.34 MB 2438x2627 Tebtacruel_its_so_cruel.png)

>>24331 TadashiBaka did it better
>>24695 No he didn't. You're only saying that because that one was 100% foot focused instead of just 75%.
>>24706 Jesus dude, rent free much?
>>24719 I do, I'll post here in the end of the week, the pack just got released
>>24720 someone will most likely post it before you do mate
>>24721 Is not like I'm racing them lol If someone does, well, good for you guys
But just to give it a little taste, I'll pass one image of the pack of the first girl the first person after this comment ask for it
>>24723 The Okita Souji one c:
>>24726 wait, that's Pirata? I thought she looked different I imagine Rider is also another collab? Maybe with Master417?
>>24727 It's a collab with a bunch of artists, most of them is made by Codricor but there is also Pirata, Master417,Kanden-ren, Exa-spirt and Praetor-Z
>>24720 I would tell you not to post it and let people buy it themselves since I think the pack is well worth the 8 dollar asking price, but apparently people here live penny to penny and would never spend a single one on some art they want. I'm certain that if an artist drew the greatest 100 pieces of tickle art ever and put them behind a 1$ paywall, almost no one here would actually consider paying.
>>24766 >trying to bash 8chan anons for piracy
(250.21 KB 1280x1419 kagenapped dawho555.jpeg)

Can anyone share Kagenapped by dawho555 yet?
>>24719 That’s funny I have it now too whoops oh well guess I should came here first, anyway not sure if I should post this now or let you do it but what I will do now is put in one for the next person that gives me a very specific fact on a that servant
>>24775 It is reported that Queen Medb needed to have sex with 30 men every day in order to be satisfied.
>>24776 Huh didn’t know that and not sure if I would have been better off not knowing but no matter a deals a deal here go Anon
>>24778 Are there different versions of every image? The facial expression from that one is different from the teaser image... Curious as to what the other one changes about it lol
>>24779 This would be the other image your talking about I didn’t post it cause this piece has nothing to do with tickling half of them have like two images one of not tickling then tickling to go with text while the other half just has one tickling pic like okita souji
>>24778 While that may be true that all of them don't have tickling, its the anticipation of the setup that counts ;) lol.
>>24774 Is there even tickling in this at all?
(122.34 KB 1200x630 6wKQN2McsuwinJq3laY6ZChh.jpeg)

(168.89 KB 1200x630 LzAm7NBhJrytCi8hoZJlyd3O.jpeg)

(191.92 KB 1200x630 Oj59R47ztoV2Rg7GGHqB5x4R.jpeg)

Plz tell me someone have these https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc
>>24782 No sorry I put it in the wrong thread
can someone get the mini pack by Dazidentevil?
You Want to See My Feet? Issue 2 https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/94000121 Anyone have this?
>>24778 >>24780 Huh, that's actually pretty good. Thank you, I might buy it.
>>24726 Definitely a great first pic to post from the pack what with the hysterical expression, the chibis, and the pissed off expression elevated by Nobu’s hair.
Anyone got these from Redscript?
Mate well if you are getting something for free why not just get it and if you have so much probelm then why don't you freakin leave this catalog
>>24766 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
(150.16 KB 720x1196 Screenshot_20220713-164937.png)

Anyone have this from Ghawkg pls 🙏?
Anyone got the download for this?
Anybody with access to this one? I've been looking for it for a while
(4.61 MB 3508x2480 00 Fate_Pack_Cover final.png)

>>24946 absolute pog champ
I saw this was requested a while ago but I never saw it posted anywhere. If any one has this pack please share.
>>24970 seconding this
>>24881 Enjoy
(982.65 KB 500x364 8h0K.gif)

>>24970 I'm pretty sure someone already posted this here before, but to keep it easier for people to find it, here it goes: https://exhentai.org/g/2273338/180c2a8e97/ https://e-hentai.org/g/2273338/180c2a8e97/
Does anyone have the full resolution version of this?
(2.37 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p0.jpg)

(2.55 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p1.jpg)

(2.66 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p2.jpg)

Doe anyone have the full set of these pictures by https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/50999852 ?
Drawfag here. Give me something short simple and sweet to do.
>>25040 Nobu being tickled by mini nobus(From Fate)
>>25040 I would give my left or right nut for art of jas from Stardew valley being tickled Not both though
>>25040 Flayn Fire Emblem gettin tickled on her feet and maybe her ears as well.
>>24974 Thank you anon
>>24975 Thanks a ton man! Been trying to find this forever. The first link is busted but is it the same thing as the second one? Only asking cause it seems the second one is missing the pic of Cynthia on the cover from that angle and in her bikini
Twomario July week 3???
(7.77 MB 2000x4545 Mostima-Exia.jpg)

