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(1.25 MB 1095x730 unknown.png)

Special Requests Thread 8: Ain't it Great? Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 01:08:27 Id: f122f1 No. 21210
I hope someone has this
Did the other thread hit its limit and I'm looking for that too
(1.21 MB 1378x933 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21212 Yeah
(6.96 MB 3010x2690 PatreonPic_May2022_1.png)

>>21210 >Makes your waifu less visually distinct Psssh… Nothin Personnel… Kid
>>21223 Thank you and did this one have varients?
>>21226 Thanks
can someone update yourhardnerdcollectr on kemono? there has been, like, 2-3 plugs of new art on her patreon that hasn't been updated.
(420.19 KB 509x680 ClipboardImage.png)

does anyone have the rest of this set? preferably the text version, but either works its not on his kemono
>>21244 my brother in christ that is literally free on his pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/92324437
(1.63 MB 1200x1098 ClipboardImage.png)

does any1 know if there is more to this illustration??? or is it just a single drawing type thing. i really wanna see more of this.
(475.33 KB 800x732 ClipboardImage.png)

(478.01 KB 800x732 ClipboardImage.png)

(484.51 KB 800x732 ClipboardImage.png)

(485.78 KB 800x732 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21258 my man how about you do some digging yourself before berating someone else, its a request board.
>>21274 >berating ??? what
>>21274 I don't think you understand what the term berating means, dude
>>21223 >no twine feet It's shit, take it back. Ring on the toe and the scratch marks are pretty good, though.
>>21270 Oh for fuck's sake, what happened?
>>21287 normies bitched about his tickle content and he got self conscious and deleted it
>>21287 He realized he can't be taken seriously as a professional animator while making childish and cringe tickling animations. Unfortunately they have been saved https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rxE7e4yZ6baMZcmd_skkJWDOFi7BCdI2
>>21293 Only like 3 of em are missing from his ng i cqn see, unless im blind
>>21274 lmao shut up you ESL retard
could someone update schizopunk's kemono.party or alternatively hand me some of those links?
(318.08 KB 1080x2159 2.jpg)

(778.14 KB 879x1200 1.jpg)

Anybody having this comic and minding to share?
Anyone got this
Anybody have the Layla pics from tkgeek? (Also pls none of that lapis bs again)
>>21325 Don't worry, I like his stuff too
Does anyone know any ways to unpixeal any art cus now I'm seeing shit where fucking tickling is being pixelated
Does anyone know any ways to unpixeal any art cus now I'm seeing shit where fucking tickling is being pixelated
>>21223 2018 really was the beginning of the end for wtfeather
>>21376 Agreed. Sad to see an artist with that much skill go to hell.
>>21288 That's not what happened. He just stopped doing it because he wanted to break out of the niche.
>>21288 Not quite. He didn't delete all his old stuff, he just stopped doing it because he wants to make more money by doing less niche content.
(89.95 KB 1200x630 wjiZFapVsfU7uIBpekeNM0AY.jpeg)

(116.20 KB 1200x630 iOO4B78Oj3mbhkqYT2j2m9ji.jpeg)

(152.71 KB 1200x630 wjhybXxApjXzu9LJY7xvtzWv.jpeg)

(157.94 KB 1200x630 kJA92kFavGS7Nx8NsPGhpAqY.jpeg)

Anyone got these from Arisuyoku? https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc
>>21290 > do you have the one of jill valentine?
>>21391 seconding
(3.02 MB 2623x3619 1.jpeg)

Anyone got this?
(4.17 MB 2300x2000 Tickle_maiden.jpg)

Anyone got omegazero01 may pack
>>21223 >Makes your waifu less visually distinct I mean that's the WTFeather MO. Take iconic characters, strip them down and remove everything that makes them iconic or hide all of their body so that they're easier to draw (or copy most of the details from a previous model) and the only thing you really have to work on is the hair. And even then he sometimes fucks that up. I rarely get anything out of any WTFeather art because it's just naked women with vaguely recognizable hairstyles being held and tickled in a purple void in the same poses over and over.
>>21413 I like his pics
>>21414 I just want him to do more of the r6 girls like the ela and iq one that one if good
>>21399 >>21391 updating kemono right now
>>21438 Link?
(10.18 MB 2732x2796 Thieves_vs_yakuzas_p2.png)