(3.20 MB 3000x1849 1657399767202.jpg)

(4.94 MB 3000x2000 Lignum_July2022.jpg)

(3.98 MB 1802x2621 1657356583519.jpg)

(1.54 MB 1938x2361 Jul6th.jpg)

>>25052 Sorry but that's it, there are 11 images in this pack and that Cyntia one from the cover is only used on the cover(a shame, I know)
Anyone got anything from arlioth gumroad
Update Caroo
https://divjustice.gumroad.com/l/MZNcR Does anybody have this? It's been out there for a while now but I haven't found it yet. Would really appreciate it if someone could share it.
Does anyone got ANY of the stories MrTenacious has written so far? He seems to make lengthy well written stuff that is hard to find these days. https://www.deviantart.com/mrtenacious01/gallery/57516409/tk-novels
(1.97 MB 1896x2048 Sword Maiden.png)

>>25121 I bought the teacher interactive story. To be honest it's not bad... but somehow not worth it. Short and generic.
>>25132 You have lydia image?
(41.53 KB 672x346 Screenshot_2.jpg)

>>25132 Maybe you have this? Please?
>>25133 Ahh I get you, tbh interactive stories aren't really my thing, if you get any of the other stories do let know how they're are.
>>24334 Gonna bump request this one. SymbSymb actually just be gone rn fr. Gonna be god knows long before they actually post again since they got some IRL stuff going on or whatever, or just burnout.
Does anyone have that one Doki Doki story where Monika ends up trapping and tickle torturing all of them? One specific thing I remember about it is that she was able to change how the characters handled the tickling.
Anyone have this?
>>25287 it is on his kemono
>>25301 Post link then please, I can't find it on there. Unless its not under Electricchimera.
>>25301 You're probably thinking of KnismoTIK https://kemono.party/patreon/user/10011298 a different 3D tk artist. Far as I see it ElectricChimera is not on kp. >>25303 Scroll up to these >>22509 >>22435
>>25318 I saw the animation but now i recall: its from this same thread, here >>22509
>>25318 hold up i just realized what i just did hjsdhdsj
Hey, does anyone have stuff from Avijustfeet?
what are the rules of requesting?
>>25378 check kemono first, that's about it
full version bare version anyone
>>25378 Needs to actually be tickling related
>>25348 Second
>>25378 Shouldn't be spammed 30 times if no one has it or wants to get it.
Can someone post the new twomario stuff or update the Kemono?
(2.50 MB 3000x2000 Noobman.jpg)

(3.27 MB 3500x2500 unknown.png)

(3.47 MB 5892x2310 tog.jpg)

>>25523 Who's in the last pic and can someone update imtheguy97 or post his seige pics
>>25566 They are the 4 main girls of "K-on!"
>>25584 Really? I don't see it at all
Does anyone have a collection of older videos from StimulatingReflexology? The newer ones are up on Kemono, but links have died for the less recent ones.
(5.63 MB 3425x5249 0 - The Cover.png)

hey anyone got that one? I would apreciate it :)
>>25612 it's already up even in this fucking thread
>>24975 >>25612 You have it here :)
>>25605 Seconding
Does anyone have avijustfeet's videos "Herotickles", "Helen Parr Tickled Again", and his Chun Li video? Here's the first Helen Parr video. https://anonfiles.com/41B7U90dyd/Helen_Parr_Tickled_mp4
>>25693 These links never work for me. Do you have any other way of sharing?
(20.46 KB 721x321 1658974254980.jpg)

Checking again, does anyone have this?
Anybody has this one by Polarbear? I think its on his gumroad page Thank you
Does anyone have anything from Blackprof I'm really after the ones of mistral from metal gear rising revengeance. Also does any one have any pics of her I can't find any
>>25724 I'm after this one but they didn't put in a link on the kemono page. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/10774916/post/67042237
anyone have this one?
anyone have the whole of this comic? https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/87117306
https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/100074437 Has anyone been able to get this?
>>25831 Second
(804.68 KB 2464x1487 xhFo_mOgCrQ.jpg)

(839.89 KB 2464x1487 7pTCa0PRNdA.jpg)

anyone got this one?
ok i know everyone has a vendetta against tk-geek around here but please. this is fire
>>25865 We all love to. Can you provide us with the patreon's link, s'il vous plait?
>>25845 Wait how old is daki cus I know neziko is like 12 so ima just crop her out. Isn't she like 30
>>25900 According to wiki, Nezuko is 12 and Daki is over 126 but got converted at 13 so her body should be that age Which is bs, because 12-13 y.o. doesn't have those bodies. Nezuko changes appearance from a little child to a full grown-up woman, so I guess that if you want to be a moralistic she is still 12 (or less, since as demon she is like retarded) but with Daki you are full game, since their bodies can transform
I was wondering if anybody had the Plumeville comic from CastroFetish since there isn’t a kemono for him https://www.patreon.com/CastroFetish
Did anybody ever bother with this to see if he has any unique art pieces that aren’t on his pixiv or kemono page. And if yes, could you post them here?
>>25935 Forgot pic
(345.74 KB 597x750 2.jpg)

Anyone got the password? I got the zip file already
>>25896 shh Just remove spaces for some reason the site is bugging tf out (Also I don’t get why tf people freak out over TKGEEK when KandenRen is spammed WAYYY more often)
>>25998 Nvm they still blocking it @ admins yall are bums
(892.56 KB 498x375 nobody-cares-eggman.gif)

>>25999 Lapis/erick, how can I say? Ah, yes
>>26000 Imagine getting salty about someone making a request on a fucking request board Mate talk to me when you can see your own penis, nine chin looking ass
>>25845 Would u mind sharing the gumroad code if possible?
>>26001 >>26000 will you two please just stfu nobody cares lmao
Anyone got this? Its from Ijigen an it's been over 2 months since it came out.. It can be found at anyone of these three links.. https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ391256.html https://www.dmm.co.jp/dc/doujin/-/detail/=/cid=d_231328/ https://ijigen.fanbox.cc/posts/3755352
So umm nobody got that code for LewdSaigas mina pack? 😭😭
Anyone got Jayakun's recent stuff? The kemono page was not updated in months
>>26004 >Tells himself to shut the fuck up Forgot to take your schizo meds today Lapis?
>>26065 Aren't you tired of harrasing ppl online :/
(186.63 KB 1200x630 kV1pl1pEAGZpyhbPuwAvuhRe.jpeg)

>>26082 >calling out the stupidity of someone spamming messages and replying to their own texts >"OH SHIT CALL THE POLICE THIS GUY MUST BE HARRASSING SOMEONE ONLINE" Lol your logic is actually concerning
>>26093 No i mean it's been months and you're still talking shit to him like leave him alone already bro
>>26100 >"its been months and you're still talking shit about him" >the initial reply was mocking the fact the person just replied to THEIR OWN COMMENT to, quote, "just stfu nobody cares" >schizo moment of them literally talking to themselves with no other purpose Like damn, cool your jets, it aint that deep. Lapis ain't gonna fuck you, never thought I would have to deal with a Lapis simp on this board but here we are xd
>>26103 The copium
>>26114 can we really need to deal with you again Erick? Mods, please, for the last time, I beg all of you: BAN THIS SON OF HIS F@$*% MOTHEEEEEER
>>26114 I don't think you know what copium means lol Here's a tip for you on argumentative discussion: make sure you understand what you're saying first before saying it. It'll help you in the long run bud.
>>26122 You're right, but like I dont think anyone should put actual energy in responding those kind of comments, they usually put themselves in evidence.
>>26124 >"they usually put themselves in evidence" >??? >"I don't think anyone should put actual energy in responding" >started and continues to put energy into the argument but hasn't provided a single coherent point Not gonna lie you sound really lost. Just take the L and move on man, you're fighting on a dying hill. But hey, with English skills like yours, you might actually give Lapis a hard on. I take back what I said earlier, Lapis might actually fuck you!
(13.37 MB 3088x4048 Poke_Mom_and_Daghter.png)

>>26091 Here ya go
>>26065 nobody is talking to themselves you two are just genuinely annoying as fuck and none of us want to listen to this enemies to lovers arc you two incels feel the need to flood every special requests board with I mean fuck man someone calls you two out for spamming a PUBLIC forum and you assume that it must be your lover Lapis
Anyone know if this guy has a kemono and if they do what the name is? If they do it certainly isn't under their name or deviantart name. https://ana.fanbox.cc/shop
>>26136 Maybe before sperging out without knowing what you're talking about, read what's being said xd Hint: >>26004 and >>26001 are the same person
(370.48 KB 2042x1468 20220802_045123.jpg)

>>26154 Thatd be great, tysm
Anyone have this?
(216.71 KB 751x581 Albedo x Shaltear.png)