(10.10 MB 2732x2796 Thieves_vs_yakuzas_p1.png)

>>21433 Here ya go
>>21441 juzi and arisuyoku on kemono.party
(105.26 KB 1200x630 3MMyqeuIWxncdBj8K3D24FUM.jpeg)

>>21450 Thank you!
>>21502 Holy shit man, $60 subscription??? Wtf is this guy on
Can someone link arlioth kemono page I can't find it
Yea does anyone have any of these? Cuz someone needs to put Arlioth on kemono
Anyone got this one from Briel’s patron?
>>21244 >>21258 >>21325 >>21326 lapis please >>21274 nice resolution you got there bro
Can anyone give some good Foot fetish and Tickle fetish Sims 4 animations?
>>21554 Second
(102.21 KB 705x874 20220519_182551.jpg)

(43.54 KB 308x444 20220519_182554.jpg)

(41.37 KB 705x246 20220519_182556.jpg)

(314.60 KB 1200x630 98465791_p0.jpg)

Does anyone have this?
Can someone please put Arlioth on kemono 😭
Anyone got the Jinx pic from badpierrot?
(79.94 KB 800x450 cdc.jpeg)

Twomario week 2 May?
(2.48 MB 3277x2000 DoubleLucille_Pink.jpg)

(1.36 MB 2714x1821 NaotoShirogane_YuNarukami.jpg)

(4.99 MB 2000x3000 Ningguang_Shenhe.jpg)

(175.20 KB 1200x630 lJDF4pKFpkCJNGtvH9WNwkjn.jpeg)

(105.26 KB 1200x630 3MMyqeuIWxncdBj8K3D24FUM.jpeg)

Anyone have this new one by Kandenrem?
Does anyone know who the artist is
>>21834 CollaredKid
>>21834 Thanks and have he done any other aot people
>>21272 Whats the appeal here?
>>21847 Idk I fully understand feet and belly but a tail I don't get but I'm not going to judge.
Anyone got
>>21832 seconding this
Anyone have this comic?
Looking for this bulma set, Im new to 8 chan made a whole new threat accidentally xD Yeah help would be apreciated!
>>21893 Second
>>21954 sadly only some, but still thank you! If someone has some tickling variants from this set please share them with us :D
(6.38 MB KYU03.pdf)

(5.47 MB KYU04.pdf)

Does anyone have these since Neko doesn’t have a kemono page
>>22013 >Me, poring over my writing and trying to figure out how to get a tickling scenario I want to see on the page to be realized in a realistic and engaging way >This fucking comic opens with the first page being "I'm a spy! Oh no, there's an evil spy! She's tickling me now!" Why the fuck do I bother, guys.
Does anyone have that direct-to-video animated hentai movie of three spy girls getting tickled on a table with tiny mechanical hands, like in the Fujiko scene?
(60.63 KB 823x864 artoria 2.jpg)

(1.60 MB 3508x2480 artoria 1.jpg)

Does anyone have hedgehog19's april set? The senran kagura one. The kemono link leads to the march one somehow.
Anyone got BP's latest stuff? Would be much appreciated!
Hello! I search corrective measure, someone please?
(2.95 MB CM01n.pdf)

>>22223 One of my FAVORITES, enjoy =)
Finally, more hololive. Anyone? Ty in advance
>>22242 I just checked her patreon and it's literally $3 to join. Are people here so cheap that they wouldn't give that much to support an artist they like?
>>22243 >Not pirating from Aza-chan
>>22243 The same can be said for all of the poorfags who are on here begging for paid content here, in the Kemono thread, or in the video thread. Ignoring text posts and just looking at pictures of tickles is the most peaceful way to browse this board.
>>22246 > Comes on the request thread to talk shit about people requesting stuff So are you trolling or just an asshole?
(10.40 MB 2700x4327 17RoKvI.png)