>>26162 Thanks ☺️, out of curiosity do you have the image in better quality 😅?
Anyone have master417's stuff?
>>26162 do you have the viridi pic kind sir?
(1.99 MB 3302x2552 Albedo x Shaltear.png)

>>26164 Is this any better? >>26170 Sorry, I don't
>>26142 is not me idiot
>>26154 Different anon but I was looking for this one for a while now. Thanks a bunch!
>>26142 I’m sorry, I promise I will stop spamming… I make all the mistakes and responsible taken
>>26172 Yes, thanks you ☺️
>>26154 do you have the version without text?
>>26177 stop impersonating me, I didn't spam nothing, fucking stalkers
>>26142 Ah. Mb. Just gets annoying af watching these manbabies flood the replies
>>26193 stop impersonating me, I spam everything, fucking stalkers
Anyone have?
Hey so ik I've been bitching about LewdSaigas mina ashido Zip file password but can someone fix lewdsaigas posts on kemono? Because to access bros content you need the password for all of the files and they're supposed to be in the comments but the comment isnt there on kemono
Massive shot in the dark here, but does anyone have a good amount of KoochieKoochie's earlier works? I've been starved in looking for any remaining pieces he did.
Hey does anyone have Avijustfeets Life is So Ticklish video? The Kemono one requires you to have their patreon.
>>26175 Bump
>>26253 It doesn't, just look for the archive on Kemono and you will find everything.
>>26278 did you even bother to check lmao his kemono hasn't worked in like forever
>>26289 Maybe someone should update it... along with tkgeek
Does any one have imtheguy97 rainbowsix pics
>>26291 It's not that it doesn't get updated, he just changed how he distributes his content. You get through another website beside Patreon but you can't access it from patreon.
>>26144 Second
Anyone got dazidentevil new pack
(16.14 MB 6000x4000 a5s850rar1t51.png)

anyone got the second part to this one? i know it exists
>>26433 I don't think it does exist actually. I've only seen the second part as part of a caption post in one of the caption threads. I checked the original artists Deviantart and Patreon, and it wasn't there. It's probably just a decent edit.
>>26154 Do you happen to have his other two works for sale? Also, it seems like this guy Jager doesn’t have a kemono even though his stuff is extremely good. Surely there must be some goldmines out there
(2.90 MB 6000x4000 4.jpg)

>>26433 Here you go
>>26437 There was a google drive link for the chinese version, if you want, back in the old tkr request board, the one that got nuked. Link should still be there.
>>26439 do you have a link to that?
>>26440 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hKuUNlA3D7c-PR9CLFOHwu6ucsN69eZU It only contains the fall of the goddess. You can try your luck on finding Yue's Doom in the request board : https://8kun.top/tkr/catalog.html
>>26441 unfortunately it wasn't there i'm pretty sure. i used ctrl+f to look for different links to it. it was requested but nobody actually posted it.
Can someone post dazidents new pack
Can someone upload twomarios new work, including this one uncensored please!
>>26475 thank you!
Anyone happen to have this?
>>26514 Pirating from a disabled person. Classy.
Anyone got any tickle katt armpit tickling videos?
>>26528 Pirating from a disabled person. Classy.
just dropped, anyone willing to share? plz and thank u
(182.68 KB 1913x1076 20220808_140401.jpg)

(303.58 KB 2525x1420 20220808_140403.jpg)

Anyone got this from Chaz?
>>26441 Do you have the english tl?
(1.14 MB 4096x2896 20220808_135706.jpg)

Anyone have this
Anyone got this? His work are pretty nice imo, a bit unfortunate that his kemono is quite outdated.. I'll try to see if anyone here got it instead
Anyone have this from Avijustfeet? Their kemono just links it to a patreon
Is this artist on kemono if they are can someone tell me who it is, if not does anyone have this? https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/100182263
>>26629 https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/14214373 The artwork has not been uploaded yet, but should be soon as its updated regularly
Can someone please please help me out. It's by imtheguy97
Can someone please update NarutoByrufy
Can someone please update tkgeek?
Anyone have the whole Violet comic that Knismotik made? or any violet pics he made would be appreciated!
anyone got bad-pierrot’s new wonder woman piece?
>>26678 It won't let me in, says I need to ask permission
(850.15 KB 1920x1400 99376613_p0 (1).jpg)

(1.51 MB 1920x1400 100392766_p1.jpg)

Anyone have this set from toermentor? Thanks
>>26680 Sorry lad, I'm pretty garbage at this. I changed the access to anyone with the link. Let me know if there is still a problem. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17U0JOKQa7l-gG6qBwrWP7WoHqEVhOwoG?usp=sharing
Anyone have this one?
Anyone have this from Ghawkg?
>>26701 That's worked, thanks
(2.68 MB 2320x3000 Futabatk.png)

Hey are you one of those guys asking for the password to Daz's pack? Well you don't have to be anymore, he listed all of them to the public on his gumroad.
>>26560 here i went through the pain of downloading all of his packs into a mega https://mega.nz/fm/gr51waYL
>>26832 What is the password for MF pack?
>>26834 SGDEMF2205
Does anyone have these pics and the variants? Please and thanks!
Anyone got this one
Anybody got anything new from hardcorenerdcollector Patreon?
>>26939 seconding
>>26942 >>26939 Ask and you shall receive
>>26946 Do you have this. It's from imtheguy97. Please I have been after it for a while
>>26832 It won’t work for me and I can’t open it
Two Mario august week 2???
>>26788 bump
Asking if anyone has this. https://sanadame.fanbox.cc/posts/3729565
Anyone have this from Master417 pls 🙏?
anyone know who this artist is?
(105.23 KB 520x319 20220817_181325.jpg)

(1.15 MB 1600x1084 pirata03 estefi.jpg)

Anyone have this?
(1.68 MB 3300x2550 f_348.png)

Her Patreon got deleted :(
(231.72 KB 721x321 1659462013.granatrix_ap.jpg)

Does anyone happen to have this by any chance?
Anyone mind sharing this? The expressions are here are fuckin A1
does anyone have this?
>someone actually updated TKGEEK
Anyone got this and any other cleaninghouse stuff? Cheers
>>27350 But not imtheguy97 or symbsymbtickles. Fuck you lapis you did this
Does anyone know what actually happened to TK's old videos? (The Harley Quinn and Spider-Gwen ones)
>>27355 Fuck you
(2.37 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p0.jpg)

(2.55 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p1.jpg)

(2.66 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p2.jpg)

Doe anyone have the full set of these pictures by https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/50999852 ?
Can someone please update Narutobyrufy
Does anyone have more stuff from Jager?
Anyone got this?
>>27452 kemono
Anyone have stuff from bluishfeather's patreon?
>>27453 You got a link. Cause cant find this artist on kemeno
Could somebody update OneOrTheOther? https://kemono.party/patreon/user/3309124
(166.86 KB 1794x1235 QQ图片20220823091409.jpg)

>>27460 Are you actually fucking retarded
>>27464 tbf kandem rem's kemono is useless bc all their shit is behind a mega link that is DM'd to their followers every submission
Anyone have this from Mrbelmont pls 🙏?
Ok here is the deal. I MIGHT buy MRBELMONT273 pateron. So send me what you all wanted and I might get it for you if I decide to buy it
>>27478 Seeing the Daki pic might be nice but don't force yourself mate. Only buy it if you really want to
>>27478 don't bother with any of the "commission" tiers he does, even if you pay for it you still gotta pledge for a second month to see it, it says nowhere that you have to pledge for two months to see it
>>27452 search for "m90z2oxy" on kemono, he hasn't bothered with any of the zip stuff on his fanbox
>>27478 The kaguya one, please
If someone gets a chance could you please get this? Thank you
Does anyone have this? I would really appreciate it :)
Here you are. Manage to get text and text less.
>>27511 Can you send a pic of what it would look like. I'll Def grab daki, Annie, ela, and anyothers I can get just send the tease of then.
(3.84 MB 2000x3000 Daki.png)

(19.21 MB 7680x4320 Mirko.png)

(21.66 MB 7680x4320 Annie.png)

Can someone update imtheguy l. I'm just after his r6 stuff and I can't buy it because I'm black listed
(9.12 MB 7680x4320 Komi01.png)

(10.32 MB 7680x4320 Komi02.png)

(12.22 MB 7680x4320 Komi03.png)

anyone has this from いべりこ? Thanks!
If anyone got Narutobyrufy new stuff please send it or at least please update bro on kemono 😭😭
(307.93 KB 918x722 1339893330748o.jpg)

(376.04 KB 1013x729 1339816889585o.jpg)

(402.31 KB 947x722 1339816845704o.jpg)

(753.79 KB 1079x1724 Screenshot_20220831_164127.jpg)

Anyone have this?
>>22509 links dont works
>>22435 links dont works
>>26832 Do you have the password of the Juri pack?

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