>>22242 Ask and ye shall receive.
>>22268 Actually, both
Does anyone know any art of her. I could only find one thing and its not even fucking tickling sadly.
>>22305 There isn't anything with her as the lee as far as I know.
>>22306 Ik sadly that's a cool pic. I just want to find one here those little ball arm things are tickling her feet that look like the ones from Mostlyfunstuff
>>22351 Seconded
Does anyone have one of these two from ElectricChimera?
>>22396 Second
>>22435 Thank you very much Anon!
>>22454 I would love to see a fj vid but if I find any tickling vids I'll put it here
>>22013 You wouldn’t happen to have any other MTJ pub comics would you? I’ve been dying to read hysterical cases #3
>>22454 Would definitely love to get some videos of hers. I've scoured the internet but had no luck in finding any.
>>22454 Would anyone else here have videos of asiansolequeen??
>>22416 seconded
Anyone have this?
>>22488 Erick, ask only one time, don't be dense child
By any chance, do you also have any of these 3?
Anybody have the individual pics for this? It's got some tickling in there, but I'm mostly wanting the one circled in red.
>>22510 Second and I wonder how long it's gona be until someone requests for the new dazident evil thing
>>22509 Thank you Lemme!
>>22454 need to see the tickling ones
>>22535 > soles Into the trash it goes
>>22509 Im unable to open the files. Can you upload them to a google drive or MEGA? Maybe Dropbox?
(137.61 KB 1200x630 29OHyX6mxLfNPjivrcRCNdex.jpeg)

Anyone have this from Arisuyoku pls 🙏?
>>22549 Bumping this!
>>22510 thirding this
>>22547 the files should be ok, they are just in this weird .ts format. They can be opened with VLC media player or even standard windows 10 video player https://mega.nz/folder/LJ9XyRra#2WMeqUC28g63-2bGHETV9Q
DazidentEvil's Charlie pack is now on E-Hentai. here https://e-hentai.org/g/2237086/cc1634dea6/
(130.80 KB 1200x630 X1OVmtXi4u0zca3pIZnxzRWD.jpeg)

(137.61 KB 1200x630 29OHyX6mxLfNPjivrcRCNdex.jpeg)

https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc/posts PLS tell me someone has these
Was anyone able to download the april or march videos from Stimulating Reflexology? The may one's are still up
>>22588 Or any patreon-only clip from them
Does anyone have this?
(4.79 MB 3988x2959 Aqua1.jpg)

(6.20 MB 3972x2932 Aqua 2.jpg)

(5.83 MB 3972x2932 Aqua copy 2 nt.jpg)

here is this but someone will have content mrblemont273
(6.69 MB 2765x2894 96599648_p0.png)

(3.84 MB 2765x2894 98399095_p0.png)

does anyone have these?
>>22635 And this
Anyone have avijustfeet 100 discount code? Cus his kemono is useless now
>>22636 >>22635 Would love to see those too. Especially the one with darkness and ela
Anyone got the full of this?
>>22635 >>22636 Second I just wish kemono would be useful for it. I want to see aqua and daki so bad
>>22669 Seems like you need a code to get it from gumdrop.
(6.70 MB 4500x3375 Kawa1.jpg)

post the other 2 alts plz and thank u
>>22636 >>22635 Hold up would mrbelmont273 release these later or are they pivi exclusive
>>22719 They're exclusive, I looked it up. You're never going to see them unless you pay.
(1.20 MB 1399x808 98860995_p0.png)

Posted as a separare thread by mistake but anyone got this by Teichikun?
>>22720 FUCK that fucking stupid. You know I love you all so does anyone want to be my hero
(616.20 KB 891x897 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have it?
(118.17 KB 1024x633 ClipboardImage.jpeg)

Someone update imtheguy97 with this plz or show me the inkling pic of it at least
(118.17 KB 1024x633 ClipboardImage.jpeg)

plz show me the full version of the inkling pic or update imtheguy97 on kemono party plz
>>22720 even if you pay, you cant get them now, Belmont is far too stupid and he hasn't uploaded old pics to mega
>>22814 Seriously I thought that he would send you the pics if you ask
https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/97505384 Is there a kemono for this artist (and this specific work?)
(11.41 MB 4600x4497 83.jpg)

Anyone got this?
Is the person that updated mrbelmont273 here?
>>22897 Anon he hasn't released anything new in almost a year, he's just been translating old works to Chinese and re-releasing them. Ironically enough he said he wasn't releasing anything new because he found his works on sadpanda.
(84.59 KB 857x857 IMG_20220610_023041.jpg)

Does anyone have this from chaztheweasel?
(125.20 KB 1200x630 ejMBRnH2t7QySCpyXdK7IR8P.jpeg)

omg plz
Does anyone have whywhatwhys newest art?
(481.71 KB 1920x2010 asdsfs.jpg)

Anyone got this?
>>22933 Nope because some fucking genius on kemono thought to not put in the pics
>>22937 Thats because the artist uses a system where they DM the passwords to some "Gallery Links". Meaning updating the kemono does absolutely nothing yet someone keeps doing it lmao.
(5.05 MB 2560x1266 unknown.png)

>>22723 There is also this.
Anyone got this?
(345.08 KB 901x862 99064955_p0.png)

Anyone got this one from Dan-5000?
>>22933 who are they?
>>23116 Dan Schneider
(543.89 KB 760x551 ClipboardImage.png)

Would appreciate if anyone had this
>>23131 It's like he's not even trying anymore lol
>>23131 my brother in christ that's literally on his kemono https://kemono.party/patreon/user/937942/post/67573962 its just not colored
(1.08 MB 1600x1084 FVZtJkaWIAATHtU.jfif)

Does anyone have this to share?
Anyone got this or any of TrappedDreamer's animations?
Does my waifu need her feet tickled?
>>23211 Why you would want them is a better question.
>>23043 Seconding this please. The Black and White is great, I need the colors in my life.
>>23188 Seconding this
(1.48 MB 1200x630 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.37 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic_Jun20221.png)

>>23131 Here ya go
>>23237 I mainly enjoy his art style due to the crazy reactions and wiggling toes.
(120.73 KB 1076x605 Screenshot_20220619_232724.jpg)

https://voarl10.fanbox.cc/posts/3606642 Anyone have the asuna trapped pic?
(5.13 MB 2200x2455 yn8GBA3SAIYr1hDCg0E6IbUb.jpeg)

>>23416 forgot this one, here ya go
Anyone got it?
(289.50 KB 671x350 ClipboardImage.png)

(367.98 KB 676x354 ClipboardImage.png)

>>23416 >>23417 Thanks a lot! Maybe you have one of these? pls
(5.34 MB 2200x2900 ATGy2jc4C91nHVTmBf9qoHcE.jpeg)

(4.98 MB 2200x2900 vzoI4NKMdctkCJ2Cshavqj37.jpeg)

(5.14 MB 2200x2900 q3NR9SblhCFLxdVCWOrEYSV9.jpeg)

(5.19 MB 2200x2900 uuWUJxgXTnXhA5tWwPX634qG.jpeg)

(5.28 MB 2200x2900 jRU5YEWlW9k9C8ZV5Am62qfo.jpeg)

>>23451 sure do, the Watame one is what I subscribed for haha. Will get the Ayaka one uploaded too
>>23466 there ya go, mate. I'll update the kemono while I'm at it
>>23466 >>23467 Bless you!
>>23286 Seconding This artist it's excellent
(7.24 MB 3508x2480 1(4).png)

(6.25 MB 3508x2480 1(5).png)

(435.47 KB 669x467 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have this by chance?
(217.11 KB 1200x800 tn9fn6EoqHGQuUqXdsv9FLXL.jpeg)

>>23561 Man, I feel fucking robbed for having paid for it. At least I updated the kemono, so go check it out there.
>>23562 holy shit, that's a disappointment. thanks for updating anon, bless you.
>>23562 What are they under on Kemono? I've had a look and can't see them.
>>23562 man that's disappointing. Cheers anyway for taking one for the team, anon
>>23565 cleaninghousetk
>>23562 There's a belly tag in pixiv, but I wonder why there's toes and feet tag too
(29.28 KB 945x298 ClipboardImage.png)

>>23562 that's really scum
>>23562 People are just realizing this guy is a fucking tool? His art is so bare minimum fucking bland and boring, every piece is a disappointment.
Anyone have this?
>>23571 CHTK is making shitty artists think they're hot shit, Most of the artists part of that group are messed up anyways...
>>23573 I remember when he just did animations. They were great too. The dva one is a classic
I fucking hate CHTK, it's like their only goal is to get a bunch of artists just to paywall their content and now they're straight up baiting
(148.27 KB 720x1512 Screenshot_20220622-171602.png)

Anyone have this from Bad Pierrot?
>>23573 speaking of CHTK being shit, i refuse to believe anyone saw this and actually thought "this is a GREAT rendition of chel getting tickled! I'm so happy I paid for this! it looks just like her!! this artist has certainly earned their pay!" thanks for the kemono update tho anon
(29.14 KB 173x298 1615571018269.jpg)

>>23588 CHTK is like a very shitty tickle art cartel trying to plug the most basic tickle pictures. Nothing but simple stocks and now footboxes. They have nothing to do with the theme of the characters whatsoever. If people are paying for this then you ain't no friend of me pal.
>>23589 Everytime I see "footboxes" I inch closer to death
>>23547 Anon pls I beg you give me Y'shtola with color since you have access to Codricor (>>23043)
>>23589 "Pay me so I can waste it on half ass commissioned."
>>23591 What are footboxes
>>23591 Eh, I kind of like them as long as I know the feet are actually connected and it's not a magical portal or some shit. Does not make any sense for someone to be walking around with their feet both in one corporeal space and another, or maybe that's just my tism. But the idea of someone trapped with only their feet exposed, unable to see what's going on, is pretty hot. Like blindfolded but worse.
>>23601 Half of caroos gallery
Does anyone happen to have that old "the interrogation" comic featuring Violet Parr that Knismotik did? he seems to have taken it down off his Patreon.
>>23564 Yeah, it was. You're welcome. >>23566 Thanks, buddy. >>23568 >>23569 Yeah, at least I got fooled instead of being stupid, because, c'mon. >>23579 Yeah, I fell for the bait because it was Megumin, my bad. >>23588 Jesus fucking Christ, this is disgusting. Yeah, just fucking imagine someone actually paying for this shit wanting to see Chel. It's so goddamn lazy. Man, I am pissed. Anyway, you're welcome; I had no regrets updating the kemono, let him lose money too.
>>23110 just gonna bump this rq
>>23604 Same I really like the premises of foot walls and foot boxes but yeah I can see why people think they're lazy
>>23637 How... how the fuck did I miss it... ffs I'm a retard. Thanks for pointing it out anon, my dumbass appreciates it.
Does anybody have the NSFW versions of this new pic from Billy Buddy?
Does anyone have the first 2 issues of tickling in space by chance?
(112.97 KB 746x652 16534134326553414872.jpg)

>pirating from Aza-chan
>>23816 she's not gonna fuck you, bro
(13.08 MB 5133x4818 w2hG-958.png)

>>23780 Azamuku does not miss.
>>23816 >this exact response yet again
(206.43 KB 800x450 A.png)

Anyone have the variants? Please
>>23850 >5 options >not 9000+ Nitro is slipping
can anyone update juzi's fanbox
>>23816 Thank you, I really hate these fuckers who reposted my art for free
>>23897 For the record, I'm the real Azamuku-chan. And to add, I really could not care less if people decide to pirate my content. I've come to terms that pirating is inevitable with my gallery, but I believe I've got enough supporters to sustain my career with it happening. So go ahead. Post my art for free. I don't care anymore. Oh and to the guy who keeps doing that cringey "pirating from aza-chan" reaction posts, you should probably stop. Only seems to serve the community to encourage piracy lol
>>23901 I also like to be tied up and restrained while 5 unknown men tickle my defenseless body till I pee.
>>23897 >>23901 >>23904 I don't know what's real anymore.
(46.95 KB 933x580 FL7GAdJXoAMSZjt.jpg)

>>23904 >>23901 >>23897 shit shit shit shit
>>23908 They're not Aza, I'M Aza, and I say: consume more microplastics!
>>23637 Why do these 404
Do we have a thread for avijustfeet since now his kemono is useless

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